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Liam found out about Bill's fake review and convinced Steffy to tell Thomas. Thomas' statement to the judge saved Sally from prison, and Thomas' money saved Spectra from demolition.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 8, 2017 on B&B
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Liam learns what Bill did to Sally Liam learns what Bill did to Sally

Monday, May 8, 2017

At Spencer, Liam and Wyatt discussed their father's upcoming wedding. Liam was surprised it hadn't taken place yet, and Wyatt relayed that Bill wanted to buy a piece of property first.

C.J. arrived to say that he was still trying to make Bill's deal happen. Wyatt introduced C.J. to Liam and tried to ask Liam to let him talk to C.J. alone; however, the curious Liam gleaned that the deal was about the real estate for the Spencer Tower. C.J. explained that Bill had wanted the Spectra building, but C.J. had given Sally a shot first. "But clearly it's not happening, especially since she got busted for stealing from the Forresters," C.J. concluded.

Wyatt asked if he could call C.J. about it later. After C.J. had gone, Liam concluded that it was a conflict of interest for Bill. "Okay, here we go," Wyatt murmured. Liam elaborated that the reason Bill wanted Spectra to fail was so that Bill could get the land. Wyatt said it wasn't the only reason and reminded Liam of Bill's shares in Forrester. Liam asked when Bill had started caring about the shares. Wyatt replied that earnings were earnings.

Liam linked the scathing review to Bill's desire for the property, but Wyatt said open space was hard to locate downtown. Liam asked if he was supposed to believe it was a coincidence. To Liam, it appeared to be an ethics issue, and at best, it was questionable. Wyatt replied that it was why Bill didn't tell Liam anything, and Wyatt told Liam to stop reading into things.

Liam claimed it was Wyatt who was telling Liam that there was something to read into. Wyatt advised Liam to forget about it and said Wyatt and Bill could handle it.

Later, Jarrett arrived and asked if "Master Spencer" had wanted to see him. Liam said he'd been talking to Wyatt and C.J., and Liam was starting to understand why Bill wanted Spectra to fail. Liam said Bill wanted to buy Spectra's building, which was a conflict of interest. Liam stated that Wyatt wouldn't talk about it. Jarrett said he felt terrible about it.

Liam asked if the showing Jarrett had reviewed had really been that bad. A flashback of the review played as Jarrett explained that he'd been the only reporter there, and Sally had worked hard. He called the designs unruly and raw but unique. He felt that, in time, she could be a good designer. Liam asked why Jarrett hadn't written it. Jarrett replied that he had.

On his phone, Jarrett pulled up his real review. As Liam read it, he said it wasn't the one that Spencer had published. Jarrett stated that Bill had refused to publish it. Liam quickly figured out that Bill had written the review that had been published. Jarrett said he'd been sworn to secrecy. Liam asserted that it changed everything. Liam said it had sent Sally on a downward spiral, and though it didn't change what Spectra had done, it explained a lot.

Jarrett stated that it had ruined Sally. Liam added that it had all been because his father wanted a stupid building.

At Il Giardino, Ridge asked Brooke to say there would never be a place for him in her heart ever again. Brooke said that Bill was right. She was committed to Bill and would have a life with him. Ridge asked for a moment with Brooke, but Bill refused to give even a second. "I win; you lose. It's as simple as that," Bill said.

Ridge asked if Brooke really wanted to sign up for that type of thing. Bill concluded that whatever Ridge had done, it had to be pretty bad because it had cost Ridge the best woman of Ridge's life. Ridge told Brooke that he'd never give up on her, and he exited.

Bill told Brooke that he almost felt sorry for Ridge. Bill got that Brooke empathized with Ridge, but Bill felt that she'd been a glutton for punishment for too long. He asked her to put the relationship in proper perspective. Bill stated that Ridge couldn't hurt her anymore, and from then on, it was all about her and Bill.

At Bill and Brooke's table later, she wondered if Ridge and Bill could ever get along -- if only for R.J.'s sake. Bill could only promise to be a good role model for R.J. Bill said he could teach R.J. to be a gentleman and how to be truly committed to a woman. Bill wanted to make a plan for the wedding, but he said there was one thing he had to take care of first. Brooke asked what it was, and he responded that it was just a matter of a property he had to get ahold of.

During the meal, Bill received a call from Wyatt. He said that he'd just talked to C.J., and Sally would default on another payment, which meant the building would be Spencer's. Wyatt warned Bill that Liam had been asking a lot of questions. Wyatt hadn't known how to answer them, but he agreed with Bill that it was best to keep it all quiet, especially the part about Jarrett's review.

After the call, Bill felt the irresistible urge to neigh and stomp his feet. Brooke tried to calm him down. He said it was the stallion in him, and everything was going his way. He had Brooke, and he was about to close on the building deal. She said she'd never seen him so excited. Bill exclaimed that as soon as he closed the deal, they'd get hitched.

Brooke asked Bill to tell her about the deal. Bill asked if she could keep a secret. He revealed that he was buying the Spectra building. Brooke said that the old thing was falling down. Bill called it a piece of junk -- and the perfect spot for his tower. He went on about the mirrored building, and Brooke said he did love his mirrors.

Bill said it was for their future. He added that it was too bad that Sally had robbed Forrester and hadn't fulfilled her dream. Brooke thought it was sad and the end of an era. Bill added that it was the beginning of them, and they'd get married right after he acquired the Spectra building.

In the judge's chambers, the Spectra crew awaited Carter, who was on the phone in the corridor. Saul felt that Thomas should have spoken up for Sally before the charges had been filed, but Sally said she'd always be grateful to Thomas. Carter entered and informed the judge that he'd been conferring with Eric, and after Eric had heard about Thomas' support of Sally, Eric had decided to forgo legal charges and pursue only damages.

Carter said that Spectra Fashions had to be done, which meant that all the assets would be seized, and damages would be paid. Carter asserted that Spectra Fashions could not interfere with Forrester Creations again. Sally's lawyer, Mr. Polinski, wanted to talk it over with Sally, but she immediately took the deal without consultation.

The judge called it a wise decision. He said he didn't expect to see her again, and she was free to go. Sally thanked Carter, but Carter said the thanks should go to Thomas.

At Spectra later, Darlita hugged Sally to congratulate her. Sally thanked Polinski, and Shirley asked if he'd let his work be pro bono. Polinski said he'd be in touch, and he exited.

Shirley wanted Darita to go out for a box of celebratory wine, but Sally said they couldn't afford it and had nothing. Saul reasoned that she had her freedom. Sally replied that it was all she had, and Spectra was finished. Saul said they all had each other, and it was all that mattered.

Darlita asserted that they couldn't give up. Shirley explained to Darlita that they had no assets, and everything down to Darlita's cheese puffs would be taken. Saul wanted to find a smaller office space, but Sally said it wouldn't make a difference because she didn't have what it took to be a designer. She announced that she was leaving town, and Spectra was just a memory.

At Forrester, Thomas arrived in the CEO's office. Steffy guessed he'd been to Sally's hearing. Thomas admitted that he'd made a statement on Sally's behalf. Upset, Steffy said they couldn't let Sally get away with knocking off their line. Thomas agreed, saying Sally should pay damages but shouldn't go to jail. Steffy guessed that Thomas was still in love with Sally.

Carter arrived and updated Thomas and Steffy on the decision that Eric had made about Spectra. Steffy wasn't happy about suing for damages. She said it amounted to nothing because the Spectras had nothing. Carter pointed out that without assets or capital, it was effectively the end of Spectra.

Carter left, and Steffy hoped Sally was grateful. Thomas asked Steffy to admit that she was a little happy that Sally hadn't ended up in prison. Steffy said she took comfort in it, but it was time for Thomas to move on. He replied that he couldn't help but wonder if things would have been different if Sally hadn't caved to copying the designs. Thomas felt that Sally's grandmother and aunt were complicit. Steffy stated that he wasn't dating them, and Sally owed him more respect.

Thomas didn't believe Sally had set out to steal from them. Instead, Sally had wanted to fulfill a dream and do it the right way. However, something had steered Sally off track.

Later, Thomas was alone when he received a call from Sally, who thanked him for standing up for her. She said that Spectra was done. There was nothing left for her, so she was leaving California. She didn't think she had a right to ask, but she wanted to see him once more before she left. He said that he wanted to see her, too. Sally stated that she wouldn't be able to thank him enough for saving her.

Sally and Thomas say goodbye

Sally and Thomas say goodbye

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill used a toy bulldozer on his desk to destroy a toy building with a Spectra sign on it. Wyatt entered, and Bill told him that he was using visualization to make his dreams come true. Bill promised that by the end of the day, Spectra would be a pile of rubble.

Wyatt questioned Bill's motives. They discussed that Sally would get no prison time because Thomas had stepped up to defend her. Wyatt wondered what Bill had against her. Bill claimed he liked her and that she was "perfectly pleasant," but he wanted her to get out of his building.

Bill had discovered that she didn't have money to pay the rent. Bill explained that he would meet C.J. at Spectra later in the day in order to complete the deal. He looked forward to starting his building, and he caressed the model of his skyscraper.

Wyatt asked about the review Bill had written under Jarrett's name. Wyatt argued that it was cruel to tear Sally down under Jarrett's byline. Bill admitted he had taken over because it was how he had built his business.

Wyatt noted that Bill had destroyed Sally. Jarrett had seen promise in Sally, and Bill was "building a skyscraper on the wreckage of someone's dreams." Bill was unsympathetic. He wanted to build his skyscraper.

At Spectra, all the employees were packing to leave. Shirley encouraged everyone to be careful as they moved items because they would relocate. Sally was discouraged. She looked around the room at posters of the original Sally Spectra. Shirley lamented that one day, they had been soaring, and the next, they were packing up and getting out.

Sally lamented that she had made the wrong choice. She couldn't pay the rent, and C.J. would soon pick up the keys. Saul noted that they had worked as a team to make some bad decisions. They all agreed that closing up was better than seeing Sally "rotting away in some prison." Sally nodded and said she would be in prison if it hadn't been for Thomas.

Sally and Saul discussed that she would be leaving town. Saul wished she wouldn't leave. Saul hated the thought of her being all alone in the world somewhere. "Just say the word, and I'm in the car," he said of leaving with her.

Sally thanked Saul but said she had to do it on her own and figure out what to do next. She promised she wouldn't disappear. They would all stay in touch.

Darlita was emotional about losing daily contact with Saul, Sally, and Shirley. Saul said that Sally had promised they would all stay in touch. Sally told the gang that she had hoped to say goodbye to Thomas in person. She wondered if he would show up at the office before she left.

At Forrester, Steffy and Thomas were in the CEO's office, and she told him that he and the entire Forrester team had done amazing work. "Especially you," she said. Thomas asked why, and Steffy said that she knew he had been under a lot of pressure. She realized that Sally would have been in prison without Thomas.

Thomas insisted that it had been the right thing to do. Steffy acknowledged that in spite of everything, Thomas was still in love with Sally. Thomas noted that Sally had at one time had a real shot at being a fashion designer, but Jarrett's review had destroyed her. Steffy said it was just one review, but Thomas recalled that he had seen the hit Sally had taken as a result. He felt that if she'd had a chance, she would never have needed to steal Forrester designs, but she had been desperate. He explained that Sally had asked him to meet her before she left town, and Thomas planned to see her. Thomas left, and Liam entered.

Liam had overheard that Sally was closing Spectra. Steffy pointed out that Sally had no choice but to leave and start over. Liam explained that Sally had been wrong, but he wondered if Steffy would be any more forgiving if she knew that Sally had been sabotaged.

Steffy wondered what Liam meant. Liam explained that it was all the result of a real estate transaction because his dad wanted the Spectra property to develop his own building. Liam felt that Bill had pushed Sally to stealing because of the bad review that Jarrett had given her.

Steffy said that Jarrett's review had had nothing to do with Bill, but Liam revealed that he had learned that Jarrett hadn't written the review; Bill had. Liam said that Jarrett had admitted to him that he had liked Sally's designs. His dad had insisted that he'd wanted to sink Sally because he wanted the building. Steffy gasped and said the review couldn't have been Bill's. She asked if Liam had seen the original review.

Liam said he had learned that Jarrett had seen "talent and hustle and potential" in Sally's designs. He didn't want to excuse what Sally had done. But he added that his dad's manipulations had cost Sally her business, and it had cost Thomas a relationship with Sally. "I wish you hadn't told me this," Steffy said.

Liam asked Steffy if she didn't think Thomas should know. Steffy argued that Bill might have arranged the circumstances, but Sally had gotten off and had walked away from all the harm she had caused.

Liam argued that Thomas had a right to know. Steffy disagreed. She said that Sally had targeted her and her business. Steffy wanted Sally gone and out of Thomas' life. Liam asked if Steffy could keep the truth from Thomas forever.

At Spectra, Thomas entered the office, and Shirley thanked him for all he had done. Shirley, Saul, and Darlita agreed. Sally and Thomas went into her office.

Sally said she was packing up and moving out. She didn't know how to thank Thomas. She had wanted to see him so she could look him in the eye and apologize. She promised to always be grateful.

Thomas asked where Sally would move. Sally said she would return home and "work at the bakery with Grams probably." Thomas wanted her to stay in design. She said she had to step away from it for a while, but she'd had one last design in her. She handed it to him.

Thomas said the design was elegant, refined, and gorgeous. "What was your inspiration?" he asked. "You," Sally answered. She explained that he had made her feel like a Forrester.

Thomas asked Sally to change her plans and stay. He wanted to give it time for forgiveness. Sally said it would be worth staying, but she couldn't forgive herself.

Sally lamented that she had squandered the biggest, brightest, and best moment of her life. She noted they had great memories from Australia. She flashed back to their time in Australia and their first meeting in the bar. She recalled that he had kissed her out of nowhere, but Thomas teased that he had been planning that for a while.

Sally told Thomas that Australia had been magical. She told him she would never forget him. She'd had a dream come true, and the best part had been with him. They kissed goodbye. "Thomas, I'll never forget you," she said.

Steffy tells Thomas the truth about Sally and her company

Steffy tells Thomas the truth about Sally and her company

> Steffy tells Thomas the truth about Sally and her company

Steffy tells Thomas the truth about Sally and her company

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill bragged to Emmy about his smoked glass and mirrored building. She didn't get what was so important about smoked glass. Bill explained: "You can see through it, yet you can't." She smiled.

Wyatt and C.J. entered, and Emmy worried that people had gotten past her desk because she hadn't been there. "Do you have an appointment," she shouted at Wyatt and C.J. "They're okay," Bill said. Emmy left.

Bill discussed with C.J. that he wanted to close the deal on the Spectra building. C.J. told Bill that it wasn't that easy. He wondered what kind of orders Sally had and if Shifty had given her another loan. Bill said he understood it was delicate because it was family. Bill offered to accompany C.J. "I'm gonna show you how it's done," Bill said. Before Bill left the office, he advised Wyatt not to use his phone and pretend he was Bill. "But lunch gets here so much faster," Wyatt said.

After Bill and C.J. left, Wyatt called as "Mr. Spencer" to order lunch. Liam entered and asked for a veggie burger. After Wyatt had hung up, Liam quizzed him about their dad and C.J.'s destination. Wyatt replied that they were headed to Spectra. It was about to sink.

Emmy returned and insisted that Liam take her picture with the building model. Emmy told him to send it to his dad. She laughed and left.

Liam wanted to discuss the building with Wyatt, who said it was already a done deal. Liam chastised him for allowing Bill to ruin Sally's dream, but Wyatt maintained that thedamage had been done before he'd found out.

Liam said he had told Steffy what had happened. "Dad is not gonna be happy with you," Wyatt said. He added that he would have done the same thing that Bill had done and the same thing that Sally Spectra had done. "A dress is a dress, and they're all for the same thing -- to be taken off," Wyatt said.

Liam called Wyatt cynical. Wyatt countered that he was practical. They argued about business philosophy, and Wyatt concluded that Spectra would be a pile of rubble by the end of the week.

At Spectra, Coco, Sally, Shirley, Saul, and Darlita remarked that they had all had fun. "While it lasted," Sally added. Sally flashed back to the beginning of Spectra and her first visits with Thomas and his attendance at the fashion show. She said it was better to have loved and lost.

The Spectra crew discussed what they would all be doing next. Sally said she would be working at the bakery with her grandmother. C.J. entered and asked if she had the $100,000. Sally said that he knew she didn't. She had planned to be out by the end of the day. Bill followed C.J. in. Saul, Darlita, Coco, and Shirley waited outside the office.

Bill, C.J., and Sally discussed what they had to do to complete the transaction. Bill noted that neither of them had any business sense. He pulled out a check and some documents. He told Sally she had talent. "Keep your chin up," he said. He wanted to rush the deal so that C.J. would hand over the building.

At Forrester, Steffy was working, and Thomas entered. Steffy asked how his meeting with Sally had gone. He was elusive. He showed Steffy the design that Sally had given him and explained that it was Sally's goodbye gift.

Steffy admitted, based on the design, that Sally clearly had talent. She wondered why Sally hadn't relied on her talent rather than stealing from Forrester. Thomas explained that it had all been because of Jarrett's review. "How is a first-time designer supposed to come back from that?" Thomas asked. Steffy looked away.

Thomas lamented that Sally was something special. He said it hadn't been love at first sight, but she made him feel good about himself. "Like the man that I wanted to be. How am I supposed to find that again?" he asked. Thomas wondered if he should follow her back to her hometown.

Steffy tried to dissuade Thomas, but she told him that Jarrett had agreed that Sally had promise. Steffy admitted that Bill Spencer had written the review under Jarrett's byline. Steffy explained that Liam had told her about it the previous day. She said that Bill wanted the building.

"All of this is about a real estate deal?" Thomas asked. Steffy noted it was all because of a shady plan that Bill had put in motion, and Sally and Forrester had gotten caught up in it.

Thomas wondered what would have happened if Jarrett's review had seen the light of day. He raced out of the room.

At Spencer, Thomas raced past Coco, Shirley, Saul, and Darlita. He interrupted the meeting of C.J., Sally, and Bill. "Whatever that is, don't sign it," Thomas said.

Bill made fun of young love -- insinuating that Thomas was trying to save the company.

Thomas explained what Bill had done to Jarrett's review. C.J. asked if it was true, and Bill admitted it was. Thomas advised C.J. to believe in blood. "Sally, you have so much potential, opportunity. Stay here, and I will never let you forget that again," Thomas said.

Sally smiled.

Thomas puts his money where his heart is

Thomas puts his money where his heart is

Thursday, May 11, 2017

At Spectra, Shirley urged everyone to keep packing before Bill threw them out on the street. Coco said Thomas wouldn't let it happen. Darlita wondered if Thomas would carry Sally out of there, like a scene from a movie. Shirley said the only things getting carried out were the boxes.

In the office, Sally asked if Thomas was saying he wanted her to stay. The impatient Bill asked for a tissue for the sappiness. Bill said they'd waited long enough, and he ordered C.J. to sign the papers. Bill asserted that Spectra had failed, and it was time to put it out of its misery. Thomas raged that it hadn't failed; Bill had sabotaged them.

Bill mock whined and said Thomas was a typical Forrester who tried to ride in on a white horse, but it was really a donkey. Bill didn't understand the problem with him ridding C.J. of a pile of rubble and putting an end to a company that had stolen from Forrester. Thomas reasoned that Spectra wouldn't have stolen if it hadn't been for Bill's fake review.

Sally stated that Bill was right -- it was too late, she didn't have the money, and she had no future there. Thomas disagreed and asked if Sally had until the end of the day. Bill said there was no need to wait for the clock to run out. Bill grabbed C.J. and ordered him to sign the papers. Thomas asked what Sally owed. Bill quipped that it was more than she had.

Thomas demanded the number, and C.J. said it was one hundred thousand dollars. Sally said it was pointless, and Spectra was finished. Thomas whipped out his checkbook, and she asked what he was doing. "Making an investment," he replied.

Thomas handed Sally a check, and she said it was for one hundred thousand dollars. Thomas replied that it was what she needed. Bill asked what it would be for the next month and the next. Bill ordered C.J. not to back out of the deal. Thomas said the check kept the Spectras in the building. "Doing what? They don't have a collection," Bill noted.

Bill said that even if they did get the clown shop up and running again, no one would buy their rags. Bill felt that he was giving Garrison a chance to get out from under the pile of rags. Thomas said it was more than a building to C.J. and Sally; it was their history and legacy. Thomas conveyed that Sally had returned to rebuild it. Thomas believed that, with her talent, she could have given the brand a new face.

Bill asserted that Sally had stolen from Thomas. Thomas blamed Bill, saying she'd done it because of him. Bill asked if Thomas would bail out the one who'd screwed over Thomas and his family. Thomas claimed that Spectra had been on track until Bill had derailed them.

C.J. took Thomas' check and handed Bill the unsigned paperwork. C.J. stated that he was sorry for Bill, but Spectra wasn't going anywhere. Bill wordlessly left.

The employees entered, asking what had happened. C.J. showed them the check, and Sally announced that Spectra wasn't going anywhere because Thomas had paid the rent. Everyone began hugging, and Sally rested her head on Thomas' shoulder.

As the Spectra team all celebrated, Sally explained what Thomas had done for them. Darlita kissed him on the check. Thomas said he couldn't let Bill take them down after what Bill had done. Shirley asked what Thomas meant, and Sally explained that Bill had written a fake review. Thomas added that Jarrett had written a decent review, but Bill had refused to publish it because he wanted the building.

Saul thanked Thomas. Shirley said she took back every rotten thing she'd said about Thomas. She exclaimed that it was a miracle. The workers formed a conga line and danced out of the room. Sally said she couldn't thank Thomas enough, and they hugged.

Sally had believed she'd ruined everything before Thomas had saved it all. Thomas said it hadn't been just him. He revealed that Steffy had told him about the article. Sally was impressed and grateful. They discussed the hit to her confidence the review had dealt. Thomas said Bill hadn't even seen her work, but Jarrett believed in her as a designer. Thomas did, too.

Sally said she had a chance to create something that was beautiful, honest, and genuine, and it was all because Thomas believed in her. She believed that his gesture had been the most foolish or the most romantic thing she'd ever seen, and the two kissed.

In the lobby, Darlita led Coco, Shirley, and Saul's conga line. Everyone but Coco drank. They discussed how they should have known the review had been fake because Sally's designs hadn't been that bad. Coco couldn't believe Thomas had done what he'd done for them.

Coco said Thomas could have let Sally believe all the horrible things from the review. Instead, Thomas had stood up for her, just like R.J. had stood up for Coco. Shirley toasted to Thomas and all he'd done for their girl. Coco wondered if Thomas and Sally would reunite.

At Forrester, Liam and Steffy were discussing Steffy wishing Liam hadn't found out about the review. Zende and Nicole arrived with one of Zende's sketches. Steffy said they could leave it with her because Ridge was in a meeting, and Thomas had gone to save Spectra.

Liam explained that Thomas wanted to help the Spectras because there might have been extenuating circumstances surrounding the theft. Zende didn't know what more there could be to the Spectras stealing their designs. Nicole figured Thomas still had feelings for Sally.

Later, Steffy and Liam had apparently filled Nicole and Zende in about the fake review. Zende said "so what" to it, because not one good review could "save Spectra now." Steffy replied that Bill's role didn't get the Spectras off the hook, but it would change Thomas' feelings. She said Thomas would think Spectra had been sabotaged. Steffy looked annoyed as Liam said Bill had sabotaged them because he'd written the article to take them down.

Steffy was really concerned because she'd thought Sally was out of Thomas' life. It made Steffy worry about the business and her brother. Zende added that they'd given the Spectras the benefit of the doubt, and the Spectras had burned them. Liam said that no one was excusing what the Spectras had done, but one couldn't ignore what Bill had done, either.

Liam wondered how it would have gone if his magazine had given Sally a fair review. He said Sally had been striving to be a legit designer. Steffy argued that a legit designer wouldn't have used Steffy for publicity. "Or send Coco undercover to steal our collection," Zende added.

Steffy said they'd had to sue so that Spectra wouldn't get away with it, but Liam was right that Bill had had a part in it. Zende said it didn't change the ending. Steffy agreed. She said Spectra would be gone, and Bill would have his precious skyscraper.

After Nicole and Zende left, Liam said Steffy couldn't control what Thomas did with the truth. Steffy knew what Sally would do with it. Steffy said Sally would vindicate herself and make Bill the bad guy, which was exactly what Thomas wanted to hear.

Liam replied that it was Thomas' choice. Steffy wished the relationship was done and asked why her brother had to be such a superhero. Liam noted that Thomas wasn't the only do-gooder in the family. Liam was proud of Steffy for telling Thomas when being silent might have been the way to go. Liam said that what his father had done had been vindictive and selfish, and Steffy had believed that Sally and Thomas had a right to know it.

At Spencer, Jarrett arrived in the CEO's office at Wyatt's behest, and Wyatt found it interesting that Jarrett referred to Wyatt as sir. Wyatt asked if Jarrett was that formal with Liam. Jarrett said he and Liam spoke cordially -- and frankly. Wyatt wanted to do the same, and he asked why Jarrett had told Liam that Bill had written the review. "Because he did," Jarrett responded.

Wyatt told Jarrett that Bill hadn't wanted anyone to know. Jarrett replied that Liam was a Spencer who'd asked a direct question, and Jarrett could no longer lie. Because Liam was no fan Sally's, Jarrett hadn't seen the harm in telling Liam. Wyatt stated that Liam had told Steffy. Jarrett felt the same way about Steffy's view of Spectra. "Who then told Thomas!" Wyatt added.

"Oh..." Jarrett responded. Wyatt began to worry about how Bill would react when he found out that Jarrett had told Liam. Jarrett claimed to be relieved. As a journalist of integrity, Jarrett had never been comfortable with what Bill had done. Jarrett knew that he could lose his job over it, but he felt that the truth had needed to come out.

Later, Bill was in his office, ranting to Wyatt about Thomas being softer than Thomas' father -- and all for a rip-off artist. Bill said he'd known he couldn't trust Jarrett to keep his mouth shut. Wyatt revealed that Jarrett had talked to Liam about the fake review. "The Eagle Scout," Bill complained.

Wyatt asked if C.J. had pulled out of the deal over the review. Bill stated that the deal had been done until Thomas had whipped out his checkbook. "A hundred large...He called it an investment," Bill explained. Wyatt said Bill had been about to offer C.J. two hundred times the amount. Bill responded that C.J. should have taken it because Bill would never be so generous again.

Wyatt asked if Bill was giving up. "Never!" Bill asserted. Bill said Thomas had only delayed the inevitable, and Bill would take great satisfaction when Spectra was a pile of rubble.

B&B was preempted by a White House press conference

B&B was preempted by a White House press conference

Friday, May 12, 2017

Due to CBS News coverage of a White House press conference, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there will be no "lost" episodes from this scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, May 15, and pick up where the Thursday, May 11, concluded.

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