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Eric's faith in and endorsement of Steffy moved her closer to accepting the CEO offer. Liam feared Steffy would wind up on the wrong end of Quinn's crazy, but it was Katie who got a whack to the back when she got too close to Eric.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 5, 2016 on B&B
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Eric wants Steffy to join forces with him Eric wants Steffy to join forces with him

Monday, December 5, 2016

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge canoodled in the CEO's office. Ridge said he'd missed doing "this." They kissed more, and he decided that they needed to get out of there. Brooke asked if he didn't have work to do. He replied that he had a lot of "work" to do. He was ready and needed her house keys. Smiling with curiosity in her eyes, Brooke handed them over. "Give me a head start," he said and headed out the door.

Later, a song played with the lyrics, "making destiny appear after all of these years." Brooke opened her bedroom door and saw rose petals on the floor. Glancing up, she found Ridge standing there with a single rose, just as he'd done when he'd returned from Paris to reclaim her years earlier. He asked Brooke if she remembered, and she uttered, "How could I ever forget?"

Brooke and Ridge kissed, lay down on the bed, which was strewn with rose petals, and consummated their reunion. Afterward, they lay entangled in petals and sheets. Ridge had never been happier and didn't even know how they'd lost each other. He said it didn't matter because they'd found their way back.

Brooke joked that Finding Our Way Back should be the title of their memoir. It sounded exciting to Ridge, but she said she'd had enough of the so-called excitement. Ridge said he was also excited about the reunited family. He loved the bedroom. Brooke said they'd used it as an escape from the world. She contemplated that there had been many years and many changes. He stated that some things had remained the same.

Stroking Brooke's arm, Ridge said he loved the way her skin felt. He said he couldn't ever lose her again. She found the best in him and knew him better than anyone. He remembered the start of their journey, when she'd been catering at his mother's house, but he didn't know how it would end. He didn't care, as long as he was with her, his Logan. "Your Logan," Brooke said. They tossed up rose petals and kissed.

At Liam's house, Zende arrived with some photo proofs. He asked how Bill was, and Liam guessed that Zende had heard. Zende admitted that R.J. was practically spreading it at Forrester. Zende settled into a seat as the chat turned to Liam's happiness with Steffy. Zende supported it and said that with Quinn as Wyatt's mother, there was no way the marriage would work.

Liam offered Zende a beer, and Zende toasted to better days at Forrester. Liam said it might be one once the wicked witch was gone, but for the time being, Steffy couldn't coexist with Quinn. Liam thanked Zende for stopping by and said they'd deal with the Quinn issue. Liam thought that Steffy was probably doing so at that moment.

At the mansion, Steffy contended that Quinn's CEO offer was transparent and most likely included reuniting with Wyatt. Though Quinn did want that, she said it wasn't part of the offer. She'd made the offer because she believed that Steffy was the most eligible candidate.

In Eric's bedroom, Eric advised Wyatt not to give up on Steffy. He liked Liam but believed that Wyatt and Steffy were meant to be together. Wyatt said the divorce was already in progress, but Eric stated that it wasn't final just yet.

Later, Quinn arrived in the bedroom after Wyatt had gone. Eric relayed that he'd counseled Wyatt. She said she'd had a talk with Steffy and hoped Eric wouldn't be upset about the topic of conversation. Quinn wanted a breakthrough with Steffy, who was suspicious of everything. Eric said Steffy was like Stephanie, but he was putty in everyone's hands, especially Quinn's.

Quinn also felt for Wyatt and said it was her fault his marriage was ending. She desperately wanted a breakthrough, and it was why she'd made a proposition. Eric was surprised to hear that Quinn had suggested that Steffy take over as CEO.

Quinn considered Steffy to be a powerhouse and to embody everything that Forrester stood for -- class, beauty, and youth. Eric replied that it might reunite Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn admitted that the thought had crossed her mind. Quinn asserted her belief that Steffy was the one who could heal the family and put everyone back together.

Back downstairs, Wyatt found Steffy alone in the living room. She said she'd arrived while he'd been upstairs and had just talked with his persistent mother. Wyatt guessed that was where he'd gotten it, and Steffy agreed that he was persistent also. Wyatt glanced at her hand and asked how it was going. She stated that it was fading. Wyatt had assumed his would fade, too -- after fifty years of marriage.

Steffy stammered as she changed the subject to how Eric was. Wyatt said that Eric was good and had given Wyatt some good advice. Steffy claimed it was Eric's specialty and hoped that it stuck. "It might," Wyatt replied.

The topic turned to Quinn's offer. Steffy believed that Ridge was more suitable, and it made her question Quinn's motives. It was as if Quinn was dangling the CEO position out like irresistible bait. Wyatt asked what Quinn hoped to catch. "A stop to our divorce proceedings," Steffy replied. Wyatt didn't think that was a bad thing and asked what bait he could dangle to get the same thing.

Steffy considered Quinn's offer to be clever. Wyatt said it was brilliant and asked who was more qualified for it. "Besides my dad and my grandfather?" Steffy asked. She guessed that the answer was probably no one, but it was Quinn who'd proposed it. Steffy was sure that Quinn was trying to win Steffy over so Quinn could be permanent CEO.

Wyatt quipped that Steffy had her blinders on tight. Steffy asked if he was comparing her to a horse. He hadn't meant to, but she'd be a beautiful thoroughbred, if so. His point had been that an objective person could see that Quinn had changed. "So she wants us to think," Steffy replied.

Wyatt tried to convince Steffy that Eric had given Quinn a new passion. He said love did that for people. "At least it did it for me," he said, and Steffy sighed. Wyatt stated that Eric and Quinn were good together, just as Wyatt and Steffy had been.

"He's right," Eric claimed as he strolled in from upstairs. He was holding hands with Quinn. Eric asked to talk to Steffy alone.

Quinn and Wyatt went to the kitchen, where Wyatt asked if Eric had liked the idea of making Steffy the CEO. Quinn hoped so but said it had been hard to tell. Quinn believed it was the best thing and could open Steffy eyes to Quinn, to Wyatt, and to a marriage that never should have ended. "Well, it hasn't -- technically, not yet," Wyatt replied.

Back in the living room, Eric stated that Quinn had changed. "Granddad..." Steffy warily said. Eric understood she was tired of hearing it, and he wished he didn't have to keep saying it. He insisted that the things Steffy thought of Quinn just weren't true anymore. Eric's talk worried Steffy, who believed it meant he was setting himself up for something bad to happen.

Eric asked who knew Quinn better than Wyatt and stressed that Wyatt had accepted the transformation and the marriage. Eric believed that Quinn's proposition should speak volumes. Eric was aware of Steffy's belief that Quinn wanted to keep the CEO position, but Eric conveyed that Quinn had never hinted to him that she wanted to run Forrester permanently. Eric didn't, either. He noted that Quinn strongly believed that if he didn't do it, Steffy should.

Steffy couldn't believe Eric was considering Quinn's idea. Eric replied that it might be Quinn's idea, but as CEO, he was the one asking Steffy to do it. Steffy was honored and amazed but asked about Ridge. Eric readily replied that he could not trust Ridge. Steffy noted that she felt the same way Ridge did. Eric knew it, but he suspected that Steffy wasn't as hard of heart.

Steffy asked about Rick and Thorne. Eric replied that they'd always have a place in the company, but if Steffy joined forces with Eric and Quinn, they'd have complete control. Eric added that he was well aware of the percentages. Steffy suspected that Quinn had reasons for her suggestion. Eric was aware of that, too, and said Quinn wasn't hiding it.

Eric conveyed that Quinn was devastated about the divorce, but Steffy asserted that Quinn had set them up. "You blame Quinn for your marriage? You blame her for the vows you made to Wyatt? Don't victimize yourself, Steffy. That's not you," Eric replied. Eric believed that Steffy had married Wyatt because she loved him, and Eric warned that she was letting her hatred for Quinn cloud her thinking.

"Sometimes, we don't see things the way they are. We only see them the way we are. You can change that," Eric said. Eric didn't want to tell her who to pick for a mate, but because her divorce wasn't final, Eric asked her to give it thought and consider Wyatt. Eric also asked her to consider that her grandfather was smarter than she gave him credit for.

Steffy still couldn't believe Eric had considered her for the job. Eric said she'd be a champion in leading the company into the future and putting the family back together. She looked overwhelmed when he said it was in her hands. He asked her to agree, and she'd be the next CEO of Forrester Creations.

Who will be the next Forrester CEO?

Who will be the next Forrester CEO?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Steffy discussed that Eric wanted Steffy to run Forrester Creations as CEO. Steffy called it a fantasy she'd always had that she would be the "only one" to lead Forrester. She had fantasized that Eric, her dad, and her grandmother would tell her that she was the future of Forrester. She couldn't believe the fantasy would come true, but she also worried that it had a lot to do with Quinn.

Eric said he had no intention of asking Steffy to be CEO to satisfy Quinn's whims. He noted that Steffy was the logical choice. "I always knew your time would come. Your time is now," Eric said.

Steffy said she was honored and humbled. "If I say yes, am I setting myself up for failure?" Steffy asked. Eric said he would always be her safety net. She admitted it had been hard the last couple of months when she'd realized she could lose her grandfather. She promised she would never replace him at the company.

Eric said he would never expect to replace Steffy. She was grateful to work with her grandfather. She wanted to do her best for him. He encouraged her take the job. "Do it for yourself," Eric advised.

Steffy worried that Eric and Quinn wanted her to work with Wyatt again. Eric said he was not matchmaking because it never worked anyway. Steffy said she loved her dad, and he wouldn't be happy being passed over. Eric agreed but said Ridge should have expected that he would not be running the company. "What about Thorne?" Steffy asked. Eric said that Thorne had said many times that he didn't want the job. She asked about Rick, and Eric said that no one could run Forrester International like Rick could. "Say yes," he said.

Discussion turned to Eric's headaches, and Steffy gave him some water so he could take his medication. He said they were happening less frequently. Steffy asked about the CEO position and if she would be CEO in name only -- reporting to Quinn. Eric said she would be working with Quinn every day. "Not if I can help it," Steffy said.

Eric reminded Steffy that if she accepted the position of CEO, she would have to accept a few rules. She would have to change her language and temperament and learn to compromise with people. Eric acknowledged that Steffy disliked Quinn, and he understood, but she had to maintain professionalism. Steffy marveled at Eric's capacity for family forgiveness, love, and respect. She hugged Eric and asked if she could think about his offer. He agreed and said that was the best answer.

Quinn and Wyatt were in the kitchen and eavesdropping on Steffy and Eric's discussion. Quinn asked Wyatt if he could hear the conversation. Wyatt said he couldn't, but he thought Steffy would agree to take the CEO position. Quinn acknowledged that she had recommended Steffy to Eric for the CEO position because she was too tough and smart to go to waste at Forrester.

Wyatt begged his mother not to try to push Steffy and Wyatt back together. Quinn understood. She said she had suggested Steffy as CEO because she was the one Forrester who could unite the family, and all the Forresters rallied around her. Quinn added that Rick and Ridge had a lot of baggage and couldn't run the company. Quinn believed Steffy had all the skills.

Quinn offered Wyatt a sandwich, and he said that wasn't going to make him feel better. He was disappointed that his marriage had failed and he had moved in with his mother. Quinn reminded him that Eric had encouraged Wyatt to move into the mansion to help Quinn take care of Eric and to help her at Forrester.

Quinn suggested that Wyatt's commitment to Steffy could still pay off. She noted that he'd promised never to remove his wedding ring tattoo. She said a good lesson in life was that the person who always stayed committed would always win in the end.

Later, Steffy had gone, and Wyatt, Quinn, and Eric discussed his meeting with Steffy. Quinn asked if they had a new CEO, and Eric said that Steffy had to think about it. Wyatt was grateful to Eric for choosing his wife -- even though his marriage was in shambles. He was proud of Steffy. "The husband in me is not dead," he said.

Wyatt added that Steffy was smart and might be "the best CEO you've ever had." Wyatt noted that he could see the connection Eric had with Wyatt's mother. "I see it now. It looks like a force of good in all of our lives," he said.

Quinn hoped that Steffy accepted the job and that they could work together. Eric said Steffy wasn't happy to work with Quinn, but she knew she had to accept it. Quinn protested that she wished Steffy could see she had changed. Eric said Steffy had a lot to think about.

At Liam's, Liam and Katie met, and she had expected Will to accompany her, but he was sick. Liam asked about her new house, and he reminded her to lock all the doors and windows because with Quinn as a neighbor, no one was safe. Katie laughed it off, but Liam said he was serious. Katie admitted that living alone made her uncomfortable, but she liked that she had Eric next door. She admitted she was star-struck because Eric was a "super accomplished man."

Liam wondered if Eric had seemed all right after Thanksgiving. Katie said she felt he was improving every day. "I feel like he can see right through me. I can't hide anything from him. He seemed to be acting normal," she said.

Before Katie left, she asked about Steffy and Liam, and Liam said they were definitely happy and working toward the ever-after part. He changed the subject and warned Katie to be careful. He worried that she wanted to be friends with Quinn. Katie said that she didn't think Quinn had too many female friends. Liam said he didn't think she had any friends. He warned Katie again to be careful around Quinn. Katie agreed.

Steffy returned home to Liam, and he shared that Katie had visited. They had discussed how difficult it was to start over alone. Liam asked about Eric's health, and Steffy said he still had headaches, and he was considering not returning to Forrester.

Steffy and Liam discussed that Quinn had been nice to her -- the "new Quinn," Liam announced. Steffy added that Quinn didn't want to run Forrester. Liam assumed that Ridge would return, but Steffy said that he and Eric had a lot of relationship repair to do. Liam wondered if Rick would return, but Steffy asked him to guess again. "He offered it to me," she said.

Liam was surprised and negative. Steffy worried that he didn't think she could do it. Liam disagreed. "Oh, wow. Turn them down, of course. You can't say yes. You wouldn't fall for this. This is how she operates. If it's coming from Quinn, you have to say no," Liam said. Steffy looked unhappy.

Ridge  wants to be CEO

Ridge wants to be CEO

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam and Steffy discussed that Eric had offered the CEO position at Forrester Creations to Steffy. Liam wanted her to turn it down because it was part of Quinn's manipulation. "This is how she operates," he said.

Steffy understood, but she told Liam that her grandfather had offered her the job. Liam maintained that Quinn had manipulated Eric as well. Steffy told Liam that she'd had some emotional moments with her grandfather. Liam understood that Eric believed in Steffy, but he knew Quinn had an agenda.

Liam insisted that Quinn was using Eric and Steffy. "You can't let her win one more time," he said. Liam professed that he wanted to protect Steffy and not allow Quinn to get inside her head. Steffy argued that her grandfather wanted her for the position because he felt she was ready. She was like her namesake, and she planned to be a family unifier. Liam maintained that Quinn had hurt too many people. He didn't want Steffy to disregard all the damage Quinn had done.

Liam reminded Steffy that he was not disparaging her grandfather. Liam knew that Quinn was maneuvering to get Steffy and Wyatt back together, but Steffy said she would not let that happen. She didn't care about Quinn or her desire to be a matchmaker.

Steffy announced that her grandfather wanted her to run the family company. "How can I turn that down? He has faith in me," she said. Liam agreed, and he also had faith in Steffy. However, he reiterated that Quinn had manipulated them many times.

Steffy agreed, but she wanted Quinn gone and for her family to get along again." If I turn this down, she will solidify her position in this family," Steffy said of Quinn. "Don't let her draw you in," Liam advised. Steffy shook her head. Liam worried that Eric was not himself and that Quinn was going to broker a reconciliation between Wyatt and Steffy.

Liam maintained that Quinn had programmed Eric. Steffy was hurt. She said she'd had touching moments with her grandfather, and she would not allow Liam to degrade what had happened.

Liam agreed that Steffy deserved the position, but not in that situation. He didn't want Steffy near Wyatt or Quinn. "You deserve to be CEO, but not like this. Don't take the job," he advised.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Wyatt, and Quinn discussed that if Steffy accepted the position of CEO, it could be a turning point for the company and the family. Ridge entered and interrupted. He wanted to speak to Eric alone. Eric agreed, and Quinn and Wyatt left the room.

Ridge said he had some news. He announced that he and Brooke were back together. "That's wonderful," Eric said. Ridge felt it signaled a new beginning "for us and our family." He predicted that he and Brooke could be running the company side by side as husband and wife.

Ridge wanted to know if Eric was happy for him and Brooke. Eric insisted he was and assumed that R.J. was thrilled. "Brooke and I should lead this family and this company into the future. What do you say?" Ridge asked.

Ridge maintained that it was a good thing for the family and the business. "Like you and mom," Ridge said. Eric added that it was like Eric and his current wife, Quinn. Ridge argued that Eric and Quinn hadn't built the company from the ground up as Eric and Stephanie had.

Eric agreed that he and Stephanie had been partners. Ridge reiterated that he and Brooke should lead the company forward. Eric added that Quinn knew it was important that a Forrester run the company.

Eric announced that he had found someone -- someone he loved very much and had been at odds with for a long time. Ridge assumed that Eric would hire him. He professed that it meant a lot to him that Eric had faith in him. Ridge thanked his father. "It's not you," Eric said, clarifying, "I've chosen Steffy to be CEO." Ridge said nothing.

Ridge knew that his father didn't trust him. Eric praised Steffy's strength and talents. "Steffy hasn't accepted," Ridge noted. He added that it was a big decision, and Steffy wouldn't want to be in bed with Quinn. She wouldn't do that to Liam, and she had loyalty to her father.

Ridge maintained that it was his turn. Steffy would get her turn. Ridge wondered if Eric had forgotten about what a great team he and Brooke had been. Eric said that he had not forgotten -- but he also remembered the scandals and problems in the press.

Ridge said that he had a lot of love and respect for Eric. He lamented that they had been close. "I miss that. I really do," Ridge said. Eric nodded, but he walked away.

Ridge acknowledged that he had hurt his father. "All I can do is be a better son and a better CEO," Ridge said. He reminded Eric that Eric had groomed Ridge for the position for many years. "I would like a chance to show you that I can take it into the future. Appoint me CEO," Ridge said. Eric quietly turned toward Ridge but said nothing.

Quinn and Wyatt were in the kitchen and wondered if Eric had told Ridge that he had offered the CEO position to Steffy. Wyatt begged his mother not to try to reunite him and Steffy. Quinn offered Wyatt a sandwich and made fun of the smelly sardine sandwiches that Wyatt liked. She wondered what Eric and Ridge were discussing. Quinn predicted that the prodigal son would be angry that he had been bypassed. She predicted Ridge's head would explode. Wyatt doubted Ridge would react badly.

Wyatt schools Liam on morality-policing

Wyatt schools Liam on morality-policing

Thursday, December 8, 2016

At the mansion, Ridge owned up to what he'd done to hurt Eric and believed that they could move forward. He felt that he'd been groomed to take over the business after Eric stepped down, and it had always been his position to take. Ridge said Steffy was incredible, but she was young. It wasn't her time. On the other hand, Ridge and Brooke had reunited and were ready to lead the family and the company into the future. "Make me CEO," Ridge said.

Eric began to breathe a little heavily as he spoke. He hated to say it, but he didn't trust Ridge. It had been one betrayal after another from Ridge, and Eric was committed to his decision about Steffy. Ridge said it wasn't Eric's decision, and Quinn was exploiting Eric.

Guessing Ridge thought Eric was too feeble to make up his own mind, Eric contended that it was difficult for Ridge and hard for him to accept when he didn't get his way. What was hard for Eric to accept was how Ridge had turned his back on Eric and Quinn. Eric looked to Steffy to unify the family, and the CEO position was hers if she wanted it. Ridge said Eric was making a mistake. "Mine to make," Eric concluded.

Ridge stormed out of the house just as Rick was arriving. Rick greeted Ridge, but Ridge silently exited. Rick asked Eric was had gotten into Ridge. Eric said he'd made a decision, and Rick probably wouldn't like it, either. Eric informed Rick that Eric might not ever return to Forrester, and he'd asked Steffy to be the CEO. Rick scoffed in disbelief.

Later, Rick helped Eric into bed. Eric thanked him and said, "That's better." Rick eased onto the edge of the bed and said he didn't understand a few things, like why Eric wanted to step down when he'd had such success before the brain hemmorage. Rick recalled Eric's new zest for life back then. Eric attributed it to Quinn.

Eric wanted to stay at home and had no desire to direct "drama traffic" at the office. Rick asked why Eric didn't choose Ridge, who felt entitled to it. Eric revealed that he didn't trust Ridge. "Then why not ask me? Steffy as CEO? Why not me, Dad?' Rick asked.

Rick recalled that he'd had a profitable run as interim CEO. Eric agreed and said he didn't want to take anything away from Rick's accomplishments. "Yeah, but you kinda are by passing me over for Steffy," Rick reasoned. Eric stated that it had been Quinn's idea. Eric was on board with it, though. "Do you see how often this happens?"Rick raged.

Eric warned Rick about "going down that road" with him. Rick hopped from his seat, pointing out that Eric acted defensive whenever any of them tried to advise him about Quinn. In Rick's view, Eric just refused to hear it. "You're damn right, I do!" Eric yelled. He began bellowing in defense of Quinn and said all the accusations had to stop.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Quinn said, rushing in at the sound of Eric's upraised voice. She wondered what was going on, and when she saw Rick, she assumed that it was about Rick hearing that they'd offered Steffy the CEO position. "What do you mean, ‘we,' Quinn?" Rick asked. Rick deduced that Quinn had instigated that job offer because she wanted Wyatt and Steffy together.

Eric got riled up again in defense of Quinn and became short of breath. Quinn decided that Rick needed to leave because he was upsetting his father. Rick smiled wryly and bit back a retort as he watched Quinn calm Eric with breathing exercises. Rick wordlessly left.

Eric calmed down and wondered what he'd do without Quinn. Quinn said he never had to worry about it because she'd always be there to protect him and love him.

At the cliff house, Liam asserted that any offer from Quinn should receive and automatic decline. Steffy said her grandfather wanted her to be CEO. Liam replied that Quinn had put it in Eric's head. Steffy scoffed. Apologizing, Liam said she'd be great at it, and Eric might offer the position under different circumstances; however, the words at the time had been Quinn's words.

Thought Steffy understood Liam's concerns, she felt that Liam was acting as if her grandfather couldn't think or speak for himself and as if she were too gullible to think for herself. Liam repeated that it was Quinn they were talking about, and Quinn was working behind the scenes to wrap Steffy up in a neat little bow to hand over to Wyatt.

Liam knew it had been bound to happen. He ranted that Quinn never went away. She just laid low until people believed her changed it, and then she'd start the manipulating again. Steffy said he didn't have to school her one Quinn. Liam decided that he apparently did have to because Steffy was was considering the offer. Steffy didn't know how she'd not consider it.

Liam asked if Steffy knew it was the one thing Quinn knew she could do to get Steffy's guard down. Sick of Quinn's interference, Liam decided to end. He marched out the front door. Steffy yelled after him, asking where he was going. The door slammed, and she grimaced.

Later, Ridge arrived, and Steffy guessed that he'd heard. "Not from you," Ridge murmured. Steffy replied that she'd gone straight to "Liam's" after talking to Eric. Ridge explained that he'd told Eric about the reunion with Brooke and that they were ready to lead the company into the future; however, Eric had already picked someone. Steffy said she hadn't campaigned for it, and it had surprised her, too. Ridge stated that it wasn't Eric's offer -- it was Quinn's.

Ridge acknowledged that it was a big deal that Eric would trust Steffy enough to hand the company over to her. Steffy stated that it meant the world. Ridge said she deserved it, and when she was ready one day, he'd be behind her. "One day?" Steffy asked.

Steffy assumed Ridge wanted her to decline it. She asked if Ridge wanted her to throw Eric's belief in her back in his face. Ridge said they all believed in Steffy, but Eric just did whatever Quinn wanted. "And she wants something from you," Ridge asserted.

Ridge advised Steffy not to fall into Quinn's hands. Steffy remarked that she resented the implication that she was so naive that she'd let Quinn roll right over her. Steffy said Liam had acted the same way. Ridge stated that the two most important men in Steffy's life had alarms bells going off, which meant something was up. Ridge believed Quinn wanted Wyatt back in Steffy's life.

Steffy said to forget about what Quinn wanted and to think about what they wanted and how hard they'd worked for it. Steffy reasoned that she'd be in charge, and they wouldn't need Bill's shares anymore to get Quinn out. Ridge said that, like it or not, the job offer made Steffy into Quinn's ally. Once Quinn had that, she'd go after what she really wanted in life. "And that is Liam away from you for good," Ridge asserted.

In mansion kitchen, Quinn cooed about her idea being the best she'd had yet. Wyatt said it was a win for Steffy -- whether or not it accomplished what Quinn wanted. Quinn said not to pretend he didn't want to reunite with his wife. He asked who'd be happy about a failed marriage.

Quinn was upset that her happiness was at Wyatt's expense, and she'd do whatever she could to fix it. "No hiding, no scheming," Quinn promised. She urged Wyatt not to give up on Steffy. Wyatt reminded Quinn that Steffy was back with Liam, the supposed love of her life. "No, that would be you," Quinn corrected and urged her son to be in it to win it.

Quinn figured all Wyatt had to do was be in proximity to Steffy, who loved him. Proximity was good for Quinn, too, because if she and Steffy spent time together, Steffy might see the change in Quinn. "Maybe she'll even like me a little bit," Quinn imagined. Quinn asked Wyatt to see how the new job for Steffy could be good for his marriage.

Discussion turned to Quinn's run as CEO. Wyatt was proud of her for running the company without experience in that arena. Quinn said she was always only supposed to be a place holder until Eric returned, and Eric had surprised her by not wanting to return. It had made her wonder who'd run the company. Wyatt was surprised that Quinn had never considered doing it herself.

Quinn said that if Eric wanted to be at home, she wanted to be at home with him. Quinn believed that Steffy was the answer. Steffy was smart, savvy, and experienced. Thanks to Wyatt, Steffy was a success on the "social media stuff." Working with Steffy would give Quinn a chance for Steffy to respect and like her, and Quinn hoped to heal the family.

Quinn added that Wyatt could win Steffy back because Quinn would no longer be an obstacle. Wyatt seemed skeptical, and Quinn asked if he really didn't see the positives. Wyatt said that her intentions were good, and it would be the best idea ever -- if it worked. He loved Steffy, but he said he couldn't put his emotional well-being into something so uncertain.

Later, Wyatt answered the front door and heard, "Where is she?" as Liam strode into the house. Liam wanted Quinn to see the look in his eyes when he told her how serious he was about her not interfering in Steffy's life. Wyatt claimed that Quinn was upstairs, and he refused to get her until Liam calmed down.

Liam was fed up, and since Quinn usually acted on Wyatt's behalf, Liam assumed Wyatt was in on it, too. Wyatt had no idea what Liam was talking about. "Really? The CEO position?" Liam said in an expectant tone. Wyatt asked if that was actually what Liam was upset about. Liam asked if his anger surprised Wyatt. It did surprise Wyatt, who said it was a big opportunity for Steffy.

Wyatt thought that Liam should be thrilled that Eric trusted Steffy with it. Liam said he'd be thrilled -- if Quinn hadn't been behind it. Wyatt accused Liam of overreacting and repeated that it was an amazing opportunity for Steffy. Wyatt saw nothing wrong with his mother coming up with it. Liam called it an amazing opportunity for Quinn.

Wyatt asked how Quinn would gain from it and asserted that all she cared about what Eric. "Yeah, and her son, who must have whatever he desires at any given moment," Liam quipped. Wyatt said it was probably true before. Liam warned Wyatt not to even start the "‘my mother has changed' crap." Wyatt affirmed it as true. Wyatt barely recognized his own mother.

Wyatt added that Quinn only cared about making Eric happy. Healing the family was in that category, and Quinn believed Steffy was the only one who could it off. That was the only ulterior motive he could find in the CEO offer. Liam insisted that it was just the benign reason Quinn was using, and Wyatt knew there was something more "son-serving" going on.

"Fine! You're right! My mother wants to see me with Steffy, my wife! The nerve of that, right?" Wyatt quipped. He pointed out that he and Steffy weren't eve divorce yet, but she was living with Liam. Wyatt told Liam not to show up morality-policing Wyatt's mother while having zero respect for his brother's marriage. With that, Wyatt strode out the front door.

Later, Quinn felt someone's stare on her as she put away a dish in the kitchen. Turning, she saw Liam behind her and asked what he was doing in her kitchen. He agreed it was her kitchen, and she'd really pulled that one off. She asked what he wanted.

Liam said he wanted to relay that whatever scheme Quinn had hatched up wouldn't work. He and Steffy were back together and working toward the future that Quinn had almost stolen from him to give to Wyatt. Quinn was glad Liam had gotten it off his chest and asked if they were done. Liam stated that Steffy was not interested in any offer that was evenly partly from Quinn.

Quinn contended that Steffy was intrigued by becoming the CEO. Liam acknowledged that Quinn was good with words and would spin it to sound amazing for Steffy; however, Liam knew better, and it was just a trick to get Steffy for Quinn's son. "And, well, stop that ‘cause it's not happening," Liam informed Quinn.

Quinn asked why it was then that Liam felt threatened. "I'll tell you why," she stated. Quinn believed it was because Steffy wanted it, but Liam didn't want her to do it. In Quinn's view, Liam wanted to keep Steffy down, so he could still believe he deserved her. He wanted to stop Steffy from becoming the woman was meant to be. Wyatt, on the other hand, supported Steffy and her ambition.

Liam said it was like Deja vu -- same old Quinn saying the same old stuff. He told her that she had to accept that Wyatt and Steffy were over. Quinn replied that it wasn't over until it was over. The divorce hadn't happened, and things could change. Quinn envisioned Steffy becoming CEO and the woman she was destined to be and believed Wyatt would be by her side.

"I'm warning you, Quinn. Stay away from Steffy," Liam said.

Quinn bludgeons Katie to death

Quinn bludgeons Katie to death

Friday, December 9, 2016

In the kitchen at the mansion, Liam ordered Quinn to stay away from Steffy. Quinn reminded him that she and Steffy worked together and that Quinn was married to Eric. Liam said Quinn could exchange pleasantries when required, but that would be as far as it would go.

Quinn stated that Liam should be proud of the offer Steffy had received. Liam claimed he was, but he saw the red flags in Quinn's involvement even if Steffy didn't. Quinn concluded that his problem was that Steffy wasn't listening to all his "dire" warnings and planned to take the job. Quinn said his talk hadn't worked on Steffy, so he was there to bully Quinn.

It was fine with Liam if Quinn saw his protecting Steffy as bullying. Quinn called it interfering in Steffy's happiness, not protection. Quinn tried to talk about how she'd changed, but Liam didn't want to hear it. He said the job offer was the perfect example of how she hadn't.

Quinn stated that she wanted Steffy to see that Quinn wasn't the monster everyone made her out to be, that she was good for Eric, and that she wanted the family to unify. "Liam, so scary," Quinn quipped and asked what was wrong with her intentions. Liam didn't believe she was trying to unify the Forresters. Instead, he believed she was trying to solidify her place -- and Wyatt's.

Quinn noted that Liam seemed really worried about Steffy going back to Wyatt. Liam corrected that he was worried that Quinn would spend the rest of their lives trying to make it happen. Replying that he'd gleaned all that from a job offer, Quinn wondered if he was a little paranoid.

Liam said the job was just step one in Quinn's plan. He asked how long it would be before he'd be pushed off a bridge or locked in a cabin. Quinn admitted that she'd made questionable decisions. He scoffed. She said they were bad decisions, but she has continuously apologized for them. He replied that it didn't make people forget who she was or how she operated.

Quinn challenged Liam to name what she'd done since she'd been with Eric. She wanted to hear one example of the old Quinn. Liam said no one was buying that Eric had changed her. "You can't," Quinn concluded about him citing an example for her. He claimed it was because no one knew what she was up to until it was too late. She guessed they'd just have to wait and see.

Liam asserted that he wouldn't take the risk. Quinn exclaimed that Eric had changed her. Liam reminded her that she'd said the same thing of him. "Eric is just as much your hostage as I was," Liam said. Quinn uttered that it was time for Liam to go. He said she was probably right.

Quinn instructed Liam to leave out the back because she didn't want him to upset Eric. Liam stated that they'd see who'd upset Eric by the time it was done. Quinn vowed that it wouldn't be her, and it would never be her. After becoming Eric's wife, she would never be the woman she'd once been. Liam warned her to never say never, and he left.

At the cliff house, Ridge tried to talk Steffy out of taking the CEO position at Forrester because Quinn had to be up to something by pushing for it. Steffy said Quinn was always up to something, but Steffy might be able to stay one step ahead of Quinn. Steffy already knew what Quinn wanted, which was a reunion between Steffy and Wyatt, but Steffy would not let Quinn choose who Steffy spent her life with.

Ridge didn't know why Steffy would want to have anything to do with Quinn. Steffy stated that Quinn was a part of the equation because of Eric's devotion to her. Steffy stated that Eric really believed in Steffy. His praises had affected her and helped her believe in herself.

Ridge felt that Steffy should always believe in herself, but he said not to let anyone talk her into something she wasn't ready for. "I think I'm ready," Steffy replied. Ridge said that she might be, but he didn't want her to forget that the offer had been Quinn's. Ridge didn't think Quinn wanted Steffy to have the job because Steffy deserved it.

Steffy didn't know a better way to get Quinn out of the driver's seat. She figured she wouldn't have to work much with Quinn, who'd be focused on jewelry and doting on Eric. Steffy said it would at least get Quinn out of the CEO position for when Eric finally saw her for who she was.

Ridge was starting to doubt that would happen. Steffy believed Eric would catch on, and when he did, Steffy would be there by his side to push Quinn out. Steffy couldn't believe Quinn hadn't messed up and shown her true colors yet. She said that Quinn might have changed after all.

Ridge asked how Steffy could say that. Steffy reasoned that Eric and Wyatt believed it. Upset, Ridge cited what Steffy had just said as the reason he was worried about her. Liam entered in time to echo Ridge's sentiments about declining the job offer.

Liam revealed that he'd just seen Quinn, and he claimed that she was barely holding it together. Liam said Quinn was pretending to be what Eric wanted her to be, but she was dangerous. Liam was sure that someone innocent was bound to encounter Quinn's bad side, and he was trying to prevent that person from being Steffy.

After Ridge had gone, Liam made sure Steffy knew that he supported anything she wanted to do. Steffy added that he did as long as it didn't involve Quinn. They talked about how she'd always wanted to run the company. Liam thought she'd be good at it. "You think someday. But the offer is now," Steffy reasoned.

Liam said that Steffy should be the CEO, but she should decline because Quinn was playing games. He implored Steffy to stay away from Quinn. He believed Quinn would crack one day, and he didn't want Steffy anywhere near Quinn. Steffy nodded, and they hugged.

Back at the mansion, Eric answered the door for Katie, who'd text-messaged that she was on her way over. Eric joked that it had taken her a whole five minutes, and she remarked that he had a long driveway. Katie, wearing a shoulderless long-sleeved shirt, presented Eric with another gift.

Inside a box with his name engraved on it, Eric found some sketching pencils. Katie considered them a motivational gift, so he'd get back to designing and running Forrester. He said he might design, but not run the company. He revealed that he'd offered the CEO position to Steffy.

Katie asked why Eric hadn't chosen Ridge, and Eric conveyed that he had trust issues with Ridge. Katie thought the same would apply to Steffy. Eric replied that Steffy had just been following her father and had thought she'd been protecting Eric; however, Ridge's actions had been flat-out betrayals. Eric added that Steffy had what Ridge didn't -- the blessing of Eric's wife.

Katie had a strange look on her face but ultimately said it was a good choice, and she thought Steffy would be a good leader. Eric added that it would be good for the family, and Katie called him optimistic. Eric replied that he was realistic, and there would be much to muddle through. Patting Eric's leg, Katie said there was Ridge and Rick drama, but Eric seemed to be going into it with a smile.

Eric turned the topic to what Katie had been up to. He'd thought he'd see a lot more of her since she'd moved next door. Katie said she didn't want to be an annoying neighbor, knocking on the door and interrupting quiet time. Eric replied that she was welcome anytime she wanted. Katie thanked him but stated that he could kick her out of there if she ever overstayed her welcome. Eric said it wasn't possible, but Katie didn't think Quinn would agree.

Eric didn't know what Katie meant about Quinn and insisted that Katie was practically family and was welcome at any time. She said she'd call first, but he replied that she didn't have to schedule appointments. Katie said they were family because of the Ridge and Brooke reunion. Eric wondered how Katie felt about it, because Brooke had been a part of the reason for Katie's divorce.

Katie claimed that Brooke was doing what she always did -- returning to Ridge. Katie had thought it would upset her, but it didn't. She said her marriage had been over. She and Bill had been toxic for each other at the end, and what Bill and Brooke had done didn't have to affect Katie. It sounded to Eric as if Katie was ready to move on. She agreed and said there were all sorts of exciting prospects ahead.

Quinn entered the foyer by a passage between the living room and the staircase. Her face hardened as she looked into the living room, through the space between a wall and a pillar, and watched Katie and Eric as they talked about people she'd met in the public relations field. Katie was excited about the future. She thanked Eric for his friendship and helping her get to that point. She kissed his cheek, and Quinn angrily darted into the shadows as the visit wrapped up.

Eric needed to go upstairs to take his medications. Katie offered to see herself out. As he disappeared upstairs, she grabbed her phone and grimaced at Quinn's portrait. When she turned around, Quinn was standing right behind her.

Quinn asked if Katie thought she was an idiot. Katie was surprised by the question. Quinn said she'd seen Katie kissing Quinn's husband. "You mean that -- " Katie started to say. Quinn guessed Katie would say she and Eric were just friends, and she was showing gratitude for her son getting into the overpriced school. What Quinn had seen had been a "hell of a lot more than gratitude."

Katie said she was leaving. Quinn asked who had put Katie up to it, and Katie insisted that nothing was going on. Quinn decided that Katie going after Quinn's husband had been Katie's idea alone. Katie asked why she shouldn't go after Eric. She said Quinn wasn't good enough for him, and it was awful to watch Quinn manipulate him. Katie called Quinn crazy.

Katie turned to leave. Quinn swiped a candle holder off the foyer table and whacked Katie over the head. Quinn struck Katie again and again and stared at the blood on the weapon of metal and wax. As Katie lay on the marble floor with a halo of blood around her head, Quinn dropped the weapon. She checked Katie's pulse and shuddered in horror.

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