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January 2 to 6, 2017
Liam felt Steffy slipping away from him after she agreed to move out of his house until she was divorced. Ridge promised to fix it with his plan to flirt Quinn out of Eric's life. Quinn told Ivy that Quinn wasn't falling for Ridge's games, but Quinn seemed affected when Ridge said they should avoid each other. In a clash with Eric over Quinn, Ridge vowed to prove "that woman" couldn't be trusted. Eric demanded that Ridge put his evidence on the table or stop disparaging Eric's wife. Wyatt pitched Steffy her own cosmetics brand, and Eric offered to throw in the mansion inheritance and a portrait if Steffy moved into the mansion and gave her marriage another try.
January 9 to 13, 2017
Wyatt was disappointed when Steffy chose not to move into the mansion. Thomas, who'd returned to town without Caroline and Douglas, expressed concern for the pressure his new roomie, Steffy, was under. Brooke decided to take off alone to visit Hope in Milan, and Ridge figured he'd have the Quinn issue solved by the time Brooke returned. When Eric surprised Ridge and Quinn with an overnight business trip, Ridge changed the hotel reservations from two rooms to one. Ridge and Quinn found themselves in a seductive moment, but when a hotel employee interrupted with the truth about the reservations, Quinn unleashed her fury on Ridge.
January 16 to 20, 2017
Liam was worried that Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt wouldn't stop their campaign to reunite Steffy and Wyatt. Steffy kept assuring Liam that she'd return home as soon as the divorce was final, but Liam insisted that she set Wyatt straight, expedite the divorce, and move back to the cliff house. Quinn intended to tell Eric about Ridge's scheme to break them up, but after a few tequila shots, Ridge and Quinn opened up to each other and wound up kissing. Quinn and Ridge decided to keep what had happened between them. Liam found it strange that Ridge hadn't succeeded in his plan and was puzzled when Ridge decided to abandon future attempts to rid them of Quinn.
January 23 to 27, 2017
Wyatt fast-tracked his divorce and invited the tattoo doctor to finish Steffy's tattoo removal and start Wyatt's. Tired of waiting for Steffy to set Wyatt straight, Liam filed a flight plan with Bill's pilot. Before Liam boarded the jet, Steffy found him at the airport to tell him that she was finally his. Liam and Steffy got engaged, and Liam and Wyatt hoped to heal their relationship. Steffy and Thomas clashed over her new position because Thomas believed that Ridge's first-born should have been considered for the job. Ridge and Quinn agreed to see each other in a new light, and Quinn suggested to Eric that Ridge share the CEO position with Steffy. Ridge was so grateful to Quinn that he spun her around in her living room. Katie walked in on them and asked what she was interrupting.
January 30 to February 3, 2017
Sally Spectra spurred her great-niece, named after her, to take action before Spectra was demolished. The younger Sally talked C.J. into giving her six months to revive Spectra before he sold the space for demolition, and Sally's first hire was Saul's grandson, also named Saul. Rick and Thomas were livid about Steffy and Ridge running Forrester, and when Maya said the father and daughter wouldn't vacate their posts soon, Thomas murmured that it might be time to vacate Forrester. To Thomas' surprise, he bumped into the young Sally Spectra. Katie warned Ridge to be careful with Quinn, and he warned Katie to be careful with Eric. Brooke overheard Quinn asking Ridge to keep a secret and ordered them to say what was going on between them.
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February 6 to 10, 2017
The skeptical Brooke accepted Ridge and Quinn's answer that their secret was a wedding surprise for Brooke, but when Bill joked that Ridge and Quinn were in bed together, Brooke faked a chuckle in response. After overhearing Brooke inform Eric that Katie might be a romantic option for him, Quinn told Brooke that Quinn was watching Katie. Sally horned in on Steffy's social media fame by staging and posting a food fight with Steffy. Riding the wave of media attention, Sally promised a fashion preview within one week. Thomas advised Sally to rein in her expectations for her designs. She went off on him for trying to undermine her, and he kissed her. Nicole agreed to marry Zende, and Steffy liked Ivy's idea of marrying Liam in Australia.
February 13 to 17, 2017
Zende planned an intimate wedding for Nicole at the Forrester mansion. Sally and Shirley dressed as caterers to infiltrate the event. Thomas convinced Sally to sneak back out, but before Sally could leave, Steffy served her a face full of a cake. Ivy wasn't there to witness the wedding, but Ivy arrived just in time to smack the swooning Quinn back down to earth after Ivy witnessed Quinn kiss Ridge.
February 20 to 21, 2017
Ivy agreed not to tell Eric about the kiss she'd witnessed between Ridge and Quinn. Even though Ivy warned that she'd be keeping an eye on the situation, Ridge and Quinn still struggled to stay out of each other's orbit. Bill forced Jarrett to become the only guest at Spectra's preview and ordered him to write a scathing review so that Bill could buy the Spectra warehouse property for his new high-rise building. When Jarrett couldn't bring himself to write the negative review, Bill wrote it for him. Sally figured that Spectra was finished until Shirley reminded her that the business had been built on knockoffs. When Coco, Sally's sister, arrived, Shirley decided that they'd just found their design-stealing spy.
February 27 to March 3, 2017
Sally referred Coco to Thomas as a possible intern, but Rick had misgivings about trusting a Spectra around their designs. Coco won Rick over but was upset to learn that her family expected her to steal from Forrester. Bill offered Brooke his sword necklace and said its absence would symbolize the one thing he'd never have. Charlie witnessed Quinn wipe lipstick from Ridge's lips and presented the lipstick-blotted napkin to Pam as evidence of an affair between Eric's trusted family members.
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MARCH 2017
March 6 to 10, 2017
Ridge was determined to fire Coco as an intern, even after she saved R.J. from being hit by a forklift. Brooke and R.J. talked Ridge into giving Coco a chance. Sally and Saul relieved Coco of her spying quandary by secretly installing spy cameras in her jewelry. Charlie was sure Quinn had wiped her lipstick off of Ridge's lips, and Charlie had the napkin to prove it. While Pam tried to make Charlie give up on lipstick-gate, Katie upset Brooke by describing a weird and intimate exchange Katie had witnessed between Ridge and Quinn.
March 13 to 17, 2017
Brooke refused to entertain Katie's notion that Quinn and Ridge were having an affair. Katie played a game of flight "I spy," and the moment the Forresters and Spencers arrived in Australia, Katie told Brooke that Ridge and Quinn had been holding hands on the plane. When Thomas said Sally would be his date if she happened to show up in Australia, Sally booked a flight and wound up in the center seat between some familiar travellers.
March 20 to 24, 2017
In Australia, Sally surprised Thomas, who was overjoyed to have her as his wedding date. Steffy zip-lined into her wedding, and she and Liam finally exchanged vows. Though Sally stealthily took pictures at the wedding, she had a change of heart and told Shirley that she hadn't taken any photos at all. As Quinn and Ridge said goodbye, Quinn revealed that being with Eric had enabled her to love not just one man, but two. Brooke refused to hear any more about Katie's suspicions of Quinn and Ridge, but Brooke was forced to see the truth when she happened upon Quinn and Ridge kissing on the beach.
March 27 to 31, 2017
Brooke agreed not to break Eric's heart by telling him that she'd seen Ridge kissing Quinn. Refusing to be a fool for destiny, Brooke walked out on Ridge, and Ridge flew back home, where he admitted to Katie that Brooke wouldn't marry him because he'd kissed Quinn. Saul and Shirley convinced Coco to wear the necklace, and its spy camera picked up top-secret Forrester designs. Sally was leery of the spy plan, and Saul and Shirley feared that Sally's feelings for Thomas would derail their plan to make Forrester knockoffs. Bill remained in Australia after other guests had left, and he discovered Brooke alone outside the opera house.
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APRIL 2017
April 3 to 7, 2017
Brooke agreed not to hurt Eric by telling him the real reason she'd called off her wedding. Katie didn't think she could face Eric while keeping the truth from him, but she had no problem lording what she knew over Quinn. Quinn placated Katie with tea and cookies but warned that Katie had a lot to lose in her games with Quinn. Shirley revealed to Sally that Thomas had a child with Caroline and convinced Sally that he was just messing around until he returned to Caroline. Sally broke it off with Thomas, but he refused to let her do it because he'd fallen in love with her. Coco let Maya wear her brooch, and Darlita was shocked to see the brooch wearer making out with Rick on the live spy feed.
April 10 to 14, 2017
Certain that Sally's couture showing would flop, Bill scheduled a wrecking crew for Spectra Fashions. At the Spectra fashion show, Jarrett and Coco noticed an uncanny similarity between Sally's designs and Forrester's style. Sally broke up with Thomas because she believed she'd disappoint him someday. Thomas didn't think such a thing was possible until he saw Sally on the Spectra runway with knockoffs of his designs.
April 17 to 21, 2017
Thomas gave up on Sally after he'd seen his family's next collection on the Spectra runway. R.J. believed Coco when she explained that she'd been an unwitting pawn in the theft, but Ridge dismissed her as an intern. Carter doubted that the Forresters would win in court, and Eric decided that they had to work overtime to create an entirely new collection. Quinn refused to let Katie blackmail Quinn into giving Katie a job at Forrester. Ridge was willing to hire Katie -- if Katie accepted that the woman for him was Brooke, not Quinn. Brooke set up a romantic evening for Bill and asked him to marry her.
April 24 to 28, 2017
Ridge implored Brooke to break off her engagement to Bill and give Ridge one more chance. Though Bill had Brooke, he still sought leverage over Ridge and became determined to find out what Ridge had done to make Brooke leave him. Eric learned that Spectra had also pirated the jewelry line, and he talked Quinn into letting Katie help out in the jewelry department. When Sally learned that the Forresters had convinced Coco to implicate Sally in the design theft, Sally confessed to committing grand larceny and industrial espionage.
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MAY 2017
May 1 to 5, 2017
Lieutenant Baker arrested Sally. Sally resigned herself to her prison fate, leaving C.J. with a hundred thousand-dollar debt and a ready-to-go fashion house on his hands. Zende showed his sketches to Thomas and Steffy, who said they didn't have time to train a new designer. Zende believed it was because he wasn't a real Forrester. At Sally's preliminary hearing, Thomas spoke on her behalf, and Sally told him that she loved him. Ridge said he'd back off if Brooke told him that he had no place in her heart or her future.
May 8 to 12, 2017
Thomas' statement to the judge caused Eric to seek only damages against Sally Spectra. With Spectra unable to pay its lease, Bill set out to pounce on their warehouse space. Liam, however, learned about Bill's fake review of Sally's preview line and convinced Steffy to tell Thomas about it. Thomas arrived at Spectra just in time to pay C.J. the money that Sally owed on the lease, and C.J. declined to sell the space to Bill. The Spectras celebrated being back in business, thanks to Thomas.
May 15 to 19, 2017
Thomas and Ridge clashed over Thomas' support for Sally, and Ridge fired Thomas from Forrester. Anxious to make Brooke his wife, Bill planned a quickie wedding at his house. Ridge implored Brooke to meet him at her house and marry him instead. Brooke honored her commitment to Bill and married him in his living room. Quinn consoled the disappointed Ridge.
May 22 to 26, 2017
Maya and Rick traveled to Forrester International, and Maya worried about burdening Zende and Nicole with watching Lizzie. Nicole's fertility test revealed that uterine scarring would drastically lessen Nicole's chances of having another child. As Nicole held Lizzie, Vivienne stated that Lizzie would always be Nicole's little girl. Ridge offered Zende the opportunity to design in Thomas' stead, but Steffy pushed for Eric and Ridge to join her in asking Thomas to return to Forrester. The Spectras feared that Thomas would leave them high and dry for his family's sake.
May 29 to June 2, 2017
Nicole believed Maya was putting her career before Lizzie and wondered if Julius had been right when he'd advised Nicole not to give her child away. Thomas became Sally's partner and head designer. The decision upset his family, and Steffy warned Sally that Steffy would be watching her. Quinn went to Ridge with concerns about Katie and wound up making out on his bed with him. To appease the threatening Katie, Ridge decided to let Katie's mediocre jewelry be in Quinn's collection, and Katie said their secret was safe with her.
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JUNE 2017
June 5 to 9, 2017
Maya and Rick returned home and learned that Nicole might be unable to have more kids. Clerical errors led Carter to redraft Lizzie's adoption paperwork, and he informed Rick that the new papers needed signatures. Eric instructed Quinn to fire Katie, and Katie drew a gun on Quinn. The gun was unloaded, but the rifle that missed its shot at Quinn the next day wasn't. While Katie answered questions at the police station, Quinn encountered a dark-haired woman in Katie's house. The woman introduced herself as Sheila.
June 12 to 16, 2017
Katie caught Sheila trespassing in Katie's house, and Lieutenant Baker arrested Sheila for attempted murder. Eric also asked Baker to press charges because Sheila had violated a restraining order Eric had against her. More shots were fired at the mansion, and to Quinn's surprise, Deacon showed up at the house. He pulled a gun on her. Through her telescope, Katie saw Quinn in distress and sent Ridge from the guesthouse to help Quinn. Deacon was arrested for being the actual shooter, and Quinn was grateful Ridge had saved her life, Quinn told him that she loved him.
June 19 to 23, 2017
Maya and Rick asked Nicole to sign the corrected adoption papers, but Nicole saw it as her chance to get her only child back. Zende urged Nicole to sign the papers and promised that they'd make their own family. Julius asked Maya if she could make the same sacrifice for Nicole as Nicole had made for Maya. After Eric gave Katie a job in marketing, Katie told Ridge and Quinn that they'd have no problems from Katie. After Sheila overheard Charlie and Pam arguing about Eric and Quinn, Sheila pressured Charlie to tell her the issue.
June 26 to 30, 2017
Katie felt guilty about taking all the credit for the swimwear campaign and expressed gratefulness to Wyatt for helping her think it up. Sally and Thomas spied on Forrester employees who participated in a promotional photo shoot for the campaign. Sheila talked to Charlie again and gleaned that Ridge and Quinn were having an affair. Sheila talked him into driving her to the mansion, where she staked out the place with binoculars as Ridge and Quinn talked inside. Julius tried to persuade Nicole not to sign away her rights Lizzy, but after an emotional exchange between the Avant sisters, Nicole decided that Maya was Lizzy's mother.
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JULY 2017
July 3 to 7, 2017
Thomas and Sally crashed Forrester's bikini photo shoot and challenged Forrester to a fashion duel in Monte Carlo. While driving Ridge's vintage Camaro, Coco took her eyes off the road to text message pictures to Darlita. Coco crashed the car, and R.J. sustained a concussion. Sheila told Eric that his wife and son were having an affair. Eric was devastated when Ridge and Quinn admitted that something had happened, just not an affair. Eric kicked Quinn out of the house, and when she returned to plead her case, she saw that Eric and Sheila were gone.
July 10 to 14, 2017
Caroline arrived back in town, hoping to get another chance at a family with Thomas and Douglas. Despite Thomas' assurances, Sally felt threatened. Caroline decided to stick around town, and Thomas asked Sally to get used to it. Sheila found Eric staying at her hotel but refused to tell Quinn where he was. Steffy and Liam tracked Eric's cell phone and found him in a hotel room with Sheila. Sheila and Steffy argued over who should be around Eric. When Sheila went to her purse, Liam yelled that she had a gun, and Steffy shot Sheila.
July 17 to 21, 2017
Steffy thought she had to shoot Sheila before Sheila shot Steffy, but Sheila had a razor, not a gun, in her purse. The bullet grazed Sheila's shoulder, and Liam, Eric, and Sheila covered for Steffy when hotel security investigated the gunshot. Steffy agreed to keep Eric's whereabouts a secret if Eric would agree to stay away from Sheila. Eric acknowledged to Sheila how loyal she'd been, and Sheila asked for one small thing in return -- a kiss. Upon offering to help Caroline get Thomas back, Bill warned Thomas to stop being selfish and get his priorities in order for his son's sake.
July 24 to 28, 2017
Sheila continued to ingratiate herself to Eric and stood by his side when Ridge arrived to say that he'd taken advantage of Quinn just because he could. Ridge advised Eric to go home to his wife, but Eric disowned Ridge instead. Thomas was overwhelmed when Bill told him about Caroline's unnamed terminal disease. Caroline was angry with Bill for lying, but when Thomas said he wanted to spend her remaining time with her, she didn't contradict Bill's lie. The Spencer, Forrester, and Spectra clans took Bill's jet to Monte Carlo.
July 31 to August 4, 2017
Bill saw that Spectra had received the most votes at the Monte Carlo challenge. Changing the rules, he said it hadn't been a competitive challenge, and the votes actually hadn't been tabulated. Thomas revealed Caroline's illness to Sally and flew from Monte Carlo to New York to be with Caroline and Douglas. Romance unexpectedly sparked when Katie and Wyatt spontaneously kissed in their excitement over the success of the fashion show. Maya and Zende had an encounter that Maya would rather forget. Eric returned home, and instead of working it out with Quinn, he demanded a divorce.
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August 7 to 11, 2017
Eric told Quinn that she could prove she'd changed by signing the divorce papers that stripped her of everything Forrester. When Quinn complied, Eric ripped up the papers because she'd proven that she loved him above all else. Wyatt wouldn't give up on Katie, even after she set him up on a date with Charlotte. Katie decided that they were friends with benefits, and Wyatt looked forward to receiving some benefits. Liam got Bill to admit being behind Caroline's fake illness, and Bill threatened to disown Liam if he told Sally or Thomas. Liam revealed it to Steffy and insisted that she knew what they needed to do.
August 14 to 18, 2017
Sheila wound up with a head wound after she and Quinn tried to kill each other at the mansion. Wanting to keep the incident from the authorities, Eric let Sheila recover at the house but called James in for an honest assessment of her condition. Sheila knew a secret about James and blackmailed him into giving her a bad diagnosis. Bill pressured Liam to write an negative article about Sally, but Steffy warned Bill that it might backfire because Bill had already forced Liam to keep the Caroline secret. After talking to Sally, Liam empathized with her and promised to write a positive piece.
August 21 to 25, 2017
Brooke didn't buy Sheila's concussion act. Despite James's insistence that it was true, Brooke vowed to be back in a few days make sure Sheila vacated the mansion. Katie invited Wyatt to have her as the main course for dinner. When Bill showed up to see Will, Katie hid the naked Wyatt in the bathroom until Bill finally left. After attending Spectra's preview, Liam and Jarrett chuckled to Bill about a minor electrical fire at the fashion house. The fire sparked the idea for Bill's plan "B," and Bill had Justin hire someone to set Spectra on fire.
August 28 to September 1, 2017
Quinn caught Sheila prancing around her room, but before Quinn could tell Eric, Sheila dragged Quinn into a knock-down, drag-out pillow fight. Eric sent Sheila back to the hotel, but as he and Quinn debated what had happened, Ridge rushed to Quinn's defense. Liam and Caroline accused Bill of orchestrating the fire that had destroyed Spectra. Bill denied it to Caroline but affirmed it to Liam, who grappled with exposing Bill's deeds. Thomas flew in to check on Sally. She implored him to stay and help her rebuild, but he believed his place was with Caroline and Douglas.
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September 4 to 8, 2017
Sheila forced Charlie to help her trap Ridge and Quinn in the Forrester elevator in hopes of catching a passionate moment between them on the security cameras. Liam dreamed of sending Bill to jail and taking over as CEO of Spencer Publications, but in Liam's dream, Bill said Liam had no proof of arson against Bill. Liam secretly recorded Bill admitting to the crime and threatened to send Bill to jail if Bill didn't step down and let Liam run the company. Jealous of Nicole's bond with Lizzy, Maya convinced Ridge and Rick to offer Zende a design position in Paris. To Maya's delight, Zende accepted the offer.
September 11 to 15, 2017
Bill signed Liam's memo making Liam the new CEO, but before leaving, Bill clocked Liam and vowed to decimate him. Steffy urged Liam to work things out with Bill, but Liam was enjoying using his newly stolen power for good. He warned her that Bill was just using her to get the power back. Brooke forced a confession out of Bill, and disgusted by his arson, lies, and violence, Brooke gathered her things to leave. Sally lost Thomas to Caroline, but she gained a building and a third chance at her career when Liam bought the Spectra building and signed it over to her.
September 18 to 22, 2017
Wyatt was concerned about all the Spencer money Liam was spending, and Wyatt was outraged when he and Justin discovered that Liam had spent fifty million dollars on Spectra just to give it to Sally. Wyatt wondered if Liam had a thing for Sally. Steffy also was angry about the gift, and she warned that Sally would have to answer to her if Sally disappointed Liam. Brooke walked out on Bill and straight into Ridge's comforting arms. Bill warned Ridge against going after Brooke, and as Bill implored his wife to return him, he noticed her twisting her ring as if she was thinking of removing it. Quinn and Sheila had yet another brawl.
September 25 to 29, 2017
Brooke left Bill, and her family surprised her by moving her things from Bill's house to hers. Ridge suggested Brooke throw herself back into work -- and some lingerie -- but Brooke wasn't sure about returning to the lingerie line. Ridge wanted her back, but she said she needed time. Wyatt confronted Liam about blackmailing Bill, and Liam asked Wyatt to join forces with him. Wyatt didn't want to be in Bill's path when Bill exacted his revenge. Steffy went motorcycle riding with Bill, and he stroked her hair, saying it had been just what he'd needed. Eric reconciled with Ridge.
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October 2 to 6, 2017
Sheila sent Eric to Katie's house to catch Wyatt and Katie making out. Eric hired Mateo to be the new grounds manager, and Sheila paid Mateo to try to seduce Quinn. Liam's moral obligations drove a wedge between him and his family. Steffy urged Liam not to take Sally on a business trip with him, but he said his decisions at Spencer were none of Steffy's business. Sally figured out that Bill had started the fire, and she was overwhelmed with gratitude for the lengths to which Liam had gone to help her. Bill comforted Steffy, who didn't recognize her husband anymore. Bill vowed to get revenge on Liam.
October 9 to 13, 2017
Liam took Sally on a business trip for Spectra despite Steffy's opposition to it. Sally figured out that Bill had ordered the fire. Impressed by all Liam had gone through to help her, Sally said there could be more between them if he wasn't married. Brooke walked out on Bill. Bill snatched Liam's necklace off and vowed to make him pay for Brooke leaving. Mateo took Sheila's job offer to seduce Quinn, and during a massage session with Quinn, Mateo got carried away by his own fantasies. Quinn screamed when she walked in on Katie and Wyatt in bed together.
October 16 to 20, 2017
Quinn flipped out when she learned about Wyatt and Katie's relationship, and she was even more upset that Eric had kept it from her. Eric apologized but walked out when Quinn couldn't hold her temper. Mateo hugged Quinn and gave her a massage to relax her. Bill hired a hacker to infiltrate Liam's devices and remove the incriminating audio file. Justin slipped into Liam's office and recovered a thumb drive containing the file. Bill ousted Liam as CEO, but instead of exacting revenge, Bill asked for Liam's forgiveness and to heal the family.
October 23 to 27, 2017
Bill and Justin did away with Liam's blackmail files, and Bill reclaimed his CEO chair. Instead of banishing Liam, Bill healed the family and signed an agreement to work at Spencer as equals with sons. To Wyatt's surprise, Bill intended to rule by a majority of two -- himself and Wyatt. Bill resurrected his plan to build "Sky" on Spectra's land, which Spencer still owned due to a technicality. Sheila urged Mateo to make his move on Quinn, but when Quinn flew into a rage due to his inappropriate touching, Mateo revealed that Sheila had put him up to it. Eric and Quinn confronted Sheila, who laughed maniacally after the couple threw her out of their lives.
October 30 to November 3, 2017
Liam rejected Bill and Wyatt's decision to demolish Spectra Fashions. Bill offered to relocate Spectra, but standing on his principles, Liam staged a sit-in with the Spectra gang to prevent Bill's demolition crew from tearing down the Spectra building. Bill blew up an onsite warehouse to scare them out of the main building. Justin saw everyone run out of the main building, and he okayed Bill to blow it up, too. At the last moment, Sally and Liam ran back in, and Justin text-messaged Bill to abort the mission. Bill flipped the detonation switch and screamed in horror when he checked his messages afterward.
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November 6 to 10, 2017
Bill and Steffy rushed into the demolished building to save Sally and Liam. Believing they were about to die, Sally kissed Liam and said she loved him. After they were rescued, Sally implored Liam not to tell Steffy about the kiss, but he told his wife everything that had happened. When Brooke found out that Bill had blown up the building with Liam and Sally in it, Brooke broke off her marriage to Bill.
November 13 to 17, 2017
Steffy was disgusted with Liam for betraying their wedding vows by kissing Sally. Bill found Steffy at the Forrester guesthouse, and as he tried to comfort her, they two wound up falling into bed with each other. Steffy returned home and sobbed to Liam about how sorry she was. She wanted to tell Liam what she'd done, but Liam had planned a vow-renewal ceremony for them and promised they could have a clean slate. Steffy decided that renewing their vows would mean that what had happened prior no longer mattered. As Steffy recommitted to Liam, Bill was planning a getaway for himself and her on the Stella Maris.
November 20 to 24, 2017
Bill told Steffy that the jet and yacht awaited them, but Steffy told Bill that she had just renewed her wedding vows. Bill tried to talk her out of her marriage to Liam, but, determined to keep her marriage, Steffy swore Bill to secrecy about what they'd done. Liam went to Bill to ask for healing in the family, and the father and son agreed to forgive and move forward. The Forresters invited the Spencers, Spectras, Avants, and Logans to the mansion to celebrate their thankfulness for each other.
November 27 to December 1, 2017
Thorne returned to Los Angeles for good and immediately locked wills with Ridge when Ridge called Thorne his little brother. Brooke invited Thorne to live at her estate until he found a place, and Thorne revealed to her that he'd started his own clothing line, named after Aly. Thorne seemed keenly interested in Brooke's love life, but Brooke was curious about Ridge's interactions with Quinn. Bill and Steffy clashed over whether to tell Liam about their indiscretion. Steffy warned Bill to brace for impact and went home to tell Liam the truth. Pam and Eric discovered that Sheila was still working at Il Giardino.
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December 4 to 8, 2017
Guilt plagued Steffy, but Bill convinced her that if she said a lie long enough, she'd begin to believe it. Liam was puzzled when Quinn insisted that she'd found Steffy's bracelet, along with a used shower and unmade bed, in the Forrester guesthouse. Ridge tried to maintain his "big brother" advantage over Thorne, but after Sheila revealed to Thorne that Ridge had had an affair with Quinn, Thorne knocked Ridge on his butt and declared that Thorne would stand up to Ridge and convince the family -- especially Brooke -- to do the same.
December 11 to 15, 2017
Steffy chickened out of telling Liam about her and Bill. Liam helped Steffy get the "cha-cha-cha" back in her voice and step. At a routine doctor's appointment, Steffy and Liam learned that she also had a baby in her belly. Ridge enlisted Quinn's help in procuring the perfect engagement ring for Brooke. Brooke accepted Ridge's proposal, and she and Ridge consummated their engagement. With Eric, Thorne asserted his desire to have Brooke and to be a father and son design team with Eric. Thorne urged Eric to fire Ridge, who needed to learn a lesson about how he treated people.
December 18 to 22, 2017
Brooke announced her and Ridge's engagement to Katie, who in turn confided in Brooke about Katie's relationship with Wyatt. The confession made Katie think about whether there was more to the relationship than bedroom pizza deliveries. Ridge told Bill to move on because Brooke had, and Ridge was puzzled by Bill's ambivalence toward Brooke's engagement to Ridge. Steffy told Bill about her pregnancy, and he gave her a DNA sample for a paternity test. Eric held a Christmas celebration at his house, and Ridge surprised Brooke by flying Donna in for the holiday.
December 25 to 29, 2017
Brooke thought that Thorne should move out because of her engagement to Ridge. Wyatt had to bail out on a roleplay session, and Katie teased that she'd find someone else. Thorne arrived for a visit, and Katie invited him several times to move in with her. Thorne declined because he didn't want to disrupt her relationship. Justin successfully pressed Bill for the truth about Steffy. Steffy received the paternity test results, which named Liam as the father. Liam found the paternity test results in Steffy's purse.
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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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