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Liam felt the chill as Eric froze him out of Steffy's life. Ridge decided that he and Brooke could get married after he'd romanced Quinn out of the Forrester family.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 26, 2016 on B&B
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Ridge flirts with Quinn Ridge flirts with Quinn

Monday, December 26, 2016

At the cliff house, Bill and Liam entered from the patio after surfing. They discussed Steffy being CEO. Liam was glad that Steffy was CEO, but not with Wyatt and Quinn whispering in Steffy's ear the whole time. Bill understood Liam's view, but the job and the people at the job were two separate issues in Bill's view. Disagreeing, Liam asserted that Quinn was trying to brainwash Steffy and use the CEO position to convince Steffy that Quinn was a changed woman.

In the CEO's office, Wyatt gazed admiringly at Steffy, who was busily conducting business through the landline. After the calls, Quinn remarked that Steffy was made for the job.

While discussing with Wyatt and Quinn how Eric was feeling, Steffy complimented the holiday decor at the mansion. Quinn's face brightened, flattered that Steffy thought so because Christmas had been so important to Eric. Quinn hoped Steffy was beginning to see how Quinn cared about what Eric cared about.

Later, Steffy had a meeting with Wyatt, Quinn, and Nicole about the social media campaign. As Wyatt suggested letting followers submit design ideas to make the followers feel included, Liam entered and said they might want to check with the actual designers first. Wyatt replied that it wasn't for the purpose of using fan designs but to make fans feel closer to Steffy.

Liam said it was a bad idea on many levels, and Steffy grimaced due to the increasing tension. Liam asked if they weren't open to another viewpoint. Steffy asked Liam to speak on it, and Liam said Wyatt was turning Steffy into clickbait and using Steffy to titillate fans, which was demeaning to a CEO and wouldn't work if the endgame was sales.

Nicole noted that sales were already up. Although Liam hated to admit it, he attributed it to Quinn's risks during her tenure. Wyatt thanked Liam for acknowledging Quinn but insisted that Forrester's success was linked to their branding and to their youthful, cutting-edge line of products. In Wyatt's view, Steffy best represented it and had to be out there.

Liam accused Wyatt of turning the CEO into a human emoji. Mocking Liam, Wyatt decided it wasn't a bad idea, and he could make a whole line of Steffy Forrester emojis. Liam asked Steffy if she wanted to be the laughingstock of the business community and told Wyatt that the chat rooms were being unkind. Wyatt said he would persist with Nicole in the campaign, and Liam couldn't tell Wyatt that having Steffy on everyone's lips would hurt Forrester in any way.

Liam insisted that it would. He said the buzz wouldn't last, and a year from then, Steffy would be the one who people would say had made herself a fool on social media. Liam said he knew why they were doing it, and Quinn and Wyatt's endgame was to stop a divorce on a marriage that was already over. Liam asked if they thought Steffy didn't see through it.

Wyatt replied that he was just trying to grow the social media presence. Liam implored Steffy to see that she was a Forrester and too classy for it. Liam asked if Stephanie would do it.

Quinn had heard enough and said they were in the middle of a meeting. Liam asked Steffy if she wanted him to go. Steffy hesitated. She asked Liam to let her finish up the meeting, and they'd talk later. Liam took a moment to accept that answer then walked out.

Once the meeting concluded and Wyatt and Steffy were alone, Wyatt asked if Steffy knew that Liam was wrong. Steffy claimed that Liam was just looking out for her. Wyatt contended that Liam was looking out for himself, and the social media concern was invalid. She felt that Liam had made valid points, and Wyatt asked what they could be.

The only point Liam had hammered into Wyatt was Liam's fear of losing Steffy. Wyatt asked what Liam had been doing there in the first place. Steffy said Liam loved her. Wyatt contended that a lot of people loved her, but some of them let her do her job and live her life as she saw fit. He said others pressured her to do what they wanted, and the CEO didn't need that.

Steffy glanced at her tattoo ring. Half as a question and half as a statement, Wyatt said she was still determined to remove it and marry his brother. He said that, just like him, the tattoo wouldn't go away completely. Steffy remarked about the doctor's visits, but Wyatt believed it would take a witch doctor to rid her of him. She clarified that she was talking about the tattoo, not him.

Wyatt wanted to keep the topic on him, and Steffy replied that he was his favorite subject. Wyatt quipped that she was his favorite subject, and he was her favorite predicate. Steffy was impressed by a man who knew his grammar. Wyatt said the predicate involved the verb, which got things moving. "Just like you," Steffy concluded.

Wyatt reasoned that he'd gotten Steffy to the altar. Steffy said his mother had had a hand in it. Sighing, he replied that Quinn might or might not have, but it hadn't taken away from the moment. A flashback of Wyatt and Steffy exchanging vows played. Wyatt took Steffy's left hand and said she'd promised to share a life with him. Wyatt still believed in the promise.

In the Forrester design office, Ridge and Brooke canoodled. Wearing Stephanie's ring made Brooke feel Stephanie's presence, but Brooke recalled that Stephanie had also worn a wedding band. Surprised that Brooke was hinting at selecting a wedding date, Ridge offered to get married on the day they got Quinn out of their lives.

Brooke guessed that there was no rush to call a caterer then. Apologizing, Ridge said he didn't want the Quinn cloud hanging over them. Brooke asked how he planned to do it. Ridge didn't know, but he'd do whatever it took. Brooke stated that plans to get rid of Quinn usually backfired. He said it wouldn't that time, but Brooke replied that she hated seeing him that way.

Ridge claimed that he was in love, happy, and about to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. Brooke remarked that Christmas had been a struggle for him, and he'd barely eaten. Ridge replied that Quinn made his stomach turn, and he hated seeing Quinn's portrait in place of Stephanie's. Quinn had been walking Eric around on a leash, in Ridge's view.

Brooke remarked that Quinn had Eric in her corner, but Ridge replied that Quinn had painted Eric into a corner. Ridge felt that the only thing that would blow it out of the water would be for Quinn to betray Eric. Brooke didn't see it happening.

Liam entered, and Brooke took off, saying she'd see Ridge at home.

Ridge noted that Liam looked beat up, and Liam relayed that he'd been across the hall at the meeting. Liam hoped Ridge had a dump Quinn campaign. Ridge did but didn't know how to go about it. Quinn was bizarre and flirty, Ridge indicated. Liam asked when the flirting had happened, and Ridge replied that it had been when he'd found her naked in the back yard.

As Ridge explained what had occurred on the estate, he asked who bought a shower as a gift unless they were dirty and trying to wash something off. Ridge claimed he'd been cutting through the back yard to get to the house when it had happened, and Quinn had exhibited no shame. Liam found it weird that Quinn would do it, but he asked if Ridge knew what it meant that Quinn was with Eric but flirting with Eric's son.

Just then, Quinn entered. She greeted Mr. Doom and Mr. Gloom and wondered if she'd interrupted a pout fest. To her, Ridge was cute when he pouted. Sarcastically playing along, Ridge said Quinn was enjoying rubbing it in. Quinn admitted that it gave her pleasure to see Ridge sweat because he'd been so mean to her. He said it was perverse pleasure.

Quinn guessed that the man who thought he was God's irresistible gift to women would know all about perverse. She asked if any woman had put Ridge in his place as she had. Liam suppressed his astonishment at what he was hearing.

After Liam left, Quinn advised Ridge to have Liam back off because he was distracting Steffy from her job. Ridge quipped that it was the job that had been meant for him. He thought distraction was part of the job and that Steffy would be fine. Ridge was sketching as he spoke, and Quinn requested that he look at her when he spoke to her.

Ridge kept working, and Quinn glanced over his shoulder to see what he was working on. She was impressed by the gown and surprised to see that he'd sketched in a piece that she'd designed for the neck of the sketched model. She remarked upon how well it went with the gown, and Ridge said that, sadly, it did match.

Quinn asked Ridge to be more positive. Ridge said that she was positively the worst person he'd ever met, but she was a really good designer. She noted that it was a start. He asked if he could design in peace, and she said he should show her some gratitude. He asked what for, and she replied that she'd gotten Steffy to be CEO.

"Women!" Ridge exclaimed. He claimed that women were why he had been put on the planet, and he'd gotten it from his father. He could see why his father was bewitched by Quinn. Although she was the most evil person he'd ever met, there was something undeniably sexy about her.

"Did you just call me sexy?" Quinn asked. Ridge corrected that his father found her sexy, but Ridge thought she was awful. Ridge continued sketching, and Quinn seemed perplexed.

At Brooke's house, Brooke sat in the kitchen with some hot tea to ruminate on her conversation with Ridge about waiting to get married because of Quinn. "Miss me?" Brooke heard behind her. Bill had just entered her kitchen. She asked how he'd gotten in there and what he was doing there.

Bill said he'd walked in, and he could say he wasn't there to see the poser. "What do you want, Bill?" Brooke asked. Bill said he wanted her, and he would have her.

At the same time that Ridge turned and secretly spied Quinn, who worked with her bare legs crossed as she sat on the office settee, Bill asserted to Brooke that Ridge would stray. "He always does," Bill concluded. Bill never strayed, and he'd be there, waiting for her to finally have their future.

Quinn models a dress for Ridge

Quinn models a dress for Ridge

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

by Pam

At Brooke's, Bill tried to persuade Brooke that she would never marry Ridge. Brooke said Bill was wrong. "I'm marrying Ridge," she said. Bill said he didn't "believe in the destiny garbage." He maintained that Ridge would never love her the way that Bill did. Bill reminded Brooke that Ridge often got distracted by other women.

Brooke insisted that Bill was being unrealistic, but Bill scoffed that she didn't have a wedding date yet. Brooke countered that she and Ridge had discussed a timeframe. Brooke related that Ridge didn't want to get married until Quinn was out of their lives. Bill laughed. He said he and Brooke had plenty of time to get back on track. He was convinced that Ridge would let her down.

Brooke teased that she couldn't believe Dollar Bill Spencer would be waiting for a woman. Bill said it was just a matter of time before they were together again. He said he had waited a long time for her. He knew that she was trying to keep her family happy and get her family together for R.J.

Brooke maintained it was the right thing to do for both of their families. Bill advised her not to worry about Will because Bill and Katie were devoted parents and were happily co-parenting. Katie was happy with her new independence, and they would not reunite. Bill said he was hopelessly in love with Brooke. "I'm not going anywhere. We're getting back together," he said.

At Forrester, Ridge had designed a dress that incorporated a piece of jewelry that Quinn had designed. He promised to show it to her and asked Pam to send in one of the models. Pam entered and reminded Ridge that all the models were at a special showing at one of the boutiques. Ridge thanked her, and he suggested that Quinn model it because she had modeled the showstopper at the last fashion show. Quinn said she had done it quite well, and she understood that Ridge needed to see the dress move.

Ridge smirked and held up a long red dress. Quinn went behind the screen, changed into the dress, and stood up on the riser. Ridge worked at pinning the hem and adjusting the fit. Quinn watched Ridge, and he frequently looked up at her. Quinn complimented Ridge's design and said his adjustments made the dress more comfortable. "You really are very good at this," she said.

Ridge suggested that Quinn turn sideways. He gently grabbed her hips and helped her turn. He told her she was a very confident woman. He recalled her standing outside the Forrester mansion, stark naked, testing out her outdoor shower.

Quinn said she was nothing compared to his blonde bombshell. She asked if he and Brooke had set a wedding date. Ridge said it was none of her business. He was focused on the company and his family. Quinn remarked that she thought Ridge would have been more upset that Steffy had been named CEO.

Ridge noted that Quinn had quickly annoyed him. He advised her to spin around so that he could see the dress in its entirety. Quinn turned and fell off the riser. She had sprained her ankle, and Ridge helped her up. He got ice for her and applied it to her ankle. She thanked him for taking care of her.

Ridge caressed Quinn's ankle and foot as he moved the ice around. Quinn said they could chat and get to know each other better while her ankle iced. "What do you want from me, Quinn?" he asked. Quinn responded that she wanted a chance. Ridge said he was doing what was best for the company. He encouraged her to get up and walk. Quinn got up and hobbled. "Make no mistake. I still despise you," Ridge said. "Good -- makes us even. I still despise you, too," Quinn said.

In Steffy's office, Wyatt and Steffy joked, and Wyatt insisted that Steffy missed him. She smiled, and he made her laugh and called Liam his "stick-in-the-mud brother." Wyatt noted that since he had taken over her social media campaign, she had gained more than 100,000 followers. "Stick with me, kid, and I'll make you an even bigger star," he said.

Steffy countered that it might be good to step back from the online bombardment as Liam had suggested. Wyatt argued that Liam was wrong. "The world can't get enough of you," he said. He noted that she had rocketed to a media celebrity who influenced all the brands at Forrester. He insisted she needed to build on the momentum.

Liam entered and said the ridiculous, never-ending media campaign was not professional. "Steffy is not fodder for the masses," Liam said. He worried that Wyatt was showing little respect for her role as the CEO. Wyatt maintained that a new day and age required social media influence, and she had to use it to the company's advantage.

Pam entered and agreed with Wyatt that his postings had been attention grabbers, including the latest "Sexy CEO" video. Pam said she liked it, and Liam and Steffy were concerned because they had not seen it. Wyatt said he had used some of the old Forrester Intimates line video. Liam argued that Wyatt had cheapened her image. "You're better than this," Liam said to Steffy.

At the Forrester mansion, Katie and Eric met, and Katie thanked Eric for his invitation for Christmas. She asked if Quinn was at home, and Eric said she was at the office. Katie worried about Quinn "finding us alone together." Katie added that she wanted to respect Quinn's feelings. Eric defended Quinn and insisted she was not jealous. Eric said he had the best life possible.

Katie wondered if Eric missed being CEO. Eric said he was happy. He acknowledged that Quinn and Steffy did not like each other, but they respected each other's talents. He knew that Quinn was loyal to him, and that was what he wanted in a wife.

Later, after Katie had gone, Quinn was home and snuggled with Eric. He applied ice to her foot. She flashed back to Ridge applying ice and rubbing her ankle. Quinn said she had been encouraged at Forrester. She said that Steffy had done a fabulous job as CEO, and she'd had a good conversation with Ridge. She knew he was upset about not being CEO, but he was proud of Steffy.

Quinn shared that Ridge had incorporated one of her jewelry pieces into his designs. Eric was pleased. "Ridge believes I am completely under your control -- he's right," Eric said.

Quinn said she was so happy that it scared her because every time she had been truly happy, she had managed to screw it up. Eric said it wouldn't happen again. All he wanted from her was loyalty and a double helping of love. They kissed.

At Forrester, Liam visited Ridge and worried that Wyatt and Quinn were trying to control Steffy. "We have to get rid of her somehow," Liam said. Ridge said that was his plan. Liam agreed that he had noticed that Quinn had been visibly teasing, taunting, and flirting with Ridge earlier. However, Liam said it didn't make sense because she clearly liked her life with Eric.

Ridge explained that Quinn did like being married to his father, but she was destructive. They were getting a glimpse of what it would take to take Quinn Fuller down. Ridge planned to do whatever he had to in order to get her out of Forrester.

Do as I say, not as I do

Do as I say, not as I do

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric helped Quinn with her sprained ankle. He rewrapped her ankle. Quinn and Eric discussed that Quinn wanted to get back to the office. She didn't want anyone thinking she wasn't pulling her weight. "No heels," Eric advised.

Quinn said she had been thinking about Wyatt and wanted to help him. Quinn told Eric that Steffy was cordial with him. "But it's hard to see her going home to another man every night," Quinn said of Wyatt. She asked what Eric was doing the rest of the day. "Super hero stuff," he said with a laugh.

At Forrester, in Steffy's office, Nicole and Wyatt met with Steffy about digital media. They agreed Steffy was on the verge of becoming a global success. Nicole said she understood that Steffy wanted to do some more conservative things that would appeal to an older demographic. Wyatt said they had some proposals for Steffy. Steffy marveled that Nicole knew so much, and Nicole said she had learned it all in college. Steffy had to leave. She had received a text message from her grandfather that he wanted to see her.

After Steffy left, Nicole said it had to be hard for Wyatt to work with someone who had broken his heart -- and it had to be hard that Steffy went home to Liam every night. Wyatt reminded Nicole that it was probably inappropriate to discuss those things.

Wyatt smiled and wondered how Nicole had continued to work with Zende and how she had known when it was over. "When it hurts too much," Nicole said. She said that she could see Steffy relied on Wyatt and respected his opinion. "No one else's opinion matters more than yours," Nicole said. She added that his relationship with Steffy might not be over. She said the chapter might have ended, but not the story.

At Forrester, Ridge and Liam discussed that Quinn was dangerously obsessed with Ridge. Liam wondered how Ridge expected to get her to show her true colors. Ridge said he would do what he had to in order to get her to betray everyone.

Ridge warned Liam not to tell anyone about what was happening -- even Steffy. Liam agreed. Quinn showed up in the doorway. "Knock-knock," she said. She wondered if they were going to ask "Who's there?" Ridge glanced at Liam, and Quinn wondered why they were staring at her. She noted that Eric had wrapped her ankle for her. Ridge advised her to truly knock before entering. She apologized for interrupting their conversation. She said she had been eavesdropping on Pam and Charlie having "the most epic fight."

Quinn asked what the members of her anti fan club had been up to. Ridge joked that they had been doing an Internet search on poisons like arsenic. Quinn laughed and said that a former boyfriend had put it in her gumbo, and she had slept well. She laughed and wondered if she should put a sock over her sprained ankle. Ridge said he knew how to take care of a woman "all the way down to her feet."

Liam left and said he would catch up with Ridge later. Quinn said her ankle still hurt, and Ridge removed the wrap, massaged her ankle, and rewrapped it. Quinn teased that he was a caring person. Ridge responded that he had to have low blood sugar. She said she knew that he liked to tease her, but she wanted him to see her as a caring person.

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy arrived in response to Eric's text. He complimented her on her willingness to work with Quinn, and he was glad that Ridge had helped Quinn at the office after her fall. "She fell, and Dad looked after her," Steffy said of Ridge helping Quinn. She called it common decency. Eric agreed.

Eric wanted to know what Steffy would call it when a married woman was shacking up with her husband's brother. Steffy knew where the conversation was headed. Eric persisted and said that it was shameful. "Why is this coming up now?" Steffy asked. Eric wanted her to adhere to some strict standards, since she had more of a global presence in social media.

Steffy guessed that Quinn had pressured Eric to bring up her personal life. Steffy added that her private life was her own, but Eric disagreed. Steffy said that she knew Quinn wanted her back with Wyatt. "Give your marriage a second chance," he said. Steffy said that she wanted to do what made her happy.

Eric wanted Steffy to honor the promises she'd made. He admitted he was not a fan of Liam. "I realize he and my wife had a conflicted past," Eric said. He added that Liam had had his chance to file charges against Quinn but had refused. Eric was angry that Liam had shown up at the mansion, throwing around accusations at Eric's wife.

Eric warned Steffy to remember she was married and should not live with Liam. "Wait until your divorce is final," he said. He ordered Steffy to move out of Liam's place that night. Steffy was miffed. She said she finally felt at home. Eric demanded that she honor the "pledge to love and honor."

Eric insisted that he believed in marriage and divorce. He didn't want to criticize, but he felt it was wrong that she was married but went home to another man's bed every night. "Yet a man can do it," Steffy countered. "Dad did, and so did you," she said. "Be better than we were," Eric suggested. He knew that she felt her marriage was in limbo, but she needed to wait until her divorce was final.

Eric also wondered why she had not met with payroll. He wanted her to know that he had started her at a one million-dollar a year salary with bonuses for performance. Steffy was impressed. Eric felt she would be the best of all the Forresters as CEO. He wanted her to be held to certain standards while she was still married. "This has to stop," he said of her living with Liam.

Later, at Liam's, Steffy lit candles, poured wine, and waited for Liam. He entered and asked if it was a special occasion. He said dinner smelled good, and he wondered if it was an anniversary of some type. Steffy congratulated Liam because he had never given up on them. She said she needed him "now more than you know." She caressed his face and said she had become a better person to keep up with him. She knew they had a purpose.

Ridge ramps up his plan against Quinn

Ridge ramps up his plan against Quinn

Thursday, December 29, 2016

At Brooke's house, Brooke was doing dishes when she was startled by a knock on her countertop. "Barkeep, two glasses, please," Bill said, knocking a bottle on her kitchen island.

Brooke chuckled, surprised that Bill was back again. Bill had decided that he'd surprise her with an end-of-the-year toast and guessed they'd need three glasses if they had to include "that dressmaker fiancÚ" of hers. Bill asked if Ridge even drank sparkling apple cider. Brooke conveyed that Ridge was still at work. Bill sarcastically seemed bummed and supposed they'd just have to go on without Ridge.

Brooke retrieved the glasses, and as Bill prepared the drinks, he said it hadn't been how he'd envisioned the end of the year. He'd thought he and Brooke would be on his yacht or in Paris. Brooke's kitchen wasn't the most romantic spot, but he'd take what he could get. He toasted to a better year ahead, and Brooke hoped the year ahead would be better for Bill.

Bill was sure it would be. He even believed that at that same time the next year, he'd be on his yacht with the woman he loved. "And just so there's no confusion, that would be you," Bill clarified. Brooke mindfully said his name. Bill responded by saying that Ridge was postponing the wedding until Quinn was out of their lives. Such a thing would never happen, which meant that a marriage to Ridge would never happen.

Brooke believed Bill would be just as worried about Quinn. Bill asserted that nothing would keep him from marrying Brooke. "Except maybe Ridge coming to the wedding," she quipped. Bill asserted that it was completely different, and she knew it. Bill had never said he wouldn't marry Brooke -- just that he didn't want that bozo marring the wedding day.

Brooke contended that Ridge wasn't saying he wouldn't marry her, either. Bill declared that it was exactly what Ridge was saying. Bill believed that the black cat had her claws deep in Eric and wouldn't go anywhere. Bill said Ridge knew it and was making Brooke wait for a day that would never happen. He wondered if Ridge even had a plan to get rid of Quinn. Brooke didn't know, but she said that, knowing Ridge, he'd try anything.

Brooke didn't want Bill to get his hopes up. Bill replied that they were up and staying up. His commitment to her had never wavered, but she couldn't say the same about Ridge, who'd disappointed her again and again. Ridding them of Quinn wouldn't change who Ridge was. He was the same guy who'd hurt Brooke. It was a matter of time before Ridge did so again.

Brooke said she knew her history with Ridge. "But this time it will be different?" Bill skeptically asked. He said he'd be there when Ridge let her down, and they both knew Ridge would. At that time, Bill and Brooke would begin their life together. "It's almost a new year -- the year you become my wife," Bill predicted with confidence.

At the cliff house, Liam asked Steffy what the romantic evening was about. Steffy asked why there had to be a motive and said that she might just want a romantic evening with him. "Or maybe you have something to tell me. What is it, Steffy?" Liam responded.

Liam said Steffy could say whatever she had to say. Taking his hand, she replied that she'd rather show it. Steffy led Liam into the bedroom, where they made out. Music played and a montage of them undressing and having sex played on-screen.

Later, Steffy lay on Liam's chest, and he asked why she was quiet and if she was lost in thought. She affirmed it, and he asked what she was thinking about. Steffy was thinking of how happy he'd made her and how they could finally survive whatever was thrown at them. "Has something been thrown?" he asked.

Sitting up, Steffy relayed that she'd had a talk with her grandfather, who'd made valid points and gotten her to really look at things. She respected and valued Eric's opinions. She stammered about how she'd questioned how quick it had been and whether it had been respectful or callous. Liam asked if Eric had called her callous. She said he hadn't, but Eric had conveyed his opinion that living with Liam while married was wrong, and Eric wanted her to move out.

Liam said that Eric had no right to criticize where Steffy lived, and she should have been with Liam the whole time. She agreed, but she understood Eric's point. Liam called it Quinn's point and said Steffy knew who it was really from. Liam stated that Steffy was where she needed to be -- with him. "Yes...eventually," Steffy replied. Liam sighed.

Steffy wondered if it was all too soon. She was married to Wyatt but living with Liam. Liam asked if she were really considering it. He figured out that it was what the romantic evening was about. "You just wanted to tell me you're leaving me," he concluded.

At the mansion, Wyatt was surprised that Eric had told Steffy that she shouldn't be living with Liam while married to Wyatt. While Wyatt was thankful, he reminded Eric that Steffy was divorcing Wyatt. Eric stated that he'd advised Steffy to respect marriage and honor the end of what she and Wyatt had shared; however, if it went according to plan, it wouldn't end at all.

Wyatt asked what Eric was thinking. Eric said he was thinking that they could change Steffy's mind, and before the divorce went through, Steffy would be as devoted to Wyatt as Quinn was devoted to Eric. Wyatt didn't think it was likely that Steffy would do a one-eighty. Eric believed it was possible if Steffy was living at the mansion. In Eric's view, it would solve everything.

Wyatt incredulously chuckled, but Eric said to think about it -- with Quinn, Wyatt, Eric, and Steffy in the same house, it could be the first step in getting Wyatt's marriage back on track. Wyatt asked if Eric was really willing to take sides and support Wyatt over Liam, the golden boy and everyone's favorite. "Or at least Dad's favorite," Wyatt reasoned.

"Well, your dad is an idiot. If he favors Liam over you, that's just proof of it," Eric replied. Eric said that Liam waffled, mistreated women, and led them on. Wyatt kept his commitments and was the kind of man Eric believed Steffy deserved. Wyatt asked if Eric really meant it. Eric affirmed that he did. In his view, any woman would be lucky to have the loyal and trustworthy Wyatt.

Eric just hoped his granddaughter would realize it. Wyatt hoped the same thing. Eric asserted that if he had anything to say about it, Wyatt would remain Steffy's husband. Wyatt didn't know if he deserved the support, but Eric insisted that Wyatt did and was exactly what Steffy needed.

In Eric's view, Wyatt was a part of something bigger -- his mother, who'd given Eric unconditional love. Eric said that if Wyatt gave Steffy even half of what Quinn did to Eric, then Steffy would be just fine.

In the design office at Forrester, Ridge advised Quinn to rest her ankle. She joked that there was no rest for the wicked, and he quipped that she finally admitted it. He said the offer still stood. Displaying his hands, he said there was magic in them, and he could make her feel better. Quinn replied that he might make it worse, and she'd err on the said of caution.

Ridge offered to at least get Quinn some ice. She thanked him but said she was thinking she needed the opposite -- heat. She figured that fifteen minutes in the steam room might do the trick. She gave him a curt smile and exited. "It just might," Ridge said to himself.

In the corridor, Ivy stopped at Pam's desk to chat. Ivy had been at the sky lounge, but because it was crowded, she'd decided to see what they had in the basement. She asked Pam if "that" had been all they'd once had. "Well, yeah, until Donna thought up the sky lounge," Pam remarked, adding that Donna could actually have good ideas.

Pam said no one had to fight to use the equipment down there, and the steam room was a bonus. Ivy asked if anyone still used it. Pam affirmed it, but she said to knock first because Charlie occasionally did hot yoga in it. "It's not something you want to walk into," Pam warned.

Later, Quinn stretched out in the steam room and placed a cloth over her eyes. As she relaxed, she heard someone at the door. She announced that someone was in there and asked the person to return when she was done. "I think there's room enough for two," Ridge responded.

Quinn snatched the cloth off her eyes and sat up. Ridge was in the doorway, wearing a towel. Quinn appeared rattled. She told him to get in or out because the steam was fading.

Ridge entered and sat down. "So much for solitude," Quinn murmured. He offered to keep quiet if she needed it, but she said she needed her ankle to get better. He claimed it was why he was there and cupped her feet in his hands. She quickly told him that he didn't have to do that.

Ridge shushed Quinn as he massaged her ankle. He instructed her to close her eyes and asked how it felt. "Magical," she said in a soothed tone. He stated that he didn't lie. "Not about your hands anyway," she quipped as his hands moved up her calf. "Okay. Yeah, that's enough," Quinn decided. She hopped up and said she was going.

Quinn hurried out and grabbed a robe just outside the door. Ridge followed her and did the same. As they pulled on the robes, she asked what he was doing. Ridge claimed to be trying to help her. Quinn asserted that he didn't give a damn about her, and whatever he was attempting to accomplish, he could just forget about it.

Ridge didn't know why Quinn suspected him of being up to something. Quinn threw out that it might because he hated her and would do anything to get rid of her. He replied that it was a good point, but he was also human. She asked what that was supposed to be mean. He stated that she'd been hurt, and he wanted to help her.

Just then, Ivy was passing the steam room and heard voices. She peeped through the open slats of the blinds. Quinn said that Ridge didn't care if she was hurt. She accused him of taking advantage, and she didn't know what kind of game he was playing. Ridge called it a game when Quinn had been naked outside at the shower, teasing him. He contended that she could have gotten a towel, but she hadn't. Ivy walked away as Quinn said she hadn't been teasing Ridge.

"I was outdoor showering on my property," Quinn corrected. Ridge believed that the word "property" said it all. He said Quinn controlled the house and the company, and she was trying to control his daughter's life. Quinn replied that she wasn't rubbing in her position. Ridge roared that she was. He stated that they despised each other equally, and they might just be toying with each other. "We like playing games. It's something we have in common," Ridge said.

Quinn decided that it was going to stop. She didn't want Ridge to flirt with her again. She didn't want him to touch her or pretend to care about her. She asserted that she was married to his father, and he didn't get to play with her emotions. Quinn stormed out.

"Well, Ridge...I think she's falling for you," Ridge said to himself.

Quinn rushed into the CEO's office. She called Ridge a bastard for trying to charm her. "Like I'd ever do anything to hurt Eric!" she said to herself. She saw two framed pictures on the desk, one of Ridge and one of Eric. In her mind, she heard Eric express his commitment to her.

Quinn flashed back to being on the stage with Ridge, and Ridge's words about her being attractive echoed through her brain. She heard Ridge's accusation of teasing him, and she flashed back to the shower incident. "No!" she said.

The flashback voices and flashes of action continued to echo in Quinn's mind. She heard Ridge telling her that there was something undeniably sexy about her. The flashbacks sped up. She heard Eric's loving words. She heard herself saying that she didn't trust herself. Ridge's voice said she was sexy. Eric's voice said she was faithful. Her own voice said she wouldn't show Eric old shades of Quinn. "No!" Quinn screamed again.

New Year's Preemption

New Year's Preemption

Friday, December 30, 2016

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, CBS aired an encore presentation of a recent episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. This was a planned scheduling change and were will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 2, 2017, and picked up where the Thursday, December 29, 2016 episode concluded.

Thank you for visiting over the past 12 months and for sharing your love of all things soap. Here's wishing you a very happy year ahead.

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