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Quinn ordered Katie to find another neighborhood, but Katie advised Quinn to dial back the crazy. Zende stunned Nicole with an engagement ring. Brooke said Bill would be the first to know if she swapped fiancÚs. The family called a truce with Quinn for Eric's sake on Thanksgiving Day.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 21, 2016 on B&B
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Katie and Quinn face off -- and hug it out! Katie and Quinn face off -- and hug it out!

Monday, November 21, 2016

At Spencer, Bill hoped that R.J. had enjoyed their day together. R.J. seemed unenthusiastic. It wouldn't do for Bill, who decided R.J. might need another whiff of the safe room money. R.J. didn't think it was necessary. He was fully impressed with Bill's "Benjamins." R.J. had other things on his mind. He asked if Bill would promise to keep Brooke happy if she chose to marry him.

Bill was impressed by the keen way R.J. looked out for his mother. Bill said he didn't deserve Brooke, but she'd shined her light on him anyway. Bill got that kids wanted to see their parents together, but Bill noted that he'd given Brooke the ring, not Ridge. Bill believed the marriage would happen and promised to make Brooke happier than she'd ever been in her life.

At Stephanie's gravesite, Ridge extended Stephanie's ring to Brooke. Stating that he'd always cherish her, he believed that it was their chance to run the business and lead the family as Stephanie had wanted. Brooke asked if Ridge was proposing to her. Ridge said he was alerting her of all the possibilities, but it was her decision.

Brooke said that Ridge refused to acknowledge that she was already wearing Bill's ring, and if she took it off, Bill would be the first to know. They admired Stephanie's ring. Ridge believed it was a symbol of the future, but it was okay if Brooke didn't want to wear it yet. It sounded to Brooke as if he was giving up. Ridge readily dismissed that idea. He said he'd put the ring that was "more appropriate for" her in a safe place until she was ready to accept it and be his wife.

Later, Brooke and R.J. were in her bedroom, and she asked how it had gone with Bill. R.J. replied that it hadn't been awful. Brooke found the answer encouraging. R.J. said that Liam had given R.J. a different perspective on Bill, and instead of pressuring or bullying R.J. into liking Bill, Liam had just been his weird self. R.J. just wanted his mother to be happy and knew she was torn.

Brooke asked if R.J was saying he'd become okay with the wedding. R.J. replied that he wasn't trying to say all that; however, neither the day nor Bill had been as bad as R.J. had imagined, and he believed Bill's feelings for her. "But I only have one family, and so does Will," R.J. noted.

R.J. suggested that he and Will be her deciding factor between Ridge and Bill. R.J. believed Brooke was a great mother. He urged her to follow her heart and do what was right for everyone.

After R.J. had gone, Brooke pulled off her shoes. She thought of the things R.J. had asked before, like if she could count on Bill the way she could Ridge. Her beach wedding to Bill entered her mind as she thought of R.J. advising her to follow her heart and do what was right for everyone.

Back at Stephanie's gravesite, Ridge told his mother that it had gone well with Brooke. Ridge heard movement in the grass behind him and turned. Bill had arrived, and Ridge asked what Bill was doing there. Bill said he had a GPS on Brooke's phone. "That's creepy," Ridge replied.

Bill said Ridge's statement was from a man who'd lured Brooke to his mother's grave for courtship. Bill found the strategy "both cheesy and slick." He said it tapped into her grief and desire to please Stephanie. Ridge asked if Bill had a business to run. Bill wondered if Ridge could just be gracious about the compliment and said it wasn't like Bill just handed them out.

Bill assumed Ridge had pushed the destiny button and piled on the history garbage. Ridge quipped that it was if Bill had been standing right there at the time. Bill said none of Ridge's tricks would work. Noting that Brooke was no longer even there, Bill advised Ridge to stop with the stunts. "You need to knock it off, because if you don't -- well, you need to make sure there's an opening for you at the family plot," Bill warned.

Scoffing, Ridge asked how Bill would know Brooke's choice if Bill killed Ridge first. Bill was confident that Brooke would choose him and said that Ridge was just delaying it a bit. Bill advised Ridge to savor the moment, because once it was over, Brooke would marry Bill.

Ridge chuckled at Bill's overblown confidence. Bill reasoned that Ridge was using Brooke's weakness for R.J., but Bill knew what he and Brooke had. Ridge asked if Bill had considered that he was a tiny bump on her road back to Ridge.

Bill quipped that Ridge needed to stop living in the past and join them in the new millennium. Ridge contended that he and Logan always found their way back to each other. Bill retorted that there was just one problem -- she wasn't Ridge's Logan anymore; she was Bill's Brooke.

At Eric's house, Eric was downstairs, looking for Quinn, when he discovered his phone with a checked message from Katie. Steffy entered the house and asked if everything was okay or if Quinn had done something to him. Eric said Steffy had just caught him "in a moment."

Steffy had arrived to discuss their issues and wanted Eric to know that she'd acted from a place of love. Eric replied that he knew that.

Talk shifted to the upcoming holiday. Steffy said it would be Eric's first Thanksgiving with Quinn. Eric replied that he'd thought about sending out invitations, but it hadn't worked well for him the last time he'd done invitations.

Steffy said that everyone knew that boycotting the wedding had been wrong. Eric replied that Quinn wasn't going anywhere. Steffy stated that she'd rather take the wait-and-see approach; however, Quinn was there for the time being, and Steffy wanted to spend the holidays with Eric.

Eric was glad to hear it. He asked her to invite the other family, including Ridge. Eric said that Ridge was stubborn. Steffy said Ridge wasn't any more so than she. With a sob, she asked for a "granddad" hug, and he said he'd thought she'd never ask. They hugged, and she asked where Quinn was. He replied that Quinn might be next door.

Later, Eric was saying that Katie's visit had been harmless, but Quinn had gotten perturbed. Steffy was surprised to hear that Rick had helped Katie find the house next door. Eric explained about encouraging Katie to make an offer on the house, and he suspected Quinn had seen the text message from Katie, who'd made the offer. He suspected that Quinn was next door at that moment. Steffy asked if Quinn was jealous of Katie.

Next door to Eric, Katie asked if Quinn thought she was overreacting about Katie moving next door to the Forresters. Katie didn't know why she wouldn't buy it because it was close to Will's school and had a fabulous view. "Of one house in particular," Quinn noted. Katie decided that the point was moot because she'd already put in an offer and was hoping it went through.

Quinn decided that she and Katie needed to go over it again, but Katie said she'd heard Quinn twice the first time. Katie stated that she'd been friends with Eric for a long time, and she wondered how he'd react to her not buying the house due to Quinn's insecurities and Quinn not trusting him or their marriage. Quinn replied that she wasn't insecure. She trusted Eric and her marriage -- it was Katie that Quinn didn't trust.

Katie noted that Eric had put a lot on the line for Quinn, and she asked if Quinn had reason to doubt him. Quinn didn't. She noted that Katie was the one who'd visited when she'd known Quinn hadn't been home and the one trying to move next door. Katie decided to look at the reality of the situation, and it was that Quinn was acting like her old self by making accusations and lashing out at Katie. Katie said she'd thought Quinn didn't want to be that way anymore.

Quinn replied that she didn't want to. "Then let's just rein it in, shall we?" Katie suggested. She said it was just advice; Quinn could take it or leave it, "but don't self-sabotage." Quinn realized that Katie was right, and Quinn had gone into all-out protection mode. Quinn said she was seeing threats everywhere, and everybody was trying to take from her.

Quinn said she'd been young while raising Wyatt, and they'd had an "us against them" mentality. She felt that she and Eric had been going through that with his family. It was a family that Katie was close with, so she asked Katie to see that when Katie had visited unannounced, wearing red lipstick, Quinn had felt that Katie was conspiring to help the family take Eric away from Quinn.

Katie claimed not to be doing anything. Quinn tried to get Katie to see that Rick helping with the house was suspicious, and Quinn didn't know how she was supposed to know that Katie wasn't working with Ridge. Katie replied that the only male she answered to was "this tall" and would lose his mind about the backyard pool.

Quinn asked if Katie and Eric were just friends and if Katie loved the house with no ulterior motives. Katie affirmed it, Quinn apologized and said she'd been out of line. Quinn hoped Katie got the house and thanked Katie for the talk.

Quinn latched onto Katie in a tight and unexpected hug. She said Katie had talked her down from a place she'd never wanted to go to again. Quinn said she was Mrs. Eric Forrester, and that was the woman she wanted to be.

Later, Quinn arrived back in her house, and Eric was in the living room. He assumed she'd gone next door after seeing the message from Katie. Quinn replied that his phone had dinged as she'd walked by it. Eric assumed that Quinn had let Katie have it. Quinn stammered about it before concluding that she almost had, but she and Katie had ended on a good note.

Quinn sighed at the unexpectedness of it. She said she and Katie had had a good talk, and Katie had given good advice. Eric labeled Katie as "one of the good ones" and said she could be a good friend to Quinn. Quinn replied that she'd take all she could get. He asked if Quinn would be okay with Katie moving next door. Quinn conveyed that she'd told Katie so.

Eric was proud of the way Quinn had handled it. Quinn said she was trying to be worthy. He responded that she did that just by opening her eyes every morning. As Eric held her, she stated that he said the most wonderful things. She said she was very protective of their love, and he replied that he was, too.

Back next door, Amy arrived. She'd gotten a response from the sellers, and they'd accepted Katie's offer. Katie was overwhelmed with happiness. She remarked upon how Eric and Rick had encouraged her, and Amy said the house was a good match for Katie.

Amy exited. Katie recalled Eric saying that once she'd found what she wanted, she didn't have to look anymore. In the flashback, she was worried about making an enemy of Quinn, and Eric said Quinn would appreciate a friendly face next door.

As Katie said she was home, the screen split to show her face as Eric and Quinn held each other in their living room next door.

Steffy steps up for Thanksgiving Steffy steps up for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Pam, Steffy, and Quinn discussed entertaining everyone for the Forrester Thanksgiving. Quinn thanked Pam and Steffy for their help, and Steffy was dismissive. "Let's just get through the day without any drama," Steffy advised Quinn. She added that she was doing it all for her grandfather.

Pam added that she'd make a fresh batch of lemon bars, but Quinn winced and worried about "doctor's orders." Pam countered that "Thanksgiving lemon bars aren't gonna kill the man."

Eric entered and agreed. "I'll be okay," he said. He gushed that he was thankful for three of his favorite ladies working together on a family Thanksgiving. They all discussed that the list of family members looked perfect, and Eric wondered if everyone would attend. Steffy promised they would. Eric noted that Steffy did not have Quinn's name on the list. Steffy added it and changed the count. She said it was his special day.

Pam and Eric left, and Quinn asked to speak to Steffy. Quinn thanked her for taking control of the holiday, and Steffy again reminded her that she was doing it all for her grandfather. Quinn understood, but she asked for a personal favor and said she had no right to ask. Steffy warned her not to destroy their holiday truce.

Quinn worried that Wyatt would not attend the family's Thanksgiving. "He lives here, and he's suffering," Quinn said. Steffy asked what he was doing, and Quinn said he planned to drive up the coast. Steffy insisted Wyatt was being stubborn. Quinn argued that he was being honest because it would be very hard for him to sit across the table from Steffy and Liam. Quinn added that Eric wanted Wyatt at dinner also. Quinn asked Steffy to talk to him. Steffy agreed.

At Forrester, Maya, Rick, and Zende discussed that they had all made mistakes. Maya reminded Zende that he had reacted badly to Nicole's offer to be a surrogate for Rick and Maya again. Zende told Rick and Maya they had been wrong to ask. Maya and Rick worried that Zende had left with Sasha, gone to Hawaii, and slept with her. Zende said he had made a mistake -- a big one, because he loved Nicole and only Nicole.

Nicole walked by the office and overheard Zende. She entered and asked why Rick and Maya had wanted to meet with her. She quietly greeted Zende. Rick told her that Eric wanted the entire family together for Thanksgiving. Nicole answered that it wouldn't happen because their mother had the flu, and their dad wouldn't leave her. Maya and Rick wanted Nicole to attend, but she was doubtful. Maya and Rick could see the tension between Zende and Nicole. Rick made an excuse for them to leave, and Zende and Nicole were alone.

Zende told Nicole that she was the only woman he wanted. Nicole said she couldn't forget that she had seen Sasha and Zende together in bed. Zende said there was no excuse, but he had been hurt and confused. They had been planning a life together until Nicole had decided to give Maya what she wanted -- again.

Nicole reminded him that he had chosen Sasha like he had the last time she had been pregnant. Zende defended his relationship. "She listened to me and was a good friend. She made me laugh," Zende said.

Nicole was angry. She reiterated that Zende had slept with Sasha, and he knew what Sasha wanted. "She always wanted you," she said. Nicole recalled that Zende's relationship with Sasha had ended their relationship before, and it would end it again. "I've never stopped loving you," he said.

Nicole said she wanted to believe Zende. "I know you wanna believe that. God knows I wanna believe it, too, but it's words. Just words," she said. Zende said he wanted a future with Nicole, and he presented a jewelry box. "Say yes," he said.

Nicole shook her head and said, "I can't." Zende begged her to join the family for Thanksgiving. "I'll have this with me," he said, insisting, "You will be my wife, Nicole." She turned away.

In another office, Maya ranted that Zende had ruined everything. She hoped Nicole could forgive him. She wished she had never asked Nicole to give their baby girl a sibling. Rick hoped they could find a way to overcome everything.

At the Forrester mansion, Pam unpacked groceries under Quinn's watchful eye. Pam noted she had purchased unsalted butter -- "good for the blood pressure," she said. Eric joined them, and Quinn chastised him because he should have been resting. Eric said he would rest after the holiday. Quinn hoped that Steffy could persuade Wyatt to attend dinner. She and Eric embraced.

In the living room at the Forrester mansion, Wyatt greeted Steffy and asked what she had wanted when she had called him. She said she needed his help and wanted him to attend Thanksgiving dinner. "Your mom told me you were driving up the coast by yourself," Steffy said. Wyatt agreed. Steffy said that he belonged with his family. Wyatt said he didn't want to sit across from Steffy and Liam. He said it was way too soon. "Both Liam and I understand," she said.

Wyatt and Steffy discussed their relationship. He wanted to know that it had been real. Steffy said it had been, but he had known that she had always been in love with his brother. She said she probably shouldn't have married him, but their times together were some of the best times of her life.

"You should know that I miss you," Wyatt said. Steffy looked away. She didn't want things to be awkward. She wanted a fresh start on Thanksgiving. She begged him to attend dinner. "Maybe," he said. Steffy thanked him and grabbed his hand, but he noticed the bandage that covered her ring finger -- where she'd had the tattoo of her wedding ring removed.

Happy Thanksgiving Forrester style Happy Thanksgiving Forrester style

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

by Pam

Thanksgiving Day arrived at the Forrester mansion, and Eric and Quinn greeted Steffy and Liam in the living room. Steffy even hugged Quinn. Quinn thanked Steffy for organizing the dinner and persuading Wyatt to attend it. Liam assured her that he and Steffy would try to make the day as "painless as possible." Wyatt walked in and asked what would be painless. He joked that they had been talking about Pam's broccoli casserole. He promised to pretend that he liked it.

Ivy entered, and Eric hugged her. She said she had been kicked out of the kitchen. Eric laughed, and he told the group that he'd heard from Thomas and Caroline in New York. They'd wished everyone a happy holiday.

Bill Spencer entered and greeted Wyatt. He stopped in shock when he saw Quinn's portrait on the wall. "What the hell is that? You didn't warn me?" Bill said. Bill whispered to Wyatt that he was going to lose his appetite. Wyatt explained that Quinn was the lady of the house. Bill smirked.

Brooke entered with Ridge and R.J. She greeted Bill and kissed him. He wondered why she hadn't called him for a ride. Ridge said she had one -- with her family. Bill offered to take her home.

Katie entered with Will and kissed Eric and Ridge. Katie briefly hugged Bill, and she and Quinn hugged awkwardly. Katie thanked Quinn for the invitation.

Pam and Charlie were in the kitchen, and Charlie had an alarm app on his iPad for many of the items that had been cooking, but he became quickly confused about which alarm was for which food. Pam insisted she wanted to do it the old-fashioned way. Brooke and Katie entered. "Logan girls reporting for duty," Katie announced. Pam was glad to see them.

In the living room, Will sat with Steffy. Bill asked Ridge about his "new step-mommy." "Why are you here?" Ridge asked. Bill answered that he was hungry, and he was engaged to Brooke.

Rick and Maya entered along with Nicole and Lizzie. Eric asked about the Avants, but Nicole said her mother had the flu, and Julius wouldn't leave her side. Zende greeted Nicole and said he was glad she had decided to join them. She said she couldn't miss out on Pam's gravy. Zende said he had her ring and would always carry it for when she changed her mind, whether it was a day, a week, or months. Nicole said she didn't want to discuss it. Zende agreed.

Ridge congratulated Steffy for getting everyone together for the holiday. In the kitchen, bedlam reigned. Pam, Katie, Brooke, and Charlie tried to get things under control with the turkey and side dishes. R.J. interrupted and said that Eric had sent him to recruit everyone to meet in the living room for a family picture. The family members met in the living room, and Eric directed them all where to sit, and he took a photo.

Eric thanked everyone for getting together, and Steffy thanked Eric. They all embraced. They moved to their seats around the dinner table, and Eric reminded everyone that they had a game to play. Steffy started and said they would all say something nice to the person on their right. Steffy looked at Rick. She said she admired his passion and commitment for the company. She couldn't imagine Forrester without him. "It's cool seeing you as a father," she said.

Rick looked at Maya and said he was honored to have a daughter with her. She was kind, generous, bold, and courageous "Thank you for choosing a life with me," Rick said.

Maya looked at Zende and admitted she had been tough on him in the past year, but she admired him for his support of Nicole. She added that he was kind and generous. She was grateful for all the memories, and she hoped there were many more in store.

Zende turned to Nicole and admired her for her generous spirit that often caught him by surprise. He admitted that he didn't often react appropriately. He wished he could be more like her.

Nicole looked at Charlie and said she appreciated his take on life and that he had a unique perspective. She was grateful for his friendship. Charlie looked at Pam and said she was the special ingredient in his life. He added that he loved her beet salad. They kissed.

Pam looked at Katie. She admired how self-sufficient Katie was and wanted to be strong like her. She added that Katie reminded her of Stephanie. Katie thanked her for the compliment. Quinn glared at her.

Katie grabbed Eric's hand and shared that she was grateful for his friendship and generosity. She was especially grateful to him for his help, and she made him promise that there would be no more health scares.

Eric agreed and said he had something to fight for in Quinn. She supported him, and he'd never felt so appreciated. He said he would treasure her until his last day on earth. Quinn smiled.

Quinn thanked Eric and turned to Bill. She said she didn't hate him. Bill teased that he would finally be able to sleep at night. She also thanked Bill for giving her a family. She was thankful for Wyatt and many gifts that Bill had given her.

Bill looked at Brooke and said he was most grateful for her. He hugged Brooke and said she was his most valuable investment -- with the greatest return. He wanted to cash in on life with her. They kissed.

Brooke looked at Ridge and said he had been one of the few constants in her life. He had been her friend and companion; she was grateful for all the years he had supported her and was grateful for the best of their gifts -- "our son," she said. "That little monster sitting right next to you, all grown up."

Ridge thanked Brooke and faced R.J. Ridge said R.J. had grown into a wise young man, and he admired him. He was glad R.J. had returned home to go to school. R.J. agreed and said he was grateful for family and cousins he admired. He addressed Ivy and called her sophisticated. He thanked her for teaching him how to play cricket.

Ivy thanked R.J. and addressed Wyatt. Ivy thanked Wyatt for his understanding after he'd had a girlfriend who had done some "pretty awful things." Ivy said she was honored to call him a friend.

Wyatt turned to Liam, and he figured Steffy had seated them next to each other on purpose. Wyatt said they had a good relationship. He admired Liam's honesty and principles.

Liam laughed and thanked Wyatt. He looked at Steffy and congratulated her for what she had accomplished with an inspiring joy for life. Steffy thanked everyone and asked them to join hands in prayer and thanksgiving. Charlie and Pam wheeled in the turkey on a cart. Everyone dug into the food and toasted with glasses full of holiday beverages.

Later Liam and Steffy said it was the best feeling to have helped her granddad. Liam said he was proud of her. "Happy Thanksgiving," he said, and he and Steffy kissed.

Thanksgiving Preemption Thanksgiving Preemption

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

Thanksgiving Preemption Thanksgiving Preemption

Friday, November 25, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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