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Quinn advised the Forresters that Wyatt, not Ridge, would oversee Forrester while she tended to Eric. On Bill's wedding day, Bill caught Ridge trying to talk Brooke into being with him. Bill called off the wedding and stock agreement. Nicole agreed to carry another baby for Maya and Rick.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 24, 2016 on B&B
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Brooke orders Ridge to respect her feelings Brooke orders Ridge to respect her feelings

Monday, October 24, 2016

At Spencer, Justin gave Bill a gift for the wedding that Justin insisted Bill would need that night. It was a promo picture of Brooke from the bedroom line. Bill wondered how Justin had gotten it. Saying that he had his sources, Justin figured Bill would need it that night because he couldn't see the bride the night before the wedding. Justin had asked himself what he'd get the man who had everything. Bill replied that he didn't have everything, but he would the next day.

Later, Evelyn, the wedding planner, met with Bill to consult on the home wedding. She wouldn't be there, but she had agreed to consult and advise Alison on it. When Evelyn asked if Bill had gotten a wedding gift for Brooke, he replied that he'd taken care of it. Justin stated that stock was "so romantic," and Bill could just have given a vacuum cleaner. Bill replied that the stock was like a vacuum that would suck Quinn out of the picture.

Alison entered after Evelyn had met with her. Alison wanted to review wedding plans, and Justin roared that it was time for Brooke to be Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer. Alison conveyed that the boat would be stocked and cleaned, and Bill needed to let the crew into the house to set up in the morning because she'd be meeting the caterers about the modest guest list. Bill replied that the list might be modest, but the wedding would be historic.

Bill poured Champagne, and as Alison and Justin joked about the gathering being the bachelor party. Bill proposed that they toast to his happiness and how much he deserved it.

At Forrester, Brooke wanted to know exactly what Eric had said to Quinn. Quinn replied that Eric had said he only trusted her. "And you interpreted that to mean...?" Rick asked. Wyatt didn't think interpretation was necessary. He'd been there and heard Eric say that he wanted Wyatt and Quinn to run the company. Thomas asked if it was based on Wyatt's vast fashion experience.

"On the basis of he said so," Wyatt quipped. Ridge concluded that Eric had lost his mind. Quinn disagreed, but Ridge claimed they couldn't know because Quinn kept Eric out of their sight. Wyatt asked when that had started happening, and Quinn stated that Eric, not Quinn, had thrown Ridge out. Ridge asked about the message from Pam that she wasn't allowed to see Eric.

Quinn seemed surprised to hear it, but she said "you people" thought they could show up whenever they wanted. Ridge accused her of holding Eric captive, as she'd done Liam. Rick told Quinn that she wasn't in charge, and she was a joke. Quinn didn't think it was a matter of who could run Forrester better and added that anyone in the room could run it beautifully.

"Yeah, without you," Rick quipped. Ridge thought that settled it and told Quinn to go home. Quinn noted that she was legally empowered to provide the CEO's signature where needed, and because Quinn preferred to be at home with Eric, someone would be there, with a proven track record, to work for her. Assuming that it was Wyatt, Thomas quipped that if they wouldn't take orders from her, they certainly wouldn't from "him."

Thomas mimicked Wyatt as Thomas said Wyatt had been saying he'd get Quinn away from Eric until Wyatt had seen things to his advantage. Wyatt replied that he'd seen what they'd all see if "you could get your heads out of your -- " Quinn told Wyatt to mind himself. Wyatt said Eric wanted Wyatt at the house for support, and Eric was safe and happy due to "this woman," who Wyatt admitted was also a stranger to him. He asked Quinn how she'd gotten so patient.

Quinn replied that Eric had made her want to be decent for him, and he'd made it easy. It had been hard on Quinn to be a young and single mother, and she'd had to fake being tough and mean. It had gone on for so long that she'd forgotten she'd been faking it.

Brooke thought they needed accountability. Quinn asked what form it would take. Brooke replied that it would be in consulting people who'd been in Eric's life for decades, not months. Brooke questioned Quinn's moral authority to sign checks. Quinn revealed that she'd dropped receipts by accounting, and Brooke could check them. Quinn hadn't spent anything on herself.

Quinn only wanted to honor Eric's wishes. Ridge replied that it meant her being in Eric's life, and Ridge couldn't have it. Wyatt said the others didn't have a clue as to how they were hurting Eric. Thomas told Wyatt to get off his high horse because Wyatt had hurt Eric, too, by not going to the wedding. Zende wished he could take back that choice and make it up to Eric.

Rick stated that they all did, but handing the company over to someone proven to be criminally insane wasn't making it up to Eric -- it was abandoning Eric.

Quinn believed that if they could get over old hostilities and work together, Eric would be proud of them. Claiming that Eric was already proud of them, Ridge said Eric would be even more so after they'd gotten Quinn out of Eric's life.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were alone in the office, and Ridge declared that the day was a catastrophe. Brooke tried to get Ridge to stop yelling. Ridge said he was pushing Brooke to marry a man he despised so he could get the stock to get rid of Quinn. Brooke didn't want to talk that way about her wedding day. Ridge wanted to call it a half day. He wanted her to get the shares then get out of there.

Brooke refused to do such a thing. She said she'd get the shares, but she'd also marry Bill. Ridge told her to get her marriage annulled later. Brooke said she wouldn't lie through her wedding vows. She wasn't that type of person. She said he had to stop kissing her, and it was ridiculous.

Brooke understood that Ridge thought that feelings were resurfacing due to the impending marriage and to R.J.'s desires. It was understandable to Brooke, but she wanted Ridge to consider how she felt about Bill. Brooke and Bill loved each other, and Bill made her feel as if she could do anything. Bill built her up, and that was the kind of person she wanted to spend her life with. She knew what she wanted and what R.J. wanted. She asked Ridge what he wanted.

At the mansion, Eric had been murmuring fitfully in his sleep. Ivy asked him if he was okay. He said he'd been dreaming. "Except not dreaming," he added after noticing that he was still sick in bed. Eric said he'd be okay, and Ivy agreed. Eric was sad about the rest of the family. Ivy stated that the family loved him, and she remarked upon Pam and Charlie arriving earlier.

Eric asked if he'd been asleep at the time, and Ivy conveyed that Quinn had thought it was best to ask people who could upset him to return when he was stronger. He replied that Quinn loved him and knew what was best. He was frustrated because he wanted to be a real husband to his wife. Ivy replied that he'd given Quinn things she'd never had, like dignity and respect, and all Quinn wanted to do was to love him back. Ivy asked what was more real that that.

Ivy handed Eric a picture of himself and Quinn and asked if he wanted to hear more of the book they were reading. Eric said he was lucky to have Ivy in his corner. Ivy wouldn't call herself a winning lottery ticket. Eric said he'd never thought he'd have love after Stephanie. Ivy replied that Quinn would probably say that she was the lucky one.

Later, Quinn arrived at the mansion, and Ivy was downstairs. Ivy updated Quinn on Eric and said she'd forgotten to let Quinn know about Pam and Charlie's earlier visit. Saying she knew about it, Quinn stated that Ivy had made a good call.

When Quinn arrived in Eric's room, he awakened from dreaming about her. He asked how it had gone at Forrester. Quinn revealed that they didn't like her or trust her, and she didn't have fans in the Forrester clan. Eric said she had him and Wyatt. Quinn stated that Brooke had been at the office, and Quinn had learned that Brooke and Bill would get married the next day.

Eric stated that Brooke liked being married. Quinn replied that Brooke wasn't the only one, and Eric had changed Quinn's life. Eric asked Quinn to listen to his chest. She placed her head there and said she heard breathing. "You hear love," he replied and kissed her head.

Wedding day arrives for Brooke and Bill

Wedding day arrives for Brooke and Bill

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

by Pam

At Bill's house, preparations were underway for Bill and Brooke's wedding. Caterers and florists scurried around the house, and Wyatt showed up. Bill asked him to be his best man. Bill told Wyatt that he knew the situation with Steffy had to be difficult for Wyatt. Bill wanted to focus on the positive for the day. Wyatt agreed, and he agreed to be Bill's best man.

At Brooke's, she eyed her engagement ring and took a call from Ridge on her cell phone. Brooke wondered if Ridge wanted a last-minute invitation to the wedding. Ridge said he had wondered if the wedding was still on. Brooke said it was. She wanted Ridge to understand that she wanted to marry Bill. Ridge wanted to get rid of Quinn and needed Bill's shares to do it.

Ridge had wished there was another way to get Bill's stock without Brooke marrying Bill. Brooke paused because R.J. entered and interrupted. Brooke told Ridge she had to leave. R.J. tried to convince Brooke not to marry Spencer.

Brooke insisted that she really loved Bill. R.J. quizzed Brooke about her feelings for Ridge, and Brooke admitted she and Ridge would always love one another, but she planned to marry Bill. "Just give Bill a chance," Brooke advised. R.J. insisted that Bill was the last person Ridge would ever want her to marry.

Brooke wanted R.J. to reconsider attending the wedding. He refused. Donna showed up and greeted Brooke and R.J. with "Happy wedding day!" R.J. did not look happy, and Donna said she felt she had interrupted something. R.J. wanted Donna to persuade Brooke not to marry Bill. "Bill Spencer?" You're making a mistake," R.J. said. He left, and Brooke looked pensive.

Donna claimed R.J. was just a moody teenager and would get over it. She offered to help Brooke get ready at home rather than at Bill's, but Brooke declined. She worried that R.J. was too unhappy. Seeing her in a wedding dress wouldn't help. Donna worried that it was bad luck to see the groom before the wedding, but Brooke scoffed and said she didn't believe in that superstition.

At Forrester, Ridge sat in his office, and Rick entered. Ridge wondered if Rick planned to attend the wedding. Rick explained that Brooke had said it was an intimate ceremony, and he planned to avoid it. "What's going on in that head of yours?" Rick asked. He wondered if Ridge planned to crash another of Brooke's weddings. Ridge was surprised that Rick objected to Bill.

Rick admitted that he hated Bill, and he'd never liked Ridge, but Ridge was the better choice for his mother because Ridge and Brooke had loved each other most of their adult lives. Rick wondered how Ridge could allow Brooke to marry a man he despised.

Ridge said he was worried about the company. He couldn't let anything happen to it. They needed the shares to stop Quinn.

Rick countered that Brooke's marriage could last for a lifetime, but Ridge scoffed that it would not last that long. Rick argued that Brooke loved Bill. He wondered if Ridge was willing to accept that Brooke could be lost to him forever. "I wouldn't count on it imploding," Rick said.

R.J. entered and wondered why no one was stopping Brooke. Ridge said that R.J. didn't understand that Brooke wanted to marry Bill. R.J. maintained it was a catastrophe. Ridge understood his son was frustrated. "You have to stop this wedding before it's too late," R.J. demanded.

At Bill's, Wyatt wondered if Bill had a backup best man if Wyatt had said no, and Bill said that Justin would have stepped in. Wyatt noted that Bill seemed very calm. He wondered where Alison was, and Bill said she was taking care of last-minute details, and Justin was as well. Bill maintained that everything was under control. He couldn't wait to wake up with Brooke as his wife. Wyatt noted that his father would have everything, and he deserved it.

Alison and Justin arrived, and everyone gushed that Alison looked beautiful. She said the minister was on his way. She left to check on the caterers. Wyatt and Justin marveled that Bill seemed calm. Bill joked that he was "super cool."

Donna arrived and announced that the bride had also arrived. Alison returned and worried that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Bill scoffed. Bill told Brooke that she looked radiant. Brooke said he was romantic. Donna and Justin exchanged some romantic looks after Donna reminded him that he had been very romantic during their wedding.

Everyone left Brooke and Bill alone, and the couple agreed to sign the marriage license before the minister left. They agreed that after all they had been through, it had all been worth it. They kissed.

R.J. becomes the voice of reason

R.J. becomes the voice of reason

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

by Pam

At Bill's house, Brooke prepared for her wedding to Bill, and Donna talked about their father and how he loved photos of Marcus' daughter. She giggled that it was cute, but Brooke seemed to not be listening. Donna noted that Brooke had a concerned expression -- an odd look to be wearing on her wedding day. "Something wrong?" Donna asked.

"It's Ridge," Brooke said. "What now?" Donna asked with a sigh. Brooke explained that Ridge had wanted her to marry Bill because he had a plan. Donna had no idea what Brooke was talking about. Brooke explained that Ridge had to get control of Forrester back from Quinn, and Bill was giving Brooke shares of the company as a wedding gift. Brooke planned to give them to Ridge, who needed them to wrest the company away from Quinn.

Donna couldn't believe that Ridge wanted the shares so badly that he wanted Brooke to marry Bill. She knew that Ridge hated Bill, and Donna couldn't believe that Brooke would consider it. Brooke added that Ridge had kissed her and hoped she'd leave Bill after she married him.

Donna was incredulous and asked if Brooke had feelings for Ridge. She reminded Brooke that she shouldn't be talking about Ridge on her wedding day to Bill. "I love Bill," Brooke said. She added that she had to get her hair done and get dressed. She explained that Quinn had such a hold on Eric and the company that the entire family was worried, and Ridge had been sending mixed signals because R.J. was home and wanted them to be together as a family.

Donna wanted Brooke to be sure that she was getting married for the right reasons and didn't have residual feelings. Donna worried that Ridge would swoop in again "and throw your life into chaos." "I know," Brooke said tearfully. Brooke put on her makeup and flashed back to Bill's proposal. She smiled.

Donna carried in Champagne for herself and water for Brooke, and they toasted. "To my big sis," Donna said. She gushed that Brooke and Bill would soon be husband and wife. "Really happy for you, babe," Donna said. They clinked glasses, and Brooke appreciated Donna's help. "Did he realize how unfair he was being? Donna asked about Ridge.

Brooke maintained that Ridge was looking out for her best interests. Brooke reminded Donna that they shouldn't dwell on Ridge. Donna said she had been surprised by Brooke's news. "I hope you set him straight. You said you love Bill," Donna said. Brooke agreed she did, but she looked unclear.

At Forrester, R.J. insisted that Ridge had to stop Brooke from marrying Bill Spencer. Ridge confided that he and Brooke had a plan. He explained that Bill owned shares of Forrester, and he planned to give those to Brooke as a wedding present. Ridge needed the shares to oust Quinn -- or she would destroy the company. "What about Mom?" R.J. asked.

Ridge told his son not to worry because he would be together with Brooke eventually. "It's Bill Spencer. He'll say something stupid, and she will leave," Ridge said. R.J. was incensed that Ridge would allow his mother to get away. R.J. complained that Ridge was throwing their family away. "You love Mom. Stop her. This is insane," R.J. said.

"It's extreme," Ridge admitted. He lamented that Eric wouldn't listen to reason. R.J. worried that his mother planned a life with Bill, and it might be forever. "This is your last chance, or you could lose her for good," R.J. said. He and Ridge argued about Brooke's long-term plans. "Are the shares that valuable?" R.J. asked. He added that Ridge and Brooke had shared that they had fallen in love at first sight when she had catered a party at Eric and Stephanie's house.

"How many times have you told me the story?" R.J. asked. Ridge admitted it made him sick to let Brooke go, but it was what she wanted. R.J. accused Ridge of being obsessed with getting rid of Quinn. "Stop the wedding before it's too late," R.J. demanded. "You're right," Ridge said, and he left.

Downstairs at Bill's, Bill patiently waited for Brooke and the minister. Wyatt joined him and said he would be the "best best man you'll ever have." Bill reminded his son that it would be his last wedding. Alison joined them and said that the minister was stuck in traffic. Justin joined them, and he, Wyatt, and Alison all marveled at how calm Bill was. "That's the effect Brooke has on me," he said.

The minister arrived, and they all chatted. Bill checked with Wyatt to make sure he had the rings, and the minister asked about the bride. Bill confirmed she was there and getting ready upstairs.

Later, Alison, Wyatt, and Bill grew impatient. Bill wanted to head upstairs to see what the holdup was, but Alison advised against it. Bill worried that Brooke had taken too long. Alison said she had told the caterers to combine the cocktail hour and reception together. Wyatt offered to sneak up and ask what the delay was. Bill declined his offer and said he knew it would be worth it.

Upstairs after Brooke was dressed, Donna and Brooke said that Brooke would have an incredible life with Bill. "There's nothing he wouldn't do for me and the children," Brooke said. She agreed she was ready to go downstairs. Donna tearfully left the room to tell Bill the ceremony could begin.

Suddenly Ridge barged in. "You can't do this, Brooke," he said. Donna reminded Ridge that Brooke was busy, and her groom had been waiting downstairs. Ridge encouraged Brooke to call it off. "I don't care about the shares. I care about you more," Ridge said. He explained that he just had to hope that his dad would realize he had made a mistake in the same way that Ridge had.

Ridge said that they could have their family back together. He realized that he had made mistakes and had "some pretty hurtful misunderstandings." He didn't want to live his life that way. "I love you. I always have," Ridge said. He begged Brooke not to marry Bill.

"Don't marry that guy. Spend the rest of your days with me," Ridge implored Brooke. She gasped and blinked away tears.

Bill catches Ridge with the bride

Bill catches Ridge with the bride

Thursday, October 27, 2016

At Forrester, Zende and Nicole made out against the door inside the design office. As they kissed, they talked about the upcoming Halloween party. Zende had their costumes picked out already. He showed her Dracula and Dracula's bride costumes. Nicole didn't think there was much to her outfit, and she wasn't into Dracula. Zende said Dracula was the ultimate dude, "sexy as well."

Kissing Zende, Nicole said she couldn't argue with the sexy; however, her costume was too little. He replied that Halloween was about doing sexy out loud, but Nicole replied that she wasn't the type. He didn't believe that about the hottest woman on the planet. Nicole lovingly replied that he could be Dracula, but she'd pick out her own costume.

Zende admired how sexy Nicole was and said she was sexier than any model in the building. Nicole didn't know about all that. He still couldn't believe Maya and Rick had asked for another baby. "I know," Nicole replied. She claimed that they hadn't pressured her, but Zende insisted that asking was pressure. She didn't see it that way.

Zende guessed that it had him on edge because he still had so many plans for himself and Nicole -- like to see the world and experience other cultures. He wanted to make real memories with her. Locking the door, he added, "Starting right now." He propped her on the desk.

Nicole's phone rang. Zende said not to answer it, but Nicole said it was Maya's tone. Nicole answered and discovered that she'd forgotten to meet Maya for a "catch-up" session. Zende didn't want Nicole to go, but she said she could handle her sister. Zende replied that Nicole knew what to say and said it was to tell Maya sorry but wrong timing. Nicole agreed and said not to worry. He told "Dracula's bride" to hurry back, but kissing him, she said she'd be a nurse.

Over tea at Brooke's house later, Nicole and Maya discussed Rick and Maya not attending Brooke's wedding. Maya said the event was intimate, and she and Rick weren't fans of Bill. Maya hoped that the request she and Rick had made hadn't caused problems for Zende and Nicole, but they'd had to at least ask. Nicole replied that she would have been hurt it they hadn't.

Maya beamed that Lizzie had given Rick and Maya a lot of joy and love. It was all because of Nicole. In Lizzie, Maya saw Nicole, Rick, their parents, and Sasha on her good days. Nicole said that sometimes, she held Lizzie and just stared at her. Claiming it wasn't pressure, Maya asked if Nicole had thought more about her and Rick's request. Nicole replied that she had.

In the CEO's office, Rick arrived and saw R.J. inside. The brothers greeted each other. Rick asked how R.J. was doing because of the wedding. R.J. relayed that he knew the truth about the stock plan, but there was no way the wedding was happening. R.J. thought Ridge's plan to put the company first and hope Brooke crawled back to Ridge eventually was idiotic. R.J. believed that he'd gotten through to Ridge, and Brooke wouldn't be Mrs. Bill Spencer.

Rick conveyed that he and his brother each despised Bill, but for their mother to go back to Ridge -- who was the lesser of two evils in Rick's book -- might be like a lifetime of drama. Rick didn't think their mother was about that anymore. R.J. knew Rick didn't like Ridge or want him with Brooke. Rick replied that despite his feelings, between the two men, Ridge was a better fit.

Rick cautioned R.J. to remember that Brooke had real feelings for Bill, and it might not work out the way R.J. wanted it to. R.J. said he wasn't doing it for himself. He was doing it for his parents.

In Bill's bedroom, Brooke couldn't believe Ridge was doing it to her on her wedding day. Ridge asked Donna to give him a minute with the bride. Frustrated, Brooke advised Donna to tell Bill that Brooke needed a little more time. Donna left, and Ridge started over, saying, "Hi. Don't do this. Don't marry Spencer."

Brooke asked what had happened to the big plan. Ridge stated that it didn't matter. He just wanted to spend his life with Brooke. Brooke repeated his statement to him, and he said that he absolutely did want it. She told him that he'd said he wanted the wedding to Bill. Ridge called it a momentary lack of judgment, but he was back from it.

Ridge didn't want Brooke with anyone, really, but especially not Bill. "The thought of you two together -- I just can't do it -- so why don't we just go downstairs together, and we'll call it off," Ridge proposed.

Downstairs, Bill wanted to know what was taking so long. Justin and Wyatt tried to help Bill be patient. Donna approached Bill, who asked what was taking so long. "Things," Donna nervously replied. She said it was hair and makeup, and Brooke needed a few moments to gather her thoughts. The officiant decided to get some air on the balcony.

Alison said that Bill had no idea the effort that went into preparing to be a bride. "Neither do you," Bill quipped. Alison countered that assisting counted. Bill wanted to go up there, but Donna advised him not to tempt wedding fate any further. "I got this," she added, going toward the stairs.

Donna returned to the bedroom to hurry things along, but Brooke asked for a few more minutes. Donna exclaimed that she'd barely been able to keep Bill from going to the room. She watched Ridge and Brooke exchange glances and said, "Oh, boy. Okay. Back I go. Wish me luck."

Donna left, and Brooke told Ridge that he was being unfair. Ridge said he'd tried to be fair and to respect the feelings she had for Bill, but Ridge thought he was also being fair by telling her about his feelings. Ridge stated that he, Brooke, and R.J. had a chance. In disbelief, Brooke asked about the shares, the company, and Quinn.

Ridge didn't care about any of it. He only cared about himself and Brooke. He said no one could do for them what they could for each other. Ridge missed it, and he believed that she did, too. He asked her not to say the vows and not to marry Bill.

Deciding that Ridge didn't dictate who she'd marry, Brooke told Ridge how things would go. He'd leave, and she'd marry the man she wanted to marry. She said Ridge would get the shares, and everyone would get what they wanted. It wasn't what Ridge wanted, and he didn't think she wanted it, either. She said it wasn't his decision, and she had to get ready.

Ridge urged Brooke to call off the wedding. He said their family was "all right there," and he wanted her to spend her life with him. Brooke implored him not to do that. She said that when she made vows and promises, she meant them. If Ridge didn't know that, then he didn't know her.

Back downstairs, Bill questioned Donna and figured out that little Ridge was up there with Brooke. Donna denied it, and Bill asked why she was so nervous. Donna replied that weddings made her nervous, as did Bill when he was all "growly." Bill tilted his head almost imperceptibly, and nodding, Alison slipped up the back stairs while Donna's back was turned.

Alison reached the bedroom door and eavesdropped on Ridge saying that he and Brooke had been together all their lives. He knew her, and what she felt for Bill didn't compare to what she felt for Ridge. Ridge said it had been that way since the first time they'd seen each other across the room. He knew it sounded weird, but it was true. They'd found their future that day. Ridge said Brooke couldn't throw it away because of Bill. Alison walked away from the door.

Brooke told Ridge that she loved Bill, and she'd be his wife.

Back downstairs, Justin asked Donna if Bill had reason to worry. Stalling, Donna suggested that she and Justin meet the pastor. Nearby, Wyatt still tried to quell Bill's impatience; however, in the middle of Wyatt talking, Bill saw Alison return and strode over to her.

Alison reported that she hadn't seen Brooke. Bill said it was the whole point of going upstairs. "She's not alone," Alison stated. Bill said it was impossible because Donna was down there with them. "Is it Katie?" Bill suddenly asked. Alison revealed that there had been a man's voice. Bill's face tightened in revelation. "What the hell!" he said and stormed off.

Back upstairs, Ridge sat Brooke on the bed. He was aware that the day they'd met had been a long time back. He said things had changed, they'd changed, but their love had remained the same. They'd always had a connection. It wasn't the same, but he knew they could get it back. She said his name, but he told her not to stop him because he was on a roll.

Ridge stated that they'd always gotten in trouble and done a lot of weird things, but one of them had always been smart enough to wake up. That day, it was him who'd awakened after R.J. had asked if getting the shares and getting rid of Quinn was worth losing Brooke. "Just like that -- I was awake. I don't want to lose you. I don't care if I lose the company, if I lose everything, as long as I don't lose you," Ridge declared.

Brooke told Ridge that he'd wanted her to marry Bill just the previous day. "Well, yesterday, I was an idiot. I was wrong," he said. She asked what it would be the next day. "Tomorrow, I'll still be an idiot, but I'll be a happy idiot if you're with me," he reasoned. Brooke smiled at the sentiment but said she loved Bill. Ridge replied that she didn't.

Brooke said that Ridge couldn't just have his way. To Ridge, it wasn't about getting his way. It was about righting a wrong. He said that they never should have separated, and there was only one true love of one's life. He loved Brooke. He always had. He was sorry for losing sight of it, and he was sorry that he hadn't always fought for her. He was sorry he'd put her in that ridiculous situation, but he'd try to make it up to her. "Get your stuff. Let's go home," he uttered.

Brooke gazed at Ridge. Her eyes shifted to look beyond him, and when Ridge turned to see what she was looking at, he saw a smoldering Bill filling the doorway.

Bill and Nicole struggle with big decisions

Bill and Nicole struggle with big decisions

Friday, October 28, 2016

At Forrester, Sasha and Zende were in the design office. Their photo shoot had been postponed because a crew was decorating backstage for Halloween. Sasha noticed Zende's tension, and he revealed that Nicole was with Maya. He supposed Sasha knew what that meant. Sasha replied that Maya was pitching the surrogacy again.

Zende supported Maya and Rick's desire to have as many kids as they wanted, but in his view, it didn't need to involve Nicole. Sasha asked if Zende was concerned that Nicole would do it. He replied that he was worried about the guilt Nicole would experience for declining. He was confident that Nicole would never be the surrogate again.

Zende hoped Nicole didn't take too long in letting Maya down because they had a party to plan for. Sasha suggested that the three of them hang out at the party and celebrate. He replied that turning Maya down would be something to celebrate, but he hoped Nicole would be in the mood.

Sasha exclaimed that a huge weight would be off Nicole, who'd be the first on the dance floor. Zende dubiously agreed. Sasha said it would work out, and Nicole wouldn't let him down.

At Brooke's house, Nicole conveyed that the surrogacy had been all she'd been thinking of. Maya said she and Rick hadn't meant to stress Nicole out. Nicole replied that they'd been good and patient about it. Maya knew it was a lot to process and asked if Nicole had decided.

Nicole stated that she'd made a decision. Nicole thanked Maya again for not pressuring her. Maya said it would mean a lot to them, so they hadn't been able to refrain from at least asking. Nicole conveyed that she'd tried to explain her maternal instinct to Zende, but she doubted any man could understand it.

Nicole had felt a sense of duty to Lizzie -- a strong desire and self-expectation that it should be Nicole. The thought of another surrogate made Nicole jealous. She felt it should be her genes and body. Maya asked what Nicole was saying and if she'd do it. The thought of Nicole giving Lizzie a sibling filled Maya up, and she asked if Nicole would do it. "No, I can't. I'm sorry," Nicole replied.

Maya tried to hide her disappointment. Nicole sobbed, attempting to explain, but Maya didn't want Nicole to feel she had to explain. Maya and Rick had meant it about not pressuring Nicole. They'd just felt they'd had to ask. Nicole replied that she was glad they had done so.

Maya heard Lizzie cry through the baby monitor. Maya retrieved the child, who'd been napping. Nicole asked to hold Lizzie. Maya handed the child over and told Nicole not to feel bad about doing what was right for herself. Nicole asked if Rick and Maya would get another surrogate. Maya didn't know and said she and Rick had a lot to talk about.

Maya thanked Nicole for even considering it. Maya conveyed her gratitude for all Nicole had done already and for who Nicole was. Nicole was in awe of the respect from her trailblazing sister who'd known who she was before others had seen. Nicole looked up to Maya and encouraged Maya to imagine if Lizzie had a sibling who'd look up to her like that.

Maya asked what Nicole was saying. "I'll do it. I want to do it," Nicole replied. Maya gasped and asked if Nicole was sure. Nicole said she was, and Maya sobbed, thanking Nicole. The sisters said they loved each other and kissed Lizzie.

In Bill's bedroom, Brooke gasped Bill's name. Striding into the room, Bill remarked that Ridge was pathetic and so nervous that he wouldn't get the shares that he wanted to convince Brooke that she was his reason for breathing.

Ridge claimed not to give a "damn" about the shares. He was there for Brooke. He said that if they were honest, they all knew the marriage would eventually implode, and then Ridge would have the shares and his family. Brooke stepped between the men. She disagreed and said Bill knew all about getting the shares; however, she asked Ridge why he'd think the rest of it.

Bill wanted to know that, too, and he wanted to know why Ridge would think there was the slightest chance that Brooke would be with Ridge. Bill asked if Brooke was only marrying him for the shares. Brooke denied that her choice had anything to do with the shares. She loved Bill and wanted to marry him.

Bill contended that Brooke had let "this idiot stay up here" and tell her why she should walk away from him. Bill said Ridge was a poor excuse of a man who'd forgotten her and walked away from her over and over. Bill asked why he hadn't arrived and seen Brooke slapping Ridge or hadn't overheard her saying to get lost. She said she'd at least had to hear out R.J.'s father.

Brooke insisted that she wanted to marry Bill and only Bill. Bill asked if any of it was a manipulation or to get the shares. Brooke denied it. She admitted that she wanted to give the shares to Ridge to get Quinn out of Forrester, but it wasn't the only reason she wanted to marry Bill. Brooke was ready to start her life with Bill and asked if he believed her.

Bill didn't like that he'd been downstairs waiting to exchange vows, but Brooke had been upstairs with "this bozo." Bill said Ridge had ruined the first wedding and was out to do it again. "And you think we're getting married today? Hell, no. Wedding's off," Bill declared.

Bill turned to leave, but Brooke grabbed his arm, saying to wait because she wanted to be his wife. "Then why didn't you throw his ass out? Why didn't you come find me?" Bill asked. He said that instead of doing either, Brooke had left him downstairs, wondering what was happening. Brooke apologized. She said they'd get married and fly to the yacht. "We should go," Ridge said.

Brooke batted Ridge's hand away and told him to stop. She asserted that Ridge was leaving, and she and Bill would get married. She said to forget about the shares. Bill didn't know how to forget them when he suspected that she'd agreed to marry him because of them. Brooke said to forget the shares. She didn't want the shares. She only wanted Bill.

Brooke stated that she should have made Ridge go. Bill said it was the problem -- Brooke didn't instinctively know how wrong it was to be up there, talking to Ridge, while Bill was waiting at the altar. Bill felt it was wrong to let Ridge try to talk her into a life with him after he'd conned Bill out of the shares. Bill said Brooke should have shut Ridge down, but her not doing so without Bill's prompting had told Bill all he needed to know.

"Bad move, Ridge. You'll never see those shares now," Bill said to Ridge. Looking at Brooke, Bill repeated, "Bad move." Bill stormed out, and Brooke followed him.

Downstairs, Alison, Wyatt, Justin, and Donna discussed Alison's trip upstairs that had resulted in Bill going up to investigate the male voice she'd heard in the bedroom. "How strange," Donna remarked. Alison ordered Donna to fess up, but Donna played dumb.

Wyatt and Justin figured that Donna knew who was up there with Brooke, and Donna admitted that it was Ridge. Alison felt that Bill was capable of handling an eleventh-hour Ridge tantrum. Justin wasn't too worried about it and said Bill knew Justin would help "cool Ridge off" if it got down to it. Donna's eyes bulged, and she fidgeted in response.

The officiant returned from a walk on the grounds. The others explained that the bride and groom were working out last-minute details. "With the bride's ex-husband," Wyatt added. The officiant called it unusual and asked if there would be a wedding. Wyatt replied that they didn't know. Just as they were deciding whether to check on the couple, they heard raised voices.

Brooke was on Bill's heels as he entered. She asked him to wait. Bill mirthlessly apologized because a wedding wasn't happening that day. Ridge had followed them and stood behind Brooke, who asked everyone to stay. To Bill, she said they were getting married. "Not like this," Bill responded. Brooke claimed it was even better "like this."

Brooke stated that she and Bill knew marriage could be tough, but it was how they handled things that counted. She wanted them to show each other respect and love. "Come on, Bill, let's do this," she said. Bill inclined his head, and she told the officiant that they were ready.

Looking over her shoulder, Brooke ordered Ridge to leave. Ridge attempted to speak, but Brooke said she and Bill didn't want him at their wedding. Ridge strode out the front door. Brooke said Ridge was gone, and she and Bill could get married.

Bill wordlessly strode to the altar, and everyone else began to take their seats. Brooke joined Bill at the altar, and the officiant asked if they were sure they wanted to do it. Brooke replied that they were. She kissed Bill, and his expression softened. The officiant began by saying they'd gathered there that day to join Brooke and Bill in holy matrimony.

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