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A drunken Zende wound up in Hawaii with Sasha after Nicole revealed her intention to be a surrogate again. Bill walked out on his wedding to Brooke, and after learning about Ridge's coup attempt, Eric trusted only Quinn. Wyatt agreed to a divorce, and Steffy moved in with Liam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 31, 2016 on B&B
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Zende walks out on Nicole Zende walks out on Nicole

Monday, October 31, 2016

At Bill's house, Brooke and Bill were at the altar. The officiant read a Bible verse about love and asked if anyone had just cause as to why the couple shouldn't be joined in marriage. Bill's mouth wound up as if he'd speak, but he didn't.

As the officiant continued speaking, Bill fidgeted. Finally, he said to stop. Bill couldn't go on with the ceremony because the day had been tainted by Ridge. Bill believed that he and Brooke deserved better for their wedding day. Brooke asked him not to do it. Bill replied that they would get married, but not that day. Bill strode out the front door as Brooke called after him, saying that he couldn't just leave her at the altar.

Later, Bill walked into his dark house. The flowers were gone, and someone had stacked up some of the guest chairs. He poured a drink.

At Brooke's house, Maya couldn't believe what she was hearing. Holding Lizzie, Nicole said she not only wanted to give Rick and Maya another child, but she wanted to give Lizzie a sibling. Nicole wanted Lizzie to experience a bond like Maya and Nicole's.

Maya asked about Zende. Nicole replied that he'd "come around" the first time, and she had to believe she could get him to see how beautiful it was again.

Later, Maya located Rick in the CEO's office at Forrester and said that she had something for him. Rick hoped it wasn't a costume because they'd agreed to forgo the party. She presented him with a small gift box, and he pulled an egg out of it. He looked confused and asked if it was his dinner.

Maya said to think about it, and Rick realized that she'd spoken to Nicole. Maya exclaimed that Nicole had agreed, and Maya and Rick would have another baby. The happy pair hugged.

In the backstage area downstairs, the Halloween party was in full swing. Thomas and Caroline wore matching steampunk outfits, and she thanked him for agreeing to be her date. They discussed how incredible it was that they'd take Douglas trick-or-treating in a few years.

Zende approached and joked that Thomas, who wore a harness for a shirt, had forgotten the rest of his costume. Thomas joked with Zende about his Dracula costume, and Zende remarked that he was still waiting for Nicole to get there.

Later, Charlie and Pam entertained Caroline and Thomas with southern accents that went along with their Civil War-era gentleman and belle costumes. They asked where Zende was, and Thomas informed them that Zende had received a text message from Nicole.

In the design office, Zende arrived to meet Nicole. He was smiling and chuckling, but her arms were folded, highlighting her seriousness. He told her to tell him about what had happened with Maya while she got dressed, and he noted that he had to finish up his costume, too. Nicole said they needed to talk and that she'd told Maya she'd be the surrogate again.

"Nicole! We agreed! We were on the same page!" Zende exclaimed. Nicole explained that she'd declined it, but watching Maya and Lizzie had made Nicole feel an intense connection with them. She didn't want to deny Lizzie a sibling. He argued that it wasn't Nicole's responsibility or her job to have a baby for them. Distraught, he asked if she would really put him through it again and cited that she'd just had a baby. He asked if it really had to happen again right then.

Nicole replied that she wanted to do it. Zende asked why Rick and Maya couldn't choose adoption or a different surrogate. Nicole said Zende had seen what a miracle it had been, and she wanted to give Rick and Maya a family, not just a baby. Zende replied that she'd put his and her lives on hold. He said she couldn't expect him to do it again.

Nicole stated that it had been decided. She was doing it, and she needed Zende to understand. He asked how she could do it to them. She reasoned that it was a lot to ask, but they'd been committed and had made it through before. "Barely," he added. She felt like she was losing him and said she wouldn't lose him. Zende walked out the door.

Zende returned to the party and tossed back shot after shot. Thomas and Caroline tried to figure out what was wrong with Zende, but all Zende said was that Nicole had said she wouldn't do it but was doing it. Thomas advised Zende to slow down on the drinks. Zende didn't plan to slow down on anything that night.

Thomas and Caroline resumed dancing, and Zende spotted Sasha in the crowd. Approaching her, he was surprised to see that she'd dressed as a vampire. "Hey, Mrs. Dracula," he greeted. Sasha gasped and commented on their matching costumes. She called Dracula the "ultimate dude." Zende said she got it. He'd thought he was the only one who understood, but the answer was so simple. She replied that someone was deep in thought.

Zende pulled Sasha behind some curtains and told her that Nicole had agreed to have another baby. Shocked, Sasha said she'd thought Zende and Nicole had been on the same page. He replied that Nicole had changed her mind. He asked what he was supposed to do. He couldn't go through it again and had been patient and understanding "through all of this."

Sasha asked what Zende had said to Nicole. "I walked out. It's over," Zende bit out. He said he couldn't do it anymore, and he was done. Sasha asked if it was really over between him and Nicole. Sasha kissed him, and he pushed her back.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke had put on her pajamas and was in the kitchen when R.J. entered. He asked what had happened at the wedding, but Brooke replied that she didn't even understand it herself. R.J. confessed that he "might have" encouraged his father to go to the wedding. Mirthlessly, she informed R.J. that Bill had called off the wedding.

R.J. comforted his mother. He believed it would be the best thing for her and Ridge in the long run. Brooke said not to get any hopes up because it didn't mean she'd marry Ridge. R.J. asked what it did mean. She didn't know anything but that she'd broken the heart of a man who'd been nothing but kind to her. It had been a long night for Brooke, who wanted to go to bed. R.J. suggested watching a scary movie, but Brooke insisted on being alone upstairs.

In her room, Brooke sat on her sofa in the dark. The song "Your Bleeding Heart" played over flashbacks of times with Bill. Bill, alone at his house, also experienced the flashbacks.

Back downstairs, R.J. was about to eat a sandwich he'd made when Ridge arrived. R.J. said he hadn't gone out for Halloween just in case Brooke needed him. He told his father that Spencer had pulled the plug, and Brooke and Bill hadn't gotten married. R.J. thought it was the best news they'd gotten in a while. Ridge didn't have the shares, but he had Brooke, who was priceless.

Ridge agreed and couldn't believe he'd almost let Brooke marry Bill. Ridge asked how Brooke was. R.J. conveyed that she was upset but wanted to be alone. Ridge replied that he wouldn't give up on Brooke. R.J. stated that his parents belonged together. Ridge said it had taken him awhile to realize it, but he promised that he'd put the family back together. The two hugged.

Zende reconnects with Sasha

Zende reconnects with Sasha

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric had gotten out of bed and sat downstairs in the living room. Quinn noted that he had been improving every day. She added that she had been praying for him. She went to get him a glass of water, and she heard him playing the piano.

Quinn smiled, but Eric said his playing was terrible. Quinn remarked that he had made marvelous progress. "You're gonna come back 100 percent," she said. She added that he would soon be dancing with her and that he would be "everything you were before."

Eric smiled. Quinn said he would soon begin physical therapy. They could share walks and bike rides together. Eric smiled and said the thought of all of it was exhausting to him. She smiled. Wyatt sent a text to Quinn, asking questions about business. She shared the texts with Eric and said that Wyatt was worried he would intrude if he interrupted Eric and Quinn. Eric scoffed and encouraged Quinn to invite Wyatt over because Eric wanted him to live there.

Wyatt entered and congratulated Eric for being out of bed. Quinn asked about Bill and Brooke's wedding. Wyatt responded that the wedding hadn't taken place because Ridge had shown up. Wyatt added that he needed to talk to Quinn privately, but she insisted that he could speak freely in front of Eric.

Wyatt agreed. He said that Ridge had planned a coup -- a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations. He explained that the plan had been that after Brooke had married Bill, he would have given his shares of Forrester to Brooke. She would have given them to Ridge, which would have given Ridge controlling interest in the company.

Eric was disappointed. He noted that Ridge had begged him for his power of attorney -- but he'd had a plan B just in case. Erie asked, "Who else knew?" Wyatt answered that it might have included Steffy and Rick. "Everyone who had shares," Eric said.

"Ridge failed," Quinn said. She encouraged Eric to rest and to let Wyatt handle it. She figured that his family would realize they had made a mistake. Eric encouraged Quinn and Wyatt to be his eyes and ears. Quinn and Wyatt noted that there was an upcoming fashion show, and Eric told them to handle it. "I'll be back," he said.

At Brooke's house, Nicole and Rick discussed that Nicole had agreed to be a surrogate again for Maya and Rick. They hugged, and Rick thanked Nicole. Rick wanted to thank Zende, but Nicole explained that he was not on board with the idea. Rick wondered how upset Zende had been, and Nicole explained that he had walked out on her when she'd told him the news.

Nicole further explained that she and Zende had agreed that Nicole would not be a surrogate again, but she had changed her mind. "I love him, and yes, he's upset right now, and I understand," Nicole said.

Rick noted that Zende loved Nicole, and she agreed that Zende would blow off steam and eventually accept it like he had the first time. Rick worried that Zende felt betrayed. He hoped that Zende and Nicole could patch things up.

At the Halloween party at Forrester, Zende and Sasha kissed, and Sasha stopped him. She wondered what was wrong. She noted that Zende had been drinking too much. They left the party for a private office, and Zende explained that Nicole had agreed to be a surrogate for Maya and Rick again.

Zende was angry. "It doesn't matter what I want," Zende said. He lamented that they were supposed to be a couple and do things together. Sasha agreed, but she knew Zende had been hurt, and she refused to be his rebound again. She had done it once. Zende understood.

Zende pulled out his phone and talked to someone about stocking up on pineapple and macadamia nuts. He hung up and said he would take Sasha to Hawaii on the Forrester jet. "You will love it," he said. Sasha worried that it wasn't a good idea, but she agreed.

Later on the Forrester jet, Sasha told Zende it wasn't too late to change his mind. Zende's phone rang, and it was Nicole. She wanted to discuss her decision to have another baby for Rick and Maya. Zende refused. "We can make this work," Nicole said. Zende again refused.

Nicole begged Zende to return to talk to her, and they argued. Zende stopped her. He said that Nicole was "incredibly generous," and he might never meet anyone like her again. He loved her, but he would not put up with her having Rick and Maya's baby again. He hung up. Sasha said it wasn't too late to return home and work it out with Nicole. Zende refused, but he looked confused and disappointed.

Surrogacy ends a budding relationship

Surrogacy ends a budding relationship

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy, Ridge, and Pam waited for Eric to join them in the living room. Quinn and Wyatt helped Eric downstairs, and the group marveled at how well Eric looked. Ridge offered to help Eric take a seat, but Eric refused. Quinn and Wyatt helped Eric sit on the couch. Eric said he wanted to talk to all of them together about their latest insult -- "staging a takeover coup."

Quinn wondered if it was the wrong time to start that discussion. Wyatt said it was the right time, and Steffy asked why Wyatt was speaking when it was a family meeting. "He is family isn't he?" Eric asked. Eric noted that he was married to Wyatt's mother, and Wyatt had been staying at the mansion. "What?" Steffy asked. Eric said that the family still hadn't accepted how happy Quinn made him, but Wyatt had. Steffy, Pam, and Ridge scowled at Wyatt. He glared back at them.

Eric admonished Steffy, Ridge, Pam, and the Forresters for plotting behind his back. Pam said they'd had no intention of being sinister. Ridge snarked that Wyatt had alerted Eric to it. Eric said it didn't matter who had told him. He was angry that Brooke, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Thomas had all been involved. Ridge said that Pam had had nothing to do with it. He wanted Eric to leave Brooke out of the conversation.

Eric was still bitter that Pam and the rest of them had boycotted his wedding and planned to steal the company. "Shall I forgive you?" Eric asked. He stood with Quinn's help and demanded respect for himself and his marriage. "After everything I've done for all of you, what do you want from me," he asked.

Eric admitted that they were his family, but he didn't trust any of them. Steffy closed her eyes. Eric reminded all of them that a fashion show was coming. "My wife is in charge of everything. Quinn is the one I trust," he said. Ridge tried to interrupt, but Eric was firm. "I have made my intentions clear," he said.

Ridge answered that he would play along until Eric returned to Forrester. Eric replied that it was not a game. He told them all to leave, but he stopped Ridge and reminded him that his coup had failed, and his threats to Quinn were empty. He demanded that Ridge get on board with his wishes. Ridge did not respond.

Later, in the Forrester mansion kitchen, Steffy met with Wyatt and wondered why he was living in her family home. They argued again about Quinn. Wyatt reminded Steffy that he had tried to stop Quinn from seeing Eric, but they loved each other. He regretted that none of the Forresters could see that. Steffy shook her head and said that Quinn had destroyed too many lives. Wyatt said she had changed, but Steffy ranted that Quinn had ruined their marriage.

Steffy continued to argue, but Wyatt refused to continue. "I believe in Eric and my mother," he said. He added that he would do anything to get back together with Steffy, but he would give her the divorce she wanted. "I will always love you," he said. Wyatt walked out on her. Steffy tearfully shook her head.

In the living room, Ridge was alone, and Quinn entered. Ridge asked how Eric was doing, and Quinn said he had made amazing progress and was resting. Ridge ranted that Quinn had breezed into Eric's life and lied and cheated her way into the company. Quinn calmly told him that she and Eric loved each other, and she was the new Forrester matriarch.

Quinn warned that she would protect Eric at all costs. Ridge told her she made him sick. Quinn promised to meet Ridge halfway on all decisions for the fashion show because her new family needed them to get along, but she demanded his cooperation. Ridge was silent.

At Forrester Creations, Rick, Maya, and Nicole met in Rick's office. Nicole said there was no reason to delay the procedure for her to become a surrogate again. Maya noted that Rick had told her about Zende's feelings. Maya urged Nicole to talk to Zende again before she made a decision. Maya added that Zende needed more time. Nicole responded that Zende had told her he would not go through a pregnancy with her again. Rick and Maya encouraged her to call him again.

In Hawaii, Zende slept on a lounge chair, and Sasha joined him and awakened him. "You're in Paradise," Sasha said. She begged him to wake up. Zende didn't seem to know where he was. Sasha noted he had a hangover because of the mai tais and shots of tequila. She was grateful to see Hawaii and wanted to take a dip in the ocean.

Zende apologized and said he knew that he had promised a fun vacation, but he wasn't in the mood to be there. Sasha understood he was thinking about Nicole. Zende agreed.

Later, at the hotel, Sasha and Zende were sitting in Zende's room when a hotel employee delivered a basket of fruit. Sasha asked for more towels in her room, which was next door. Sasha knew that Zende didn't want to stay or have a relationship with her. She wondered if he and Nicole could patch things up because Nicole had clearly made a decision without him.

Zende said he didn't understand Nicole's change of heart because they had discussed it. "I was so sure we were on the same page," Zende said. Zende's phone rang, and it was Nicole. She wanted to get together and talk about her decision. Zende said he couldn't meet her because he was in Hawaii with Sasha.

Nicole was furious. Zende made excuses that he had been drunk and angry. Nicole fumed and asked if he had slept with Sasha. Zende said he had not. He promised to return home immediately if Nicole had changed her mind. Nicole refused. Zende told her they were done if she didn't change her mind. She said she had to leave. She hung up.

Nicole explained to Maya and Rick that she was not waiting for Zende to return. Maya worried and asked Rick to talk to his nephew. Nicole told him not to bother. She wanted to get started on the procedure right away. "He made his choice, and I've made mine," she said.

Zende makes a last appeal to Nicole

Zende makes a last appeal to Nicole

Thursday, November 3, 2016

At the mansion, Wyatt happened upon Ivy doing yoga in the living room. She said she'd hurt her back while helping Eric up the stairs. She asked where Wyatt was going, and he replied that he had to have some things moved -- or removed, rather. She guessed the things were Steffy's.

Wyatt asked if Eric and Quinn were up, and Ivy replied that they were awake and visiting with the physical therapist. Ivy thought Quinn and Wyatt were good for Eric. Wyatt said he had to believe that certain people -- Steffy specifically -- would see that he and his mother were helping Eric. Wyatt held out hope that maybe it would change things.

Ivy asked if Wyatt would go to Forrester. Wyatt was thinking of playing hooky and answering emails at home to avoid Ridge. Ivy asked why he wouldn't play hooky. She noted that Ridge couldn't fire Wyatt, and his mother wouldn't do so, either. Wyatt said he had to stay on Ridge's good side just in case Ridge became Wyatt's father-in-law again. Ivy stared at Wyatt. He said he knew she didn't believe it would happen, but he had to believe in it.

Later, Ivy and Wyatt were on the balcony, having coffee. She apologized to him for the way she'd treated him in their past relationship. She said she hadn't had a chance yet to address it or apologize. Wyatt admitted that it hadn't been fun for him, but he understood that when "you love someone, you love someone." She guessed he was talking about Steffy.

Wyatt didn't expect Ivy to feel sorry for him. Ivy said she did, and he deserved better in a wife. Wyatt gave Ivy a look, and Ivy decided that it wasn't her business. She said she hadn't even been there. Looking at his hand, she asked whose idea the tattoo had been.

Wyatt chuckled mirthlessly, and Ivy asked what he'd do about it. Wyatt said he'd put his heart and soul into the marriage, and it had ended in the most public way possible. He didn't want to believe it was over, but he said he might have to let Steffy go in order to get her back in the long run.

At Forrester, Steffy and Liam kissed. Steffy took a call from Jake and thanked him for making it happen that day. After the call, she explained to Liam that Wyatt had tagged Steffy's boxes, let Jake in, and then left the beach house. Liam guessed the place wasn't Wyatt's home, either, and remarked that the last thing Liam had thought Wyatt would do was to live with his mother again.

Steffy discussed that it had been good of Thomas to let her live with him. He'd gone to New York with Douglas and Caroline. Steffy had text-messaged Thomas that she was moving out that day. Liam preferred to think of it as Steffy moving home. He said the truck would be there soon, and he asked if she wanted to get going. Just then, a doctor arrived. Steffy said there was one last thing she needed to leave behind.

The doctor was there to remove Steffy's wedding band tattoo. The tattoo band was dark, and he believed that meant it would respond well to removal. Removal should feel the same as the initial tattooing. Liam marveled about mobile tattoo removals and asked if the doctor understood that Steffy wanted to keep it private. The doctor did, and as the medical director, he handled cases like Steffy's personally.

The doctor explained how the removal would work. Liam sat beside Steffy to hold her other hand during the process. The doctor said that the band represented something to Steffy, and he advised her to focus on why she wanted to remove it and what she hoped to gain.

After a moment, Steffy said she was ready. Everyone donned protective glasses, and the clicking and flashing laser removal process began. The feeling was intense for the wincing Steffy. During a break, Liam asked what the bubbles on the skin were. The doctor said it was water vapor under the skin, a sign that the removal was working.

Liam asked if it would scar. The doctor said it was unlikely. Liam told Steffy that she'd have something to cover it with if it did. Steffy kissed Liam and told the doctor to continue.

At Brooke's house, Nicole had butterflies about the insemination procedure set for that day. Maya took pictures to post on social media. Nicole ribbed Maya for it but said she was kidding and proud of what they were doing. Maya asked if Nicole were sure. Nicole wished Zende were there and not in Hawaii with " -- but whatever."

Rick entered, and Nicole jokingly begged him to make Maya stop with the pictures. Maya wanted to make eggs for Rick to keep his strength up. Rick flexed and chuckled. Maya also wanted to discuss any doubts that any of them had about the procedure. Maya said they'd call it off it need be, and she asked if anyone besides her had a doubt to express.

Nicole was ready to go and talk in the car, but Rick conveyed that it wasn't a big deal to call it off. Nicole didn't want to, and Maya said they could reschedule. "No!" Nicole said. Rick stated that he and Maya couldn't be selfish when it was about Nicole's happiness. Nicole stated that Zende was upset and not thinking straight. She understood it but didn't know what kind of future the couple would have if Zende ran off to Hawaii for a hot fling anytime she made a decision he didn't like.

"There's that..." Rick murmured. Nicole guessed it was Zende's way of processing big life changes. She relayed that Zende hadn't slept with Sasha yet and could be on his way back to Nicole. Nicole stated that if he chose to stand by his decision, she'd stand by hers. "I'll wait for you in the car," Nicole decided. Rick and Maya stared worriedly at each other.

At the hospital, the doctor prepped for the procedure and left to take Rick's blood sample to the lab. Maya wasn't sure they should be there. Nicole loved Maya for worrying but said she could never marry a man who held her back the way Julius had held back Vivienne. Nicole didn't judge her parents, but she couldn't have a future with a man who didn't respect her decisions. Maya said Zende might just need time. Nicole replied that she'd be waiting -- and carrying Lizzie's sibling.

Later, Rick was trying to stop the bleeding from the spot where the doctor had taken blood. Nicole told Maya to get Rick to an operating room. Maya asked where his bandage had gone. Rick replied that he hadn't thought he'd needed it anymore. As Maya shuffled him out the door, he said, "Hey, you're not the boss of me, woman!" Nicole laughed at them as they exited.

In Hawaii, Zende was preoccupied when Sasha arrived in his room to coax him into a helicopter tour. He poured coffee and offered her some breakfast. They joked about the passion fruit on the tray. Zende was out of sorts and offered to book the tour for Sasha. She didn't want to go without him. He replied that getting away was easy, but getting away from oneself wasn't.

Sasha got some updates on her phone from Maya's social media page. Zende took the phone and read the message below a picture of Maya and Nicole, which announced the procedure for that day. He couldn't believe it was happening that day, and Nicole would go through the whole thing again. He asked why Nicole would go through it to give up another child. He decided that she was better than he, Sasha, or anything of them. "She might actually be all that," Sasha said.

Zende remarked that being a Forrester came with a good education and job. Women wanted Forrester men because of their name, but no one had warned about "this." He said no one had told him that he might meet someone so pure of heart that he couldn't live up to her standards. Sasha said it was crazy talk, and he was also one of the good ones.

Zende asked if he was good enough for Nicole, who wanted to do the extraordinary thing for her sister. He couldn't do it again. Sasha's phone beeped. She checked it, and Zende asked what Maya was saying on social media. He wondered if Nicole was saying "no" to Maya. Sasha replied that the only person Nicole had a problem saying "no" to was herself.

As time went on, Sasha suggested going out to lunch. Zende replied that they had food there. Her phone chimed. He wanted to know what the alert was for. Sasha said that if Maya was posting, then the procedure was still on, and he didn't have to see it. Zende suggested that Sasha go exploring because he wasn't the best of company. Before leaving, Sasha said she'd kiss him on that cheek, but she didn't want any misunderstandings.

Once alone, Zende grabbed his phone and saw a posted picture of Rick and Nicole at the hospital, along with a message about the last-minute procedure prep they were doing. Zende called Nicole. When she answered, she said it wasn't a good time. He replied that it was the only time they had.

Nicole asked if Zende had returned. In his silence, she guessed he hadn't. Zende said he knew what was happening, and Maya was telling the whole world. Nicole asked if he was with Sasha. He replied that it wasn't like that, and Sasha was just being a good friend to him. Nicole asked if she was supposed to believe it. He asked why she wouldn't and said he loved her.

Nicole asserted that Zende was in Hawaii with a girl that wasn't her. Zende quipped that she was getting ready to have a baby that wasn't his. Nicole said she loved him, but he wasn't the only person in her life. Zende concluded that he wasn't the most important one, either. She asked how important she was to him if he was thousands of miles away with Sasha.

Zende said he wasn't like Nicole and didn't have her strengths. He recalled that he'd been happy with his parents and brother, but suddenly, he'd been in an orphanage, alone and waiting for someone to love him and rescue him. He'd been waiting to be wanted. He couldn't be alone again, waiting to matter. She asked why he'd gone to Sasha instead of saying that before.

Zende replied that it wasn't about Sasha and asked Nicole not to do it to them. He believed there was time to back out and asked Nicole not to do it. "What about what you're doing?" Nicole asked. He said he loved her and asked if they could get back to what they were. Nicole claimed she had to go, and she clicked off the line. Sitting down, she seemed affected by the talk.

Zende makes out with Sasha

Zende makes out with Sasha

Friday, November 4, 2016

In Hawaii, Sasha went to Zende's room after spending time at the beach. She said she was dragging him to a luau that night, but he said he had to get back to Los Angeles. He offered to pay for her to stay because it wasn't fair for him to be there, moping around and ruining her trip.

Sasha said Zende hadn't done that, and she wouldn't let him get on the plane alone. She told him that he was more important than a luau, and she left to pack.

Later, Sasha returned with her luggage. Zende was still packing. He was apologetic about the end of the trip, and she said Hawaii hadn't seen the last of her. She decided that it wasn't all bad, because he at least hadn't asked her to keep it a secret. Zende was sure they'd get an earful from Maya when they returned. Sasha said Maya was too busy posting every second of the surrogacy.

Zende asked if there was an update, and Sasha said there was just a picture of Rick in the hospital cafeteria. Zende's phone chimed. Checking it, he said the jet was ready, and they left.

On the jet later, Zende was still upset with himself for his inability to see the procedure as a good thing. Sasha received a post and told him that the procedure was starting. Zende stated that it was happening, and it was over. Sasha offered to play cards, but Zende drank and kept thinking about Nicole's choice. Sasha said Nicole saw it as a beautiful gift.

Zende had seen the beauty in it the first time. He didn't know why he couldn't again. Sasha replied that he was human, and Nicole, who was the saint, couldn't expect others to also be saints. Sasha said Nicole couldn't expect her boyfriend to jump for joy about her giving away her body again. Sasha didn't know how much Nicole expected Zende to take. Sasha didn't want to bad-mouth her sister and best friend but wondered what Nicole would ask of him next.

Zende said Nicole wasn't thinking ahead and thought it was right. Sasha believed that Nicole was taking him for granted, and if Zende was Sasha's man, she'd thank the stars every day of her life. "Really?" he replied. She stated, "Every damn day," and they slowly began kissing.

At the hospital, Nicole donned a hospital gown. It was almost time for the procedure. The doctor took Rick to get his sample. Maya said that it wasn't too late for Nicole to change her mind. Nicole replied that they were there, and she was in the gown. Maya said it wasn't worth sacrificing Nicole's happiness when there were other options. Nicole insisted that she wanted Rick and Maya to have what they wanted, and they sisters hugged.

Maya asked about Zende. Nicole replied that he could still "come around." Maya referred to when he'd done it during Lizzie's birth. Nicole hoped it would happen and that the whole Hawaii thing was a joke.

The doctor entered and asked if there were any last-minute concerns. Maya replied that they were good. Rick entered and hoped the first time would be a charm again. Nicole looked sad.

The doctor prepared to start, but Nicole hesitated. The doctor asked if she was ready. "Wait," Nicole responded. She said that she couldn't do it. Rick and Maya immediately stated that it was okay. They didn't want her to explain it. Nicole stated that Zende taking off to Hawaii with Sasha had opened Nicole's eyes to how much Zende was hurting. She thought what he'd done was wrong, but she understood that she was telling him that he wasn't important and could wait.

Maya said she and Rick got it. Rick added that they didn't want Nicole to do it with even the slightest doubt. Maya went to get Nicole's phone so Nicole could call Zende about changing her mind. Nicole tried to call Zende. When she only got his voicemail, she left a message saying to call her and to return home. She had a lot to tell him, and they'd get through it. She needed him to call as soon as he could.

At Forrester, Steffy was in the middle of the tattoo removal and asked Liam to remind her of how painful it was when she thought she wanted another tattoo. Liam replied that he'd remind her if she wanted a new husband. Once the procedure was over, the doctor bandaged the finger. Liam asked if the doctor did many ring removals, and the doctor said it paid his mortgage.

The doctor asked Steffy to schedule the next appointment and left with his equipment. It was all sinking in for Steffy that she was erasing the ring and her marriage. It was painful for her, but she'd had to do it because she was supposed to be with Liam.

Liam fussed over Steffy as she tried to pack her briefcase. He got her water. She said she hadn't had an appendectomy. He replied that it was similar because each procedure ridded her of something useless. Steffy winced at him referring to Wyatt as useless. Liam said he meant the marriage. She conveyed that she and Wyatt had needed each other; however, it had been a mistake to believe it would last forever -- or that Liam wouldn't return.

"We hurt Wyatt, and I didn't think you were coming back. And we lost so much time," Steffy stated. Liam replied that those were the words of the "girl" who'd made him wait and wait. She quipped that some things were worth the wait. She thanked him for understanding that she hadn't wanted to rush into it and go from Wyatt's doorstep to Liam's. She said the divorce was a process, and the ring was coming off. He replied that she'd wanted to feel free before she could be with him.

Later, Liam and Steffy entered his house with boxes. Liam proclaimed to the house and furniture that Steffy was home. He took her to the patio to announce to the sky, the ocean, and the neighbors. He proclaimed that she was back and better than ever. The two said they loved each other.

Liam tugged Steffy along through the garden, telling even the sand about Steffy's return. She giggled at his excitement. He replied that if "this" was excitement, she should wait until her finger healed. He said he'd put a real wedding ring there that she'd wear the rest of her life. Steffy replied that she'd be shouting right along with him. He told her that he loved her, and they kissed.

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