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Brooke postponed her wedding to Bill to deal with R.J.'s feelings. Quinn and Eric planned an impromptu wedding, and Quinn signed a prenuptial agreement without reading it. The Forrester family no-showed the wedding, and at the altar, Quinn said she couldn't let Eric marry her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 19, 2016 on B&B
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Eric and Quinn decide to marry right away Eric and Quinn decide to marry right away

Monday, September 19, 2016

At Spencer, Bill wanted to catch a plane with Brooke, but Brooke said she couldn't leave things with her son that way. Because R.J. had said he'd be staying in town, Bill suggested that R.J. and Brooke talk about it until the cows came home -- when the newlyweds returned. R.J. asserted that he was asking his mother not to go at all. Convinced that the marriage would ruin their family, R.J. urged his mother not to go through with it.

Brooke tried to reason with R.J., but R.J. felt that he understood enough about the situation. He said that Bill had had a child with Brooke's sister and shouldn't have been hitting on Brooke in the first place. Bill said he and Brooke would walk R.J. through the complicated story -- when they got back. "No disrespect, but I don't want to hear anything from you," R.J. quipped.

"Respect is something you're gonna have to learn a little something about," Bill decided. R.J. believed that Brooke loved his father and that the pair always found their way back to each other. What R.J. had seen in "Dad's office" proved that the couple was halfway there.

Bill told that Brooke they had to go, and the jet was waiting. Bill offered to call a family meeting and get everyone together to talk things over -- after he and Brooke got back. R.J. asserted that Bill wasn't his family and never would be. Bill replied that he and Brooke had waited a long time for it. R.J. claimed that he'd waited a long time to see his mother and father together.

R.J. asked Brooke to tell Bill that the wedding was off. Brooke appreciated R.J.'s honesty. She planned to address his concerns, but she had to talk to Bill alone first. She asked for a hug, which was a perk of motherhood. R.J. hugged her and left the office.

"Maybe I should have asked him to call me Dad," Bill joked, and she groaned. Bill urged Brooke to remember that they'd waited a long time, and they deserved it. He said the jet was loaded, and encouraged, "let's go get our life."

Brooke was glad to have her son home. She said R.J. stayed at school between terms, or sometimes he traveled with his friends. Brooke believed that, even though R.J. communicated with his family, he hadn't wanted to be home because he hadn't wanted to see Ridge with another woman and the family splintered. Brooke wanted to spend time with her son, and she didn't want him to return to school, angry with her.

Bill believed Brooke could smooth the waters when they returned and reminded her that they had a wedding planned. Brooke said R.J. wanted his parents to reunite. Bill stated that it wouldn't happen, and Brooke needed to break it to her son gently. Reasoning that R.J. had to accept it eventually, Bill said she might as well give him a head start. "I can't," Brooke said.

Bill asked what Brooke couldn't do. Brooke responded that she needed a little time. He was willing to give her all the time she needed -- after they got back. Brooke said R.J. had just gotten home. She couldn't just hop on a plane. Bill suggested that they compromise. He was willing to get married, return, and delay the honeymoon.

Brooke said R.J. hated the idea of her marrying Bill. Bill wasn't surprised that the kid wanted his parents together, but he said that he and Brooke couldn't let a teenager dictate to them. Brooke agreed that they couldn't, but she said she could hear her son out and show him that she cared about his concerns. Brooke said Bill might not want to hear it, but R.J. needed her.

Bill asked how long the kid had been gone. "Suddenly, he shows up, and everything comes to a screeching halt?" Bill asked. Brooke believed that R.J. was usually content, so his outcry needed to be addressed. "What then?" Bill asked. Brooke had an offended expression on her face. Bill asked if there was anything to what R.J. had walked in on with Ridge and Brooke earlier and if she had anything she wanted to tell Bill.

Brooke asked what Bill was asking. Bill said she knew exactly what and not to play that game. He wanted to know if Brooke was committed to him completely with no regret or looking back. She had to marry Bill free and clear of the past. "Those are my conditions," he said, and he wouldn't accept anything less. He told her to own it if she had lingering feelings for Ridge.

"No, none. I want you as my husband," Brooke said. She thanked Bill for understanding. She planned to spend time with R.J., but she was committed to Bill and loved him. They kissed and hugged. A tear rolled down Brooke's cheek.

At Forrester, Steffy and Thomas learned that R.J. was in town and had a lot of influence over Brooke at that moment. Steffy said R.J. couldn't interfere with the wedding because Brooke needed to get the shares. Ridge seemed reticent but frustrated, and Steffy said something was going on. She figured R.J. had gotten into Brooke's head. Ridge said R.J.'s feelings mattered to Brooke, and that was it. Steffy wanted to know what R.J. had said to Brooke.

Ridge relayed that R.J. felt that the marriage to Bill was ridiculous -- which Ridge thought was true. Ridge added that R.J. felt that Bill was a self-absorbed clown, which Ridge also thought was true. "And then he pitched the idea that his parents get back together," Ridge concluded.

Steffy stated that it wouldn't happen because they needed to get those shares. She felt that R.J. couldn't interfere, and Ridge needed to talk to R.J. Thomas asked what R.J. knew about the plan, and Ridge said R.J. only knew about the wedding. Steffy thought they should just tell R.J. everything, but Ridge disagreed because "the little kid" had walked into too much already.

Ridge decided that he shouldn't call R.J. a kid, and Ridge hated how fast kids grew up. Ridge felt that his youngest son was sharp, saw exactly who Bill was, and didn't want Bill to marry Brooke any more than Ridge did. Steffy hoped R.J. wasn't getting to Ridge about Brooke. Ridge looked around conspicuously without saying anything.

Steffy asked Ridge to say he wasn't letting the plan fall apart. Ridge replied that he was just being protective of Brooke, as he would be with the rest of the family. Steffy told him not to get distracted, and he needed to be there, present with her, not thinking about Brooke.

R.J. arrived just then. Thomas and Steffy excitedly greeted their little brother. Steffy asked where R.J. had been. R.J. said he'd been telling "Spencer" that he wasn't marrying R.J.'s mother. R.J. said Bill was a jerk, and Ridge concurred. Steffy asked if Brooke and Bill appeared to be leaving that day. R.J. said that Bill had sure thought they had been.

R.J. conveyed that Brooke had asked him to leave so she could talk to Bill, and R.J. was hoping the couple wouldn't get married. Steffy stated that Brooke wouldn't do it. R.J. asked why not. Ridge replied that it was complicated. Steffy said Brooke wouldn't go back on her word.

At the mansion, Eric studied Quinn in her glasses as she sat on the sofa, working on a necklace. He remarked that she made walking into a room an adventure. He never knew what she'd be doing or if she'd be wearing anything. Quinn asked if her being fully dressed was disappointing. He kissed her, and she decided that he wasn't disappointed.

Eric had passed by Ivy, who'd been leaving the house. He remarked that she'd said she and Quinn were working together very well. Quinn agreed. "No judgment?" he asked. Quinn said there wasn't, and Ivy just wanted Eric to be happy. Eric wished the rest of the family felt the same. Quinn was sorry because she felt the family would be happy if it was anyone but her. She didn't know why they didn't get to know the couple before making assumptions.

Eric started to speak, but Quinn said she knew why. It was due to "the dreaded Quinn." Quinn felt that Steffy wouldn't stop until she tore the couple apart, but Eric said it would not happen. He asked if "this," meaning what they had, was enough. Quinn was content, but when he asked if she was sure she didn't want for anything, she said his family's acceptance would be nice.

Quinn felt that her ring represented something good, and that good thing should be celebrated. She didn't know why the others couldn't see it. Tired of trying to convince his family, Eric said he'd talked himself blue in the face about it to them. Eric asked if she was going anywhere. She asked if he meant that night.

"No, ever. Are you planning on leaving me anytime soon?" Eric asked. Chuckling, Quinn said he'd have to crowbar her out of his arms. Eric didn't see why they were waiting, if that was the case. She was his future, and he wanted to start it right then.

Eric was proud of all he'd accomplished in life with the partner he'd had. He'd been ready to hand over the reins and make a graceful exit until Quinn had arrived and turned his life upside down with things he hadn't known he'd been missing. She'd "resparked" his ambition -- among other things. Quinn replied that it had been her pleasure.

With so much more life to live, Eric didn't know why he'd stop at that point. He saw no reason for a drawn-out engagement and suggested that they get started. Eric asked her to get married "right now." Quinn was surprised and mentioned his family again. Eric stated that he and Quinn weren't getting any younger. His family wasn't obligated to approve his choices, and he wasn't obligated to wait for them to, either. He asked Quinn to marry him right away, and she excitedly agreed to do it.

Which wedding will take place first?

Which wedding will take place first?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Bill met with Brooke to discuss wedding plans, but Brooke changed the subject to R.J. Brooke was worried about R.J.'s reaction to their wedding announcement. Bill argued that he'd had the jet waiting, and R.J. was a teenager. Teenagers were unpredictable. Brooke teased that Bill was an expert on teens, and Bill said he was an expert on everything. Bill insisted R.J. would get over his dislike of Bill once he saw how happy Brooke was.

"Let's do this," Bill said about marriage. Bill repeated that R.J. would adjust. Brooke argued that R.J. had to adjust to a lot in his life. Bill agreed, and he admired the way that R.J. had stood up to Bill. Brooke promised to marry Bill, but she had to be a mother to R.J. first. She felt he was confused, and she couldn't run off until she spent some time with him. "Please tell me you understand." Brooke said. Bill sighed.

Bill said he'd been waiting for Brooke all his life. Brooke teased that he could wait a little longer. She promised it wouldn't be much longer. Bill worried that R.J. didn't like him much because of things he'd heard from his father. Brooke disagreed and said that R.J. was an independent thinker. Bill agreed. "So we're good not getting married right away?" Brooke asked. Bill reminded her that Ridge didn't want to wait for the shares.

Brooke thanked Bill and kissed him. "I need you with me," he said. Bill teased that he and R.J. could put the gloves on and go a few rounds in the gym. Brooke left, and Bill looked disappointed.

At Forrester, R.J. entered Ridge's office, where Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas had gathered. He wondered what all the negativity was about. R.J. said he had stopped his mother from marrying Bill. Steffy and Thomas were surprised. They wondered if she had canceled the wedding. R.J. said she had agreed not to leave immediately.

R.J. couldn't understand why any of them hadn't stopped Brooke from marrying Bill. Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge tried to explain that it wasn't that simple. Steffy and Thomas left. R.J. said he knew that Ridge was still in love with Brooke, and they were meant for each other. She couldn't end up with Bill Spencer. "How can you let this happen?" R.J. asked.

Brooke entered and said she was glad to see R.J. He asked if she was going to marry Bill. "No, I'm not," she said. R.J. hugged her. R.J. added that it was no secret he wanted to see Ridge and Brooke together. "Dad and Caroline are over, and you are both free and available -- connect the dots," R.J. said.

Brooke gently explained that she hadn't run off with Bill, but she did plan to marry him. Brooke and Ridge said they would all spend time together, and R.J. could spend time with friends and family. R.J. and Brooke hugged, and Brooke smiled at Ridge.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn discussed that they wanted to get married soon. Eric and Quinn refused to allow their families to prevent their happiness, but Quinn pointed out that nobody, including kids and grandkids, was going to like it. Quinn worried that no one would show up, but Eric said they would all get over it. "Let's make this official," he said. They kissed.

Quinn wondered if Eric was willing to give up his family for a "lifelong romp in the hay with me." Eric answered that it was a fair trade. "My family will come around when hey see how much you mean to me," he said.

Eric and Quinn decided to get married at the Forrester mansion, and Eric noted it would be the last marriage of his life. He wanted to send out the invitations then have dinner. She joked that his family might rally for another intervention. "You're going to be Mrs. Eric Forrester, and no one can do anything to prevent it." Eric said.

Quinn encouraged Eric to talk to his family because their hatred for her concerned her. He told her not to let it, but she felt he was the patriarch of his family, and they were showing him disrespect for the first time in his life because of her. She wanted to be a source of positive things in his life. He promised they would not give up because they loved each other.

Quinn promised she would never do anything to hurt Eric. She wanted his family to understand that. She wanted him to be happy. She said it meant a lot to her. Eric promised he would speak to his family. They worked to finish their wedding invitations and sent them digitally.

In a private office at Forrester, Steffy and Thomas discussed that R.J.'s return had resulted in a big problem for the family because they needed Brooke to marry Bill. "We need those shares as soon as possible," Steffy said. She worried that the plan had started to fall apart because Ridge was infatuated with Brooke, and R.J. had started to interfere.

R.J. entered, and Steffy asked if he had heard from his mother. R.J. answered that she was not marrying Bill. He wondered why they didn't want to stop her. Steffy tried to explain that it all had to do with the family business. "R.J., we're family, and we trust each other. There's a lot riding on this -- more than you know," Steffy said. R.J. wanted an explanation, but Steffy said she couldn't tell him anything yet. Thomas promised that they knew what they were doing.

Later, Brooke and Ridge were alone, and Brooke explained to Ridge that she had to be a mother first. "But I am going to marry Bill and get Quinn out of your office," she said. She said there was no reason to drag her feet and clarified, "Right?" Ridge looked like he wanted to say something, but he had received a notification on his computer. He opened an email from Eric and Quinn and discovered it was an email invitation to their wedding in two days. Brooke and Ridge looked worried.

Will anyone stop the wedding?

Will anyone stop the wedding?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne, Ridge, Rick, Thomas, Steffy, Pam, and Zende discussed the email wedding invitations they had all received from Quinn and Eric. Eric entered the house and noted that it had been quiet at the office. He realized it was because all of them had gathered at the house.

Ridge stepped forward and said that he had discussed the invitation with Felicia, Kristen, Bridget, and everyone who was present. They all agreed that they loved Eric, "but we can't let you marry Quinn," Ridge said. Thorne agreed. Pam grabbed Eric's hand. "For the love of my sister's life," she said tearfully. She begged him not to marry Quinn. Zende added that the romance had been really fast, and his mother was not happy about it.

Thorne expressed his concern. Eric hoped Thorne hadn't returned to Los Angeles to talk him out of his wedding. Thorne said he had heard that Eric was dating Quinn then had received a wedding invitation. "I'm worried about you," he said. He had heard about Quinn, and Steffy piped up that they had only told Thorne what they could prove.

Other family members agreed that they respected Eric, but his decision making regarding Quinn was off. "We can't let this happen," Steffy said. Ridge noted that the family was united in agreement, and that never happened. "This is a mistake. She's never gonna be part of this family," Ridge said.

Eric said he'd heard enough and appreciated their concern. He added that everyone in the room had made mistakes and been given second chances. "Stephanie was famous for her iron will and her capacity to forgive," he said. He reminded everyone that her worst enemy had become her dearest friend in the end.

"I see her strength in all of you," Eric said. He added that she had held the family together through countless struggles. "You can do this because you're Forresters," Eric said. He wanted them at his wedding. He wanted their blessings, and he wanted them to see him with a new start with Quinn.

Eric believed it was hard to ignore what Quinn had done, but that was in the past. He was marrying her because he loved her. She was a complex, beautiful, and interesting woman. She brought balance to his life. "Isn't that what marriage is all about? Balance?" Eric asked. He added that very few marriages would ever occur if they were open to family votes.

Eric reminded all of them that they were desperate to protect the family's success, but the success had all happened because of him and his faith in them. "That's what I want to see tomorrow -- your faith in me, and we start over again with Quinn," he said. Eric walked out. Steffy and Pam were tearful.

At Forrester Creations, Quinn was in her office, and Wyatt entered. He was amazed that she had emailed wedding invitations. Quinn said that Eric had wanted to get married right away. Wyatt said it was a bad idea. Quinn disagreed and said that Ridge had wanted to see Eric at home. She hoped they were patching things up.

Wyatt scoffed. "Eric's family is probably getting out the torches and pitchforks," Wyatt said. Quinn argued that she and Eric were excited and had planned a beautiful ceremony. "Eric hasn't given up on his family," she said. She hoped Wyatt would be there.

Wyatt was speechless. Quinn wanted him to be happy for her, and he said he was, but he would have been happier if it had been anyone else. He'd have given a speech. Quinn gushed that a speech would be wonderful, but Wyatt shook his head. "We're in love. I hope you can find a way to support us," Quinn said.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne, Ridge, Rick, Thomas, Pam, and Zende debated what to do about the wedding. Steffy had gone into another room. Quinn entered and asked about Eric. Ridge answered that he was upstairs. Ridge told her that the wedding was tearing the family apart. Quinn argued that they all owed it Eric to support him. "Give him that gift," she said.

The family refused to support Quinn. Pam told her to leave Eric alone. "Eric means everything to me, and he's been alone long enough," Quinn said. Quinn promised to be loyal and devoted. "I am going to honor Eric every single day we spend together," she said. She asked them to honor him as well. "Don't fight this. Accept our invitation, please," she begged.

Ridge walked away, and the rest of the family followed him out the door. Quinn stood alone in the foyer of the mansion. Steffy walked out of another room. "It's not your house yet," she said to Quinn. Steffy wondered if Quinn had run her family out of the house, but Quinn solemnly said they hadn't wanted to stay.

Quinn wanted everyone to get along, but Steffy said it would never happen. Steffy asked about Eric, and Quinn said he was upstairs and probably very upset. "None of us are happy," Steffy said.

Quinn promised to be a devoted wife and make Eric proud. She would never hurt him or let anyone else hurt him. "He changed me, and we are good together. Why can't you and your family see that?" she asked. She begged Steffy to attend the wedding. She reminded Steffy that if she supported her grandfather, the others would follow. "Forget that I am the one who's asking. Do it for you grandfather -- for everything he's ever done for you," Quinn said. Steffy looked emotional.

Upstairs in his bedroom, Eric sat alone, and the objections he'd recently heard from all of his family members echoed in his head. He remembered asking for their support, and he looked distraught.

At Forrester Creations, Thorne, Ridge, Rick, Thomas, Pam, and Zende debated what to do about the wedding, and Maya entered. Rick said they'd thought they could convince Eric to at least postpone the wedding, but they couldn't. They all agreed that Eric's request to attend the wedding had hit home. Ridge wondered if they could forget the horrible things Quinn had done and support their father. Ridge worried that it condoned everything Quinn had done.

The Forresters unite to stop the wedding

The Forresters unite to stop the wedding

Thursday, September 22, 2016

At the mansion, Quinn thought that because she and Steffy cared about Eric and Wyatt's happiness, she and Steffy should be able to find common ground because the men wouldn't be happy without both women. Steffy quipped that Quinn was a chronic illness that Wyatt was used to managing. Quinn asked Steffy to attend the wedding and believed the family would follow Steffy's lead. Quinn wouldn't take it as a blessing for herself, but for Eric.

Quinn said that Steffy was the apple of Eric's eye, and her being at the wedding would be like a sign from Stephanie, whom Steffy was named after. Steffy replied that Quinn could sleep in Eric's bed and call herself Mrs. Forrester, but she'd never be one of them. Quinn respected Steffy's idealism and need to stand up for what she believed in, but Quinn asked if Steffy understood that she wasn't really hurting Quinn. Instead, Steffy was hurting Wyatt and Eric.

Quinn asked how hurting the men fit in with Steffy's ideals. "Not well," Steffy replied. Quinn asked if Steffy would let Eric stop her from living the life she wanted, and Quinn added that it was exactly what the family was trying to do to Eric. Steffy said that Eric might find his senses. Quinn asked if Steffy would cut Eric out of her life forever if he didn't.

Quinn asked if Steffy realized that her campaign to force Quinn out was making a shambles of Steffy's life, not Quinn's. Quinn noted that Steffy had walked out on her husband, "And tomorrow your family? How righteously alone do you want to be?" Steffy believed that Eric would listen one day. Steffy wanted him to be happy. "But not you," she added.

Steffy believed that Eric had a gaping wound from Stephanie's death and reasoned that maybe "we" should have moved back into the mansion and rallied around Eric to keep Stephanie's memories alive. Steffy said they would do it the day Eric threw Quinn out.

At the sky lounge, Carter gave Eric the paperwork he'd asked for. The marriage license needed a witness' signature, and Eric figured he'd have to bribe or shame someone. Carter handed Eric the prenuptial agreement Eric had wanted. Carter had one more document, a power of attorney designation. "Ridge's idea, right?" Eric asked.

Carter said it wasn't anything that an attorney wouldn't suggest for the estate. Eric quipped that he'd never asked Ridge for legal advice about the estate. Carter explained that it was for Eric's children and would designate someone to handle Eric's affairs if Eric was incapacitated. "Or I'm dead," Eric added. Carter said that the will would take over at that point, and Eric could name whomever he wanted for the power of attorney. Eric was sure Ridge believed it should be Ridge.

Eric asked if the power of attorney had an exception clause. Carter replied that he could add any kind of language Eric wanted. Eric said he'd look it over later that night. Eric knew that his family was frantic, but he believed that seeing him and Quinn together at the wedding would reassure the family.

In the CEO's office, Eric's family discussed whether to attend Eric's wedding. Felicia stormed in, asking, "Where is Daddy? Where is he? And why are you people letting him marry this crazy person?" Felicia, who'd gotten an email invitation to the wedding, demanded to know why Ridge had allowed Eric to date Quinn. Ridge hugged Felicia and asked her to stop blaming him.

Felicia said Ridge always acted like the head of the family -- until something went wrong. Back to the topic of Quinn, Felicia asked, "What about all the things she's done to Liam Spencer?" Thorne replied that Quinn should be in jail. Maya asked how they knew about it, and Pam said she liked to keep the family informed. Felicia asked where her sister was. Zende said Kristen was too upset to be there and kept calling to see if the wedding had been called off.

Felicia asserted that she wasn't there to attend a wedding; she was there to stop one. Ridge asked what was with Felicia thinking she had a power over Eric that she didn't have. Felicia said she worshiped Eric, so she always got what she asked for. Rick stated that it worked for cars and trips, but asking Eric to give up intimacy and companionship was different.

Thorne asked if anyone had suggested a pre-nup to Eric. Ridge replied that Eric had gotten one on his own. Maya thought it was good that Eric wasn't going into it blind, but Ridge replied that it wasn't good enough. Ridge revealed that he'd gotten Carter to draw up a durable power of attorney for Eric, naming Ridge to take care of the company and Eric if Eric got sick.

"Why couldn't it be me?" Rick asked. He accused Ridge of worrying about himself, not the company. Felicia asked them to get back to the task at hand and offered to talk to Eric that night. Zende said Eric would be busy with Thursday Night Football. Maya replied that there could be wedding prep, but Zende asserted that Eric wouldn't miss the game.

Eric arrived, and his face lit up at the sight of his daughter. Felicia rushed to hug her father. Eric needed a sympathetic face to stand up for him at the wedding, and the criterion excluded Rick and Ridge. Eric asked Thorne to do it. Put on the spot, Thorne didn't know what to say except that he was honored. Felicia said she didn't want to turn Eric over to another woman.

Felicia revealed that what she'd heard about Quinn worried her, and Eric snapped that Felicia should have talked to him. He declared that no one in the room knew Quinn as well as he did. Rick said they knew her as well as they wanted to. Eric asked if the knowledge was based upon hearsay or the perfectly cordial relationship they'd had with her when she'd worked there. Rick twitched, shocked by the statement, and rolled his eyes with a smarting grin.

Thorne stated that his mother hadn't been gone that long. Eric asked if he should die alone out of respect for Stephanie's memory. Felicia replied that he wouldn't be alone as long as he had them. Eric appreciated the sentiment but asked when he'd last seen Felicia.

Eric couldn't wait for Felicia to meet Quinn and felt the women had a lot in common. He asked again if Thorne would be the best man, and Thorne agreed. Eric said he'd known he could depend on Thorne, and Eric was depending on the rest of them to open their eyes at his wedding to see what Quinn meant to him.

Eric left, and Rick and Ridge berated Thorne for agreeing to be the best man. Thorne said he'd been put on the spot, and life was short. Thorne knew that life and love didn't last forever, and he just wanted his father to be happy. Maya said Thorne and Felicia hadn't been there to see how destructive Quinn could be. Felicia couldn't believe Eric thought she and Quinn had a lot in common. Pam said that, unless Felicia rode a broom, Pam didn't see it.

Later, Eric arrived at the mansion and gave Quinn the prenuptial agreement, which she hadn't known about beforehand. As Quinn glanced over the papers, Eric said Ridge's words about Eric making a legal relationship between Quinn and the other family members had struck a chord with Eric, and the marriage could affect many things about the family. "What if I refuse?" she asked. He asked if she meant refused to sign it, and she replied she'd meant what if she refused to read it.

Quinn began flipping through it for the places to sign and initial, and Eric began telling her that it said she had to iron his shirts and give him massages. Quinn grinned as she signed, and he asked why she wasn't being indignant and feeling as if he didn't trust her. Quinn replied that she knew that he trusted her and why the others didn't.

Quinn didn't care about money. Having made it before, she knew that she could do it again on her own. Quinn didn't need Eric to take care of her. She just needed him to be himself. As she and Eric completed the pre-nup, he asked why everything but their relationship was difficult. Quinn guessed they were doing something right.

Later, Steffy arrived at Forrester. She announced that she'd been with Quinn, who talked like the devil. In Steffy's view, Quinn could say what sounded like the right thing to make Steffy feel guilty and heartless. Steffy believed that Quinn knew there were certain lines that the family wouldn't cross because of their respect for Eric, so it was time to start crossing them.

One by one, family members began stating how they couldn't go to the wedding. Thorne stated that he wouldn't go alone, and Rick guessed they'd all made a decision. Ridge said that their last chance was that an empty house would make Eric see his mistake, and their next move was to boycott the wedding.

The Forresters are no-shows

The Forresters are no-shows

Friday, September 23, 2016

At the mansion, Eric observed the three-foot tall cake, the bouquets of flowers everywhere, and the trays of food on the tables. Eric was almost giddy as he checked details of the string quartet with Pam and Charlie. Eric thanked them for being there and helping out even if they weren't behind the marriage. Eric believed that no matter how the family felt about Quinn, everyone would gather for the wedding.

Charlie said Eric seemed to be expecting a lot of people. Though Eric was, he stated that Bridget couldn't get free from work, and Brooke was spending much-needed time with R.J. Eric still believed he'd have a full house.

Marissa arrived with Quinn's dress, and Eric directed her to go upstairs. Pam was surprised that Eric had designed a dress. Eric replied that he had, of course, and he couldn't wait for everyone to see it. He imagined that everyone would rally around him and his bride, and he wanted it to be the most special day of Quinn's life.

Eric, Pam, and Charlie went to the kitchen. Charlie noted that there was a lot of food. Eric stated that he had children and grandchildren, and there would be a lot of mouths to feed. He said they'd party into the night. Charlie replied that he and Pam were recording their favorite cooking show, so they were good to be at the wedding. Eric said it would be a whole new beginning for the family, and that night, everyone would see the beauty in Quinn that he saw.

Upstairs, Ivy entered Quinn's bedroom in a navy-colored slip gown as Quinn, in a white robe, did her makeup. Ivy wanted to lend the bride jewelry from Ivy's private collection. Quinn was so excited and grateful that she became tearful. She couldn't believe she'd marry Eric that day.

Marissa arrived with the dress, and Ivy and Quinn said it was breathtaking. Quinn believed that Eric was the kindest man on the planet, and it amazed her how much he had changed her life. Ivy could see it. Quinn hoped the rest of the family would, too.

Ivy helped Quinn with her hair. Quinn said the family would come through for Eric. "Whether they like it or not," Ivy added. Quinn replied that it was what family did. To her, family supported each other and showed loyalty, even if it was challenging. Ivy sensed Quinn meant Steffy. Quinn replied that Steffy was really riding Quinn but only hurting Eric and Wyatt.

Quinn hoped that after the wedding, Steffy would finally accept it and go back to her devoted husband. Quinn added that Ivy and Liam could then start their lives together. Ivy didn't want Quinn to get ahead of things and said the day was about Quinn and Uncle Eric. Quinn agreed.

As Ivy finished Quinn's hair, Quinn described the joy radiating inside her. She'd never felt it before. She pledged to treat Eric like a king. She stated that they were joining their lives and families before the people they loved, and she hoped Eric's family would support him. Ivy believed that Quinn really loved Eric, and he was lucky to have Quinn.

"He wants to marry me," Quinn humbly replied, "Despite all the talk and all the naysayers, Eric wants to marry me." She vowed to spend her life making him happy.

In the CEO's office, Zende, Rick, Maya, Thorne, Felicia, Thomas, Thorne, and Wyatt were dressed for a wedding. Steffy and Ridge weren't and berated the others for getting cold feet. Felicia asked if they were actually supposed to not show up. Zende said Eric would be devastated, and Wyatt believed that Quinn would be, too, because he was all she had.

Felicia figured that the couple would wed with or without the family. Thomas asked what if their choice not to show up actually stopped Eric from marrying Quinn. Zende and Thorne worried about abandoning Eric, but Ridge said Eric needed a wake-up call. Rick stated that they'd tried several times. Felicia said they all knew what it meant to have them at the wedding. Turning to leave, Thorne stated that, as the best man, he couldn't leave Eric hanging.

"You're not going anywhere. None of us are!" Ridge declared.

The debate continued about whether to go or not. Steffy said going would give Quinn the green light to keep destroying Eric's life. Thomas asked for Wyatt's feelings. Wyatt mumbled that he was just as conflicted as the rest of them. Rick asked if Quinn was depending upon him. Wyatt didn't know how to support his mother when he could see how it was affecting everyone in the room. Plus, he had to stand by his wife.

Ridge received a call from Pam and grew upset to hear that she and Charlie had gone to the mansion. Pam explained that Eric had asked her to help, and she hadn't been able to turn him down. With pity in her tone, she said that Ridge should see his father, who'd gone all out for Quinn. Pam hadn't seen Eric look that happy and believed he might be in love with Quinn.

Pam said Eric would be devastated if they didn't show up. Ridge replied that it would be hard, but he wanted Pam and Charlie to leave, even if they had to slip out the back door. Pam scoffed incredulously, but Ridge said it was their last chance to help Eric.

After the call, Felicia and Thorne asserted that it had been harsh to ask Pam to walk out on Eric after she was already there. Ridge roared that they'd said all they could say, and it was time for them to band together and boycott the wedding.

Later, Charlie and Pam arrived at Forrester and told the family about what Eric had set up for the wedding. Wyatt said he'd thought it would be a small, brief affair. Ridge said it was too bad, and the food would have to go to the shelter because they weren't going. Charlie asked why everyone was dressed to the nines and if Thorne, the best man, wasn't going.

Thorne said Ridge had insisted that Thorne not go. Ridge stated that Eric would one day wake up and thank them for saving him from that wretched woman. Wyatt's nose flared. Pam didn't like Quinn, either, but felt sorry for Eric. Steffy replied that Pam couldn't and should focus on how they were helping Eric. Steffy said that they couldn't condone Quinn.

Irritated, Thorne said the wedding was about to start, and Eric had expected them earlier. Rick claimed that their hands were tied. Pam asked if Wyatt wouldn't go. Wyatt replied that he'd stand by his wife, and they had to make an impact as a team. Felicia exclaimed that Eric would be very hurt. Zende decided he was going because at least one of them should.

Pam wanted to go with Zende. Ridge asserted that no one was going, and they'd all stay there as a group. Thorne noted that it wouldn't stop the wedding, but Ridge yelled that Eric would wake up and see his mistake in their absence. Ridge believed Eric would stop the wedding and not marry Quinn.

Back in the bedroom at the mansion, Ivy offered to help Quinn get dressed, but Quinn said she could do it herself. They had Champagne. Quinn fought off tears as she told Ivy that if the jewelry thing didn't work out, Ivy had a future in helping brides feel beautiful. Quinn was looking forward to saying goodbye to Quinn Fuller.

Quinn planned to walk down the aisle, holding her head with pride. She wouldn't be arrogant, but she'd show the others that she was humble and grateful. Ivy said there might finally be peace in the family. Quinn replied that it would be a day Eric wouldn't forget.

In the living room, Eric looked for Pam and Charlie, but none of the servers had seen them. Eric told Stephanie's portrait that she'd been the love of his life, but it was time for him to live again. He hoped that Stephanie was somewhere, happy for him.

Ivy entered and said Quinn was almost ready, and John sent his regards. Eric remarked that John was halfway around the world. Ivy asked where the guests were, and Eric couldn't believe it had gotten so late. "Well, they wouldn't not come. They --- " Eric stated. He reeled in disbelief and uttered, "They're not coming." He didn't know what to do with the ceremony about to start.

The officiant asked if they should wait, but at the top of the stairs, Quinn appeared on the overlook. Ivy took a seat. The music played, and Quinn descended the stairs. When she entered the room, her smile tightened and faded as she saw all the empty seats.

Quinn pouted, and Eric shrugged. His look beckoned her forward. Quinn smiled through her tears, tossed back her shoulders, and made her way down the aisle. The officiant told Ivy and the musicians that friends and family were gathered there to celebrate Quinn and Eric's bond.

Quinn stopped the ceremony. She said no one had shown up, and she wasn't worth it She wasn't worth Eric losing his family. She loved Eric, but she couldn't let him marry her.

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