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Brooke demanded that Ridge and Quinn tell her what was going on with them. Just as Thomas concluded that it might be time to leave Forrester, he stumbled upon Sally Spectra.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 30, 2017 on B&B
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Ridge and Katie issue each other warnings Ridge and Katie issue each other warnings

Monday, January 30, 2017

At the mansion, Quinn and Ridge stared at Katie, who decided to ask again if she was interrupting something. Quinn asked how many times she'd talked to Katie about calling before stopping by. Katie claimed she wasn't uninvited because Pam, who was in the kitchen making something special for Eric, had asked Katie to arrive with eggs. "I mean, how was I supposed to know that you two were in the house -- alone?" Katie asked.

Quinn said she and Ridge weren't alone because, as Katie had said, Pam was apparently in the kitchen. Katie quipped that Quinn hadn't known it before Katie had said it. Ridge changed the subject to Eric's consideration of a co-CEO position for Ridge. Katie said she'd heard about it. "From my husband," Quinn murmured. Ridge continued, saying that he was there to thank Quinn for suggesting the position to Eric.

"With you twirling her around and laughing in each other's arms?" Katie asked. Shaking off her disbelief of the explanation for what she'd seen, Katie asked why Quinn had had a sudden change of heart about Steffy as CEO. Quinn asked what Katie thought she knew. Katie conveyed her suspicion that Quinn wanted someone on the inside because her plan for Wyatt and Steffy hadn't worked, and Quinn had decided to ingratiate herself to Ridge.

Quinn didn't want to be questioned by Katie in Quinn's own home. Brushing Katie aside to get to the stairs, Quinn asked Ridge to show Katie out. She told Katie not to return uninvited.

Quinn went up the stairs. By the fireplace, Katie began emphasizing to Ridge that the new position was because of Quinn. Quinn listened from the overlook as Ridge asked what Katie was getting at. Katie warned Ridge not to fall for Quinn's beguiling ways.

Ridge took issue with the phrase "beguiling ways" and quibbled about Katie's statements when Katie tried to explain that Quinn was exerting power over Eric and Ridge. Katie said it wasn't about her -- it was about Ridge, who was set to marry her sister. Katie said Brooke was excited about the wedding and her and Ridge's future. Ridge said he was, too, and part of the future was possibly being CEO.

Katie thought Quinn was manipulating Ridge and softening him up, but Ridge insisted that it wasn't what was happening. In a patronizing tone, Katie asked if Ridge thought Quinn simply felt bad about selecting Steffy over Ridge and just wanted to make it right. Katie asked how many people Quinn had to threaten. She said Quinn had threatened Katie in a not-so-subtle way, and she'd threatened Liam. "It's on video," Katie stated.

Katie was worried about Ridge getting close to Quinn and called doing so the kiss of death. As Quinn listened from upstairs, she recalled kissing Ridge.

Ridge decided that it was his turn to ask the questions. Katie said she was an open book. Ridge summarized events. He said Katie had gotten Eric's help with Will's school, and the next thing Ridge knew, Katie had moved next door to Eric. From upstairs, Quinn's expression seemed to say, "Yeah, exactly my point."

Katie didn't see Ridge's point. Ridge said that she and his father had gotten close. Katie claimed that it had always been that way, and Eric was like family. Ridge asked if she was concerned for Eric the same way she was for Ridge, and she affirmed it. Katie went off in a chain of sentences about Ridge also being concerned for Eric about Quinn because Ridge knew Quinn's history, but Eric thought Quinn was a changed woman.

"I mean, he's opened his heart to her. I don't think she knows how good she's got it. I mean, if I had a man like that in my life, I..." Katie finally slowed her words down into silence. "What, Katie?" Ridge knowingly asked. She replied nothing, and from upstairs, Quinn shook her head in disdain. Katie told Ridge to be careful. "You, too," he responded, and she left.

Later, Quinn walked downstairs in a robe. Ridge said he'd thought she'd gone to bed. He informed her that Katie and Pam were gone. Quinn said she'd heard him talking to Katie, who'd said hurtful things. Ridge replied that Katie didn't know Quinn like he did. He added that he wasn't an expert on Quinn, not yet. Quinn asked if he'd like to be.

Ridge stated that Quinn was a complicated woman -- and beguiling, as Katie had said. Nearing Quinn, he said that she was dangerous, and a man could lose his senses with her. Quinn said he should go. "You're all alone in this house. You won't want me to go," he uttered before pouncing on her, kissing her, and undoing her robe.

Quinn gasped. She looked down from the overlook at Ridge, who'd been staring at her portrait. Still in her work clothes, she watched him walk out the front door.

At the cliff house, Liam explained that he wasn't sure if he should have proposed to Steffy in a low-key manner or created an extreme adventure. Steffy said she was low-key, but he didn't believe it of his once motorcycle-riding bride. Taking her left hand, he said the ring -- his ring -- would never come off.

Liam hoped Steffy didn't mean it about being low-key because he needed her ying to his yang. Steffy and Liam gave examples of how they were opposites. Liam said he was neat, and she was messy. Steffy corrected that she was organizationally challenged. She stated that she had other things going for her, like she could build a motorcycle engine. Liam added that she was beautiful. She listed more things she could do, and after each, he repeated that she was also beautiful.

Liam and Steffy believed it was their happy ending, and Steffy added that it was also their happy beginning. The pair discussed their next wedding, and Liam recalled that Steffy had appeared like a vision for the mountaintop wedding. He claimed that she was a trendsetter, and there was a reason that the dress had appeared on all the magazines and was still talked about and copied to that very day. Steffy was surprised he'd keep up with it, and he said he had done it with the help of Spencer's magazine research department. He claimed that the issue in which the dress had appeared had broken all circulation records -- until their second wedding when the black wedding outfit she'd worn had also broken records.

Steffy joked that Liam was marrying her because she was good for business. Liam said it was also for her idiosyncrasies like hogging the pillow and forgetting to feed their pet iguana. Steffy asked if they had a pet iguana. When she took him seriously about the iguana, he chuckled.

A flashback of Steffy and Liam's second wedding played. Steffy talked about how the family had believed that marriage would last. "This one will," Liam replied. He asked where she wanted to do the deed that time. Steffy had a funny look on her face but then said, "Oh," when she figured out he meant where she wanted to get married.

Liam asked what they'd do about inviting Quinn. Liam figured that neither of them wanted Quinn there. Thinking about whether he'd ever buy Quinn's changed persona, he reasoned that she'd already done the worst she could do, and there was nothing Quinn or anyone else could do to stop Liam and Steffy from living their lives as a married couple.

Liam turned the topic to Wyatt and Steffy. Liam said Steffy had called Wyatt a good man with a lot of good qualities. Steffy asked what Liam was getting at and wondered if he was asking why she was with Liam instead of Wyatt. Liam reluctantly affirmed it was his question. Liam said Wyatt was charming, edgy, and devoted and had never been caught between Steffy and another woman. Steffy said she didn't want "edgy and exciting;" she wanted Liam.

"Thanks," Liam said, chuckling. Steffy said she hadn't meant it that way. Liam made her want to be better, and she wasn't so insecure that she had to be the only woman he'd ever loved. She knew she was the center of his world, and she felt lucky. He said he was the lucky one. She told him not to forget it.

Music played over the scene as the couple made out and took off each other's clothes to make love.

Later, the two lay in bed. Liam said he remembered everything he'd said to Steffy at their first wedding and at Eric's house. As for the Aspen wedding, he claimed he hadn't had a chance to write anything down, and it had all happened very fast. "At the second, I meant every word," he stated. Liam's vows from the second wedding played on-screen. Liam then said he intended to remember everything he'd say at their third and final wedding, the wedding to last a lifetime.

Thomas meets Sally Spectra

Thomas meets Sally Spectra

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Quinn, and Ridge met to discuss Eric's trip to Genoa City to invest in Fenmore's. Eric said it had gone well, and Lauren couldn't wait to meet Quinn. Quinn beamed.

Ridge wondered what Eric had decided about the CEO position. Eric agreed Ridge should be co-CEO with Steffy. "My wife is always thinking of ideas," Eric said. Quinn added that it was important to put all of their mistakes, misunderstandings, and tensions behind them. Ridge wondered if Eric was going to make him an offer. Quinn smiled. Eric agreed.

"I want to make something clear. Steffy was well respected and brought a whole new energy to the position," Eric said. He added that it would be tempered by Ridge's experience.

Eric and Quinn agreed they had all learned forgiveness. "I never meant to hurt you," Ridge said to Eric. They embraced. Eric said that Steffy and Ridge would be an unbeatable combination. Eric said he would talk to Steffy, but Ridge offered to do that. After Ridge left, Quinn wondered how Steffy would react to the news.

In Steffy's office, Nicole admired Steffy's engagement ring and noted that Liam had great taste. Steffy said it felt good to have his ring on her finger. She was grateful that she and Liam had finally connected.

Nicole said Steffy deserved to be happy. She'd had a huge impact on culture and fashion, and she was engaged to the man she was meant to be with. Steffy noted that she would have never guessed a year before that she would have been engaged to Liam and in the CEO position. Steffy lamented that she had almost messed things up with her grandfather.

Steffy was thankful that Eric had put his faith in her. Nicole thought everyone was happy for her. Steffy frowned and said that her brother had issues. Nicole said she knew how hard Steffy worked.

Later, in Steffy's office, Ridge entered and said that he had been with Eric and Quinn, and they wanted to make some changes at Forrester. He wanted to discuss them with Steffy. He explained that Quinn had suggested to Eric that he share the CEO position with Steffy.

Steffy did not look happy. She wondered if Eric was giving Ridge her job. Ridge quickly explained that they would share the position. She was not being demoted. He looked forward to getting the family back together and leading the company into the future.

Steffy looked uneasy. Ridge reminded her that he had been running Forrester since before she had been born. Their talents and reputations complemented each other. Ridge was grateful that Eric had forgiven him and trusted him again. "Working with you -- that makes me really happy," he said.

"I'd be honored to share my title with you," Steffy said. She discussed all the stories she had heard about how Ridge and Eric had inspired each other. "Of course I want that," she said. She admitted that the position had been a huge challenge, but she was ready. Ridge agreed she was a natural-born leader.

Steffy wondered when the company would make an official announcement. Ridge said he didn't know, but he had a phone call to make first. Steffy understood it would be to Thomas.

Steffy teased her dad that she wanted the desk in the office. Ridge agreed. Steffy reminded Ridge that she had not been happy that Ridge had been passed over before. She looked forward to them sharing a vision and respect for each other. Ridge reminded her that he was incredibly proud of her and grateful. They embraced.

At an outdoor bar, Zende and Thomas discussed that things had changed at Forrester. Zende said he planned to change his future. He had been away and was convinced he wanted a future with Nicole. He vowed to make things right with her. Zende asked about Douglas and Caroline, and Thomas said he had spent a lot of time in New York with them. He lamented that while he had been gone, Steffy had been appointed CEO.

Thomas suggested they should make their own plans. He advised Zende that he was a great photographer, but he could do more with life. Zende said he wasn't shutting any doors. Thomas explained that Forrester was going to be divided with two factions -- one supported Steffy, and the other didn't. "We are both Forresters, but for whatever reason, she is the heir apparent," Thomas said bitterly.

Thomas was angry that Steffy had developed a big social influence that would die down in a year. He, on the other hand, had proven himself countless times as a designer. Thomas shook his head. He paid the bill, and Zende left.

"Cheer up," a female bar patron said. She added that Thomas looked like a model and should be lighting up a room. She suggested they have a drink together. Thomas thanked her but declined. The patron teased that he was too depressed to have a drink with a pretty girl.

Thomas acknowledged that she was trying to be nice. He agreed she was refreshing, but it wasn't going to change his mood. "What's got you down?" she asked. She guessed it was money, but Thomas said it was the family business. She thought it was one or the other, but he said business was family. She understood and said she knew about that.

The woman asked what business he was in. He said fashion, and she asked where he worked. Thomas replied that he was a designer for Forrester, and the woman was impressed. Thomas' phone rang. It was Ridge, and he needed to see Thomas immediately. Thomas said he had to leave. He asked the woman's name, and she said it was Sally. He asked her last name, but she said it was unimportant.

Thomas said he appreciated Sally's time, and he left. Sally asked the bartender to close out her bill. He asked her name. "Sally Spectra," she answered.

In Nicole's office at Forrester, Zende shot photos of Nicole and said he was capturing a hot young executive. Nicole said she wasn't an executive yet. She'd thought Zende was still out of town. He said he couldn't stay away because he missed her too much. He announced that he had messed up and always regretted hurting her.

Nicole begged Zende to stop apologizing. He said he still loved her. He knew she didn't want to hear it and that she felt they were only words, but he wanted to fight for their relationship.

Sally Spectra returns

Sally Spectra returns

> Sally Spectra returns

Sally Spectra returns

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

by Pam

At Liam's, he returned home at Steffy's request and asked what was going on. She announced that she would be sharing the CEO position with her father. Liam thought she was joking, but she was serious. He wondered how she felt about it. Steffy answered that she was happy, but it would not be good news to Thomas. Liam hoped that Ridge would be able to soften the news. Liam and Steffy kissed.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge met with Thomas to discuss that an announcement would be made regarding changes at Forrester -- executive changes. Thomas figured that there would never be a change in Quinn's position. Ridge agreed. He added that it was the CEO position.

Thomas wondered how it would affect him. Ridge explained that Eric had decided to name a co-CEO with Steffy. Thomas said he would gladly step up. Ridge explained that he would become the co-CEO, but Thomas assumed that Steffy would be replaced because she was too young and inexperienced.

Ridge corrected Thomas. Thomas finally understood that Ridge and Steffy would be running the company. He angrily said they were running the company and his life. He believed his my talent and experience should have earned him the CEO position.

Ridge reminded Thomas that he was a Forrester -- "my son," he said. Thomas scoffed and said that even if Steffy chose to step down at some point, Brooke would want Rick in place as CEO, and they all knew that Rick wanted to return to the office. Ridge reminded his son that he was a talented young designer. "I wish that meant something," Thomas said.

"How the hell can you say that?" Ridge asked. He added that when Thomas and Caroline had decided to start a life together, it had been hard on Ridge to let go, but he had known it was best for Thomas, Caroline, and Douglas. Thomas angrily replied that no one had consulted him. Ridge stammered that Thomas had been out of town. Thomas said he could have called or sent a text or an email. "It's like I don't even exist," Thomas said.

Thomas insisted that his family had made major decisions, and he was supposed to sit back and deal with it in spite of the fact that he owned shares of the company. Ridge reminded him that they had regained control of the company. Thomas disagreed. He said that Ridge and Steffy had taken control under Quinn's control. "It's time for me to look out for my future," he said.

Thomas was angry that he was next in line after his sister, and he would have to wait 30 to 40 years. Ridge tried to calm Thomas, but Thomas blamed Quinn. Ridge said the company had evolved, and they were back in power. Thomas maintained that Steffy and Ridge were in power. He was not an outsider.

At the outdoor restaurant, a young woman named Sally Spectra had her bill for drinks, and she signed the bill. She received a call from her great aunt Sally Spectra, who was on a beach. Young Sally said she was busy flirting with the bartender. Sally, the founder of Spectra Fashions, responded that she was on a private island, surrounded by cabana boys.

On the beach, Sally insisted that she wanted her great niece to get busy and save the Spectra building. "Save that old battleship from the wrecking ball," Sally ordered her great niece. She added that young Sally needed to get her "tookus off that barstool" and "make Spectra sing again" with her designs. Young Sally hung up, and an older woman showed up and called Sally by name at the bar. "Grams, Aunt Sally called about the building," Sally said. She explained that C.J., Sally's son, was set on selling the building. Young Sally Spectra and her grandmother headed off to Spectra Fashions.

At Spectra, Sally and her grandmother pulled peeling paint chips off the door, revealed the Spectra logo, and turned on the lights. "It's like she never left," Sally said. "She never did," her grandmother said. They agreed Sally Spectra's spirit was still alive. A flashback to a moment with Saul, Darla, and Sally took place. "Get ready to hear the future. We are back in business," the original Sally Spectra had said.

Young Sally couldn't wait to revive that spirit. Her grandmother was glad she had raised Sally to be confident. Sally's cousin C.J. walked in. They all embraced. Sally asked about the building. C.J. said that he had planned on selling the building. Sally couldn't believe it.

C.J said he had grown up at Spectra Fashions, but he wanted out from under the building. Sally refused to allow it. She said she had just spoken to his mother, and she had promised they would revive Spectra. "Sally, you can't just revive it," he said.

Sally disagreed. She noticed the microphone that Sally had used, and flashbacks of Sally calling the gang together displayed Thorne, Sally, Saul, and Darla together. "We can do this," she had said. Sally struck her namesake's signature pose with her hands on her hips and said she wanted to start the adventure. C.J. refused, but he agreed to give her six months to make a go of it.

Many wonder why Quinn supports Ridge

Many wonder why Quinn supports Ridge

Thursday, February 2, 2017

At the old Spectra building, C.J. said it wasn't too late to call the wrecking crew. Sally contended that they'd make the "old broad" shine again. He replied that he was the original Sally's son, and he hadn't been able to make it work. "That's for sure," his aunt quipped.

Sally reminded C.J. that he'd given her six months. C.J. asserted that once the time was up, the "old broad" had a date with the wrecking ball. Shirley told her granddaughter that they might need a year at the least. C.J. said he'd call his guy right then if they were saying they couldn't handle it. Sally ordered him to put the phone away because they were preserving those weathered walls and saving the Spectra legacy.

C.J. asked Sally to return to earth, where she needed capital, designers, and equipment. Sally claimed they were ready to hire the best of the best. "But cheap. Very cheap," she added. C.J. quipped that he could see she'd thought it through.

Shirley suggested an ad in the paper, asking for interns for a hot new design house. Sally praised "Grams" for the suggestion and decided to plaster social media. C.J. reminded Sally that she had to pay people. Sally claimed to have money saved up in the bank. "You do have some money saved from the bakery, right?" she asked Shirley.

Sally struggled to recall the name of Sally's tailor then said Saul's name. She said they needed a Saul. Shirley took off to find out if any of Sally's original contact numbers were still around and viable. C.J. told Sally that she had no cash or business plan. Sally said they had passion and imagination. She asked him to be useful and take a picture of her at her new desk.

C.J. remarked that it was awkward to say Sally's name. "Sally Spectra," he said. Sally replied that it was her name and advised him not to wear it out. She'd always idolized his mother, who'd been the reason Sally had gotten into fashion. There just weren't many fashion opportunities back home for her.

C.J. asserted that idolizing and dreaming were one thing, but doing it without Sally was risky. His said his mother was one of a kind. Sally wanted to hear more about the Great Sally Spectra. C.J. said there was nothing like hanging out with his mom. Her energy was infectious, and if she trusted a person, that was it. The person had a friend for life.

A song with the lyrics, "we are forever bold," played over a montage of Sally's exciting fashion moments on the runway, in the office, and on location with Saul, Clark, and Darla nearby. Afterward, Sally the second stated that Sally had said that she was Sally's last hope, and she wouldn't let Sally down.

In the design office at Forrester, Ridge and Brooke were entangled in each other's arms, holding and stroking each other. They'd missed each other. Brooke said Hope was great and asked how things were around home and, specifically, what was going on with Ridge and Quinn. "Me and Quinn? What do you mean?" he asked.

Brooke reminded Ridge that he'd had a plan to get rid of Quinn. Ridge replied that they'd taken steps in the right direction, and Brooke was looking at the new co-CEO of Forrester. Ecstatic, Brooke guessed that Eric had changed his mind. Ridge replied that it had been Quinn's idea, and Brooke rendered a puzzled stare.

Brooke couldn't believe Quinn would do it because Quinn and Ridge hated each other. Ridge guessed that Quinn wanted to stay in Eric's good graces. Ridge was excited to run the company with his daughter and to have his fiancée back in his arms.

In the corridor, Nicole, Zende, and Thomas waited at Pam's desk for a meeting in the CEO's office. Zende shared that he'd enjoyed being with his parents, but he'd returned early because the distance had made him realize what he'd been missing at home.

Rick and Maya arrived for the meeting. Maya wondered if Eric had said what it was about. "No, but I have a pretty good idea," the morose Thomas responded. Rick hoped Eric had regained his senses and would offer Rick the CEO position.

In the CEO's office, Eric and Quinn checked with Steffy before a meeting to make sure Steffy was okay with the new arrangement. Steffy was excited to work with her father but wanted to know why Quinn would make a gesture like that toward Ridge. It was odd and unbelievable to Steffy that Quinn would do anything nice for Ridge. Quinn said that she'd done it for Eric and in the spirit of family unity and commitment.

Later, everyone had gathered around the table in the CEO's office for the meeting. Zende noted that Eric was doing well and had designed a beautiful fall collection. Eric attributed it to his wife. He'd enjoyed working from home while knowing the place was being well managed. Thomas rolled his eyes at his grinning sister.

Eric noted that they hadn't had real conflict in a long time, and the major problems they'd had in the past could be attributed to Sally Spectra. "I think I've read about her. Big hair?" Maya said. Pam had heard all about Sally from Stephanie and said that Sally had stolen all their designs. Chuckling, Eric said it had happened year after year, and he and Ridge had been ripped off many times.

Zende asked how Sally had been able to get away with it, and Brooke answered that Sally had had spies. Rick remarked that Sally would create knockoffs thread for thread. Eric stated that it was much lower quality and at a lower price point. Brooke chimed in about how Sally would try to get the drop on Forrester by having her showings first. Eric said Sally was charming but a shark.

As the conversation continued, Eric conveyed that Sally was no longer in the business and was on an island somewhere, enjoying herself. He'd only mentioned her because they hadn't had conflict in a long while, and the company had been flourishing due to Steffy's leadership.

Rick's ears perked up when Eric said he was making leadership changes, and Steffy had agreed to share her position with someone as talented as she was. Rick grinned as Eric began to introduce his son as the new co-CEO. "Ridge Forrester," Eric said.

Rick scoffed. He called it ridiculous. Eric replied that it wasn't, and it was the way it would be. Eric asked Rick to remember his value as vice president and head of International. Rick quipped that he knew his value, and it was why he should have a shot. Thomas argued that at least Rick had a shot. Thomas, on the other hand, hadn't even been considered.

Eric reminded Thomas of his talent as a designer. Thomas was one of the hottest up-and-coming designers in the industry. Zende asked Steffy for her feelings. Grinning, she said her father was the creative. She'd handle PR and business. To her, it was a nice balance.

Rick asked about Quinn. Eric said that she'd remain president. Rick scoffed. "Of course, team Quinn. Hoo! Hoo!" Rick retorted.

"That's enough," Eric replied. To him, the team was a no-brainer. No one had had more influence over Forrester than Ridge, and Eric said it was even more than Eric. Eric conveyed that it had been Quinn's idea. Rick and Maya were surprised, and Rick remarked that they all knew Quinn couldn't stand Ridge. Quinn replied that her opinion had changed.

Eric hailed each person in the room for their importance and contribution to Forrester. Ridge thanked Eric for the job, Quinn for suggesting it, and Steffy for agreeing to it. Eric expected great things. Ridge said they'd do Eric proud. As Ridge and Eric hugged, Brooke cut her eyes at Quinn, who was smiling at Ridge and Eric's embrace.

After the meeting, Brooke and Ridge strode straight across the hall to the design office and closed the door behind them. Rick, Maya, Zende, Thomas, and Nicole poured into the hallway, and as Pam closed the door behind her desk, she asked them all why they were so gloomy. It was good news to Pam, but Maya asked what was so good about it.

Pam stated that the family was pulling together. Steffy had done well, and Ridge was back where he belonged. Thomas said he could speak for Rick in asking when one of them would get a turn. Rick added that they also wanted to know why Quinn was supporting Ridge.

Back in the CEO's office, Eric told Quinn that it hadn't gone too terribly -- except for Rick and Thomas' feelings of alienation. Quinn said they knew he loved them and hopefully knew he'd done what was best. Eric was always amazed by Quinn's supportiveness. He remembered how much she'd worried about letting him down. He said it could never happen.

In the design office, Ridge threw Brooke up against the door and locked it so they could feverishly make out. Brooke squealed, saying they couldn't do it there. He replied that they'd done it there all the time in the past. Ridge let her go, saying he needed to be a grownup because of his position. Straightening her clothes, Brooke said she didn't understand Quinn's support of Ridge, who'd been the one leading the charge against Quinn.

Ridge figured that Quinn just wanted to get on his good side. Brooke deduced that he was saying Quinn had changed, but to Brooke, that didn't sound like Quinn. Ridge suggested that Wyatt's divorce had led Quinn to give up. Brooke believed that there was more to it.

Ridge flashed to kissing Quinn in the hotel. Brooke snapped him out of it by asking if there was anything that had happened while she'd been gone. Hugging her, Ridge replied, "Nothing at all."

Brooke catches Quinn and Ridge talking secrets

Brooke catches Quinn and Ridge talking secrets

Friday, February 3, 2017

In the morning in the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke and Ridge arrived for work. Brooke still couldn't believe Ridge had been promoted. Ridge didn't know why she couldn't and said he'd earned it. Kissing him, she replied that the shocking thing was Quinn's support.

Ridge said Quinn was a lot of things. One of those things was smart, and Quinn wanted the best for the company. Brooke couldn't believe he'd called Quinn smart. Ridge replied that it was true. Never in a million years had Brooke thought Ridge would compliment Quinn -- let alone look at her the way he had at the meeting.

Ridge asked how his look had been. Brooke described it as gratitude and possibly admiration. Brooke said the plan had been to get rid of Quinn, and Brooke asked what had happened between Quinn and Ridge while Brooke had been away.

Stammering, Ridge repeated the question and said nothing specific. He asked if Brooke wasn't happy that Ridge and Eric were on the mend. Brooke was, but she warned Ridge about the havoc Quinn could create when one let his guard down. Brooke said not to turn his back on Quinn -- ever. Ridge assured her that there was nothing to worry about and hugged Brooke.

Ridge figured he had work to get to. Brooke joked about the new co-CEO not having time for his blushing bride. She asked him not to be late returning home. He said they'd celebrate that evening. Kissing him, she asked what the previous night had been. He stated they'd celebrated her homecoming then, but later, they'd celebrate his new position.

In the design office, Thomas, Rick, and Maya sat transfixed like mannequins, deep in gloom. While dropping off mail, Pam remarked that they all looked as if they'd eaten a batch of bad gravy. Maya asked if Pam understood what was happening.

Pam didn't know why it was so bad to have two family members leading Forrester. Thomas said that other people deserved a chance. Thomas and Maya pointed out that the position represented the face of the company.

Quinn, who'd heard their discussion as she'd walked down the hallway, entered and said Eric had full confidence in Ridge and Steffy to lead. Thomas and Rick wanted to know if Eric had even considered them. Quinn didn't see what it had to do with things. Rick replied that she did, of course, because she was Mrs. Quinn-tessenial, the one telling Eric what to do. "And hand-picking CEOs of the company!" Maya added. Thomas stated, "Our company."

Later, Pam and Quinn had exited the room, and Rick and Thomas continued to gripe about being passed over for promotion. Thomas said everyone assumed that he wanted to design in his father's shadow for his entire career. Maya said she certainly didn't see the anointed ones giving up their titles easily. "Maybe it's time to give up on Forrester," Thomas concluded.

Rick didn't get why, out of all of them, Quinn had chosen to promote the man she hated. Maya wasn't so sure Ridge and Quinn hated each other still. Thomas was creeped out by the way Ridge was supporting Quinn. Maya wondered what had happened to make them get along.

In the corridor, Quinn stared at Pam in amazement when Pam said Thomas and Rick shouldn't be taking out their frustrations on Quinn. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I like you or anything," Pam added. Pam acknowledged Quinn's effort to make peace with Steffy and Ridge and pull the family together. Pam believed that if Quinn and Ridge could "kiss and make up," then Rick and Thomas were bound to come around eventually.

Later, Quinn approached the CEO's office and froze when she saw Brooke and Ridge kissing in the office.

Sometime after Brooke had left, Quinn returned, and Ridge was working behind the desk. He asked if she was okay. Quinn awkwardly explained that she'd seen him kissing Brooke. Ridge asked if Quinn had been spying on him and Brooke. Quinn's demeanor was timid and awkward as she tried to explain that she'd just arrived to talk to him, and there Ridge and Brooke had been, kissing. "Well, she is my fiancée," Ridge replied.

Quinn wanted Ridge to promise her. Ridge asked what the promise was. Quinn asked him to promise not to tell Brooke about San Francisco.

The office door opened half way. Brooke stood on threshold, holding the doorknob.

Quinn said Brooke couldn't find out, and it had to stay between Ridge and Quinn. Quinn asked him to promise her. Pushing the door fully open, Brooke asked what was supposed to be kept between the two of them. Startled, Ridge and Quinn turned their eyes to the doorway.

Brooke closed the door behind her and asked what was going on. Quinn and Ridge just looked at Brooke like caught animals. "Ridge? Quinn?" Brooke said. She demanded to know what was going on between the two of them.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam shared their engagement news and the Forrester CEO developments with Bill. Like everyone else, Bill expressed shock that Quinn had had something to do with Ridge's new promotion because the two hated each other. Steffy said it was no longer the case after San Francisco. "It must have been quite a breakthrough," Bill remarked.

Over breakfast, Bill decided to throw a huge engagement party to include Steffy's millions of followers. Steffy wanted to keep it low-key. Liam said they didn't want to put Wyatt through it. Bill didn't see the point of shielding Wyatt from reality and said the only way he'd get his sons back was to have everyone adjust to the new norm. He wanted his sons working together.

Liam said he and Wyatt were headed in that direction. Steffy remarked that she'd been between Wyatt and Liam for a long time, and she didn't want to do it anymore. "So let's party!" Bill beamed. Liam suspected that Bill just wanted to throw a party because he knew Ridge would arrive at it with Brooke.

Bill liked the idea of using Liam's engagement party to talk Brooke out of her engagement. Steffy thought of giving Bill her mother's number so he could talk to someone else who knew what it was like to be left whenever Brooke and Ridge reunited. Steffy figured Bill didn't want to hear what Steffy was about to say.

Bill asserted that if Steffy was about to tell him to give up and give in to "destiny," then he didn't want to hear it. He'd never give up on Brooke. Steffy noted that Bill didn't lack confidence. Bill didn't know why he should. In his view, the reunions always ended in Ridge screwing up.

Steffy replied that it wasn't exactly how she saw it. Bill stated that Ridge had already had thirty-seven or so attempts, and Brooke would be done after the thirty-eighth. Bill said it was just what Ridge did -- Ridge would get Brooke and then lose Brooke. Bill planned to be there for Brooke when it happened for the final time.

At Spectra, Sally and Shirley were giddy with excitement about the number of applicants that had answered their ads. Shirley felt that they'd have a tough time choosing. Sally sat down, ready to interview, but was soon dismayed by the quality of the interviewees.

First, there was Seraphine. She had legs for miles in her mini skirt and a French accent so thick that Sally thought Seraphine was speaking in French instead of English.

Next was Mad Dog. Looking at a corner piece of a torn sheet of paper, Sally asked if she should call him Dwight. He said the name was only on there to designate who to write the checks to. "Who will I be cutting, anyway?" the drifter-dressed man asked. Sally assumed he meant "what" he'd be cutting and answered, "Fabric." He looked confused, and Shirley shuffled him out.

Sally exclaimed that the candidates were all complete duds. Shirley had one more and remarked that the next one's grandfather had worked there. In the doorway appeared a young man dressed exactly as the original Sally's former tailor without the glasses.

"Azoy..." the man uttered, gazing admiringly at Sally. Sally introduced herself and asked who he was. "Saul Feinberg. Nice to meet you," he replied, jutting his hand out to her.

The mild-mannered Saul sat down to tell them about himself. He had thought of being an actor, but tailoring was in his blood. His grandfather had taught him everything he knew, and he guessed he was following in his grandfather's footsteps.

Saul remarked that his grandfather had adored the original Sally, and Shirley said it had been mutual. The young Sally said she'd heard "so many stories." A montage of the original Sally and Saul's relationship played on-screen.

Saul was awed by the resemblance of the younger Sally to what he'd heard about the original. Thanking him, Sally said "this Sally Spectra" needed a Saul Feinberg of her own, and she might as well hire the guy who had the name. Saul beamed with excitement that he had the job and asked where the cutting room was. "I got my Saul!" Sally said.

Later, Sally had added a pink tool belt to her colorful ensemble and was scraping the warehouse door to uncover the old Spectra logo. Shirley cautiously picked up things and shrieked as she dropped them as if she'd uncovered bugs beneath what she'd picked up. Sally asked Shirley to be positive. "It's just so eighties!" Shirley exclaimed.

Sally claimed that the era was back, and what was old was new. To her, the building was gorgeous, and the offices inspired her. Shirley pointed out that Sally had never designed a thing. Sally contended that she had, but Shirley stated that doodling didn't count. She asked if Sally had seen the sewing machines -- also from the eighties.

Sally wasn't fazed by a little dust -- or mice or termites. She said beneath it all was a fashion house that would take on the best of the best.

Later, Sally went to Il Gardino. She was looking at her phone instead of where she was going and collided with a man who was also looking at his phone and not paying attention. Her phone and purse went flying, and she almost fell onto a table. "It's you!" Thomas said as she regained her balance. "Are you stalking me, bucko?" she asked.

Thomas knelt to pick up Sally's things. Her billfold was open. "Sally Spectra?" He said upon glancing at something visible in the billfold. "Yeah. Sally Spectra. You got a problem with that?" she asked.

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