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The Forresters and Avants gathered together to celebrate Zende and Nicole's wedding. Sally crashed the event, and Steffy shoved Sally face first into cake-fight seconds. Quinn caught Ivy's right hand slap when Ivy caught Quinn kissing Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 13, 2017 on B&B
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Sasha wants to attend Nicole's wedding Sasha wants to attend Nicole's wedding

Monday, February 13, 2017

At the mansion, Zende told Eric, R.J., Thomas, and Rick about his engagement. Eric was happy, and when he said there was nothing like having the right woman by one's side, Thomas flashed to kissing Sally. Everyone was surprised when Zende said the wedding was the next day. He was planning the event as a gift for Nicole, and it would be the most special day ever.

R.J. noted that he'd helped pull off the heart in the sand, so he was Zende's guy if Zende needed help. Zende wanted to do most of it on his own, but he would keep it in mind. Thomas remarked that Zende had it bad for Nicole. Rick asked if there was anything anyone could do.

Zende did want something from Rick, who'd offered good counsel to Zende ever since Zende had moved to the city. Rick said he was always there for Zende. Zende wanted Rick to be by his side at the wedding as the best man. It would mean a lot to Zende. Rick replied that it would mean a lot to him, too. The men gleefully shook on it.

Later, everyone had gone but Eric and Zende. Zende asked if Eric would host the wedding at the mansion. Eric said that nothing would give him more pleasure than to host it at the house. They hugged, and Zende asked for one more thing. He wanted to pull out all the stops and had devised his own "showstopper."

Zende opened a door beneath the stairs and pulled out a portrait of Nicole. He said it would only be for a day -- if Eric agreed to it. Zende had gotten the portrait as a wedding gift and figured it would hang in his and Nicole's living room, continuing the Forrester tradition. Eric said it was beautiful. Zende said that Eric could decline, but if not, they'd remove it after the reception.

Eric agreed to talk to Quinn about hanging it over the fireplace for a day. He was sure it would be fine. Eric believed it would be a great day for the family. Zende wanted it to be special for Nicole and wanted nothing to ruin it.

Later, Thomas was working in the CEO's office when R.J. strolled in, typing away on his phone. He asked if Thomas liked redheads, and Thomas asked what his brother was talking about. R.J. was referring to a girl who'd requested to follow him, and as R.J. accepted the request, Thomas asked if R.J. had lots of cuties following him online. R.J. affirmed it.

Thomas said R.J. was a true Forrester. R.J. had a question. He asked how to know, out of all the girls in the world, if the one standing before him was the one. Thomas replied that he was still trying to figure that out for himself.

In the design office, Maya, Vivienne, and Nicole talked about the surprise engagement. Vivienne was ecstatic, but she wanted to make sure Nicole hadn't been pressured in the moment. Nicole replied that the issue was behind her and Zende. She loved and trusted him all the way.

Vivienne wished Julius was there. Nicole said she'd talked to him earlier. Vivienne assured Nicole that he'd be there for the wedding, but Maya asked if her mother was sure there wouldn't be another golf tournament. Vivienne didn't know but said they hadn't known an engagement would happen. Vivienne cried over her baby girl getting married, and Nicole hugged her.

Nicole was grateful to Maya and called Maya her best friend. Nicole asked Maya to be the matron of honor. "Consider me honored," Maya said, and they hugged. Vivienne had waited for that day, and she thought Zende was a good man. He'd made mistakes, but with Nicole keeping him in check, he'd age like fine wine.

Nicole was in disbelief that she'd be a wife, and it was crazy that it would happen the next day. Nicole got a text message from her father, who said he was supposed to foot the bill for the wedding and intended to do so. The women laughed about Julius going straight to the money. Nicole said Zende wouldn't accept Julius' money because Zende was throwing the wedding as a gift for her.

Just then, Sasha arrived, and the atmosphere in the room darkened. Vivienne greeted Sasha as Nicole and Maya stared at Sasha. Sasha had heard the news. Nicole glanced at the ring on the hand on her hip and said she'd figured it would get around. Sasha asked to speak to Nicole alone, and Maya and Vivienne left.

Sasha apologized for what she'd done. Though it wasn't an excuse, she wanted to say she'd believed that the relationship had been over. She swore nothing else had happened between her and Zende and never would happen again. Stating that she wasn't going to lie, Sasha admitted that she'd left the door open for Zende, but he hadn't walked through it.

Sasha knew it was easier said than done, but she wanted to work on her relationship with Nicole. Sasha knew that it would be one step at a time, and she asked if the first step could be letting Sasha attend the wedding. Nicole asked why Sasha wanted to do it. Sasha said they were sisters, and Sasha wanted to put the bad things behind them and be a family. She wanted to show the family that she was in total support of the wedding and be a real sister.

Nicole wasn't ready to forgive Sasha but said that Sasha would attend the wedding. Sasha exclaimed that Nicole had no idea how happy it made her. She hugged Nicole, who stood like ice. Slowly, Nicole's hands touched Sasha's back, and Nicole's lips defrosted into a slight smile. Sasha said that the best woman had won.

At Spectra, Saul was worried that Sally was throwing designs at the wall to see what stuck. Sally reminded Darlita and Saul that they only had six months. Sally glanced at a design and zoned into her memory of kissing Thomas. Darlita snapped Sally out of it, and Sally said her many thoughts had frozen her brain. Darlita asked if Sally needed a hot water bottle.

Sally asked how the designs were going, and Saul, who was working on a red floral dress on a dress form by the door, said Sally expected miracles. She replied that she believed in Saul, and they would give the Forresters -- Miss Steffy in particular -- a run for their money. Darlita remarked that the Forresters had the money, not the Spectras.

Saul stated that they had Sally, who could pull off the impossible. Sally said that the cake stunt had been good, but they had to keep their names out there. She had alerts set, and she'd been "following" Steffy. The only thing left was to figure out what to do.

Looking at her laptop, Sally's eyes sparkled when she saw a post about Zende and Nicole's wedding. Sally called it a bona fide Forrester event. Saul asked what she'd do. "What do you think? Crash the wedding!" Sally exclaimed. Saul didn't like the idea and said she could get arrested. Sally loved the thought and wanted to set up a way to notify him of when to call police.

Saul exclaimed that he wanted no part of the crazy scheme. Sally believed that it was just what her great aunt would do. She looked for her phone to call Grams. Saul asked if Sally really wanted to revive the rivalry between the fashion houses. She called it clickbait gold and said they had to stoke the flames to keep it alive. "Tomorrow, Sally Spectra strikes again," she announced.

As Thomas and Sally worked in their respective offices, they kept drifting off into thoughts of each other.

Zende and Nicole's wedding begins

Zende and Nicole's wedding begins

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric greeted guests for Zende and Nicole's wedding. "The father of the bride has arrived," Julius said. He and Eric hugged. "Family is everything isn't it?" Julius asked Eric. He greeted Quinn as the "lady of the manor." Then he greeted Zende with "soon to be the newest member of my clan."

Julius noticed the portrait of Nicole above the fireplace and was wowed. He said it was the nicest gift that Zende could have given Nicole. He added that at one time, Maya's portrait had hung there. Quinn looked uncomfortable. He joked that Quinn and Eric would leave again and give the house to Zende and Nicole. "No, no," Zende stuttered. Quinn said it was only for the wedding.

Eric greeted Tony and Kristen, Zende's parents. Zende welcomed his parents to the house. They all embraced. Tony said that he had known by the way that Zende had spoken about Nicole that it would lead to a wedding.

Zende's parents noted that Zende seemed nervous, and he admitted that he was anxious. They advised him to enjoy the moment. "And every moment after that," Zende said. His parents said they wanted him to be happy. They all hugged.

Tony and Kristen embraced Ridge and R.J. Ridge said that Brooke couldn't make it because she hadn't been feeling well. "She's here in spirit," Ridge said. They all promised to catch up later, and Tony and Kristen wanted to spend more time with Zende because he looked nervous. R.J. joked that his dad wouldn't be nervous when he married Brooke, and Ridge agreed.

Ridge and R.J. greeted Quinn and Eric. Ridge noted that Quinn had been a great hostess because she had given up her place on the wall for Nicole's portrait. "Just for one day," Quinn said. R.J. and Ridge mingled with other guests.

Eric remarked to Quinn that he had detected a hint of jealousy that Nicole's portrait was above the mantel. Quinn agreed she had been ridiculous, but it was important to her. "That is my spot -- that is the one spot in this house that belongs to me and only me," she said. Eric disagreed. He put her hand on his heart and said that his heart belonged to her. "I love you," she said, and they embraced.

Ridge watched Quinn and Eric from across the room, and Quinn caught his eye. Thomas joined his father and advised him to stop staring at Quinn and Eric. Ridge smiled and agreed.

Zende greeted Sasha after she entered, and she looked uncomfortable. He told her to relax because Nicole had invited her, and she was the sister of the bride. "You can't get any closer to family than that," he said.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Nicole prepared for her wedding, and Vivienne and Maya remarked that it was nice of Zende to arrange for them to have their hair and makeup done. They celebrated with a Champagne toast to a Valentine's Day wedding. They were all emotional, but Maya said they could have no tears because it would ruin their makeup.

Julius showed up, and Nicole was elated. He said he wouldn't miss her wedding. Julius said she was marrying an incredible man, and he remarked that the wedding had to have cost a fortune. Nicole chastised him, and he laughed.

Julius wondered how she had grown up so fast. He recalled holding her in one arm, and then she'd walked and talked. "It was all downhill from there," Nicole joked. "This is your day, baby -- all yours -- I want it to be the happiest day of your life," Julius said. They hugged. Julius left.

Later, Steffy joined Maya, Vivienne, and Nicole. She reminded Nicole to breathe and relax because everyone was happy for her. They hugged. "And everyone loves you. Everyone in the room loves you," Steffy said.

Sasha entered and told Nicole how beautiful and glowy she looked. She asked for a moment alone with her sister, and Maya, Vivienne, and Steffy left. Sasha said she wanted to wish Nicole the best, and she remarked that Zende was a very lucky man. She thanked Nicole for inviting her, and Nicole said that sisters were forever. They hugged.

In the kitchen, Charlie and Pam put the finishing touches on the wedding cake and told the caterers they wanted happy guests. The caterers remarked that the cake was lovely. "I baked it myself," Pam said, and Charlie looked surprised. Pam admitted that Charlie had helped.

In the living room, Rick told Zende that Carter had arrived to perform the wedding. Carter teased Zende about getting cold feet. Steffy and Liam arrived and told Zende they loved weddings. They all discussed that it wouldn't be long before another wedding took place -- Liam and Steffy's.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally Spectra tried to think of a way to crash the Forrester wedding. Darlita asked to be Sally's plus one, but Saul pointed out that Sally had no invitation. Shirley entered, and she carried two large bakery boxes. "Coffee break time," Shirley shouted. Sally told her they were trying to think of a way to crash the Forrester wedding. She paused and asked what was in the boxes. "Cakes," Shirley said. She added that she was testing recipes. "Cake -- that is the answer," Sally said, and she kissed and hugged her grandmother.

Later at the Forrester mansion, Sally and Shirley arrived, in disguise, looking like they were caterers. Shirley carried a large box, and Pam greeted them at the front door. Pam told the women the caterers were in the kitchen, not the front foyer. She guided them to the kitchen. Sally and Shirley unboxed the cakes, and they looked awful. Shirley said she had warned her granddaughter. Sally said it didn't matter.

Sally ordered her grandmother to grab a tray of appetizers and start mingling so they could be part of the crowd. Sally wanted to see the grounds, and she wanted some photos to tie them to the Forresters. "More eyeballs for us. I can see the headlines, now. 'Sally Spectra crashes Forrester wedding,'" she said.

In the living room, Pam said she had funny feeling about the last two caterers. Charlie told her to stop worrying. On the other side of the room, Sally eyed Thomas and flashed back to their kiss.

Thomas, Liam, and Steffy discussed wedding planning, and Thomas was distracted. He flashed back to when he had kissed Sally. Liam and Steffy noticed that Thomas had been distracted, but he dismissed their observation.

Upstairs, Nicole was alone for a few moments before Maya returned to help her into her dress. Maya told her she deserved to be happy.

Downstairs, a quartet started the wedding march, and Nicole walked down the stairs. Julius handed her a bouquet at the bottom of the stairs and walked her over to Carter and Zende. She noticed that her painting was above the fireplace. "Oh, my God," she said. Everyone laughed, and Zende smiled. Carter welcomed everyone, and the wedding started.

Vows unite the Forrester family

Vows unite the Forrester family

> Vows unite the Forrester family

Vows unite the Forrester family

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Carter started the wedding ceremony for Nicole and Zende. He discussed that young love was an inspiring and enduring commitment. He said that Nicole and Zende had wanted him to thank their parents. He added that the families had been a source of peace and stability, and the Forrester home had seen many Forrester family weddings.

Carter continued to tell the group that marriage had its ups and downs, and Zende and Nicole had managed to face their own challenges prior to the wedding. Zende had been born in another country and lost his parents but had been adopted by Kristen and Tony and enjoyed a wonderful life.

Nicole had grown up in Chicago, and their separate paths had merged when they'd become interns at Forrester. Carter said that Zende and Nicole's romance had blossomed at Forrester. He joked that romance happened a lot at Forrester. He wondered if it was a fashion house or a dating service. Everyone laughed.

In the audience, Pam whispered to Charlie that the two caterers were not working. They were watching the ceremony. Charlie told her not to worry. Sally and Shirley stood in the Forrester foyer and watched the wedding. Sally said it was truly the Buckingham Palace of fashion. Shirley dabbed at tears and said it was beautiful. She added that they had to get out of there before someone saw them. Sally stared at Thomas.

Carter invited family members to share their feelings and advice with the bride and groom. Kristen shared that she was thrilled Zende and Nicole were being married in the home where she had grown up. It was the home where she and Tony had fallen in love. Tony added that he had been lucky enough to find Kristen to love him in sickness and in health.

Tony added that there was still no cure for people with HIV, but he was able to "enjoy days like this. We want the best for you," he said, and he patted Zende on the shoulder.

Rick joked that he and Maya had probably given Zende and Nicole too much advice, but they had always known how good Zende and Nicole were for each other. "We are so proud of you," he said, and he smiled.

Eric said he was proud of his grandson -- the man he had become and the commitment he had made to Nicole. "It's important to have a strong woman by your side in this life," he said. He smiled at Quinn.

Maya told Nicole that they were grateful to her for giving them Lizzy and to Zende for recognizing Nicole's generosity.

Ridge said he wished Zende and Nicole lifelong happiness. Steffy added that they would have a love and connection that lasted the rest of their lives. "Trust your heart and hold onto each other and never let go," Steffy advised.

Julius spoke and said he had a good feeling about the marriage. He said there was a lot of support, love, and warmth in their families. He told Nicole that she had found a good man. "He's lucky, too," he said with a smile. He added that his and Vivienne's hearts were full, and they were very proud. "Be grateful for one another. Be honest. Be forgiving, and love every single thing about each other every single day," Julius advised tearfully. "We will, Daddy," Nicole said.

Carter stated the marriage commitments, and Zende and Nicole answered, "I will," to each one. Then Carter invited them to recite their own personal vows to one another.

Nicole started and said she wanted to do all the things her dad had talked about. "To love you every day, share my feelings and my life with you, and never forget how hard you fought for us. You didn't give up, and neither will I. You are my husband and my best friend -- the only one who can make me smile. You know me better than I thought anyone ever could. The man I want to spend my life with," she said.

Zende told Nicole that he was in awe of her. "Right now and ever since the first day we met. Every time I thought I couldn't admire you more, you found a way to surprise me," he said. He said that when she'd had Lizzy, she'd exhibited grace and strength, and he admired her. "I knew I was in the presence of an angel. I don't know anyone more loving and forgiving," he said.

Zende added that he had waited and prayed for their wedding day. "I promise to always cherish you and our lives together," he said. Rick handed the rings to Carter, who said the rings symbolized the fidelity of marriage. " Repeat after me, 'I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you," Carter said.

Zende and Nicole exchanged rings, and Carter announced that they had pledged their lives to each other with love, respect, and happiness. "It is my honor and pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife," Carter said. He encouraged Zende to kiss his bride. The newly married couple kissed, and everyone cheered.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Bill were in Bill's office, and Bill inquired about numerous reports. Wyatt answered that he had done them all. "Forrester Creations, eat your heart out," Bill said. Wyatt recalled that he missed his work there, but he couldn't work alongside Steffy.

"Working alongside your dad is not as exciting as working alongside Steffy?" Bill asked. Wyatt was tongue-tied, but Bill told him he had made a good call. "Focus on work. That will get you through it," Bill advised.

Wyatt wondered if that was what Bill had done, considering that Brooke was engaged to Ridge and was probably at Zende and Nicole's wedding with him. Bill insisted that Ridge would never marry Brooke, even though Ridge was probably counting on his wedding to be the next weeding.

Wyatt recalled his history with Steffy, but Bill interrupted and reminded him of Steffy's history with Liam. He said things were different with Brooke -- she had decided to marry Ridge to make R.J. happy so that he could have his family back together.

"Brooke knows what we have. Her future is with me," Bill said. Bill vowed that if the wedding hadn't happened yet, it wouldn't. He said that Ridge had been dragging his feet, and it wasn't a good sign. Bill anticipated that somehow, Ridge would screw up, disappoint Brooke -- like he always had -- and Bill would be there to pick up the pieces.

Steffy has her cake -- and her revenge, too

Steffy has her cake -- and her revenge, too

Thursday, February 16, 2017

At the Forrester mansion, Nicole and Zende's wedding reception was in full swing in the crowded living room. Kristen couldn't stop crying in her happiness. Eric and Quinn expressed how happy they were to host the wedding. Ridge gave the newlyweds Brooke's best, and Zende was grateful Brooke had avoided getting the couple sick before their honeymoon.

As the party continued, Pam noted to Charlie that the "caterers" were slacking off, and she decided to get everyone more Champagne. Nearby, Nicole wondered how Zende had accomplished getting permission to have the portrait over the fireplace. Zende said he'd wanted his wife up there that day, and Eric had agreed to it.

Eric said it was there due to Quinn's graciousness. Quinn remarked that it was just for the day, and it was kind of nice not seeing herself each time she turned around. Maya asked if Quinn was really okay with it. "Of course. It's Nicole's big day," Quinn responded. Rick said that he was surprised to hear it from Quinn. Quinn replied that she was full of surprises. She glanced at Eric, and in her peripheral vision, she saw Ridge watching her from across the room.

In the kitchen, Shirley, in her blonde "Norman Bates" styled wig, panicked about infiltrating the wedding. Sally, in her black bobbed wig with bangs, tried to calm Shirley down, but Shirley was sure they'd be the only ones led out in handcuffs. Shirley frowned at her cake and said it hardly looked like a wedding cake. Sally shoved a Champagne bottle into Shirley's hand, and they left the kitchen to set bottles on the beverage and desserts table near the front door.

Sally was surprised that the Forresters weren't as uppity as she'd thought. "Oh, please," Shirley replied with a scowl. Sally said the family seemed to rally together and support each other. As Sally glanced around the room, she spotted Thomas. They gazed at each other, and to Shirley, Sally stated, "I've never seen anything like it."

Sally wandered by the stairs, and Thomas touched her back. "Gotcha," he said. Sally greeted him casually, as if she was supposed to be there. He was surprised that, in addition to being a talented designer, she was a caterer extraordinaire. Sally replied that every now and then, she had to make extra dough to get the business off the ground.

Thomas found it weird that, of all the weddings in town, Sally had chosen to work at his cousin's wedding. It kind of reminded him of Brooke and Ridge, who'd locked eyes in that very room at a party that Brooke had been catering. "And the rest is history," he concluded. The only difference in the meetings to Thomas was that Sally was imitating a caterer instead of really being one.

Thomas said imitating was what the Spectras did best, and he couldn't get over how good Sally looked in the outfit. Sally replied that the tuxedo-clad Thomas didn't look so bad, either.

Near the center of the room, Zende was ready to dance. Tony and Kristen chuckled, remembering how Zende had loved dancing ever since he'd been a kid. Nicole recalled that she and Zende had danced down the aisles when he'd taken her to her first concert in the city. Zende twirled Nicole around, saying he'd known she'd been the one since the first day they'd laid eyes on each other.

Later, the guests made a circle, and Nicole tossed her bouquet to the single women in the room. Sasha went for it, but Pam charged in and intercepted it. Rick and Maya talked about how happy Zende and Nicole were. Rick stated that another Avant had joined his family. "You Forrester guys are pretty lucky," Maya said. Rick agreed, and she kissed him.

As everyone chatted, Quinn glanced at Ridge, who was pouring a drink by the door. Sensing her stare, he looked over at her. She raised her glass a slight bit in response. Ridge turned when he heard a pouring sound and saw R.J. beside him, filling a champagne glass. R.J. said not to worry because it was apple cider.

Ridge replied that he hadn't said anything. R.J. claimed to be able to read his father's mind. Ridge asked what Ridge was thinking, and R.J. replied that Ridge was thinking that he wouldn't wait to marry R.J.'s mother. Ridge replied that his son was always right, and they toasted.

Back in the kitchen, Pam stared at the homely, chocolate-frosted cake and was puzzled that there were two wedding cakes. Shirley set down a tray of food and announced that she'd made the chocolate one. She didn't know about the hoity-toity cake on the other counter.

"You made this cake yourself?" Pam asked. Shirley was sure it would be the best cake Pam had ever tasted. Pam announced that she'd made the lemon Meyer cake, "and it's gonna be the finest cake you never tasted!"

Pam was getting a strange vibe from Shirley and decided that Shirley really worked for a tabloid. Chuckling, Shirley picked up a tray and said she wouldn't buy that trash let alone work for them. "I've got weenies to serve, so if you'd just step aside..." Shirley said, exiting the kitchen.

Pam stormed out after Shirley and found Charlie in the foyer between the living room and kitchen. Pam shared her suspicion that the caterer was really undercover press and said the caterer had claimed the sad, pathetic cake in the kitchen as her creation. Pam asked who'd make a chocolate wedding cake. "Chocolate?" Charlie repeated, his senses piquing.

Charlie asked if the caterer had said her cake was the best ever. Pam asked if he could believe it. He decided that he'd be the judge of that. Pam told him to forget the cake and help her figure out if the mystery caterers were legit.

As they left the foyer, Steffy glanced up from her conversation to the front door in time to see Thomas entering the house and dragging a caterer in the direction of the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, Thomas said he'd been trying to tell Sally that she couldn't be there. Sally claimed she had to be there, and her grandmother had baked a cake for his family. "That one?" Thomas asked. She said it tasted better than it looked, but he grimaced in doubt. Thomas warned that Steffy knew what Sally was up to with the buzz-creation schemes, but Sally claimed she'd never do such a thing.

Thomas urged Sally to go and said he'd cover for her. Sally thought it was cute that he was looking out for her. Thomas kissed her, and she said he was making it hard for her to leave.

In the living room later, the family had sat down to listen to speeches. Thomas was standing and talking about his and Steffy's excitement over getting a new cousin. He said they'd known they'd have a friend for life. Next, Carter talked about how miserable Zende had been without Nicole. "So on behalf of all of his friends, thank you for marrying him, Nicole," Carter said.

The emotional Kristen told Nicole that she'd exceeded Kristen's expectations in a woman for Kristen's son. Kristen was sure she spoke for Tony in stating that they were ready for grandkids.

Julius stood beside his wife as she told Nicole to never forget the day's feelings for as long as she lived. Julius said he wouldn't talk too much, but he was really proud of his three daughters, his wife, and his sons-in-law. To him, family was love, respect, and kinship. "I love you both. Salut!" Julius concluded.

Zende and Nicole stood. They thanked everyone for being there for them. Zende said no one had to leave until his grandfather kicked them out, but he and Nicole had somewhere to be. The family laughed as the couple took their leave.

Upstairs later, Zende and Nicole sat on the bed in their wedding attire. Zende had decked out the room with candles and veils around the bed. She couldn't believe all he'd done for their day. She cooed that they were married. She was glad he hadn't given up on them, and being husband and wife was all that mattered at that point.

Nicole remarked upon how much her life had changed since she'd moved to Los Angeles. She felt blessed to have found Zende. Zende felt that he was the blessed one and planned to cherish and respect her always. He declared that he was hers forever, and they kissed.

Back in the kitchen, Shirley thought it had been rude of Thomas to ask Sally to leave. Sally said he'd been trying to protect her from making a scene, but Shirley replied that it was the whole point of them being there. Sally agreed but said she didn't want to upset Thomas. As she grabbed a bag and prepared to slip out, Sally heard, "Sally Spectra. I knew that was you."

Sally grinned at the glaring Steffy. Steffy asked what Sally was doing there. Sally beamed that they'd brought a cake, and her Grams was a virtuoso baker. Steffy charged toward Sally and the cake, accusing Sally of crashing the wedding to create a scene. Steffy claimed that she was still picking cake out of her hair from the last food fight Sally had orchestrated for publicity.

Sally apologized for the incident and claimed to be a klutz. Steffy said not to worry about it, but Sally might try picking wedding cake out of her own hair. Steffy slammed Sally's face into the chocolate cake. Shirley, whose phone was aimed like a gun on the women, shuddered at what she was seeing on her screen and in front of her. "Oops. Sorry," Steffy unapologetically said.

As night fell, Rick and Maya stood at the door, asking if Eric didn't need them to stick around. Handing Maya a rose, Eric instructed them to go home to their baby.

Behind Eric, Quinn was in the living room, telling the real caterers, who stood on ladders by the mantel with her portrait, "A little more to the left. Ah, Perfect! Perfect!" Eric remarked that it had been quick. Quinn replied that she hadn't been able to wait to get back up there. He replied that she looked good up there -- and "down here." Cooing, she said she loved him. She never wanted to leave his side or the wall again.

Eric stated that the portrait would never leave the wall again. Quinn had thought of bolting the portrait to the wall. She said she was kidding and remarked upon the beautiful wedding and Eric's way with people. Eric put people at ease, which was what he'd done with her ever since they'd met. She'd felt his unifying spirit in that room on their wedding day. Even though no one had shown up to their wedding, it had been the most memorable day of her life. The couple kissed.

Ivy smacks Quinn back into reality

Ivy smacks Quinn back into reality

Friday, February 17, 2017

At Brooke's house, the robed Brooke pulled orange juice out of her refrigerator and shrieked upon seeing Bill standing there when she closed the door. Liam had told Bill that Brooke was sick, so Bill was there with "the Bill Spencer Pick-Me-Up." He held up a Café Elianna bag and said steak and iron were the keys to fighting off infection.

Bill was sorry that Brooke was sick. "Poor Ridge. Had to go the wedding all by his lonesome," Bill said in a fake pity voice. Brooke suggested that Bill leave because Ridge would be back soon. Bill wondered where Ridge was and who he was with. She replied that Ridge had called and asked if he could stay to help out after the wedding.

Bill asked if Ridge had said whether everyone had been on their best behavior. Brooke assumed Bill was thinking about Quinn. Bill remarked on the odd turn of events regarding Ridge and Quinn. Brooke thoughtfully called it a unique, complicated relationship.

Bill had been hoping that Zende's wedding would wake Brooke up to the mistake she'd make in marrying Ridge. Brooke noted that Bill never gave up. He replied that he wouldn't give up when the woman he loved was involved with a man whose promises meant nothing. "Please stop!" Brooke exclaimed. Bill said he'd stop going after Forrester, but Brooke needed to face that she'd be Bill's. "You already are," Bill said.

"Do the words 'moving on' mean anything to you?" Brooke asked. She said they'd had their chances and had never been pronounced husband and wife. Bill blamed Ridge for it but added that the last time, Bill had let his ego get in the way. Bill had learned his lesson, unlike Forrester, who never would. Bill said Ridge would leave her for another woman, just like before, and Taylor was just one example.

Brooke exclaimed that it was all in the past. Bill said Ridge wouldn't change when it was about Brooke and other women. Brooke believed that Ridge and Bill couldn't be objective about each other. Bill thought it was completely objective to view the past as a prologue, which meant Ridge would do it again. Brooke asserted that Ridge wouldn't, and she and Ridge were each other's destinies. "There is no other woman for Ridge but me," she said.

The coughing Brooke inched her aching body to the sink to freshen her tea. Bill accosted her from behind and said it was killing him to see her in the robe. "Bill, don't! Stop!" she exclaimed. Bill was sure Ridge was off somewhere, doing the same thing. Brooke declared that it wasn't so, and she had complete faith in Ridge.

"Because he's your 'destiny?'" Bill asked. She replied that she knew Bill didn't like hearing it. Bill stated that he didn't like Brooke fooling herself that Ridge and she were ordained by a cosmic force. The only destiny Bill believed in was he and Brooke.

In Zende's room, Zende asked if Nicole was okay with spending their wedding night in his room. Nicole recalled that they'd first made love there, and she'd fallen even more in love with him. He had an exotic honeymoon planned for them, and they'd leave on it the next day. He asked if she'd been to Tahiti, and her eyes bulged in excitement. He said they could go to the romantic Caribbean islands. Nicole kissed him and said she loved him.

The couple had Champagne and reveled in how much they had to look forward to in their life together. Zende toasted to his bride. He said he'd made a lot of promises, and he planned to honor them because she was everything to him. The couple kissed and slowly undressed each other to make love on the bed.

Afterwards, the newlyweds cuddled in bed. Zende confessed that he snored loudly. He said he'd been able to hide it thus far but wondered if it was a deal breaker. Nicole called herself the most sound sleeper in the world and said it wouldn't faze her. He was amazed that their first marriage crisis really hadn't been a crisis at all. Nicole said they'd spend all their days and nights together, and there was no one she loved more. The two kissed.

Downstairs, Ridge entered the house after paying the caterers and seeing them off, but he couldn't find his keys. To his surprise, Ivy was there. She said she'd gotten back to Los Angeles, just not in time for the wedding. Ridge asked where Eric was, and Quinn, who was on her way downstairs, said he was showering and going to bed.

Ivy got a call from her father, who was making sure she got back safely. She went off to take it, and Quinn asked why Ridge was there instead of tending to Brooke at home. Ridge noted that she hadn't wasted any time in getting her portrait back up. Quinn started to explain why but then wondered why she was bothering. He said it was because he could get under her skin.

Quinn told Ridge not to flatter himself and asked again why he was still there when she could have paid the caterers and closed down the wedding without him. Ridge replied that she had his father to take care of. She countered that he had a sick fiancée to care for. Shrugging, Ridge replied that he'd thought he was being helpful.

Quinn decided to tell Ridge how he could help. She remarked upon the way he'd been looking at her all day and told him not to look at her that way again. Ridge and Quinn debated about who was looking at whom that day, and she said he still thought about the kiss in San Francisco that never should have happened. "And it's never gonna happen again," Ridge concluded.

Ridge likened kissing Quinn to kissing a lamppost in winter. Quinn quipped that it was because she was a cold witch. He didn't mean it that way. He said he didn't want her making goo-goo eyes at him because it was weird. "'Goo-goo eyes?' Is that your twelve-year-old ego talking?" she asked. She asked if he thought one kiss would put a woman under his spell forever.

Ridge asked Quinn to keep her voice down because Eric was upstairs. Quinn noted that even with that in mind, Ridge was downstairs scolding her. She asked if he'd take her over his knee and spank her. "Is that on the table?" Ridge asked.

Quinn wondered if giving her a hard time was how Ridge thanked her for helping with the co-CEO position. He replied that he'd shown his gratitude. She asked him to show a little more by admitting he'd lagged behind that day, paying the caterers, because he'd wanted to see her.

Ridge claimed to love Brooke more than anything. Quinn claimed to feel the same about Eric but wondered if Steffy and Liam would get married before Ridge married his precious Logan. Ridge figured the thought of him getting married irked Quinn. Quinn said his ego was speaking again, but she offered to admit that she was partly attracted to danger and the dark side.

Ridge asked what Quinn meant. Quinn said she gravitated to what was toxic in her life, and sometimes, she couldn't stop herself from being enveloped. Eric was the opposite way, and to her, Eric was everything good and right in the world. No matter how she tried to follow Eric's lead, there was a darkness within her. She figured that the "dark prince," with Marone blood in is veins, knew what she meant, and she and Ridge were a lot alike.

Quinn said that she and Ridge liked living on the edge and tasting the forbidden fruit, but they each knew better at that point. Ridge said he couldn't find his keys, so he'd order a car and go home to Brooke. Quinn stated that she'd go upstairs to her husband.

Ridge strode out the front door. Moments later, Quinn spotted his keys on the table by the front door. She scurried outside and called after him. Ridge took the keys, and they stared at each other a long while before kissing. Ridge strode off, and Quinn touched her lips. She turned to go back inside the house, but her face slammed into Ivy's sweeping right hand.

"How dare you!" Ivy raged, smacking Quinn across the face.

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