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An overnight business trip gave Ridge the perfect chance to lure Quinn to her downfall. Steffy declined to move to the mansion, and instead, roomed with Thomas, who'd returned from New York alone.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 9, 2017 on B&B
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Steffy tells Liam about the mansion offer Steffy tells Liam about the mansion offer

Monday, January 9, 2017

In the design office, Liam wished he'd kept his temper when he'd been talking to Eric, but Eric hadn't heard Liam, no matter how many times Liam had repeated himself. Ridge said Liam had to be patient, and Eric didn't stay upset at anyone for long -- except for Ridge.

Later, Liam walked back into the office, saying that Steffy hadn't returned from her meeting. Ridge didn't know about a meeting. Liam said it was the one at the mansion about the media plan to turn Steffy into a show horse, and she'd be another red-carpet set of white teeth with a tight dress slit to her ribs. Ridge said Wyatt knew what sold, and it was about celebrating vanity. "Her picture's all over the Internet. God knows what they'll come up with next," Ridge said.

Liam lamented the precarious months of waiting for Steffy to return to him. Ridge said Liam hadn't lost her yet. Liam didn't like the "yet" part. Ridge was determined to get Eric to see the real Quinn even if Eric hated him for it. Liam pointed out that Ridge wouldn't be CEO, and it might end his relationship with his father if he did succeed in the plan.

Ridge was out of other options and asked if Liam had another idea. "Hey. She liked you once. No, she loved you once," Ridge noted. Liam's face blanched, and he stammered. "What? Too Soon?" Ridge asked. Liam took that as his cue to walk to the door. He told Ridge to be careful. Ridge replied that he was a big boy. "She eats those for breakfast," Liam quipped and exited.

At the mansion, Wyatt held Steffy's hands, and they stared at each other. In the silence, Eric complimented Wyatt on his fragrance choices. Wyatt said to thank the chemists because all Wyatt had done had been to be picky, which was his best quality, the one that had led him to Steffy.

Quinn remarked that some of Taylor's things were stored in the attic, and they could sort through them if Steffy wanted them. Quinn added that there were many rooms, and Steffy could take her pick. Eric stated that it could have been Steffy's house all along.

Eric saw no reason that it couldn't skip a generation, and he wouldn't divide it up among "a bunch of people." Eric suggested bequeathing it to Steffy. All she had to do was commit to it at that moment.

Wyatt talked about Steffy being an even bigger star, and Steffy wondered if it was what she wanted. Eric said there was no going back, not with her millions of followers. They joked about her being unable to go to the market alone, but the trade up was that she didn't have to be alone or live alone. Eric said that everything she needed was at the mansion.

As Wyatt joked about only seeing large amounts of money written on cardboard sweepstakes checks, Steffy decided that it was too much. She began saying that they could name the product line after her. Quinn interrupted, stating that Carter had advised them to compensate Steffy for it, and Wyatt said it was standard for big celebrities. Steffy replied that she wasn't a big celebrity. Quinn noted that there weren't many CEOs her age, and Wyatt added that they didn't have "Sexy CEO" vlogs, either.

Every day that Steffy was CEO, she asked herself if it was the best day of her life. She knew who to thank for the opportunities. Eric said she'd earned it, and Quinn added that the portrait would make a fine showing over the mantel when Steffy and Wyatt took over the house.

The portrait was beautiful and a little embarrassing to Steffy, but she assumed her father or mother would love to have it -- or Liam. She said she wouldn't move in there anytime soon. She didn't want to hurt Wyatt, but she stated that he knew where she stood. Once the divorce was final, she planned to move back in with Liam.

Wyatt acted as if he'd been punched, and he smiled despite the tears welling in his eyes as he said he'd never seen someone so difficult to give a million dollars to. There were no strings attached to the cosmetics line, and he asked her to think about the deal. She said she would, and he was an excellent salesman. Mirthlessly agreeing, he wondered what he might be able to sell her in the future.

After Steffy had gone, Quinn, Wyatt, and Eric packed up the presentation. Quinn had hoped they'd get through to Steffy. Wyatt said Steffy adored Eric. So did Wyatt. It wasn't the case for Steffy with Quinn, but Wyatt had sensed some thawing. Quinn was glad to hear the thawing hadn't been her imagination.

Wyatt asked if the portrait thing had been too much. Quinn didn't think so, but she attributed the idea to Eric. Eric conceded that he did take things too far at times. It was part of his charm, though it didn't always work, he said. Wyatt didn't know what he'd do with "those two." He was grateful for the support but sometimes wondered why he couldn't work on his marriage himself.

Eric apologized for interfering too much. Wyatt stared at Quinn, who admitted she had her helping tendencies. He kept glaring at her until she admitted that she thought she knew better than others. Wyatt stated that it was even if she thought she knew better than he did about his own life. He admitted that she could be right at times, and he loved her, even if doing so was a psychiatric disorder.

Later, Quinn and Eric sat on the sofa, watching Wyatt pack the last of his presentation up. "Sons," Quinn thoughtfully stated. Eric said they made their hearts full and then they broke them. Quinn expressed that she still felt very responsible, and Eric pulled her close for a hug.

At the cliff house, Liam was surprised when Steffy walked in. He wished she had her bags with her. He asked how the meeting had gone. "What meeting?" Steffy asked. He stated that she'd been at Eric's house for a meeting. She said that news traveled fast, and Liam replied that she probably had something to tell him. She revealed that "they" wanted her to move in with them.

Liam asked if Steffy had also seen it coming. "Liam, this isn't an insult to you," Steffy replied. Liam asked if Eric had become Quinn's hand puppet, and Steffy asked Liam not to act like that. Liam pointed out that Steffy had had a home with him until Eric had made her feel as if it had been a moral failure. Steffy hated it as much as Liam did and asked if they had to go over it again.

Liam didn't understand why Steffy was letting it happen when she knew Quinn was behind it. Steffy explained that Eric was hurt and felt shunned from the family. In her opinion, he was trying to build a legacy from what was left, which was Steffy. "And his new son-in-law, Wyatt," Liam added. Steffy said it wasn't a scheme, and Eric was building a new family stronghold.

Steffy explained that Eric wanted to build a new line of products about her, which would put a lot of money in her pocket. Liam asked what products and said, "Forrester makes what it makes. Clothing." Steffy went on, saying Eric wanted to leave the house to her. "To you only?" Liam asked. Rolling her eyes, she said Wyatt had been mentioned.

Before Steffy could continue, Liam said, "Oh, come on!" He asserted that they were trying to buy her. Steffy replied that they believed in her. All Liam wanted to know was if he'd see her again if she disappeared into that house. "I said no," Steffy replied.

Liam smiled when Steffy said she'd told them that when the divorce was final, she'd be in "this house," and Liam would be her husband again. She said Wyatt was a good guy and had taken it well, but Liam was the one she wanted to spend her life with. The two kissed and said they loved each other.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was mincing onions for her spaghetti sauce. R.J. offered to forgive her for doing it if he didn't see or taste them and if she married his father. "Well, now, that's not up to just me, is it?" Brooke pointedly asked and then softened it with a smile. She figured that she shouldn't have said anything. R.J. replied that it was already out, and Ridge wouldn't get married until a certain someone wasn't around.

R.J. concluded that Bill wasn't going anywhere. Brooke revealed that it wasn't Bill. R.J. didn't know who Ridge hated more than Bill. She replied that it wasn't high school, and Ridge didn't necessarily hate her. R.J. gleaned that it was a female they were talking about. "Or him," Brooke added.

R.J. deduced that it was Quinn, who wouldn't go anywhere, either. R.J. believed that Quinn would outlive Eric and turn his mansion into Goth central. Brooke told R.J. not to joke. He claimed that it was just statistics. Women outlived men, and that was precisely the point of even having a sugar daddy. Brooke admonished him for the mean remark, but he said it was worse to say one wouldn't get married until someone else got divorced.

R.J. stated that he'd want to get rid of someone like Quinn, too, if he was in Ridge's position, but he didn't see how Ridge believed it would happen with Quinn. Brooke admitted that Ridge had been short on specifics, but Ridge was very motivated, she concluded.

As R.J. and Brooke ate in the kitchen, he remarked that Maya and Rick had gone out with Maya's parents, which meant that he got to eat their portions of the meal. Taking his plate to add more to it, Brooke exclaimed that he'd had seconds already.

Ridge entered, and surprised, Brooke remarked that Ridge had said not to hold dinner. R.J. said Ridge couldn't hold up Brooke's respectability and asked why Ridge hadn't made an honest woman of his mother. R.J. guessed it was because Ridge was obsessed with Ridge's stepmother.

Ridge claimed that Quinn wasn't his stepmother. After the family bantered about where R.J. had gotten his ideas and Ridge had tried to divert the topic to R.J. doing homework, R.J. said it had been a nice try, but he really want to know about Quinn. Ridge said, "Don't worry about Quinn. We got it."

Later, Ridge ate while Brooke straightened up the kitchen. She remarked that she was surprised to have a son who knew her better than she did at times. Ridge claimed that she was an open book, and she expressed disappointment at not being mysterious. "Well, I'm off to Italy," she decided in a windswept voice. Ridge joked about there being no mysterious blondes there, either.

Brooke explained that Italy had a blonde who was important to her -- Hope. Ridge realized that Brooke was serious about going to Milan. Brooke conveyed that she missed Hope, and Ridge was too busy for Brooke with his plot against Quinn. He said it might not be a bad idea for Brooke to go while he was trying to get them the life they should have.

Brooke didn't mind their life. She had Ridge, and R.J. was home. Ridge remarked that he'd been kicked out of his childhood home that morning. He said Eric was lost and blind. Ridge stated that he wasn't lost because he had Brooke. He kissed her and said he was lucky.

Ridge and Brooke expressed their love for each other. Brooke imagined that when she returned from her trip, Ridge would have everything in order, they'd say their vows, and R.J. would shower them with rice. As she went on and on, Ridge smothered her in kisses.

Just another tequila sunset

Just another tequila sunset

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge discussed that Brooke had planned a trip to Italy to see Hope. Brooke was worried about her. Ridge wanted Brooke to have Hope accompany her home so that Hope could attend their wedding.

Brooke suggested that she and Ridge had to have a plan and date for the wedding first, and Brooke reminded Ridge that he didn't want to get married until he had eliminated Quinn from their lives. Brooke was stressed, and Ridge rubbed her back and shoulders.

Brooke told Ridge she wanted him to share his plan, but Ridge said he wanted to keep it quiet. He promised he was working on it. He said it was his first priority, but Brooke balked and insisted that she was his first priority. Ridge agreed, but he said he needed to make Quinn disappear.

Conversation returned to Brooke's visit to Hope. Brooke planned to surprise her and leave the next day. She hoped that while she was gone, Ridge would have Quinn taken care of, but Ridge reminded her it was not a quick or easy process.

Brooke reminded Ridge that he was a lover not a fighter. She wanted to get married before she was too old to walk down the aisle. Ridge said she would never be too old. She acknowledged that Quinn drove him crazy.

"Quinn does things to me that no one else ever has," Ridge said. He shared that she had cost him his relationship with his dad, and she was a puppet master. "Now you're trying to scare me," Brooke said.

Ridge told Brooke not to worry. Brooke said that perhaps Ridge needed the massage. They kissed, fell back on the bed, and made love. Later, Brooke asked about the wedding again and about Quinn. Brooke wanted her out of their lives because of everything she had done to Hope, Liam, and Steffy. She reiterated that Ridge was a lover, not a fighter. She teased that he was quite a lover. They cuddled.

Later, Ridge sent a text message to Quinn that he needed to see her in the office the next day. Brooke asked if Ridge felt she should call Hope rather than surprise her because she might be out of town.

Ridge hadn't heard Brooke because he was busy sending the text message. "Should I be jealous?" Brooke asked. She noted that he had ignored her. Ridge answered that he had a message to answer about a meeting with Quinn at Forrester. Ridge felt responsible for the future of the company and his family. He had to get rid of Quinn, and "it might be a little dirty."

At Liam's, Liam and Steffy discussed that Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt had pretty much bribed Steffy into moving into the Forrester mansion with a million-dollar salary, cosmetics line, portrait over the fireplace, and promise that the mansion would belong to her one day.

Liam kissed Steffy and said he realized that she had turned her grandfather, Quinn, and Wyatt down in order to commit herself to a life with him. "This is what I want -- you loving me for the rest of our lives," she said.

Steffy promised the waiting period for the divorce would pass quickly. Liam worried that she was giving Wyatt hope. Steffy said she should have been more sensitive to Wyatt from the beginning. She knew that he had been sincere about wanting to save their marriage.

Liam admitted he was worried that Quinn, Wyatt, and Eric would never let up. Steffy promised that Liam offered her something no one else could. They kissed passionately, undressed, and made love.

Later, Steffy lamented that she had to leave. Liam suggested that she take a stand against her family and move back in with him. He added that the family had stooped to an all-time low, promising to advance her career as long as she lived under the same roof as Wyatt.

Steffy promised that Liam's home would soon be her home, "and you will be my husband. I love you so much," Steffy said. They embraced.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Wyatt discussed that Eric had been disappointed in Steffy's decision. He had gone to bed. Wyatt lamented that they had basically been trying to bribe her. Quinn argued that wasn't true, but Wyatt was angry. He believed Steffy was gone for good.

Wyatt guessed that Steffy was already at Liam's house. Quinn wanted him to call her to find out. Wyatt angrily refused. Quinn tried to convince Wyatt not to give up because his divorce had a long time before it would be final. Wyatt agreed he would never give up, but he was not hopeful.

Wyatt said his brother wanted Steffy to shun the spotlight, but he wanted the whole world to see her. Wyatt said he wanted a drink, and he poured some tequila. He persuaded Quinn to drink one as well. She choked down the tequila. "That's the spirit," Wyatt said.

Quinn shared that she had just received a text message from Ridge, and he wanted to meet with her the next day. Wyatt worried. "Be careful, Mom. People might start to talk," Wyatt said. He reminded her that she had a lot of closed-door meetings with Ridge.

Brooke's trip opens doors

Brooke's trip opens doors

> Brooke's trip opens doors

Brooke's trip opens doors

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

by Pam

In Quinn's office at Forrester, she and Wyatt discussed that they had been drinking tequila the previous night. Quinn was tired but claimed she hadn't been drunk. She lamented that Steffy had not agreed to move into the mansion and work on her marriage with Wyatt. "I really thought we were getting through to her," she said.

Quinn recommended that Wyatt continue to try to get through to Steffy. She said Steffy had to recognize that Wyatt was her champion and the man who really cared about her. Wyatt agreed, but he didn't think he had a lot of time. He worried that Steffy could be a huge star, but Liam would hold her back.

In Steffy's office, she was working and smelled breakfast tacos. Liam walked in with breakfast and teased that he would have preferred to serve her breakfast in bed, but since she'd had to leave, he'd delivered it to Forrester. Liam reminded her that he had wanted to wake up in the same room with her, but her grandfather had prevented that. He didn't prevent them from being together, however. They ate breakfast together and kissed. Steffy said she had a meeting.

Wyatt entered Steffy's office and slammed the door. He sarcastically said it had slipped. Liam called him out on trying to bribe Steffy with cosmetic lines and plastering her image all over the Internet. "You didn't want her to have the CEO position," Wyatt said. They argued, and Wyatt insisted that Steffy had a lot more potential and star power on the Internet. "You're holding her back," Wyatt argued.

Steffy begged Liam and Wyatt to stop. Liam argued that she was a CEO not a spokesperson. Wyatt countered that she was a powerful woman that other women wanted to emulate, and that directly benefited Forrester. Steffy said the idea had some merit. Liam argued that Steffy was busy running one of the largest fashion houses in the world. She didn't have time to promote cosmetic and perfume lines. Wyatt reminded all of them they had a meeting. "Tell Pam we don't want to be disturbed on your way out," Wyatt ordered. Liam and Steffy kissed, and Liam left.

Steffy sat down next to Wyatt, and she asked to see his ideas. "You were with him last night, weren't you?" Wyatt asked. Steffy didn't answer at first. "I don't want to discuss this. Let's talk about the campaign," Steffy said. Wyatt explained that he had more plans for products and endorsements. He had another pitch, though -- for their marriage. He didn't like that she was with Liam when she was still his wife. Steffy countered that the divorce would soon be final.

Wyatt hoped that Steffy hadn't thought they were trying to bribe her the previous night. She walked away from the table. Wyatt explained that he and Liam saw her differently. Wyatt maintained that Liam wanted to hold her back. "I see how great you are and your potential and how big of a star you can become. You were with Liam, and I can't pretend that doesn't upset me," he said.

Wyatt insisted he would not give up on his and Steffy's marriage. He held out hope that they could reunite because they'd meant their vows. Wyatt noted that Steffy had moved out of Liam's house. "At my grandfather's request," she said.

At Bill's, Katie arrived to pick up a teddy bear that Will had left there. Bill noted that Katie loved her new home, and Will enjoyed it too. Bill wondered how she had coped with living next door to Eric and Quinn. Katie responded that she loved living next door to Eric. Katie wondered if Bill was pining over Brooke. Bill was surprised. Katie said she wasn't meddling, but she thought he might want to know that Brooke was headed out of town to visit Hope. "So I will see myself out, and you can tell my sister goodbye for me," Katie said.

At Brooke's, Brooke, Ridge, and R.J. discussed that Brooke was headed to Italy to see Hope. R.J. wondered why his parents didn't marry in Italy because they could make it a family vacation. Ridge explained that he couldn't get away, but they were planning to get married after Brooke returned. R.J. figured that Ridge had something to do for Quinn. "I gotta take care of this for the company and the family," Ridge said.

Later, Ridge and R.J. were gone, and Brooke was packed. Bill showed up. He shared that Katie had told him about her trip. He suggested that they marry while she was in Italy -- aboard his yacht. Brooke reminded him that she was engaged to Ridge. Bill replied that he was still waiting for her.

Bill offered to drive Brooke to the airport, but she had a car ordered. Bill refused to believe that they would not be together. He regretted that he had postponed their wedding. "I didn't fight for you," he said. He admitted that he loved her.

Bill added that he had put his life on hold for Brooke. He refused to give up on them. He reminded her that he would always be loyal to her, and he said that she knew Ridge would do something to betray her because he always did.

Brooke looked pensive. She said that Ridge was committed to her. Bill countered that he was committed to breaking her heart. Brooke's car arrived, and Bill carried her luggage outside the door. "I love you. I won't give up on love. It will happen for us. You will be my wife," he said.

Brooke grabbed the handle of her luggage, and Bill's hand was on it. They clasped hands and looked at each other. Bill left, and Brooke cried.

In Quinn's office, Ridge showed up, and Quinn told him he was late. He said he'd been saying goodbye to Brooke because she was headed out of town. Quinn asked if something was wrong. Ridge explained that she was headed to Italy to see Hope. "What will you do with yourself with Brooke gone?" Quinn asked. Ridge responded that he had a project he'd been working on, and he would have time to give it his full attention without distraction. Ridge left.

In Quinn's office, Liam confronted Quinn for trying to bribe Steffy. Quinn countered that Liam wanted to hold Steffy back. Liam argued that he didn't want to hold her back, but he did want to protect her from too much exposure and from Wyatt and Quinn. He insisted that Quinn was manipulating everyone again in order to make Wyatt happy.

Quinn agreed that she felt Wyatt and Steffy's marriage was worth fighting for. Liam and Quinn continued to shout at each other. Ridge entered and asked if there was a problem.

Quinn looked to Ridge for help, and Liam reminded her that she had scammed him out of his job. Liam advised that at some point, Quinn was going to slip up, and Eric would realize it. She would be out of their lives for good.

Eric sends Quinn and Ridge on a trip

Eric sends Quinn and Ridge on a trip

Thursday, January 12, 2017

At the mansion, Ridge and Quinn were shocked when Eric informed them that he'd booked them to be on the guest panel at a design symposium. The hosts wanted Ridge and Quinn, and Eric believed the company should be represented there.

A nervous Quinn said Ridge should go alone. Ridge complained about it being all the way in San Francisco. Eric said it was an hour flight, and it would be just a simple overnight trip. Quinn didn't think it was a good idea, but Eric said it wasn't up for debate. Ridge stated that he wasn't CEO, and Steffy or Eric should go. Eric replied that it would be good for Ridge and Quinn, who were family. They needed to get to know and appreciate each other.

The hotel was booked, and Eric advised Ridge and Quinn to get moving. Ridge still griped about it, but Eric asked for his cooperation. Quinn suggested that Eric go, too. Eric responded that the doctor hadn't cleared him to fly, and Ridge and Quinn could use time together. Ridge decided that Eric had a point, and it was Quinn's chance to show the world who she really was.

Later, Quinn and Eric were alone, and she draped her arms around his neck as she pouted that she didn't want to go anywhere without him. She asked who'd make sure he took his medication and who would make him his tea. Eric assured her that she'd be fine, and Ridge had been right when he'd said it was a chance for Quinn to show the world who she was.

Quinn didn't want to go and claimed to have stage fright. She fretted over what Eric would eat. Eric reassured her and said Ridge would take care of her. Quinn asked to video-chat later and started talking to him about his dinner preparations. Eric said he'd be just fine, and she'd be his shining star. Quinn didn't like the position she was in. She wondered if she'd mess up and let him down. Eric said it wasn't possible. They said their farewells, and Eric took her bags outside.

In the CEO's office, Steffy dubiously stared at a tablet. She didn't know about whatever she was viewing and said it was embarrassing. As Wyatt encouraged her about the brand-building they were doing, Liam entered and congratulated Steffy on being a product.

Liam and Wyatt sniped at each other until Thomas crossed the threshold of the office and announced that he was back. Steffy exclaimed Thomas' name. Looking at Steffy's doorplate, Thomas said some things had changed. When he glared at Liam and Wyatt, Thomas concluded that others never did.

In conversation with Thomas about his trip, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy learned that Thomas had arrived on his own because Caroline had wanted to spend more time with her parents. Thomas wondered how his little sister had become his boss, and Liam replied that it was a question for Eric and Quinn.

Later, Liam was across the hall in the design room with Ridge, who was informing Liam about the trip. Liam thought it was too convenient to be true and asked if Ridge was going through with the plan. Ridge said that he would do it that night. He'd do anything he had to do to get Quinn into a compromising position. "Within reason," Liam added.

Ridge said that it would be within reason, of course, and he wouldn't cross the line. Liam was happy to hear that because Brooke would be ticked off it she knew about things. Ridge liked to believe that Brooke would understand.

Liam asked about the possibility that Quinn wouldn't buy it. Ridge thought there was no good way to put it; however, he knew women, and she would buy it. Liam reminded Ridge that Quinn was suspicious. Ridge replied that Quinn was attracted to danger, and he was dangerous to her.

Ridge called the hotel Eric had booked, and the reservationist confirmed that Mr. and Mrs. Forrester had two rooms. Ridge asserted that it was wrong and should be just one room. The woman corrected it to one room and gave Ridge a complimentary breakfast for two. After the call, Liam was amazed Ridge had put himself in a hotel room with Quinn. Ridge added that he'd gotten a free breakfast, too, and he needed to get to the airport.

Later, Liam wandered back into the CEO's office, where Wyatt was listening as Thomas and Steffy ribbed each other about having to live together again. Wyatt asked why Liam had abruptly taken off after getting a text message. Liam quipped that, as a former employee, people there still valued his opinion. Wyatt advised Steffy to look into getting rid of those people.

Liam asked Thomas how long he would be in town. Thomas said it would be a long time. Wyatt inquired about working things out with Caroline. "Yeah," Thomas said and quickly changed the subject to how big Douglas had gotten. Steffy missed her nephew. Thomas stated that Caroline and Douglas would be back eventually, and Steffy should be out of Thomas' place by then. "And hopefully moved in with me," Liam added, to Wyatt's chagrin.

Thomas said he had been trying to catch up with Ridge and asked where he was. Liam replied that Ridge was on a jet to San Francisco with Quinn.

Later, evening fell. Wyatt and Liam were alone when Wyatt remarked that Quinn and Ridge had landed a while earlier. He thought it was weird that Eric had sent the two on a trip. Liam was conspicuous as he said it was to mend fences or something like that. Wyatt said it would never happen, and Liam murmured that one could be surprised by what could happen.

Wyatt was surprised Liam hadn't tagged along with Thomas and Steffy to Eric's house and quipped that Liam didn't seem to be letting Steffy out of his sight. Wyatt knew what Liam was doing by following Steffy around with his tacos and lattes. Liam replied that Wyatt was freaking out over Liam taking Steffy some breakfast. Wyatt asked if Liam shouldn't be at work and if Bill wasn't wondering where Liam was.

Liam claimed that Bill didn't keep Liam on a leash as Bill did some people, and it seemed that Eric was holding Wyatt's leash at that time. Wyatt quipped that while busily making Steffy a star, he'd forgotten how annoying Liam was. Liam said that if Ridge and Quinn could do an overnight trip, Liam and Wyatt could stand each other for an afternoon.

Wyatt was still puzzled by Eric pairing Ridge and Quinn. The sarcastic Liam couldn't imagine what could go wrong with Quinn involved. Wyatt didn't know why Eric hadn't chosen Wyatt and Steffy, who were amazing at public appearances, in Wyatt's opinion. Wyatt assumed the jet ride had been awkward, and he couldn't imagine how Ridge and Quinn had passed the time. Liam remarked that there were any number of things to do.

Wyatt noted that it was nearing dinnertime, and Steffy probably wouldn't return to the office -- in case Liam was waiting. Liam asked why Wyatt had to assume that everything Liam did was about Steffy. "Because you're obsessed with my wife! Key words: my wife!" Wyatt exclaimed. Liam contended that it was only legally. Wyatt said he and Steffy were still married, and he was still Steffy's husband. "Until the divorce goes through," Liam stated.

"If it ever does, thank you," Wyatt said.

Back at Eric's house, Eric was talking to Steffy and Thomas. Eric said it would be nice to see Caroline and Thomas work things out. Thomas replied that they were giving it a shot, but no one knew what the future held. The talk turned to Steffy being CEO, and Thomas joked that he felt overlooked. Eric stated that Thomas' time would come, but for then, he needed Thomas designing because Eric had backed off a bit.

Thomas agreed to do it and wondered how Ridge was taking things. Eric replied that Ridge wasn't happy. It was tough on Quinn, upon whom Ridge unleashed his frustrations. Thomas and Steffy wondered why Eric would send Quinn and Ridge on a trip when the two drew out the worst in each other. Steffy didn't know if it had been the best plan of action.

Later, Thomas looked at Quinn's portrait and said he'd never get used to "this." Steffy said she wouldn't, either, and the two asked Eric for any updates. Eric hadn't gotten any messages after Quinn had notified him of her arrival. Steffy and Thomas hoped Ridge and Quinn didn't embarrass Eric on-screen. Eric said Ridge and Quinn were adults. It was business, and Eric was sure they'd behave appropriately.

Eric knew that Quinn wanted to get along with Ridge, and Eric believed that, after that day, things would be different. Eric knew his wife and trusted her, and after that day, she'd prove to the world who she really was. "And after that, she'll be welcome with open arms," he concluded. Steffy hoped for the best and that Ridge and Quinn could resist the temptations to push each other's buttons.

In San Francisco, a woman named Cyndy greeted Mr. and Mrs. Forrester at a filming studio. Quinn clarified that she and Ridge had the same last name because she was married to his father, not to him. Another host greeted the Forrester team and said they'd soon go to the green room while the audience took their seats.

Alone with Ridge on the talk show-themed stage, Quinn shook off her nerves. Ridge asked if she was okay. She didn't normally get anxious and asked if she was sweating. Ridge said she looked pretty. Brushing her hair from her face, Ridge said nothing bad would happen unless she wanted it to, and she was in control.

After the show had started later, Quinn was telling the host about herself. Quinn said she and her son had begun in downtown Los Angeles, making jewelry in a warehouse. They'd done well and had had a few loyal clients. She'd been blown away when Forrester had approached them. She'd admired the Forrester family and their company for a long time and had thought their offer had been the pinnacle of her career. It wasn't, however, and life kept giving her new challenges.

Quinn discussed taking over as interim CEO, and she said that with the help and support of coworkers and family, she'd faced the task and Eric's illness head-on. She said she'd even had fun with it. On a television screen behind them, pictures of the jewelry pass and Quinn in the showstopper appeared. Ridge agreed that Quinn had had fun with it.

From Ridge's demeanor, Cyndy gleaned that he hadn't been a fan. Quinn tensed when Ridge admitted that he hadn't been. He said that because they were being truthful, he'd reveal that he and Quinn didn't get along. He explained that when two artists worked together, they'd have different visions. The tough part was creating one vision that worked for both.

Ridge said that listening to Quinn that night about her story, her journey, and her appreciation had made him feel that he owed her an apology. He said the jewelry pass had been a good idea. Quinn began telling him that he didn't have to, but he spoke over her to emphasize his point. He said it had been inspired and successful, but he hadn't seen it. The showstopper hadn't been designed for her, but she'd been flawless.

Ridge apologized to Cyndy for using a lot of words to say that Quinn was a force to be reckoned with. Quinn thanked Ridge and told the hosts and audience that she appreciated being with them that day. She felt truly welcomed and accepted. It was a dream made true for Quinn to represent Forrester that day. Looking at Ridge, she added, "And to be sharing the stage with such a brilliant designer as Ridge Forrester."

The audience applauded. Ridge grinned at Quinn, but inside his head, he said, "Tonight, it all ends for you, Quinn."

Quinn learns the truth about the room mix up

Quinn learns the truth about the room mix up

Friday, January 13, 2017

In San Francisco, the symposium wrapped up with Quinn saying she'd leave there more inspired than ever. Ridge thanked everyone and agreed that they'd leave inspired, but also, they were invigorated and united.

In the CEO's office, Wyatt chuckled as he read on his phone that the symposium had been successful. Liam glanced over Wyatt's shoulder at a photo of Quinn and Ridge and guessed that someone's plan was working. Wyatt flashed a curious look at Liam.

Wyatt decided he needed to sit at Eric's feet and learn from Eric's brilliance. Noting that Quinn was radiant and Ridge was beaming at her in the photo, Wyatt figured that tensions appeared to be easing. Wyatt said Quinn was finally getting the recognition she deserved.

"She makes jewelry," Liam murmured. Wyatt hopped to his mother's defense, citing all she'd done since Eric had fallen. Wyatt insisted that she should get recognition. Liam said everyone would see Quinn more clearly after "this."

Wyatt decided to give Liam some brotherly advice about how to deal with Liam's stress over hating that Steffy was doing the social media campaign and working closely with Wyatt and Quinn. Wyatt felt that Liam's glowering was useless because Quinn and Wyatt were doing their jobs, and they weren't going anywhere. Liam said that one could only hope.

Wyatt figured that, as brothers, he and Liam would work out their differences, but Liam needed to find a way to deal with Quinn being in the Forrester family. Liam said that Wyatt was right. Wyatt said it was good and noted how less stressed Liam already was. Liam added that Quinn did need to be dealt with. Wyatt snarled and walked out of the room.

In a hotel room later, Quinn was puzzled about the booking error. Unconcerned, Ridge said to forget it. "Forget it?" she repeated. Sure it would work itself out, Ridge distracted Quinn with compliments about how well she'd done at the event. "'You were a real asset to Forrester, he says reluctantly,'" Ridge concluded. Quinn said she accepted the reluctant compliment.

Ridge decided they'd drink to it. He flashed to his and Quinn's conversation about tequila. He pulled a bottle out of the bar, and Quinn hesitantly said that tequila worked. Pouring them shots, he told her not to get the wrong idea because he still hated everything about her. She said the feeling was mutual, and they toasted. She scoffed and coughed but said it was smooth.

Quinn thought it was pleasant to have a civilized moment with Ridge. Eric's wisdom always amazed her, and she said that the trip might be the ticket to a friendlier vibe between her and Ridge. She wasn't saying that she and Ridge would be friends, but they could be more tolerant and respectful of each other. Ridge guessed anything was possible, and he freshened her drink.

There was a knock at the door. Ridge answered it. On the threshold, the hotel concierge apologized for the room mix-up and said they'd had two rooms booked originally. Quinn said that, despite the error, they had to have two rooms. The concierge stated that the hotel was booked, but he'd try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The concierge left, and Quinn decided that, no matter whose room it was, she needed a bath. She asked if she needed to lock the door. "I would," Ridge replied. She chuckled, but Ridge said he was just joking. He indicated that he planned to go to the hotel bar and talk to the manager.

Ridge left, and outside the door, he called Liam to say that Ridge had Quinn alone, and by that time the next day, she'd be out of the picture for good.

After her bath, Quinn exited the bathroom in a robe. Ridge walked back into the hotel room. She said she hadn't expected him back that soon. He claimed the bar was full of lonely, depressed people, and he'd thought he and Quinn could continue the party up there. Quinn declined, saying she'd told him already that she was a tequila newbie. Pouring shots, he said the thing about tequila was practice. Quinn sat down and took a glass.

Quinn sipped her shot, and Ridge gazed at her. "What?" she quietly asked. Ridge stated that he'd been impressed with her that night and was seeing the real Quinn Forrester for the first time. He wanted to see more of her. Quinn asked if Ridge had hit his head. He replied that he was surprising himself, too. Quinn appreciated Ridge's compliments, and she admired his genius despite their differences.

Quinn got up to look for her lotion. Ridge found it on the floor. He started to open it, and she asked what he was doing. "I'm being a gentleman," he replied. Quinn laughed nervously, but her stare was stern as she reached for the bottle and said, "I got it."

Plopping down on the couch as naturally as if she was with Eric in their bedroom, Quinn warmed the lotion between her hands and started smoothing it on her legs. She remarked that Ridge had said she was a true artist. Ridge studied her work as she slathered the lotion on her calves, knees, and ankles. She asked if the statement had been the tequila talking.

"Probably...You missed a spot," Ridge uttered as he continued to watch Quinn's hands move up and down her legs. She asked where. He noted, "Right there," and murmured, "Uh-hmn," when she covered it. Their eyes met for a moment, but a knock at the door interrupted their silence.

Ridge hopped up to answer it. Another hotel representative was at the door. He promptly presented Ridge with a key card. The man's boss had wanted him to get it to them as soon as possible. He stated that it was like his boss had said -- a gentleman had called and specifically requested a change from two rooms to one.

"Wait a minute. You said a gentleman called?" Quinn asked as Ridge hustled the man out of the doorway with a curt farewell. Ridge closed the door and asked, "Where were we?" Quinn asked him what was going on there, and what he was up to.

Ridge didn't know, but the moments kept happening. Quinn asked him to define "moments." Stammering, he said she knew what he meant; it was inappropriate, and they had to stop it. Fuming, Quinn agreed that "moments" did indeed keep happening. He claimed that she'd started it. "Me?" she exclaimed. He accused her of taking a shower naked outside, for him to see.

Vehemently denying it, Quinn shouted that she was onto Ridge. She recounted how he'd given her an ankle massage and had happened into the steam room. "Now one room instead of two?" she knowingly exclaimed. She said she'd told him that playing her would not work.

"Yet here you are, putting lotion on your legs and having drinks with me," Ridge responded. He had a theory. "No! I have a theory!" she shot back. She said it was that his father was rubbing off her on her, so she was trying to see the best in people. She believed that her only mistake had been wanting to believe Ridge, who'd seemed honest and apologetic.

Ridge claimed that he'd meant what he'd said. Quinn yelled that he hadn't, and he was trying to lead her down some sort of path to make her ruin her marriage and destroy her life. Ridge denied it. She said he was so angry and hate-filled that he'd seduce his father's wife. Ridge said not to make it about him because they had to be honest about whatever it was with them.

Quinn accused Ridge of trying to disgrace her by having her cross a line that Eric wouldn't forgive. She asked what kind of son would do such a thing. Ridge raged that it was the kind of son who'd protect his father at all costs. "Did you really even think for a second that I had feelings for you? Are you kidding me?" Ridge asked.

Ridge claimed that he'd had Quinn "thisclose" to the edge and showing how much she really loved his father. Quinn stated that she'd never betray Eric, but Ridge yelled, "This close to falling!" Quinn said that it was too bad that Ridge had misjudged her because, after she told Eric what Ridge had done, Ridge would be cut out of the company and Eric's life forever. Quinn declared that Ridge had failed, and he was the one who'd pay the price.

At Thomas' loft, Thomas looked around at how lived-in his place was. Steffy apologized. She said it wouldn't be for long, and she could get a hotel. He said he didn't mind her being there. It was just surprising that she'd moved out of Liam's house. Steffy towed Eric's lines about it being wrong to live with Liam while married to Wyatt, and she had a CEO image to uphold.

"Granddad and Quinn have really been working on you -- effectively, I see," Thomas noted. He asked what it meant for Steffy and Wyatt. Steffy said she'd always care about Wyatt, but they couldn't make the marriage work. Thomas remarked that expecting someone to obliterate his mother was a tall order. "I thought you were Team Liam," Steffy replied.

Thomas declared that he was Team Steffy and always would be. He said he was just trying to figure her out. He figured that Wyatt was still fighting for her, and she liked that quality. Steffy said that Wyatt was tenacious and incredible. She felt that she'd been lucky to have him, and he wouldn't be alone for long. Thomas asked if it would bother her to see Wyatt with someone else.

Steffy didn't think it would be fair of her because she'd asked for the divorce so she could have a future with Liam. Thomas still couldn't believe that Quinn had rearranged Steffy's life and then had become front and center. He decided that his interrogation of his sister was over, and he left to work out.

Liam arrived sometime later and greeted Steffy with a kiss. He asked if she'd heard from Ridge or Quinn. Steffy hadn't but assumed things were going well. Liam remarked that she was living in her brother's place, but she could "come home" a lot sooner than she thought.

Steffy asked what Liam meant. Liam said he was choosing optimism. He believed all things would be made right, and Steffy would be back where she belonged. He said that he believed in their future together. They always ended up in the same place. Nothing could stop them because they were written in the stars.

Steffy said that she loved Liam. Liam replied that he loved her, too, and it was why they were unstoppable. The two kissed.

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