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The Forrester versus Spectra battle began with cake in Steffy's face and Thomas kissing Sally's lips. Brooke let Quinn and Ridge slide on their secret, but Quinn put Brooke on notice about Katie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 6, 2017 on B&B
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Sally says Forrester has its rematch Sally says Forrester has its rematch

Monday, February 6, 2017

At Forrester, Brooke demanded to know what was going on with Ridge and Quinn and what Quinn wanted to keep from Brooke. Ridge agreed that he and Quinn were keeping something from Brooke, and it had started out as a surprise. He said that a bride needed a dress and jewelry, and Quinn and Ridge had planned to surprise Brooke for the wedding.

"Okay..." Brooke slowly said. She said it again quickly, as if deciding to accept the answer she'd gotten. She was sorry she'd ruined the surprise and emphasized that the situation was just weird. Quinn suggested Brooke pretend she hadn't heard anything. Brooke said she'd try.

Brooke left, and Quinn said it had been close. Agreeing, Ridge replied that he didn't like doing what he'd just done, so Quinn had to stop being paranoid and guilty about "everything." Quinn was trying. She mentioned all the instances of flirting. She said it had been going on for too long and wondered what was wrong with her. Ridge said to stop beating herself up.

Ridge concluded that nothing had changed. Quinn was married to Eric, and Ridge was going to marry Brooke. Quinn stated that it wouldn't happen again, and Ridge agreed. "I just -- " Quinn said. Ridge interjected that she just needed to pull herself together, and the kiss had merely been a moment in time. Quinn agreed that was all it had been. "Right, Ridge?" she asked.

Quinn was worried because she'd never had so much to lose or live up to. She didn't want to give Eric reason to doubt her, but she had. Ridge said no one knew, and Quinn should take it easy. She thought she needed to sort it out so she could be better or stronger. Ridge suggested she forget about it like he had. She claimed not to think about it, either, except in an abstract way as she vied to understand her own behavior.

Ridge asked why Quinn would analyze something that meant nothing to either of them "unless..." Quinn quickly stated that it had meant nothing to either of them. Ridge concluded that it was good and changed the subject to people calling to congratulate him on his new position.

Ridge felt that he had Quinn to thank for it. Quinn said she didn't need thanks. She said she was happy to be a part of healing the amazing family that she'd somehow stumbled into. As she spoke, Quinn cupped her forehead, looked down, and sighed. Ridge asked if she was okay. She claimed she was and said she and Eric were very happy. She didn't want to screw it up.

Quinn felt that she always screwed things up because she was a bad person and her own worst enemy. Ridge noted that she was revving herself up again. Quinn was terrified that she'd let Eric down. She didn't believe she deserved the good things in her life, so she feared she'd be compelled to destroy them. "Or you could just live your life," Ridge reasoned.

Ridge said Quinn could just go home to Eric and make him happy, and as it had turned out, she was good at it. Ridge told her that she was the best person she could be, which was all anyone could do. He asked her to let go of the silly, self-fulfilling prophecy that everything she touched would fall apart. "You -- you are -- you're fine. Everything's gonna be fine," Ridge stated.

Quinn was awed by Ridge's supportive, gentle, and concerned demeanor. She said his encouragement and friendship meant a lot to her -- if that was what it was. She reasoned that he might just be feeling sorry for her, but she'd take support where she could get it. Ridge replied that he didn't feel sorry for her, and she didn't need his support. In Ridge's view, she only needed to believe in and trust herself, and it would be enough.

Quinn smiled and said Ridge's words were nice. Ridge noted that her smile was nice, but her shaking hands were a dead giveaway. Taking her hands, he told her to take a breath. He promised that things would be okay. Ridge hugged Quinn, and she relaxed in his arms.

In Brooke's kitchen, Rick happily made himself a sandwich, but his grin faded when he saw Bill walk in and ask what was for lunch. Rick exclaimed that Bill couldn't just walk in at will. "Sure, I can. I always do," Bill responded. Rick said that Brooke was marrying Ridge. Bill quipped that it was a joke that would unfortunately be on Brooke, but he'd piece her back together.

As Rick ate his sandwich, Bill cut his in half and said he'd heard Brooke was back from Italy. He was there to welcome her home. "This is not your home!" Rick replied. Bill said it would be, and Rick had better get used to Bill's presence, because Bill would be there for the long haul. Bill sat down to eat, and Rick sarcastically told Bill to be Rick's guest and "pop a squat."

Rick conveyed that Bill knew how Rick felt about him -- and for good reason. "Oh, that Maya stuff?" Bill replied. Bill claimed that had been business, but "this -- this is family." Rick quickly corrected that they weren't family. "But I will be -- bro," Bill responded, placing his hand over Rick's wrist. Rick snatched his wrist away.

Bill knew Rick wasn't happy about Brooke marrying Ridge -- or about being passed over as CEO again. Rick didn't want to discuss it with Bill. Bill decided to stay on topic and asked Rick if he wanted what was best for his mother. Rick murmured that he did. "Well, you're looking at him," Bill concluded.

Over beers with Bill, Rick asked how many times Bill had tried to marry Brooke, but it hadn't happened due to Ridge. Bill replied that it had been twice. "Doesn't that tell you something, Bill?" Rick asked. Bill felt that he was being tested, and it was new to him.

Brooke arrived in the middle of Bill's sentence, and surprised, she asked how Bill had known she was back. Bill claimed he'd felt an ever-so-slight change in the rotation of the earth on its axis, and Brooke grinned.

Later, Rick had gone, and Brooke was folding a dishcloth beside the cleaned-off kitchen island. Bill asked how Hope was. Brooke said Hope had changed and was more mature and grounded. Bill stated that it happened to the best of them.

Bill remarked upon the CEO change at Forrester. Brooke said Ridge deserved it, and Bill replied that the team had been Quinn's idea. He asked if that made sense to Brooke. "No," Brooke flatly replied. Bill thought about what Ridge had said about postponing the wedding until Quinn was out of their lives. "Doesn't it seem like the opposite is happening? I think Ridge and Quinn are slipping in bed together," Bill stated.

Brooke scoffed. She mirthlessly chuckled, but her expression indicated that the idea was anything but laughable to her.

Traveling looked good on Brooke, according to Bill, but he wanted her to promise that she wouldn't do it again until it was with him. Brooke said he knew she couldn't promise it because she was marrying Ridge. Bill concluded that he'd be there for her when the poser broke her heart, and Bill wouldn't even be mad. Brooke said it was generous of him.

Bill stated that Brooke was worth it. She was special, and her smile lit up his world. Bill said that Ridge took her for granted, and she'd someday realize that Bill never would. Brooke disclosed that she'd never doubted his feelings for her. He told her that they were real, and after she returned to him, she'd wonder what had taken her so long. Brooke grinned at him.

At Il Gardino, Thomas said the license couldn't be right. He asked if Sally was really Sally Spectra. Sally said that it was her name and not to wear it out. He stated her name again in amazement, and she replied that he was wearing it out. Thomas figured that island life had either been really good to her, "or..."

"Macy's my cousin, married to -- " Sally started to say. Thomas filled in his uncle Thorne's name. Sally said it had ended tragically -- like most entanglements with the Spectras and Forresters. She suggested that they keep their distance because she was sure the last thing Thomas wanted was to associate himself with a Spectra.

Sally attempted to pay for her drink, but the bartender comped it. Thomas didn't know why he and Sally should avoid each other. She said it was history, and the families were like oil and water. Her family wasn't worthy and lacked Steffy's social media luster. They also lacked Thomas' pedigree and good breeding. The Spectras were scrappers who didn't mind breaking a dirty nail. The families were apples and oranges, and she said, "Never the twain shall meet." She didn't know what a "twain" was, but she bet Thomas did.

Thomas had no idea, and Sally was surprised to hear a Forrester admit to not knowing something. He quipped that he could surprise her quite a bit. She said he was an easy read, and he bade her to read on. Sally concluded that Thomas was conceited, was convinced that he was God's gift to the world, thought women should fall before him, and had never worked a hard day in his life. Thomas had heard it all before but told her to go on.

Sally was sure the struggle in Beverly Hills was real, as was having to rely on the Forrester family name and good looks to walk through any door Thomas wanted. Thomas asked her to back up to the part about his good looks. Sally admitted that he didn't offend her eyes, but she asserted that he wasn't her type. "So don't get your hopes up, bucko," she told him.

Sally decided that everyone would know something soon enough, so she'd go on and give Thomas the scoop. Thomas asked what she was talking about. She announced that they'd be rivals because she was reviving Spectra Fashions. "Seriously?" he said. To Sally, he sounded skeptical. He asked if she had logistics, infrastructure, or a designer.

"Of course, it's me," Sally replied, tugging at the leopard print lapels on her jacket. "These? May I?" Thomas asked, grabbing crumpled papers off the bar. He reviewed some rudimentary sketches then asked if she'd done them herself. Sally defensively noted that he was looking at her designs as if they hurt his feelings.

Thomas replied that they were just different. Sally concluded that he thought they stunk. Thomas smelled the papers and then asked if he'd said that. The sentiment had been in his tone, according to Sally, who said he'd spoken as if her designs could never compare to the Forrester magic. Thomas asked if she was really making a go of Spectra.

Chest puffed out, Sally proclaimed that she was, and the fashion industry would take notice. She suggested that he buckle up because Forrester had met its rematch. "With these designs?" Thomas asked. She glowered at him.

"Good luck," Thomas said. Sally snatched her papers away and marched out of the restaurant. Thomas took a swing of her abandoned wine, grimaced, and then smiled to himself.

Wedding planning begins

Wedding planning begins

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Bill tried to convince her that she still had time to marry him and not Ridge. Bill insisted that Ridge would do something to disappoint her because he always did. Brooke argued that Ridge was her choice. She confessed that her trip to Italy to visit Hope had also been to get away and clear her head to figure out what she wanted out of life and for her future. Bill was hanging on her every word.

"You're not married to Forrester yet," Bill said. Brooke argued that she wasn't having doubts, but she added, "I'll never forget what we shared, Bill." She said that some of her times with Bill were among the best moments of her life.

Brooke said she had followed her heart in the past and hurt people. She intended to get it right, and the self-analysis had helped her decide what she wanted as her commitment for the rest of her life. Bill grabbed her hand and said he understood. He recalled that one day she had planned to marry him and then had decided to marry Ridge. He called it an emotional roller coaster. Brooke agreed it had been a roller coaster.

Bill refused to give up on him and Brooke. He regretted that he had left her at the altar when Ridge had shown up at what should have been their wedding -- "the worst mistake of my life," Bill said. He lamented that he had allowed his ego and pride to get in the way. "I love you, Brooke. I'll never stop loving you," he said. Brooke was teary eyed. Bill wanted her to return to him.

At Forrester Creations, in Steffy's office, Pam and Steffy discussed that a news release looked fine. Thomas entered and asked about the release. Pam said it was the official announcement about Ridge and Steffy as co-CEOs.

Thomas was not happy. Steffy said she needed to discuss the wedding with him. He asked if she had set a date. She said they had not, but she and Liam wanted him to be in the wedding party. Thomas said, "Whatever." Steffy was surprised he wasn't happy for them.

Thomas was happy for Liam and Steffy, but he was not happy that the co-CEO situation had transpired and left him out in the cold. Steffy was offended, but Thomas stood his ground. He maintained that Quinn had appointed Steffy to the top spot because Quinn had been trying to get Steffy back together with Wyatt.

Thomas also didn't understand why Quinn had suddenly changed her mind to make Ridge co-CEO after hating him, but Thomas did understand that Ridge had a proven track record. Steffy was offended that Thomas was basically saying she was not qualified.

Thomas looked angry. He said his résumé had more design while hers was all business. Steffy reminded him that she had gotten the company back from Bill Spencer. She added that her strong social media presence had moved the company in a new direction.

Thomas argued that it was intangible and could blow over in months. He countered that it was design that made Forrester so successful and was the backbone of fashion.

Steffy encouraged Thomas to keep designing, but Thomas saw that as a dead end road. He said he might start his own company. "Sally Specta's great niece is doing it," he said. Steffy snickered that Sally had been kooky.

Pam entered and said they had to see a video press release with Sally Spectra's great-niece reviving the old company and the building. "Only one reporter showed up," Pam said.

On the television, Pam, Thomas, and Steffy watched young Sally Spectra claim that she had saved the company from the wrecking ball. "Spectra Fashions is back in downtown L.A.," Sally said. Sally claimed she would be true to her great-aunt's fashion roots and wanted to unveil the original logo, but the sign fell and ripped. The reporter tried to help her. Pam and Steffy laughed, but Thomas gave her credit for trying. Pam left, and Steffy and Thomas continued to argue.

Steffy insisted that she had paid her dues and had worked her way up from the bottom. "I don't design pretty dresses," she said. Thomas angrily interrupted and said that he had been unfairly passed over and that Steffy didn't get it. He walked out and slammed the door.

In Ivy's office, Liam stopped by while he was waiting to see Steffy, who was in a meeting. Ivy noted that the CEO was always in meetings. Ivy congratulated Liam and said she wanted to hear everything. Liam said that he and his bride wanted a special wedding.

Ivy suggested Australia because there was nowhere more beautiful, and it was summer in Australia -- the weather was perfect. Liam was intrigued. Liam added that Ridge and Brooke were also getting married. She suggested the Sydney Harbor Bridge because the iconic bridge merged Brooke and Ridge's names.

Liam worried that his dad was going to be there and would not be happy to watch Brooke marry Ridge because he was still holding out hope that Brooke would marry him instead of Ridge. Liam maintained that Bill would not give up. "Don't bet against him," Liam said.

Steffy meets Sally at the food fight

Steffy meets Sally at the food fight

> Steffy meets Sally at the food fight

Steffy meets Sally at the food fight

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt met with Steffy and said her personal page links were still increasing. He looked at her social media feeds and lamented that there were some posts about their divorce. Steffy said it didn't matter what people said. She told him that he had been really important to her. Wyatt said he could no longer work that close to her. Steffy was disappointed, but she supported his decision.

"I think my time here at Forrester is done," he said. Wyatt acknowledged that they had been a great team. He said Nicole could handle it. He said that all the time he had spent with her was special.

Outside the office, Thomas wanted to enter Steffy's office, but Pam stopped him because she was in a meeting. "Madame CEO has a very busy schedule," Pam said. Thomas looked unhappy. Later, Thomas met with Steffy, and Steffy said she hated the tension between them. She wanted them to go to lunch and resolve their differences. "As my boss?" he asked. "As your sister," she said. On the way out of the office, Steffy asked Pam to make reservations for Steffy and Thomas.

At Spencer Publications, C.J. met with Bill, and C.J. explained that he had to delay finalizing their deal for Spectra Fashions. Bill was not happy because he had plans for the area, but C.J. said his cousin wanted to be a fashion mogul and revive and relaunch the brand. "Her name is Sally Spectra," C.J. said.

Bill asked if the idea was a joke, but C.J. said Sally was very serious. He felt he had to give her a chance -- and then it would fold in six months, and he would sell it to Bill. Bill warned him not to break the deal, and C.J. agreed.

After C.J. left, Wyatt entered and greeted Bill. Bill teased that he hadn't seen much of Wyatt. Wyatt said he wanted to return to Spencer. Bill was surprised. Wyatt explained that he'd had a good run at Forrester, but it was too difficult to be around Steffy. Bill said he supported Wyatt and was proud of him because he had been in a tough situation and had made the right call. "You made Steffy a star," Bill said. Wyatt credited Steffy because she sold herself. "She's a confident, sexy, sophisticated woman. Other women want to be her, and men want to be with her," he said.

At Spectra, Sally Spectra was on the phone and had been arguing with loan representatives. She called one "shifty." Saul entered and complained that the sewing machines were inoperable. Sally insisted one machine had to work out of all the machines, but Saul countered that he could not make an entire collection with one machine.

Sally and her grandmother Shirley encouraged Saul and said he only had to make a few gowns. They had to make it down the runway, and that was it -- until the orders came in. "I know it will be crazy for a while, but if we pull this off -- when we pull this off, we'll be as well known as Steffy Forrester," Sally insisted.

Saul and Shirley looked doubtful, but Sally had an idea. She acknowledged that they had never matched the grandeur of Forrester Creations, but Sally had been gifted at creating huge events. She felt they didn't have to match Steffy's success. They just had to go big and viral. Sally asked about Steffy's last posting on social media, and Saul observed that it had been hours.

Sally was thinking, and Saul pointed out that more than a million people had liked Steffy's boyfriend's tofu recipe. Sally had an idea -- they needed to find out where Steffy was. Sally called Forrester and asked for Steffy. Pam answered that she had gone to lunch. Sally insisted that she had been waiting for Steffy for a meeting at the restaurant, but she didn't name it.

Pam apologized and asked if the caller was at the correct restaurant -- giving up exactly where Steffy was. Sally quickly hung up and got Shirley to make a reservation. Sally, Shirley, and Saul left for the restaurant.

The Sally Spectra trio arrived at lunch, and they were seated a few tables away from Steffy and Thomas. Shirley looked at the menu and said the prices were outrageous. Sally said no one could order anything. She wanted them to watch her work some Spectra magic. "We're going to use our brains and take a page out of Aunt Sally's playbook," she said. She gave Shirley her phone and told her to record everything that happened once Sally started talking to Steffy.

At Steffy's table, she encouraged Thomas to remember that they were a team. She said it hurt that he wanted to leave the company and start his own.

Steffy drank wine, and Sally walked over to the table to greet Thomas. She explained to Steffy that she had met Thomas previously. She noted that she and Steffy were the namesakes of their relatives. Sally reminded Steffy that their families "went way back together." She added that her cousin Macy had been married to Steffy's Uncle Thorne.

Sally said that she was reviving the fashion house. Steffy smirked that she had seen the press conference. Sally continued to talk and asked if the Forresters were having dessert. She sneered that Steffy had probably never eaten a carb in her life. Steffy laughed. Sally took a bite of dessert and knocked it all over Steffy -- ruining her dress. She apologized and tried to wipe it off and made more of a mess.

Sally apologized, and Thomas started to laugh. Steffy ordered him to get the check because she wanted to leave. Sally noted that Steffy had probably never been seen looking less than perfect by her adoring fans. "That is enough," Steffy said.

Sally noted that Steffy's brother was grumpy because Steffy was a self-absorbed Queen Bee. Steffy reminded Sally that Sally had thrown cake at her. Sally teased that it hadn't hurt, and then she spilled water on Steffy.

"What a mess," Sally said. Steffy advised Sally to return to her table, but Sally told her that her namesake Stephanie Forrester would never have been so desperate for social media exposure. Steffy was surprised. Steffy smeared cake all over Sally, and Sally balked that she had been wearing a one-of-a-kind Spectra fashion. "One of a kind? Thank God there isn't another one of those out there," Steffy said.

Steffy and Sally started throwing food at one another. "Stop, stop, stop," Thomas said. He tried to pull the women away from the food they had been throwing. A waiter and Saul dragged Sally out of the restaurant. Thomas pulled Steffy away, and he laughed. Steffy was furious. "She is back. Sally Spectra is back," Steffy shouted, and Thomas agreed. He continued to laugh.

Sally wages war with Steffy

Sally wages war with Steffy

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Over lunch at Brooke's house, Katie and Brooke discussed Hope preferring a scooter over a car. During conversation, Katie mentioned Bill's feelings about Brooke's wedding. "Moving right along," Brooke said and turned the topic to Katie's love life.

Katie claimed to have prospects. She said she had the new house, Eric popped by for lunch occasionally, and it felt clandestine. Brooke asked if it felt that way because Quinn didn't know. Katie said Quinn would just jump to conclusions. "Would she be wrong?" Brooke asked. Katie asked if Brooke thought Katie was doing something wrong.

Brooke asked if Katie thought she was doing something wrong. Katie claimed to merely be having lunch with a friend. "It sounds to me like you think you're getting away with something. Are you starting to see Eric as maybe more than just a friend?" Brooke asked. Katie claimed that Eric was a longtime family friend. She enjoyed hanging out with him. He was stable and made her feel peaceful.

Brooke asked if that were the extent of it. Katie flashed to kissing Eric's cheek. Katie replied that Katie believing Quinn was a menace or wild card didn't mean Katie was after Quinn's husband. Under Brooke's probing stare, Katie said she'd always adored Eric, but that was it. Brooke said, "Okay....okay..." The two laughed.

At the mansion, Quinn worked from home, and Eric sketched on the sofa. Quinn asked if he'd go out for lunch, as Linda said he'd do sometimes. He said he wouldn't when he had Quinn for company. As they worked, she gazed at him. He looked up and wondered what was wrong. She said she didn't believe their life was real and sometimes feared she'd do something to lose him.

Eric said that things in life happened, and they couldn't protect each other from everything. Quinn said there was a voice in her head that said she'd lose Eric, and he could do better. She tried to make a mental note not to hold on too tight, but she couldn't help thinking about what she'd do before she'd ever lose him.

Later, Brooke arrived after dropping Katie and Will off at home. Brooke had decided to visit Eric, who was alone in the living room at that time, to catch up. Brooke looked around expectantly, but he informed her that Quinn had stepped out for some air. Brooke relaxed and informed him that Hope was great. Brooke asked how Eric, the man of leisure, was.

Outside, Quinn approached the cracked front door and stopped to listen to Eric and Brooke. Eric was saying how well he was. After Stephanie's death, he hadn't been able to bear to be in the house, but in time, he'd started to hardly bear leaving it. Brooke noted that Katie had been in the same boat after the divorce; however, Katie had gotten her own house, could raise her child the way she wanted, and had a neighbor like Eric, whom Katie adored and counted on.

"Don't tell her I said this, but I think she has a crush on you," Brooke added. In a playful tone, Eric said to stop it, and Brooke giggled. He couldn't even imagine Katie using the word "crush." Brooke replied that Katie might not have said it, but Brooke knew her sister. "And you know me," Eric replied. He always appreciated any form of flattery; however, he knew Katie and knew that she only thought of him as a longtime, dear friend.

"Oh, Eric," Brooke replied. Eric said not to roll her eyes at him. She said he was pitifully out of practice if he didn't think that women noticed or appreciated him. Though the cracked doorway, Quinn appeared concerned by the conversation. Eric, however, chuckled if off. He didn't believe for a moment that Katie harbored unsuitable intentions toward a married man. Brooke didn't think Katie would, but "if you could just read between the lines..."

"'Between the lines?'" Eric asked. Brooke said that Eric loved his wife. Eric affirmed it. Brooke added that he believed that Quinn had changed. He affirmed that, as well, and said he saw it every day. Brooke stated that it was lovely for Eric, but many held their tongues because they only wanted him to be happy. All Brooke was trying to say was that if Eric thought he only had the options of Quinn or loneliness, he should think again.

Quinn clenched her jaw and flashed back on her confrontations with Katie over Eric. Eric chalked Brooke's notions up to lingering jetlag and suggested she go home to rest. Giggling, Brooke agreed and let him escort her to the door. On the porch, Brooke searched for her keys in her bag. She shrieked when she saw Quinn standing in the bushes by the by the porch.

"You tell your sister I'll be watching her," Quinn said.

At Spectra, the gang eagerly waited for their slow Internet to post the video of the food fight Sally had started with Steffy at the restaurant. The post finally appeared. After refreshing her screen, Sally exclaimed that they had likes, and it had worked. As the views and shares climbed in numbers, Saul and Sally read random poster comments.

Some poster debated if it was real. Shirley read a comment that Sally's look was fabulous. Sally said it was the publicity they couldn't buy, and they'd have people lined around the block. Saul timidly asked if they'd have to make designs first. Sally said only one for each model.

As Sally crowned herself a genius, a leggy brunette walked in. Saul conveyed that he'd talked to Darlita because Sally might need a receptionist. Sally said they weren't hiring, but Saul stated that he'd told Darlita about their profit-sharing plan. Sally replied that Saul's statement had changed things. "Hi, Sal," Darlita said, extending her hand. Sally was surprised that Darlita had nicknamed Sally already. Darlita replied that she liked shortcuts because "time is honey."

Darlita wanted to know if they'd hired any hot guys. Sally said that working there meant concentrating on the job. Darlita noted that she didn't have a job. Pushing a dress form by the desk, Shirley replied, "At this rate, you're not gonna get one. This interview's over."

As Shirley spoke, the dress form wobbled in Sally's direction. Before it could fall on Sally, Darlita caught it. Darlita said that she was no Einstein; however, she was loyal, and if Sally hired her, Sally would "live to regret it." Puzzled by how to take the statement, Sally agreed to hire Darlita.

Just then, a reporter from Eye on Fashion arrived, and Sally instructed Darlita to let him and his crew in. Sally propped on the desk and posed for the video interview. The reporter asked when Spectra had returned to business. Sally said they'd never gone anywhere, and her aunt had just taken a break. He asked what Sally knew besides getting noticed. He remarked that picking a fight with Steffy Forrester was out of the former Sally's playbook. He asked her to tell them who Sally Spectra was.

In the CEO's office, Nicole was handwriting place cards for a buyers' banquet, and Zende was goofing off with her. He tried to kiss her, but Steffy interrupted them, caked in food, when she entered with Thomas and Pam. Steffy wanted to know how Thomas even knew the Spectra girl. "Spectra?" Pam asked.

Steffy figured Thomas had set it up because he was unhappy with her. Thomas said he'd run into Sally at the bar, and that was it. Steffy accused him of hitting on Sally Spectra. He denied it but then said, "Yeah, I probably hit on Sally Spectra."

Later, Nicole carried in an outfit for Steffy to change into. Thomas mentioned that the first Sally had made money by stealing Forrester designs, but Steffy reasoned that the second Sally claimed to be a designer. Thomas asked if Steffy had seen what Sally had been wearing.

Zende handed Steffy his phone and said she had to see something. Steffy shrieked upon seeing the whole food fight on social media. Thomas noted that many had dubbed it a catfight. Steffy saw that Sally's previous post had gotten only fourteen views. Nicole concluded that Sally was hitching onto Steffy's popularity. "That bitch," Steffy growled.

Pam entered to let everyone know that Sally was at it again. On the television, Pam displayed Eye on Fashion's live interview with Sally Spectra.

Back at Spectra, Sally wanted her whole crew on the video, but the reporter declined, saying Sally was the interview. Sally said the medium was the message, and he asked what that meant.

At Forrester, everyone watched on the television as Sally said Spectra Fashions wasn't about the rich or poverty-stricken. It was for the average American with a little income left over for Buffalo wings and a brew on a Saturday night.

The reporter asked if it was true that Spectra had been known for disreputable practices. Sally asked what was wrong with high fashion at discount prices. The reporter quipped that the problem had been the discount quality. Sally was offended that he'd behave that way while getting the scoop on the new shooting star of fashion.

The reporter said they'd referred to Steffy Forrester as that the previous month. "Oh, please! I'm gonna eat that queenie for lunch!" Sally exclaimed. Sally said Forrester was "so last century, and their couture line has gout from all their lobster and Champagne."

Sally invited everyone, including their mom and kids, to Spectra's grand-opening preview. The reporter asked when it would be, and Sally said it would be in one little week. Looking into the camera, she warned Los Angeles and Steffy that Spectra was back.

"Turn it off," Steffy instructed, and Pam used a remote control with a crocheted case to do so. Zende and Nicole stared in disbelief. Thomas said Sally was hilarious. Pam quipped that Sally didn't think she was hilarious; Sally thought she was Coco Chanel. Nicole asked what Steffy would do. "I'm gonna tear that red hair out," Steffy replied in an ominously deliberate tone.

Zende makes his ultimate gesture to Nicole

Zende makes his ultimate gesture to Nicole

Friday, February 10, 2017

Backstage at Forrester, Nicole was in a robe, prepping for a photo shoot, but she didn't understand why Ridge had asked for her to model on a horse-drawn carriage. Claiming she was just a model, Maya said she didn't know, but he'd specifically asked for Nicole to do it. When Maya informed Nicole that Zende was the photographer, Nicole said she wouldn't do it.

Nicole tried to reach Zende to find out what he knew about the photo shoot but only got his voicemail. "You're doing the shoot," Maya insisted. To herself, Maya murmured, "You'll be glad you did."

Nicole thought the purple period gown was beautiful, but Maya should model it. Maya replied that it was fitted for Nicole. Nicole asked if Sasha was available. To Maya, that didn't matter. Maya said that Zende was human. People made mistakes and broke trust, but in time, one realized that forgiveness was possible and necessary because "we" want to trust again.

Maya wondered what good it was to pretend not to still love Zende. Nicole asked what Maya was saying. Maya said to put on the dress and be open to possibilities. Maya stated that Zende had been wrong, but they'd all played roles in what had happened. Maya reasoned that people weren't perfect and made mistakes. She wondered who Nicole wanted to be with when things didn't go as planned. "Zende," Nicole replied.

Maya remarked that Zende had been loyal since the breakup. Nicole agreed, saying he kept proposing and writing letters by hand. He did things to remind her every day. Nicole opened a fortune cookie left over from lunch. She figured Zende had intervened in the delivery because she'd gotten a fortune slip that said, "Nicole, your happiness is my only concern." Maya asked if Nicole thought she could live without him.

In the design office, Rick and R.J. talked to Zende about Nicole. Rick didn't want Zende getting his hopes up, but Zende felt that showing his feelings was the best way to reach Nicole. Rick worried that the hurt was too deep, but Zende planned to persist in telling her how he felt. R.J. agreed that Zende should keep telling her.

Zende noted that Nicole had been trying to reach him. He didn't want to call her back because he had to speak to her in person. Rick and R.J. noticed that Zende seemed to be up to something. As Zende rushed out, Rick asked how he could help.

Later, Nicole was outside with Maya, dressed in the purple gown with a black shawl. They strode down the catwalks to the curb beneath the red Forrester sign, and Nicole was amazed when Zende appeared in a suit and a top hat in the back of an open horse-drawn carriage. Maya, Rick, and R.J. excitedly watched as Zende exited the carriage and presented Nicole with a rose.

Nicole asked what Zende was doing with the horse and carriage. Zende asked what would be a better way to ride off into the sunset. He asserted that she could turn him down a hundred times, but he wouldn't give up. He knew that he'd hurt her, but she had to know how much he wanted to grow old with her and have a family. "I do," she replied.

Zende asked what Nicole was saying. Nicole stated that some hurts could never happen again. In a flash, Zende dropped to one knee and whipped out his ring. He said they could get married right away and start their life together. "Yes. Yes, I'll marry you," Nicole replied. Zende slipped the ring on her finger. Maya, Rick, and R.J. cheered as the couple kissed.

In the CEO's office, Steffy cringed while watching the food fight video. Thomas said she was obsessing. Steffy swore she wasn't and asked if it was petty to send Sally a dry-cleaning bill. He replied that Sally would just post it to her followers, and nothing said fame like a CEO-celebrity catfight. Steffy doubted she'd have to worry about Sally Spectra for long.

Thomas asked why that was, and Steffy reasoned that the Spectra revival wouldn't last a week. Liam entered as Thomas remarked that Sally wouldn't put them out of business anytime soon, but her designs had potential. Liam guessed they were talking about "Little Miss Tiramisu." Steffy quipped the Sally 2.0 would learn what her great aunt had learned -- to never go up against Stephanie Forrester.

Thomas left, and Liam joked with Steffy about the food fight with her rival. Steffy preferred for Liam to not call Sally a rival because it indicated Sally might have a chance in the business. To Steffy, the only chance Sally had was of becoming an even bigger embarrassment than she already was.

Later, Steffy asked Liam to check Sally's social media because Steffy didn't want to look at it anymore. "I thought we didn't care about her," he said. Steffy exclaimed that it just bothered her. Steffy asked who'd piggyback off someone else like that. Liam replied that Sally Spectra did -- and was probably loving every minute of it.

Liam changed the topic to his talk with Ivy, who seemed supportive of the wedding and had had an interesting idea. Steffy slowly said, "Okay..." He pitched exchanging vows in Australia. Steffy liked the idea of leaving Los Angeles and the drama. "I think an Australian wedding might be just what we need," she concluded.

At Spectra, Saul implored Sally to give him a few more weeks to work, but Sally insisted they had to move because she only had six months to make a success of Spectra Fashions. Sally wanted to see their progress. When Saul was timid about it, she said she'd given him plenty of designs, and the tape measure around his neck wasn't just for show.

Saul tripped while passing a chair as he left. Sally couldn't wait for their preview to knock Steffy's socks off. Darlita asked how it would happen. "Socks don't just come off," Darlita reasoned.

Later, Thomas arrived, and Darlita seemed enamored as she offered him soda or "diet water." Sally asked Darlita to send Thomas into the main office. Sally asked why a Forrester had arrived in the slums of Spectra. Thomas had wanted to see if she was as mad as Steffy. Sally replied that she hadn't realized Steffy was so sensitive. She asked how to make it up to Steffy, and he recommended getting as far away as Sally could.

Saul tried to wobble two dresses in on dress forms, but Sally rushed to the door and shoved him back out before Thomas could see anything. Once Sally had the door closed, Thomas asked if she wanted his opinion. She asked if she had a choice. "They're nice," he said. Sally raged that grandmothers and cold beers were nice. She wanted to hear that it was trendsetting, sensational, and hot. Thomas said it was possible.

Sally stated that they were her best, but Thomas looked bored. Thomas repeated that they were nice. She concluded that he was, too, or he'd be saying a whole lot more. She concluded that he didn't like the designs. He said he hadn't told her that. He liked them and thought they'd probably sell. He just didn't want her to get her expectations too high.

Sally decided that Thomas was scared, and Steffy had sent him there to undermine Sally's confidence. Sally refused to let him take away her moment. Thomas replied that it wasn't what he was doing. She asked him why he was there if not to attack her confidence. Thomas kissed Sally. She reeled and uttered, "Okay..."

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