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Quinn refused to move out on Eric, so Steffy moved out on Wyatt. Eric threatened to return Quinn to the mansion if Wyatt tried to remove her. Bill refused to give Katie his stock in the divorce, but he promised the stock as a wedding gift to Brooke if Brooke got Katie to sign the divorce papers.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 22, 2016 on B&B
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Steffy tells Wyatt she's moving out Steffy tells Wyatt she's moving out

Monday, August 22, 2016

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge discussed the idea that Eric had possibly asked Quinn to move in. Brooke said Ridge had always had an overly active imagination, and Eric might not have done that. Ridge felt that Brooke was very optimistic; however, his father had asked him to leave the house for a reason, and Ridge couldn't let Quinn abide in his mother's house.

Ridge couldn't reach Steffy by phone and decided to go to the mansion. Brooke wanted to go, too, in case Eric needed a gentler touch than Steffy and Ridge provided. Ridge thought Eric needed a strong hand but offered to call her if gentler reinforcements were required.

In Bill's office, Wyatt and Liam discussed Eric asking Quinn to move in. Wyatt admitted to Liam that Quinn hadn't exactly listened to him. Liam asked how he expected to get through to Quinn. Wyatt didn't know, but he had to believe that he and Steffy would work through it.

At the mansion, Quinn couldn't believe Steffy would actually move out on Wyatt. Steffy said she'd do it that night and asked Quinn what it would be. Quinn didn't want to hurt Wyatt, but she didn't want to hurt Eric, either. Quinn decided that she wouldn't hurt Eric.

Steffy hoped that Quinn knew what she was doing. Steffy said she was going home to start packing. Quinn told Steffy not to do it, but Steffy said not to make her do it. Quinn pleaded with Steffy, but Steffy claimed that Quinn was making Steffy do it. "It's your choice, Quinn. Live with it," Steffy said and walked out.

Quinn sat down and reflected on what had transpired that evening with Eric, Wyatt, and Steffy. Eric entered, asking if Wyatt had already gone. Eric noticed her sadness and figured that Wyatt had tried to talk her out of moving in. She said it was true, but it wasn't what bothered her. She believed Wyatt wanted what was best for her and that she could eventually convince him that she and Eric were good for each other. Steffy, however, was another matter.

Eric seemed surprised when Quinn relayed that Steffy had shown up there and had been angry and making threats. "She threatened you? Here?" he asked. Quinn wished Steffy had threatened her, but Steffy had instead threatened her marriage to Wyatt. Quinn explained that, because Quinn had refused to leave the mansion, Steffy had decided to move out on Wyatt.

Eric was sorry that his relationship with Quinn was hurting his granddaughter; however, he thought it was a ridiculous and unreasonable demand. He was glad Quinn hadn't given in. Quinn hoped Steffy was bluffing and wouldn't walk out on her marriage.

Just then, Ridge arrived. He asked if Steffy was still there. "No. She came, she threw her fit, and she left. Is it your turn?" Eric asked. Ridge said he was just there to talk and asked Quinn to go home. "She is home," Eric replied. Ridge disagreed and said he wouldn't let it happened. Eric stated that it wasn't up to Ridge, and Ridge couldn't just arrive and bark out orders. "I'm your father, not your child. You need to start understanding that," Eric said.

Ridge asked if he was treating Eric like a child by voicing concerns. Eric said not to worry because he'd been making decisions since long before Ridge had been born. Ridge claimed that Eric didn't always make the best decisions where women were concerned, and he and Eric had that in common. Eric replied that it was his life and his choices.

Ridge said he could get behind most of Eric's choices. "You want to run the company again -- fine, it's your company. You want to live in this house? Yes, it's your house. But this with that?" Ridge said, gesturing toward Quinn. Ridge had to wonder who was motivating the choices.

Eric yelled that his motivation was being alive. He said he could have faded into the woodwork when Stephanie had died, and he could have lost himself in his grief. Eric claimed that he'd gotten pushed out of his company. He said he could have just waited for his turn to die; however, he wasn't going to wait. He was happy and healthy, and he had what he wanted. Eric had a company, and he had a family, and he had Quinn.

Eric knew that Ridge wasn't happy about it. No one was happy about it, but especially not Ridge, Eric added. Eric asserted that as long as he and Quinn were happy, it was all that mattered. Ridge said he couldn't accept it. Eric told Ridge to live his life. Eric wouldn't tell Ridge how, and Ridge wouldn't tell Eric how to live his, either. "Understood?" Eric said.

At the loft, Thomas and Sasha made out. He asked if she really had to go. She said she wasn't in a hurry for anything. He replied that it was good because he wasn't, either, and they could hang out and not be in a hurry together.

Later, Thomas and Sasha had ice cream. She asked if she could visit every night. He joked that she wanted to be there for his ice cream and promised to keep the freezer stocked. She said he'd just earned brownie points with her, and he asked if he'd eventually be able to use the points for something other than ice cream. "Eventually, you might," she replied.

Sasha decided that it was getting late, and she needed to go. She attempted to unlock his door herself. Upon succeeding, she claimed that she was more composed, whereas before, she'd been flustered. Thomas kissed her, and as she opened the door, Liam approached.

Liam greeted Sasha and entered the loft as she exited. Thomas asked Liam what was going on, and Liam revealed that Eric had asked Quinn to live with him. "This has officially gotten insane," Thomas concluded. Liam was sure Steffy would flip out. Thomas stated that Steffy wouldn't have to deal with it if she was married to Liam and not Wyatt.

Thomas decided that he and Liam would protect Steffy, no matter what. Thomas was still amazed about Eric and Quinn. Liam said Steffy needed to free herself of it and put Wyatt and the marriage behind her.

At the beach house, Wyatt paced in front of the fireplace. Steffy arrived, and he said he had to tell her something. She conveyed that she already knew and had just been there. He stated that he'd tried to talk Quinn out of it, and Steffy said she'd done the same thing. Steffy stated that she'd thought Wyatt would find a way to control Quinn.

Wyatt replied that they'd find a way to get Quinn out of the mansion. Steffy replied that she'd told Quinn that if Quinn didn't move out, Steffy would. He asked if Steffy had told his mother that she was leaving him. Steffy restated that she'd said she'd move out if Quinn didn't move out. "She claims to love you so much -- but not enough to keep me in your home," Steffy concluded. Wyatt said he didn't understand why Steffy would "say something like that."

Steffy claimed that she'd had to do it. "But how does that threat even pop into your head, Steffy?" Wyatt asked. Steffy claimed that because Quinn had fought so hard to get the couple together, Steffy had thought Quinn would do anything to keep the couple together. Steffy guessed she was wrong. Wyatt replied that she didn't actually have to move out.

Steffy said Wyatt had promised to get Quinn out of their lives, but it was just getting worse and worse. "First, she tricks us into getting married, and now she's living at my grandfather's house," Steffy said. Wyatt became fixated on the word "tricked." She claimed that he knew it wasn't what she'd meant and that her feelings for him "are real." Wyatt stared incredulously at her. "But, yeah, we were tricked, and as painful as that was to discover, I stuck by you, and I chose to believe in our marriage," Steffy said.

"Until now. That's basically what you're saying," Wyatt responded. Steffy said she needed to feel protected and know her family was protected. He felt that he'd done that, and he'd done it time and time again -- even that very night. She claimed it was just talk and asked where the action was. He asked if she wanted him to drag Quinn out, kicking and screaming.

"Yes! Yes! If what we have means anything to you," Steffy yelled. She claimed to love Wyatt but not be able to put up with it anymore. Wyatt asked if she was seriously moving out, and she said that she was. He replied that it didn't make any sense that she'd move out over an ultimatum that she never should have made in the first place.

Steffy replied that Quinn's moving into the mansion was the last straw. "For her -- yes! But what about for me?" Wyatt asked. He asked why their marriage was being sacrificed and if it was an excuse to get back to Liam. Steffy claimed that if she'd needed an excuse to go to Liam, the kidnapping would have been enough. She said her vows were true, and she'd married Wyatt because she loved him. Steffy told him not to dare to question her feelings or drag Liam into it.

Steffy claimed that it was about Quinn, whom Wyatt had sworn he'd get out of their lives. Steffy said that Quinn was at Forrester and targeting Eric after kidnapping and molesting Liam. She cried that Quinn repeatedly lied to them, but Wyatt had done nothing. Wyatt gasped the word "nothing." Steffy claimed it was why she had to get away from Quinn.

"Away from me," Wyatt stated. Steffy almost said that wasn't it, but she just cut herself off and grabbed her purse. She was headed to Thomas' house, but Wyatt said she couldn't leave without giving him another chance to fix it. He said it was bull that she needed to see more action because all he'd done from the first day was defend her; however, if she needed more action, she'd get more action.

Wyatt said he'd go over there and pick Quinn up and put her out of the house if she wouldn't leave. He wouldn't rest until Quinn had left the house for good. He said that Steffy couldn't leave. He'd do anything for her, but she couldn't leave. He begged her not to leave.

The Quinn Fuller fallout

The Quinn Fuller fallout

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

by Pam

At their beach house, Wyatt and Steffy argued about Wyatt's mother. Steffy said she couldn't take it, and she was moving out. Wyatt understood she was fed up, but he tried to rationalize that Steffy was scared, stressed, and hurting. He promised to get Quinn out of Eric's company and out of his house. "Let me try. Give me another chance, Steffy, please," he begged.

"It's too late," Steffy answered. Wyatt insisted that he would get through to his mother, and she would no longer be a problem. Steffy disagreed. "I can't have your mother's decisions affect my life anymore," Steffy said.

Wyatt countered that he had been dealing with his mother's behavior since he'd been born. He vowed that he would get her out of their lives. "I will send her far, far away. She won't be a problem," he promised.

Steffy said she wanted to believe that Wyatt could make Quinn disappear. "I don't think that's possible anymore," she said. She added that Quinn was a problem for everyone -- not just Steffy and Wyatt. Wyatt said Quinn wanted to change. "She's delusional. This will never stop," Steffy said.

Steffy insisted that Quinn was missing a sense of right and wrong. Quinn had justified kidnapping Liam because she had taken care of him. Steffy listed other situations in which Quinn had justified her actions, and Steffy added that she could no longer handle it. Quinn had targeted her grandfather.

Wyatt argued that his marriage to Steffy could not be doomed because of his mother. Steffy countered that Quinn should be in prison, but instead, she was going to be working at Forrester again and in a relationship with her grandfather. "Where is the justice in this?" Steffy demanded.

Wyatt argued that Quinn was still his mother. Steffy reminded him that Quinn was a criminal. She added that she was his wife, and her sanity and safety needed to be his first priority -- just as he had said in his marriage vows. But instead, Steffy said Quinn had "infected every corner of my life."

Steffy promised not to file for divorce, but getting away from Wyatt and Quinn was what she needed. Wyatt argued that moving out was not the answer. He pleaded with her to stay. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Goodbye," she said, and she walked out. Wyatt called after her, and Steffy cried outside the house.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Quinn, and Ridge had a tense discussion. Ridge tried to persuade his father that Quinn was causing trouble for everyone. He told Eric that Quinn had been isolating him from his family and causing conflict in Wyatt's relationship with Steffy. "Why would you put everything you care about at risk?" Ridge asked.

Eric and Quinn looked at each other. Ridge ranted that Quinn ruined lives. "It's a fact, not an opinion," Ridge said. He wondered why his father would welcome her to Ridge's mom's house, where love and family were important and where they had all learned to stick together.

Eric calmly reminded Ridge that nothing had been more important to Stephanie than family, and she could be ferocious in protection of family members. "We spent wonderful years together, but they weren't all wonderful," Eric said. He recalled that Stephanie had driven him to his limits, and she had been demanding, overbearing, and intimidating. He added that she had been his inspiration.

Ridge wondered if Eric thought that Quinn could replace that. Eric said that there was goodness in everyone. He said he wanted to believe in happiness, love, and support. He believed Quinn added that to his life. Ridge chastised his father as a lovesick fool who was so desperate for companionship that he would allow a con artist into his home and company.

Ridge predicted that Quinn would not be accepted by his company, his family, and the entire global market of clients. "You're gonna regret it," Ridge said. He added that Quinn was an evil woman. Eric argued that Ridge could not tell him how to live his life. Ridge said he loved his dad, but he was sad that Stephanie's portrait had to see what Eric had done. Ridge left.

Quinn worried that Eric was unsure about her moving in. Eric said that Ridge had been out of line. Quinn said she was flattered that Eric had asked her to move in, and his support meant everything to her. She added that Ridge wasn't wrong about everything. Both families would reject their relationship.

Eric persuaded Quinn that it was the right decision for her to move in. Quinn reveled in the fact that she would become part of a respected and admired family legacy. They kissed, and Stephanie's portrait fell off the wall. They both laughed.

At Thomas' loft, Liam and Thomas drank beers and analyzed what Quinn had done. Thomas filled Liam in on the latest happenings. Liam was surprised that Eric had kicked Ridge out of the house and was in a relationship with Quinn.

Thomas predicted that Eric's relationship with Quinn would push Steffy over the edge. Thomas said Eric wouldn't listen to anyone. Liam and Thomas agreed that Quinn was a threat to Steffy's happiness.

Liam shared that he was frustrated with Wyatt because he could do nothing to stop Quinn. "I believe he wants to, but he's been trying his whole life," Liam said. Liam noted that Quinn had usually been looking out for Wyatt's happiness, but she was focused on her own. Thomas wondered how Wyatt would keep Quinn out of their lives. "No one can keep her away," Liam said.

Thomas plots a Steam reunion

Thomas plots a Steam reunion

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

by Pam

At Brooke's, Ridge showed up for coffee and shared that he and Eric had talked, and Ridge would be moving out. Ridge added that Eric had invited Quinn to move in. Brooke was in disbelief. Brooke made Ridge breakfast. Maya and Rick showed up and quizzed Ridge about his living arrangements. He explained that Eric had moved Quinn into the house.

Ridge suggested that they had to create a united front at the office because he was worried that Eric would move Quinn into a position of power. Rick and Ridge agreed they had to do something drastic. Ridge said he had tried to negotiate with Katie to get Bill's shares of Forrester in her divorce settlement.

Ridge said that he knew Rick, Steffy, and Thomas would agree that they had to do something to unseat Eric as CEO. Ridge doubted that Brooke was on board. Brooke said that she worried about what they had planned. Eric was the founder of Forrester. She added that no matter what they did, the big problem was getting Quinn out of Eric's house and life.

At Eric's house, Quinn sat down in the living room to a silver tea service and breakfast. "Wow," she said. She started a text message to Steffy, but Eric, wearing a bathrobe, interrupted. He was grateful that she had not "bolted." Quinn and Eric discussed that Quinn had met Linda, who always put out coffee, tea, and toast for the growing list of residents who frequented the Forrester mansion. They laughed, and Eric kissed Quinn.

Quinn worried about Eric's family, specifically Ridge and Steffy. She knew they hated their living arrangements. Eric didn't care. He added that he and Ridge had had many arguments, and the previous night had been a tame sample of the many times they had disagreed.

Eric and Quinn discussed that they had sacrificed many times for their families in their lives, and Eric stated that he wouldn't sacrifice any longer. Someone knocked on the door, and Eric said that Linda could get the door. He left to get dressed, and Quinn waited for Linda to answer the door, but the knocking continued. Quinn answered the door, and Wyatt entered with a suitcase and demanded that Quinn pack up her things and get out because Steffy had left him.

Wyatt flipped out, packed Quinn's things, and dragged her to the door. He shouted at her that he had tried to persuade her that Steffy had warned Quinn to stay out of her life. Instead, Wyatt pointed out, Quinn had wormed her way back into the company and into Eric's home.

Quinn shouted that she deserved happiness, and Steffy was the one in the wrong. Wyatt pulled her toward the door, and Eric walked down the stairs and stopped him. Wyatt ranted that Quinn and Eric had destroyed his happiness.

Wyatt recalled his lost childhood and repeatedly complained that Steffy had left him. Eric reasoned that while Wyatt blamed Quinn, no one had forced Steffy to leave. Eric said young couples often went through transitions. He was sure Steffy would return, and he promised to talk to her. Quinn nodded and assured Wyatt that Steffy would listen to Eric.

At Thomas' place, Steffy drank coffee and thanked Thomas for letting her spend the night. She said she needed to find an apartment, but Thomas said she could stay as long as she wanted. She knew that their father was also looking for an apartment, and Thomas said that Ridge had been a nomad for a long time. "The world is his suitcase," Thomas said.

Thomas wondered if Steffy planned to maintain her unrealistic expectation that if Quinn moved out of Eric's house, she would return to Wyatt. "That's one way it could go," she said.

Steffy playfully said that she refused to cook while they were roomies, and Thomas said it was fine because he and everyone hated her cooking. He said they could be takeout twins. They hugged, and Steffy thanked him again. She wondered if he could tolerate her staying there when he had overnight guests. He said his list of guests was short. Thomas' phone rang, and Steffy went upstairs.

Thomas answered his phone, and it was Liam, who asked if Thomas had found Liam's office keys because he needed them to get into his desk. Liam thought he had left them at Thomas' loft. Thomas told him to hurry over, and he hung up. Steffy retuned to the room, and Thomas told her that a messenger was on his way to drop something off. He asked her to wait for him. Thomas left for work.

Later, someone knocked at the door, and Steffy opened the door to Liam. They both realized that Thomas had planned for them to meet. Steffy invited Liam in. They discussed that Quinn was dangerous, and Steffy said that she had moved in with Thomas to figure out what she wanted to do. Liam said they could pick up where they had left off before they'd been interrupted.

Ridge asks Brooke for a favor

Ridge asks Brooke for a favor

Thursday, August 25, 2016

At Bill's office, Bill had a long flashback of his time with Brooke. Katie arrived, announcing that she didn't have much time because she had meetings with investors about a project. Bill thought it was good for her and asked if he knew the people. She doubted it. She'd met them at the new country club she'd joined, which had a gym. Bill remarked that the house had a full gym, and Katie revealed that she and Will had moved out of the house.

Katie gave Bill the new address. Bill said he didn't understand. She replied that the house had always been his, and she needed a fresh start. "Now you can live there with Brooke," Katie said.

Bill said it was Katie's home, but Katie remarked that she'd never liked the house. She preferred the beach house. She noted that the house had a lot of rooms, and she asked him to promise that he wouldn't move Brooke into Katie and Bill's old bedroom because it would confuse Will.

Bill didn't think he and Katie should be discussing it. Agreeing, Katie moved on to the last thing to decide upon -- the divorce settlement. Bill said he needed to let her know that his Forrester shares weren't negotiable, and there was "no way in hell" he'd let the dressmaker get them.

Katie said Bill had taught her that everything was negotiable. Bill asserted that his stocks were not. He claimed he'd given her a generous settlement offer, and she replied that fifty million was a decent stock market day for him. "Half decent," he said and reminded her of the other perks she'd get. He was also working with Justin to sweeten the deal so they could move on.

Katie liked the sound of moving on. Bill liked dealing with the stronger Katie. She said she had a child depending upon her. She acknowledged that she hadn't been there for Will when she should have been. Bill replied that she'd gone through a rough time. "Yeah, rough time," she bit out.

Katie decided that she'd chosen to medicate with alcohol, and she could take responsibility for it. She could take responsibility for better choices, and she felt good, ready for whatever happened next. Bill asked if she meant a new relationship. She replied that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves, and she was just working on herself.

Bill felt that Katie was well on her way -- not that she cared what he thought. Katie said she'd always care what he thought, just not as much as she had before. She offered to take the stock off his hands again, and in his silence, she said it was just as she'd thought -- not a chance.

At Forrester, Steffy and Thomas explained to Brooke and Ridge that Steffy had moved in with Thomas. Steffy said she couldn't take what Quinn was doing to her marriage, so she'd given Quinn an ultimatum. In Steffy's view, it shouldn't have been a hard choice due to what Wyatt meant to Quinn. Ridge guessed that Eric meant more.

Ridge believed that Eric had just lost it. Thomas said that there had to be something else they could do. Ridge said there was, and Brooke relayed that Ridge had a plan. Ridge stated that it was all about getting their hands on the Spencer shares in Forrester. Doing so would get Quinn out of the company, and they'd worry about getting her out of the house later.

Steffy worried about how Eric would respond, but Ridge said it was business. Ridge asked if he could count on Steffy and Thomas' shares. They agreed to help but doubted Bill would sell his shares for anything. Brooke disclosed that Ridge hoped Katie would get them in a divorce settlement, but Thomas asked if Katie would part with them or if Bill would fight it, tying the stocks up in a court battle. Ridge said he'd devised a different approach to get the stocks from Bill.

Steffy and Thomas repeated that Ridge had their support. They left, and Brooke asked why Ridge hadn't mentioned the new plan. Ridge claimed to be still mulling it over and said there was nothing he could do if Katie didn't prevail with Bill. "But there is something you can do," Ridge added.

Ridge couldn't wait for what could be lengthy fight with Katie and Bill to get the shares. He wanted Brooke to talk to Bill about letting Ridge buy the shares at a higher price or just hand over proxy for them. Brooke said Bill would never go for it. Ridge thought it was worth a shot if Brooke asked and combined it with what Quinn had done to Liam and Wyatt.

Brooke replied that Bill would obviously ask for something in return. She rendered a knowing expression, and Ridge asked, "A relationship with you? That's not on the table. Or is it?"

Brooke admitted that she hadn't been fully on board with Ridge's plan involving Katie, but he'd further decided to make Brooke the one to convince Bill. Brooke just didn't know how it was going to happen. Ridge guessed she was worried that Bill would want a relationship with her. "Well, that's not going to happen because you belong with me," Ridge said.

Brooke became puzzled by the statement. Ridge stated that she belonged there at Forrester, running it with him, and they'd get Rick to help them. Brooke asked about Eric. Ridge said he'd deal with Eric and make it right on that front. Ridge asked Brooke for her decision.

Just then, Bill called. He wanted to meet Brooke at his house. Brooke asked where Katie was, and he said she'd gotten her own place. Brooke whispered that Bill wanted to meet her. Ridge shrugged as if it was up to her. She told Bill she'd meet him.

After the call, Ridge said that Brooke didn't have to do if it was too hard. He didn't want her involved with "that guy" romantically. Ridge knew he was asking for a lot, but if they didn't deal with the crisis, it would turn into a disaster.

Brooke left, and later, Katie arrived. Glad for the distraction, Ridge said she looked great. Katie noted that Bill had said the same when she'd just met with him. Ridge asked about the stock, and she replied that Bill was still digging his heels in. Ridge let her know he had another plan, and it involved Brooke, who Bill had asked to meet. Katie wasn't surprised by Bill's action. Ridge hoped that "Logan" could get the shares.

In the design office, Steffy flashed back on incidents that had occurred since she'd seen Quinn on the trip. Thomas entered, anxious to discuss Ridge's secret plan to get Bill's shares. Thomas wondered if it involved Brooke and if Brooke would go along with whatever it was.

Steffy said it still didn't solve the Quinn problem. Quinn would still be in Steffy's life because of Eric. She'd moved out to escape Quinn. With all the damage Quinn had done to Steffy and her marriage, it was as if there was no escaping Quinn. Thomas believed that Ridge's plan was the first step in stopping Quinn, and it would happen. Thomas said their family could then return to whatever they "perceived as normal."

At Bill's house, Brooke arrived and saw what appeared to be a Champagne bottle with some glasses on the table. Bill stood by the fireplace, and she asked if "this" was why he had wanted to see her. Bill replied that they had the house to themselves, and the home was his again. He said they'd made incredible memories there already, and he was determined to make a lot more.

Bill knew that Brooke loved him, and he loved her. He said the divorce would be final soon, and when it was, he and Brooke would live their lives together as husband and wife. He didn't want to live another moment without her and said their future in that home started "now, today."

Bill makes a deal with a catch

Bill makes a deal with a catch

Friday, August 26, 2016

At Bill's house, Bill said Katie had moved out, and it was his and Brooke's time. Brooke remarked that Katie was supposed to get the house. Bill said Katie didn't want it and was moving into a new place. The Spencer mansion was where he wanted him and Brooke to start their lives together.

Brooke felt terrible about the marriage ending, but Bill said Katie was more than okay with it. Brooke asked how he could say so, and he replied that he'd just seen Katie, who was over it, ready to cash her check, and ready to move on. Brooke felt terrible and responsible, but Bill said it wasn't necessary. He said, to let Katie tell it, she was happier than she'd been in awhile, and it was his and Brooke's turn to be happy. "We're free, Brooke. We're free to be together," he uttered.

Bill stated that there were no secrets. Everything was out in the open, and they weren't hurting Katie. He knew Brooke loved him and believed it was why she was there. Brooke replied that she was glad he'd called, and she'd planned to reach out herself. She warned that he might not like what she had to say. Bill guessed it was about Katie and said he didn't want to talk about his soon-to-be ex-wife or the past -- unless it was his and Brooke's past.

Brooke said that it was about Quinn, and Bill asked what that crackpot had to do with anything. He quickly figured out that Brooke had met him on Ridge's behalf to discuss the Forrester shares. Brooke apprised Bill of the situation with Quinn, but Bill said Quinn had nothing to do with him. "I'm not responsible for that nightmare," Bill added.

Brooke asserted that Quinn was in their lives because of Bill, who shared a child with her. Bill asked what it had to do with anything and told Brooke to cut to the chase. She asked him to assign his shares to Ridge. Bill laughed in her face, but when he realized she wasn't joking, he said there was no way. In Bill's view, Ridge couldn't manage a gas station.

Bill wouldn't give Ridge the shares period, but certainly not for nothing in return. Brooke said that Ridge was willing to buy them. Bill wasn't interested in discussing shares or profit. All he cared about was making new memories with Brooke. He wanted new ones that would last a lifetime. A montage of Brooke and Bill memories played on the screen.

Bill reminded Brooke that she'd said she'd always love him. Brooke agreed. Shaking her head, she said, "But Katie..." Bill exclaimed, "Enough with Katie!" He'd wanted to give Katie the marriage she'd deserved, but he hadn't been able to because it had always been Brooke for him. He was sorry that Katie had been hurt, but Katie was moving forward with her life. Bill wanted Brooke to also let go and move on. Brooke said it wasn't that simple. Bill said it was that simple.

Bill talked about the generous settlement Katie would get. He intended to throw in the jet, too, because he wanted a new jet. He said that if Brooke encouraged Katie to sign the papers and end the marriage, he'd give the Forrester shares to Brooke as a wedding gift on their wedding day. Bill didn't care if she gave the shares to Ridge because Bill only wanted Brooke. The shares would be Brooke's once she and Bill exchanged vows until "death do us part." Brooke gasped.

At Forrester, Ridge was impressed by how Katie looked. Katie said she felt better, and he guessed that divorce would do it to a person. She said that she'd given Bill the house, and since she'd left, she felt better. She hadn't had any liquor, and she was free and vindicated about Bill and Brooke. Katie wasn't surprised that Bill and Brooke were together at that moment.

The conversation turned to Quinn moving into the mansion and bed Eric had shared with Stephanie. Katie believed Stephanie was rolling over in her grave, and Ridge suspected that Eric was losing it a little bit. Katie said it could be a phase, and Eric was recapturing his youth. Ridge wished that was it, but he had to get the stock because it might not be so simple with Eric.

Katie believed that Ridge should give Eric more credit, and Eric wouldn't let Quinn make company decisions. He also wouldn't marry Quinn. Ridge wasn't so certain, and he believed he and his kids needed control of the company. He was glad Brooke was helping them. Katie noted that Brooke and Ridge had been spending time together, and he replied that Brooke had been a good person to talk to. Katie couldn't help but wonder if something was happening with Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge quickly told Katie not to do that. He said he didn't have time for anything but the company and focusing on Eric -- and Ridge didn't want anything else. Katie insisted that he was putting a lot of faith in Brooke. Katie was just "getting a feeling" and said he might not be aware of it himself. She added that he and Brooke had been pretty good together.

Ridge asserted that he wasn't discussing it then or ever. He insisted that he and Brooke were dealing with business and nothing else. Katie warned that if Ridge wasn't careful, Brooke and Bill would wind up getting back together. Katie deemed it inevitable. Ridge believed there was too much baggage for Brooke, but Katie said Ridge hadn't seen what she'd seen.

Ridge asked Katie what she was doing. He noted that she'd accused him of having feelings for Brooke and then said Brooke and Bill were inevitable. Katie replied that Bill always got what he wanted eventually, which meant that Ridge just might get the Forrester shares.

At Thomas' house, Thomas and Sasha stretched on lounge chairs. He said it had been so hectic that he hadn't even had the chance to enjoy his own balcony. He was grateful that she'd gotten him out there. As they talked, Thomas revealed that there was a little family drama. Steffy had moved in the other night, and the family was kind of falling apart at the seams.

Sasha thought it was all the more reason to let it all go and enjoy the day. She'd make sure it happened for Thomas. Thomas was enjoying the balcony, and they joked about sleeping out there. He said he might have to with Steffy in the house. Sasha felt that Steffy was lucky to have him, and Sasha added that she was lucky to know him. Touching her thigh, he said that he was the lucky one because she'd accomplished the hard task of getting him to relax, clear his head, and let go. Shaking and dancing in her seat, she sang that she liked what she was hearing.

Sasha went inside to retrieve them some lemonade. When she returned, she said it was paradise for her to be there and not in her tiny apartment during the heat wave. She gauged how relaxed Thomas was, and when he only gave it an eight, she made him stretch out for some visualization exercises that involved being on a beach in Hawaii.

Sasha's eyes were closed as she set up the scene and asked Thomas how beautiful the double rainbow was. Staring at her, he replied that he saw it, and it was beautiful. She said that Hawaii was on her bucket list. He offered to take her there someday and go surfing.

Later, Thomas had just taught Sasha a Hawaiian hand signal. She decided it was time to go, but Thomas said they hadn't watched the sunset. She replied that she'd promised to do a fitting. He decided he'd call and cancel it for her, and she said he'd get her fired.

Thomas conveyed that it wouldn't happen because she was best model that they'd had in years. He added that Sasha was the best "cheerer-upper" he'd ever had, too. They each said they enjoyed spending time together, and Thomas kissed her.

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