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Ivy agreed to keep quiet about the kiss and warned that she was watching Ridge and Quinn. A scathing fashion review from 'Jarrett' led Spectra to hatch a plan to pirate Forrester designs.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 20, 2017 on B&B
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Ridge asks Brooke if she still wants to marry him Ridge asks Brooke if she still wants to marry him

Monday, February 20, 2017

At Spencer, Bill met with his sons in his office. He'd set up a meeting for Wyatt with Karim, their social media guy. Wyatt didn't understand why. Bill was trying to find a niche for Wyatt. Wyatt said social media was just something he'd done at Forrester, and it wasn't his passion. Liam added that Wyatt meant that Wyatt had done it for Steffy.

Bill replied that he knew what Wyatt meant. Moving on, Bill asked for a wedding report. Bill wanted to know if there had been drama or if Ridge had run off with a caterer. Liam had nothing to report of that nature, and he hadn't really paid attention to Ridge at the event. Bill asked who had caught that bouquet. "Dad?" Wyatt replied.

Shrugging, Bill said he liked that part of weddings. Liam relayed that Pam had gone after it like a linebacker. Bill was sure everyone thought Ridge and Brooke would marry next, but Bill didn't. Bill didn't really care about the wedding because Brooke hadn't been there, but he couldn't believe there hadn't been a scene or drama.

Liam said he didn't know what to tell Bill. Bill asked about Quinn and Ridge. Liam said he was surprised that Ridge hadn't even scowled at her. Bill found it odd that Ridge was friendly with Quinn. Liam stated that he hadn't gone that far in describing Ridge and Quinn, but they'd been a little weird. Wyatt didn't know what Ridge had to hate Quinn for. Bill said that Ridge went whatever way the wind blew.

Bill decided that the meeting was over. His sons were shocked because they had only talked about Brooke. Bill didn't need any more information out of them because he'd seen Brooke the previous night. Wyatt asked if Bill had climbed a ladder into her window. Roaring that they were wasting his time, Bill ordered them out of his office. As they left, they quibbled about him saying they'd wasted his time. Liam murmured that he could have gone to medical school.

At the mansion, Quinn discovered Ivy downstairs, awaiting Eric. Ivy was determined to talk to him. Quinn stated that she knew what Ivy thought she'd seen. Scoffing, Ivy replied that she'd seen Quinn with Ridge, and the two hadn't been just talking. Ivy didn't want any innocent explanations or crocodile tears.

Quinn admitted that Ivy had seen what she'd seen and heard what she'd heard, but Ivy was drawing the wrong conclusions. Ivy asked if Ridge and Quinn were having an affair. Quinn said she'd slept with someone she'd hated before, and it wasn't an experience worth revisiting. Quinn offered to tell Ivy exactly what was going on if Ivy would just hear her out.

Ivy trembled so much that she couldn't pick up her coffee cup. Quinn noticed, and Ivy said she was very upset because Eric and Quinn had been the only two to welcome her back from Sydney. Ivy had considered Quinn a friend but couldn't sit back and watch Quinn hurt Eric. Quinn claimed she never would, but Ivy didn't understand why Quinn was acting out.

Quinn said that being with Eric had changed things within her, but there were things she still struggled with. Quinn had never had an adolescence or discipline, and she'd only had her impulses to guide her in life. She knew that punishment could be avoided if one were smart enough. Being with Eric, she'd learned that acting upon her impulses could stop her from having what she wanted overall.

Quinn didn't know what was on the engaged Ridge's mind. She wondered if it was a game of chicken, where the loser was the one who turned away first. Quinn stated that she hadn't turned away, and it could cost her everything if Ivy went to Eric. Ivy assumed that Quinn saw Ridge as some kind of challenge.

Quinn said that Ridge was her age, unlike Eric. Ridge was a peer and reminded her of men from her past, men she could have been better to. She reasoned that she'd given Ridge, the other night, what she hadn't given those men. Ivy scoffed. Quinn asked if Ivy had ever wanted to redeem herself and noted that Ivy might be wanting it at that moment because she'd done something similar to Wyatt. Quinn was also worried about Eric' health.

Ivy asserted that she wasn't out to ruin anyone's life, certainly not Eric's; however, she wouldn't stand around and watch Quinn do it, either. Ivy stormed out of the house.

At Forrester, Ridge worked on Brooke's wedding gown and flashed to kissing Quinn. Brooke entered in a black robe. He asked if she'd walked through the building in it. She replied that the models did it all the time, and she wanted to show him something. Peeling off the robe, she revealed some lingerie and claimed to be doing her part in selecting the honeymoon ensemble.

Ridge said he was surprised, and Brooke asked if he was sure about it. Slinking up to kiss her, he said "excited" was the better word. They made out a little, and Brooke asked what he thought about getting married in Australia, since they'd be there for Steffy and Liam's wedding. Ridge asked if Brooke was sure she wanted to marry him. She found it to be an odd question. Ridge thought it was a good question -- one that she ought to think about.

Later, Brooke walked from behind a dressing screen, buttoning her blouse after changing clothes. Ridge was in thought, and she asked if he was thinking of Quinn and if Quinn had said something to him at the wedding. Brooke had thought he'd said Quinn had been on good behavior. Ridge replied that he hadn't said that. Quinn hadn't been on good behavior, and he might not have been, either. Brooke replied that she'd thought she'd recognized his look.

Brooke recalled that Ridge hadn't wanted to get married until Quinn was out of Eric's life. Brooke and Ridge agreed that it might not be possible because of Eric and Quinn's closeness. What Brooke didn't understand was why Ridge acted unsure about her and Ridge. Ridge replied that he wasn't unsure about her. Ridge thought Bill was an idiot but possibly right about something. "Have I ever done right by you?" Ridge asked.

Brooke didn't know where Ridge's thoughts had sprung from. She said he'd always tried to do right by her and others, but his rightness hadn't been what she'd fallen in love with. She asked if there was something he wanted to tell her.

Ridge began explaining what had delayed him after the wedding, and he said he'd run into Quinn. Brooke replied that he didn't have to account for every moment of his time. Brooke believed that Quinn made Eric happy, so they should leave it at that. Ridge believed that someone could learn to be good, but badness couldn't be willed away. It was part of the DNA. The only way to get rid of it was to tear it down and begin again, or else it would just lie in wait for another chance to betray and destroy.

Brooke assumed that Ridge believed Quinn was that way. Ridge replied that some people just wanted to tear happiness to the ground. In his view, Quinn was one of those people, and so was he. He picked back up on the retelling of what had happened after the wedding, but Brooke stated that he was embarrassing her. She asked if he really thought he had to report everything that happened when she wasn't around.

Brooke trusted Ridge, and even though he might have said things to Quinn that Brooke wouldn't approve of, he hadn't broken any promises. She said life went on, and they needed to change their opinion of Quinn, who wasn't trying to be an enemy anymore and had helped Ridge with his new job title. Brooke wanted a moratorium on the subject of Quinn. Brooke decided to let him get back to work, and as she left, he said he loved her.

In the corridor, Brooke encountered Ivy. She wanted to talk to Ivy about a client's inquiry into a discontinued bracelet.

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge got a call from Quinn, who warned him that Ivy had seen Quinn and Ridge the previous night, and Quinn had stalled Ivy about telling Eric. She said Ivy was on the way to the office and might be there already.

Ridge grimaced after the call and spotted Brooke and Ivy talking outside his open door. He went to the door and asked to talk to Ivy in private. Ivy asked if it could wait because she was talking to Brooke. He said it couldn't. Brooke asked if everything was okay between the two. Ivy stated that she had some information for Brooke that Ridge might want to also hear, but he might already know what it was about before Ivy even said a word.

Bill plots to cause Spectra to fail

Bill plots to cause Spectra to fail

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy said she had wanted to talk to Brooke and Ridge about their wedding. Ivy claimed that she needed to talk to Brooke "before you start making plans." She added that she knew some things they would want to hear. Ridge nervously said that Brooke was on her way out, but Brooke said she would like to hear what Ivy had to say.

"What is it, Ivy?" Brooke asked. Ivy glared at Ridge. Ivy said she had some options for them because she'd heard that they and Steffy and Liam had been considering an Australian wedding, and she wanted to offer an insider's point of view to getting married in Australia. "Double up. It's something to consider," she said. Brooke thanked her. She asked to talk about it later because she had some work to do. Brooke kissed Ridge, and she left.

Ridge asked what Ivy thought she was doing. "What do you think you're doing? You and Quinn? I saw you and Quinn outside Eric's house," she said. Ivy angrily told him that his father could have seen them. "Don't you care about him?" she asked. Ridge encouraged her to "leave this alone." Ivy refused. She quizzed Ridge and wanted to know if he was toying with Quinn or trying to get back at his father by kissing Eric's father's wife.

Ridge countered that it wasn't what Ivy thought, but she fired back that she knew it wasn't the first incident. She had learned about the outdoor shower and the steam room. She accused him of having an affair with Quinn and betraying Brooke and his father.

Ridge maintained that he was committed to Brooke, and Quinn had a harmless crush on him. Ivy wondered if the feelings were mutual. "Everyone in this building knows how I feel about her," Ridge said. He added that he appreciated Ivy's concern for him and his dad, but she needed to back off.

"There's nothing going on, and you saw a couple of people being stupid," Ridge said. He questioned why Ivy would want to start something after the family had finally gotten back together. "You want to be the one that breaks that up?" Ridge asked. Ivy was exasperated. She said she would let it go "for now, but know that I'm watching you and Quinn." Ivy left, and Ridge looked relieved.

Thomas and Steffy discussed Thomas' designs in another office at Forrester. Steffy remarked that the designs looked good. "It's a bit odd that you're in here giving me critiques instead of Dad," Thomas said.

Steffy tried to make peace with Thomas, but he was angry and told her that she had no design experience. She reminded him that many Forrester CEOs had not been designers. "It's the way things are. Get on board," she said.

Pam interrupted. She said the incident with Steffy pushing Sally Spectra's face into the cake at the wedding had gone viral. Thomas laughed and said it was all a publicity stunt, but it didn't make them enemies of Spectra.

Steffy returned to the sketches. She said that some of his designs didn't pop like one of them. Thomas suggested she take another look "when you're a little less cranky." Steffy countered that she was doing her job. Thomas argued that she should pull out some of their granddad's old designs. "Why use my designs? I'm just a grunt, after all -- a hired hand," he said.

Steffy maintained that Thomas was a valuable member of the team, but he said he was "working for my little sister." He was upset that he had been passed over. Steffy tried to appease him, but she reminded him that it was her job as CEO to critique designs, and CEOs didn't have to have design experience. Thomas told her not to use any of his designs. "I don't care," he said. He took his designs and left. Steffy looked upset.

At Spectra, Darlita, Saul, and Sally looked at the video in which Steffy had pushed Sally's face into the cake at the Forrester wedding. "Shirley needs to see this," Darlita said. Sally reminded Darlita that Shirley had been the one shooting the video. Darlita said she looked ridiculous, but Sally enthused that the video was trending. "It was totally worth it," she said.

Discussion turned to the fashion show scheduled for the next day. Saul reminded Sally that silk and sequins weren't free. Sally countered that they only needed to give buyers a taste -- a small sample. Saul shouted that they had no place to hold a fashion show because the showroom was a disaster area without lights or a sound system.

Sally said they would hold the show in the office, and she asked Darlita how many people had said they would attend. Darlita said they had sent out more than 100 invitations but no one planned to attend except Darlita, Shirley, and Sally. Sally glared at Saul, and he made an excuse. Sally was irritated.

At Spencer, Bill met with Eye on Fashion reporter Jarrett Maxwell to discuss the Spectra fashion show. Jarrett said no one intended to attend. Bill said he wanted Jarrett to attend. Jarrett balked that he was a respected voice and fashion reporter.

Bill said it was the new Sally Spectra, and her great-aunt had always made front page. "Why would you want me to attend this carnival side show?" Jarrett asked. Bill explained that he wanted the Spectra building. "And you're going to help me get it," he said.

Bill explained that he had big plans for the property. He wanted to buy the building, tear it down, and make room for Spencer Tower -- he pointed to a model that he had in his office. He explained that C.J. Garrison had reneged on a deal to sell because he wanted to give his cousin a chance to revive his mother's company.

Bill ordered Jarrett to write a review that would embarrass Spectra enough to throw in the towel. Jarrett argued, but Bill ordered him to cover the event. He grabbed Jarrett's phone and sent a revised RSVP to Sally that he would attend the fashion show.

Bill encouraged Jarrett to give Spectra a scathing review. "Sink Spectra. Don't hold back -- make it the worst review you have ever written," he said. Jarrett objected that Bill wanted him to be a hired gun. Bill wondered if Jarrett wanted to defy him. "No, sir," Jarrett answered.

At Spectra, the phone rang, and Darlita discovered it was Shifty, Sally's loan contact. Sally picked up the phone and told Shifty that money would be rolling in after her fashion preview because orders would be pouring in.

Sally hung up and said they needed to rustle up some reporters. The text message that Bill had sent as Jarrett arrived, and Darlita announced that Jarrett Maxwell of Spencer Publications would attend the fashion preview. They all celebrated. Sally promised that the next time they had a preview, they would need to rent a stadium. "Spectra is back," she said.

Spectra Fashions holds first showing

Spectra Fashions holds first showing

> Spectra Fashions holds first showing

Spectra Fashions holds first showing

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Jarrett continued to wonder why Bill was so insistent that he attend the Spectra preview and give it a bad review. Bill wanted Spectra buried because he wanted the building. He planned to tear it down and build his dream building. Bill wondered why Jarrett hadn't left yet. "Do your job," he commanded. Jarrett left, and Katie entered.

Katie wondered why Jarrett had appeared so unhappy, and Bill explained that Jarrett had work to do -- covering the new Spectra preview, but Jarrett liked the events with caviar. Katie suggested that Jarrett should head over to Forrester to get a reaction statement from Steffy -- and use an angle that played off what two young women in fashion had to say about one another. Bill didn't want to give Spectra any more publicity than necessary, but Katie said they might succeed. Bill bet against it.

At Spectra, Shirley and Sally celebrated the preview day with Saul and Darlita. Sally said that Shifty the loan shark would be off their backs, but the six-month clock, which C.J. had given them to become profitable and maintain the space, was ticking. She said they would sink or swim based on Jarrett's review.

Sally predicted they would be back in business. Darlita blew up balloons to decorate the room. Shirley wondered why they didn't have the preview in the showroom, and Sally and Saul reminded her they had no lights or music.

Sally said they would keep it simple and direct in the office. "Let the designs speak for themselves," she said. She wanted to make their mark on the fashion world. Two models prepared for the show.

Jarrett showed up, and Darlita greeted him but had no idea who he was. Sally stepped in and took over. She promised Jarrett it would be a show to remember. Sally introduced everyone, and Jarrett was taken with how much her grandmother looked like the original Sally Spectra. Shirley was thrilled with the compliment. "This is for your eyes only, up close and personal," Sally said of the preview.

A model wearing a red gown with a big bow strutted through the office. Another model wore an attractive green gown while Sally, Shirley, and Darlita danced to the music. Jarrett was impressed and entertained. He nodded his approval.

Sally announced the showstopper, and the model wore a striking yellow gown with a fan. Jarrett looked impressed, and he clapped. "Put that in your review," Sally said. She wondered if he would give them a favorable review, and Jarrett tried not to say too much. Jarrett suggested that they overestimated his influence. He left, and Sally turned to her team and congratulated them.

At Forrester, Steffy entered her office and found Thomas. He had been changing his clothes, and he said that he needed a place to change because Charlie had taken over the changing space.

Thomas made a comment about Steffy's posh office, and they started arguing. Steffy said she had liked his designs, but Thomas interrupted and said she had zero design experience. Steffy promised to take another look, but Thomas told her to "consider them shelved."

Later, Steffy said it was a big day for Thomas' favorite redhead, since it was her fashion preview day. She guessed no one would attend the Spectra preview, and she was "sure it will be another hot mess."

Thomas assumed Steffy was convinced Spectra would fail, but Thomas wasn't so sure. Steffy claimed Spectra had nothing going for it. Thomas disagreed and said Sally's great-aunt had created a business. Thomas said Sally's current designs weren't bad. Steffy maintained there was no talent at Spectra, but Thomas said Sally had talent and was a lot more fun than Forrester.

Steffy called Spectra "thieves. "This Sally is not that Sally," Thomas said. Steffy said Sally was trying to take over where her great-aunt had left off. Thomas noted it would be fun to watch.

At Spectra, Sally and Shirley lamented that they hadn't bought Champagne. They celebrated that Jarrett Maxwell had liked their designs, and the building would soon be humming with life.

Sally's phone rang, and it was Thomas. He asked how her preview had gone, and she said it couldn't have gone better. He congratulated her, and she thanked him for calling. She wondered if his sister would be angry if she knew that he had called her. Sally hung up and told her team that the headline the next day would be "Spectra Fashions back in business."

Jarrett returned to Spencer and told Bill that the preview had taken place in Sally's office, not on a stage. He defended the decision and said it had been an exclusive preview, and it made sense. He said it hadn't been bad. Bill said Jarrett was a kinder man than Bill would have been.

Bill reminded Jarrett what his assignment was. "Much to my surprise, the designs were somehow not painful," Jarrett said. He wanted to do a fair and honest review.

Bill said Jarrett could not be fair and honest and needed to remember who he worked for. Bill lamented that C.J. had reneged on his deal in order to give his cousin a chance to play fashion designer. "I'm not having it. You know what your assignment is -- a career-ending review," he said. He demanded that Jarrett's review had to be on his desk the next day. He wanted Spectra out of business.

Bill replaces Jarrett's review with his own

Bill replaces Jarrett's review with his own

Thursday, February 23, 2017

At Spencer, Jarrett asked Bill to listen before they did something irrevocable. Jarrett felt that Sally's designs, while rough, had been interesting and unique. He'd seen potential there and wanted to be true to himself in his reporting. He felt that Sally could do well. Bill replied that she could do well, just not in her location.

Bill ordered Jarrett to read what he'd written. When Bill heard the article, he learned that the worst Jarrett could say was that the gowns hadn't been couture and that Jarrett was sure there was a market for playful whimsy. Bill had known Jarrett wouldn't have the stones to do his job, so Bill had done it for him. Slapping down a stack of papers, Bill announced that it was the review. He ordered Jarrett to publish it. Bill wanted Spectra out of business by day's end.

"Read," Bill ordered. As Jarrett complied, he said that the article was harsh and untrue. In Jarret's view, the designs had been hastily put together, but they hadn't been an abomination or joke played on the fashion industry. Bill asked if Jarrett wanted to be replaced by someone who valued loyalty and cooperation with his boss over his own journalistic standards.

Jarrett didn't want it. Bill advised Jarrett to learn to live with the article because Bill wanted Spectra out of business and out of the building ASAP.

Later, Bill pushed a man downward into a seat in front of Bill's desk. The man was surprised that someone as powerful as Bill even knew who the man was. The man wasn't thrilled when he heard that he and Bill had a common interest in Sally Spectra. "Oh, her," he groaned. He didn't like Sally, who thought it was clever to call him "Shifty" when his name was Shifter.

Bill knew that Shifter had been lending Sally money and suspected that she'd return for an extension on her loan. Bill wanted Shifter to refuse her. Shifter asked how Sally would repay him. Bill replied that she wouldn't, but Bill would make it worth Shifter's while.

Later, Jarrett returned to say the review would post at any moment. Jarrett looked as if he might be sick, and Bill asked if he had to get a box of tissues. It wasn't the end of the world, in Bill's view, but Jarrett quipped, "Not ours, anyway." Bill thought Jarrett should feel good about pleasing his boss and keeping his job.

Jarrett was uneasy about violating journalistic ethics, but Bill said only Bill's ethics counted. Jarrett said the designs had been rough, but not horrible. Bill believed the bonus in the next paycheck would soothe Jarrett's anxiety. "If you'd been there..." Jarrett started to say. Bill interjected that if he'd been there, he would have bulldozed the place himself. "Why didn't I think of that?" Bill asked himself.

Jarrett implored Bill to reconsider and said they could still pull the review. Bill didn't know how he'd want to do it. Jarrett said mild criticism was warranted, but Bill had gone way too far. Bill called it a means to an end, but Jarrett worried that Sally didn't have the track record to survive it. Bill got that Jarrett thought Bill was a monster, but Bill hadn't built his empire on feelings. He'd built it upon doing what needed to be done.

Admiring his building model, Bill noted the smoked windows, the chrome, and the mirrors. He asked if he'd said how much he liked mirrors. Jarrett replied that Bill had mentioned it. Bill's phone chimed. As he checked it, Bill said the review had hit their site, and Spectra Fashions was about to implode.

At Spectra, Sally waited with Shirley, Darlita, and Saul for Jarrett's review to be released. Saul was skeptical about things because only one guest had shown up to the preview. Sally believed that Jarrett had been the only guest that had counted, and he'd been impressed. She said Jarrett hadn't laughed in their faces, and the designs were good. She hoped her team was ready because Spectra Fashions was back.

Thomas arrived with flowers as an apology for missing the showing. He asked how it had gone, and Saul was the only one to be a "wet rug" in describing it, in Darlita's opinion. Sally was confident that Forrester would choke on Spectra's dust once Jarrett's review was out.

Thomas looked over the designs that hung on dress forms in the room. He spotted the one that he'd seen as a sketch. He stated that he'd tried to imagine what the evolved product would look like. It was nothing like he'd envisioned. He called it completely unique. He thought her designs were odd, but they had staying power.

Shirley left with Saul and Darlita. Thomas said it seemed like a fun place to work. He wanted to know how the event had gone with Jarrett. Sally said Jarrett should have put up a review first thing that morning, but thus far, she'd seen nothing. She hoped it would be good because they had a lot riding on it.

Thomas noted that Sally was really nervous. Sally admitted that she wasn't good at waiting when her whole future was riding on something. Thomas said that it was just a review. She replied that reviews probably rolled off his back, but for her, it was the difference between success and failure. She asserted that she couldn't fail.

Thomas replied that Sally couldn't put it all on her shoulders. Sally reasoned that it was because her crew was counting on her. Her great aunt had created the place with sweat and grit. Sally said they were her people and her legacy, and she had to take care. She noticed that Thomas was giving her "that look" again.

Thomas said he liked her. She was nutty and made him laugh. At the same time, she chased her dreams. He was glad to be there to get a front-row seat to her first glowing review of many. Sally didn't know how he would relate to her nervousness when a successful fashion house was his for the taking whenever he wanted it.

Thomas replied that Sally was wrong, and he was far down on the line of succession. He honestly thought his family had forgotten him. She asked if he wanted to be CEO. Thomas didn't think it mattered, but he should at least be asked. He believed the worst part was that his grandfather was parroting his wife. Thomas decided that it was enough about him on her day.

Sally stated that it was the day that she'd busted her butt for. She refused to cut Forrester or Thomas any slack just because he'd given her flowers. Thomas believed that everything Sally wanted would happen for her.

As Thomas was deciding to go, the others rushed back in, excitedly announcing that the review had been posted. Thomas stayed, and Sally hopped behind her desk and began reading it to everyone.

It began by saying Sally's Spectra's namesake was trying to revive the business. "Jarrett" would call his preview an exclusive; however, he'd merely been only one of over a hundred to accept the invitation to see the bare-bones preview held in their war-torn rag shop building. Darlita shrugged off that fact that Jarrett hadn't liked the building.

Sally read that Jarrett thought she had a glint in her eye, a broad smile, and a shoot-for-the-stars mindset. Everyone was relieved to hear it; however, the review went downhill from there. It said that the abomination of a showing proved that Sally had a sense of humor, because she'd played a joked on the entire fashion industry. It said she had no talent, and her designs were hideous, vulgar, and clumsy.

The article wished Sally would go back to wherever she'd been. Spectra should have remained in the past, but the showing was the final blow, the proverbial wrecking ball to crumble the fashion house. Sally asked how Jarrett could say those things. Darlita wanted to cry.

Sally said there were to be no tears. They'd done their best, but it hadn't been meant to be. She was up to her neck in debt with no way to pay it back. Shirley said they'd find a way, but Sally apologized to them for letting them down. Saul, Shirley, and Darlita acted as if she hadn't done so. Sally said it had been the best dream she'd ever had, but it was all it had been. "Spectra Fashions is dead," she said, fighting back tears.

Secret agent Coco might solve Spectra's woes

Secret agent Coco might solve Spectra's woes

Friday, February 24, 2017

At Forrester, Brooke and Steffy discussed the idea of Steffy and Liam marrying in Australia. Steffy suggested that they kill two brides with one stone and have a double wedding with Ridge and Brooke. "Okay, let me rephrase that," Steffy said, and the giggling Brooke agreed that Steffy should. Brooke loved Australia and would consider getting married there.

R.J. arrived and was pleased to hear wedding talk from his mother. R.J. liked the idea of an Australian wedding. Steffy was glad that Brooke and Ridge had found each other again and surmounted their past trust issues. Steffy said Brooke was leaving a trail of broken hearts behind, and R.J. elaborated that one was Bill Spencer's. Brooke said that, to Bill's credit, he'd been loyal and faithful to her. "But so has your father," Brooke added.

Later, R.J. and Brooke were alone. She asked if he would be disappointed if the wedding wasn't local and accessible to all family and friends. R.J. said he wouldn't be upset as long as they got married, which was something he'd never do. Astounded, Brooke teased R.J. about what would happen if he found the perfect girl. R.J. got serious and said he'd be totally committed to his perfect girl, just as his parents were to each other.

R.J. asked if Brooke thought Ridge would be a good husband and if it would be different the next time around. Brooke believed it and said she was more sure of Ridge than ever.

At the mansion, Quinn answered the door for Ridge. She told him that Eric was at the club, but Ridge replied that he wasn't there to see Eric. She didn't think it was a good idea for Ridge to be there and said Ivy lived there, but Ridge stated that Ivy was at work, deciding on hand models. Quinn said one never knew if Ivy would be spying.

Ridge thought it wasn't a bad thing because one of them needed a wake-up call. Quinn asked if he was blaming her for the problem. Ridge said he was engaged, and she was married. Quinn noted that he was the one who'd arrived at her house. They each agreed that whatever it was had to stop. Quinn didn't know why stopping was so difficult and said they weren't even supposed to like each other.

Ridge confessed to "not not liking" Quinn. He didn't want to set her afire on a daily basis. She joked that her forging and kiln skills had made her fireproof anyway. Ridge wondered why they'd done what they'd done outside the other night, and he thought it was time to admit some "opposite sex appreciation."

Quinn asked if Ridge appreciated her. He replied that he wasn't repulsed by her. Though she felt he was tugging at her heartstrings, she advised him to return to repulsion, especially with Ivy watching them. Ridge claimed there was nothing to see there, but Quinn noted that he was there with her. He suggested that they might need to avoid each other.

Quinn repeated that Ridge was there in person. Ridge replied that he'd had to ask her something in person. Claiming to be an open book, she bade him to ask away. "Why did you kiss me?" he asked. Quinn compared kissing to golf and tennis. Deciding it was more like tennis, Ridge asked why she'd serve to a guy like him.

Quinn decided that Ridge had wanted to be face to face for the question because he'd wanted to see her rattled or see if she'd be disloyal to Eric. She said that Ridge had stopped wanting to hurt her, so she might have shown him trust by giving him something he could hurt her with while trusting that he wouldn't hurt her with it.

Quinn suggested that Ridge return to hating her. Ridge replied that it was easier. She noted that he'd perfected the art of saying one thing and meaning another. Ridge said to have a nice day, and he walked out of the house.

When Ridge arrived at Forrester, R.J. got on Ridge's case about getting married. Ridge was happy to get married Down Under if Brooke didn't object. R.J. noted that she never objected, and the subject turned to Brooke being a pushover. R.J. revealed that he'd avoided the golf lessons Ridge had wanted his son to take because Brooke had taken R.J. skating instead.

"What? He hated golf lessons!" Brooke said in defense of herself. Claiming to smell burning sulfur, Ridge said it meant R.J. was thinking something. R.J. admitted to fearing that the happy times would end, and it would all become undone. Brooke said it wouldn't. R.J. stated that he'd never seen Brooke happier, and he was proud of Ridge for pulling through for them.

As the family hugged, Quinn peeked through the cracked doorway.

At Spectra, the team was with Thomas, trying to figure out what had gone wrong with Jarrett. Thomas didn't think the article even sounded like Jarrett. "It's like his vocabulary shrunk," Thomas noted. Thomas knew how criticism could bite. Sally asked if his company folded when someone criticized his work.

Thomas had to go because he and his brother were looking for interns that day, but he reminded Sally that it was just one review. Sally replied that no one would want to wear her label, but she wouldn't even have one once she defaulted on the loan. She doubted she'd even be lucky enough to get an internship at Forrester. Darlita asked if Sally could actually do it. Saul wanted an internship, too, but Thomas replied that one had to be a student to qualify.

After Thomas had gone, Sally figured that everyone wanted an answer to a question they were afraid to ask. The answer was "tomorrow." Darltia thought that was when they'd be paid, but Sally said it was their last day of work. Saul was crushed that they were being fired. Shirley asserted that she wasn't an employee; she was an investor.

Shirley didn't know why Sally hadn't hired a designer like Shirley had told her to. Sally replied that she was the designer. Shirley stated that the first Sally Spectra had stood for something -- cheap knockoffs of couture that could last a couple wearings and look authentic in the right light.

Shirley said her sister had beaten the Forresters by making Forrester designs cheaper and quicker than the Forresters ever could. She suggested that they needed a person on the inside to float the "unborn" designs Spectra's way. "I have a trench coat," Darlita offered. Shirley suggested that they already had someone on the inside -- Thomas Forrester.

Sally didn't know why Thomas would turn on his family for them. She began thinking that maybe they should have gone Shirley's way. Just then, Coco Spectra, Sally's sister, arrived. Coco was sorry that she'd missed the preview. Sally announced that the business was dead. Upset, Coco replied that she'd flown out there to be with them and get her foot in the door of the fashion industry. She stated that the original Sally had always said to never say die, so there had to be something she could do.

Shirley offered Coco a drink, and Saul and Shirley left her with Darlita in the reception area to talk with Sally in the office. Shirley announced that they had their hopes back because of Coco. Sally replied that Coco wasn't a designer. Shirley said she wasn't talking about a designer -- she was talking about designs. Saul said Coco had transferred schools, and Shirley hinted that it would look good on Coco's transcript. Sally refused the idea of making Coco a spy.

At Forrester, Steffy waltzed into the design office with a tablet, asking if Thomas had read Jarrett's review on Spectra. Steffy gleefully quoted from the article, and Thomas said it was "bitchy," even for Jarrett. "'The graveyard of fashion careers welcomes one more artist,'" Steffy read, and Thomas grimaced.

Steffy enjoyed quoting more from the article. Thomas said he'd read it, and he thought they were above kicking competitors when they were down. Steffy said that Sally wasn't a competitor. "She's a clown. She even dresses like one," Steffy quipped. She teasingly asked if Thomas was feeling different than she about the "nouvelle Sally."

Thomas, who'd had his dreams shot down, didn't take pleasure in it happening to others. Steffy noted that he'd gotten a lot of laughs out of Sally trying to make Steffy look foolish. Steffy left, and Thomas smiled as he thought of Sally.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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