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Bill and Katie signed the divorce settlement, and Bill blessed Brooke with a sword engagement ring. Katie urged Ridge to pursue Brooke before it was too late. Ivy returned, eager to work with Quinn, but wondered what was up with the Steffy-like makeover Quinn gave her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 29, 2016 on B&B
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Ridge asks Brooke if she'll marry Bill Ridge asks Brooke if she'll marry Bill

Monday, August 29, 2016

At Bill's house, Brooke said that Bill always managed to surprise her. Bill replied that it was the best deal she'd ever make. He didn't "give a damn" if she gave the stocks to Forrester, but they would be Bill's wedding gift to Brooke. Brooke said he was actually bribing her into marriage.

"Hell, yeah -- if it works!" Bill exclaimed. Smiling, he said it wasn't that. He was making a grand gesture to show how much Brooke meant to him. Brooke grinned. He knew that she wanted to be with him, even if she wasn't ready to admit it. He saw the future, and finally, life was good. "Bill, I wish you wouldn't -- " Brooke started to say.

"Yes, you do," Bill said. Brooke called him arrogant. Bill replied that he was sure about himself and about them. He felt that Brooke just needed a nudge in the right direction, and he was happy to provide it. He didn't care if she gave Ridge the stock, just as long as she returned to where she belonged. Bill told her to mull it over and accept the deal, so they could move on with their life together. He kissed her, and she smiled.

Later, Brooke was gone, and Justin arrived. Bill was anxious to hop on the divorce while he and Katie were able to be amicable still. Justin showed Bill how Justin had sweetened the deal. "It could send me into a diabetic coma," Bill responded, reading the papers. Bill was glad he had money to burn. Justin said Katie would be extremely wealthy. Bill said Katie deserved it.

Justin asked how Katie was, and Bill conveyed that she was great and had stopped drinking. Justin wondered about the shares, and Bill replied that they were not negotiable. He had other plans for them. Justin asked if it was something he needed to know, and Bill revealed that he had offered them to Brooke as a wedding gift.

Justin called Bill a sly fox. Bill felt that he and Brooke should have been married a long time back. Justin said, "But you were married to her sister." Bill deemed himself and Katie to be over. Bill was done waiting. He wanted his life with Brooke back and had no problem nudging it along a little bit.

At Forrester, Ridge was confident that Brooke could get the stocks from Bill. Katie replied that Bill would want something in return, and she and Ridge knew what -- or who -- it would be. Ridge wondered why women didn't see how crass Bill was. Chuckling, Katie said it was part of Bill's charm. She suggested that Ridge ask Brooke and noted that Brooke and Bill were looking for any excuse to be together. She said the stock might give Bill and Brooke what they needed to do it.

Brooke arrived. Katie offered to leave. She said it was because she knew talking about Bill with her around made Brooke uncomfortable, but then Katie sat on the edge of the desk as Ridge asked if Brooke had gotten the stock from Bill. "Maybe," Brooke said. Ridge asked if Brooke had gotten distracted. Brooke asserted that she'd gone there to get the shares. Katie asked if Brooke had convinced Bill.

"It's possible," Brooke responded. She relayed that Bill had sweetened Katie's settlement, and Ridge asked if it included the shares. Brooke said it was for the lack of them. "He's giving them to me -- as a wedding present," she added. Ridge jumped up from the behind the desk, stammering about Bill bartering her into marriage.

Arms crossed over her chest, Katie asked if Brooke had accepted. Brooke conveyed that Bill had given her time to think about it, but Katie asked what there was to think about. Katie called it the perfect solution, and it was brilliant of Bill to get to the heart of things. "You get your shares to stop Quinn, and you get Bill," Katie said. Brooke tried to explain something, but Katie yelled, "Damn it, Brooke, just do it!" Katie wanted Brooke to put everyone out of their misery, especially Katie.

Katie felt she'd been tortured enough, and there was nothing standing in Bill and Brooke's way. Brooke replied that Katie was still Bill's wife. Katie said it would be rectified soon. Ridge noted that a marriage breaking up was a painful thing, and Katie could allow herself to be sad. Katie said she was sad; however, some things weren't meant to be, no matter how hard one tried, and some things couldn't be stopped. She advised Brooke not to restrain herself on Katie's account because Katie was moving on.

Katie claimed that there was a freedom in letting go, and she was allowed to be herself -- whoever that was after all that had happened. She was excited to find out. She was taking control of her life. She claimed that she had a lot of money, new prospects, and a healthy son. Best of all, she was beholden to no one. She claimed not to be like Brooke and not to need a man to validate her. Brooke said she knew Katie was angry at her, but Katie said she actually wasn't.

Katie admitted to feeling disappointed. She was human, and the outcome hadn't been what she'd wanted, and her heart would always be a little wounded; however, there was no point in being angry, and it didn't solve anything. She said it only hurt her and Will and was a waste of time and energy. She claimed to have wasted enough time on Bill and Brooke.

Katie urged Brooke to do what came naturally and claimed not to care. Brooke asked why Katie kept pushing. Katie claimed it was because it was inevitable, and everyone knew it. Katie said she was no longer an obstacle, and she wasn't sure she ever had been. She said she was starting a new project, and every day, Will would have an awesome mother who gave him what he needed. She intended to accept Bill's settlement and move on. Leaving, Katie said Brooke should, too.

Ridge closed the door behind Katie. He said it was up to Logan and asked what she'd do. Brooke sighed. He relayed that the stock could fix a lot of things -- he and Brooke could run the company, and Rick could help. They could get rid of Quinn. "But what do you want?" Ridge asked. Brooke claimed, "I want that."

Brooke said Quinn didn't belong there after what she'd done to Hope, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy. Brooke wanted Rick working side by side with Ridge, who'd make Rick feel wanted and needed. "At what price? Ridge wondered. He called Bill a tool. Brooke said she and Ridge didn't see Bill the same way. Ridge advised her not to marry Bill because of Ridge. Brooke said she'd never accept a proposal as a business opportunity. Ridge asked if she wanted to wake up to that guy for the rest of her life.

Just then, Bill, who'd just had a long flashback of his time with Brooke, called Brooke. She put him on speakerphone without his knowledge. He said he wanted to see her the next day, and he couldn't wait, even though he'd said he'd give her time. He figured she already knew what she wanted, and they shouldn't waste time. Brooke agreed, and he said he loved her. After the call, Ridge asked if Brooke was going to marry that guy.

At Thomas' place, Sasha and Thomas descended the stairs from the rooftop and shared a lingering kiss. He asked why she'd really visited, and she claimed she was fulfilling her responsibility to him. "To brighten my day?" he asked. She replied that he got it. He said that was hot and made him want another kiss. As he kissed her, someone knocked on the door.

Thomas opened the door for Nicole, who had some sketches Thomas had left at the office. Pam had sent her to deliver them. Nicole was surprised to see Sasha and didn't know that Sasha and Thomas were friends. Sasha and Thomas explained that they were having fun hanging out together.

Thomas was surprised no one had known the ladies were sisters while they were growing up, and he imagined they'd been a tag team of beauty. Nicole said they'd made a fuss, and Sasha joked that they would have had his head spinning in no time flat. He didn't doubt it. Nicole's smiled faded as she watched the way Sasha and Thomas looked each other.

Thomas needed to get his phone off the roof. Nicole offered to leave, but he urged her to stay and talk to her sister. After Thomas had gone, Sasha asked what the look was about. Nicole claimed she had no look, but Sasha said she knew Nicole. Nicole admitted to being surprised to see Sasha there. "Do you come here often?" Nicole asked. Sasha said she and Thomas were friends.

Nicole quipped that Sasha, who had put a tank top on over her bikini and shorts, wasn't dressed like a friend. Sasha asked how a friend dressed. Having nothing to hide, Sasha said she'd tell Nicole if anything serious was going on there. Nicole asked if there was a possibility that it could be something serious going on. Sasha didn't know anything but that Thomas was a cool guy. Sasha just wanted to take the ride and asked Nicole not to get in the way.

Sasha stated that she and Nicole had been through a lot, and most of it hadn't been good since she'd arrived in town. Nicole stated that if they were to get past it, they shouldn't revisit it. Sasha said it was the elephant in the room, and Sasha had lost Nicole's trust for knowing all along that they were sisters. Sasha was trying to gain it back but said Nicole had to let it happen.

Nicole asked why she'd stop it. Sasha said it was because Nicole might not like the idea of Sasha and Thomas. Nicole stated that he had a son with Caroline and asked if he was available. Sasha replied that he hadn't indicated that he wasn't, and the pair hadn't even gotten that far.

Thomas descended the stairs and heard Sasha say that he was a really nice guy whom she enjoyed spending time with. She hoped he enjoyed their time together, too. Entering the room, Thomas affirmed that he did.

Thomas remarked that families were the best and the worst, because no one could hurt one worse than a father or sister. It was possibly deeper if the sister was the best friend from down the street. He believed that Sasha loved Nicole and wanted to be in the family. He suggested they not lose the chance to make up for past mistakes.

Nicole told Sasha that she respected Sasha's determination to change. Nicole was rooting for Sasha, but damage had been done. Nicole said she was trying, and it would take time to trust Sasha again. Sasha reminded Nicole of what Julius said about a closed heart being unable to receive love. Sasha asked for a hug. "Why not..." Nicole unenthusiastically replied and let Sasha hug her.

Nicole took off, and Sasha said Thomas was turning defending her into a habit. The two kissed.

Quinn returns to Forrester Creations Quinn returns to Forrester Creations

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

by Pam

At Thomas' loft, Steffy met with Wyatt, and he teased that the living space was a bit cramped for her. Steffy countered that she was grateful Thomas had taken her in. "I want you to come back home, Steffy," Wyatt said. Steffy said she couldn't do it because of Quinn.

Wyatt said he understood, but he realized he could not control his mother. He had visited Quinn and Eric the previous evening, and Eric had told him his mother was not leaving Eric's home. Wyatt suggested that Steffy try to control her grandfather. Steffy admitted that she had never thought her grandfather would hook up with Quinn, but she added that Quinn was good at trickery.

"Quinn is pathological," Steffy said. Steffy added that she thought Wyatt would have persuaded Quinn to listen to him. Obviously, she added, no one had any influence over Quinn. Steffy worried that she had to see Quinn every day at work.

Wyatt suggested that Steffy let the entire thing play out because Quinn and Eric's relationship could run its course. Wyatt reminded Steffy that Eric would see through his mother at some point. Steffy insisted that Quinn was good at her game, but Wyatt countered that Steffy might have underestimated Eric Forrester. He had fallen for the wrong kind of woman before. "Don't let it come between us. Come home, Steffy," Wyatt pleaded. Steffy refused. "Your mom has interfered in my life, my business, my home," she said.

Steffy said she needed space, and she worried about her grandfather and the damage that Quinn had inflicted. Wyatt wondered how leaving him would fix the problem. Steffy said she loved Wyatt, and she wanted to keep her commitments and her marriage. She insisted that she needed Quinn "out of our lives for good."

Steffy maintained that she was determined to get Quinn out of their lives. "Somehow, I will end it," she said. Wyatt said she couldn't let Quinn destroy their marriage. Wyatt left.

At Liam's, Thomas and Liam discussed that Thomas wanted to see his sister back together with Liam. Thomas said that Steffy was haunted by Quinn, and Liam was on her mind. Liam was worried about her and Wyatt. Liam added that his poor brother had been fighting a losing battle with Quinn for most of his life. Thomas guessed that Steffy would want a permanent split with Wyatt to get away from Quinn.

Liam decided to invite Steffy over. Thomas left, and Liam put Champagne on ice and put out fresh flowers. Wyatt showed up and asked if Liam had a big night planned. Wyatt advised that it would not have anything to do with Steffy because she was still Wyatt's wife.

Wyatt begged his brother not to become a competitor but to rather show some support. Wyatt pleaded with Liam to stay away from Steffy to give Wyatt a chance to work through his problems with her.

At Forrester, Quinn worked on jewelry designs in Eric's office, and Pam and Charlie entered. They wanted to throw her out, but Quinn suggested they talk to Eric first. Quinn said the CEO wanted her there, and she hoped they could figure out a way to work together. She appreciated that Pam was Stephanie's sister.

Charlie said that members of the office pool had guessed Quinn would last 48 hours but had wanted to kick her out immediately. Quinn wanted to get along with them, and she apologized for all the "pain and sadness" she had caused. "I don't expect your forgiveness , but I'm not that person anymore," she said.

Eric entered, and he kissed Quinn. Pam asked how Eric had could allow Quinn back into the company and into his life after all she had done. She said she felt sick.

After Pam expressed her concerns about Quinn, Eric said that Quinn knew that if she reverted to her former behavior, her job and their relationship would be over. Pam and Charlie left.

Quinn told Eric that no one wanted her there, and she didn't want to be a distraction. They hugged, and Eric promised to talk to Steffy. He left, and Quinn flashed back to her romantic times with Eric, but she also flashed back to Wyatt's disgust with her and his anguish because Steffy had left him.

At the Forrester rooftop gym, Sasha worked out with weights, and Zende joined her. She shared that she and Thomas had become friends. "You and Thomas?" Zende asked. Sasha wanted him to be happy for her. Thomas joined them, and he flirted with Sasha. Thomas noted that he couldn't find a girl like Sasha in every corner of the building. Zende sighed.

At Thomas' loft, Eric visited Steffy. Eric tried to mend their relationship, and he added that he had always respected her opinion. Steffy felt he no longer respected it. Eric said he'd made his decision, and it was his choice and his life. Steffy said she and the family had tried to protect him.

Eric said he didn't need protection. He had found a woman who could make him smile and laugh. Steffy shook her head and said there would be devastating consequences. "Life is full of risks, and I'm taking this with my eyes open," he said.

Eric wondered if Steffy was using Eric's relationship with Quinn as an excuse to walk away from Wyatt and get closer "to the man your really want to be with." He said she was taking another step toward Liam.

Ivy makes a deal with Quinn Ivy makes a deal with Quinn

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

by Pam

At Thomas' loft, Steffy and Eric discussed that Steffy had walked out on Wyatt, and Eric wondered if she had done it to get closer to Liam. Steffy disagreed. She said she "couldn't take it anymore." Steffy explained that she couldn't have any connection with Quinn, and that meant getting away from Wyatt too.

Eric argued that living apart from Wyatt wasn't going to solve anything. He reiterated that distancing herself from Wyatt was her choice and an excuse to return to Liam. "I have a feeling this has more to do with Liam than it does with Quinn," he said.

Steffy argued that Quinn had hurt everyone in the family, and no one supported Eric's relationship with her. "We're worried about you," Steffy said. She insisted that her marriage and her family were in trouble "because of Quinn and her manipulations."

Steffy didn't want to go to the office because of Quinn. To persuade Eric that he needed to end his relationship with Quinn, Steffy offered to list all the awful things Quinn had done to the family.

Steffy reminded Eric that he had tried to break it off with Quinn after Liam had told him what Quinn had done to him. Eric defended Quinn. He maintained that Quinn had treated others poorly, but it was in the past. "That's not who she is anymore," he said. Steffy shook her head. She predicted that Quinn would hurt everyone again. Steffy insisted that Quinn would use Eric, manipulate everyone, and hurt Eric again. "You most of all because we told you," Steffy said.

At Liam's, Liam had candles, flowers, and a bottle of Champagne on ice waiting for Steffy. Wyatt entered and begged Liam to respect his marriage. Liam countered that the situation had changed, and Steffy had moved out on Wyatt to get away from Quinn.

Wyatt said they would work things out. "Quinn is still your mother," Liam said. He added that Wyatt had insisted that he could control his mother, but he could do nothing. "I am concerned about Steffy, Steffy's well-being," Liam said.

Wyatt argued that he needed his brother to give his marriage a chance. Liam reminded Wyatt that Quinn had been controlling Wyatt and everyone else. "You and Steffy wouldn't be married if it weren't for her," Liam said.

Wyatt argued that wasn't true, and he asked how many chances Liam and Steffy had had to make a relationship work, but all of them had failed. "Steffy and I will be together," Liam insisted. He added that they would have the life that Quinn had stolen from them. Wyatt left.

In Quinn's office at Forrester, Ivy entered and said she had returned to Los Angeles to ask for her job back. She noted that she was a little shocked that Quinn had returned to Forrester and was living with her Uncle Eric.

Quinn said that if Ivy had arrived to lecture her, she needed to take a number. Ivy insisted she loved Forrester Creations and wanted her job back. She wanted Quinn to help her, and she added that they had worked out most of their differences and had been a good team on the jewelry line. She asked Quinn to put in a good word for her with Eric.

"I liked working with you," Ivy said. She promised to be supportive and loyal to Quinn. Quinn perked up at Ivy's promise of loyalty. Quinn promised to consider Ivy's request. Ivy noted that they had both returned to Forrester with a new perspective after they had left. Ivy left.

Later, Wyatt entered Quinn's office, and he encouraged her to leave Eric and Forrester. "Stop what you're doing," he ordered. Quinn argued that she and Eric were very happy. Wyatt reminded her that she had ruined his life.

Wyatt said Steffy had left him and was visiting Liam for what he worried could become a romantic get-together. Quinn promised she would not allow his marriage to end. Wyatt ranted that Quinn couldn't be trusted, and it affected Wyatt.

"Steffy doesn't trust me either," Wyatt said. Quinn disagreed. "Your marriage isn't over. We will figure something out," Quinn vowed. Wyatt said it scared him more than anything that she would say something like that. Wyatt left.

Later, Quinn flashed back to her conversation with Wyatt, and it haunted her that she was responsible for his problems with Steffy. Quinn called Ivy and quizzed her about her promise to be loyal to Quinn. Ivy agreed. "I need that now more than ever. I can't do this alone," Quinn said. Quinn said she couldn't offer guarantees, but she would call Ivy again. Ivy thanked her. Ivy seemed suspicious.

At Liam's, Steffy entered and saw the candles, flowers, and Champagne. She asked if she had interrupted something. Liam said he wanted her to feel safe and comfortable. He encouraged her to enjoy a glass of Champagne and watch the sunset like she had before. "It was our home," Liam said. He believed it would be again.

Steffy shared that her grandfather had accused her of using Quinn as an excuse to leave Wyatt and return to Liam. Liam was surprised. Steffy said she was married to Wyatt and was away from him because she needed space from his mother, and Wyatt couldn't control Quinn. She had to get Quinn out of her life, her family, and her marriage.

Steffy looked around the room and said she was touched, and there was a part of her that wanted to stay, but she couldn't. She didn't want to hurt Wyatt or Liam.

Steffy said she couldn't be with either Liam or Wyatt. Liam maintained that it was all because of Quinn. Steffy agreed. She noted that her grandfather had insisted that Quinn had changed, but Liam and Steffy knew Quinn was incapable of change.

Bill and Katie sign divorce papers Bill and Katie sign divorce papers

Thursday, September 1, 2016

At Thomas' house, Steffy opened the front door and saw Liam on the other side with a to-go tray of coffees. She asked how he'd known. He said it was a peace offering because she'd thought his setup the other night had been out of line. She conveyed that she didn't find fault with Liam; she just wanted her life to be bearable.

Liam noted that Steffy was working. Steffy said she worked from home. She shook her head and added that she didn't even know where home was. He replied that she had a home with him. He remarked that Quinn had practically forced Steffy "out of it," and it didn't feel like home to him, either. "This does," he concluded, pointing between himself and her.

Steffy didn't know what to say or if she was supposed to thank Liam for stopping by. Liam said he'd be happy to watch her work. She asked what he thought would happen and claimed it wasn't as if she could send him away or be with him -- and he knew it. Liam agreed but said he didn't know how to be severed from her. She didn't feel she deserved it because she'd lost faith. He replied that he was there to help her find it again.

Steffy sat on the spiral steps and sighed. Liam said he knew she couldn't encourage him, but he was there to encourage her. He asserted that they would be together. She just had to refuse to compromise with Quinn, and before Steffy knew it, a door would open. He said he'd be on the other side. "All right," Steffy replied and said she could hold on.

At Forrester, Ridge rounded the corner, headed for the design office, and grimaced to see Quinn there instead of Brooke. Quinn said that she and Brooke were rarely in the same place, and he quipped that he had to find out how Brooke accomplished it. Quinn offered to work from home, and he asked if that would be his father's home. He preferred she be as removable as possible, not occupy more mansion space.

Wyatt arrived. Ridge shelled out some cash and told Wyatt to take Quinn out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner and not to bring her back. Ridge stalked across the hall and found Brooke working in the CEO's office. He said if they didn't put Quinn away for her crimes, he might commit one himself.

Brooke said Katie and Bill were signing the divorce papers at any moment, and Bill would message Brooke afterward. Ridge hated pressuring Brooke, but he couldn't have the president of the company not wanting to be there because Quinn was. Brooke tried to leave to let Ridge work, but he wanted to know what she'd say to Bill.

Ridge knew that Bill was pushing the divorce on Katie so he could pounce on Brooke. Brooke replied that she knew what Ridge wanted her to say -- that she'd agree to marry Bill. "Absolutely not," Ridge responded, and Brooke seemed surprised. She wanted to put her cards on the table and said that, as much as she wanted to get the shares, she also didn't want to be disloyal to Eric.

Ridge stated that he wanted the shares, but he didn't want her to marry Bill. Brooke replied that she'd said she'd try. Ridge said that Bill was a clown, unworthy of Brooke. She replied that she didn't let Bill get away with calling Ridge a clown. Ridge joked that it was because he wasn't -- most days. She conveyed that she didn't believe in "worthiness." One was who they were, and one loved who they loved, in her view.

Ridge didn't want Brooke to throw her life away, but she affirmed that she wouldn't marry Bill because of the shares. "Because you love this guy?" Ridge asked. Brooke decided that it was all premature, and she wanted to give it time. Ridge replied that Bill would not give her time, and Bill wanted her right then.

Back in the design office, Quinn asked what had caused Wyatt to visit. Wyatt replied that it was the hope that she'd listened and wouldn't be there. She didn't know what good hiding herself would do. Wyatt asserted that Steffy would return home, Liam would give up, and Wyatt wouldn't be a pariah everywhere he went.

Quinn asked what would happen if she said that everything he wanted to happen would happen. Wyatt told her not to help him or try to make life work out for him. Wyatt wanted three things: for Quinn to stop pretending she was in love with Eric, to stop living with Eric, and to stop sleeping with Eric. Wyatt claimed those were just the first thing. Next, he wanted her to quit and go away from Forrester to have her own studio like she'd once had. Last, he wanted her to never let Steffy see her again.

Wyatt said Quinn had always told him that she wanted him to be happy. He'd given her the recipe for it and said to go make him happy. Quinn asked if there might be another way. Wyatt held his hand up to make her stop talking then he walked out.

Later, Ivy entered, hoping Quinn didn't mind her just stopping by. Quinn said that people usually barged in and started telling her off. Ivy guessed it meant things had changed but remained the same. She asked if it would be nice for Quinn to have someone to share the daily insults with. Ivy asked if Quinn had given more thought to the advantages of having Ivy on team Quinn again.

Quinn remarked that she'd been up all night, thinking about the uphill battle she faced there. Ivy had heard that Quinn was running the entire department, and Wyatt was back at Spencer. It wasn't the workload that bothered Quinn. For her, it was a challenge not to go backward.

Ivy said it didn't make sense. Quinn stated that they were always changing and seeing how high they could fly. Ivy was all for that type of thing, and Quinn said she liked Ivy's spirit. Quinn believed that it was possible that Ivy could be useful to Quinn.

At Bill's house, Katie arrived, and Bill offered her some of the catered breakfast on the coffee table. Katie didn't feel like eating, and he imagined that her stomach was in knots. His was, too, and she asked what he had to worry about. "You," he replied. Katie said the papers were in order. She was ready to sign but not celebrate.

Bill was surprised about Katie's decision on the cars. Katie said fast cars were fun, but one couldn't fit them with car seats. She pulled out the papers, looked at Bill, and asked if they really had to do it that day. When he nodded, she asked what the issue was and if he feared Brooke wouldn't tumble without the signed papers. He said they didn't have to do anything she didn't want to.

Katie decided that she shouldn't have said it. Bill didn't think she had to be sorry. She repeated that she was sorry, and with tears, she said it wasn't easy. Bill said that Katie had so much good in her and had brought so much good to her life. Katie hoped it was so. He stated that they just no longer brought out the best in each other.

Katie laughed through her tears and said it was the best way to put it. She recalled that they'd had good times and that it wasn't the first time they'd signed papers like that. She was glad they'd tried it again, though. Bill was, too. She remarked that he'd always be her first husband. "And your second," he added, making her laugh. "If you ever need anything at all, Katie..." he said.

"Yeah, almost anything, right?" Katie sadly replied. She sighed and began to sign the papers. She studied Bill as they signed spot after spot and smiled when he looked at her. She fought back tears as he continued signing. When it was done, they discussed the visitation schedule. It was fine with Katie, who offered to be flexible. Bill said not to bother because Will was his priority.

Bill tried to offer Katie some cold waffles and felt silly for catering the divorce. Katie said it was the thought that counted. He replied that he wanted her to know his thoughts about her. He'd accused her of wanting to tame him, but it hadn't been what she'd done. Before he'd met Katie, he'd only had only one close relationship, the one with Justin. "Now I have a real family," Bill said.

Katie almost lost her composure and said she had to go. Bill said she didn't have to take off, but she replied that she did. Katie stated that she had good thoughts and good memories. Flashbacks of Katie and Bill played on the screen. Katie removed her rings and placed them in Bill's hand. "This isn't really goodbye, is it?" she whispered. He said it wasn't, and she left. Bill's expression hardened, and a sinister music chord played.

Brooke arrived. Bill said they were alone, but she wondered if she should be there. Bill remarked that the meeting with Katie had been good. He said there had been respect and sadness, and he felt there might have been some forgiveness -- but he hadn't given away the shares.

Brooke asked if Katie was okay. Bill believed so. He said Katie had been destroying herself, and Brooke had seen it. He felt that Katie had needed out, and Katie knew it. He said there had even been acknowledgement that his future was with Brooke. Brooke said it was too early to be talking about such things. "The hell it is," Bill responded.

Bill said he and Brooke weren't waiting for the sake of appearances. They weren't going to hide or tiptoe around the ashes of his marriage. He said they couldn't be afraid to reach for what they both wanted. He loved her like no other. He needed her like he needed his hands and eyes. "Don't ask me to be a better person, because I can only be that if I have you," he uttered and kissed her. Brooke gazed at him with mixed emotions.

Later, Katie arrived at Forrester and asked where Brooke was. Ridge said Brooke wasn't there and asked how Katie was. Assuming he "knew," Katie said it was official. He asked if it would be insensitive to say congratulations. Katie thought Brooke had the day off but quickly figured out that Bill had summoned Brooke. Katie asked what Ridge had said about it.

Ridge replied that he hadn't been asked to comment on it. Katie reasoned that Brooke and Ridge were each single, but Bill legally wasn't. "Are you really willing to let nature take its course with them?" Katie asked.

Bill presents Brooke with a ring Bill presents Brooke with a ring

Friday, September 2, 2016

At Bill's house, Brooke said Bill had just signed papers. Bill didn't want to hide or wait to be with Brooke. He said there was no one to be hurt by it anymore. He asserted that their life together started then, and he kissed her.

Brooke expressed that it would be too painful for Katie to see them together, and it had been what Katie had feared for so long. "What she knew," Bill corrected. He said it had been the reason Katie had been drinking; she'd known he'd been with the wrong sister.

Bill claimed it was over, and he and Brooke would fulfill the plans they'd started making in Aspen and Abu Dhabi. Brooke wished she could believe Katie would accept it and added that there was Will to think about. Bill reasoned that there would be a period of adjustment, but they'd faced the truth. To him, the rest was easy and a matter of making it official. "We're happening. I'm not going to wait any longer. I want the world to know that you're mine," Bill said.

It had never seemed possible to Brooke, and there had always been the worry of betraying her sister. Bill didn't believe they were doing that. He said they'd waited and done it the right way for everyone. It was time to take the next step. He reached into his pocket, and she told him she didn't need a ring. "The hell you don't," he said. She thought it was too soon.

Bill asserted that it was years too late. It wasn't just a ring, though. Placing her hand over his necklace, he said he wore the sword, and his sons wore it. It was a reminder of what it meant to be a strong Spencer. Brooke was the strongest woman he knew. "Did you get me a sword?" Brooke asked. Opening the box, Bill revealed a white gold, diamond-encrusted sword that coiled once to form a ring. "And I hope you never take if off," he said.

Brooke called it beautiful. Bill said it had to be because she'd be the woman wearing it. There was no other woman he wanted to live his life with. He said they embraced life, and there would be no regrets, only the appreciation for a second chance. Kneeling before her, he asked her to say he was right, and love would prevail. "We will prevail. Will you marry me?" he asked.

Brooke immediately said that she would, of course. Bill slipped the ring onto her finger. "My sword. My man," she uttered. Scooping her into his arms, he said, "Finally!" They kissed.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge believed there was nothing else to do but to let nature take its course with Brooke. Katie suspected that three words from Ridge could have an impact. He asked what she was saying. She asked if he was really willing to let Brooke marry Bill for the shares. Katie believed that men never got over Brooke, and every man would pick up where they left off with her if they could. "Since you're single, you could," Katie concluded.

Ridge said he and Brooke had never worked out. Katie reasoned that maybe it hadn't been meant to work until then, and she was just saying that if he wanted to pursue Brooke, he should do it before... "Before she makes the biggest mistake of her life?" Ridge asked.

"Before she complicates things," Katie said and suggested that if Ridge wanted to go after Brooke, he should do so before Brooke and Bill exchanged vows She noted that Ridge and Brooke had a son together. Katie said that Brooke might live happily ever after with Bill -- or maybe destiny would intervene and change Brooke's mind.

Preparing to leave, Katie said to think about it. She knew Ridge would have the stock if Brooke married Bill but asked if it was worth it. Katie said Ridge would always be the great love of Brooke's life, and everyone knew it. The question was whether Ridge and Brooke would accept it.

Later, Ridge stared at a web article about Quinn returning to Forrester. He said it would all be over soon because he'd have Bill's shares -- right after Brooke married Bill. Ridge flashed back on his heart in the sand for Brooke and their first beach wedding. He recalled the rose petals he'd dropped into her fountain upon his return from Paris.

In the design office, Ivy was grateful that Quinn could use her, and she hugged Quinn. Quinn said not to get ahead of things because she still needed to talk to Eric, who'd most likely approve it. Ivy wanted to dive right in with anything Quinn needed. Quinn said it was exactly what she'd need.

Ivy asked if it really wasn't a bother. Mimicking the way Ivy said "bother," Quinn asked why Ivy had to be so formal. She decided that maybe it was the accent and wondered if Ivy could stop being so old-fashioned. Ivy was perplexed about where Quinn was going with it and noted that Quinn had an accent. Quinn said it was American, and Ivy wanted to be in America, where her father was from, so Ivy needed to embrace her inner California girl.

Ivy asked what her accent had to do with her job. Noting that Ivy was wearing a lace body-doily, Quinn added that Ivy was also overwhelmingly polite. Ivy replied that it was who she was. Quinn decided that Ivy needed to be more accessible and asked Ivy to go with her.

In the studio, Quinn thanked someone for pulling a rack of outfits on short notice and asked the makeup artists to wait while she and Ivy looked at the outfits. Ivy asked what was going on. Quinn said Ivy was getting an upgrade, and her return to Los Angeles should reflect the new Ivy. Ivy didn't get what it had to do with the job. Quinn explained that Ivy had to sell herself, and the man would find the jewelry and her irresistible.

Ivy sat in the makeover chair, and Quinn asked the artists to make Ivy look as if she'd be comfortable in the boardroom or on a motorcycle. Ivy quickly said she didn't ride bikes. Quinn said it was just a look. Ivy didn't know why her hair had to be done if she'd be wearing a helmet. Quinn encouraged Ivy to stop being so boring and literal. "You are Eric Forrester's niece, not his crocodile hunter," Quinn said, and Ivy looked puzzled.

Music played, and the makeover commenced. Ivy tried on a range of outfits, weaves, and makeup. Evaluating herself in the mirror with the final outfit, Ivy said she just didn't understand. Quinn replied that Ivy wasn't trying to understand -- or to lose the accent. "Because I don't understand that, either," Ivy responded. Quinn said Ivy would have a new look, and when she had a new accent, Quinn would ask Eric to put Ivy on the jewelry team.

"It's so different. I almost look like Steffy," Ivy remarked. Quinn said Ivy kind of did, and Ivy figured out that Quinn had something in mind for Ivy. She asked what Quinn was up to.

At Thomas' place, Liam wanted Steffy to protect herself from Quinn. Steffy said it was what living away from her husband was about. A knock sounded on the door, and as Steffy went to answer it, Liam was saying it meant distancing herself from Wyatt, too. When Steffy opened the door, there stood Wyatt, asking if she wanted company. He saw Liam in the room and stated, "Uh, better company."

Wyatt asked Liam to say what Wyatt had asked for the other day. Liam replied that he was still allowed to talk to Steffy. Wyatt said all he'd asked for was a little space. "For once in my life, can I just walk in and not find you in my wife's face?" Wyatt asked.

Steffy told the men to take a breath and not turn it into a big deal. Wyatt apologized. He'd been surprised to see Liam there but said he shouldn't have been because Liam followed her around like a lost puppy. Liam asserted that the couple was separated, and he had every right to have a conversation with Steffy. Wyatt asked since when he and Steffy had gotten separated.

Liam exclaimed that Steffy had moved out. Wyatt said it hadn't been because of anything in their marriage; it had been about Quinn, and they would overcome it. Wyatt said to back off, and he wouldn't let Liam or Quinn get between Wyatt and Steffy.

Liam didn't know how Wyatt could say it about Quinn with a straight face. Wyatt said he knew his mother better than anyone. Liam asserted that Liam was the one who knew Quinn better than anyone, and Quinn would find a way back in that no one would anticipate. He said no one knew what Quinn would do next.

Wyatt thought Liam was being a little self-serving. Liam said Wyatt would see it if he just looked into Steffy's eyes. Wyatt asked Steffy if Liam was right. Steffy couldn't answer it right then. She hated seeing Wyatt hurt and being the cause, but Quinn worried Steffy, who asked how far Quinn would go if they let her.

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