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Ridge's feelings for Brooke begin to interfere with his plan to take back Forrester. Eric legalized his marriage, accepted Wyatt as his son, and sent Wyatt and Quinn to run Forrester. Quinn fired Ridge and Steffy and became the interim CEO of Forrester.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 17, 2016 on B&B
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R.J. urges Ridge to get Brooke back R.J. urges Ridge to get Brooke back

Monday, October 17, 2016

In the design office, Nicole held Lizzie and joked around with Rick about spoiling the baby. He said that he and Maya would do anything for Lizzie, no matter how outrageous. "Even asking you to be our surrogate to give her a little brother or sister," Rick added. Nicole, who couldn't imagine life without Maya, knew what it would mean to give Lizzie a sibling, her own very best friend, and someone to count on.

Nicole knew that she was the only one to give it to Lizzie the way Rick and Maya wanted, and it was a lot to ask of Nicole. As she fed the baby a bottle, Rick recalled his special closeness with Bridget while growing up. He couldn't imagine life without her, and it had been nice to see her when she'd visited Eric. Rick hadn't known what to expect when he'd gotten married and never would have dreamed that he and Maya would have so much because of Nicole.

Rick stated that asking Nicole to carry Lizzie had been an outrageous request, but Nicole had done it. He said that they had another outrageous request, which was to do it again. If Nicole didn't feel up to it, he and Maya would understand, and he could only imagine what it would feel like to give Lizzie a biological sibling.

Nicole asked Lizzie if she wanted a brother or sister. "'Please, Auntie Nicole,'" Rick said in a small voice. Nicole joked that he was subtle. Rick repeated that he knew it was too much to ask. He asked if Nicole had ever seen something so precious and perfect. "And we made her, the three of us," he stated. He said they'd be grateful if Nicole could find it in her heart to do it again, and he and Maya would be the best parents.

Nicole didn't worry about Rick and Maya as parents and said Lizzie was lucky to have Rick and Maya. "And you," Rick added as Nicole rocked Lizzie to sleep. To Rick, no one had made a greater sacrifice. Though there were other options out there, Rick and Maya had had to ask Nicole if she'd bless them and make them the luckiest family of four. Nicole reasoned that four was a good number. Rick and Nicole joked about Lizzie being in agreement.

In the photo studio, Zende photographed Sasha in a royal blue couture gown. Sasha obviously wasn't into the shoot, and Zende called for a break. She said she was good, but he asked what was going on. She revealed that she and Thomas had ended "whatever it was" they'd had. Zende inquired about the problem, and she said Caroline was back. "Oh," Zende replied.

Sasha explained that she didn't want to get in the way of Thomas and Caroline creating a family for Douglas. Zende thought it was big of Sasha, and Sasha asserted that life had taught her that the child's needs had to be first. Zende said the relationship with Sasha and Thomas had seemed promising. She said they were still friends, and it wasn't like it had gotten that far.

Sasha felt it was better it ended that way, with her own disappointment, than full-blown heartbreak. Zende called it self-preservation, but she said she'd wanted to preserve Douglas' chance to have a real family with two parents who loved him. Zende bit out that he knew two parents who loved so much that they wanted to do it again.

Sasha asked what was going on. Zende revealed that Maya and Rick wanted Nicole to be their surrogate again. "Wait. What?" Sasha exclaimed. She couldn't believe Rick and Maya's nerve to ask Nicole to go through it again. Zende said he'd reacted the same way. Sasha was sure he had because of the hardship it had caused the first time. It would be another year of Nicole's life, Sasha stated. She asked if anyone was thinking of how hard it had been on Zende.

Zende hoped Nicole was. "She bounced back the first time. I'll give her that," Sasha reasoned. To her, doing it the first time was saintly, but twice was just weird. Sasha believed Nicole had to turn it down and said there was no way Nicole could disrespect him like that.

In the CEO's office, Brooke couldn't believe Ridge had tried to steal the power of attorney from Quinn. Ridge claimed that he'd only attempted to appropriate it for the family. Brooke asked if he'd really thought he'd get away with it. He claimed that he hadn't; he'd just wanted it long enough to protect Eric and the family. He said that desperate times called for desperate measures, like Brooke marrying Bill so that Ridge could get Bill's shares.

Brooke wondered what would happen when Eric found out what Ridge had tried to do. Ridge hoped his father would understand his actions and that it wouldn't create a permanent rift between them. Brooke didn't believe Ridge would let it happen. Touching his jacket lapels, she expressed confidence in him. She knew that he'd been under stress. He asked if it showed, and she replied that it only showed to someone who knew him as well as she did.

Ridge was caressing Brooke's elbows as she fiddled with his lapels. R.J. cruised into the room. "Oh, boy," Ridge murmured, unhanding Brooke. Their son told them to get a room, and Ridge told him to learn how to knock. R.J. loved how his parents were still into each other. "I don't know what you think you saw..." Brooke replied. R.J. asserted that he'd seen his parents in their own little world, blocking out everything but each other.

Brooke and Ridge exchanged looks. R.J. said it had been annoying when he was a kid, but he'd since decided that it was cool. R.J. whipped out his phone and asked for a family selfie. The three took a picture and agreed that it felt good to have R.J. home.

Brooke received a message and said she had to go. She quickly left, and R.J. figured it had been Bill on the message. R.J. asked how Ridge could just let Brooke go to Bill like that. Ridge said Brooke was a grown woman who made her own decisions, and he had the company to worry about. R.J. said Brooke and Ridge could do it together, like the famous "Brooke and Ridge."

R.J. reasoned that it had been that way all his life. He noted that his father was a designer and instructed Ridge to design Ridge's life and put their family back together. In Ridge's silence, R.J. asked what woman Ridge had loved more than Brooke. "No one," Ridge uttered. R.J. took it to mean that Brooke was number one. Ridge only admitted that there was no one like her.

R.J. asked why Ridge would let Spencer, a tactless egomaniac, have her. R.J. asserted that Bill would treat Brooke as he had Aunt Katie. R.J. also believed that Bill was responsible for introducing them to "that crazy" Quinn. R.J. said he couldn't do it alone. Ridge replied that R.J. shouldn't sell himself short because the wedding would have happened already had it not been for R.J.

R.J. wanted to take action and work together with his father to get his mother back before it was too late. He said that Brooke deserved better; she deserved Ridge. R.J. believed that nothing was more important than getting Brooke back and begged Ridge not to let Brooke go.

In Bill's office, Bill said that Katie looked good. Katie thanked him for it and for the jet. Dripping with sarcasm, Katie expressed surprise that she and Will hadn't returned home to the huge announcement about the Brooke and Bill wedding -- after Bill had broken speed records to divorce Katie for it. Bill said nothing, and Katie moved on, saying she'd heard R.J. was back in town.

Continuing her sarcasm, Katie exclaimed that R.J. was super excited to have a new step-daddy. "Oh, he's not?" she knowingly asked in Bill's silence. Bill said that R.J. was having trouble accepting things. Katie quipped that Bill had been foiled by a teenager. Bill said that he and Brooke would still get married, but Brooke wanted to give her son time to adjust.

"Okay -- if that's what she's telling you," Katie said. She added that, in the meantime, R.J., Ridge, and Brooke were spending time together like one little happy family. She deduced that R.J. wielded a lot of power and asked who could know R.J would shut Bill completely out. Bill believed that he and Brooke were on track, and Brooke just needed time to help R.J. accept it. Katie reasoned that it was so -- unless Ridge and Brooke put their family back together for R.J.

Later, Brooke arrived to deep kisses from Bill, who'd missed her. She'd missed him too, but there had been a lot going on, starting with Eric. Bill asked how Eric was. Brooke reported that Eric had awakened. Bridget, who was with Eric at that moment before she had to catch her flight, had told Brooke that, even though Eric was in and out, he'd improved.

Brooke said there was the "thing" with Quinn. Bill asked what was new, and Brooke exclaimed that Ridge had "appropriated" Eric's power of attorney until Wyatt had told Quinn that she really had it. Bill didn't agree with Ridge usually, but Bill would have done the same thing.

Brooke said there was also R.J. Bill wanted to know when they'd started letting their kids tell them what to do. He felt they had to move on with their lives, and naysayers just had to deal with it. Brooke loved Bill and wanted to marry him, but R.J. needed more time. Bill didn't think it would change anything, and R.J. needed to deal with the inevitable.

Brooke asked Bill to understand what R.J. had returned home to. Bill stated that he and Brooke had been leaving, and the jet had been ready. They wouldn't even be having the conversation if they'd left thirty minutes prior. Bill thought it was a bad precedent to let her teenage boy dictate to her.

Brooke said it wasn't what R.J. was doing. Bill thought he'd been patient long enough. He had given enough time and didn't want a teenager dictating his life. Bill said parents being together didn't always work out the way R.J. wanted. Bill needed Brooke. He kissed her and said there would be no more waiting. They'd get married a soon as possible. Brooke hugged Bill with a faraway look in her eyes.

Bill began using his phone, and Brooke stared around hesitantly.

Eric speaks to his family Eric speaks to his family

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge, R.J., Brooke, Rick, Pam, Nicole, and Zende visited Eric. Rick noted that Eric had made a remarkable recovery, and Brooke told him how grateful she was that he was alive. The doctor entered and said that Eric had conquered a big hurdle because he had regained consciousness. Rick asked about recovery, and the doctor was grateful that Eric had improved enough to talk. Brooke and everyone noted how happy they were that Eric was awake.

The doctor left, and Brooke told Eric how worried the entire family had been. Pam agreed. Zende did too. Eric nodded. Ridge said they all loved him very much. Eric did not respond warmly to Ridge.

Rick encouraged Eric to get better. R.J. teased that he wanted to go surfing with Eric as soon as Eric was able. Zende agreed, and Eric smiled. Zende worried that Eric needed to improve to lead the family in Christmas carols. "Badass grandpa," Zende said. They all laughed.

Pam was grateful that Eric was on the mend. She said she was a "happy mess" and had prayed for him every day. Brooke said she was truly thankful. Eric smiled. Ridge said everyone wanted him to have a speedy recovery. The nurse entered and asked everyone to leave because Eric needed his rest. The family members kissed Eric and left. "Ridge. Stay," Eric said.

Ridge sat on the edge of the bed and told Eric that he was unsure what Quinn had told him. "Everything I did, I did to protect you. I hope you can see that," Ridge said. Ridge explained that he had assumed that Eric would have given him power of attorney. When he had seen that Quinn had power of attorney, he had panicked and hadn't trusted Quinn or her intentions.

Ridge wanted Eric to get better. Ridge apologized for missing Eric's wedding and took full responsibility for all he had done. He was sorry. "Are you?" Eric asked.

Eric said something about his wife, and Ridge said that Eric had not filed the papers. Ridge pulled papers from his pocket and noted that it was maybe not the right time to discuss the topic, but he'd had Carter prepare new power of attorney papers that named Ridge as power of attorney. Ridge explained that he was Eric's eldest son and had tried to protect the company that Eric and Stephanie had built for 50 years.

Ridge wanted Eric to be reasonable and remember that thousands of employees depended on the company. Ridge said someone needed to take care of things. "It has to be me. Let it be me," he said. Eric looked sad and said nothing.

Downstairs at the mansion, Wyatt and Quinn discussed that the family continued to treat her like a pariah. She wished they could see that she loved Eric and that he loved her. "You believe me, don't you?" She asked. Wyatt said he did.

Quinn said she believed Ridge would try to change Eric's mind and the minds of everyone in the family. "Wyatt, are you listening to me?" she asked. Wyatt whined that Steffy had left him because of Quinn's relationship with Eric. "Steffy left me and probably went back to Liam," he said. Quinn felt for him, but she maintained that she and Eric deserved to be happy. She advised Wyatt to fight for his marriage.

The family members walked down the stairs and interrupted Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn asked about Ridge, and Brooke said that Eric had wanted to speak to Ridge alone. The family left.

At Liam's, Steffy and Liam hugged. He begged her to promise that the previous night was the last they would spend apart. Steffy said her boxes were all ready and packed, but she wanted to be understanding of Wyatt because he was dealing with his crazy mom. She wished Wyatt could understand how dangerous Quinn was. She maintained that Quinn was dangerous enough for her end her marriage. She felt guilty for giving up.

Liam noted that Steffy had to take care of herself. "No one is safe," he said. Steffy agreed and worried that Quinn had wormed her way into Eric's life. She noted that Ridge despised Quinn. Steffy and Liam discussed that Quinn felt she had changed, but they agreed she had not. "I'm so glad you are not in that situation anymore," Liam said. They hugged.

Liam wanted Steffy to return to him right away, but Steffy said she didn't want to rub it in to Wyatt, and she wanted to be respectful. She didn't want to stay with Liam while she was married to Wyatt. She asked Liam to be understanding and sensitive. He agreed, but he teased that he wanted to wake up with her. They laughed and hugged. Steffy said she had to handle it best way she could. They kissed.

Ridge riles Eric, learns Quinn is the boss Ridge riles Eric, learns Quinn is the boss

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Pam had made some food for Eric, and Quinn asked why she hadn't left the house earlier. Pam said she often used Eric's kitchen, and she liked to cook for him. Quinn said it wouldn't be necessary anymore because she would take care of Eric. Pam wondered if Ridge was still with Eric, and Quinn said he was. Quinn knew that Pam didn't like her, but she said that she loved Eric. "You know Eric loves me," she said. She begged Pam to understand that they were building a life together. Pam looked skeptical.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Ridge pressured Eric to allow him to be Eric's power of attorney. "It has to be me," Ridge said. He insisted that he had to protect the family and the company. Ridge was happy that his father was improving every day, but until Eric was back at the helm of Forrester, Ridge maintained that he needed to be in charge.

Ridge admitted that he had not been happy with Quinn nor had he been happy that she was in Eric's life, but he couldn't let her run the company. Eric struggled to say that he knew what Ridge had done in the hospital. He knew that Ridge had kept Quinn away from him. "You should not have done that," Eric said.

Ridge said he didn't trust Quinn, and the issue was the company. Ridge wanted to run the company. Eric grew angry and upset, and Ridge noted that it couldn't be Quinn in charge. "Let Rick do it. Let Brooke do it," Ridge said.

"My wife," Eric said. He repeated it and struggled to remove his oxygen. He hit a call button that sent a signal to a monitor in the living room. It alerted Quinn. "Quinn," Eric called. "Quinn!" he shouted. Ridge tried to get Eric to calm down, but Quinn raced into the room. "My wife," Eric said. Quinn soothed Eric and asked if he wanted her to call the nurse. Eric kissed her hand. "You're upsetting your father," she told Ridge.

Quinn told Eric and Ridge that the doctor had been very clear that Eric needed his rest. Ridge backed away, and Eric shouted at him. "Go! Go!" Ridge turned away and left the room.

Later, downstairs in the living room, Ridge waited for Quinn. She asked why he had stayed and reminded him that he had upset his father. Ridge countered that Quinn had manipulated her way into Eric's life. Quinn wanted to find a way to get along.

Ridge accused Quinn of being a gold digger, and he ordered her to move along -- to Alaska, perhaps. Ridge told Quinn that she knew nothing about how to run a company the size of Forrester. He promised to move back into his father's office, and he encouraged her to find a nice "little corner where you can make your jewelry." He turned and noticed the portrait of Quinn hanging on the wall. He paused.

"Stay away from my kids," Ridge warned. He reminded her that he had the trust of all the Forrester clients and the responsibility of taking care of all the employees and customers. He advised Quinn that she could take care of Eric, but he warned that he would talk to the nurse every day. "If you do something not in the best interest of my father," he said. Quinn interrupted. She reminded him that she was there because she loved his father and he loved her.

Ridge scoffed that there had been many women in Eric's life. "Do me a favor. Look around. Notice something? None of them are here," he said. He reminded Quinn that she had moved from a dirty little apartment into the Forrester mansion and had done an admirable job of wrapping Eric around her finger, but he predicted it would all fall apart. He added that he and the family would be there to pick up the pieces.

"He will forget about you just like all the others. Make no mistake, Quinn Fuller, I'm gonna get rid of you," Ridge said, and he left. Quinn closed her eyes and sighed.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and R.J. discussed Brooke's relationships with Ridge and Bill. R.J. said he wanted his parents to be happy. R.J. wondered who Ridge and Brooke counted on when they needed someone. "Who will be there for you? Spencer? Do you count on him the same way you count on Dad?" R.J. asked. Brooke admitted that she and Ridge would always care for each other.

R.J. encouraged her to patch things up like they had before. Rick overheard the conversation and agreed with R.J. "Why can't you do that?" Rick asked.

Brooke insisted that she and Ridge bonded during stressful situations, but she wanted to marry Bill. R.J. left.

Rick asked Brooke about Ridge's plan that required her to marry Spencer in order to get his shares of the company. Brooke said that Ridge might not need the shares, and Rick asked if she could back out of marrying Bill, because Rick didn't want her to marry Bill. Rick pointed out how badly Bill had treated Maya. Brooke said she wasn't marrying Bill for the shares. Rick looked doubtful.

At Liam's, Liam and Steffy kissed and hugged on the couch. They had a glass of wine and said it felt right to be together. Liam said that was because they belonged together. "This is our home," Liam reminded Steffy. He added that they had a lot of memories there. He didn't want to be apart from her any longer. They made out.

Steffy noted that Liam looked happy. He agreed and said it had been a long time. Steffy said that she knew they couldn't pick up like nothing had happened. "But I'm ready to move forward. I want to be with you Liam," she said.

Liam guided her toward the bedroom. Steffy looked out the patio doors at the ocean, and Liam kissed her neck. They slowly undressed one another and made out. They eventually made love. Afterward, Steffy noted that Liam had never given up on them. "Not a possibility. I can't live without you," Liam said. Steffy felt the same way. "I thought I'd lost you, Liam," she said. They kissed passionately.

Eric takes a wife and a son Eric takes a wife and a son

Thursday, October 20, 2016

At the mansion, Quinn tended to Eric. He noted that she looked tired. Quinn hadn't slept much the previous night after she and Ridge had had a run-in. Eric began inquiring about what had happened, but Quinn didn't want to get into it or have Eric worry. He asked if she were stressed.

Admitting that she felt vulnerable, Quinn revealed that she'd hired a new security team for the house that would listen to her over Ridge. That way, Ridge couldn't move her out in the middle of the night. She didn't want Eric to worry and said she could handle herself with Ridge.

Downstairs later, Quinn greeted Wyatt, who was in a dim mood. She advised him to fight for Steffy, but Wyatt replied, "Whatever." He asked what was with the new security team at the house and was surprised to hear that she'd let Forrester's security team to go. Quinn said she needed people who'd listen to her over Ridge. Wyatt asked if she was trying to protect Eric or herself.

Quinn conveyed that she'd had another confrontation with Ridge the previous night. Ridge hadn't left the house as Eric had asked and had been waiting for Quinn downstairs to bark at her and threaten her. Wyatt asked if there had been serious threats.

Not one to take chances, Quinn said she'd hired a new security team who'd be loyal to her, not Ridge. She didn't want Ridge being there anytime he wanted and said no one would jeopardize her husband's recovery -- son or not.

Upstairs later, Wyatt and Quinn got a positive report from Eric's nurse. "Strong like bull," Eric said. The nurse warned that Eric couldn't do too much too soon. Quinn let the nurse take a break, and the nurse thanked "Mrs. Forrester" before leaving. Quinn loved the sound of the name.

Quinn assured Eric that the new security team was in place. Wyatt remarked that he'd heard things had gotten heated with Ridge. "Out of line..." Eric said, exerting effort to speak. Quinn said it didn't matter, and her goal was to keep Eric safe while he recovered. She remarked that she could use some support. "Move in," Eric said, staring at Wyatt. "Your mother needs you..."

Quinn was excited by Eric's proposal. She said it would give Wyatt a chance to spend time with her and Eric and get to know them as a couple. Wyatt admitted to having prior reservations about the couple, but he was beginning to see that they were good for each other. He thanked Eric for accepting Quinn and making her happy. Quinn began bubbling with thoughts about the move and said Wyatt could even have his own guesthouse. Quinn said he could think about it or just agree right then. Wyatt stopped her mid-muse, saying he didn't hate the idea of moving.

Just then, Carter entered with papers for Quinn. Eric had had the nurse message Carter to be there. Quinn saw that it was their unsigned marriage certificate and couldn't believe Eric had been thinking about that. "Unsigned. Have to fix that. Married legally," Eric replied. Quinn said he was the best man. The couple began kissing, and Wyatt decided to leave them to their private moment.

Eric asked Wyatt to stay. Eric said his family had left them alone at their wedding. "You stay now," Eric instructed Wyatt. Eric and Quinn signed their paperwork. Eric asked Carter to say "it." Carter pronounced them husband and wife. "And?" Eric added. Grinning, Carter instructed Eric to kiss his bride. As the couple kissed, Carter said they were officially married.

Eric and Quinn fondly said "my wife" and "my husband." Carter concluded that his work there was done, and he'd been happy to help. Carter took off, and Wyatt decided that the couple probably wanted to be alone. Turning to leave, Wyatt congratulated them. "Thank you, son," Eric said.

"I'm -- I'm sorry?" Wyatt emotionally replied. Eric stated that he'd like to call Wyatt "son." Wyatt didn't know what to say. After a second, he decided he'd be honored. Eric then asked Wyatt to move in and support his mother. "I guess I can make it work," Wyatt replied. Quinn hugged Wyatt, and he said it was just temporary.

Touching Wyatt's hand, Eric expressed his regret that Wyatt had lost Steffy. Eric said that he wasn't as pretty, but Wyatt had him.

In Bill's office, Bill enthusiastically greeted Donna and said it had been a long time. Donna loved traveling the world, but it was good to her to be home. She'd heard about Eric and knew it was time to return. Bill didn't think Donna's timing could be better for her to be there for her sister. Donna hinted to knowing about Bill and Brooke. Bill said he wanted to marry Brooke as soon as possible.

Over coffee with Bill, Donna stated that Brooke had said she and Bill had delayed their wedding, and Brooke felt that R.J. needed more time. Bill expressed frustration about letting a teenager run his life. Bill believed R.J. would resign himself to it once he realized he had no choice and that Bill made Brooke happy. Done wasting time, he wanted to make Brooke his wife as soon as possible.

Donna felt that Bill and Brooke had waited a long time to be together and had proven their commitment to each other. Donna supported the couple. Bill was glad to hear it and said that it would be great to have Donna there on their special day.

After ascertaining that Donna hadn't seen Eric yet, Bill warned that she'd have to go through Quinn. Donna didn't know what Eric had been thinking to get involved with that woman. Bill replied that people thought Eric hadn't been thinking, and Quinn was ensconced. Donna replied that they'd see how long it lasted, but they had a wedding to pull off in the meantime.

Bill stated that Brooke and he had been about to start their lives together when Ridge had stopped them in Abu Dhabi. Bill believed that the one thing Ridge couldn't stop was Bill and Brooke's real and permanent love. "He can't touch it," Bill concluded.

At Forrester, Ridge filled Brooke in on how things had gone when he'd tried to reason with Eric. Brooke was sorry about it. Ridge said he'd been trying to avoid the alternative, but it had gotten down to Brooke. It was up to her to get the shares. She conveyed that Bill wanted to get married right away, but she felt that R.J. needed more time. She reminded Ridge that R.J. thought his parents should be together. Ridge remarked that R.J. made sense.

Confused by the mixed signals, Brooke asked Ridge if he had feelings for her. "Of course I have feelings for you. What do you think?" Ridge replied. He stated that he had to stop Quinn but also didn't want to lose Brooke. Brooke pointed out that Ridge couldn't lose her because he didn't have her. She reminded him that she was marrying Bill. Ridge knew it but conveyed that she wouldn't remain with "that clown." Ridge believed Bill would say or do something stupid, and she'd leave.

Brooke asserted that she was marrying Bill because she loved him, not for shares that Ridge could use in a takeover that might not even happen. She thought it was still possible for Eric to realize what he'd done then kick Quinn to the curb. Ridge replied that Quinn was a problem, and once they'd taken her out, they could get on with their lives.

Ridge couldn't get the horrible image out of his head of Brooke about to marry Bill in Abu Dhabi. He couldn't stand the thought of Brooke being married to Bill for one second, even though it was to get the shares. Brooke asserted that she'd tell Ridge again -- she wasn't marrying Bill for a business transaction. It was because she loved Bill. Ridge asked if Brooke really wanted it.

Brooke affirmed it and said Ridge didn't have to worry about her. She didn't even know why they were talking about it. Ridge replied that there were a lot of memories, and R.J. had stirred them up. It didn't help that she was marrying a guy that Ridge didn't care for. "There's just something about you, Logan. I want you to be okay. I want you to be happy," Ridge said.

Brooke said she was, and Ridge should be happy for her because she'd be married to Bill. Brooke also thought Ridge should be happy for himself because he'd get the shares. Ridge was happy for himself about getting rid of Quinn and putting things back to normal. He said that Brooke would just have a little detour in her life, and "that's all." Brooke cocked her head, eyeing him, and Ridge studied her response.

"Bill is not a detour!" Brooke replied in a raised whispery voice. Ridge insisted that she couldn't be married to Bill, who didn't have any business looking at her, let alone marrying her. "Just get the shares and then get away from him," Ridge instructed, and Brooke's mouth fell open slightly at his gall.

A tune similar to the opening bars of "Bad to the Bone" sounded, and Brooke went to get her phone. Ridge assumed it was Bill calling. He was right. Bill was on the line to urge Brooke to get married, and she'd get her wedding present. He'd give her the Forrester shares, and she could hand them over to Ridge. Bill said he loved her, and Brooke replied that she loved him.

After the call had ended, Ridge asked if there was no talking Brooke out of it. "Ridge, come on!" Brooke replied. Shrugging, Ridge said, "Okay..." He turned from her, but in an instant, he whipped back around, slipped his hand around the nape of her neck, and planted a passionate kiss on her. Brooke stared quizzically at him.

Quinn issues out the new order of Forrester Quinn issues out the new order of Forrester

Friday, October 21, 2016

In Bill's office, Donna was surprised that Bill wanted to marry Brooke that very day. Bill replied that he'd wanted to do it "yesterday." Donna asked how her sister felt about it. Bill said he and Brooke loved each other, and they'd waited long enough. The timing was right, and even Ridge agreed. Again surprised, Donna asked why Ridge would want it when Ridge despised Bill.

Bill stated that it wasn't like Ridge wasn't getting something out of it. Bill referred to it as a present that would get rid of Quinn once and for all. Bill told Donna about the shares agreement, and she couldn't believe that he'd hand the shares over after all he'd done to get them. Bill guessed it meant that he was really in love with Donna's sister.

Once, alone, Bill made calls about more wedding plans. He flashed back on memories with Brooke. He sighed and smiled to himself.

At Eric's house, Wyatt announced that Eric and Quinn were officially married. He was glad he'd been there for the license signing even though he hadn't been at the wedding. Quinn was happy to be official and that Wyatt would move in and support her. Eric thanked Wyatt and instructed the two to go to Forrester and speak for him.

Wyatt asked what Eric was saying. Eric told Quinn and Wyatt to represent him until he was better -- and to oversee the company. "Everything for me," Eric stated. Quinn asked if Eric was sure and wondered about Ridge. Eric indicated that he couldn't trust Ridge. "Trust you. Support her, son," Eric uttered. Eric asked them to call a meeting. Quinn promised to do everything she could to guide the company for Eric, and she kissed him.

Downstairs later, Ivy arrived per Quinn's request. Wyatt and Quinn were headed out, and Quinn asked Ivy to stay there and not let anyone disturb Eric. Quinn added that Ivy was one of the few family members that Eric still appreciated, and Quinn didn't want anyone upsetting Eric, who was still miffed about no one being at the wedding.

"Hi, by the way," Ivy said to Wyatt. Quinn stated that Ivy and Wyatt could catch up later, and she announced that since Ivy lived in a guesthouse, she should know that Wyatt would be moving to the estate also. Wyatt added that it was temporary. Quinn instructed Ivy to hold down the fort, and Wyatt and Quinn took off.

At the sky lounge, Zende and Nicole worked out and flirted with each other. The two started kissing, and Pam and Charlie arrived. Charlie told the kissers to get a room. "No, don't," Pam said, frowning. She conveyed that Eric had called a meeting for the family and was sending his power of attorney to Forrester to conduct it.

At Forrester, Brooke was shocked by Ridge's kiss and asserted that he couldn't just do such a thing. Stammering as if reasoning with himself, Ridge muttered that the pieces were in place. She asked if she was just a piece of the puzzle. Ridge said Brooke knew she'd always be much more.

Ridge believed they had to secure the shares, or else everything was in Quinn's hands. Brooke stated that without a marriage, there would be no shares, and Ridge couldn't just kiss her like that. He roared that he couldn't just let her marry Spencer. "Unless it's what I want," Brooke asserted.

Rick and Thomas arrived, wondering why Ridge had asked for them to stop in.

Later, Thomas sketched at the table, and everyone else seemed to be working and waiting. Pam and Charlie entered and said Zende was on his way -- as was the "she devil." Charlie added that Wyatt was on the way, too. Ridge indicated that he'd handle them, but he wanted to make everyone aware that Steffy and Liam had reunited.

Ridge stated that Liam and Steffy wanted to keep it quiet out of respect for Wyatt and the divorce. Thomas murmured that he'd seen it coming. Rick added, "From a mile away." Brooke assumed it was why Steffy wasn't there, and Ridge said Liam and Steffy wanted to spend time together.

Pam wanted to see Eric while Quinn was off the estate. Quinn and Wyatt entered, and Pam said, "My cue." She and Charlie left.

When Charlie and Pam arrived at the mansion, they were excited about the lemon bars they'd baked for Eric. Pam was startled to see Ivy. Pam chuckled, saying that she and Charlie were there to see Eric. Ivy seemed uncertain, and Pam asked what was wrong.

Ivy said she was fine, but Eric was resting. Pam conveyed that she and Charlie would just pop their heads in. Ivy said she probably should call Quinn. Pam asked why. "For permission," Ivy sorrowfully said. Ivy stated that Quinn had told Ivy not to let anyone disturb Eric.

Pam and Charlie explained that they were only there to give Eric joy, love, and corner pieces. Ivy replied that Eric was still upset about the wedding. Pam said she'd apologized, but Ivy said she couldn't do anything because she'd promised. She stated that she had to ask them to leave.

Upstairs, Eric flashed back on his love for Quinn and what she'd said at their wedding about standing by him. He reflected on Ridge and Steffy's words about Quinn and what he'd said to the family about how the empty wedding had made him feel. He recalled yelling that they'd made him feel alone, and he became visibly upset.

Back at Forrester, Ridge sarcastically hailed Quinn, and Rick asked how Eric was. Quinn said Eric was improving every day. Ridge believed it meant that Eric would be back to running the company soon. Wyatt said it could take a while. Brooke felt that Eric could do it if he could speak. Ridge quipped that it meant Eric no longer needed a mouthpiece.

Quinn said that everyone wanted Eric to make a speedy recovery, but in the meantime, he'd asked her to speak to them on his behalf. Ridge replied that she could say whatever she wanted. It would go in one ear and out the other because Ridge only listened to his father.

Zende arrived, and Thomas said Zende was just in time. Quinn indicated that she was trying to follow Eric's instructions, which were to keep the peace. She understood Ridge's frustrations and noted that it wasn't her decision. Rick asked if they were to believe Quinn had gotten the power of attorney without even a nudge. Wyatt quipped that it was hard to believe that Eric trusted his wife.

Ridge asserted that Quinn wasn't Eric's wife. "Actually, she is," Wyatt corrected and explained that he'd witnessed the signing of the papers Carter had given the couple. Thomas asked what Wyatt was doing and noted that Wyatt had been just as against the marriage as the rest of them. Rick quipped that Wyatt was there at the cost of his own marriage. Quinn said it was a low blow.

Ridge thought it was a low blow to waltz in and give orders to the people who'd built the company. Quinn said she was sensitive to their work. Brooke said Quinn wasn't and had no concept of what she was doing to the family. Quinn replied that she was following her orders to keep an eye on things. Quinn wasn't there to bicker or lord over anyone. She was there for Eric, who wanted everyone's support. Quinn added that she wouldn't let anyone upset Eric.

Ridge accused Quinn of having a leash on Eric, who couldn't make rational decisions. Wyatt said it wasn't true, and Thomas quipped that the fan club was speaking up. Wyatt stated that he'd seen the couple together more than anyone. Wyatt had been skeptical, but he'd concluded that Quinn and Eric were good for each other. Ridge assumed Wyatt was "gonna help mommy make jewelry." Ridge declared that, power of attorney or not, he'd run Forrester, and they'd stay out of his way.

Ridge told Quinn to stay out of his face and the office and to let him run the company. Quinn replied that he wasn't running it. Rick contended that Quinn had no experience. Wyatt replied that she had the support and guidance of the one who had more experience than all of them. Quinn stated that Eric wanted them all to work together and asked if they'd seen how it had affected Eric. Ridge accused Quinn of causing it.

Quinn corrected that the family had caused it by not showing up to the wedding. She asked if they'd thought of how it would make Eric feel. They'd broken Eric's heart. Thomas and Zende replied that she'd backed them into a corner and that they'd had to take a stand. Rick asked if they should have celebrated it, knowing about Quinn's past. Quinn deemed her past irrelevant.

To Quinn, it was about them treating Eric like a child. She said it was the way the family had treated a man of Eric's age and accomplishments. She believed that Eric had been right to give power of attorney to his wife, whom he trusted, and she'd uphold his wishes to the letter. Quinn insisted that "these are his wishes," and she expected everyone to abide by them.

"Ridge, you're relieved of your duties, trying to run this company. I don't trust you. And since Steffy isn't here, will you give her the message that she is no longer the president?" Quinn said. Brooke asked who'd run the company. "Until Eric returns, I'll be acting CEO of Forrester Creations, Quinn announced.

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