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Ridge handed Douglas over to Thomas, and Thomas asked Caroline to be with him. After Katie had asked Liam to remain honest with her about Brooke and Bill, Liam spied Brooke and Bill kissing in the love lair. Eric ended his affair with Quinn, but Quinn arrived on his doorstep in lingerie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 27, 2016 on B&B
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Thomas wants to have a family with Caroline Thomas wants to have a family with Caroline

Monday, June 27, 2016

In Katie's kitchen, Brooke asked where Katie was getting "all this" from. All Katie knew was that she had to get rid of the urge to drink, so she needed Brooke to not lie, because lying wouldn't help Katie. Katie needed to know if Brooke and Bill had crossed the line and if they were all back to where they'd started -- at the point where Brooke and Bill couldn't fight their feelings for each other.

"Or is it all Bill?" Katie asked. Bill entered, asking what was all him.

Brooke explained that Katie believed that her persistent urge to drink had to do with Brooke and Bill. Katie asked if she couldn't be free of it because Brooke and Bill weren't free of each other. Grasping her arms, Bill conveyed that he'd told her that there was nothing more important to Brooke and him than Katie's well-being. Bill asked Katie not to give in to doubt.

Bill claimed to be committed to his marriage and family. Whatever sacrifices he had to make -- Katie and Will were his priority. He knew that Brooke felt that same way. He asked Katie to let go of the insecurities once and for all, and he hugged her. Katie apologized and guessed that she'd let them down again. "Honey, no," Brooke uttered.

Bill claimed to understand, and he started to tell Katie the one thing she could be sure of. Katie concluded that he was about to say that he and Brooke would never betray Katie. Katie indicated that she knew it. Bill asked what Will was doing, and Katie left to check on their child.

In a hushed voice, Bill accused Brooke of being on the brink of telling Katie. Brooke stated that he'd heard Katie. "So did you! She's stable; she's insecure. She's drinking; she's not. She's all over the place!" Bill responded. Brooke put the blame on her and Bill and felt they never should have given in to their feelings. Bill asked what fighting off the inevitable would help.

"There is nothing inevitable about you and me," Brooke asserted. She said they were hurting a person they loved, and it was her sister. Brooke hadn't been able to stand letting Katie believe insecurities were getting to her instead of it being a betrayal. Bill contended that they weren't betraying Katie and were there for her. Brooke didn't think it made their actions any less wrong.

Bill insisted that life was complicated, as were feelings. Issues like Katie's health and fragility dictated their choices, and telling Katie wasn't an option. Being apart from Brooke wasn't, either, for Bill.

Brooke disagreed. Bill stated that he'd already said he wouldn't live without Brooke. "You have to," Brooke told him. She said he had to let go, and it had to stop. Bill asked her not to do it. He claimed that Katie was just suffering another bout of insecurity, and "who knows what triggered it this time." He said that by the time Katie had left to check on Will, she'd already gotten herself together.

Brooke said Katie had rebounded because of the lies they'd told Katie. Bill claimed that what he'd said hadn't been lies. Brooke insisted that the lying was hurting Katie, and it was driving Katie to want to drink. Brooke couldn't let it happen. Bill replied that they wouldn't let it happen. Brooke stated that she couldn't keep reassuring Katie to Katie's face that nothing was happening.

Bill said it was impossible for him and Brooke to deny their feelings. "You are not going to come over to my house anymore," Brooke declared. Brooke stated that they wouldn't see each other anymore; they couldn't because it was torturing Katie. As Brooke retreated, Bill pulled her back by her arm. He refused to let Brooke walk away from him. Brooke said she couldn't do it anymore. She cried, and touching his face, she said goodbye.

Bill stared out of the kitchen window. Katie, who looked as if she'd been crying, approached him from behind. He flinched out of his trance as she told him that Will was okay. She asked if Brooke had gone and rolled her eyes behind Bill's back as he affirmed it without turning around to look at Katie.

Bill started pacing. Katie guessed he was upset about her putting him and Brooke on the spot again. He stopped walking, and Katie stood behind him again, saying that she knew he was tired. She was, too, and she didn't like feeling that way. She hoped and prayed that he hadn't given up on them. Bill faced her as she said she loved him and knew he loved her. Bill let her hug him.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge asked Thomas not to thank him. Ridge said that fathers and sons should know each other, and he shouldn't have asked Thomas not to acknowledge his son. Ridge figured he'd been overreacting while protecting his family. It had been because of the impression he'd had of what had happened that night; however, he finally understood what had occurred.

Ridge concluded that he had broken up with Caroline. He'd been at the loft, and she'd been seeking comfort. She'd found it, and he'd misjudged Thomas. Ridge said that Douglas was Caroline and Thomas' son. Thomas asked if Douglas had heard what his grandfather had just said. Ridge stated that grandfather was what he should have been all along.

Ridge loved Thomas and was sorry he'd taken special moments away from "you guys." Ridge figured there was a lot to discuss before going public, but they should let the three have time alone as a family. Ridge walked up to the stairs and stared sadly back as Thomas and Caroline cooed with Douglas.

Later, Caroline wanted to put Douglas down for a nap, but Thomas asked for more time with his son. Caroline remarked upon Thomas' special, instinctual way with Douglas. Ridge listened at the top of the stairs as Thomas joked about reading an instruction manual that had popped out with the baby at birth. Caroline wondered where hers had been, but Thomas said she hadn't needed one.

Ridge ventured halfway down the stairs. Thomas told Caroline that it was as it should be, and he wanted their "family spending time together like this." Caroline gaily informed him that he had it. "We all live here together," she said. Thomas was thinking of something else -- that it could just be the three of them. "You, me -- and -- and -- and -- Douglas," Thomas replied.

Thomas felt that it was important for Douglas to know that they were a family, and Thomas was his father. Thomas believed that Douglas would understand it by seeing Caroline with Thomas, not Ridge. Caroline started to reassure Thomas that Ridge had meant what he'd said. Thomas said that Ridge would step back to let Thomas be the father he should have been, but Thomas could never get the time back, watch his son be born, or watch his son take his first breath.

"But that night that we made love -- something so beautiful came from it, our little boy," Thomas claimed, adding, "We haven't got to experience fully what it means to us to be there for Douglas." Caroline started to say something, but Thomas interjected that she'd been vulnerable and had fallen in love with an older man. Thomas claimed that Ridge had been wrong to control their lives as he'd done.

Ridge quietly left the house as Thomas was telling Caroline that he wanted to be there for Douglas and for her. "Let me," Thomas said. He'd dated and had his time in Europe. It had been enough. He needed and wanted something deeper. He wanted to be with Caroline, and he wanted to be with his son. Knowing he sounded presumptuous, Thomas claimed that he was thinking of Douglas and what it would mean to him for his parents to be together and give him the best life possible.

As Thomas went on about it, Caroline told him to hold on. "I know that a lot of things today have changed, but my commitment to Ridge is not one of them," Caroline asserted. She said they'd work everything out, but "we can't be a family. Not like that."

Later, Brooke slowly strode into the dark photo studio at Forrester. She placed her purse on the white settee, and she sobbed, recalling what had just happened at Katie's house. "Logan?" Ridge said, entering. He asked what was wrong. Brooke said she'd betrayed someone she loved. He asked who, and she replied that it was Katie. "With her husband," Brooke added.

Wyatt has a job idea for Steffy

Wyatt has a job idea for Steffy

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bill was in his office and had a flashback to the times he'd spent with Brooke. He remembered when she'd said she couldn't do it anymore. Bill called Brooke and asked where she was. Brooke told him she couldn't talk. Brooke told Bill not to call back and hung up.

Marcie was preparing Champagne and caviar for a meeting. Bill complimented her. Marcie told Bill she'd started doing catering after her stint in search and rescue as well as the juggling arts. Bill was impressed and told Marcie he appreciated that she had put it together so quickly.

Steffy and Wyatt arrived for the meeting. Steffy and Wyatt were impressed with the spread. Bill told them to dig in, and he might have another meeting after that one.

Marcie took Steffy's picture and took a few selfies with Steffy. Bill thanked Marcie and dismissed her. Bill told Wyatt and Steffy they had a lot to be grateful for. Wyatt asked if Bill had a problem they knew nothing about. Bill told them there was nothing to stress about and that Wyatt and Steffy were the bright stars in Bill's cloudy skies. Bill told Wyatt that he'd hit a bump in the road.

Wyatt asked Steffy if she had posted her picture online. Wyatt thought she would have thousands of followers. Bill thought she would have hundreds of thousands. Wyatt claimed that Steffy would have all those followers because she posted a picture of fish eggs and Champagne. Steffy corrected Wyatt and said it was caviar not fish eggs. Steffy said it was all about marketing. Bill guessed the product was Steffy and told her to be careful because she was starting to sound like her old man.

Wyatt told Bill they had a demographic problem. Wyatt said they had to reach the younger audience, since younger people were getting their news on the Internet. Newspapers were passť, and they had to take action immediately. Wyatt said Steffy put a picture of caviar and Champagne online, which drove traffic directly to Forrester. Wyatt said they needed a face for the media and suggested Steffy, who already had followers. Bill agreed. Wyatt felt they needed to be more creative with the marketing side, and they had to market themselves over social media.

Wyatt pointed out a luxury lifestyle, and Steffy said if they just dropped a hint, the world went nuts. Steffy admitted that was what they did with the Forrester collections. Wyatt said Steffy could draw people to their brand. Wyatt asked Bill to imagine the indulgence, the good life, and everything people lived for. Steffy said that was over the top.

Wyatt agreed and said it was all of that and more. It was the beauty of the dream life -- everything that money could buy -- and they could write it off. Bill liked Wyatt's low-risk pitch and questioned if Steffy was on board. Bill wanted them to run with it.

Liam arrived, and Wyatt told him about the company makeover. Bill advised Liam that Wyatt was pitching a new project. Liam sarcastically remarked, "One that is enormously profitable." Bill noted the sarcasm but said yes. Liam wanted some of the profits from the new project allocated to a foundation. Bill advised Liam that they had resolved that issue. Liam said not to his satisfaction. Bill reminded him it was a business, not a charity.

Wyatt told Liam to go and be generous with his own bank account. Steffy wanted to hear more about the foundation. Liam explained that they all gave to charity, but Spencer Publications would be able to give a whole lot more, since they were a media conglomerate. Spencer Publications told the world about all the problems it faced, and he asked why they wouldn't be on the forefront by helping to solve some of those problems. Liam said it would make perfect sense, and the public relations they would get from it would be awesome.

Bill was texting during Liam's pitch, leaving Liam none too happy. Bill said he'd heard it all before. Liam couldn't understand how they didn't see the value in it. Liam asked Steffy if she saw what he saw. Steffy said she did. Wyatt pointed out that Liam was asking them to change their whole business model into something it was not. Liam disagreed. Liam said it was a foundation and wouldn't be in the building.

Steffy said Eric and her father might be interested in it and asked if Bill was. Bill said he was not even remotely interested. Bill said he helped the economy by employing thousands of people and didn't have time for the foundation. Liam agreed to do it on his own. Bill said he'd told Liam to do that about two hours before -- but not on company time. Wyatt added that Liam was not to use company expenses. Liam said he wouldn't want to mess with the company profits, and he left.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge asked Brooke if the call had been from Bill. Brooke admitted it had. Ridge asked Brooke when the latest chapter with Bill had started. Brooke didn't believe it had ever ended. She had thought she'd made a clean break from Bill because she had really wanted things between Katie and Bill to work out. Katie had become depressed and started drinking. Katie had been out of control. Ridge asked Brooke if Bill had turned to her for help. Brooke said Katie had turned to her for help, but she hadn't been able to help her and neither had Bill.

Ridge said it made sense that Bill had to make a move on Brooke. Brooke admitted that she had never stopped loving Bill. Bill gave her something that was missing in her life, something she hadn't had. Ridge said since him, the man who had adored Brooke. Brooke said yes, but she was very angry with herself for doing that to Katie. Ridge told Brooke had she had made a mistake, and he had made a few himself.

Ridge told Brooke he would help her get back on track. Brooke told Ridge she did not have to be defined by a man and admitted she could be the strong woman she once had been. Brooke said that seemed like a long time before. Ridge said that was a tough decision for Brooke because it was Katie's family. Brooke couldn't believe she had done that to Katie.

Ridge advised Brooke to let Bill and Katie work through their problems if they had a chance to make their marriage work. Ridge said Will deserved to be raised by his mom and dad. Every child deserved that. Brooke asked Ridge if he realized what he'd said -- "every child deserves to be raised by their parents." Brooke added, "their real parents."

Brooke said she was lost. Ridge pointed to himself and said that was what lost looked like. Ridge said he'd tried to give Caroline everything she'd wanted: a family, his protection, and Douglas. Brooke said no one could fault him for that. Ridge said they could because he had been acting selfish and behaving as King Ridge. Ridge took whatever he wanted, from whomever he wanted. Ridge had taken his son's baby.

Brooke said Ridge had been doing what he'd thought was best for Douglas. Ridge disagreed and said he had done what was best for him. Ridge said he'd wanted to give Caroline the life she had been dreaming about and had taken somebody else's kid. He wondered what kind of person did that.

Ridge admitted he had thought Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline, but it was explained to him that it had been a misunderstanding, so the only one taking advantage of Caroline was him. Ridge said he had given up all claims on Douglas. Ridge was not Douglas' father; Thomas was. Ridge said he had told Caroline and Thomas. Brooke said he had to be devastated. Ridge admitted he was numb, and it was Thomas' family, not his.

Ridge said he had done the right thing, and Brooke had to do the same. Bill and Katie were family, and Will had a mom and dad. Ridge told Brooke she had to let Bill go. Ridge thanked Brooke for listening to him.

Brooke and Ridge remembered when Ridge had returned from Paris and met her at the fountain. Brooke said it was funny how life worked. Ridge told Brooke to stop things with Bill. Brooke said she had told Bill the last time she'd seen him, but he kept calling her and would not take "no" for an answer. Ridge told her to be firm with Bill and not allow Bill to have a choice. Brooke agreed.

Brooke went to see Bill. Bill told her he loved her and that it could work out for them. Brooke tried to stop him, but Bill kissed her, and she did not resist. Ridge walked in and told Bill that was enough, and the affair was over.

At Wyatt and Steffy's beach house, Steffy told Wyatt there was nothing wrong with trying to help the world. Wyatt agreed and said that if Liam wanted to do that, they would be the first to contribute. Wyatt knew his brother had a big heart. Wyatt said Liam's foundation was going to be a huge success and the same was true for Spencer Publications. Wyatt said he needed her to be on board with his project, and it was going to be huge. Wyatt said that Bill was on board, and he just needed Steffy on board too.

Wyatt asked Steffy if she wanted to take the world by storm or not. Steffy said being a social media queen was more up Caroline's alley than hers. Wyatt said Steffy was the image he wanted to promote, and she had more followers than Caroline. Wyatt said all he cared about was working with Steffy. Wyatt told Steffy that Bill had given him the job, but there seemed to be a shadow of doubt over him.

Steffy assured Wyatt that Bill believed in him. Wyatt said Bill needed proof that he would make his way in the world. Wyatt said that Liam would do great with his foundation, and Wyatt had to do great with Spencer Publications -- but he needed Steffy's help. Wyatt kissed Steffy and asked her if she was with him. Steffy asked how she could resist.

Ridge confronts Bill to defend Brooke

Ridge confronts Bill to defend Brooke

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ridge told Bill to leave Brooke alone and that Bill knew it was wrong. Bill said it was none of Ridge's business. Ridge said that if Bill cared about Brooke, he'd let Brooke go. Ridge told Bill to go home and honor his marriage and his wife. Bill said Ridge had enough going on in his own life and to stop interfering in Bill's. Ridge told Bill to go ahead and throw his family away but to leave Brooke out of it. Bill said Brooke didn't need Ridge to rescue her and told Ridge to be a gentleman and back out the door.

Ridge told Bill the affair was tearing Brooke apart and asked why Bill didn't see that. Bill said it had nothing to do with Ridge. Ridge said he cared about Brooke and Katie. Ridge told Bill that Katie was very devoted to Bill and asked if that was the way he repaid her. Ridge said it stopped that day. Bill asked Ridge who he was to preach what was right and wrong. Ridge said Brooke was too good a person to be a sidepiece. Bill said Brooke had never been a sidepiece to him.

Ridge said Brooke deserved better, and so did Katie. He said Katie was at home, waiting for Bill. Bill asked Ridge what he knew about honor and integrity. Bill accused Ridge of manipulating Thomas and Caroline and keeping Thomas' child away from him. Ridge said Brooke wanted her life back and wanted Bill to let her have it. Brooke told Ridge she appreciated his help, but she needed to talk to Bill alone. Ridge left.

Bill told Brooke there was nothing more to say, and he was not letting her go. Bill got a call from Will and Katie asking when he'd be home for supper. After he hung up, Brooke told him to be with his family. Bill said they couldn't live without each other. Bill said he and Katie had not been happy in a long time. Brooke stated that all marriages had their challenges, and Bill's was no exception. Brooke told Bill to commit himself to his wife and son and to be there for Katie.

Brooke said whatever they had between them ended that day. Bill told Brooke his life was no good without her, and he refused to give up on them. Brooke told Bill that Katie knew when he was sincere and when his desires were somewhere else. Brooke told Bill the reason Katie had been spinning out of control was because of them and the lies they had told her.

Brooke told Bill he needed to go home and be there as a husband and a father. Brooke told him not to throw away his marriage and family because it wasn't worth it. Bill told Brooke he didn't want to lose Katie and Will, but he didn't want to lose her either. Brooke said she was already gone. Bill needed to go home and reassure Katie that she was the only one and that there was no one else.

Brooke was alone in Bill's office when Ridge returned. Brooke said she had told Bill there was no future for them because it would be too devastating to Katie. She said Bill understood, and she had put it behind her. As much as she loved Bill, she loved Katie more, and Katie's happiness was what mattered.

Rick paid Katie a visit. Will was dressed as a policeman and handcuffed Rick. Katie asked about Lizzy. Rick said he wanted her to stay tiny forever. Katie suggested that she could babysit Lizzy. Katie told Rick she wanted to talk to him about his mother. She took Will out of the room. When Katie returned, she asked Rick if Brooke had filled him in on what Katie had been going through in the past few months. Rick advised that Brooke had filled him in a bit, and he knew Katie had been struggling.

Katie admitted she had been drinking too much, and it hadn't helped that Brooke and Bill were always alone and had their private meetings about her. Rick was sure Brooke and Bill were just concerned about Katie. Katie asked if Rick thought it was something more. Rick had mentioned that Brooke was seeing someone new, but he hadn't mentioned who it was. She asked if it could be Bill.

Rick asked Katie if she thought Bill and Brooke were cheating. Katie said she didn't want to believe that. Rick said even if Brooke still had feelings for Bill, she would never act on them because she loved Katie too much.

Will ran back into the room, and Katie suggested they call Bill to see when he'd be home. Rick said that Brooke wouldn't be able to live with herself if she betrayed Katie. Katie said that when she had questioned Brooke, Brooke had told her nothing had happened between Brooke and Bill. Katie said Bill didn't look at her or hold and kiss her the way he had before.

Katie stated she wondered why Bill was at the office at that moment. That was what made her feel insecure. She would wonder if Bill was alone or with Brooke or if he was up to something. Katie couldn't help thinking that way. Rick suggested Katie should trust Bill. Katie thanked Rick for stopping over, and Rick left.

Katie picked up a bottle of booze. Bill walked in and said he was home. They kissed. She poured the bottle of booze down the drain. Bill hugged her while she cried.

Wyatt told Steffy they needed to practice taking her picture. He wanted to make her the face of Spencer Publications and capitalize on her gazillion followers. Wyatt wanted to make sure she could "bring it." Steffy asked how he thought she'd gotten those followers, and she showed him an example of how to take a selfie.

Quinn knocked and walked into Wyatt and Steffy's home. She said the door hadn't been locked. Steffy asked Quinn why she was there because Quinn knew she wasn't allowed in their home. Quinn said she had been behaving and had given them their space. She missed her family.

Steffy told Quinn they weren't her family. Wyatt told Quinn she had to let him know when she was going to stop by. Quinn said she'd never had to do that before. Steffy said that was how it was going to be.

Quinn knew Steffy was still very upset about what Quinn had done to Liam, and Quinn knew that what she had done was terrible and wrong. Quinn said Wyatt would always be her son. Steffy accused Quinn of being dangerous, and she wanted to protect herself and Wyatt. Steffy told Wyatt she didn't want Quinn in their lives. Wyatt said Quinn was his mother. Steffy said he could see Quinn whenever he wanted to but not in their home. Steffy told Quinn she never wanted to see Quinn again.

Steffy said she wasn't telling Quinn she couldn't see her son; Quinn just couldn't go to their home. Quinn wasn't welcome in their home, Forrester Creations, or Spencer Publications. Steffy told Quinn to be Wyatt's mother, but she had to stay away from Steffy and Liam. Steffy said Quinn should be grateful she wasn't in prison for what she had done. Quinn said she had apologized a thousand times for that. Steffy said that wasn't enough.

Quinn asked if Steffy thought she could cut Quinn out of their lives forever. Steffy said that was what she intended to do because Quinn was an evil witch. Wyatt stepped in and told Quinn it was time for her to wrap it up. Quinn said she knew she had messed up. All Quinn had ever wanted was to be accepted by Steffy and loved and respected by Wyatt.

Steffy told Quinn to stop. She had given Quinn too many chances. Steffy said she couldn't be associated with Quinn. Steffy told Quinn that she was to stay away from Steffy and her family. Steffy did not want Quinn in her life.

Steffy told Wyatt that every time Quinn arrived, she stirred the pot, and then she would disappear. Wyatt said Steffy had made it very clear she didn't want Quinn there. Steffy said Quinn was a liability. She wondered where Quinn went and who she hung out with after she left their place. Wyatt said he couldn't believe Steffy had called Quinn a witch. Steffy asked Wyatt if Quinn had any friends or if he was it. Wyatt admitted he was it.

Steffy said she'd meant what she'd said. Wyatt agreed that Quinn couldn't just drop by whenever she wanted. Wyatt said Quinn knew the house was off-limits, but he was all Quinn had. He didn't think Quinn was capable of change. Wyatt wanted to change the subject. Steffy was happy to do that as long as Quinn stayed away from her and her family.

Quinn walked into her home and said, "Oh, good, you're still here. I can't get enough of you." Quinn crawled onto the bed, and she and Eric kissed.

Brooke stands her ground with Bill

Brooke stands her ground with Bill

Thursday, June 30, 2016

At the beach house, Wyatt embraced Steffy and said he got what she was saying about Quinn. Still upset, Steffy said it was more than Quinn showing up at the house. She didn't want Quinn anywhere near any of her family. Wyatt thought he and Steffy needed to have a conversation about the conversation they were having, because she seemed to be getting aggressive toward him.

Steffy replied that Wyatt seemed to not be getting it, and there couldn't be a next time with Quinn. Wyatt asked if Steffy was done laying down the law. She admitted to being abrasive like her grandmother. He wished she'd teach him to be that way for the next time Quinn stopped by. Steffy doubted he needed it because his mother had raised him to believe he was always right.

Wyatt quipped that it was "such fun" to argue about his mother all evening. Steffy claimed not to be arguing. Wyatt asked if they could still have makeup sex. She hadn't heard him and continued bickering with him. "Wait. Did you say makeup sex?" she asked. He affirmed it, and she decided that maybe they were arguing after all. They two kissed.

After having sex, Wyatt and Steffy lay in a fur blanket by the fireplace. Wyatt slept, but Steffy was preoccupied with flashbacks of telling Quinn to stay away and of Liam saying Quinn had caused Steffy to doubt that he wanted Steffy when he was there, wanting her more than he ever had. She worriedly stared into the fire.

At Quinn's place, Eric asked what had taken so long. Quinn indicated that she'd gotten caught up in something. Eric hoped it hadn't been Deacon. Quinn laughed at the off-base response. Eric indicated that her landline had been ringing. She figured it was telemarketers' hour.

Eric said it was also stalkers' hour, and he should know because "here I am again." Quinn replied that Eric was nothing like Deacon. She added that Eric wasn't stalking her; he was saving her. Quinn noted that she was the town pariah, but Eric was there with her.

Eric replied that Quinn had asked him to evaluate some new designs. She said it had been awhile back, and he quipped that he was thorough. She asked why he wasn't afraid of her, and he replied that he was known for his bad judgment. She chuckled that it was something they had in common.

Quinn served wine in paper cups, and Eric asked her to remind him to get her some wine glasses. She relayed that her glasses were still packed, and she wanted everything in her life to be disposable for the time being. He asked if that included them, and she said time would tell. He asked what he was doing there, and she replied that he was hopefully waiting for her to get undressed.

Eric wanted to make sure Quinn and he were clear that no one could know about them. Quinn acknowledged the statement and said she was a criminal. Eric said his family would never understand, and he wasn't certain he understood it himself. Quinn suggested that they remove the worry right along with their clothes. "Yeah, let's do," he said, kissing her.

Later, Eric and Quinn lay in bed together. Eric lamented his bad girl streak -- Sheila, Sally, Jackie, and Donna. Quinn hadn't known the other women, but she didn't get the Donna thing. Eric replied that there had been pictures in the paper about it, and people had said he'd wanted to be caught. Quinn understood that he didn't want Quinn's name and his associated.

Eric said it wasn't all about appearances, and he hadn't liked some of the things Quinn had done. She guessed she just had to live with her consequences. Eric suspected that it wasn't easy, but he asserted that he wouldn't advocate for her with Steffy, Wyatt, or anyone else.

Quinn felt that Eric was justified to think that she was using him for something. In truth, the only thing she was using him for was his affection. To Quinn, Eric was kind, undemanding, and generous, and he treated her well. Those were things she'd learned to want and appreciate.

Eric got dressed to leave. Quinn said he could spend the night, but Eric declined, saying he couldn't get past the moment of waking up with her. She started telling him that she had a jewelry convention that weekend. Eric took two keys off his key ring, handed them to her, and said he wouldn't be back. Quinn remarked that Eric had said it before. Eric stated that they knew they weren't going anywhere. She joked that they weren't vehicles and asked where they were supposed to be going.

Eric wondered how long it would be until Quinn blackmailed him. Quinn asked how he'd feel if she said the only thing she wanted was Eric. Eric warned her not to flatter a flatterer. Eric cited that there were a lot of years between them.

Quinn felt that Eric had wisdom and class, and she hadn't had that in a man for-- "I've never had that in a man ever," she corrected. Placing the keys in his palm and curling his fingers around them, she suggested that he keep them as a souvenir -- or in case he'd forgotten something or was lonely. "God knows I am," she said. Eric put down the keys, bade Quinn a good night, and walked out.

At the Spencer mansion, Bill and Katie hugged. Katie said she sometimes forgot who she'd set out to be. She told Bill that she wasn't crazy; her mind just went to dark places sometimes. Bill knew she had trouble believing that he loved her and asked if she could believe that he loved their son at least. Katie could believe it. He said he knew that if she divorced him, she'd go for sole custody.

Katie responded that she'd go for "more than that." Bill decided they'd never know because it would never happen. Katie agreed. "But if it did -- and Brooke was the reason -- I'd take your son and your company, too. And not just half of it -- all of it," Katie warned.

Katie didn't know why she was talking in such a way. Bill felt it was better to know how she felt. She said she might sound angry, but she wasn't. "If that's what you want to think," he murmured.

Liam called, and Bill answered, saying he wouldn't be available until the morning. Liam needed five thousand dollars to get a news scoop, and he was searching Bill's office for Bill's secret cash stash. Bill said that he paid Liam enough to use Liam's own account, and Bill clicked off the line.

At the office, Liam continued searching Bill's office and tried the handle to the love lair. The door was locked. Alison startled him by entering, and he asked her why the door was locked. Ignoring the question, Alison asked what he was looking for. Liam told her about the money, and she left to retrieve it. Liam jiggled the handle on the love lair's door, but it wouldn't budge.

Back at the Spencer mansion, Bill asked Katie if it would escalate to an accusation. Katie said she thought it was nice to be real with each other. "By threatening me?" Bill asked. Claiming not to be doing such a thing, Katie decided that they should do what Brooke and Bill always said and not dwell on something that was never going to happen. Bill noted that she was being passive aggressive.

Katie decided that she should have left it at Bill saying that he loved Will. Bill assumed her perspective was that any parent who slipped the knot of monogamy deserved to lose their children. She asked how he'd feel if she did so and asked if marriage wasn't built on monogamy.

Bill felt it needed to be built on more than that to sustain itself. Katie wondered if it was the "trust me" speech or the "I got to be me" one. Bill frowned, and Katie wondered why they were arguing. She noted that she was merely pointing out what she'd do if he did something he'd sworn he'd never do, so "it's a pointless conversation, right?"

With a thin, placating grin, Bill agreed and announced that he had to go to the office. "Really? At this hour?" Katie asked. She asked what the matter was, and he said it had to do with Liam. Bill claimed it would take a couple of hours, but she didn't need to wait up. He kissed her on her cheek and said he was glad they'd talked. Katie said that talking was the best thing they did.

"Things do become slowly clearer," Bill remarked. Katie said that she loved him, and he replied that he loved her, too. "And I'm counting on you," she ominously added, and he walked out.

Later, Liam arrived, and Katie informed him that Bill was at the office. Liam replied that he'd just been there, and Bill hadn't been. Katie figured he'd missed Bill, or she'd just misunderstood him. She suggested that Liam call Bill, but Liam said it wasn't important. "Are you my friend, Liam?" Katie asked.

Liam stated that he was Katie's friend. Katie asked how many of Bill's secrets Liam was keeping. Liam decided that she was the one who needed to call Bill. She asked Liam what he thought would happen if she did call. "Do you think he'd answer? Do you think he's alone?" she asked.

Katie said that after suffering through big lies, she'd told herself that the next time, she'd know what a big lie sounded like. The problem was that everything sounded the same. Everything could be a lie. "But it's not," Liam said. With sad eyes, Katie agreed. She said her husband and sister loved her, and it wasn't all a big lie.

At Forrester, Brooke thanked Ridge for saving her. Ridge joked that he hadn't had to jump out of a helicopter without a parachute that time. Brooke had thought Ridge had given up on her. Ridge said he never would, but the only person who could save her from Big, Bad Bill was herself.

Prefacing that Ridge was the only one who'd ever know about her "almost" chapter with Bill, Brooke stated that she was proud that she'd held back, and she hadn't taken "that last step." Ridge sarcastically said she had to have really held back, and it had to be difficult for two people so in love. Brooke wished Stephanie were there, so Brooke could say, "I am not the Slut From the Valley."

Brooke thanked Ridge for being there for her. It had been awhile since she'd felt that Ridge was on her side. He apologized for it. She said he didn't have to. Ridge said that if anyone deserved his loyalty, it was Brooke, and from then on, Brooke would have it.

Later, Brooke was in the Forrester corridor, headed out of the CEO's office. Bill called her, and without even greeting him on the line, she told him not to call her. Bill said he was at his office. She asked why. He relayed that he'd done as she'd asked. He'd gone home and said the right things; however, Katie couldn't hear those things anymore.

Brooke believed Katie would hear it if Bill said the things enough. Bill said Katie knew what she knew about them: the marriage was only being held together by will, and sometimes willpower wasn't enough. Brooke asserted that willpower had nothing to do with it. Bill tried to defend his position, but Brooke wouldn't hear it. "I'm saying no!" she declared and clicked off the line.

Liam gets an eyeful

Liam gets an eyeful

Friday, July 1, 2016

At the sky lounge, Steffy worked out with a punching bag, hitting it harder and harder with each flashback she had of what she'd lost due to Quinn. The shirtless Thomas arrived and noted that something was weighing on Steffy. He guessed it had to do with Liam.

Steffy claimed to be fine -- except for having a "mother-in-law from hell." As the siblings worked out, Steffy relayed that she and Wyatt had had to kick Quinn out -- again. Thomas thought it was good that they were standing up for themselves. It didn't feel good to Steffy inside.

Thomas felt that Steffy had a right to be upset and asked her to imagine how different her life would be had it not been for Quinn. He said Steffy could talk to him. Steffy claimed to be trying to move on with her life. Thomas wondered if that was what Liam was doing. She believed that Liam was trying to do it -- especially after Bill's order to respect the marriage. Thomas asked if Liam had listened.

Steffy conveyed that it wasn't easy for Liam, but he respected his father, especially about marriage. Thomas asked if Liam would be fighting for her if Bill wasn't setting such a good example. Thomas had a feeling that Steffy and Liam would find their way back to each other.

At Quinn's place, Wyatt arrived. He was glad that Quinn understood why they couldn't meet at his place. Quinn was hopeful that they could someday, but she'd take what she could get. He readily noticed something different about her. "Oh, no. Not again," he said. Quinn didn't understand what he meant, and Wyatt relayed that a positive glow on her was never good.

Quinn assumed it had to do with Wyatt being around and letting her be a part of his life. Wyatt conveyed that his mother would always be in his life. She asked if it would be so even if "that wife" of his was trying to push her out of it. Quinn wanted to be a part of things, not banned from her son's house.

Wyatt asserted that it was how it had to be. Steffy needed Quinn to stay away from Steffy, from Steffy's family, and from the company. "So please, just stay away," he requested. Quinn's eyes wandered around knowingly. She asked if he'd only arrived to tell her to stay away, and she wondered how things could ever be different if she was never allowed to speak to Steffy.

Wyatt could see the change in Quinn, and he was proud of her. Quinn grinned sweetly. He figured that if Steffy were to see it, too, Steffy would have to do it in her own time and in her own way. He implored Quinn to do as Steffy asked and stay away from her and the Forresters.

In Eric's guesthouse, Eric peered out the window. He thought of Quinn and seemed sad. He called Thomas to make lunch plans, but Thomas already had something to do. Next, Eric called Ridge to see if he and Caroline could meet for lunch, but Ridge apparently had an important meeting.

Eric received some pictures from John. He messaged back that they were great, and he wished he'd joined John on the trip. "Maybe next time," Eric said, sighing. "Maybe next time..."

Eric sat down to read a book. There was a knock at the door. His lips curled in wondrous surprise when he opened the door to see Quinn. She entered in a black coat. She knew that Eric had said that the previous night would be the last time, but she'd been lonely. Dropping the coat to reveal her black lace teddy and black skirt, she said she'd been wondering if he was lonely, too. Eric readily kissed her.

At Katie's house, Katie was in the kitchen, dressed for the pool. Liam arrived, and she assumed he was checking up on her. Liam sheepishly tried to deny it but admitted his concern. She wished she hadn't gone on and on the previous night. Liam said it wasn't good to bottle up things.

Katie offered to chalk it up to momentary insecurity. She assured Liam that everything was okay, and she didn't have reason to think that Brooke and Bill would hurt her. Katie joked that Liam could just slap some sense into her if she started on that track again. Liam stated that his father bent the rules on many things; however, Katie wasn't one of those things, and she had no reason to doubt Bill.

Liam decided to get to work before Bill gave away Liam's parking space. Katie asked if Liam resented him. Liam asked if she meant Wyatt or Bill, and she applied the question to both men. Liam admitted that there was some resentment, but it was hard to blame Wyatt, who'd believed that Liam had been gone. As for Bill, Liam said his father was protecting marriage, something Bill had strong feelings about.

Though Liam didn't always like what Bill preached, Liam believed that Bill practiced it -- as evidenced in Bill's marriage. Liam believed they should all strive for it, so he had to remove himself from Steffy and Wyatt's marriage. Katie admired Liam for stepping back. In her mind, it was the right thing. He asked her to be honest with him in a decade if he hadn't moved on yet.

Katie promised to slap sense into Liam if need be. Liam thanked her for her willingness to use violence. Katie relayed that she expected him to be honest with her when it was about Bill and Brooke. "Yeah, of course. I thought you were good with that?" he said. Katie said she was, but it was nice having someone to look out for her. Liam promised to do it.

In Bill's office, Bill thanked Brooke for being there. Closing the door, Brooke replied that she shouldn't have shown up. To him, it showed that she didn't like how they'd left things, either. Brooke asserted that she wasn't betraying her sister, and he wouldn't, either.

Brooke wanted to know how it had gone with Katie the previous night. Flatly speaking, Bill said he'd gone home to Katie as Brooke had asked. He'd tried reaching out and reassuring Katie. Believing it was good, Brooke said he should be doing it every day. "Then what?" he asked, wondering if it was supposed to make him forget that he had feelings for Brooke.

Brooke believed it was possible to get over the feelings. She knew it because she'd done it. "No, you didn't," Bill responded. He said she'd shut herself up in the house and had gotten drunk every night to pretend to forget. She countered that he wasn't alone; he had Katie and Will and didn't need to think about Brooke. Bill claimed to think of her all the time. He tugged her arm, headed for the love lair.

Brooke resisted movement. "One more time together. One more time; that's all I ask," Bill uttered. He believed they needed it. Declining, Brooke asserted that he needed Katie and Will. Bill insisted upon having one more time, but Brooke said it was too risky.

What Bill found too risky was standing in the office together when Katie could arrive at any moment. He believed that if Katie saw how he was looking at Brooke, Katie would know. He invited Brooke into the love lair, where they could speak freely without being afraid of being seen together.

Brooke agreed, and Bill called Alison to hold his calls and make sure that no one disturbed him, not even her. Alison had been just about to order lunch, but Bill said to hold off for a few minutes on putting the order in. Bill put down the phone receiver, and Brooke, who didn't have a good feeling, decided she was slipping out the back. "After," Bill said.

In the corridor, Liam strode up. Alison stopped him from touching Bill's doorknob because Bill didn't want to be disturbed. Liam asked what Bill was doing. Alison shrugged, claiming that Bill was occupied. Liam asked if a thing or a person was occupying Bill. Alison looked around nervously.

In Bill's office, Bill had just locked the door to the love lair after he and Brooke had entered it. Brooke told Bill that she couldn't have Katie thinking that anything was going on. Bill relayed Katie's threat to take Will and to try to take the company if she found out that he'd been with Brooke. "This is crazy! This is why we shouldn't be doing this. I am leaving!" Brooke declared.

Brooke unlocked the door, but Bill pulled her by the arm and asked her to stay. She said she was trying to do the right thing. Bill stated that he knew she loved him. Brooke refused to act upon it, to hurt Katie, or to hurt his family. Bill replied that Katie never had to know.

Brooke didn't want to betray her sister -- or her brother, who had died for Katie. Bill told Brooke not to think of it that way. Brooke exclaimed that Storm's heart beat inside Katie, and Storm hadn't given it to Katie for Brooke to break it. She admitted to loving Bill, but she couldn't express it or let anyone see it, not even Bill. She didn't want moments alone like that because she couldn't trust herself.

In the corridor, Alison left on an errand. Liam entered Bill's office and was surprised that Bill wasn't in there. Liam assumed Bill was "napping." Liam was about to open the door to the "napping room," but he stopped and listened upon hearing Bill on the other side of the door, telling Brooke to trust him and that they could have their time together. Bill said he needed Brooke.

In the room, Bill tried to kiss Brooke, but she shied away. "Okay, one more time," Bill said. He claimed it would be one more time holding her, and one more time kissing her. "One kiss, Brooke. One final kiss," he said. Brooke let him kiss her.

Liam cracked open the door and saw Brooke and Bill kissing.

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