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Jarrett and Coco couldn't shake the familiarity of Sally's designs, but when Thomas arrived at the Spectra showing, he immediately recognized the knockoffs on the runway with Sally.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 10, 2017 on B&B
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The Spectra clan hits the jackpot when their plan finally pays off The Spectra clan hits the jackpot when their plan finally pays off

Monday, April 10, 2017

At Spectra, Darlita was engrossed in the incident unfolding on her laptop with Coco and Rick; however, Coco shocked Darlita by walking into the office. Darlita guessed there was a transmission delay, and Coco asked what Darlita was talking about.

Instructing Coco not to worry, Darlita asked how Rick Forrester was. Coco was puzzled by the question. Darlita asked if Coco knew that his wife was a model at Forrester. Coco replied that Maya didn't trust Coco, but Coco was working on it and had even loaned her brooch to Maya. Relieved, Darlita hugged Coco and said it explained a lot.

In Sally's office, Saul and Shirley discussed whether Sally should break it off with Thomas. Saul didn't like the relationship, but he said that Sally seemed genuinely happy. Shirley stated that men let women down; they came and went, and it was Thomas Forrester's time to go.

Saul asked why all men had to be lumped together. He said he didn't let women down, and he wasn't in and out of women's lives. Shirley quipped that she wasn't talking about Saul. She was talking about men who swept women off their feet. He sarcastically thanked her. She insisted that the only thing trustworthy in life was money.

Darlita rushed into the office, stammering as she tried to explain what had just happened with Coco and the brooch. Shirley asked her to calm down and state the issue. Darlita said that Coco didn't have the "roach" anymore because Coco had given it to Maya, the model. Shirley became worried that Maya would find the camera, but Darlita said that Maya was too busy thinking about her sexy husband to worry about a piece of jewelry.

Shirley wondered what Darlita was talking about, and Darlita led Saul and Shirley to the laptop. Shirley squealed at what she saw on the screen. Darlita though it was hanky-panky, but it turned out to be Rick showing Maya designs. However, Rick was flipping boards really quickly. As Saul took screen captures, he asked about Sally's feelings for Thomas. Shirley asserted that Sally had better be breaking up with Thomas at that very moment.

Later, Saul handed Shirley some color printouts of the designs they'd seen earlier. He was still worried because stealing wasn't Sally's way. Shirley claimed it wasn't her way, either. At his disbelieving stare, she doubled down, insisting that it was business. He hoped Sally would be on board. Shirley yelled that Sally would put the silly relationship with Thomas in the past. "Break her heart, you mean," Saul replied.

At Il Giardino, Thomas convinced Sally to return to the table to talk about their relationship. He knew he should have told her about his son, but he didn't believe that him keeping it from her had made her want to walk away. Sally advised him to go be with his son and son's mother. Thomas asked what Sally wasn't telling him.

Thomas explained that he'd gone to New York to make it work with Caroline, but things had been complicated. When he'd returned home, Sally had turned his confusion into laughter. He'd thought he'd known what he'd wanted, but he'd figured out that he hadn't really known until he'd met Sally.

Sally tried to convince Thomas that they wouldn't work out in the long run and that she didn't fit in with his crowd. Thomas contended that he didn't, either, and it had made him act out as a child. As an adult, he'd been overlooked for the CEO job more than once, and he wondered where he fit in with his family and company. When he'd met Sally, all of his bitterness had seemed to melt away. He no longer worried about office and family politics because he had Sally.

"I do that for you?" Sally asked, softening. She snapped out of it and said it wasn't easy for her, but it was time for a reality check. She believed he needed to return to the people who ate caviar and added that she liked pigs in a blanket. Thomas permitted her to like what she wanted. He wanted her to be herself, the crazy, outrageous Sally.

Thomas said that they had something wonderful, and Sally couldn't let him having a son get in the way of it or the special thing they had between them. Sally didn't know how to be with him while being a Spectra. Thomas didn't know why couples should fit together due to their last names.

Sally reasoned that Thomas would regret trying with her and wonder why he'd done so when a socialite was awaiting him. Thomas stated that he wanted to take the chance. She contended that she'd arrived in Los Angeles on a mission, but all she'd accomplished was kissing him. She wondered what she'd been thinking to chase him to Australia.

Thomas saw it as Sally living a dream worth achieving, but Sally said she was a Spectra who scrapped for a glimmer of what the Forresters were born with. She asked if he really thought she could be a part of his world. She stated that a cushy lifestyle with rich and powerful friends in every country wasn't who she was. He replied that it could be. Sally stated that it would be only if she made it happen -- not because she'd depended upon a man.

Thomas said Sally didn't have to depend upon him, but she should trust him. Scoffing, Sally asked who one could trust in the world. She wished it could be different, but she'd promised her grandmother that she'd stay focused. To help her focus, he offered not to invite her to any events for the next three months. He didn't believe she had to cut him out to be a success.

Sally asked if Thomas had wax in his ears or had never been rejected before. She insisted that he go on and live his life. Thomas didn't think Sally meant it. Sally told him to go on and leave. She suggested that he go to the gym to work off the carbs from lunch. He just stared at her in response. She told him that she didn't want him, but he stated that he didn't believe it.

"Goodbye, Thomas. Ciao. Sayonara," Sally stated. She asked if there was any other way she could say it. Finally, Thomas nodded, got up, and left the table. Sally sobbed.

Thomas and Sally turn to loved ones about their loss of the other

Thomas and Sally turn to loved ones about their loss of the other

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

by Pam

At Spectra, a flashback had the voice of the original Sally Spectra on the microphone rallying her team. Saul, grandson of the original Saul, was cleaning the microphone. Sally entered and was despondent, but Saul tried to cheer her by telling her that he had remembered his grandfather's tales about how the original Sally had used the microphone to pump up the team in tough times. "I fixed it for you," Saul said. Sally half-heartedly thanked him.

Later, Coco greeted Sally and Saul. She had heard about the upcoming fashion show at Spectra. She congratulated Sally for refusing to give up on her dreams, even after Jarrett's review.

Shirley entered and said everything was in working order in the showroom. A sketch of a dress was visible on a nearby desk, and Coco asked to see it, but Saul snatched it away before Coco could get a look at it. Coco said she understood. "It's because I am working at Forrester," she said. Sally confirmed that Darlita had sent out all the invitations, and Shirley asked Darlita to check on RSVPs.

Coco was sure the company would bounce back. Shirley agreed and reminded Coco to get the brooch back because it was an important family piece. Coco nodded and left.

A model entered in a stunning red gown, and Saul said the design needed some finishing touches. Sally couldn't believe the workmanship. A piece of material fell off, and Saul reiterated that it needed finishing touches. Shirley reminded him that it was not Forrester quality and didn't have the Forrester price tag either.

Sally was amazed at the gorgeous gown and asked to see the design. Saul handed her the design, and she could see Thomas Forrester's initials on it. Sally shook her head that they were stealing directly from Thomas -- not even from his grandfather or father. It was Thomas' design. Shirley warned Sally to get Thomas out of her head. Sally admitted she had fallen in love with Thomas. Shirley advised her to stop caring about him. Sally countered that Coco would never speak to them again because of how they had used her.

Shirley disagreed and said that Coco would be angry but would get over it. The company was more important. "You're Sally Spectra -- this is our one chance," she said. She encouraged Sally not to back down. "We are doing this," Shirley said.

Sally wondered if they could delay it -- postpone the fashion show until after Forrester had their show. Shirley argued that the idea was to beat them to the punch. The original Sally Spectra had always tried to beat the Forresters by a week. Sally felt guilty about bootlegging Thomas' designs.

Shirley reminded Sally that her boyfriend was a baby daddy to a socialite, and that was the way things happened. "Sally, you need to come down off that high horse and realize who you are," Shirley said.

Shirley reminded Sally that she was unsophisticated and poor and would never be part of Thomas' world. "Thank God you didn't sleep with him," Shirley said. Sally looked away sadly. Shirley apologized but said somebody "had to tell it to you straight." Thomas would soon return to his socialite baby mama, and that was where he belonged. "You need to face it and put it in the past. Forget about Thomas Forrester," Shirley said.

At Forrester, Steffy and Thomas discussed that Thomas had been distracted by Sally. Steffy suggested that Thomas meet some other women. Thomas said he had been serious about Sally, but he said it was over. "She broke it off with me," he said. He added that she had been blindsided when she'd found out about Douglas and Caroline. Steffy thought he would have told her, but Thomas said he had not. "So she broke up with you because you have a kid? Classy," Steffy said.

Ridge entered and said the designs Thomas had delivered were the most exciting he had seen in years. They beat Ridge's and Eric's. He pointed to three of his favorite designs, all Thomas Forrester originals.

Thomas thanked Ridge, and Ridge said he was sorry things hadn't worked out with Sally. However, Ridge was proud of Thomas. He said the new line was the greatest line ever. "Wow, Dad, that's a really big compliment," Thomas said. Ridge said he was sincere. The company had weathered a storm. "Wait 'til the world gets a load of this," he said.

At Spencer, Bill and Wyatt discussed that Bill was giving Brooke some space, but he knew they would get back together. In the meantime, he had a business to run and an expansion project. Jarrett interrupted, and Bill told him he was nuts to interrupt. Jarret was insistent. "Wyatt, if you don't mind," Jarrett said. Jarrett explained that he had received a very classy invitation that would be of interest to Bill. It was a fashion show invitation. He handed it to Bill, and Bill admitted it was impressive.

Jarrett said it was from Spectra, and he reminded Bill that Bill had written a review that had completely trashed "that poor girl and her company." Wyatt was amazed that Bill had written it. Jarrett agreed that he had refused.

Bill countered that he wanted the building. Jarrett and Wyatt joked that Bill wanted mirrors because he liked mirrors. "I do," Bill admitted. Jarrett said he wanted to let Bill know that Spectra had gotten the attention of the fashion world, and Jarrett would not be the only writer in attendance. "I am here to tell you I will be writing an honest review," Jarrett said.

Bill scoffed that Jarrett had been "puffing out your chest." Jarrett countered that other writers would notice Sally's talent. He expected a full crowd at the showing. Bill chastised Jarrett for undermining his efforts to build a monument of high-end car dealers, bowling alleys, and a food market.

Bill insisted that Jarrett had to write a scathing review because he wanted Sally to close up so C.J. could sell him "that pile of rubble."

Bill reminded Jarrett that he worked for Spencer Publications, and Bill owned Jarrett Maxwell, the building, and everything in it. Jarrett left.

Wyatt pulled up information on Sally on his tablet. He said Sally was hot. Bill was happy that Wyatt had noticed and might be getting over Steffy. Bill added that Sally had been at the wedding as Thomas' date. She had seemed genuine.

Bill wondered how Sally was getting money because her loan shark wasn't giving her any more money. "Sally Spectra designs can't compete with the Forresters," Bill announced.

Bill advised Wyatt to stay away from Sally Spectra because he planned to send her packing. Wyatt wondered if she was capable of the kind of espionage the Spectras had used in the old days. Bill doubted that anyone could mess with Forrester security. "Not many people could pull that off," he said.

At Forrester, Thomas recalled spending time with Sally in Australia. He flashed back to jumping in the water with her and kissing her. He also recalled her words when she had dumped him.

At Spectra, Sally also flashed back to kissing Thomas. She shook it off and grabbed the newly fixed microphone. "Attention, please. All hands on deck. Grams, Saul, Darlita -- get in here," she said. The entire team and some additional workers crowded into her office. She reminded everyone that she had promised her Great-Aunt Sally that she would resurrect Spectra and "that's exactly what we are going to do."

Sally promised the "best damned fashion show." She wanted everyone to give it their all. The show had to sizzle. "Mark my words -- this ragtag pirate ship is heading straight for the stars," she said.

RJ assures Coco that he has her back

RJ assures Coco that he has her back

> RJ assures Coco that he has her back

RJ assures Coco that he has her back

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

by Nel

At Spectra, Sally walked through the showroom and observed the preparations for their fashion show, and she appeared pleased. Saul presented a few details to her attention, and he hoped Sally was pleased. He was very excited because after the fashion show, they would be in the money. Sally told Saul that she needed to get some air, and she left.

In the office, Shirley coached Darlita on how to plan the seating arrangements for the fashion show. Saul lamented to Shirley that they were on the brink of success, yet Sally was very unhappy. Saul said that Sally was broken up about losing Thomas. Shirley stated that it had been a preventable problem, and it was Sally's own fault. Shirley stated that when someone whined about a preventable problem and people said, "Bless your heart," then that person just went on about their business.

Saul said that Sally hadn't been whining -- she was just sad. He knew that Coco would be, as well, when Thomas' little brother figured out how Spectra had gotten their designs and Coco discovered that Spectra had stolen Forrester's designs.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas made a few adjustments to his latest creation. He recalled his time in Australia with Sally and the wonderful time they'd spent together. Steffy arrived and admired Thomas' work. She admitted that he was an excellent designer. Steffy realized that Thomas was still down about his breakup with Sally and offered to get him a latte.

In Steffy's office, Thomas told R.J. that Sally had broken things off with him. R.J. wanted to know if Sally had given him any reason. Thomas admitted that Sally's reason had been the usual -- that they were from two different worlds. R.J. suggested that perhaps Sally had been having a bad day. Thomas explained that Sally was volatile, and things were bigger and better or bigger and worse. Thomas confessed that he'd reached out to Sally, but she hadn't returned his calls. Thomas told R.J. that he wasn't going to leave it that way. Thomas showed R.J. the gift he had for Sally.

In the design office, Maya told Coco she was surprised that Spectra had planned a fashion show. Coco admitted that it had surprised her as well. Coco confessed that she hadn't seen any of the designs. Maya found that strange, but Nicole guessed that if was probably because Coco worked at Forrester Creations, and it would have put Coco into a difficult position. After Coco left, Nicole assured Maya that Coco was a good person, but Maya still thought it strange the Coco hadn't been privy to Spectra's designs. Nicole assured Maya that Coco wasn't an evil mastermind.

R.J. and Coco worked on the plans for the Forrester fashion show. Coco told R.J. that people were still unsure about her. R.J. reassured her that he'd always have her back. He then mentioned that Sally had broken up with Thomas. Coco was surprised because she hadn't known about the breakup. Coco was concerned what that meant for the Forresters and Spectra. R.J. and Coco kissed. Coco told R.J. that he was going to get her fired. R.J. reiterated that he'd always take care of her.

At Giardino's, Sally saw Steffy seated at a table and approached her. Steffy looked over at the dessert table and saw a cake. Sally assured her it was going to be a low carb conversation. Sally wanted to apologize, and Steffy offered to treat Sally to lunch. Steffy asked if Sally intended to throw food at Steffy. Sally chortled and promised she wouldn't.

Sally said she wasn't there for a photo op, but to apologize because Sally knew she'd gotten under Steffy's skin. Steffy agreed that Sally had, but smiled and mentioned how she'd put Sally's face in a cake. Sally admitted that Steffy had more class and sophistication than Sally ever would.

Steffy admitted that it hadn't been her first food fight. Sally was surprised and asked who had won the first one. Steffy revealed it had been the dry cleaners. Sally stated she knew Steffy hated her for attending Steffy's wedding. Steffy admitted it had been as much Thomas' fault as Sally's. Steffy stated that there had always been sibling rivalry, and they always wanted to one up each other. Sally said that Thomas adored Steffy. Steffy mentioned that Thomas was head over heels about Sally.

Sally said that Thomas didn't really know her. Steffy knew that Sally had broken it off with Thomas, and he'd never know why. Sally admitted she wasn't like Steffy and that in Sydney, she'd forgotten everything. She'd felt like an aristocrat on the lawn of the Opera House then with the Champagne, the views, and the witty conversation. Everything the Forresters did involved maintaining quality. Sally admitted that coming back to earth had been a really long fall for her.

Steffy said it had been a celebration. They'd been on a different continent, and they'd all had to come back down to earth. Steffy wondered if that was the reason Sally had ended it with Thomas -- it didn't make sense to her. Sally said it would soon enough. Sally needed to leave, and Steffy understood how crazy things got the day before a show. Steffy asked if Sally felt good about the show. Sally admitted that they had put everything they had into it. Steffy wished her luck and said they'd do great.

Sally asked why Steffy wasn't ready for Sally to fail. Steffy admitted that she wasn't mad at Sally, and they weren't after the same market share. A win for a fashion house was a win for all of them. Sally asked if Steffy's parents had taught her that or if she was self-taught.

Sally explained that she had always believed that manners were about all the right words -- please, thank you, I beg your pardon -- but Steffy had shown her that they had to be heartfelt, natural, and real. Sally wished they could have been friends. Steffy noted that stranger things had happened. Sally admitted it had been nice chatting with Steffy. She asked Steffy to always remember that about her and left.

Later, Saul was on the phone, demanding that the dresses be in the Spectra office in the morning. Thomas arrived, and Saul panicked when he saw Shirley was about to enter with the knockoff designs on a rack. Saul hustled Thomas into Sally's office and yelled that Thomas had no business being there because Sally didn't want anything to do with him. Saul stated very bluntly that Sally deserved someone permanent and better than Thomas. Thomas smirked and asked if Sally needed a skinny dude with a tape measure around his neck, who had a crush on his boss.

Before Thomas left, he asked Saul to give Sally his gift. As Thomas left Sally's office, he saw a rack of dresses that had been covered. When he tried to peek, Shirley stopped him. Thomas smiled and left.

In Sally's office, Saul ripped open Thomas' love note and read it. He then opened the gift and found a replica of the Sydney Opera House. In anger, Saul threw it into the trash. Shirley entered the office and noted that Saul appeared guilt-ridden. He claimed to be a terrible person. Shirley felt that Sally needed to get her head together and stated that it was either Spectra Fashions or Thomas.

In the meantime, as Thomas exited the building, he and Sally bumped into each other. Sally asked why he was at Spectra when things between them were over. Sally claimed they'd never had a chance. Sally told him that he'd find out the type of person she was very soon. Thomas said he loved her, and he kissed her. At first, Sally returned the kiss, but she suddenly broke away and told Thomas to leave her alone. After Thomas left, Sally tore off the Spectra sign and threw it on the ground in a fit of anger.

Shirley forces Sally to stay on target

Shirley forces Sally to stay on target

Thursday, April 13, 2017

At Spencer, Bill handed C.J. an even higher offer for the Spectra land. Bill said he needed the parcel because it would be the cornerstone of the Spencer expansion project. C.J. replied that it wasn't all up to him. His mother had said that if the fashion house was a success, it would stay in the family; however, if it wasn't, they'd shut down and sell the whole thing to Bill. C.J. said it all depended upon the outcome of the Spectra showing that day.

Later, Jarrett arrived, wondering if he'd just seen C.J. boarding the elevator. Agreeing, Bill replied that he'd changed his mind about the property, which meant that Jarrett wasn't off the hook for the Spectra showing. Wyatt asked about the possibility that Jarrett would like the collection. "He won't. Will he?" Bill asked Jarrett.

Bill was surprised that Sally was committing professional suicide that day and remarked that anyone else would have folded after Jarrett's first review. Wyatt reasoned that Bill had to give her credit for her chutzpah. Bill stated that chutzpah didn't pay the bills, and the days of successful Spectra fashion shows had passed.

Bill handed Jarrett a purchase agreement. He wanted Jarrett to give it to C.J. the moment the show was over. Jarrett conveyed that he wouldn't be the only press there, and there had been a lot of buzz about the event. Bill didn't care how many word slingers would be there, and he ordered Jarrett to get the agreement signed.

Wyatt looked up from his laptop to watch Jarrett leave. Wyatt's gaze fell back down to his screen, and Watt grinned at the picture of Sally from a fashion article.

At Forrester, R.J. asked Thomas what Sally had said the other day. Thomas relayed that Sally wanted them to go their separate ways before they began to dislike each other. "As if she could do anything to make me dislike her," Thomas said.

In the Spectra showroom, the Champagne flowed. People hustled to get ready for the showing. On stage, Sally convened a meeting to give everyone a pep talk. When Shirley saw Coco walk in the room, Shirley hastily sent everyone back to work and signaled for Sally to deal with Coco. Saul expressed to Darlita that Coco couldn't see the gowns before they hit the runway.

Coco beamed to Sally that the showroom was just like the one at Forrester. Sally asked why Coco wasn't at Forrester. Coco said she hadn't wanted to miss Spectra's big day. She offered to help backstage, but the Spectra gang convinced her that there was plenty to do up front.

Coco received a call from R.J., who wanted to attend the event. She was sure it was fine, but when she put the phone to her chest and asked Sally for permission, Sally said it was a bad idea. Saul, Darlita, and Shirley echoed the sentiment, and Shirley said, "Let me speak to him."

Coco declined and got back on the phone to let R.J. know that her family wasn't "on board." Taken aback that her family didn't want him there, R.J. wished her the best. After the call ended, Sally told Coco that it was for the best, and Coco would understand it soon enough.

Back at Forrester, R.J. and Thomas were perplexed about why the Spectras didn't want R.J. to attend the showing. R.J. stated that it wasn't as if the designs were top secret, and the whole world would see them that day.

Later, R.J. revealed that he'd sent Coco a corsage. He hoped it wasn't lame to do so. Thomas replied that it was definitely lame, but Coco would find it sweet. R.J. was sorry about how things had turned out for Sally and Thomas. Thomas admitted that he hadn't expected it after Australia, but he'd gotten it wrong.

Backstage, Shirley glanced at some gowns on a rack and flashed back to her sister striding out on the runway before a Spectra show. Saul snapped Shirley out of it as he expressed his concern about keeping Coco away from the backstage area where the designs were.

Shirley went to the showroom to have a word with Coco. Shirley knew that Coco was confused about the reason R.J. couldn't attend the showing. Shirley said the internship had been good for Coco, but rubbing elbows with the hoity-toity people wouldn't last forever. "It's going to come to an end, and you need to face that," Shirley advised.

Coco said that the internship meant everything to her. Shirley responded that Coco wasn't one of the one percenters. Instead, Coco was a Spectra, and Spectras scratched and clawed their way to the top. As Shirley said people like the Forresters got hurt by it, Coco asserted that she didn't want any part of being a Spectra if it meant doing things she wasn't proud of.

Shirley replied that Coco would always be one of them. Shirley ordered Coco to embrace it and never apologize for it, no matter what happened.

In Sally's office, C.J. arrived and expressed concern to Sally about how extravagant the showroom seemed to be. Sally replied that one had to spend money to make it. He asserted that she didn't have money and was in debt already. C.J. stated that he loved her; however, if the show wasn't on point and a huge success, Spectra Fashions would close its doors that day for good.

After C.J. left, Sally flashed back to a moment in Australia with Thomas. Shirley arrived, cooing about the place filling up. Shirley said they'd outfoxed the Forresters. Sally replied that they'd stolen designs. Shirley summed it up as robbing the rich to give to the poor. Sally stated that they weren't giving away anything. Instead, they were charging for knockoffs.

Noting that she'd hurt Thomas and that her sister's world was about to fall apart, Sally concluded that the people she loved were paying the price for the deceit. She wondered what the purpose was in throwing away the rare honor Sally and Coco had to get to know the Forresters. Shirley replied that they were reviving their business and a family name that was also one to be proud of. "Not like this," Sally contended.

Shirley said it had been exactly like that. In her view, no one had handed her sister anything, and her sister had worked hard to afford a lavish retirement. Shirley said no one had handed her sister anything, and her sister had outsmarted the Forresters.

Sally questioned whether stealing designs was outsmarting the Forresters and said it served them right if they went to jail. Shirley asserted that no one would go to jail, and Sally and Coco would have been dumped by the "Forrester dudes" either way. Shirley advised Sally to own the runway and prove that independent women didn't need men or high-and-mighty Forresters.

Sally said that Shirley kept characterizing the Forresters that way, but the Forresters were good people. Shirley thought Sally needed to be rallying the troops instead of being mushy. She reminded Sally that the buyers were the judge and jury that would decide the Spectra future.

Sally asked for a minute alone. Shirley marched out of the office. Sally glanced at pictures in her phone. One was of herself and Thomas, and the other was of herself with Coco. Sally strode out of the office, gazed at Sally's recycle poster, and headed for the showroom.

Back in the showroom, Jarrett was surprised to encounter a pre-show mingling atmosphere just like he had many times before at Forrester. Shirley greeted him, saying that she had a special seat for him up front. Shirley said she could double-guarantee that he'd see a whole new collection from Sally Spectra that day.

Backstage, Sally saw Coco approaching the entrance and rolled a black curtain up to block Coco's view of the models getting ready. Coco had located Sally to say that Coco was proud of Sally, and Coco believed that Aunt Sally would also be. Coco was impressed that Sally hadn't given up after the bad review, and Coco stated that the whole world would see Sally's true talent.

Sally started to speak, but Coco began going on about how Sally had been there for Coco. Sally had been a parent and sister at once, and Coco was thankful for it. Sally didn't feel she deserved it because she wasn't the sister Coco thought she was.

A man approached with a delivery for Coco. Coco read the accompanying card, which said that Coco and Sally had proven R.J.'s family wrong about them. R.J. wished for an awesome fashion show. Coco found a corsage in the accompanying box. She said the Forresters hadn't thought she and Sally could be trusted, but they'd proven that they could be.

Coco revealed that she'd started to think of R.J. as a boyfriend. The relationship wasn't official, but she cared for him just like Sally did for Thomas. Coco believed it could still work out for her sister and Thomas. Sally asserted that it couldn't, and it had become impossible.

Shirley approached to ask Coco to smoosh Jarrett. Coco hugged Sally, expressed love for her sister, and took off. Sally wiped away tears and gazed out at the gathering guests.

Bill shares with Wyatt the plan he has for the old Spectra building

Bill shares with Wyatt the plan he has for the old Spectra building

Friday, April 14, 2017

At Forrester, Thomas showed R.J. a design Sally had inspired Thomas to draw. R.J. wondered how the showing was going at Spectra. R.J. received a selfie Coco had taken with the corsage. She messaged that she felt as if she was at prom but didn't have a date. She wished that R.J. could be at the Spectra show with her.

Thomas was sad that Sally had ended things right before the showing. He'd wanted to be there for her. R.J. urged Thomas to go anyway. R.J. said that his brother was Thomas Forrester, and "they" would be privileged to have him there. R.J. also thought Sally would want Thomas to be there, even if she'd said she didn't.

Thomas told his brother that Sally had said she'd be a disappointment to him. R.J. assumed that Sally had broken it off with Thomas because she'd been overwhelmed about the fashion show. Believing that R.J. might be right, Thomas grabbed his backpack and said he'd check out the show. R.J. asked Thomas to pass greetings along to Coco, and Thomas asked if R.J. wanted Thomas to pass on a kiss, too. R.J. and Thomas laughed mockingly, and Thomas exited.

At Spencer, Bill stroked his new building model. Wyatt advised his father not to count Spectra out because Spectra always seemed to rebound. Bill replied that it was because, in the past, the real Sally had run the place and hadn't had Dollar Bill to contend with.

Bill wanted Wyatt to reserve a wrecking crew for the next day. Wyatt asked if Bill was sure because it would cost a ton of money to cancel it. Bill asserted that he'd own the Spectra building by the end of the day, and by the end of the next day, the building would be rubble.

Wyatt scheduled the crew and said it would begin demolition the next day. Wyatt hoped that Bill knew what he was doing but quickly added that he was sure Bill did. Wyatt reminded his father that other journalists would be at the event. Bill replied that Jarrett's review would be the only one that counted. Bill stated that Sally Spectra and her bunch of misfits couldn't compete with Forrester Creations.

At Spectra, excitement filled the air as the guests awaited the first showing from the company in years. Sally and Shirley went backstage, and Sally was perplexed to see that the models were still in robes. Shirley said it was to keep the designs from Coco for as long as possible. Sally said Coco would know right away that the designs were stolen. Shirley corrected that the designs were Sally's -- with a little help from her friends.

Sally gave her crew a pep talk that ended in everyone chanting, "We are Spectra." Sally strode out on stage and started up the show with a quick introduction. The music started, and gowns began to float down the runway.

Backstage, Shirley hot-glued pieces back onto gowns, and Saul cautioned a model not to move certain ways because, otherwise, the whole back would fall out of the dress.

Back in the showroom, C.J. sat behind Jarrett and remarked that the designs were impressive. Jarrett replied that things were very interesting and asked C.J. if all the designs belonged to Sally. C.J. asked whom else.

The talk was interrupted when Bill called Jarrett for an update on how Sally was bombing. Jarrett replied that the dresses were spectacular -- too spectacular. Upset, Bill asked what Jarrett was talking about. Jarrett cryptically replied that he had a hunch and ended the call.

C.J. said that the show wasn't anything like he'd expected. Jarrett replied that he couldn't agree more. C.J. guessed that Spectra would live another day, which was too bad for Jarrett's boss.

C.J. left, and Jarrett pulled out a recorder to take down his thoughts. Jarrett noted that the designs seemed too good. They differed from what he'd seen at the preview. The designs then had signified raw talent, but the new designs had refinement and restraint. He concluded that the whole thing reeked of Forrester Creations.

At the end of the runway, Coco studied the designs as if she couldn't put her finger on what was going on with them. Darlita tried to take Coco to the lobby for a snack, but Coco said she was good. As she studied more dresses, she remarked to Darlita that the dresses were Forrester quality and reminded Coco of something Eric, Ridge, or Thomas would design.

As Coco continued to view the gowns, flashes of sketches from Forresters went through her mind. Coco told Darlita that the gowns were too similar. Coco recalled that she'd refused to be a plant at Forrester, but somehow, the gowns in the showing had been stolen.

Backstage, Shirley told Sally she'd be the talk of the town the next day. Shirley could already hear the sound of orders pouring in. Sally said the crowd seemed to like them. Shirley replied that it loved them. "We did it, didn't we?" Sally asked. Shirley corrected that Sally had done it.

Shirley called Sally a genius designer and told Los Angeles to meet the new face in couture fashion. Hugging Sally, Shirley expressed pride in her granddaughter. The show ended, and Shirley used the microphone backstage to introduce "the one and only" Sally Spectra.

The crowd gave Sally a standing ovation as she took to the stage. Just then, Thomas arrived and winked at Sally as she soaked in the applause. One by one, the models gathered around Sally, and Thomas' smile disappeared as he stared at the gowns. His eyes narrowed on Sally, who stared back at him with eyes filled with guilt.

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