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Brooke blew off Katie's suspicions about Ridge and Quinn, but once in Australia, Katie informed Brooke that Ridge and Quinn had held hands on the plane.
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Katie and Quinn collide Katie and Quinn collide

Monday, March 13, 2017

In the photo studio, Katie said she'd deliberated about whether to tell Brooke what had occurred, and Katie had done it because she'd been shaken by the way Ridge had touched Quinn. Brooke corrected that Katie meant touching the jewelry, but Katie said the jewelry seemed to be a prop. She added that it hadn't been the first time she'd seen Ridge and Quinn like that, and Katie believed something was going on with Ridge and his father's wife.

Brooke thought it was wild speculation and said Ridge wouldn't do it. She didn't think Quinn would, either, because Ridge and Quinn didn't want to destroy their relationship with Eric. It was ridiculous to Brooke that Katie was thinking it, let alone saying it to Brooke. To Brooke, it was a scandalous thought. Katie agreed, and Brooke asked what she was supposed to do with it.

Katie asked if Brooke thought Katie would say there was something between Quinn and Ridge if Katie didn't believe it. Brooke believed that Ridge was getting along with Quinn. It was what Eric and the family needed; however, Brooke said she didn't need the accusations from her sister just days before the wedding. "I am so disappointed in you," Brooke said.

Brooke guessed that Katie was still upset about Brooke and Bill or was trying to drive a wedge between Quinn and Eric. Katie claimed not to feel that way about Eric but said that if she did, she still wouldn't lie. Brooke wondered if it was because of Katie's past feelings for Ridge and decided that Katie shouldn't go on the trip after all.

Katie insisted that it had nothing to do with old wounds. It was about Katie not wanting Brooke to go into a marriage without knowing something so destructive. Brooke yelled that she was days away from putting her family together and didn't need her sister making crazy accusations about her future husband. Brooke asked why Katie couldn't stand by Brooke instead of tearing Brooke down all the time. Katie apologized, but Brooke marched out.

In the CEO's office, Ridge assured Quinn that they were fine and hadn't done anything inappropriate. Eric arrived to talk to Ridge, and Quinn left the office.

Ridge and Eric discussed whether Eric missed working at the office. Eric loved working from home. Eric remarked upon the way he'd found Quinn and Ridge working together. It warmed Eric's heart, and Eric couldn't be happier.

Eric was proud of the man Ridge had turned out to be. Ridge said everything good in him was from Eric, and when Ridge fell short, Ridge hoped the good would outweigh the bad. Eric said Ridge didn't fall short and was a man of convictions. Eric started to remark upon Ridge's relationship with Quinn, and Ridge interjected that anyone who made Eric happy had Ridge's vote.

Brooke arrived as the men hugged. She asked if she was interrupting. Ridge said he and Eric were just having a moment. Smiling, Brooke replied that it made her feel as if all was good in their world. She remarked that Eric looked fabulous. Eric said he hadn't been certain he'd be happy again after Stephanie's death, but because of Quinn, Eric felt as if he'd won the lottery.

Eric felt even better because the family had begun to accept Quinn. Eric attributed it to Ridge, who'd stepped out of his comfort zone with Quinn and had made it possible for everyone else to follow his lead. Ridge silently nodded.

Brooke mentioned that Katie had seen Quinn modeling a necklace for Ridge. Ridge quickly corrected that it hadn't been "modeling," and Quinn had just put it on so he could see what it looked like. Ridge called Quinn a talented designer. Eric was glad Ridge appreciated Quinn as a designer and that the two had become friends.

Ridge squirmed and quibbled about being friends with Quinn. Ridge had seen a different side of Quinn, and it had been nice. Ridge said he could be stubborn at times, but taking the time to hear Quinn's story had shown him that Quinn was sincere and genuine. Ridge said Quinn loved Eric unconditionally. It was rare, and Ridge couldn't be on the wrong side of it. Brooke laughed, rendered a thoughtful glance at Ridge, and then smiled with a slight nod.

Ridge didn't want anything to get between him and Eric again. Eric said nothing ever would. Brooke was happy to be a part of the wacky and wonderful family. She'd never take it for granted. Eric couldn't remember Brooke not being a part of the family. Brooke called it the golden era of the family and remarked that they were all getting along. She hadn't been able to imagine it with Ridge and Quinn. Ridge said they'd found common ground.

Brooke said that people would speculate, but they didn't need to listen to them. They just needed to pull together as a family. Eric wanted to move into the future with a clean slate and said there would be no more guilt about what had happened with Quinn.

In the design office, Ivy worked as Quinn stomped in. Ivy asked what was with Quinn's scary mood. Slamming her purse down, Quinn said she wasn't scary. Ivy joked that Quinn could be at times. Quinn said she wasn't that person anymore and asked why she had to keep saying so.

Ivy started chatting about going to Australia but noticed that Quinn wasn't listening. Ivy wondered if she should even try to ask what was bothering Quinn. Quinn rambled about people getting on her nerves and advised Ivy to consider a door that was a bit open to actually be a bit closed. Quinn said not to hang around and eavesdrop. Ivy asked why she had a sinking feeling. Ivy knew Quinn had met with Ridge and asked if something had happened again.

Quinn said she and Ivy had been over it before, and Quinn had already said that she and Ridge wouldn't betray Eric and Brooke. Ivy asked what was with the mood -- if it wasn't about another kiss with Ridge. Quinn harped on how Katie was a nosy neighbor, always on the fringes, listening. Quinn ranted about how Katie wouldn't stay away from Eric as Quinn had instructed. Quinn deemed Katie the "precious Katie Logan, everybody's pet," who'd also be in Australia.

Katie arrived, and Quinn rolled her eyes. Ivy quickly left for a meeting with Rick. Quinn chatted about Katie getting pictures of Brooke's wedding dress and murmured a blasť "Hmm..." in response to Katie's conversation. Quinn then asked if Katie was there because something was on her mind. Katie claimed to be excited about Australia and emphasized that the most important day in her sister's life had to go smoothly.

Quinn hoped it did but asked what any of it had to do with her. Katie mentioned that Quinn had caused a lot of trouble for Katie and her family. "I don't do that anymore," Quinn stated. Katie remarked upon how well Ridge and Quinn were getting along. Quinn called it a work in progress. Katie said that, to her, they were downright chummy.

Quinn asked what Katie's point was and asked that Katie just say what she had to say. Quinn was just dying to hear it. Katie said Quinn had been lucky to land Eric as a husband. Quinn agreed. Katie stated that she was only making an observation. Quinn quipped that Katie was in the position to do so because she was right there, next door, visiting whenever she wanted.

Quinn neared Katie, saying that she knew why Katie was doing it. It was because Katie wanted Quinn's husband to herself. Katie said it was ridiculous, but Quinn reasoned that Katie wasn't even subtle about it. Quinn stated that Katie hung out with Eric whenever she wanted, no matter how many times Quinn had told her not to. Quinn said Katie hadn't listened to Quinn, and "now" Katie was in Quinn's office, making incorrect and offensive insinuations.

Quinn asked if Katie was conjuring something in her mind to take to Eric to turn him against Quinn so that Katie could have him. Quinn said she was warning Katie not do that. Katie thought that warning was interesting. Quinn stated that she'd made a place for herself with Eric and his family. She wouldn't let Katie take it away and warned that Katie would regret it if she made trouble for Quinn and Eric. Katie silently walked out.

The Bold and the Beautiful's thirtieth anniversary capsule played on the screen. Season twenty-five: Steffy urged Bill to stop Hope's gondola. Season twenty-six: Brooke held the dying Stephanie outside at Big Bear. Season twenty-seven: Katie confronted Bill and Brooke.

Forresters fly away to Australia

Forresters fly away to Australia

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

by Pam

At Liam's, he and Steffy had been making out, but Steffy said they had to stop because they had to get ready for their flight to Australia. She teased that it wouldn't be a good idea for the bride and groom to miss the flight to their own wedding.

After Steffy and Liam were packed, Bill showed up and asked it they were ready to go. Liam thanked him for attending the wedding with them. "My Spencer senses are tingling," Liam teased. He noted that Bill was not wearing his Spencer necklace. Bill said he had decided to give it a rest. Liam was surprised.

At Eric's house, he and Quinn also prepared for the trip to Australia. Quinn marveled at how much her life had changed. She was attending Steffy's wedding as Eric's wife -- an accepted member of the family. She was amazed at how things had turned out.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Brooke met with R.J., and they were worried that he was not making the trip to Australia with them. R.J. said that as long as they returned to Los Angeles as Mr. and Mrs., he was fine with staying behind.

Brooke teased that R.J. wanted to spend more time with Coco. R.J. laughed and said he realized there was "no fun while you're gone." Katie entered and asked R.J. to help Donna with Will while Katie was in Australia at Brooke and Ridge's wedding. R.J. agreed as long as Katie ensured that Brooke and Ridge got married. Katie promised she would do her best.

"Nothing is going to stand in our way this time," Brooke cooed. R.J. teased that his parents were "all grown up and ready to settle down. Especially you, Dad." Ridge nuzzled and kissed Brooke's neck.

At Spectra, Sally discussed bolts of expensive fabric with Darlita, and Thomas entered and interrupted. Darlita drooled over Thomas, and she left. Thomas told Sally that he was heading to his sister's wedding in Australia.

Thomas teased that he would have taken Sally as his date if he could have. Sally remarked that it was a glorious destination wedding, but he would really have to want to stick to Steffy if he'd invited her. Thomas said he thought they'd have a lot of fun together.

Sally teased that they would really "set the barbie on fire." "What if I showed up?" Sally asked. "I hope you do," Thomas said. He left.

Later, Darlita told Shirley and Saul that "dreamy Thomas Forrester" had been there. Shirley was interested, but she was distracted because of the high-end fabric that Sally had purchased. Shirley asked Darlita for the invoice and told Sally she would have to sell it. Saul said they would never get full price for fabric.

Shirley warned that when they made knockoffs, they had to cut costs everywhere. Saul worried that Thomas had visited because he was suspicious. Sally calmed both Shirley and Thomas. She explained that Thomas was headed to his sister's wedding in Australia. "If I were in Sydney, I would be going -- invited as Thomas' date," Sally boasted.

Shirley, Saul, Darlita, and Sally imagined the look on Steffy's face if Sally showed up. Saul said it obviously had not been a serious invitation. Shirley countered that they had to get Sally to Sydney. Saul argued that Sally couldn't go to the wedding.

Sally reminded everyone that she couldn't afford a bus pass, let alone a plane ticket. "Think of the publicity. I like this guy," Shirley said. She added that if they had pictures of Sally as Thomas' girlfriend at Steffy's wedding and posted them to their website, they'd have millions of hits.

Shirley ordered Darlita to book Sally a flight. They had to find the money. Saul continued to argue that Sally couldn't keep up with a guy like Thomas. Sally was offended. "Book me a flight," she said. She added that it had to be the cheapest and fastest flight to Australia.

Later, Darlita had found Sally a flight that left later that evening. Sally had never heard of the discount airline before, but she agreed to go. Saul worried that it would be a disaster, but Shirley said no one would accuse Thomas' girlfriend of anything. Sally said she planned to behave like a lady and would be honored to be Thomas' date. They booked the flight.

At the airport, Steffy, Liam, Ivy, Thomas, Bill, Katie, Eric, and Quinn gathered in the airplane. A flight attendant welcomed them aboard and offered Champagne. Steffy and Liam thanked everyone for making the trip with them. They all clapped.

Eric and Quinn kissed and discussed that Quinn never had to worry about the family again. Brooke and Ridge discussed getting married, and Brooke asked Ridge to get her another pillow for the flight.

Katie spied on Ridge and Quinn when he walked past her to get a pillow. Bill stopped to greet Katie then he visited Brooke. He hoped she had a good flight, he said.

Ivy and Thomas discussed the itinerary in Australia, and Ivy offered to organize a surfboard outing for Thomas. He agreed. Ivy told Thomas that she was surprised he hadn't been accompanied by a date. He smiled. He flashed back to kissing Sally.

Steffy told Liam that she was amazed that Liam's dad had decided to attend. She added that it all seemed to be going well. Bill asked Katie about Will, and she said that he was "happy as a clam, spoiled by Aunt Donna." Katie was happy to see Bill. "I'm glad to be here for Liam and Steffy," Bill said. Katie noticed that Bill's sword necklace was missing. He said he had removed it.

Eric and Quinn told Ridge and Brooke they were headed to the lounge, but Brooke was ready to get some sleep. Eric wondered if Brooke and Ridge had practiced their vows. Brooke promised they would have no difficulty putting their feelings into words. Ridge and Brooke kissed, and Quinn looked on.

Katie watched Quinn's reaction to Brooke and Ridge kissing. Ridge eyed Quinn as she walked away. Bill told Katie that he had been convinced Ridge would do something to ruin the wedding. Katie hoped he didn't do anything to mess up, and Bill said she clearly had her doubts.

Eric and Quinn cuddled and discussed how blessed the family had been. Quinn flashed back to kissing Ridge. She quickly caressed Eric, and they expressed their love for each other. They kissed and hugged.

Katie witnesses something between Ridge & Quinn

Katie witnesses something between Ridge & Quinn

> Katie witnesses something between Ridge & Quinn

Katie witnesses something between Ridge & Quinn

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

by Pam

On the flight to Australia, Liam and Steffy ate breakfast and discussed that it wouldn't be long until she was Mrs. Liam Spencer. They vowed their third wedding would be the final time. They discussed their hope that everyone enjoyed the trip. Steffy was glad they were all together as a family, but she wished they had invited more people. Liam agreed, and he promised they would make sure everyone was included when they brought back pictures.

Steffy was glad that Sally Spectra wouldn't be there. Liam wondered why Sally would show up -- "to shove your face in another cake?" Steffy worried that Thomas liked her. "She's a total headache," Steffy said.

Nearby, Ridge and Brooke canoodled and cooed that she would soon be Mrs. Forrester. Brooke said that R.J. had sent a message to watch out for the kangaroos. They laughed about it and about him being so thrilled his parents were getting married again.

Across the seating aisle, Katie and Bill discussed what to get for Will as a souvenir. Bill said they should buy a stuffed koala bear. Katie laughed that Bill should buy him a real one. They agreed that they got along better since they had been divorced. "Marriage, who needs it? Tell the same thing to your sister," Bill said. Katie realized it wasn't easy for Bill to be there. Bill worried that Brooke was going to marry Ridge, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Katie looked pensive.

Thomas and Steffy discussed that she owed a lot to Ivy for planning the trip. Steffy said that even Liam was in the dark about the exact location of their wedding. Thomas took a selfie, and Steffy wanted to be in it, but Thomas declined. She said he would get more likes on social media with her in it, but he said he had sent it to someone, and Steffy guessed she knew who it was. Steffy was miffed, but Thomas said it hadn't sent.

Eric and Quinn remarked that they had enjoyed the trip. Quinn was thrilled to be a part of the Forrester family wedding trip. Eric decided to talk to Brooke, and he asked Ridge to trade seats with him for a few minutes. He told Brooke how thrilled he was about their wedding. "Ridge finally realized there's no one better for him," Eric said. He added that he'd always been her biggest fan. They discussed that Eric felt he could finally trust Ridge again.

Ridge visited with Quinn, and she said he looked refreshed. Ridge said he was. Quinn said it was fun to have all of them together. She was thrilled to be a part of the wedding trip. Katie spied on them.

Quinn remarked that Ridge would soon be a married man. She wondered if they had selected a spot for their elopement. Ridge said they would do what was best for them. She thanked him for making her feel like a part of the family.

Quinn walked away from Ridge, and he followed. So did Katie. Quinn told him that she had always wanted to be part of a real family and didn't want to lose Eric. Ridge agreed and said he would make sure of it. They smiled at each other and grabbed hands. Katie watched.

On the runway in Los Angeles, Sally sat in the center seat in a row of seats on the airplane, and she was trapped between seatmates Kieran and Matt "from the great state of Kansas," Matt said. They were the same travelers who had been on a plane with Quinn in 2016. Sally offered to scoot over to another seat, but Matt and Kieran told her that Kieran had to have a window seat, and Matt needed the aisle seat. They claimed they had made a lot of friends with their seating arrangements.

The couple rearranged everything to accommodate their bags under the seats in front of them. They begged Sally to use the room under the seat in front of her. They wondered what Sally did for a living, and she explained that she was a clothing designer. Sally discovered there was no Wi-Fi on the plane, so she asked the flight attendant for a bloody Mary.

Matt and Kieran said they didn't drink. Matt explained that he had been a partier and had quit drinking when they'd gotten married. He said he loved a six-pack.

Matt said it was time for a snack. He pulled out a bacon burger and offered to share with Sally, but she declined. Kieran agreed to a bite, and Matt sneezed all over them. He said Kieran had been sick for a week with a very contagious virus. Sally explained that she was on her way to surprise a man she'd met. Matt and Kieran said it was romantic.

In Australia, Ivy guided the Forresters and Spencers around some scenic areas that included the opera house. She hinted that Steffy and Liam would be getting married nearby. Liam and Steffy kissed in front of the opera house, and Eric called it stunning architecture.

Ivy promised to take the Forrester and Spencer clans to the beach and botanical gardens so Ridge and Brooke could check out the view. Katie said she needed to speak to Brooke. Katie pulled Brooke aside and said that she had seen Ridge and Quinn together and holding hands on the plane.

Brooke reminded Katie that she and Ridge had struggled for 30 years to be together, and there was no way Ridge would jeopardize it for Quinn. Katie insisted that Brooke had to speak to him. Brooke looked at Ridge in the distance, and he was talking to Quinn.

Preemption due to March Madness

Preemption due to March Madness

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 20, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 15, episode concluded.

Preemption due to March Madness

Preemption due to March Madness

Friday, March 17, 2017

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 20, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 15, episode concluded.

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