The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 14, 2016 on B&B

Katie's naughty shade of red brought out old shades of Quinn, who ordered Katie to abandon plans to move in next door. As Bill wooed R.J., Ridge used Stephanie's dying wishes to his advantage.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 14, 2016 on B&B
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Quinn finds a lipstick print that isn't hers Quinn finds a lipstick print that isn't hers

Monday, November 14, 2016

At Eric's house, Katie and Eric watched the fashion show. Katie wished she could read lips and know what Quinn and Ridge were saying on the runway. Eric hoped the two were complimenting each other because the show had been fabulous. Katie had thought that Steffy had been set to wear the showstopper. Eric nodded. He was curious about it, but all that really mattered, in his view, was the applause. He said Quinn hadn't let him down and never would.

Eric suspected that the showstopper change had had to do with Ridge, and Eric wished Ridge would reach out and cooperate with Quinn as Eric had asked. Eric believed that the important thing was that Quinn had pulled through for him, just as he'd thought she would. Katie had been skeptical about getting to know the Quinn that Eric knew as he'd said Katie should, but Katie had started to think that maybe Quinn had changed. "She changed you. Put a smile on your face," Katie noted.

Katie decided to take her leave. She said that the time with Eric had been nice. The last months had been hard, and even though she was grateful for her son, she did get lonely. Eric replied that Katie wasn't alone, and he'd always be there for her. They hugged, and she left.

At the fashion show, the audience applauded Ridge and Quinn as they stood together murmuring in disagreement through their smiles about Quinn modeling the showstopper.

Ivy and Wyatt cheered for their success at the backstage curtain. Behind them, Steffy said they didn't know anything yet; the jewelry pass had confused the buyers, and the applause was for Ridge's designs. Wyatt added that the applause was also for the woman in the gown. Ivy noted that Steffy was supposed to have been in the gown, and she wondered what Eric thought about it.

Nearby, Sasha changed behind a screen. On the other side, Zende asked if she was decent. She rounded the screen as she fixed her dress and marveled about the showstopper. Zende said it almost hadn't made it to the runway, and he asked what he'd seen going on with her and Maya.

Sasha explained that Maya was upset about what had happened between Sasha and Zende. Sasha got it and said she hadn't meant to hurt Nicole. Sasha believed it had been a misunderstanding and wanted to talk to Nicole about it. Zende said that Sasha should stay away from Nicole for a while, and he probably should, too. Sasha replied that he hadn't answered her question about where they stood.

Zende flashed back on Nicole finding him with Sasha and on Nicole telling him that she wasn't pregnant. Sasha said she knew it might look like she was pressuring him. Zende said he got it, but he couldn't think about anything but Nicole and how he'd hurt her. Sasha seemed disappointed but masked it with a smile.

In the empty showroom later, Quinn poured Champagne. She felt like celebrating and asked Ridge to make a toast. "To you?" he asked. Quinn replied that it would of course be to her for saving his bacon. Ridge roared that she'd saved her own bacon with a dress that shouldn't have been out there. She conveyed that he'd tried to sabotage her, but all was forgiven.

When Quinn noted that everyone had loved the showstopper, Ridge replied that they hadn't loved her jewelry pass or understood it. Just then, Steffy, Ivy, and Wyatt entered. Wyatt said it had been confusing at first until the guests had caught on. Steffy didn't think the guests had ever caught on. She'd seen a lot of confused expressions.

Pam arrived with three buyers who congratulated Ridge and Quinn on the show. One buyer complimented the jewelry, and Quinn was surprised that he'd liked it. He replied that she could expect a substantial order. Rubbing Ridge's shoulder, Quinn thanked the buyer and said he had no idea what it meant to "us." Ridge stared at her hand as if a bug had landed on him.

Another buyer said Ridge and Quinn made a good team. Ivy agreed, and Ridge shifted awkwardly when Quinn patted his shoulder. The buyers believed that it had been smart to showcase the jewelry the way Forrester had, and another buyer said he'd also make a big order. Quinn replied that she'd kiss the men if she weren't happily married. She decided to do it anyway and gave the male and the female buyers mock two-cheek kisses.

One buyer remarked that Eric had to be proud of Quinn. Wyatt said they all were. The buyers congratulated Ridge and Quinn's triumph again, and Pam escorted them out. Quinn told Wyatt, Ivy, Steffy, and Ridge that Quinn had been humbled to represent Forrester. It had been a team effort, and without Eric, Thomas, and Ridge's designs, there would not have been a show at all.

Quinn didn't want to be boastful, but she was proud of her jewelry. "As you should be," Wyatt interjected. Ivy joked that they'd only been talking about it for a year. Annoyed, Ridge asked if the "cheering section" followed Quinn everywhere. Wyatt said it was there when things needed to be cheered, and Quinn had done well. Quinn hoped that they'd all done well for Eric. It had been daunting, but despite a few glitches, they'd done it.

Quinn thanked Ivy and Wyatt for their support, and Ridge and Steffy cringed as Quinn hugged Ivy and Wyatt. To Steffy and Ridge, Quinn said she knew that the show wouldn't change how they felt about her, but she'd keep trying for Eric's sake. She knew that it was important for them all to get along for Eric. Quinn had wanted it to be a success for Forrester and the family, but most of all, for Eric. She loved Eric and wanted him to be proud of her.

After Quinn, Ridge, and Steffy had departed, Wyatt and Ivy sat on the side of the stage. Wyatt couldn't believe that Ridge had tried to put the kibosh on the show. Ivy replied that if Ridge had been up against anyone but Quinn, he might have succeeded. Ivy and Wyatt were still surprised that Quinn had put on the dress, and they agreed that it was a moment that Ridge wouldn't forget.

Ivy didn't think Steffy would, either. Wyatt understood that in Steffy's eyes, her father could do no wrong; however, in that case, Ridge was wrong about Quinn. Ivy was glad Wyatt had seen the light. Wyatt said he'd had his doubts about Quinn and Eric, but somehow, they worked.

Wyatt wouldn't hold his breath that the day's event had changed anything for Ridge. Wyatt said Quinn had risked everything in wearing that gown. Quinn had done it for Eric, and after that day, Wyatt was even more of a believer in Eric and Quinn.

At the mansion, Quinn arrived home. Eric said he'd been waiting for her. Quinn was anxious to know what Eric had thought of the show. Eric seemed subdued, and she asked if he was okay. "Well, what did you think?" she asked with a beaming expression.

Quinn guessed that Eric was wondering why Steffy hadn't worn the showstopper. Eric replied that he'd assumed it had had something to do with Ridge, but Quinn didn't seem to want to tell Eric about it. She said telling him would be throwing Ridge under the bus, something she really didn't want to do. Eric said to tell him anyway, and Quinn sighed.

Quinn revealed that Ridge had pulled the showstopper at the last minute. Ridge hadn't wanted to follow the jewelry pass and had convinced Steffy not to wear the dress. Quinn had tried to get another person to wear it, but the models and Ivy were too tall. Eric stated that it had fit Quinn. She said it had, and she hadn't been willing to let Eric down or let the show fail.

Laughing, Quinn exclaimed that she'd done the one thing she'd thought she'd never do. She'd worn the gown down the runway. She informed Eric that the buyers had promised big orders and had sent their best regards to him. Quinn was dying to know what Eric had thought of the show. It was the only thing that really mattered to her. She needed him to tell her.

Eric said that he loved Quinn. She replied that she loved him, too, but wanted him to be honest about how he felt about the show. He said he loved her, and he'd loved the show. Eric was proud of her. Quinn hugged him and said he had no idea what it meant to her. All she'd wanted to do was to make him proud. Eric said she had, and he asked her to go upstairs to celebrate.

Quinn wanted to check Forrester's orders on her phone first. Eric went upstairs. The grinning Quinn pulled out her phone, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw two crystal glasses on the coffee table. Her smile faded when she saw lipstick on one of them. She picked up the glass, and her eyes narrowed on the lipstick imprint on the rim.

In the CEO's office, Ridge was unhappily taking orders from the show. He told Steffy that the orders just kept rolling in. Steffy asked how Quinn managed to keep pulling rabbits out of her hat. Ridge said he'd ordinarily be pleased about the success, but there was nothing ordinary about Quinn running the place. Steffy said it was just until Eric returned.

Ridge noted that he was looking forward to it, but it wouldn't change the marriage or that Quinn still had Eric's ear. Steffy asked if Ridge thought Quinn would tell Eric about the showstopper. Ridge was sure it would be the first question out of Eric's mouth, and Ridge was also sure that Quinn would frame her answer to make her look like the savior she thought she was.

Ridge claimed that he'd pulled the showstopper because he couldn't support Quinn's role in the company. "She turned the tables on us," he said. Steffy replied that Ridge had to admit that Quinn had saved them by wearing the showstopper. Ridge scoffed.

Steffy wondered if Ridge could imagine how it could have been if they'd ended on the jewelry pass. She said the showstopper had provided the buzz needed to drive sales, and without it, there would have been huge losses.

Ridge reluctantly replied that he knew all that, and it was why he hadn't corrected the buyer, Jean Franco, who'd said Ridge and Quinn had made a great team and had worked well together. He believed it would be detrimental if buyers knew about the company's inner turmoil -- and in the meantime, Quinn had more control of the company, their family, and their lives.

Quinn confronts Katie

Quinn confronts Katie

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

by Pam

Ridge entered Brooke's kitchen and said he was there to tempt her with something sweet and delicious -- ice cream. He grabbed spoons, and they shared a pint of ice cream. Brooke noted the fashion show had gone well. Ridge admitted that it couldn't have gone better, and he would have been thrilled if Quinn hadn't been involved. Brooke joked that if it had been such a bad day, he should have shown up with a gallon -- not a pint.

Ridge complained that he had known Quinn would take all the credit for the show's success and convince his dad it was all because of her. Brooke told Ridge to relax because it was not permanent. Eric had married women before, and the relationships had ended. Soon they could add Quinn's name to the list.

Ridge agreed that everything would work out. "Maybe you're right. I shouldn't waste time," he said. He agreed that he had more important things to think about. He caressed her face, and Brooke smiled but removed his hand.

Brooke grew serious. She said that Ridge and Bill meant a lot to her. "But only one of us is in your kitchen," he said. She replied that she was still wearing Bill's ring. Brooke added that Bill was angry with her because Ridge had crashed her wedding. "I'm here. I brought you your favorite ice cream. Talk about commitment," Ridge joked.

Ridge and Brooke both smiled, and Brooke admitted she had to make a choice because she had put her life and Ridge's and R.J.'s on hold. Ridge agreed she couldn't have two men in her life. He thought she needed to be Spencerless. She caressed his cheek and thanked him.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn entered the living room and saw lipstick on a champagne glass. She looked angry. She walked upstairs into the bedroom, where Eric had flowers and candles throughout the room. He said he had watched the entire fashion show on the live television feed. He added that the jewelry pass had been sensational. She asked if he had watched alone.

Eric said that Katie Logan had stopped by and watched with him. Quinn wondered why Katie had been there. Eric explained that he had known Katie her entire life, and she had asked him for help in getting Will into a really good school. Eric knew the headmaster, and he had made a call. Will had been accepted, and Katie had arrived with Champagne to thank him.

Quinn wondered if they had been drinking Champagne. Eric said it had just been a toast, and it had been sweet of her, but he had worked too hard on his recovery to spoil it. Eric could tell that Quinn was uncomfortable. "This doesn't bother you, does it?" he asked.

Quinn looked disturbed. She explained that it had been a wonderful day, and she had wished that he had been with her. Instead, he had spent the day with somebody else. He said he would rather have been with her. Eric reminded her he was a devoted and faithful husband and had known Katie Logan all her life.

Eric said Katie had been very impressed with the show, and it had been very innovative. "She loved your jewelry," he said. He added that she had a Logan on her side. They embraced, and Quinn smiled. Eric said he was proud of Quinn, and Quinn said it was her first and last fashion show. She kissed him.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Katie congratulated Rick on the success of the fashion show. Rick said it had been stressful and crazy. Katie shared that she had watched with Eric. Rick lamented that Quinn had worn the showstopper. Katie wondered if the issues with Quinn were worth all the drama. "We can't get rid of her," Rick said. He worried that his dad was going to give her credit for it. "He's very proud of her and really seems to love her," Katie said.

Katie added that she had delivered a bottle of Champagne because he had helped her son get into the school she'd wanted. She also said she wanted to find a house in the neighborhood. Rick offered to help her. They searched on the Internet for some homes. Rick found one near Eric's home that was perfect for her. Katie thanked Rick. She called her Realtor and scheduled an appointment to see it. Rick promised to go with her.

Later at the Forrester mansion, Quinn left Eric upstairs. She went downstairs and eyed the glass with Katie's lipstick on it. She called Katie, who congratulated her on how well the fashion show had turned out. Quinn thanked Katie and said that Eric had told her that Katie had watched it with Eric -- and it was inappropriate to be entertaining Quinn's husband when Katie knew his wife would be away. Quinn added that the next time Katie wanted to hang out with Eric, they could do it together.

Quinn added that she had always liked and admired Katie. "Quinn, that's awfully nice," Katie said. She added that Quinn had no reason to feel insecure. Quinn countered that she was very secure about her marriage. Katie apologized for the misunderstanding. They hung up. "Bitch," Quinn said. She crossed her arms, looked up at her portrait on the wall, and smirked.

Brooke encourages Bill and R.J to bond

Brooke encourages Bill and R.J to bond

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Bill showed up. She offered him coffee. He asked about the fashion show, and Brooke admitted it had been tense. Bill noted that it had to be difficult with Quinn in charge. "Those two deserve each other," Bill said of Quinn and Ridge. Brooke said that Ridge had stopped by to tell her about the fashion show. Bill wondered if their relationship was over or her relationship with Ridge was over. She had told him that she wanted to be with Bill. "I love you. You know that," she said.

R.J. entered and complained that a black SUV was blocking him in on his way to school. It was Bill's, and Bill said he had wanted to talk to R.J.

R.J. and Bill engaged in unfriendly banter, and Bill advised R.J. to save his tough guy stance for his friends. R.J. wanted to move Bill's vehicle, but Bill wanted to move it himself. R.J. balked, and Bill relented so that R.J. could move his car. Bill suggested they take a ride together, but R.J. said he had to get to school. Brooke insisted on a time-out. Bill maintained that they didn't know each other well enough, and a ride together might help. Brooke suggested Bill and R.J. spend the day together. Bill and R.J. were not happy, but they agreed.

At Forrester, Pam, Wyatt, Quinn, and a few more Forrester employees discussed the success of the fashion show. Pam said there was lot of mail for Quinn. Quinn beamed, and Pam and the employees left her alone with Wyatt. Quinn read a message that a buyer was happy she had upheld her husband's tradition.

Wyatt told his mother how proud he was of her. She said she couldn't take over the Forrester brand. That belonged to Eric. She was happy that he had trusted her with all of his life's work. Quinn added that she had one problem with Eric. She explained that she had disliked the fact that Katie had watched the fashion show with Eric at his home.

Quinn worried about Katie's interest in Eric. Wyatt accused her of paranoia. Wyatt reminded her that Eric loved her. Wyatt ordered her to trust Eric. Quinn said she was being smart. Wyatt was concerned that she was insecure about Katie.

Katie and Rick joined the Realtor to look at a house next door to Eric. The Realtor said all of Katie's items on her wish list were in the house, and it was close to the school that Will would attend.

Rick and Katie discussed the flooring and the view, and Rick teased that she knew the neighborhood. Rick confessed that he had had called Eric to meet them. Eric entered on cue and asked if she had seen the view. He teased that he'd just happened to be in the neighborhood.

Eric was glad that Rick had called him. Rick told Eric that he was trying to talk Katie into buying the home. The Realtor discussed in-floor heating, the outdoor kitchen, and the panoramic views. The Realtor suggested Katie walk around, but she had to leave. She advised Eric and Katie to lock up.

Eric reminded Rick that Rick owed him a new photo of his granddaughter. Rick and the Realtor left, and Eric asked about the house. Katie said she didn't make snap decisions, but she "kind of love[d] it."

Conversation turned to Katie's worries that Quinn wouldn't like her living next door because Quinn had already called Katie about spending time with Eric. Katie said that she worried about Quinn's reaction to her moving in. Eric said he felt they could all be very friendly.

Katie thanked Eric for his friendship. She tearfully admitted that she was at a low time in her life because Bill and Ridge -- her two exes -- were fighting over her sister. "Again!" she said. She lamented that she had needed to get out of those relationships. Eric agreed. He advised her on an offer, and Katie proudly said she would make the offer and buy the house. Eric said he was happy for her, and they embraced.

R.J. learns why Bill is called Dollar Bill

R.J. learns why Bill is called Dollar Bill

Thursday, November 17, 2016

At Forrester, Brooke informed Ridge that R.J. and Bill would spend the day together. Ridge wanted to know what R.J. had done wrong to be assigned a day with Lucifer. She said that the two needed to spend time together if she was going to marry Bill, and she was hopeful that they'd have something in common. Ridge said R.J. and Bill had nothing in common.

Ridge felt sorry for his little boy. Ridge got why Brooke wanted Bill and R.J. to get along; however, it wasn't necessary, according to Ridge. Brooke said she was still wearing Bill's ring. Ridge replied that she could remove it. She replied that she was wearing it because she believed in Bill. Ridge asked if she still believed in her and Ridge. Brooke squinted at Ridge.

Brooke admitted that there were still wounds and disappointment. Ridge hoped the good times had been better than the bad. "Yeah. But why now?" she asked. She figured it was because she was engaged to someone that wasn't him. Ridge said the whole thing with Bill had made Ridge realize that he didn't want to lose her.

Brooke cynically replied that he needed her more than ever. She was a conquest because Forrester was in Eric and Quinn's hands. Brooke wondered who the next conquest would be and if she'd be prettier and younger than Brooke. "What is going to make you walk away?" Brooke asked. Ridge claimed to understand her guardedness.

Brooke said Ridge always wanted what he couldn't have. Ridge asked if Brooke was saying that he couldn't have her. "Oh, you are saying that," Ridge realized. He said they had a complicated past, riddled with amazing moments. She said she'd always hold the moments deep in her heart. Ridge asked if she thought he was just messing with her.

Ridge asked Brooke to go with him. Brooke wondered where he wanted to go and reminded him that he had a press conference and incoming orders. Ridge didn't care about those things. He just cared about her. He wanted her to trust him. Holding out his hand, he asked her to go with him.

Later, Ridge and Brooke arrived at a headstone marked "Stephanie Forrester." It bore no birth or death year. Brooke asked why Ridge had taken her there. He responded that he liked to visit the spot and be close to Stephanie. Brooke said she did, too. They each missed Stephanie, who'd been difficult but wise. Stephanie had always known what had been best for the family.

Brooke quipped that it had especially been the case for Stephanie's beloved Ridge. Fighting Stephanie had almost done Brooke in. Ridge reasoned that it had made Brooke into the amazing woman she was that day. Brooke agreed that Stephanie, with her strength and dignity, was a big part of who Brooke had become. Brooke wished she was more like Stephanie.

Ridge noted that, in the end, Stephanie had told Brooke how she'd felt about Brooke, and it had been something Brooke had probably thought she'd never hear. Brooke replied that Stephanie had finally said that she loved Brooke. Ridge believed that Stephanie had loved Brooke, and Ridge added that he did, too. He always had, from the first moment he'd seen her at the party.

Ridge noted that he and Brooke had built a family and raised a son. In his view, she'd never have that history or memories with anyone else. He asked if Brooke knew what Stephanie would say, and Brooke asked if it would be before or after Stephanie would slap her. Ridge joked that it would be after. He stated that Stephanie would tell Brooke to leave Bill and go home with Ridge.

At Spencer, a sweaty Bill had just gone a round with the punching bag. He explained to R.J. that it was how he worked out stress. R.J. wondered if someone lugged that bag into the office every day. Bill said he sometimes went to the downstairs gym.

Bill said neither of them was thrilled about the day; Bill was a businessman, not a babysitter. "But your mother wants this," Bill said and tossed R.J. some boxing gloves. R.J. didn't know what Bill expected him to do. "Hit the bag," Bill replied. As Bill helped R.J. strap up, Bill shared that Muhammad Ali had been Bill's friend, and people hadn't called Ali "the greatest of all time" for nothing. Bill said he and Ali had it in common, and he demonstrated on the bag.

R.J. remarked that it was just a bag. Bill corrected that it was the chump trying to steal the girl and some lunch money. R.J. replied that he'd just file a police report then get the girl back. Bill disagreed and said one had to knock the guy's head off first. R.J. preferred conflict resolution. "Well, you haven't used that with me, have you?" Bill quipped.

Bill held the bag, and R.J. weakly punched the bag. His punches got harder under Bill's coaching. "Can you dance a little bit? Can you move?" Bill asked. R.J. hopped around on his feet. "Do you have any rhythm whatsoever?" Bill asked and decided to show R.J something else that might impress him. It was something few people had ever seen.

Bill led R.J. into the room that Bill called a safe room. R.J. noticed a gun propped on display in an open box. Also on display were swords and stun guns. Bill said the gun was for security, and there was more power "where that came from." Bill motioned to show R.J., but R.J. waved it off, saying, "No, that's okay."

R.J. found money in a cabinet. Taking out the bills, which were bound in stacks of different currencies, Bill said if R.J. named it, Bill had the currency. R.J. asked why. Bill replied that some people stocked water and food, but in an emergency, Bill would buy the people's water and food. Bill believed that cash was king and all one needed. "Now, go ahead, smell it. Take a whiff of that. It's the greatest smell on the planet," Bill stated, waving the stacks in R.J.'s face.

R.J. asked if the room was for "nuclear wars and stuff." Bill added civil unrest and earthquakes to the list. R.J. asked if Bill should have practical stuff like first aid kits and water filters in there. Bill replied that those things were for a practical room. Behind Bill was a framed display of currency. He asked R.J. to guess how much money was in the room.

R.J. guessed a million and then two million. Bill kept saying higher. He wouldn't tell R.J., but it was fun to Bill to have R.J. guess. R.J. quipped that Bill was really into money. "Can't get enough," Bill responded. Bill stated that there were four things he was loyal to -- his kids, his company, money, R.J.'s mother, and money. "You already said money," R.J. replied.

"I know. I just like the word," Bill replied. He liked how it rolled off the tongue. Bill said it again, and R.J. stated that Bill was really into it. "They don't call me Dollar Bill for nothing," Bill replied, and R.J. scoffed.

In the Forrester design office, Katie announced to Rick that she'd made an offer on the house they'd seen. Rick was ecstatic about it, and she revealed that Eric had been the one to encourage her to make the offer. She received a message from Amy the Realtor that there were other offers on the house. Amy wrote not to worry about it and to meet her at the house later.

Rick concluded that Katie really wanted the house. Staring at the pictures on a laptop, Katie raved about the kitchen. The location had sold her on the place, which was close to Will's school. Rick added that it was next door to Eric. Katie replied that it was a plus to have a neighbor like Eric, but the downside was living next to Quinn.

Katie loved the views from the house, and after putting an offer on it, she really wanted it, even if Quinn was there. Rick and Katie discussed how strange it had been for Quinn to confront Katie over visiting with a gift of thanks. Katie could kind of understand Quinn trying to protect her marriage. Rick believed that Quinn was still unstable and suggested Katie stock the new house with binoculars to keep an eye on Quinn.

Rick had a good feeling about the house. Katie remarked that Eric did, too. In her view, Eric was very energetic and upbeat. Katie would never understand how a man like Eric had ended up with a woman like Quinn.

At the mansion, Eric noted signs that someone was home. He found Quinn reading on the bed in a robe. He said he'd thought she'd gone to work. Quinn had gone in for a bit. He figured that she'd gotten a hero's welcome because of the fashion show. "From some people," she replied. It had been an exhausting few days for her. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she said that she'd thought she and Eric could spend time together.

Eric noted that Quinn could apparently add modeling to the list of her many talents. Quinn said it had been temporary, but she'd been a good one, if she had to say so herself. She pranced away from Eric and said it was time to further invest in the Intimates Line, and as temporary model, she'd decided to model a design especially for him. Quinn dropped her robe, revealing a dark red nightie. Getting an eyeful, Eric said he liked the way she thought.

Quinn propped herself in a flirty position on the bed. She said she'd changed. Eric liked it when she changed -- especially into "something like this." She attributed her change to Eric's trust and belief in her. He'd transformed her life. She'd become a woman she could admire and her son could be proud of. Quinn awakened happily each day because of the life they were making. Eric brought out a lot of things in her. Eric leaned over and began kissing her.

In bed with Quinn later, Eric wondered what he'd done to deserve it. She'd put so much into his life, and he recalled how he'd been alone, out of work, and disconnected a few months back. He'd had a son who was trying to steal Forrester, but Eric was CEO again with his interim CEO beside him. He said the company was thriving, and he had a beautiful woman in bed with him. "Oh, wait, she's my wife," Eric joked.

Eric said Quinn was beautiful and talented and could do anything she wanted, despite the doubters. Quinn listed herself as a former doubter. She just wanted to make Eric proud and asked if he'd ever regretted a decision he'd made on her behalf. He didn't, and he believed in her more than anyone else ever could. She wanted to spend the rest of their lives on their beautiful hilltop that had become their own personal paradise.

Quinn asked what Eric had done that day, and he said he'd actually gotten out of the house. He'd taken a walk next door to the Gantz house that was for sale. He remarked that Rick had been helping Katie look for a place to live. Quinn's brows rose when Eric said that Rick had shown Katie the house, and Katie was interested in it. "Katie. Katie Logan?" Quinn said.

Ridge uses Stephanie's wishes to his advantage

Ridge uses Stephanie's wishes to his advantage

Friday, November 18, 2016

At Stephanie's gravesite, Ridge asked Stephanie to tell Brooke that Brooke and Ridge could have their family back. He asked to hear about his mother's last day. Brooke said that he should have been there for Stephanie, and Stephanie had loved him more than anyone.

Brooke flashed back to singing to the dying Stephanie. Brooke felt that it had been very special to be there at the end, after all the fights and struggles for Stephanie's respect. Ridge remarked that there were a lot of memories there, and Brooke would never have that with Bill. Ridge wanted to know Brooke's favorite memory with Stephanie.

Brooke sighed, realizing there were too many to pick one. She recalled her time with Stephanie on Skid Row and also riding the roller coaster together. Brooke recalled the fashion shows and holidays. She was glad she and Stephanie had overcome their differences and gotten close. Ridge said that Stephanie had loved Brooke and had charged Brooke with leading the family.

Brooke flashed back on Stephanie telling Brooke to lead Stephanie's family, because it had become Brooke's family. In the flashback, Brooke cried, and Stephanie hugged her, saying that she knew Brooke could do it.

Ridge asked how Brooke could take charge of the Forresters if she was with Bill. He asked her not to throw away what they'd built. Ridge asked Brooke to be with him and give Stephanie what she'd wanted. Brooke, who'd always wanted Stephanie to be proud of her, said Stephanie was like her second mother. Ridge replied that Stephanie had thought of Brooke as a daughter.

Brooke flashed back to Stephanie telling her that she'd been like a daughter. Brooke said Stephanie had really tried, and though Brooke hadn't made it easy, Stephanie had accepted Brooke. "She'd accepted us," Brooke said. Brooke remembered another time that Stephanie had encouraged her because, in Stephanie's stead, Stephanie had wanted Brooke and Ridge to lead the family.

Ridge said that he and Brooke had screwed it up with their old patterns, but it wasn't too late to salvage all they'd fought for over the years. He asked if they'd fight or throw it away. Brooke didn't know if she could believe in the dream of having a life with Ridge or believe Ridge anymore. He said to believe Stephanie, who'd always known better than they had.

Brooke said she was in love with Bill, but Ridge contended that they'd tried happiness with others before. He said it had never worked out. "We never worked out," Brooke countered. Ridge said it had been that way until that moment -- maybe. He reasoned that she was trying to be with Bill in order to avoid what she really needed. "You?" Brooke assumed.

"Yes. Me. Hi," Ridge replied, grinning. Brooke shared that Stephanie had taught Brooke that she didn't need anyone, not Bill or Ridge, and that she only needed herself. All Brooke needed was to be a good mother and do good in the world. "And if some man wants to join me on this great adventure..." Brooke added and trailed off.

Ridge wanted adventure for Brooke, but it wasn't about balloons and camel rides. Bill and Brooke could never accumulate the rich history that Brooke and Ridge shared. He said that they were at Stephanie's grave, and Stephanie wanted it for them. Brooke asked what Ridge was saying.

From behind his back, Ridge produced a ring box. He popped it open. "Stephanie's ring," Brooke said. Ridge stated that Stephanie had had it for years, and Ridge wanted Brooke to have it. Gasping, Brooke asked if Ridge was proposing to her.

At Spencer, R.J. unenthusiastically thanked Bill for the tour. Bill figured that if the safe room hadn't impressed R.J., the memes, videos, and digital content at Spencer would. Bill sat the teenager down at a laptop, and R.J. finally smiled when he watched a video of Bill Senior talking about the company. "Hastag -- Welcome to Spencer," Bill proudly said as the video played.

Bill gave R.J. a wheatgrass shot. Liam entered, and as Bill turned to greet him, Liam hid his amusement as he watched R.J. discreetly pour out his wheatgrass shot.

Later, Liam and R.J. were alone. Liam said R.J. should theoretically be honored that Bill had shown him the safe room that no one else got to see. R.J. stated that the guns, money, and scotch were just weird. Liam admitted that his father was different. Liam said it was probably why Brooke had fallen for Bill. Liam asked R.J. to keep an open mind because the couple might surprise him.

R.J. liked Liam, who R.J. emphasized was nothing like Bill. Liam said his father was an "acquired taste," but unlike most people, Brooke understood Bill. Liam believed that Bill understood Brooke, also, and the two were good for each other.

Bill arrived at the cracked door to the office in time to hear Liam and R.J.'s discussion. R.J. asked if Liam really thought it could last. Liam said he thought it could, and not just for the moment, but for the rest of Brooke's life. Liam asked if R.J. wanted that for his mom and said that, from what he'd seen, it hadn't happened with R.J.'s father.

R.J. asked if Liam believed that it would happen with Liam's father. Liam revealed that he hadn't at first, but in time, he'd grown to believe it. Bill grinned behind the door.

At Forrester, Wyatt waved a report at Rick and said to look at all the orders. Rick didn't want to hear that the orders were because of their interim CEO. He said they were in spite of her.

The topic turned to Katie purchasing the house beside Eric's. At first, Wyatt reacted well -- then he realized something. "You mean right next door?" Wyatt asked. Rick replied that it would be close enough to borrow a cup of sugar. Wyatt stammered that the situation could be interesting, and Rick inquired about why Wyatt seemed concerned. Claiming that he wasn't, Wyatt added that he couldn't wait to see how his mother welcomed Katie to the neighborhood.

Next door to Eric, Katie met with Amy, the Realtor. Katie grew nervous upon learning that there were at least three offers on the house. Katie really wanted it and decided to increase her offer. Amy also thought a letter to the owners, letting them get to know Katie and Will, would help. Katie readily asked for a pen and pad. Amy was sure Katie would adore living there and said it was a bonus that Katie already knew the neighbors. Conveying that she'd be back in thirty minutes to lock up, Amy left Katie to take some measurements.

In bed with Quinn, Eric noted Quinn's demeanor upon hearing that he'd encouraged Katie to live next door. He asked if it would be a problem, and Quinn said it could be a huge problem. Eric grew concerned about Quinn's feelings and mentioned that Katie had apprised him of Quinn's call.

Quinn said that Eric could dub her old fashioned, but she didn't think it was appropriate for a woman to just drop by and spend time with her husband -- especially when the woman knew Quinn wasn't home. Quinn also reasoned that Katie was close with the rest of the family, and Eric was the only one Quinn trusted. "Sweetheart, we're talking about Katie here," Eric replied.

Eric rationalized that he'd known Katie forever, and Quinn didn't need to worry about Katie visiting, especially if Katie had a good reason. Quinn replied that Katie had had a good reason once, and it had been fine. However, Katie had returned with Champagne and then had gone on to decide to buy the house next door. "And you wonder why I'm suspicious?" Quinn asked.

Eric reassured his wife that he only wanted her. Quinn said she trusted him. Katie, however, had chosen a time when she'd known Quinn would be busy with the fashion show to visit, wearing lipstick. "Lipstick?" Eric repeated. He said a lot of women wore it. Quinn emphasized that it had been a naughty shade of red, and the next thing one knew, Katie was trying to buy the house next door with the help of Rick, who also didn't like Quinn.

Quinn asked if Eric saw what she meant. Eric replied that he saw her, and no woman with a bottle of Champagne or "naughty shade of red" would change Eric's love for Quinn. He also doubted that Katie was conspiring with his family. Quinn decided that Eric was right. She said she knew he was right. The woman she'd once been would be plotting to put Katie in her place, but it wasn't who Quinn was anymore. She refused to show Eric old shades of Quinn, because she wasn't wary and suspicious anymore.

Eric and Quinn agreed that it was forgotten. She donned her robe and decided to get them drinks. Eric asked her to return in a naughty shade of red, but Quinn said it was too soon for that joke.

Downstairs, Quinn heard a phone chime. When she picked up the phone, she read a message from Katie, who said she was next door, putting in an offer on the house. Katie thanked Eric and closed with "XO, Katie." Sighed, Quinn huffed, "XO?" She slammed down the phone and marched out of her house in her robe.

Later, Katie was inside the house next door when she heard pounding. She answered the door and was surprised to see Quinn standing there in a robe. She asked what Quinn was doing there, and Quinn replied that she wanted to know the same thing about Katie. Quinn asked to enter, and as Katie let Quinn in, Katie noted how cozy Quinn looked. "Getting ready for bed?" Katie asked.

Quinn explained that she'd been having quiet time with her husband when he'd revealed that Katie was interested in the house. Katie replied that Rick had suggested it, and it seemed good for her. Quinn didn't think Katie should settle for "good" when there were thousands of properties in the city and valley. Katie stated that she liked "this" house.

Quinn said it wouldn't happen. Quinn had politely asked Katie to stay away. "And this is how you respond?" Quinn asked. Quinn declared that Katie wasn't buying that house. Quinn wouldn't let her.

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