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Coco became a Forrester intern but was upset that her family expected her to double as a spy. Charlie grappled with his suspicions about Ridge and Quinn. Bill laid down his sword in his fight for Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 27, 2017 on B&B
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The Spectra plot to infiltrate Forrester The Spectra plot to infiltrate Forrester

Monday, February 27, 2017

In the design office, Pam and Charlotte helped Thomas and R.J. prepare for the intern interviews. R.J. made flirty comments about wanting interns like Charlotte, and Pam reminded the guys to be professional. R.J. thought Thomas had a meeting to go to.

Thomas replied that he didn't have to go to "that" meeting. Pam said it wasn't about business but something more important -- Steffy's wedding. Thomas sarcastically mumbled that the wedding was more important than business.

In separate interviews, Thomas and his team met with Tory, Piper, and Zoe, and the interviews played on-screen in a montage. Zoe wanted to take a year off to study design manufacturing abroad. Thomas was impressed with Tory's designs. Tory said he drew some inspiration from Thomas' designs but mainly from Ridge, who was amazing. Piper was strict on her available hours and wanted to know if it was a paid internship.

After the process had ended, R.J. thought they had good options. Thomas replied that he was still looking for the one that stood out.

At Spectra, Sally didn't think the thievery plan with her sister would work. Coco was so honest, she'd once returned a gumball after a machine had dispensed too many. Shirley said Sally's boyfriend needed an intern. Sally balked at the notion that Thomas was her boyfriend. Shirley insisted that they at least needed a spy or a mole, and they could teach Coco along the way.

Coco and Darlita entered. Shirley explained to Coco that things weren't looking good at Spectra and asked how she'd feel about interning at Forrester. Coco didn't think the company would hire her, and Sally readily agreed because Coco was a Spectra. Coco wanted to help the family business, and Shirley said Coco would be helping more than she knew.

Coco was stoked when she heard that Sally's connection was the hot Thomas. Saul interjected that Sally wasn't that close to Thomas, who Saul called week-old spoiled milk. Coco agreed to give it a try if Spectra didn't need her.

Sally called Thomas, and he assumed she couldn't stop thinking of him. She pitched her sister as an intern, and he asked if the sister could be there in a quarter of an hour. After the call, Sally announced it was a go. Everyone cheered, but Sally looked a little noncommittal.

Once Coco and Darlita had gone, Shirley tried to convince Sally that it was just business, and it was in their DNA. Sally said that Grams was something else, and Shirley asked Saul to leave the room. After he'd gone, Shirley told Sally to lecture all she wanted, but they couldn't "pay their nut." Shirley said the viable business plan hinged upon Sally's little sister.

Sally argued that stealing designs and spying was criminal. She didn't think Coco was tough like them. Instead, Coco was a sweet person. Shirley argued that they were, and always would be, knockoff artists, and Sally had better get with the program. Sally replied that she'd thought the program was going to be different.

When Coco arrived in the Forrester design office later, Pam said she didn't have any more candidates on the list for the day. Thomas advised that he and R.J. would handle it, and Pam and Charlotte exited.

Thomas, R.J., and Coco introduced themselves, and R.J. flashed a blushing smile at her. Coco had done an independent study in fashion. She'd been hoping to work with Spectra, but she didn't think it would be around much longer. R.J. asked if Spectra was going out of business. Coco replied that she wasn't there to talk about her family problems, but she was sure the family would muddle through it.

Thomas asked what Coco wanted to get from the internship. Coco had studied the ins and outs of fashion, but she wanted to see it up close and in person. She was there to contribute, and if given the chance, she was sure she would exceed expectations. R.J. grinned dreamily.

In the CEO's office, Liam and Steffy excitedly waited for the family meeting they'd called to announce their wedding decision. Liam was wary of Quinn being there and groaned when Steffy reminded him to call his father about it. Liam called Bill, who asked if Brooke would be there. Liam added that Ridge would also be there. At Bill's silence, Liam assumed he should just fill Bill in later; however, after the call had ended, Bill rushed out of his office.

Later, Eric, Quinn, Ivy, Ridge, and Brooke gathered in the office, and Steffy thanked them for making time for her and Liam, who'd called the meeting to announce their wedding destination. Steffy said that, per her cousin's excellent advice, it would happen in Australia. The date would be soon, and Liam told Eric that he had a plus one because he was married.

While everyone expressed that they'd love to be there, Ivy carefully observed the looks Ridge and Quinn kept exchanging. Steffy hinted at Brooke and Ridge getting married in Australia, and Quinn shifted in her seat.

As Ridge and Brooke were saying they didn't want to impose on Steffy and Liam, Bill burst into the room. Liam was surprised because he hadn't thought Bill would be there. Bill exclaimed that his and Ridge's children were getting married and asked what that made him and Ridge. "Still nothing, Bill," Ridge responded. Bill said it was just the way they liked it.

Eric added that Ridge and Brooke were also getting married in Australia. Bill asked Brooke if it was true. Brooke said that she and Ridge had been engaged a while, so it couldn't be a surprise to Bill. Ridge wanted things to slow down. He said he and Brooke would be happy to go on the trip to witness the wedding, but that was it. Thumbing over his shoulder, he stated that anyone who couldn't be there could stream it at his gym.

Steffy asked if Ridge was saying he wouldn't get married at the same time. Ridge replied that he hadn't said so, but Ivy chimed in that it had sounded that way to her. Ivy also caught another exchange of looks between Ridge and Quinn. Bill stated that Liam and Steffy shouldn't share the day they'd wanted for so long. "Liam and I want this. Don't we, babe?" Steffy said.

Ridge didn't care where he and Brooke got married, but he wanted it to be private and for their vows to be just between them. Steffy told Ridge to just get on board. "I don't want to be rude, but I don't enjoy everyone here," Ridge replied, thumbing at Bill again.

Bill stated that it was mutual. He said Ridge had let Brooke down so many times that they'd forgotten how many times. Bill wouldn't be surprised if Ridge did it again. Brooke stopped the arguing and admonished Bill for saying Ridge would let her down. Ridge never had, and she thought it was silly of Bill to even suggest it.

Ridge told Steffy that her wedding would be wonderful. "Our weddings. I'm not letting it go," Steffy said. Eric decided there was a lot of planning to do. He asked Liam, Ivy, and Steffy to go with him to the design house. Quinn was puzzled when Eric wanted her to stay behind and referee. Quinn sat back down, and everyone Eric asked to go with him exited.

Bill wanted to talk to Brooke alone. Ridge said it wouldn't happen. Bill didn't care if Ridge stuck around because it was nothing he hadn't told Brooke before. Bill said Brooke was asking for heartbreak. He wished she didn't have to put herself through it again, but he'd be there when Ridge hurt her, which was what Ridge always did. Bill didn't want Brooke to suffer, but he was sure she would.

Ridge and Quinn exchanged looks. Brooke insisted that those days were in the past. She and Ridge had gone full circle. They were destined, and "if you can't accept that..." Brooke said.

Bill assumed Brooke would tell him not to go to his son's wedding, but Bill insisted that he would go. Brooke said that Ridge hadn't done anything to let her down. She trusted Ridge implicitly.

Ridge flashed to kissing Quinn, who was watching him.

Brooke asserted that she and Ridge would spend the rest of their lives together. Ridge hugged her. Bill turned his back, and Ridge gazed at Quinn as he caressed Brooke.

Ridge and Quinn have a close encounter

Ridge and Quinn have a close encounter

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn greeted Brooke and Ridge and was glad they had agreed to meet. She said that Pam and Charlie would be serving hors d'oeuvres. Ridge wondered where Eric was, and Quinn said he should be there momentarily.

Eric had been in the powder room, but the door was stuck, and he started calling out for help. Charlie heard him and managed to push the door open from the hallway. Charlie promised to fix the door the next day. Eric said he would warn Quinn about the door.

In the living room, Pam served beef tenderloin sandwiches. She told Ridge there were more in the kitchen. Eric entered and complimented both Quinn and Brooke on their beauty. Quinn wore a stunning bright blue gown, and Brooke wore a brilliant red dress. Eric noted that he and Ridge had been very lucky in love. The group discussed that Ridge and Brooke had plans to marry in Australia.

Eric said he respected that Brooke and Ridge wanted to keep the wedding small, but he asked if they would reconsider. "It would mean so much to me," he said. He wanted to see Ridge and Brooke "say [their] vows once again."

Quinn and Ridge exchanged a glance. Eric offered everyone drinks. They all raised their glasses to Ridge and Brooke. Eric said he was glad they had found each other again. He knew how important it was to have a "loyal, loving person by your side." They all toasted.

Brooke and Eric noted that Ridge and Quinn had found a way to get along. They were pleased that they no longer had so much family tension. Eric said Quinn and Ridge had the same interests and same feelings about the company. Brooke agreed they had found some common ground, and Eric pointed out that they each had a devilish side. Quinn said that could be good, and Brooke added "and bad." Quinn went to the kitchen to replenish the hors d'oeuvres.

Ridge received an email and had to exit to reply. He stopped in the powder room, but Quinn was in there. Ridge said he would use his father's office. He tried to open the door, but it was stuck.

Quinn and Ridge wondered how they'd gotten stuck in there. Ridge said he'd thought she was in the kitchen. Quinn said she had stopped in the powder room to freshen up. They agreed there had been some tension in the living room.

Quinn noted that Ridge and Brooke would soon be married in Australia. Ridge said he was committed to Brooke, and Quinn added "for the rest of your life." Ridge moved forward and kissed her passionately. He stopped and backed away. "We need to get outta here," she said. Quinn and Ridge started to pound on the door and yell.

At the Forrester mansion, Pam and Charlie were in the kitchen, and Pam said she had to admit that Quinn had truly become a different person. She was amazed that Quinn could really have changed. Pam said she truly made Eric happy. She noted that even Ridge had found a way to get along with her.

Pam said she had looked for something suspicious about Quinn, and she'd found nothing. "Maybe she is 100 percent committed," Pam said. Pam and Charlie heard someone yelling. They found that Ridge and Quinn were stuck in the powder room. Charlie opened the door again from the hallway. Ridge thanked them, and Pam raced back to the kitchen, followed by Charlie, because she thought her lemon bars were burning.

Ridge headed back to the living room, but Quinn stopped him because he had her lipstick on his face. Quinn grabbed a tissue and wiped the lipstick off, and Charlie, who was hidden from view, saw her do it. Quinn threw the tissue in the wastebasket in the powder room, and Charlie later picked it up.

In the living room, Brooke joked with Eric that they had been abandoned "by your wife and my fiancé." Quinn and Ridge returned, and Brooke and Eric wondered what had happened. Ridge and Quinn explained that they had been stuck in the powder room. Brooke was surprised, but Eric noted that he had been stuck in there earlier that evening. Charlie and Pam entered, and Ridge said that Charlie had saved the day.

Eric noted that Quinn seemed shaken. He wondered if she had been claustrophobic. She said she was fine. He hugged her, and she said she always felt safe in his arms. She professed her love for him. She glanced at Ridge, and Brooke said it was their cue to leave. She thanked Eric and Quinn for a lovely evening.

Eric offered to get a coat for Brooke, and Pam and Charlie offered lemon bars to take home. They accompanied Eric and Brooke into the foyer. Quinn and Ridge looked at each other and agreed the kiss never should have happened. They vowed it would be the last time ever, but they looked longingly at one another.

At Forrester, Thomas and R.J. interviewed Coco Spectra for the available internship. They all agreed she would be a good fit at Forrester, and she knew that there would be some hesitation because she was a Spectra. She promised to be loyal. Thomas and R.J. approved. The interview went well, and R.J. walked her out and said he hoped she would be chosen for the internship. Coco thanked him.

When R.J. returned to the office, Thomas noted that it had taken some courage for Coco to apply at Forrester. They agreed she was enthusiastic and would be a good fit. R.J. pointed out that Steffy might not agree because of the incidents with Sally. Thomas and R.J. decided Steffy would have to get over it. They both admitted they liked the Spectra girls. Thomas liked Sally, and R.J. clearly liked Coco.

At Spectra, Saul, Darlita, Sally, and Shirley hoped that Sally's sister, Coco, could get an internship at Forrester. Saul was eating cheese curls, and Darlita was eating Chinese food. Shirley prayed Sally's sister would come through for them. Darlita didn't understand why they would want Coco at Forrester instead of in the family business. Shirley explained that they needed Coco to steal designs from Forrester. They all agreed it wasn't fair to use Coco.

Coco entered and said it was a great opportunity at Forrester. A few minutes later, Thomas called Sally to tell her that they had been impressed with Coco and wanted to offer her the internship. Sally whispered that Coco had gotten the internship.

Shirley, Coco, Darlita, and Saul muffled their screams of delight. Sally said it was great news. Thomas said Coco reminded him of her. Sally thanked him. She said she hoped they would find a way to stay afloat.

After Sally hung up, the Spectra crew drank wine out of a box to celebrate. Saul and Darlita left, and Sally and Shirley explained to Coco that they needed her to be a spy to save the family business. "You want me to spy?" Coco asked.

Shirley explained that they needed to get back to their roots and go old school. They had always been a knockoff shop. Coco argued that Sally's designs were good, but Sally countered that the one and only review had been bad. Sally said that Coco might be their only shot. Coco refused. "You want me to be a mole, a snitch? I'm not doing it."

Coco gets her chance

Coco gets her chance

> Coco gets her chance

Coco gets her chance

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

by Pam

At Spectra, Sally, Shirley, Saul, and Darlita discussed that there was a leak in he building. Darlita wanted to call a plumber, but Shirley advised that C.J. owned the building and had to fix it. Sally learned that the printer had no ink, and Shifty had called about loan repayment. Saul wondered how Sally would repay the loan or pay her employees if she had no orders.

Coco entered, and Shirley wanted to send her on her way for her first day at Forrester with advice on how to be a Spectra spy. Coco insisted she wasn't going to be a spy and steal designs. Shirley said she would be borrowing the designs -- not stealing. Then Spectra team would tweak them enough to not get sued. Sally explained that they would use different, cheaper fabric and then take the designs to market. Coco shook her head.

Sally agreed and sent Coco off on her first day at Forrester. Coco said she didn't want to be the reason Spectra failed, but Sally called it nonsense. After Coco left, Sally said she shouldn't risk Coco's future in fashion by turning her into a spy -- and she didn't want to repay Thomas' kindness by stealing from him. Shirley didn't have a problem with stealing.

C.J. showed up about the leak and said he didn't want to pour more money into a building he wanted to sell. Sally told everyone to get back to work, but C.J. and Darlita scoffed that there wasn't any work. C.J. shook his head and reminded Sally that the one review she'd had was horrible.

"How do you think you can make any of these designs and make them sell?" C.J. asked. Shirley and Sally said they were going to make a comeback. C.J. countered that they were wasting time. Shirley maintained that they had a plan. "Just like your mama, we're not gonna go down without a fight," she said.

At Forrester, Maya, Rick, Thomas, and R.J. discussed that R.J. and Thomas had interviewed interns, and R.J. was in charge of them. Rick noted that it was a big job. He added that it included building tours and ensuring that the interns were comfortable and felt that Forrester was a friendly place.

Rick asked for the list of new interns and saw the name Spectra on the list. Thomas said Coco Spectra was a good fit. "Not happening," Rick said. R.J. and Thomas exchanged a glance. Rick advised them that he didn't want a Spectra working there.

Zende and Nicole entered and interrupted the meeting. Everyone welcomed them back from their honeymoon. They looked at honeymoon photos, and Rick joked that it was too bad they hadn't gotten a professional to take the photos. Rick added that they had influenced Steffy and Liam to finally set a date and venue. Rick added that he would need them to help out while Steffy and Liam were gone on their honeymoon. Zende and Nicole said they were ready to get to work.

The discussion returned to hiring Coco Spectra as an intern. Rick looked at her résumé and said it was normal, but he was not at all happy about the food fights he had seen on social media. Thomas said that even Steffy had said Coco was harmless. R.J. complained that they had already told her she had the job. He wondered how they could tell her she didn't. Nicole advised that they ask Carter before they made a decision.

Coco entered, and Thomas and R.J. welcomed her. They introduced her to everyone. Rick worried aloud that her family had a history of stealing designs from Forrester. Thomas and R.J. defended her, but she spoke for herself. She said it had been a pleasure meeting all of them, and she would be honored to work there, but she understood the family history.

Coco reminded all of them that she had not been responsible for what her family had done in past decades. Rick appreciated her honesty. Coco understood that whatever Spectra had done in the past was something her Aunt Sally had done, and she understood it might have compromised Forrester business. "But I never will. Get to know me. You'll see me and never question my loyalty," she said. She added that it was true she was a Spectra, but when she was at their company, she was a Forrester.

Rick asked Coco to step outside for a minute. She stepped outside the office, and R.J. accompanied her. Inside, the crew discussed what to do. Thomas reminded Rick and Maya that Coco posed little threat. Everyone doubted that Sally Spectra could return to business. Her reviews had been horrible, and all she did was knockoffs. Rick insisted he wanted what was best for Forrester.

Outside the office, R.J. told Coco he had been impressed with how she'd stood up to Rick. She said she understood that the Spectra name included a lot of baggage. Thomas opened the door and asked Coco to return to the office. Rick seemed gruff, but he said he wanted to trust her. He said they had the highest level of security. Maya added that it was the most important thing -- to protect Forrester designs. Coco understood.

Rick added that if anyone ever let the competition have a glimpse of their designs, they would be dismissed. "That's why I'd have to let you go, you understand?" he asked. Coco nodded.

"Good. Then remember that if I ever have to let you go. You are worth taking a chance, so don't mess it up," Rick said with a laugh. Coco promised she would not mess up. She had known there would be some hesitation because she was a Spectra. She promised to be loyal. "Thank you for believing in me -- all of you," she said. She shook hands with everyone and smiled at R.J.

At Spectra, C.J. quizzed Sally and Shirley about their ideas to succeed. He asked if they had some crazy scheme because there was always a crazy scheme. Sally begged for a few more days. C.J. scoffed that they would never accomplish anything, but Shirley said the plan was already in place. C.J. shook his head and left.

Sally told her grandmother they would have to get Coco on board as a spy. "We have to do it. It doesn't matter how loyal she thinks she has to be to them. She has to be loyal to us. We're family. She needs to rob them blind," Sally said. Shirley agreed.

Charlie exposes lipstick-gate to Pam

Charlie exposes lipstick-gate to Pam

Thursday, March 2, 2017

At Spencer, Bill welcomed Emmy aboard as a new employee. The excited Emmy was grateful for the job and remarked that she needed to give him something for his birthday. He asked if she wanted to be fired on her first day and said he liked to keep birthdays low-key. Emmy was sure she'd make Bill proud and left to find Alison for orientation.

Brooke arrived, wondering if it was safe to be there because Bill was usually grumpy on his birthday. Bill was happy to see her and that she'd remembered. Brooke said she remembered everything. She was sure his grumpiness would wear off as the attention and gifts poured in. Bill stated that Wyatt had already stopped by, and Steffy and Liam had dinner planned for Bill.

Emmy returned with a unique hot air balloon bouquet of money. Emmy announced that it was from Brooke Logan, and Bill noted that Brooke was in the room, behind Emmy. Emmy hugged Brooke and introduced herself. Emmy thought Brooke was every prettier in person and wished Brooke a lifetime of happiness with Ridge Forrester, Brooke's fiancé. Bill rolled his eyes, and as Emmy left, she reminded him that she was available -- if he needed anything.

Once alone with Bill, Brooke said she hadn't known what to put in her basket. The money had been a joke, kind of. Bill said money was no joke with him. He loved the gift. It showed how well she knew him that she'd combined his favorite thing with his fondest memory of them.

Bill sniffed one of the bills. He was glad to know that Brooke had remembered. Brooke said she'd never forget his birthday. He stated that he'd meant Aspen. She replied that it had been a magical time. Ridge was her future, but she wouldn't forget what she and Bill had shared. Bill noted that Brooke made everything, even dreaded birthdays, better.

Brooke had just wanted Bill to know that she'd been thinking about him. Bill asked if it happened often. She said she was proud of the love and time they'd shared and of how deeply he'd made her feel. Before Brooke, Bill had had restrictions on how much of himself he'd give, but she'd shattered his walls. She told him not to rebuild them because he deserved to be happy.

Brooke remarked that she'd gotten the balloon because she wanted to imagine them rising up from the hurt and disappointment. She hoped they could be comfortable with each other and be friends. There was a permanent place in her heart for him. Though it wasn't the place he'd planned, she hoped he'd take it because she didn't want to lose him.

At Forrester, Zende, Nicole, Rick, Maya, Pam, and Charlie were in a meeting with Quinn and Ridge. As everyone chatted about the newlyweds' honeymoon and the upcoming weddings, Charlie stared nervously at Ridge and Quinn. Charlie grimaced at the gazes between the two.

Nicole suggested that Quinn and Eric renew their vows in Australia, but Quinn thought it was one bride too many. Ridge stated that he and Brooke wouldn't impose on Steffy and Liam's wedding, either. They would attend the wedding and do something for their own privately. Charlie remarked that Ridge had to be very committed to Brooke, and Charlie and Pam left.

Maya asked if Ridge was nervous about the wedding. Rick noted that it wasn't Brooke and Ridge's first rodeo. Quinn stated that Ridge had made the vows many times -- and not just with Brooke. Ridge thanked Quinn for mentioning it.

Rick had called the meeting to discuss International's reaction to the couture and jewelry pairings. It had been fifteen percent over what they'd expected. Quinn pointed out what teamwork could accomplish, and Rick said Quinn and Ridge's new attitudes had really changed things around there. Ridge didn't think getting along was required to sell products.

Quinn said Ridge had to agree that it helped. Ridge quibbled about the statement, but Maya asserted her agreement with it. Maya felt that the products were seamless and exciting to wear. Rick said that Ridge and Quinn not being down each other's throats improved profit margins. Zende noted that things had changed overnight after San Francisco.

Ridge and Quinn explained that they'd had to learn to talk to each other and not at each other. Rick said it was working, and they could keep doing what they were doing. Ridge adjourned the meeting, and everyone but Quinn and Ridge left. Ridge told Quinn that Rick was right, and Ridge and Quinn's relationship had changed everything.

Quinn asked what Ridge meant. Ridge asked what she thought it meant. She didn't have any clue. He asked what she wanted it to mean, and she readily replied, "Nothing." He asked if she was sure, and she asked why he was talking in riddles. Ridge stated that she was cute when she was confused. Quinn said she wasn't confused. She just wanted to know what he'd meant.

Ridge claimed to just want to acknowledge that their working together was good for the company. Quinn added that it was good for the family, and he agreed. They agreed that what had happened in the powder room couldn't happen again.

In the corridor, Pam asked if Charlie was okay. He claimed that he was just having one of those days, but she insisted that he was keeping something from her. He admitted that he'd seen something weird the other night at Eric's house, and Charlie didn't think Ridge was eager to marry Brooke in Australia or anywhere else.

Charlie recounted the problem with the bathroom door at Eric's house and the rescues of Eric and then Quinn and Ridge from the bathroom. He said that he'd returned to the bathroom hallway after freeing Ridge and Quinn, who'd thought they'd been alone at the time. Charlie had witnessed Quinn wiping Ridge's mouth with a cocktail napkin.

"Well, that was nice," Pam replied. Pam figured that Quinn had done it because it was less embarrassing than telling Ridge he had food on his face. Charlie insisted that it wasn't that. He showed her the napkin with the smeared lipstick. "This could be bad. Very, very bad," he said.

Zende, Nicole, Maya, and Rick exited the CEO's office and stood with Pam and Charlie near the receptionist's desk. Rick was astonished at how far Ridge and Quinn had gotten. Zende added that it had been in a short period of time. Maya stated that Ridge had told Quinn that she belonged there. Pam thought it was nice to see Quinn draw out a more forgiving side of Ridge.

Charlie thought they all needed to get back to work. He said it had been a good chat, though. Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole took it as their cue to go.

Once Charlie and Pam were alone again, their talk turned back to the dirty napkin Charlie had recovered from the powder room. Charlie insisted that it was evidence that stared them right in the face. "Lipstick!" he said waving the napkin. He clarified, "Quinn's lipstick!"

Pam didn't think it was strange for women to blot their lipstick on napkins. Charlie believed the question was whether the lipstick had been there before Quinn had wiped Ridge's mouth -- or not. Charlie believed they should have questioned Ridge and Quinn's "kumbaya" attitudes after their San Francisco trip. Pam asked what Charlie was implying.

"Ridge and Quinn are having an affair," Charlie deduced. Pam said it was crazy, but Charlie insisted that it was written all over the napkin. Charlie didn't want to devastate Eric by telling him, but Charlie felt they needed to tell Brooke that she was making a terrible mistake. Charlie insisted that Brooke needed to know what she was getting herself into.

As Brooke was in Bill's office, wiping away a tear while watching Bill work, Charlie stated to Pam that Ridge might not be the man that Brooke should be pledging her life to.

A thirty-year-old capsule of season four of the Bold and the Beautiful played on-screen, featuring Brooke and Eric falling in love, Macy marrying Thorne, and Stephanie knocking Sally into a body of water.

Ridge and Quinn express their feelings towards each other

Ridge and Quinn express their feelings towards each other

Friday, March 3, 2017

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie tried to convince Pam that Ridge and Quinn were involved, but Pam didn't want to believe that Ridge would do it to Brooke or that Quinn would get involved with Eric's son. Charlie noted that Ridge and Quinn were alone in the CEO's office at that moment. Pam said Charlie needed to stop, and all the spy novels he'd been reading were giving him crazy ideas.

Eric walked down the corridor. He remarked that he was looking for his wife to see her before he went back home to work. Charlie asked if Eric thought she was locked in another bathroom with Ridge. Chuckling, Eric said it was unlikely as long as Charlie was around. Eric noted that every time Ridge and Quinn were forced to spend time together, they worked better together.

Pam remarked that the way Quinn and Ridge got along at work was amazing. Eric wasn't surprised because the two were talented professionals and had a lot more in common than anyone knew. Charlie flashed a knowing gaze at Pam.

Eric partook of a lemon bar from the plate of them on Pam's desk. He reached for a napkin, but Pam said not to take the one with lipstick on it. Eric noted that it was a naughty shade of red on the napkin. Pam chuckled nervously. Eric said he wasn't against a little office intrigue around there. Charlie asked if Eric thought there was something going on.

Pam dismissed the idea, and Eric remarked that he wasn't there to bust anyone. He had just wanted to surprise Quinn after finishing his golf rounds with Julius earlier than expected.

In the CEO's office, Quinn and Ridge vowed that "it" wouldn't happen again. Quinn reminded him that Ivy could have been watching them. Quinn thanked God that no one else knew anything about her and Ridge. Quinn decided to focus on her work and told Ridge to focus on his. He replied that doing so was going backward.

Quinn admitted that she hadn't been able to finish a jewelry piece. She couldn't get Steffy's advice because Steffy was working on her wedding. Ridge offered to look at it. She poured herself coffee and was so jittery that she spilled it on her hands. He helped her wipe it off her hands and noted her nervousness. He said there was nothing to worry about, and no one knew.

Quinn didn't want chaos in her life again. Ridge said he didn't, either. He recalled that he'd once thrived on it. Quinn had heard the playboy stories and asked if he'd really been caught in bed with someone else the night before his wedding. He asked if she feared it would happen with her. She replied that she didn't, and she didn't want to sleep with him.

"You don't? Of course you don't," Ridge said. Quinn affirmed it and said he didn't want to do it with her. She believed they were just attracted to the danger and nothing else. Ridge claimed to want to be clear about part of him still hating her. She stated that she knew the feeling, and he could ruin her life if he wanted to. He said it wouldn't be without ruining his own life.

Quinn thought "that" was what was so crazy about it, and she was relieved they could be honest with each other. Ridge suggested that they try being friends. Quinn replied that she vaguely understood the concept of friendship. Thrusting out her hand, she said they could shake on it. Ridge took her hand and held onto it.

Eric entered and asked what was going on. Ridge explained that he and Quinn were shaking on an agreement between them to do what was best for the family and the company and to leave the past behind them. Eric thought it was a good agreement, and he trusted the two of them to lead the company into the future for many years.

Quinn said that Eric could trust her and Ridge. Eric was impressed with how the two had turned their relationship around so fast. Eric said he'd told Ridge before that Eric couldn't wait for Ridge to see the same things in Eric's wife that Eric did. It was exactly why he'd sent Ridge and Quinn to San Francisco, and it was a joy for Eric to see them work together.

Back in the corridor, Pam decided to throw away the napkin. Holding it at bay, Charlie insisted that it was evidence. Pam explained that it was an absurd accusation, and it would rock the entire family if it was true. Charlie hoped it wasn't but added that hope didn't win horseshoes. Charlie said Eric was a nicer guy than even Charlie, and Eric was proud of Quinn and Ridge.

"But sometimes, there are none so blind as those who will not see," Charlie concluded, holding the napkin up to Pam's face.

Later, Pam was listening outside the CEO's office door. She scurried over to her desk before the door opened, and Eric exited the office. He thanked Charlie for fixing the door at the house and said Ridge and Quinn would be the last ones to get trapped in the room. Eric left to finish some designs at home.

Once they were alone again, Pam urged Charlie to really think about what he was saying. Ridge kissing Quinn didn't make any sense to Pam because Ridge would lose his father and place in the company. Pam asserted that Ridge loved Brooke and was about to get married in Australia.

Charlie replied that Pam hadn't seen the way Quinn had been wiping Ridge's mouth. Pam said she wasn't discounting Charlie's instincts. Pam hadn't trusted Quinn for the longest time, "but we're talking about Ridge." Sighing, Charlie stated that she was probably right. She insisted that she was. He replied that he hoped so.

Back in the CEO's office, Quinn told Ridge that they were playing with fire, and it had to stop. Ridge said it had stopped, and they'd just agreed to be friends. Ridge looked forward to working with her. Quinn said she didn't want to have an affair. He replied that he didn't, either.

Quinn stated that she always sabotaged herself by stomping the good things in her life to pieces. Ridge called it thrilling, and Quinn worked herself up as she berated them for not acting like adults. Ridge said there was no longer anything to worry about. She asked if he didn't feel anything. He said he didn't, but then he said it wasn't true.

Ridge stated that he loved Brooke. He felt awful about what they were doing to his father. He said it couldn't happen again, and no one would ever know. Quinn and Ridge sat on the sofa to work, and Charlie spied on them through the cracked doorway.

In Bill's office, Bill and Brooke discussed how perfect her cash hot air balloon was. Brooke asked if he was still spending the evening with Steffy and Liam. Bill asked if Brooke feared he'd be lonely and joked that one never knew what would happen with all the new cash in his pocket.

Bill thought that Brooke had lost her senses in agreeing to marry Forrester, but her memory seemed to be still intact. Brooke replied that she hadn't forgotten Bill's birthday or anything else they'd shared. Bill's care for her meant a lot to her, too.

Liam sent Bill a message to confirm dinner, and Brooke asked what else Bill would do that night. She imagined there would be a vegan cake and candles, but Bill didn't want either of those things. He said a toast to his health was good. She didn't think that sounded festive and asked about the presents. He replied that he'd already gotten his present.

Brooke asked if Bill didn't want anything else. Bill said he wouldn't go that far. He decided that there was something she could do for him, and he asked her to go with him.

Later, night fell, and Bill and Brooke stood on the roof of the Spencer building. Brooke loved the view up there. Bill said the city was spread out before them. It was his accomplishment. At one point in his life, the building, the wealth, and the power had been his crowning achievement. It had meant everything to him. "Until you," he said.

Bill explained that the building had been Bill's legacy for himself at first and then for his children. He'd go up to the top of it as if it was a mountain, and he'd reflect on his achievements. He'd thought he'd had it all. He'd always reached for the stars. "But this will be my greatest reach," he said.

Taking off his sword necklace, Bill said he wanted Brooke to have it, and he didn't want it anymore. Brooke pushed back his hand and said not to take it off. To Bill, the sword represented him and his power. He believed she'd need it to start a life with Ridge. She told Bill that he didn't have to do it.

Bill said the necklace signified fighting the good fight and being the last man standing. It represented Bill being the best he could be. Bill felt that he'd been his best when he'd been with Brooke. He was proud of his work, his sons, and his company, but without Brooke, he wouldn't achieve his highest goal. Every day, the absence of the necklace would remind him of the thing he loved most in the world but couldn't have.

Bill saw the sword as a talisman and said there was power in it. He wanted Brooke to have it. Tears rolled down Brooke's face. He said he'd love her for forever and a day, and he kissed her hand.

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