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Caroline and Douglas left to regroup in New York. Despite his family's feelings, Eric reunited with Quinn and rehired her at Forrester. When Julius ordered Sasha to leave town, Thomas stood up for her, and she kissed Thomas. Ridge convinced Katie to ask for Bill's Forrester stock in the divorce agreement.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 8, 2016 on B&B
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Caroline decides to leave town Caroline decides to leave town

Monday, August 8, 2016

In Steffy's hotel room, Steffy flashed back on her conversation with Liam in the courtyard. Wyatt arrived. He informed Steffy that his mother had called from the airport to say she was taking a flight home. He apologized. He hated that Quinn had been there and was affecting Steffy.

Wyatt conveyed that he'd also talked to Eric, who'd said the relationship had ended. Wyatt promised that it had been the last straw, and Quinn wouldn't go anywhere near anyone with the Forrester name. Wyatt claimed that he was done with Quinn, but Steffy replied that Quinn was his mother.

Steffy said she and Wyatt had had the conversation countless times, and Quinn would always be in his life. Wyatt felt that it was difficult because Quinn was his mother. Steffy said Wyatt was the one who would decide who was worthy to be in his life, and Quinn had taken advantage of his forgiveness. She believed that Quinn had manipulated everyone she cared about, and Steffy was done. She couldn't take it anymore.

Steffy hadn't known what she'd been thinking when she signed up to take Quinn as a mother-in-law. Steffy said she'd probably thought Wyatt could contain Quinn or that Quinn would respect their wishes. Steffy was willing to have Quinn arrested or to get a restraining order if it would get Quinn out of their lives. Steffy declared that Quinn didn't have Wyatt's best interest at heart, but Steffy did.

Wyatt agreed to do something, and Steffy asked how Wyatt would take care of it and protect them. Wyatt said he'd protect them and her. He'd always protect her, and he'd take care of it. Wyatt said they were married and partners, and she would get whatever she needed or have whatever it took.

Wyatt faulted Quinn for not doing the one, simple thing he'd ask of her, which was to stay away from Steffy and Steffy's family. Steffy said Quinn had put Wyatt through too much his whole life, and Quinn had done the same to them all. Steffy believed Quinn was dangerous, and they needed to put a stop to it. Wyatt had wanted to believe Quinn could change, but he felt that she couldn't.

Wyatt reluctantly said he had to let Quinn go. Steffy asked if Wyatt could do it. Wyatt felt that it was his job to keep Steffy safe, and doing so meant that Quinn had to go. Wyatt said that Steffy was his wife, and he couldn't live without her. She was the only thing that mattered to him. They kissed and hugged.

At the mansion, Thomas gave Caroline a heads-up about Quinn and Eric. Caroline couldn't believe what had gone on, and Thomas expressed concern for Steffy's marriage. Remarking upon all the changes, Caroline guessed they'd announce Douglas' paternity after Eric's return to town.

Caroline didn't want to deal with questions and the press. Thomas didn't, either. He said they'd tighten security and let the PR department handle the press. Caroline stated that it was good, but she wouldn't be there. Caroline revealed that she'd decided to go to her parents' house in the Hamptons to retreat and get away from it all.

Thomas got upset when Caroline announced that she and Douglas would leave that day. She apologized for the short notice but claimed she'd "literally just decided." For her, it was the perfect time. Thomas asked when they'd be back. Caroline didn't know but said it wasn't like she and Douglas were moving.

Thomas was worried about not seeing his son every day. She replied that Thomas could visit whenever he wanted, and she didn't want him to feel she was taking the child away from him. Thomas said it was exactly how it felt and asked her not to go.

Caroline needed to go and clear her head. The divorce and the publicity about the paternity was a lot for her at once. Thomas said it would be easier for him to deal with it if she was there with his son. She promised to be back. He hoped so and said they'd figure it all out. She said he'd been caring and honest with her about his feelings. She felt that any woman would be lucky to have him.

Thomas wasn't thrilled about the trip, but he knew that Caroline needed it. He swore that if she stayed gone too long, he'd get on a jet and get her back there. Caroline didn't take for granted how lucky she was that he was her child's father, and she said Douglas was fortunate to have Thomas as a father.

Thomas asked what Caroline was trying to say. Caroline replied that she was open to whatever the future held; however, she didn't know how long it would take to heal. She didn't expect him to wait for her.

Later, Thomas asked Caroline if she was all packed up. Caroline had done it, but it felt weird to leave the house that she had thought would be home forever. She thanked him for being supportive and not fighting her on taking the child. She promised to send photos and let Thomas and Douglas video chat.

Thomas said that the child was growing up fast, and he needed to be around for it. Caroline promised that he would be. He told her to do what she needed to do, but to "come home." The two hugged.

At Brooke's house, an overflowing buffet had been set up around the kitchen for a reception after Lizzie's baptism. As the Avants and Zende fixed plates, Sasha cooed over how cute Lizzie was in her christening gown. Maya couldn't believe Vivienne had saved the gown from her and Nicole's christenings.

Rick and Maya thanked Nicole for her sacrifice. Nicole said it was the best decision she'd ever made, and Zende was Nicole's second-best decision. Sasha rolled her eyes.

Rick took the baby to take a nap, and Maya slipped up beside Nicole to remark upon Nicole and Zende. Nicole admitted that she and Zende had been "together" a few nights back, and Maya excitedly hugged Nicole. Maya and Nicole moved to the refrigerator.

Maya wanted to know everything and asked if it has been a positive experience. Nicole described the romantic scene Zende had set that night. Maya remarked upon how Sasha had swooped in during the pregnancy. Nicole knew what she and Zende had and wasn't worried about Sasha.

Across the room, Sasha approached Zende at the buffet and asked if things were cool between them. Zende replied that their interactions were in the past, and he was with Nicole. Sasha said it seemed as if Zende and Nicole were doing well, and they looked even more committed. Zende replied that they were closer than they'd ever been. Sasha cut her eyes away, looking as if her heart had been stung.

When Rick returned to the kitchen, Vivienne asked him to thank Brooke when she returned. Vivienne thought it was generous of Brooke to have "set this whole thing up." Sasha thanked everyone for letting her be there to enjoy some time with her family. Julius glared at her. Zende thanked them for letting him crash the event, but Nicole said he was family.

The group decided to go to the living room, and Sasha stayed behind to grab dessert and plates for everyone. Julius remained behind, too, and he told Sasha to back off. He said it was too much too soon. Sasha didn't get it and said she had been invited. He replied that it had been partially out of obligation, and he didn't think all had been forgiven just yet.

Sasha guessed Julius had said whatever he'd had to say in the family meeting to get Vivienne back. Julius claimed that he'd meant what he'd said about the Avants in the meeting. Sasha concluded that she just wasn't a part of it. He replied that she'd almost cost him his marriage when she'd liberated herself. She said he'd been the one to do something regrettable with her mother, but Sasha wasn't a mistake.

"You are a mistake!" Julius replied. Sasha replied that a father didn't say such a thing to a child. Julius guessed that she wanted him to go back to lying, but their secret was out. He said there was no more hiding, and it was time for Sasha to go home. Julius remarked upon the look in Vivienne's eyes that Vivienne tried to hide whenever she looked at Sasha. To him, Sasha was a painful reminder for Vivienne.

Sasha exclaimed that she was finally a part of a family moment with her niece's baptism, but Julius was ruining it for her. Julius said he was reminding her that she wasn't an Avant or a Forrester. She asserted that she was a Forrester model. He stated that Maya had married a Forrester, and Nicole hopefully would, too, but there was no Forrester in Sasha's future.

"So enjoy your bon-bons, finish your Champagne, and say goodbye," Julius advised.

Bill presents Katie with divorce papers

Bill presents Katie with divorce papers

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bill was in his off office and had a flashback. In it, he'd told Brooke he couldn't live without her, he loved her, and he knew she loved him too. He called Brooke.

Katie arrived in Bill's office and asked why he'd wanted to see her. They agreed their marriage was over. He wanted her to sign the divorce papers and said the settlement was very generous. He said he'd write her a check, and Katie wouldn't be disappointed.

As Katie started to read the papers, Justin arrived. Justin said they'd worked out a generous settlement for her. Bill said they would work out the custody details and decide what was fair and beneficial to Will. He wanted Katie to sign the document. Katie was sure Bill wanted it done as quickly as possible so he could continue pursuing Brooke.

Katie wanted Bill to admit he wanted everything over quickly so he could be with Brooke. He asked her to leave Brooke out of it. Katie said that was categorically impossible. Brooke was the reason he was divorcing her. Justin advised that irreconcilable differences were the reason for the divorce. Bill said they could snipe at each other for years, and Will would have to deal with it for the rest of his life. He asked her to sign the papers again. Katie asked, "Or else?"

Bill reminded Katie that he'd agreed not to take her to court for incompetence, and he'd given Will back to her. Bill suggested that Katie read the settlement offer. Bill thought she'd be satisfied with it. Katie noticed Bill had offered her fifty million dollars. Katie commented that she'd have access to the Spencer boat and jet, when it wasn't in use. Katie admitted she'd had some wild parties on the boat and no longer wanted her friends falling overboard.

Katie also had use of the Spencer jet, at no cost to her. Her use of the boat and jet had to be arranged through Bill, who had full rights of approval. Bill told Katie that she got the house, jewelry, and the personal items they owned jointly, plus fifty million dollars. Bill said it was a no-brainer.

Katie said she'd be able to make a huge contribution to Liam's foundation, since Bill wouldn't. Bill said she would be set for life as soon as she signed the papers, and it would be best for all concerned, especially Will. Katie got a call from Brooke. As she was leaving, Bill asked her to sign the papers then leave. Katie thanked him and left with the document in hand.

Alone, Bill had a flashback of him and Brooke in Dubai.

At Forrester, Brooke took a call from Bill. She asked if he was working through his issues with Katie. Bill said he wasn't going back to Katie. Bill said he wanted Brooke. Brooke hung up when Ridge arrived.

Ridge asked if Brooke was still seeing Bill. Brooke advised it was over between them. Ridge told Brooke that Eric was dating Quinn. Brooke was shocked and asked how long it had been going on. Ridge didn't know because they'd kept their relationship under wraps. Ridge said Steffy had exploded when she'd found out. Ridge was concerned about Steffy's marriage. Steffy had had only one stipulation, and that was that Quinn was to stay away from her and her family.

Brooke asked if Quinn was Steffy's grandfather's girlfriend. Ridge said yes and that it put a new slant on things, like Eric wanting to be CEO again. He wondered where Eric had gotten that idea. Ridge said he was all right with Eric being CEO, as long as it had been Eric's idea, but he wasn't if it had been Quinn's. Ridge wondered if he'd lost his job because Quinn had put the idea in Eric's head.

Brooke asked if Eric would really let Quinn influence him. Ridge didn't know how involved Quinn was with Eric. He didn't know what her motivation was. Brooke wondered what Quinn's plan was. Ridge said Eric was lonely and vulnerable. He said Quinn was a beautiful woman, pathological but beautiful, and she was Eric's type. If Quinn had pushed Eric into it, they had a problem.

Brooke wondered what Quinn had planned for Eric's next move. Ridge said Quinn was dangerous and a danger to the family and the company. He was going to put a stop to it.

Brooke asked if Eric would let Quinn have that much power. Ridge said Eric owned the biggest chunk of the company. Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas were next, and then Bill owned twelve and a half percent. Ridge asked Brooke to call Katie because he wanted to talk to her right away. Ridge had a plan for Katie and Forrester Creations, and Katie could be the key. Brooke called Katie. Ridge took the phone from Brooke and asked Katie to meet him at Forrester.

Thomas made adjustments to a dress Sasha was modeling. Thomas told her he was Douglas' father, but it wasn't public knowledge yet. He said he and Caroline had spent one night together before Ridge and Caroline had gotten married, but Ridge and Caroline were divorcing. He said Caroline had gone to New York because she'd needed to clear her head about some things. He hoped she'd be back soon. He admitted he still had feelings for Caroline.

Thomas said he and Caroline were still trying to figure things out. Thomas would like the mother of his child to settle down with him because that was what Douglas needed. Sasha agreed.

Sasha asked Thomas to promise that Douglas would never know anything but his love, even if Thomas was in other relationships if things didn't work out with Caroline. Douglas should always know he had his father's love. Sasha said Thomas should never treat Douglas as a mistake. Thomas assured her he loved his son and would never turn his back on Douglas. Sasha apologized and said she'd never meant to go off like that.

Thomas said he knew a little about her situation with her father. Sasha said her father had rejected her from the day she'd been born. Thomas knew she didn't want Douglas to go through what she had. He asked if things were any better with her father. She said it was five steps forward, five steps back.

Thomas didn't understand how any father wouldn't acknowledge his son or daughter. It didn't make sense to him. Sasha said her father had been under pressure; he would have lost his marriage and access to his other children if he'd acknowledged her. Thomas asked if she'd forgiven her father for that. She said she'd tried, but a life of rejection had left a scar. Sasha didn't know if she'd ever recover from that. She thanked him for listening. He said he liked working with her.

Katie arrived and told Brooke that Will was home and was receiving her full attention. Katie told Brooke and Ridge about her settlement meeting. Ridge asked if she'd signed the document. She advised that she wasn't signing it until her lawyers looked it over. She said she didn't care about the money; she only wanted her son.

Katie said Bill had threatened to take her to court and have her declared incompetent and go for full custody if she didn't sign the papers. Katie said Bill had a point, because no one had forced alcohol down her throat. That was all on her. Katie said the faster it was over, the better it would be for Will.

Katie was afraid that Will would go online some day, and she didn't want him to read about his mom and dad going through some ugly divorce where his father had tried to declare her incompetent. She said Bill thought he was offering her a great settlement. Ridge asked if Bill had offered Katie half his estate. Katie said it was not quite that much. She would love to take Bill to the cleaners, but she wanted to keep it civil for Will's sake.

Ridge told Katie not to sign the papers. Katie said she just wanted her son and her life back. Ridge told her she'd have both and more if she went after the Spencer shares in Forrester. Ridge said that without those shares, they might lose the company. Brooke said Eric was seeing Quinn. Katie was floored and said they couldn't let that woman anywhere near him. Ridge said those shares were worth a lot of money, and Katie deserved them. She'd help them secure the future of Forrester for Katie, Ridge, and Brooke.

Katie responds to Bill's offer

Katie responds to Bill's offer

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Katie asked Ridge what she'd do with Bill's portion of the Forrester shares. Ridge advised her to sell them, and if Bill didn't give them up, they'd take him to court and make him give them up. Katie was trying to avoid a court battle. Ridge believed it was because Katie didn't think she'd win, but with Ridge and Brooke testifying, Katie could win. Ridge asked if Bill had violent tendencies. Katie replied that Bill had never been violent at home. Ridge suggested that Brooke could testify that Bill had seduced her and kidnapped Will.

Brooke received a text message from Bill. "What's going on? Tell Katie to sign the settlement and be done with it." Katie told Ridge that, for Will's sake, she didn't want a big expensive trial or the publicity. Ridge said Bill didn't want that either. Katie said Bill loved that stuff and couldn't wait to roll around in the mud. Brooke received another text from Bill: "This is something you don't need to have an opinion about. Just let it be."

Katie said she couldn't see what was in it for her and didn't think twelve and a half percent in Forrester Creations was worth it. Ridge said he would make it worth it. Brooke was distracted, and Ridge asked her what was so important on her phone. Annoyed, Brooke asked if their conversation even involved her. Katie asked Brooke if Bill was trying to get in touch with her. Katie turned and asked Ridge to tell her more about his plan. Ridge looked over the settlement agreement and said she would be entitled to some nice little perks, and she got to keep her own jewelry.

Brooke was annoyed and said she wished Katie and Bill would work things out and be happy. Katie said that wasn't possible, since Bill had been texting Brooke through their entire conversation. Ridge said Katie could do a lot better than Bill's offer. He told her to get the Forrester shares and sell them to him. Katie pointed out that Ridge, Thomas, and Steffy jointly held fifty percent of Forrester. Katie asked if Ridge would use the twelve and a half percent to oust Eric as CEO. She wasn't sure she wanted to be part of that.

Ridge said Eric was shacked up Quinn and didn't know what Quinn was going to do next. With the twelve and a half percent, it would give them a majority. Then they wouldn't have to worry about what Quinn was going to do, and Bill wouldn't be able to take Eric's side. Katie advised that Bill wouldn't take Eric's side because Bill hated Quinn.

Ridge said Bill didn't hate Quinn as much as Bill hated him. Bill had tried to give his shares to Rick and Eric in the past. With the additional shares, Ridge would protect the company, and Katie would be set for life. Katie asked why everyone was so concerned about her being set for life. Bill would fight it, and Katie didn't want to go to court. Ridge insisted if it went to court, then he and Brooke would be there for her.

Bill told Justin he hadn't heard from Katie since she'd left. Bill felt that Brooke was again trying to convince Katie to save their marriage. Justin said that Brooke had to get with the program. Bill said she couldn't because she was more committed to the marriage that he and Katie were. Bill assured Justin that Brooke was going to be his future -- whether she knew it or not.

Bill was concerned and told Justin he knew Brooke was getting his texts, but she wasn't responding. Justin asked if Brooke would say, "Excuse me, Katie, while I answer this text from Bill." Bill thought Katie and Brooke were probably getting into it again, and that wouldn't be good for him strategically. Justin asked what the worst that could happen was. Bill suggested Katie could keep him from seeing Will, or she could demand a piece of Spencer Publications. Bill wanted to settle things himself, but Justin tried to stop him and said it could be detrimental if Bill walked into a fight between Brooke and Katie. Bill left.

Katie told Brooke she appreciated that Brooke had talked Bill into letting Will go home with her, but it didn't change anything between them. Brooke knew that. Katie asked if she should go after Bill's twelve and a half percent. Brooke said it didn't matter what she thought. Katie asked if Brooke would support her in court and testify that Bill had tried to get her to sleep with him behind Katie's back. When Brooke didn't answer, Katie knew Brooke wouldn't agree.

Bill arrived. Katie said that Brooke knew about his offer. Bill said it was a very generous offer and asked why Katie had needed to rush to the meeting. Katie wanted to know why Bill wanted her to sign the offer without having a chance to give it some thought. Bill thought it would be better for Will. Katie accused him of believing he'd have a better chance with Brooke if their marriage disappeared, and expediency was the key. Bill told Katie to show Brooke the offer. He knew Brooke wouldn't advise Katie to sign it if she thought it was unfair.

Katie thought it was a good idea. Brooke could "testify" to Bill's generosity. Bill wanted Brooke to look at the offer and provide her honest opinion. Brooke told them to grow up. Brooke asked them how many years had they had lectured her on commitment, love, and loyalty, yet there they were, ready to throw it all away. She wanted them to think of the love and time they'd put into their relationship and to deal with the anger and do what was best for Will.

Katie said that wasn't possible after what they'd been through. Bill wanted them to create a roadmap for a future they could count on. Katie said that was the best thing he could do for himself. Bill asked what Katie thought she was missing and said he'd take it to Justin. Katie said she wouldn't trust Justin with her parking change. She wanted her attorney to draw something up that included a reasonable custody agreement.

Katie said she'd agree to everything in the offer except the fifty million dollars. Bill thought it was admirable that she wanted to earn her own way. Katie said she knew what she'd earned, and she'd get it. Bill warned that Spencer Publications was off the table. He remembered her threat to take over Spencer Publications if he left her for Brooke, but that wasn't happening.

Katie advised Bill that his days of making her feel delusional were over. Katie didn't want anything to do with Spencer Publications, but he shouldn't delude himself that a judge wouldn't award her a sizeable chunk. She said she wanted his twelve and a half percent of Forrester Creations.

Quinn told Deacon that Eric wouldn't visit anymore. There were only three people who cared whether she lived or died, and she was learning to be appreciative. She told Deacon that Eric had been very happy to see her, and they'd had a wonderful time together, but the wrong person had seen her as she'd been leaving. Quinn found it hard to change when people only saw who she didn't want to be anymore. Deacon said that was why he'd given it up.

Deacon questioned if Liam had seen Quinn. She said that would've been easier, but it had been Steffy. Deacon asked if things had gotten physical, and she admitted they had. Deacon asked how she hadn't seen that coming. He said she always went too far and seemed irresistibly drawn to catastrophe. Deacon wasn't surprised Eric had ended things, but his family probably hadn't given him any choice. Deacon said they'd both known it wasn't going anywhere.

Ridge went to see Quinn. She said she wasn't Eric's woman anymore and was surprised Steffy hadn't told him. Ridge said she'd never had a chance. They were family, and family spoke to each other. They didn't sneak around wearing mustaches. Quinn advised Ridge that Eric had ended things. Ridge asked why there had even been something that had needed to be ended. Quinn explained she'd wanted Eric to rehire her. She'd been prepared to work under a different name, but conversation had never gotten that far.

Quinn explained that things had started to happen. She'd only been looking for an income. Ridge guessed Steffy would end her marriage to Wyatt just to get rid of Quinn. Quinn said Wyatt knew how to handle difficult women, and she trusted his marriage. Ridge said Steffy's request had had been reasonable. Quinn said Steffy had asked Quinn not to go near her, and she hadn't. Ridge said it applied to her family as well. Quinn repeated that she and Eric were over.

Quinn said she was really good for Eric and asked what Eric was to the family: a mascot or a portrait of their founder who walked and talked. They couldn't push him out of his company or his home fast enough. Ridge said he was very protective of his father. She asked if he'd done it by taking Eric's job and coasting on the work he'd done before Ridge had been old enough to tie his own shoes. Eric needed someone to support him and someone to live for. Quinn said she encouraged Eric.

Ridge realized Quinn had convinced Eric to be CEO. Quinn admitted it. Ridge asked why. Quinn asked if Ridge thought she was a gold-digger. She accused Ridge of being the gold-digger. Eric's power and position meant everything to Ridge. The fact that Eric was an old man with money and no appeal was the story Ridge kept telling himself because Eric wasn't dying fast enough for Ridge to push him aside. Eric deserved Ridge's respect. He was Eric's right hand man and in a place of privilege.

Ridge said Eric was his dad, and he'd always protect him. Ridge said he'd inherited his mother's strength and her meanness. He planned to pick up where she'd left off. Ridge left. Quinn received a text saying "Remember this" with pictures of her and Eric together.

Eric runs straight to Quinn

Eric runs straight to Quinn

Thursday, August 11, 2016

In Bill's office, Liam listened as Bill explained that Katie had been right beside Brooke when Katie had turned down his generous settlement offer in the hopes of getting Bill's stock in Forrester Creations. Bill believed that the dressmaker was behind it.

Liam replied that Ridge had always wanted Bill's shares. Liam was sure Bill would figure it out, and Liam had more pressing issues to discuss -- Eric's love life. Bill thought it was about time Eric had a new woman in his life. "Dad, the woman in Eric's life is Quinn," Liam said, and Bill spit out the coffee he'd just sipped.

Later, Liam was talking about how Quinn wouldn't listen. "You can't put that on your brother," Bill replied. Bill said Liam had to let Wyatt and Steffy deal with it. Liam didn't take mandates from Bill, who had his thing going on with Brooke. "I will mandate what I want to mandate," Bill replied. Bill told Liam not to vent his frustration with Wyatt on Bill. Liam said he was just worried about Steffy, and to get Steffy away from Quinn, they had to get Steffy away from Wyatt.

At Forrester, Pam took notes as Eric met with his team to discuss how well things had gone in Monte Carlo. With Steffy as president, Thomas and Ridge designing while Caroline was on leave, and Rick heading International, Eric felt that the only area with diminishing returns was the jewelry line. Steffy rolled her eyes.

The sentiment of everyone but the silent Rick was that there was no need to address the jewelry line, which didn't even have a designer. Ridge said they had more important things to discuss. Eric agreed and commended Ridge for how he'd handled the paternity announcement.

Eric felt that the "sit-down" with Ridge and Thomas had successfully deflected speculation and had shielded Caroline from the spotlight. Ridge said the marriage was over, and Caroline, who didn't like attention, would decompress for a while in New York.

Eric asked if there was a way to salvage the marriage. Ridge indicated that they were doing what was best for Douglas and the family. Eric sadly said he understood. Thomas interjected that Caroline and her mothers were taking good care of Douglas.

Ridge shifted the focus to Eric's personal life, saying that Rick and Pam probably wanted to hear about Eric's trip. Eric remarked that it was a business meeting, but since Ridge clearly wanted to get into Eric's personal life, Eric would. Eric asked Pam to stop notating and announced to Rick and Pam that there was a new woman in Eric's life.

Pam said she'd known that there was an extra spring in his step. Rick and Pam said it was good for Eric. Eric elaborated that the woman was Quinn. "Quinn?" Rick asked, gasping. "What?" Pam asked at the same time. Eric stated that it wasn't a full-blown love affair. Steffy hopped up, exclaiming that it couldn't happen. "It can't," she asserted.

Eric explained that due to problems for the family, he and Quinn had decided to stop seeing each other. Steffy corrected that it had ended due to Quinn's failed plan to target Eric. Eric replied that there had been no plan, and Quinn wasn't targeting him. Steffy looked upset and frustrated. Eric stated that he hadn't wanted to get into "this."

Eric knew who Quinn was and what Quinn had done; however, she'd changed. Steffy said it wasn't about her, and it could undermine the company. "It's already affecting my marriage," she added. Citing that Quinn had shown up at Forrester in disguise and then had followed Eric to Monte Carlo, Steffy asked Eric to honestly say Quinn wasn't targeting him.

Ridge wanted to know if it had been going on in Los Angeles or had started on the trip. Eric declared that it was none of Ridge's business. Pam still couldn't believe Quinn was Smirnoff. "What happened in Monte Carlo?" the confused Rick asked.

Eric didn't want to discuss it. Thomas and Steffy claimed to want to find out what Quinn was after, not to upset Eric. Eric said Quinn wasn't after anything. Pam and Steffy noted that Quinn wanted her job. Eric stated that Quinn had been supportive of him and had helped him realize he needed to return as CEO. Ridge quipped that Quinn had gotten into his ear.

Eric corrected that Quinn had gotten him to trust his instincts, the same instincts that had run the company for years. Thomas asked what her angle was. Eric retorted that a woman like Quinn couldn't possibly be interested in him without having an angle.

Ridge insisted that Quinn wanted back in the company and Steffy's life, and Pam called Quinn a "wackadoo." Eric decided to steer the meeting back to business, and he concluded that he'd handle Quinn. "No, no. We're not going to allow that," Ridge said.

Steffy added that Eric had to stay away from Quinn. Ridge decided that Eric was lonely and vulnerable. Eric raged that it was his life, and he wasn't a child. "I'm the CEO of this company! And I will not have my private life pulled apart or judged in this office!" he roared, declaring, "This meeting's adjourned." Eric stormed out and slammed the door behind him.

Later, Rick stated that they had to get control of "this." Steffy relayed that Wyatt was working on it, and Thomas stated that Eric had said he'd stopped seeing Quinn. Rick worried that Quinn had other plans. Ridge agreed and said he was working on something, just in case.

"Well, if you've got some ideas, brother, why don't you spit them out," Rick said. Ridge wasn't ready to say yet. The group worried about how Eric had taken the argument about Quinn. Thomas doubted Eric would keep seeing Quinn.

Steffy thought they might need a private investigator and to track Eric's phone. Thomas asked if she seriously wanted to have Eric followed. "I want to know where he went," Steffy stated. Steffy left the office and found Pam in the hallway to ask if Eric was still in the building. Pam asked if Steffy thought Eric had gone to see Quinn.

Back in the CEO's office, Rick was surprised that everyone had already known about it and asked what would have happened if Eric hadn't gotten caught. Rick wondered how long it would have been a secret. "It's out!" Thomas declared, adding that Quinn was out of the picture.

Rick asked if Eric was being naÔve. Ridge said Eric always was naÔve with women. Rick stated that they'd all been at some point, but Eric should have outgrown it. Rick figured that Eric was unhappy, but they'd gotten through to him. Thomas, Ridge, and Rick agreed that they couldn't let Eric get anywhere near Quinn.

Rick said Eric was compassionate and gave people second chances. "Look at how many chances he's given you, Ridge," Rick snipped. Ridge retorted, "And you, Rick." Rick was adamant that they could never let Quinn, who was searching for weak spots in Eric's armor, ever get close to Eric again.

In the design office, Liam waited and flashed back to asking Steffy to return to him. Steffy entered and was taken aback to see him. He said he'd wanted to see if she was okay. Steffy said that Wyatt was dealing with Quinn. Liam asked how many times Wyatt had said he'd do so. Liam stated that Quinn was Wyatt's mother. "And I'm his wife," Steffy replied.

Liam felt that Steffy's relationship with Wyatt made Quinn even more dangerous for Steffy. Steffy wanted to protect Eric, but Liam said she needed the protection. Liam could see the toll it was taking on Steffy and said it didn't have to be that way.

Steffy replied that it wouldn't be that way forever. Liam said she could keep telling herself that, but Quinn was Quinn. Liam conveyed that it was too stressful to have Quinn in Steffy's life, and Steffy's family shouldn't have to deal with it. Liam asserted that Steffy deserved better, and he hugged her, telling her that it didn't have to be "this" way.

At Quinn's place, Wyatt arrived to find out from Quinn whether it was really over with Eric as Eric had indicated to Wyatt in Monte Carlo. Wyatt declared that he didn't care how good the couple was together or how the pair felt about each other -- in his eyes, it had to be over.

Quinn was sorry for Steffy's anger. Quinn said the connection with Eric was genuine. Wyatt replied that he and Steffy couldn't take it anymore. "You gotta leave," Wyatt said. He told Quinn to make a happy life somewhere else, away from him, Steffy, and Eric.

Quinn was shocked that Wyatt wanted her to leave, but he said it could cost him the marriage. Wyatt wished it didn't have to be that way, but Quinn had made a bad situation impossible. He said that Steffy would never forgive Quinn, and if he didn't fix it immediately, Steffy wouldn't forgive him, either. Quinn said she cared about his happiness above her own, but there might be a way for them all to be happy.

Quinn wanted to discuss it, but Wyatt was ready to buy her a ticket and help her pack. Tossing her clothes from a drawer onto the bed, he said he couldn't take it or talk about it anymore. He asked if she'd spoken to Eric. Glancing at her phone, she said she had not.

Later, Quinn was alone, studying the text message Eric had sent. "Remember?" he'd written and had attached pictures of them together in Monte Carlo. Quinn said aloud that Eric had said it was over. She wondered why he'd send her the message.

Someone knocked on the door. Quinn opened it and found Eric leaning on the doorframe. He asked to enter, and she let him. She seemed sad, and he hoped seeing him didn't upset her. She said she wasn't upset by him. He asked what was wrong. She revealed that her son had been there, scolding her like a child. Eric replied that he'd had the same thing happen to him.

Eric explained that his sons, grandkids, and even Pam had lectured him as if he wasn't capable of making his own decisions. He noted that he'd taken charge again because of Quinn, and he'd told everyone so. Quinn said it was good to see him, and she'd missed him.

Quinn was confused by the pictures Eric had sent and by his arrival. She wanted to respect his wishes but didn't know what it all meant. She didn't want to be strung along and asked if it was over. "It's just beginning," Eric uttered and kissed Quinn.

Eric announces a big change at Forrester

Eric announces a big change at Forrester

Friday, August 12, 2016

At the sky lounge, Sasha arrived as Thomas worked out on a leg machine. He stopped and asked if she wanted a turn on the machine. Sasha hated to interrupt because he seemed to have a lot on his mind. She asked about Douglas and Caroline. Thomas had been checking up on Caroline and Douglas, and they were doing well. He thanked Sasha for asking.

Sasha gave Thomas a knowing look, and he said he was dealing with a lot. Remarking that she had good ears, she offered to listen or just sit back and watch him work out. Thomas appreciated her ears, along with other aspects of her. Giggling, she replied that his aspects weren't so bad, either. Thomas received a call and took off.

Sasha began working out. Julius arrived. He'd been looking for her. She sardonically guessed he wanted to apologize for his behavior at the christening. He told her that there was no place for her in Los Angeles, she'd done what she'd arrived to do, and it was time for her to go home.

Sasha refused to leave her job. Julius granted that Sasha had accomplished a lot there but said that L.A. was Nicole's world, and Forrester was Nicole's turf. Sasha sarcastically retorted that the town wasn't big enough for both women. Sasha decided that it wasn't Nicole who had the problem; it was Julius.

Julius said he was repairing the marriage that Sasha had almost destroyed. It was a sensitive time for his marriage, and Sasha was a reminder of the past. He stated that people felt obligated to invite her to family gatherings, and though Viv would never exclude Sasha, it had to be awkward because Sasha was a constant reminder of the pain.

Sasha refused to leave town or her career to help Julius make up with Aunt Viv. Julius said models were a dime a dozen, and Sasha had only gotten the job because she was Nicole and Maya's sister. Sasha asserted that she'd gotten the job on her own, and Julius would have to fix things on his own.

Julius was sure that Rick and Maya would recommend Sasha to a Chicago agency and advised her to get experience abroad. "And then you can come back," Julius reasoned. Sasha figured he wanted her gone long enough to repair his marriage and for Nicole to marry Zende. Julius said that the paternity secret being known didn't mean it was no longer an issue.

Thomas returned in time to hear Julius telling Sasha that Vivienne couldn't get over the biggest lie he'd ever told as long as Sasha was at functions and staring across the table as a reminder of the biggest mistake that he'd ever made. "You need to stop," Thomas declared.

Thomas reminded Julius that Julius was talking to his own daughter, and Julius couldn't keep blaming his problems on Sasha, who'd been his obedient little girl and had kept the secret. Julius said he was talking to Sasha about things that affected his family. Thomas noted that Sasha was Julius' family. Julius replied that Thomas didn't understand a situation that was complicated. "No, it's not. You made a mistake. You need to fix that," Thomas said.

Thomas also advised Julius to respect Sasha as a daughter. Julius decided that he got it -- "Tom" wanted to play the chivalrous protector. Julius concluded that what he was saying was for everyone's best interest, including hers. Thomas said it was in Julius' best interest to leave.

Julius left. Sasha appreciated what Thomas had done, but she didn't consider herself a saint for her part in things. Thomas said it wasn't her fault that Julius had cheated on his wife. Sasha replied that she was the result, but Thomas repeated that it wasn't her fault. Sasha blamed herself for the stupid things she'd done to screw up her relationship with a guy she'd really thought she could care for, but Thomas said that everyone made mistakes.

Sasha emphasized the severity of the hurtful things she'd done. "Like I said..." Thomas replied, shrugging. She smiled and thanked him. Thomas said Julius should be ashamed of himself, not Sasha. It meant a lot to Sasha that Thomas understood and that he'd stood up for her. No one had ever done it like that before. She hugged and kissed him. They each seemed surprised.

In Forrester's CEO office, Rick and Ridge discussed Eric's unbelievable relationship with Quinn. Rick refused to accept it as real. Ridge noted that Eric had run out like a twelve-year-old and hoped Eric hadn't gone running to Quinn.

Pam entered with papers. She said that Eric hadn't returned. Ridge remarked that his father didn't like being told what to do. She replied that it ran in the family. Ridge hoped that Eric was somewhere clearing his head -- alone. Pam was sure that Eric would be back. Ridge doubted Eric would tell them where he'd been, and Ridge worried that Quinn could still take advantage.

At Quinn's place, Eric said that it wasn't over between Quinn and him. Quinn noted that their families wouldn't approve, but he replied that the families should be happy for them, just like she'd told him in Monte Carlo. "Monte Carlo was a fantasy, Eric," she responded. He disagreed and said it was when he'd realized that he'd had something extraordinary with her. She'd encouraged him to embrace his future, and he wanted her to be a part of it.

Quinn wanted to keep seeing Eric; however, it could hurt Wyatt's marriage, and Wyatt wanted her to leave town. Eric said that, according to his kids, the relationship spelled doom for them all. Quinn didn't want to cause problems for everyone. Eric knew that, but he said they were adults who were capable of making adult decisions, decisions that needed to be respected.

Eric understood that Steffy wanted to protect him, but he'd been around long enough to know that people could regret mistakes and change. He said that Quinn had changed him. Quinn replied that he had it backwards. Eric doubled down, saying he'd told his family that she'd energized him and fired him up about the future. He said the family had told him that he was a doddering old fool being manipulated by a game. He found it insulting.

Quinn told Eric that he was the most vital, exciting, intelligent, secure, and passionate man she'd ever met. He was a leader, not a figurehead. She knew what it took to make a business, and he had more passion, drive, and commitment than he knew. She decided he was in his prime.

"I am," Eric replied. He grabbed his phone to message his family because he was about to make some changes.

In the design office, Liam hugged Steffy. He wanted to help her, but she said it would be okay. He'd been through it with Quinn targeting him and his loved ones, and he could see it weighing on Steffy. He didn't feel that she should have to deal with it. Steffy didn't want Liam hurt by Quinn any further than he had been and said Wyatt was dealing with it.

Liam said Wyatt couldn't see Quinn the way Liam did. "And I can't see him the way you do," Steffy replied. Just then, Wyatt entered and saw Liam with his hands cupping Steffy's arms. "Here's a tip, bro: when I'm looking for my wife, don't let me find her in your arms," Wyatt said.

Steffy explained that Liam was there out of concern for Quinn. Wyatt corrected that it was concern for Steffy, and Liam agreed. Wyatt said Quinn had already promised to stay away. "You know she lies to you, right?" Liam responded.

Steffy needed to know that Quinn wouldn't trick Eric as she had the rest of them. Wyatt was sure that it wouldn't happen. Steffy received a message from her grandfather, who wanted to meet in his office to tell the family something. Steffy left.

Later, Wyatt invited Liam to leave, but Liam wanted to stick around to see what Eric wanted with everyone. Wyatt noted that it was weird that Pam hadn't called everyone for the meeting, and Liam concluded that she didn't know about it. Wyatt was sure that Eric was reassuring the family that it was over between him and Quinn. Liam hoped that Wyatt was right, but Liam planned to stick around in case Wyatt wasn't.

Outside Eric's office, Pam stopped Eric. She said she understood loneliness, "but Quinn?" Eric gently patted Pam's arm and entered his office, where Rick, Ridge, and Steffy awaited him. They immediately asked where he'd been and said they'd been trying to reach him.

Eric directed them to have seats. Ridge said they needed answers for the company and the family. He asked if Eric had seen Quinn. Eric replied that he didn't need to clear his appointments with Ridge. Rick replied that Eric had left the building. Eric claimed he'd been away, taking action on business. Ridge asked what the business was.

Eric said he'd rectified a problem he'd found. Ridge asked what the problem was. Eric said he'd show them. He called Pam. "Yes, yes. I know. Give me a minute," he said to her and put the phone back on its cradle. Eric told Rick, Ridge, and Steffy that the jewelry line had disappeared. It had been a unique part of their identity, and like Brooke's Bedroom and HFTF, it had set them apart from other collection houses. He didn't want it to disappear or fail.

Eric said that the collection needed a new designer. He'd made a decision and hired "her" back. Steffy assumed that he had to mean Ivy. Eric opened the office door. In walked Quinn, well-dressed and ready to work. "No! Absolutely not!" Steffy raged.

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