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Brooke decided against telling Eric that Ridge had kissed Quinn, but Brooke refused to marry Ridge. Shirley got spy footage of some Forrester designs, but Sally's feelings for Thomas threatened to ruin the plan to revive Spectra fashions.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 27, 2017 on B&B
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Brooke is determined to tell Eric what she saw Brooke is determined to tell Eric what she saw

Monday, March 27, 2017

At Forrester, Maya entered the CEO's office, saw Rick working behind the desk, and noted how nice it was to see him in the seat. Rick said not to get used to it because the others would be home soon enough. She asked if there had been word about the wedding. Rick replied that no one had called yet, and no news was good news.

Later, Rick was on the phone with Eric and getting an update about the wedding. After the call, Rick and Maya discussed Steffy zip-lining into the wedding. Rick said Steffy always had to make her grand entrances. Maya asked how Rick felt about Brooke and Ridge marrying next.

Rick was trying to be supportive because Brooke needed stability and R.J. was depending on the wedding. Maya sensed that Rick still had concerns. Rick said Brooke had gone back and forth between Bill and Ridge, and it seemed that something always got in the way just when Brooke was about to get what she wanted.

Rick said his father had sounded good. Maya replied that Eric's granddaughter had gotten married, and Eric would watch Ridge and Brooke get married with Quinn by his side. Rick evoked the husband-to-wife confidence privilege and said Quinn might be good for Eric. Maya was shocked to hear it from Rick. Rick said that he might have been wrong about Quinn hurting Eric, and maybe Quinn wanted what was best for Eric.

At the bar at Steffy and Liam's wedding reception, Eric was with Katie when Ridge approached to ask where everyone was. The two related to Ridge that the younger adults had all gone off by boat. Ridge wondered where Brooke was, and Eric was surprised that Brooke hadn't caught up with Ridge yet.

Eric contemplated whether he'd miss home if he didn't take the plane back to Los Angeles. Ridge was sure Eric would miss his house. Eric agreed and remarked that Quinn had made the house a home again after Stephanie's death. Eric was ready to go back to the hotel and wondered if Ridge had seen Quinn on the beach. Ridge guessed she was already headed back.

Bill approached to ask the father of the bride when the "damn shuttle" would be back to take them to the hotel. Ridge bet that Bill could swim back on his own. Bill asked if Ridge had a wedding to rehearse for and a loving woman's heart to break -- again.

As time went on, Bill grew more impatient, waiting for the shuttle. Finally, it arrived. He and Katie took the shuttle while Ridge hung behind with Eric to wait for Quinn. Eric asked Ridge if he'd said he'd seen Quinn on the beach. Ridge said he had, and she'd been deep in thought.

In Katie's hotel room later, Katie told Bill that it wasn't scandalous if he entered with her. Bill claimed that he had things to do, but Katie replied that his only event in Australia was over. She offered him a drink from her mini bar, but he said drinking in the sun all day hadn't been good for him.

Katie sensed Bill was agitated and guessed it was about Brooke. Bill didn't think it was a good subject for them to discuss, but Katie asked who else he could talk to without having to explain everything. Bill replied that he'd been sure it would be over by then between "those two." He wasn't used to not knowing what happened next.

Katie said Bill would go home and pick up the pieces. She told him to look at her; she'd done it. Bill replied that she might be tougher than he was. She was amazed to hear that she was tougher than Bill Spencer. He predicted that, as in-laws, he'd see Brooke and Ridge all the time. Katie asked what the alternative was. Bill contemplated building a Spencer Tower in Australia and remarked that he did speak the language. "Yeah, right," Katie replied.

After a while, Bill decided that he would have a drink, and Katie remarked upon the beautiful wedding. Bill said Liam had waited a long time to get the love of his life back, but he had finally done it. It made material things seem insignificant. Katie decided Bill really had been in the sun too long. She found it weird that Brooke and Quinn had disappeared at the same time and guessed that the women might have discovered that they had something to talk about.

Back at the bar, Eric couldn't get reception on his phone and decided to go look for Quinn. He asked Ridge to hold the shuttle for them if it arrived before they did. Ridge asked Eric to be on the lookout for Brooke, and Eric replied that the women might have intercepted each other.

Eric took off. Ridge couldn't get phone reception, either. "Intercepted each other," he uttered, and he hurriedly took off from the bar. Ridge ran down the beach and caught up with Eric. He convinced Eric to take the shuttle, which was waiting, back while Ridge located the ladies.

At Manly Beach, Brooke asked how big of a fool Quinn thought Brooke was. Quinn claimed that it wasn't what Brooke thought, but Brooke exclaimed that she'd seen Quinn. Quinn said that there was nothing between her and Ridge, and he'd tell Brooke the same. Brooke called Quinn a sick disease and declared that Quinn's time was done.

Quinn explained that she and Ridge had just wished each other well. She said there was nothing between them, and nothing ever would be. Brooke asserted that Quinn was destroying two marriages over nothing. Brooke asked why Quinn had to cheat with Eric's son and the man Brooke had loved for most of her life.

Quinn said there'd been foolishness and carelessness, but there had been nothing like cheating. Brooke replied that it was for Eric to decide. Quinn begged Brooke not to tell Eric anything, but Brooke insisted upon telling Eric what she'd seen. Quinn contended that Brooke had seen what she'd expected to see because she'd had a past of Ridge betraying her. Quinn said that hadn't been what had just happened.

Brooke said that Quinn would just deny, deny, deny. Brooke couldn't believe that Quinn would repay Eric's love and loyalty by cheating. Quinn decided that if Brooke wanted to know what had gone on with Ridge and Quinn, then Quinn would tell her.

Quinn explained that while Brooke had been in "Paris" with Hope, Ridge had planned to humiliate Quinn and discredit her with Eric. Brooke asked how, but Quinn replied that it didn't matter because it hadn't gotten off the ground. Recalling that he'd postponed the wedding because he'd wanted to get Quinn out of their lives first, Brooke asked what had happened.

Quinn explained that she'd poured her heart out to Ridge when she'd gotten drunk. She said Brooke would have to ask Ridge why, but Ridge had stopped hating Quinn. It had made the reconciliation with Ridge and Eric possible and had enabled Quinn to give Eric his family back after the pain that loving her had caused him. Quinn was grateful to Ridge.

"And then you kissed him," Brooke replied. Brooke said that on that beach the next day, she was supposed to see the end of everything that had been broken in her life. Quinn replied that Brooke didn't have to call off the wedding because Ridge loved only Brooke.

Brooke asked if Quinn really thought Brooke would marry a man that Quinn had to explain to Brooke. Because of what Brooke had seen, she wouldn't have a husband the next day, and she warned that Quinn wouldn't, either.

Brooke conveyed that she'd seen things and noticed subtle things. She just hadn't wanted to believe anything would happen or that Ridge would ever do that. Quinn insisted that Brooke was right and would regret it if she didn't marry Ridge. Brooke asked how Quinn could do it to the adoring Eric. Brooke had believed that Quinn loved Eric and asked how Quinn could betray him with his own son. Quinn replied that there hadn't been a betrayal.

Brooke exclaimed that she'd seen the kiss, and she'd seen the way Ridge had kissed Quinn. Quinn claimed that it was only because it had been safe. It had been safe because Quinn had known that Ridge would marry Brooke, and he knew that Eric was Quinn's whole world. Brooke wasn't buying it. The kiss had seemed too easily done, and she guessed it hadn't been the first.

Quinn admitted that it had happened before. She insisted that it had just been a kiss, and that was all. Brooke concluded that Ridge had kissed and made love to her while thinking of Quinn.

Quinn insisted that she meant nothing to Ridge. She said that Brooke could hate her all Brooke wanted, but Brooke shouldn't deny herself and Ridge their future. Brooke said she was going to tell Eric how Quinn had abused his faith in her.

In a parking lot, Ridge helped Eric into a shuttle van. As the van took off, Brooke yelled Eric's name and ran past Ridge as she chased the shuttle. Ridge asked her what she was doing and said he'd been looking for her. Brooke stopped chasing the van and screamed, asking Ridge why he'd made her fall in love with him again.

Brooke hopped into an awaiting taxi. As it drove away, Quinn arrived and told Ridge that Brooke had seen them. Ridge replied that Brooke had gone after his father. Saying they couldn't let it happen, Quinn hailed another taxi.

On the ride to the hotel, Ridge told Quinn that she should have seen the look in Brooke's eyes. Quinn didn't want to see it in Eric's, and she said her loyalty was all he ever talked about. She believed it would destroy Eric.

At the hotel, Eric arrived in his room and left Quinn a message that he'd returned. He knew she was in good hands because he'd left Ridge to locate her. Someone pounded on Eric's door, and when he answered it, he saw an upset Brooke on the doorstep. "Something horrible is going on, and you need to know about it," Brooke told him.

Quinn and Ridge beg Brooke to stay silent

Quinn and Ridge beg Brooke to stay silent

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Nicole, Zende, Rick, and Maya discussed the buzz that the Australia preview had gotten. Steffy's wedding preparation photos were also trending, and Nicole asked if Rick had seen the numbers. Rick replied that Nicole headed social media so that he didn't have to monitor it. He hoped she was ready because, though one Forrester wedding was down, there was still one more to go.

Zende and Nicole discussed their evening plans. Zende had made reservations for a romantic night for two, but he offered to make it for four if Rick and Maya didn't have plans. Rick and Maya said their plans included diapers. Rick joked about how there were so many newlyweds rubbing his and Maya's faces in their carefree lives.

Maya listed the newly wedded couples, but Rick paused when she mentioned Ridge and Brooke, who actually weren't yet married. Maya assumed Rick was worried about his mother making a mistake. Worried that Ridge would make the mistake, Rick said that, somehow, some way, Ridge always let Brooke down.

Zende and Nicole tried to reassure Rick about Ridge and Brooke's resilience as a couple. Maya said that if any couple could overcome anything, it was Brooke and Ridge.

In Eric's room, Eric implored the sobbing Brooke to tell him what was going on, but Brooke said she couldn't even believe it was real. He asked her to tell him the issue. She uttered that it was Ridge; she'd been walking on the beach, and she'd seen something.

Just then, Quinn and Ridge arrived. Ridge ordered Brooke to stop saying whatever she was saying. Eric asked what was going on and if Brooke and Ridge still planned to get married. Ridge responded that everything was fine, but he and Brooke needed to talk something through. Brooke asked Ridge how, and Eric insisted that he needed to know what was happening.

"Yes, Eric needs to know," Brooke said. Ridge, however, wanted to go to his and Brooke's room to talk. He asked her to please hear him out. Ridge held the door open for Brooke, and the two left. Eric asked Quinn if she knew "what the hell" was going on there.

Quinn wasn't sure. Eric asked if she'd seen anything or if she'd run into Ridge and Brooke on the beach. Quinn stammered and decided that the couple just needed time. Recalling the way Brooke had just acted, Eric didn't know if time would help. He had gleaned that whatever it was had to be bad, and he wondered if another woman was involved.

Quinn asked why Eric would think such a thing. Eric didn't have a reason except that it was easy to assume with Ridge. Quinn asserted that Ridge was committed to Brooke. "Until he's not," Eric responded. Eric knew firsthand how Ridge behaved when a woman looked at him, even if the woman was Eric's wife.

Eric said Quinn knew about what had happened during his marriage to Brooke. Eric didn't think Ridge meant to hurt the people he loved, and Eric hoped his intuition was wrong. He told Quinn that she could tell him if Ridge was cheating. Eric wanted to know if she'd seen another woman with Ridge or if she'd seen the couple fighting.

Quinn said she hadn't. She'd run into Ridge and talked with him on the beach alone. She said she'd later encountered Brooke. Eric asked if Brooke had been upset. Quinn replied that, by that point, Brooke had been upset, so whatever the issue was had already occurred. Quinn claimed that she'd heard in Brooke's voice how Brooke felt about Ridge. Quinn was sure they'd get married because a relationship like that couldn't be thrown away.

Eric noted that Quinn seemed to care about Ridge, and her effort with Ridge meant a lot to Eric. Eric's phone rang with a call from Rick. Eric told Quinn it could take a while if Rick was calling about business. Quinn said it was fine, and she left the room as Eric answered the phone.

Eric was cheery with Rick, who joked about Steffy's wedding stunt. Rick said that Nicole was wondering if there were updates about Ridge and Brooke's wedding that Nicole could tease their followers with. Eric thought it was good to hold off on posting about the couple, who seemed to be going through something.

Eric said not to worry about it because Ridge had said the couple was getting married. Rick asked how his mother felt, but Eric said he believed the couple would be fine. Eric stated that if Ridge and Brooke couldn't make it, then no couple could.

In Brooke and Ridge's room, Brooke told Ridge to start talking. Ridge asked what he could say. Brooke replied that he could start with saying she hadn't seen what she'd seen. To her, Ridge had no respect or boundaries. She said that he'd not only kissed another woman, but it had been Quinn, his father's wife.

Ridge tried to remark upon what Brooke had seen, but Brooke didn't want him to deny it or twist it around. Ridge said he wasn't denying that he'd kissed Quinn. Brooke asked if he wanted Quinn, a woman he'd despised. He claimed to still despise Quinn and said he and Quinn had only been flirting, which had begun when he'd tried to protect Eric.

Brooke replied that it was bull, but Ridge insisted that he'd wanted Quinn gone. Brooke decided that Ridge wanted Quinn in his bed. He replied that he didn't want that. Brooke wanted to know how he could do it to her again, and she said she'd thought he'd been committed. He replied that he wanted to spend his life with her. Brooke figured he wanted her on the sidelines while he hooked women just to prove that he could.

Brooke believed that the more inappropriate the woman, the better. It wasn't normal to Brooke, who believed that Ridge had some deep-seated anger or problem with her, Eric, and other women. Ridge's behavior wasn't acceptable, and Brooke no longer wanted to be a part of it. She thought that Ridge was in the same place he'd between thirty years back, but she wasn't. She and R.J. deserved something better than Ridge.

Ridge stammered that he'd been reckless and had taken a walk on the wild side. Brooke told him that he wasn't twenty years old and didn't have oats to sew. He'd already been there and done that; however, it was never enough, and she was never enough. Ridge replied that if he knew how to explain the stupid things he'd done in his life, they wouldn't be there right then. He'd lost his way and had made a wrong turn. He'd been driven by desire.

Brooke frowned, upset that Ridge desired Quinn. Ridge said he didn't desire Quinn. He said it might be the chase that he desired, and Brooke should understand it because it was a part of her, too. He figured it was why they were attracted to each other. Brooke replied that she didn't find him kissing Quinn attractive. To her, it was disgusting.

Ridge didn't deny what he'd done. He said he'd betrayed Brooke and Eric and had been unable to sidestep temptation. Brooke asked if she was supposed to accept it. Ridge said it wouldn't happen again with Quinn or anyone else. He implored Brooke not to pull away from him. Brooke said she couldn't. Ridge replied that she had to do it.

Ridge told Brooke that she could smack him or around or take a bat to his car as long as she didn't walk away from him when they were so close to having their family back. Ridge said it was also for R.J. Ridge knew that he wanted to marry Brooke the next day, and he asked her to say she wanted the same.

Brooke replied that she wanted to marry the man Ridge had been that morning, "the man I pretend you are." Ridge replied that she knew who he was. Brooke agreed, saying that he was the man who hurt her again and again and reeled her in with false promises. Ridge asked her to trust in them and get married to him.

Brooke didn't how they could look into each other's eyes and say vows. Ridge said he could do it the same way that he was looking at Brooke in that very moment and asking her to forgive him. He said he couldn't live his life without her. Brooke asserted that they were not getting married, and he asked if she didn't want to put their family back together.

A knock sounded on the door, and Brooke answered. It was Quinn. Quinn stammered as she tried to explain to Brooke that there was nothing going on with Quinn and Ridge. Quinn exclaimed that she and Ridge hated each other. Brooke thought it was funny how passionate hate could be. Quinn insisted that she only had passion for her husband.

Quinn didn't know if Brooke and Ridge would break up or follow their destiny together. Quinn's only concern was for Eric. Brooke believed Eric deserved to know what his wife had been up to. Quinn swore she wouldn't kiss Ridge or any other man ever again. Quinn said she and Ridge had been foolish, but they each knew who they wanted. Quinn insisted that there was no reason to break Eric's heart, and she implored Brooke not to tell Eric or anyone what had happened.

Quinn feels guilty when Eric plans a romantic evening

Quinn feels guilty when Eric plans a romantic evening

> Quinn feels guilty when Eric plans a romantic evening

Quinn feels guilty when Eric plans a romantic evening

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In Liam and Steffy's hotel room, the newlyweds had Champagne, and Liam checked the air for wires. The wedding zip line stunt had led him to suspect that Steffy had something planned for the night. Steffy assured him that she had "something planned all right," and she kissed him.

Liam asked Steffy to promise never to stop surprising him. The day had been full of love, family, and friends for him, and he thanked her for putting it together. Steffy asked him to promise that he'd never stop looking at her the way that he did. He asked what that way was, and she replied that it was as if he saw a beauty she'd had no idea was there. Liam added that he also saw humor and intelligence, and he'd look at her that way for his whole life.

The newlywed Liam and Steffy discussed their wedding and how perfect it had been. They decided that it deserved to be topped off with a perfect wedding night. The song with the lyrics "I'm standing with you" played as the couple consummated the marriage.

Later, Steffy decided that she wanted to spend the night in Liam's arms, but Liam joked about going to the club. Steffy said her husband's clubbing days were over. Liam said that marrying Steffy had been worth the wait. As he listed her attributes, they began kissing.

In Brooke's hotel room, Brooke felt that Eric deserved to know that his son had kissed his wife. Ridge and Quinn insisted that it had been a farewell kiss. Quinn said they'd said goodbye to the foolishness, and she'd hated the way the flirting had made her feel. Brooke replied that Quinn had hated it a little and loved it a little.

Quinn implored Brooke not to tell Eric because the issue was over, and there was no reason to hurt Eric. Ridge understood the desire to tell Eric. Ridge felt bad about keeping secrets and lying to his father, but he asked what revealing it accomplished. Brooke felt it would accomplish a lot, namely getting Quinn out of Eric's life -- which was what Ridge had claimed he'd wanted.

Ridge agreed that he'd wanted to get Quinn out of Eric's life, but Eric was happier than Ridge had ever seen him. Ridge asked who they were to take it away from Eric. Quinn reasoned that she and Ridge hadn't had an affair, and if Brooke took Quinn away, Eric would be in his home alone with no purpose. Brooke stated that she didn't want to take anything from Eric.

Eric was a special and important person to Brooke, and she couldn't hurt him. Brooke said she wouldn't tell Eric as long as Ridge and Quinn promised to keep their hands off each other. Quinn swore to it. Brooke had no reason to believe Quinn but gave Quinn one chance. Brooke stated that, at the slightest hint of betrayal, she would go straight to Eric.

Quinn thanked Brooke and exited. Ridge asked where it left him and Brooke and if they could still get married for their son's sake. Brooke told Ridge not to talk about their son, whom Ridge hadn't been thinking about when he'd been with Quinn.

Brooke said that Ridge always tried to make Brooke into the bad one, the one who couldn't hold onto him. In her view, he was the one with the wandering eye, always looking for something better. Brooke also didn't want to marry him on the beach where she'd seen him with Quinn. Ridge said it didn't have to be there, and they could fly to Fiji.

Brooke decided that Ridge didn't get how much he'd hurt her. He'd betrayed her after making her believe in him. Brooke said she couldn't do it anymore, and a life together wouldn't happen. Ridge said he'd kissed another woman, and that was all. Brooke gave him permission to kiss all the women he wanted because he obviously couldn't live any other way.

Ridge conveyed that he was asking for another chance. It wasn't for himself, but for R.J. and the family. Brooke replied that R.J. just wanted them to be happy, but Brooke was not happy. Ridge stated that she didn't have to disappoint their son. She said that Ridge was the one who'd done that, and Ridge had been the one to betray their son, Eric, and Brooke. Brooke stated that it was all gone for Quinn, and Brooke hoped it had been worth it.

Ridge said that Brooke knew he didn't want Quinn. Brooke agreed that he didn't in the end, but he loved the chase. Brooke said that after Quinn had gotten wrapped up and ruined her marriage, Ridge had expected to return to Brooke. Brooke decided that she wasn't available for him to do that anymore. Ridge asked Brooke not to give up on him and their family.

Brooke reasoned that Ridge might actually want Quinn in the end. Ridge called it ridiculous, but Brooke said things weren't as they had been when he'd been twenty, sleeping with models and forgetting their names. Instead, Ridge had targeted his father's wife. Ridge said he'd done so to show Eric who Quinn really was. Brooke quipped that it had naturally led to kissing Quinn.

Ridge told Brooke that she was the only one he wanted. Brooke stated that, as much as she'd always want Ridge, she wouldn't marry him. She hadn't thought it would end that way. She'd loved him for years and still remembered the first time she'd laid eyes on him. Ridge called it destiny. Brooke said it wasn't because destiny wouldn't hurt that much or be so hard.

Brooke decided that marrying Ridge would only cause her more pain. To her, it was better to go back to loving him without expecting anything in return. "Goodbye, Ridge," Brooke uttered. Ridge asked her not to do it, but the tearful Brooke fled the room and sobbed outside the door.

In Eric's room, Eric concluded his call with Rick on an optimistic note about Brooke and Ridge. Later, he lit some candles as Quinn arrived. He offered her Champagne or tequila. Quinn decided that it was a Champagne kind of night. They discussed his call with Rick, and Eric was so confident in Rick's leadership that he was tempted to stay longer in Australia.

Eric said he didn't know if he should have mentioned Ridge and Brooke's problem to Rick; however, Eric had reassured Rick that things would work out as usual. Quinn viewed Ridge and Brooke as fashion's supercouple who worked through things. "Usually," Eric replied. He noted that Quinn cared about Ridge and really wanted Ridge to marry Brooke. Quinn nodded.

Eric hoped Ridge and Brooke made it but decided that it had nothing to do with Eric and Quinn. Eric stood and asked Quinn, the prettiest girl in the room, to have a dance. As she swayed in his arms, he said it was an amazing trip. Quinn replied that it was once in a lifetime. Eric wanted to make it last forever.

Zende doesn't trust Coco

Zende doesn't trust Coco

Thursday, March 30, 2017

At Forrester, Maya, Rick, Nicole, Zende, and R.J. were in a meeting. Rick relayed that Ridge wanted them to screen new runway models, and Rick asked R.J. to update them on the interns. Zende had heard Coco was working in the cutting room and wondered if it was wise to let a Spectra work in that area. Rick replied that he'd been thinking the same thing.

R.J. claimed that Coco wasn't shady. Maya stated that they didn't know Coco very well. R.J. claimed that he did know Coco and was getting to know her better each day. Zende thought it was wise to keep all Spectras away from anything related to design. R.J. noted that the designs were all over the building, and Coco was an in-house runner. He insisted that Coco could be trusted, and he urged them to give her a chance.

Later, R.J. had gone, and Thomas arrived. Nicole and Zende greeted Thomas and mentioned that they'd loved his "snaps." Rick and Maya weren't thrilled to see Thomas, and Rick asked Thomas how he could invite Sally Spectra on the trip. Thomas admitted that he hadn't expected Sally to make the trip, but Maya was sure he was glad Sally had.

Sally had impressed Thomas by flying to Australia. Rick called it a bit much. Zende and Nicole reminded them of Sally's restaurant and wedding food fights with Steffy, which Sally had posted online. Thomas replied that if they had checked Sally's accounts, they'd know that she hadn't posted anything inappropriate -- anything "that had been her fault anyway," he added.

The others were puzzled by the statement, and Thomas explained that Sally had wound up going off the pier by accident when Steffy had tried to escort Sally out of the reception. He stated that they'd all had a good laugh about it, and anything that Sally's great aunt had done in the past would remain in the past. Zende said that they still had Coco. Thomas called her harmless, but Zende felt they needed to keep their eyes open.

Later, Zende and Nicole had gone, but Maya, Nicole, and Rick were still debating with Thomas the merits of minimizing Coco's exposure to their designs. Thomas insisted that Sally being related to someone who'd stolen from them in the past didn't mean Sally would also do it.

At Spectra, Shirley routed a call from the loan officer to voicemail. Shirley hoped that Coco would get something soon, but Saul replied that Coco hadn't been wearing the necklace with the camera in it. Shirley declared that she'd make Coco wear it that day.

Coco stopped by the Spectra office on her way to Forrester. Shirley complimented Coco's outfit but said it was missing something. Shirley suggested Coco wear the necklace Sally had given her, but Coco said she was saving it for a special occasion. Shirley reasoned that each time Coco went to Forrester, it was a special occasion.

Shirley put the necklace on Coco, but Coco wasn't sure it matched her outfit. Shirley disagreed, and Saul said it was perfect to wear to Forrester. Coco decided to wear it, and as she left, she asked Shirley to tell Sally that she couldn't wait to hear about the trip.

Later, Sally arrived, and Saul gave her a long and awkward hug to welcome her back. He wanted to know about the trip, but all Shirley wanted to know was if Sally had gotten the pictures they needed. Sally revealed that she'd gotten a few, but she was reluctant to use them because she'd gone to the wedding as Thomas' guest.

Shirley asked Sally not to go soft on them because they had to get Spectra off the ground and get "Shifty" off Shirley's phone. Sally, who'd had a good time with Thomas, was rethinking the whole idea of design theft. Shirley feigned pity for Sally because Sally's conscience was getting to her. Shirley asserted that it was too bad because "Operation Coco" started that day.

Sally wasn't thrilled to hear that Coco had the necklace on. Shirley insisted that it had been the plan all along. Sally replied that it had been before she'd gotten to know the Forresters. Shirley suggested they invite the Forresters over for ramen noodles. Sally didn't think it was fair to rip off the Forresters, who, with the exception of Steffy, were being nice to her and Coco.

Shirley warned Sally to remember her background and said Sally couldn't hang with the Forresters, who only saw Sally as the flavor of the month. Shirley noted that her sister had never earned the Forresters' respect, no mattered how hard she'd tried. Sally disagreed and indicated that Eric had said it had happened.

Sally asserted that she wasn't a criminal, but Shirley contended that they were just doing a little poaching. Shirley believed that everyone cheated a little in the fashion business. Shirley stated that her sister hadn't gone to jail, and they wouldn't, either. Shirley told Sally that the whole crew was counting on her, and Shirley wouldn't let Sally back out.

Sally asked for one more day to devise a plan. She was willing to try "anything but this." Shirley asked if Sally would design another collection to get panned by Jarrett. Shirley told Sally not to fight it because they had to be true to themselves and borrow from the Forresters.

Saul set up the laptop to monitor Coco's necklace cam and let the ladies know it was ready. As they watched Coco on the screen with R.J., Sally got a call from Thomas, who was checking on her after her flight. She thanked him for inviting her on the trip. He said she'd been the best part of the trip. Sally decided that she had to get back to reality and thanked him for checking in.

Backstage at Forrester, Coco apologized for being late and handed R.J. a confidential package. He complimented her necklace and dated it to the early twentieth century style period. Holding up the package, R.J. asked if Coco wanted to see his dad's designs. He was supposed to put them in the vault, but he wanted to show them to her first.

Coco didn't think it was a good idea because of who she was. She didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea because people didn't trust her as it was. R.J. extended his trust. He said she worked there, and she was legit.

Behind some clothes racks, Zende paused to observe Coco and R.J.

R.J. told Coco to forget their last names. Coco asked if she really didn't bother him. R.J. asked how he could think of anything else when she had eyes like that. The demure Coco said he was full of it. R.J. lavished compliments on her and noted that her reflexes had saved him from the forklift. To him, it wasn't fair that she was judged on her name. Coco touched his shoulder, which surprised the watchful Zende, and she thanked R.J.

Zende left and went to the design office. Nicole was working in there, and Zende told her that he thought R.J. had taken a liking to Coco. Zende hoped Coco wouldn't use it to her advantage. Zende asked if Nicole found it strange that they were suddenly surrounded by Spectras. Nicole replied that she did think Sally's flight to Australia was odd.

Zende remarked that Spectra was dead broke, according to rumors, and Sally couldn't design a dress to save her life. Zende wondered why Sally was still trying to get Spectra off the ground. Nicole figured they were spending a lot of money to operate. Zende wondered how they paid the bills and if everyone was just working for free over there. He remarked that desperate people did desperate things. He planned to keep an eye on Coco and Sally because he didn't want them messing with his family or the company.

Back at Spectra, Saul and Shirley watched the laptop. On the screen, R.J. showed Coco a black couture gown design. Shirley squealed in excitement, but across the room, Sally did not look happy about it. Shirley said they'd done it, and they would get C.J. and Shifter off their backs. Sally started to say something, but Shirley didn't want to hear any hemming or hawing. She declared that it was "now or never."

Sally contemplated things as she watched R.J. stack a purple gown design on top of the other one he'd just shown Coco.

Bill and Brooke encounter each other in Sydney

Bill and Brooke encounter each other in Sydney

Friday, March 31, 2017

In the Spectra office, Shirley and Saul were impatient that they were picking up invoices instead of more designs from the spy necklace. Sally still wasn't sure about the plan and didn't like using her sister. Saul replied that he didn't, either, but they were desperate. "Who's desperate?" Thomas asked from the doorway.

The Spectra gang claimed that Saul was desperate while searching a dating website. Shirley said Thomas should give Saul pointers, but Saul said he didn't need any. Thomas had always wanted to see how one of those dating sites worked, but Sally slammed shut the laptop, saying that Saul was shy.

Thomas offered for him and Sally to go on a double-date with Saul and whomever he found on the site. Sally sat on the laptop, which was right in front of Saul as he sat at the desk, and she said it was a good idea. Thomas looked perplexed by her sitting on the laptop.

Sally guessed that Thomas was there because he couldn't get enough of her. She slid off the desk, saying that she was free for lunch, and he was buying. Thomas left the office with Sally.

Saul stated that Thomas was all wrong for Sally. To Saul's surprise, Shirley agreed. Shirley said that the closer Sally got to Thomas, the harder it would be for Sally to poach designs. Saul didn't know how they'd get Sally to see that "Mr. Pecs" was all wrong for her.

At Il Giardino, Sally noted that she and Thomas were back in the place that they'd met. Thomas admired Sally for braving the wrath of his sister and family to be with him in Australia. He called her fearless, and she told him to keep going. Thomas joked that she'd had enough compliments for the day.

Taking Sally's hand, Thomas concluded that she was one of a kind, and he hoped that Sydney would be just the beginning for them. Sally called the two families a volatile mix. He said he didn't know everything about her, but he'd have fun finding out. Thomas was surprised that they hadn't wound up sharing a room in Sydney and asked what was holding Sally back. In reply, Sally leaned in and kissed him.

In the design office at Forrester, R.J. and Coco worked. He wanted to know more about her. She said that being a Spectra was pretty much all there was. R.J. said she wasn't her great-aunt, who was the Spectra R.J. knew about. Coco conveyed that she'd been raised by her grams because her parents had left the picture early. It was why she was so excited for R.J. about his family reuniting.

R.J. opened up about his father, who wasn't the typical father. He said Ridge had been a ladies' man back in the day, but by then, Ridge should be married to R.J.'s mother and totally committed to her and to the family. Coco wondered if being Ridge's namesake made R.J. a player, too. R.J. joked that she should ask around about it. He said that he was glad that his father was chilling out with all the scandal and drama from the past.

As R.J. and Coco worked, he asked what she was thinking. She said that R.J. was a good kisser. She guessed that she had to not be, or else he would have tried it again. She'd barely gotten the words out of her mouth before he swooped in and kissed her.

Backstage, Ridge messaged Brooke to find out where she was and what he should tell R.J. Katie arrived. Brooke hadn't told Katie why the wedding had been called off, but Katie believed she knew the answer -- Quinn. Katie had suspected it all along and asked what he was going to tell R.J. Distracted by his phone, Ridge replied that he didn't know.

Katie snatched the phone and asked what had happened when Brooke had looked for him on the beach in Australia. Katie guessed he and Quinn had found a romantic spot to make love. Ridge said not to be ridiculous. He yelled that he'd kissed Quinn, and that was it. Katie repeated that he'd kissed his father's wife the day before he was supposed to marry Katie's sister.

Ridge got his phone back and sent off a message as Katie said she'd had her suspicions, and Brooke hadn't wanted to believe it. Ridge replied that all he'd done had been to kiss Quinn. He said it wasn't a big deal. Katie contended that he'd betrayed his father and R.J., who believed his family would be back together again. Ridge said he would put the family back together, and he would fix it. Katie asked how he'd contain it.

Katie believed Eric would find out about it and wondered if Eric had been right not to trust Ridge a short time back. Ridge stated that nothing had changed, and he would fix the family. Katie asked how Ridge could be attracted to a nutcase. Ridge didn't know what had happened, but he planned to make it up to Brooke.

Ridge suggested that Katie talk to Brooke. Katie was shocked that he expected her to plead his case. Ridge said he needed someone to tell Brooke how sorry he was. Katie didn't think he was sorry. She said he'd known Quinn was unobtainable, so he'd had to go for it. Ridge said he'd thought Katie was his friend, and he didn't need analyzing at that moment.

Katie said Ridge needed a good shrink to tell him why he'd want a woman who'd cheat on her husband with her husband's son. Katie asked if Ridge would repay Eric and Brooke for their love by locking lips with a psycho. Katie guessed that Ridge's ego needed constant feeding, and he'd had to see if his charm still worked. Katie congratulated Ridge on proving that he could still bring women to their knees and asked if it made him feel good about himself.

Though Katie and Brooke had been through a lot, Katie believed that Brooke deserved better. Ridge stated that he wouldn't give up, and he'd win Brooke back. Katie said that Brooke wasn't a doormat, and Katie asked what Ridge thought Bill would do when he found out.

Ridge didn't think Brooke would go back to Bill. Katie asked if Ridge had really ended his "destiny" with Brooke by throwing it away on a cheap thrill. Ridge admitted that he'd screwed up. He didn't know why, and he didn't even like "the woman." Katie said he sounded ridiculous because he'd risked his family over Quinn.

Ridge didn't think he should have left Brooke alone in Australia. Katie replied that Brooke might not be alone because Bill hadn't returned to Los Angeles yet. Ridge said that Bill had better stay away from Brooke. Katie replied that Ridge couldn't do anything about it, and if Bill and Brooke were meant to be together, they would be.

In Australia, Brooke touched empty clothes racks in her closet. She flashed back on the incidences she'd seen between Quinn and Ridge, the times Katie had warned about Quinn and Ridge, and seeing Quinn and Ridge kiss. Brooke sobbed and rushed out of her hotel room.

Brooke wandered around outside the opera house. She sent a call from Ridge to voicemail.

Bill sat outside the opera house. On a call with Justin, Bill said he didn't know when he'd be home. He wasn't ready to get on a plane yet. After the call, Bill flashed back to times he'd had with Brooke. He headed up some stairs and spotted Brooke standing on the far side of the opera house.

Bill strode over to Brooke. She touched his face, and he touched hers. They hugged, and Bill looked relieved.

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