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Liam convinced Brooke to validate Katie's suspicions. Brooke confessed to Katie, and Katie kissed Brooke goodbye. Quinn pursued Eric, even though he said their situation wouldn't lead anywhere. Liam tossed Bill's marriage edicts about respecting marriage out the window and kissed Steffy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 4, 2016 on B&B
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The lecturer gets a lecture The lecturer gets a lecture

Monday, July 4, 2016

In Eric's guesthouse, Eric asked if Quinn had just taken the chance that he'd be there. Quinn asked if he were glad she had. He was, but he didn't think Steffy would be. Quinn said that it was a holiday, and everyone was getting ready for a barbeque. Eric's car had looked "so lonely" in the driveway, and she'd wanted to find out if he was lonely, too.

With his hands on Quinn's hips, Eric said he wanted to make sure they understood each other. He liked" this," and he enjoyed her company; however, it was as far as it went. It couldn't go further because of her history with his family and how the family felt about her. Quinn kissed him in response.

Later, Quinn curled up to Eric as they lay in bed. She remarked that they'd just proven that they understood each other, and she wondered what the look on his face meant. Eric had just been wondering what it was about him. She asked if he needed a list. He replied that his brother traveled and got into jams, but Eric managed to get into trouble locally.

Quinn indicated that trouble followed her wherever she went. Eric quipped that he needed to stop finding the trait so attractive. She was honored to be his type. Eric stated that he appreciated her. "I wouldn't be here if you didn't," she uttered, and they kissed.

Eric began to get dressed. Quinn said that the show wasn't over, but he replied that he was hoping to see his family that day. She replied that one never knew when they'd have an uninvited guest or last-minute invitation. He asked if she were hoping for it. Chuckling, she imagined that she'd be living dangerously to attend a Forrester barbeque and knew it wasn't an option.

Agreeing, Eric replied that he couldn't do such a thing to Steffy, and he and Quinn couldn't keep it up. She asked why they'd stop if they weren't hurting anyone. Eric said that she was fascinating and beautiful, but it wouldn't go anywhere. Quinn stated that Eric had to tell himself it, and he had to believe it, because she didn't want him getting attached to her. Eric kissed her hand, and she grinned.

Dressed, Eric lay on the covers beside Quinn. Quinn said she couldn't change the past or her mistakes; all she could do was move forward and make a new life for herself.

Outside the love lair, Liam stared through the cracked door at Bill kissing Brooke. Pulling away, Brooke said it had to stop. Liam softly closed the door and angrily strode out through the main office door. He thought of the earring he'd found. Alison walked up, noting that he was still there. She offered to give Bill a message for Liam, but Liam replied that he didn't even know what to say.

Back in the love lair, Bill refused to let Brooke go. Brooke figured that she had known better than to go there. Clenching her by her arms, he told her not to go. She asserted that he belonged with Katie and Will, and "this is the last time this is happening!" Brooke jerked herself out of his grasp and exited through the main office.

Later, Bill stared out his window, thinking of the kiss with Brooke. His door slammed. Liam had entered. Bill asked what his son wanted. Liam wanted to have a word with the "great and powerful Oz." Liam remarked upon Bill, the head of his empire, handing down his edicts, unquestioned. Liam said it was because they respected Bill's judgment; however, Liam knew a secret.

Liam said that Bill wasn't the man they all thought he was. "You're a hypocrite!" Liam accused.

Bill didn't know what Liam was talking about. Bill offered to talk about it but asserted that Liam had better cool his jets. Liam said it was about how he'd believed in Bill and had listened to all of Bill's speeches about respecting marriage. Liam recalled that the lecture had been the very day he'd found the "napping room" and the earring that had supposedly belonged to Katie.

Bill stated that Liam had lost Bill and wondered if Liam had had an argument with Wyatt about Steffy. Liam wanted Bill to say the Steffy lecture one more time so that Liam could watch Bill's eyes. Bill declared that it was enough. He refused to put up with Liam's attitude. "I don't like it!" Bill yelled.

Liam believed it was bad enough that Bill was being unfaithful after going on and on about the sanctity of marriage -- "but your wife's sister?" Liam asked. Bill decided that he wasn't discussing it with Liam, but Liam asked what Bill had been thinking. Bill ordered Liam not to talk about things he didn't understand. Slamming his hand on the desk, Bill roared that his private life was none of Liam's concern. Liam just started at Bill.

Bill admitted that he and Brooke had an arrangement, an adult arrangement. Liam stated that he was an adult, and it was an affair. Bill yelled that it wasn't Liam's business. Liam claimed to be concerned about Katie, who was "going through hell." Liam figured that he'd just learned why.

Indicating that Katie wasn't the only one, Liam stated that he'd tried to stay away from Steffy and live up to Bill's example. Liam didn't know any reason to keep doing it. Nothing Bill said mattered anymore because Bill was a liar. Liam revealed that he'd seen Bill and Brooke.

Bill asked what Liam had seen. Liam declared that it had been enough to know that it had been going on for a while. To Liam, the worst part was that Bill had lied to Katie the entire time and had made Katie feel like she was the problem and that it was all in her head.

Bill barked that Katie was afraid he'd leave her; however, it wasn't happening. Holding a fist in the air, he proclaimed that he was committed to his marriage. Liam asked who Bill was lying to. Liam corrected that Katie didn't fear Bill leaving her; she feared him betraying her, which had been exactly what Bill had done. Bill claimed that his involvement with Brooke hadn't gone as far as Liam thought, and it was over.

Liam said Bill knew that Katie was seeing a therapist, was on medication, and had had a heart transplant. Bill replied that he knew all of it better than anyone, and it was why Liam wouldn't say anything to her. "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" Liam asked. He said Katie was a survivor. "I am not going to say anything, and neither are you!" Bill commanded.

Liam decided that Bill didn't get to tell Liam what to do anymore, nor did Bill get to cheat on his wife and lecture Liam about loyalty and integrity. Bill figured out that it wasn't about Liam's concern for Katie; it was about Steffy. Liam agreed that it was a part of it. Liam had only stayed away from Steffy because Bill had said that Spencer men respected marriage. He asked why a tattooed ring should keep him away from Steffy -- because Bill had his own ring, too.

Liam stated that if Bill wanted Liam to do the right thing, then "you first!" Liam wanted Bill to display how strong Spencer men should be by telling Katie the truth. Bill was silent, and Liam stated that it was just what he thought. Liam didn't feel he had to listen anymore about his brother's sham marriage to the woman Liam loved. "You don't live up to this," Liam said, holding up his sword charm.

Liam turned to leave. Bill asked what Liam was doing. "I'm going to get the girl," Liam said, and he left.

At the beach house, the bikini and cover-up-wearing Steffy and Katie set up for the family gathering. Katie remarked that she'd thought of inviting her sister, but Steffy probably wanted it to be just family. Steffy welcomed Katie to invite whomever she wanted -- as long as it wasn't Quinn.

Katie asked how Steffy's marriage was. Steffy felt that it was cliché of her, the new bride, to be having problems with her mother-in-law, but she wanted Quinn nowhere near the family. Katie concluded that as long as Quinn stayed away, things should be fine.

Wyatt entered and invited Steffy and Katie to catch some surfing waves. Steffy declined, and Katie decided that she needed to run home for a minute.

After Katie had gone, Wyatt asked how he could help prepare for the party. Steffy indicated that she'd need him on the grill later. He asked about the fireworks. Steffy was positive they'd have fireworks, especially if Quinn showed up. Wyatt assured his wife that Quinn wouldn't be there. Steffy asked if he even knew what Quinn was doing or if she was working.

Wyatt didn't know why it mattered as long as Quinn was keeping her distance as requested. "And she is!" he exclaimed. He believed that "this" had taught Quinn a lesson, and she'd moved on. Steffy wanted to know to where Quinn had moved and with whom. Wyatt stared at Steffy, who then said she hoped Wyatt was right. She was glad that Quinn was respecting their wishes but added that Quinn had better stay away from Steffy and Steffy's family.

Wyatt didn't think Quinn even knew about the party, and he'd been careful not to mention it to her. Steffy asked if he'd seen Quinn and when. Wyatt said he'd been at Quinn's apartment earlier that day. Steffy sighed, rolling her eyes. He replied that he'd wanted to see Quinn and make sure she was okay. Quinn had seemed better to him, but Steffy said Quinn had fooled him before.

Steffy wasn't banning Wyatt from seeing his mother, but Quinn had to know that the home and family were off-limits. Wyatt replied that Quinn knew it but hoped it would someday change. He believed Quinn was trying to make a fresh start. Steffy rolled her eyes again.

Alone in the living room later, Steffy pulled the shell out of her purse and remembered what Liam had said when he'd given it to her.

In Katie's kitchen later, Brooke expressed surprise over getting Katie's call. Brooke had thought that Bill and Katie would have plans that day. Katie indicated that they did, and she wanted Brooke to join them. Brooke asked where they were going, and Katie explained that Steffy and Wyatt were having a family barbeque, and Katie wanted Brooke to be there.

Katie said that she struggled at times. Brooke replied that they all did. Katie recalled being devastated upon hearing Brooke say she still loved Bill. Brooke stated that it had never been her intention to hurt Katie, and Katie claimed to know it. Katie felt that she'd been wrong to accuse Brooke.

Brooke didn't want any more apologies and said she was the sorry one. Katie said she hadn't asked Broke there to rehash the past. Katie wanted to find peace. She knew that Brooke and Bill had meant a lot to each other, and it wasn't fair of Katie to ask Brooke to forget about it.

Shedding tears, Brooke replied that she would if she could. Katie said she knew Brooke wouldn't ever act on it. Katie intended to keep telling herself that because she loved Brooke and needed Brooke in her life. Katie hugged Brooke.

Spencer family ties unravel Spencer family ties unravel

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

by Pam

At Wyatt and Steffy's place, Wyatt took a lot of photos of Steffy and posted them on social media. Katie and Caroline wondered if he and Steffy wanted some alone time. Wyatt laughed and said it was all an effort to brand Spencer publications with a younger demographic, and it gave him a chance to work with his sexy wife. Caroline took a photo of the married couple, and Wyatt was pleased.

Bill entered, and Caroline was happy to see him. Someone asked if Liam would attend, and Steffy looked surprised. Bill asked to have his photo taken, and Wyatt obliged. Thomas showed up, and he asked where Douglas was. Caroline said that he had stayed home with Ridge. Thomas was worried, but Caroline told him not to worry.

At Liam's, Liam flashed back to his argument with Bill about Bill's hypocrisy. Liam had called attention to Bill's lies to Katie, and Liam had fumed that Bill expected Liam to respect Steffy and Wyatt's marriage, but Bill had cheated on his own wife.

Liam's phone rang. Bill was calling and told Liam that he expected Liam to attend Wyatt and Steffy's party. Liam said he had no plans to attend. Bill warned him to hold off on judgment of Bill's marriage. "Katie and I will work it out," Bill said. Liam was skeptical. Bill ordered Liam to "get your butt over here and act like the Spencer that you are." Liam refused, and he hung up and left his home.

At Forrester, Brooke sat in an office, and Thomas entered. He offered her a ride to Steffy's party, but Brooke said she was not going to attend. Thomas was surprised, but he left. Liam entered and asked if she would be attending the party, but Brooke said she was not going.

Brooke asked why Liam was not there, and he answered that he had a problem with hypocrites -- specifically his father. "I know you two are having an affair,' Liam announced. Brooke said she felt awful about it. "How could you do this to Katie?" Liam asked. Brooke tried to talk her way out of it, but her phone rang, and it was Katie.

"Where are you?" Katie asked. Brooke said she wasn't feeling up to it. She added that she wanted Katie to enjoy some quality time with her family. She hung up.

Liam chastised Brooke for torturing Katie. He said that all her excuses had to be eating away at her. "Come clean. Tell her the truth," Liam advised. Brooke shook her head. She said that she and Bill had ended it a long time before, but they had gotten back together when Katie had started drinking.

"What the hell happened?" Liam asked. He'd thought it had been over a long time before. Brooke said it was all her fault because she had told Bill that she still loved him.

Brooke asked Liam not to blame his father. Liam said his father could have turned her down. Brooke said it was impossible to ignore their feelings, but she added that they had been close but not intimate. "Well, that's something," Liam said.

Brooke said that Katie had accused Bill and Brooke of flirting in front of her, and they hadn't. Liam defended Katie and said that Bill and Brooke had driven Katie crazy -- the two people she trusted most in the world were lying to her. "Stop putting her through this mental torture. It's not fair. Tell her the truth," Liam advised.

Brooke said she understood his thinking, but she didn't want to start anything new with Katie. Liam told her that Katie was suspicious and paranoid, and she deserved to stop questioning her feelings.

Brooke said she couldn't undo what had happened. Liam worried that Brooke and Bill would push Katie over the edge.

At Steffy and Wyatt's, Steffy thanked everyone for joining the party. Bill stepped in and thanked everyone. He said that "no one could go wrong with this bunch." Bill said that Caroline, his beautiful, talented niece, was there. He didn't appreciate her choice in a husband, but he loved her like a daughter.

Bill congratulated Caroline for starting her own designs at Forrester. Bill added that he couldn't be more proud of Wyatt -- a smart, ambitious man who had recently launched a successful social media campaign. He added that Wyatt had had the good sense to marry Steffy. Bill said he didn't know what relationship he had with Thomas, but he said it was nice to have him around.

Bill professed his love and appreciation for his wife, Katie, who had taught him what he hadn't known about family and bonding. Bill added that they'd had problems and struggles like most people. "We are family in the deepest, most permanent sense of the word," he said. He embraced Katie.

Katie decided to speak about her husband. She said that he had inspired her, and they had survived the bad times in order to savor the good times. "We are survivors," she said. She added that Bill had taught her about love, faithfulness, and compassion. "I know I'm lucky to be surrounded by so much love. I love you," Katie said. Bill stepped in and hugged Katie.

Later, Bill stepped away from the group and called Brooke. Brooke was still with Liam, and she told Bill that she and Liam had discussed the situation. Bill insisted that he would get Liam on board. He wanted Brooke to join the party because Katie wondered why she hadn't attended.

Brooke told Bill to stop calling her. She hung up. "Brooke!" Bill shouted. Katie joined him and asked if something was wrong. Bill lied that it had been the office on the phone. Katie said she had overheard him call Brooke's name. "Which was it, the office or Brooke?" Katie asked.

Katie questions her marriage Katie questions her marriage

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

by Pam

At Wyatt and Steffy's place, Katie had overheard Bill when he'd made a call to Brooke. Bill lied and said he had called the office, but Katie asked, "Which was it, the office or Brooke?...It's a simple question." She added that he had disappeared outside, and she had overheard him call Brooke's name. Bill said he'd had something to take care of at work, but Katie didn't believe him. She chastised him for once again making her feel suspicious.

Bill admitted that he had called Brooke. Katie said he had wanted to make a secret phone call. "Why do keep doing this? We're having a wonderful time," she said. Katie added that she didn't want to spoil the day. Bill said he wanted to return to the party.

While Bill and Katie had been outside, Wyatt, Caroline, Steffy, and Thomas celebrated with refills on margaritas that Wyatt had made. Steffy noted that Bill had laid it on thick about his love for Katie and family. Caroline said she found Bill and Katie's relationships inspirational. They all agreed that they might not be as strong as Katie to survive the heart transplant and everything else she had been through.

Wyatt noted that Bill might be cutthroat in business, but he had his priorities straight with family. Thomas said he felt something was up between Katie and Brooke because he had seen Brooke at the office before he'd left. He noted that she had said she needed to give Katie some space. He felt there was something dicey between them. Steffy wondered what they could read into that.

Bill entered and asked what he had missed. Steffy and Wyatt pulled out Pam's lemon bars, and everyone looked out the window at a helicopter. When Katie entered, she eyed the margaritas that everyone had been drinking.

Bill said he needed to add something to what he had said earlier. Steffy and the others started to roll their eyes. Bill ignored them and said that he was glad that the significance of family -- the Spencer family -- was based on trust and commitment. "We screw up. We make mistakes," he said, and he added that they recovered and worked to make things better. It made them all stronger.

Bill used his marriage to Katie as an example. "Nice speech, Dad," Wyatt said. He took Bill aside and said that he hoped his marriage could be as successful as Bill's. Wyatt noted that Bill had set the bar high for the family, and Bill was the smartest man he'd ever known. "I'm so honored to be your son," Wyatt said.

Katie walked away from the crowd and put her hands on the tequila bottle near the margaritas. She flashed back to Bill's lie when he had called Brooke earlier. She poured a shot of tequila and drank it. Then, she went outside and walked along the beach. No one noticed she had gone. Later at Steffy and Wyatt's, Bill couldn't find Katie, but everyone told him she had probably gone for a walk on the beach.

Privately, Thomas and Caroline discussed that Ridge was grateful for the alone time he had with Douglas. Thomas referred to Ridge as Douglas' grandfather, and he wanted to know when they would announce to everyone that Thomas was Douglas' father. Caroline reminded him that it wasn't the place to discuss it.

At Forrester, Liam chastised Brooke and tried to convince her that she needed to tell Katie the truth about Brooke and Bill. Brooke continued to argue that she would lose Katie forever. Liam agreed, but he reiterated that Bill and Brooke were torturing Katie -- they had made her believe that she was suspicious for no reason and that it was all in her head.

Brooke tried to explain that she and Bill had a complicated relationship. Liam argued that they needed to "uncomplicate" it, and Bill needed to respect the mother of his child. "My dad owes Katie the truth, and so do you," Liam said.

Brooke claimed she had never meant to hurt her little sister. Liam reminded her that it was still betrayal. Brooke explained that Katie had forgiven her more than once, but she wouldn't do it again. Liam said it was more important for Katie to know the truth because she wouldn't think it was all in her head.

Liam insisted that Brooke couldn't let another day go by, keeping the truth from her -- Katie needed it for her sanity. "She's not in a good place. She doesn't deserve this. It has to come from you, Brooke. Set Katie free," Liam advised.

Outside at Wyatt and Steffy's, Katie walked along the beach in her bare feet -- far from the house. She continued to walk, and she sat down in the sand. She flashed back to when she'd overheard Brooke tell Bill that he would always be the greatest love of her life.

Katie recalled that she had told Brooke that she had never wanted to drink until she'd heard Brooke profess her love for Bill. Katie recalled that she had told Brooke the voice in her head told her not to trust Brooke. She remembered that Brooke had told her, "Nothing will ever happen." She heard Bill's voice about how committed he was to their marriage. She started to cry.

Brooke was at home, and she flashed back to Liam's advice that she had to tell Katie what had happened. Brooke opened her bag and called Katie, but Katie's phone was in her purse at Wyatt and Steffy's place. Bill heard the ring, and he noticed the call was from Brooke.

Liam entered his house, and he heard someone knocking. Katie was at his patio door, and he realized she had walked to his house from Wyatt's. She said she'd had to leave Wyatt's. Liam was worried about her. Katie asked for vodka, but Liam said that wasn't a good idea. Katie said he sounded like Bill or Brooke.

Katie started a tearful rant that Bill had lied to her. She had overheard him on a phone call with Brooke, and he'd lied about it. "Is something going on, or is it all in my head? You're my friend. He's your father. Please tell me. I can't live like this anymore. Please help me, Liam," Katie begged through tears.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

At Wyatt's house, Steffy cleaned up after the party. Wyatt asked Thomas what he'd thought of the party and remarked that there had been tofu steaks in case Liam had shown up. Thomas wondered what had happened to Liam and Katie. Steffy assumed Katie had gone home to relieve the babysitter.

Wyatt left to close down the grill. Thomas told Steffy that they knew that Liam hadn't shown up because he was respecting Steffy's marriage, as Bill had told Liam to do. Thomas stepped out to help Wyatt but quickly returned because Wyatt hadn't needed any help with the cleaning. Steffy remarked that Wyatt wanted to be a good husband. "Like his dad," Thomas added.

Steffy stated that Bill was loyal and true, and Thomas said it was especially so after all Bill had been through with Katie. Steffy replied that all people had hard times at some point. He contended that it took a special man to stay around, and she replied that it took a special woman to hang in there. "Especially one that's in love with two men and married to one of them," Thomas concluded.

Thomas told Steffy that she was still in love with Liam. Steffy glanced at the door to see if Wyatt was around. Thomas lowered his voice, saying Steffy and Liam lived in the same city and were in the same family. Skipping parties didn't change it.

Wyatt entered and realized he'd interrupted something. "You guys were talking about Liam," Wyatt concluded. Thomas asked if it bothered Wyatt. Wyatt said it did; however, he loved his brother and knew what Liam was going through. Wyatt couldn't imagine losing the amazing Steffy, but he was sure Liam would get over. In fact, Wyatt believed that, thanks to Bill, Liam already was getting over it and was respecting Wyatt's marriage. Thomas saw Wyatt as being very understanding.

Wyatt said everyone was dealing with the past, and that was all it was -- the past. He said they all had to move on; he and Steffy were moving on, and Katie and Bill were doing the same. Steffy remarked upon Bill's family sentimentality. Thomas had never thought he'd say it, but he believed Katie was a lucky woman, and Liam seemed to follow Bill's example.

Wyatt asserted that Liam needed a mentor like Bill, and after all Liam had been through, it was a constant thing in his life. Steffy wondered how Liam would have reacted if he hadn't had Bill as an example. Believing it would be different, Wyatt said Bill had taught Liam the meaning of family and commitment. Steffy added that Liam respected Bill.

Wyatt assumed that without the guidance, Liam would be hanging onto the past. Instead, Liam was giving Steffy and Wyatt room to grow. Wyatt believed it was due to Bill's loyalty to Katie.

At Bill house, Bill played with Alison and Will before asking Alison to stay a little longer to enable Bill to look for Katie, who'd disappeared from the party earlier.

Later, Bill showed up in Brooke's kitchen. Surprised, Brooke told him that he couldn't just show up at her house. Bill explained that Katie had disappeared from the party after she'd confronted him when she'd overheard him on the phone with Brooke, and he couldn't find Katie.

Brooke said that Liam was right, and they owed it to Katie to tell her the truth. Bill believed doing so would upset Katie more than anything. Brooke, however, couldn't allow Katie to keep questioning her instincts. Bill decided that he and Brooke would tell Katie together, and they'd have Katie's therapist on hand.

Brooke refused. She couldn't live with herself if she did it that way. Bill said that he and Brooke wanted to be together, but Brooke told him that she wouldn't let her sister live in agony while she was with Bill, her sister's husband. "No matter what I feel for you, Bill, I just can't do it!" Brooke said.

Liam called Brooke and ascertained that she was with Bill. Brooke asked Liam to keep Katie there until Brooke arrived.

After the call ended, Bill asked if Liam had told Katie. Brooke replied that it was her job. Brooke said she couldn't do it anymore, and she was going to Liam's house to tell Katie everything. Bill wanted to go, too, to support Brooke. Brooke refused. He said that if they wanted to tell Katie the truth, "then that's the truth. We are one." Brooke replied, "Not anymore."

Bill asked if ending things with each other after all they had shared would be easy. Brooke didn't think so, but she felt it was necessary. He understood and wouldn't stop Brooke, but he wanted to be there. Brooke said it would be too hard for her and Katie to have him there. Brooke advised him to go home to Will and to know that Katie was a better woman than Brooke would ever be.

At the cliff house, Liam tried to calm down the frantic and anxious Katie, who asked how she could even think what she was thinking. She stated that Bill had lied about calling Brooke, and Katie asked Liam to say that it was all in Katie's head.

Liam offered Katie some water, but Katie wanted a real drink. She felt she needed the truth and implored Liam to tell her if he knew anything. Katie sobbed that Bill and Brooke tried to love her, but all she did was accuse them of horrible things. Katie didn't feel she deserved to be called a wife or sister. Liam asked her not to do that to herself, but Katie said she felt as if she'd betrayed Bill and Brooke.

Katie went into another room through the kitchen. Brooke entered the house, and Liam was anxious for Brooke to tell Katie, who'd been blaming herself ever since she'd shown up from the beach. Liam felt things would be better once Brooke admitted to Katie that Bill and Brooke really had had an emotional relationship. Brooke thanked Liam, and he left to give the sisters some space.

Later, Liam arrived at Bill's house as Bill was explaining to Alison that Katie was at Liam's house. Alison took Will upstairs so the men could talk. Bill assumed that Liam had left the sisters together and hoped Liam fully realized the repercussions. Liam replied that it had to be done.

Back at Liam's house, Katie returned to the living room and asked what Brooke was doing there. Katie said she knew about the secret phone call Bill had made to Brooke. Katie figured that she was overreacting. Brooke apologized and said she didn't want Katie to beat up on herself. Katie said it was better than her doing it to Brooke and Bill for no reason.

Katie admitted to drinking a shot before leaving Wyatt's house. Katie sobbed that she'd been fine before the phone call and asked why Bill had lied. Chuckling, Katie answered herself, deciding that it was because of "this." She said Bill hadn't wanted her to overreact, as she always did. Katie hated herself when she got that way. Brooke said there was a reason that Katie reacted.

Katie said it was because she was unstable, and her insecurities built up like a tsunami. She couldn't breathe, and the anxiety was crushing her. Katie said that Bill had said it was just a phone call, and everything would be okay. She asked if it was true and if her family would be okay. Katie felt that she had to ask Brooke just one more time if there was anything going on between Brooke and Bill.

Brooke looked away. Katie begged to know because her paranoia was eating her alive. Katie couldn't live that way and needed her big sister to tell her the truth. Katie asked to hear once more that it was all in her head, and she swore she'd believe it. "I'm sorry," Brooke uttered.

"Oh, my and my husband..." Katie said.

Katie kisses Brooke goodbye Katie kisses Brooke goodbye

Friday, July 8, 2016

At Bill's house, Bill berated Liam, the hero who changed relationships more than Bill changed his underwear. Bill was worried that Liam had told Katie, but Liam said it was what Brooke was doing at that very moment. Bill felt he should have been the one to tell Katie. Liam said Bill had had enough time, and Brooke was Katie's sister. Bill raged that the timing had been for him to decide.

Bill asked if Liam was aware of Katie's fragile health. "Well, what if she can't handle it?" Bill asked. He threw his drink at the wall and said Liam had better hope Katie survived it.

At the beach house, Thomas helped Steffy with the final party cleanup and wondered where Wyatt had gone. Steffy considered that Wyatt had had a look of half-guilt and half-duty before he'd gone, and she decided that he'd probably gone to see his mother. Steffy was sure Wyatt didn't like having to go behind her back to see his mother.

Thomas believed that Steffy was just making excuses, and in truth, she regretted marrying Wyatt and still cared for Liam. Steffy exclaimed that Liam was not her husband. Thomas didn't want to drag her down, but he said she didn't have to stay in a situation that wasn't working.

"Wyatt and I, we do work!" Steffy yelled. She believed she and her husband were good together. Thomas said Liam was refraining because of his father, but Thomas asked if she'd claim that staying with Wyatt wouldn't be hard if Liam was actually pursuing her.

Later, Steffy was alone when she called to someone that the door was open. She was surprised when Liam entered her house. Liam ascertained that he and Steffy were alone. He was glad that Wyatt wasn't there, so he wouldn't have to ask Wyatt to leave. Liam said he'd tried listening to his father, but following Bill Spencer's example was just one big lie. Steffy didn't understand.

Liam stated that the hypocrite who'd ordered Liam to honor Steffy's marriage had been spitting on his own marriage. Liam revealed that Bill was cheating on Katie with Brooke. Steffy was shocked to hear it. Liam decided that Bill didn't get to hurt Katie as he had but turn around and tell Liam to respect marriage vows. Liam refused to be guilted into staying away from Steffy. He felt they belonged together, and he'd never stop saying so.

Steffy couldn't believe what she was hearing after all of Bill's family meetings and speeches. Liam said that Bill had tried to bully him into staying away from Steffy, but nothing was standing in Liam's way. Liam pulled Steffy to him and kissed her.

At Quinn's place, Quinn grinned, messaging Eric that she could stop by in her French coat again. Wyatt arrived and didn't believe that Quinn's chipper mood had to do with seeing him. He'd taken over some party leftovers in appreciation for Quinn respecting Steffy's wishes and staying away. Quinn was hopeful that someday she'd be able to join her son as part of the Forrester family.

Wyatt asked Quinn to understand that only she could mess up his marriage. Quinn only half-listened as she checked a message from Eric, who said he was at work but would be in touch. She flashed to having sex with Eric. "Mom, are you hearing me?" Wyatt asked.

At the cliff house, Katie asked Brooke how she could do it after all the denials and promises. Brooke stated that it wasn't what Katie thought. Katie replied that Brooke didn't get to dictate what Katie thought. Katie spoke of the suspicions she'd been trying to drink away to convince herself that her sister would never betray her with her husband.

Brooke asked Katie not to get worked up because of her health. Katie was sure her health was what Brooke had been thinking of when she'd sneaked around with Katie's husband behind Katie's back. Brooke claimed she had thought of Katie, and Brooke had wanted to do right by Katie's beautiful family.

Katie exclaimed that Brooke lied as easily as she breathed. Feeling that she, for once, felt better than fine, Katie stated that she wasn't crazy, and it wasn't all in her head. The pain was real, and she could deal with it just as she had before. Katie believed that Brooke was the one who needed help.

Katie decided that Brooke's story of the beautiful blonde who falls for the wrong guy was a sick, pathological lie. Though the blonde never meant to hurt anyone, people got hurt around her a lot. Katie guessed that the blonde had shown up after their father had left. "That is not fair," Brooke responded.

Katie said someone should have told Brooke that Daddy had left them for good, and Brooke following her heart from man to man had been no way to deal with it. Katie asked if she thought he hadn't hurt the rest of the family; however, Katie, Donna, and Beth had found ways to survive it without looking for a man to fill the emptiness. Katie claimed that only the slut from the valley stayed the same.

Katie listed men who Brooke had dropped in her life: Dave, Ridge, Eric, Thorne, and Nick. She said not to forget about Deacon, Bridget's husband. "And then there's Bill," Katie added. Katie figured that Brooke hadn't been able to help herself and had needed to go after her sister's husband. Katie asked if Brooke could see that something was mentally wrong with her.

Brooke tried to explain that she'd fought it and had told Bill that there was no way anything could happen. Katie asked what Storm or Beth would say. She added that Brooke was Will's aunt and should be protecting him. Brooke replied that she was, and she was doing the best she could. "By sleeping with Will's father?" Katie asked. Brooke replied that she and Bill hadn't done that.

Katie asked who cared and what difference it made. She asked if it made Brooke less of a liar and cheat. Katie thought it was worse that Brooke had watched Katie doubt herself and fall apart in insecurity and desperation. Brooke replied that she hadn't wanted it to be that way.

"Until you did," Katie replied. Katie guessed Brooke had been bored in her house and had decided it had been the right time to tell Bill that she was still in love with him. Brooke said she knew she shouldn't have done it. Katie replied that Brooke was right, but Brooke didn't regret it because it would get Brooke what she wanted. Katie figured that she wasn't dying fast enough, so Brooke had to move things along.

Brooke hated to hear Katie speak that way. Brooke decided that she'd leave and go far away, and that way, Bill and Katie could have their life back. Katie said that if it was another gift, it would be a package that she'd return. Brooke asserted that Katie would forgive Bill. "Oh, no. I will never forgive that man," Katie declared. She wanted nothing to do with Brooke or Bill ever again.

Brooke stated that Katie wasn't thinking clearly. Katie disagreed. Brooke insisted that it didn't have to tear apart Katie's life with Bill. Katie replied that Brooke could have Bill -- until the next man happened along. Katie added that there was always a next man. Katie considered that Brooke and Bill might last forever -- but it made no difference to Katie or her son.

Katie hadn't understood how Liam's mother and Quinn could keep Bill from their sons, but they'd seen what Katie hadn't, that Bill was dangerous. Brooke said Katie was being unfair to Bill. "This is my fault. You said so yourself," Brooke reasoned. Brooke claimed it was the way she seduced and hit on Bill -- as Katie had said -- and Brooke was the one who'd told Bill about her feelings.

Brooke wanted Katie to blame Brooke, not Bill. Brooke said that Katie could call her a whore, and Brooke knew it was what Katie thought of her. Brooke sobbed that she was sorry. Brooke cried that she'd tried to do the right thing, and she'd failed.

Katie smoothed Brooke's hair, kissed her cheek, and hugged her. Katie uttered that she'd remember the best things about Brooke -- Brooke's beauty, her laugh, and the way the light always found her. Katie said that Brooke shined so bright that anyone or anything next to her paled in comparison. Katie said that Brooke would always be her sister by blood, but "this is goodbye."

Katie kissed Brooke again and bid her farewell before walking out the front door. Brooke sank into a chair and wailed.

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