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Nicole clung to Lizzy upon learning that she might be Nicole's only child. Ridge offered Zende a design career, but Steffy convinced Eric and Ridge to ask Thomas to return to Forrester.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 22, 2017 on B&B
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Nicole doesn't get the news she was hoping for from Dr. Caspary Nicole doesn't get the news she was hoping for from Dr. Caspary

Monday, May 22, 2017

At Brooke's house, Rick and Maya discussed the earlier wedding with Zende and Nicole. Rick couldn't believe he was saying it about a Spencer wedding, but it had been touching. Maya revealed that she and Rick would hitch a ride on the honeymoon flight to Paris. Rick had to deal with some clients in the aftermath of the design theft, and Maya had a photo shoot. Nicole was surprised to her they'd leave that day and asked who'd care for Lizzy.

Maya received a call from Teresa, the nanny. A family emergency had developed, and Teresa needed to leave town for a few days. After the call, Rick and Maya wondered what to do about Lizzy. "Hello? I'm right here," Nicole said.

Maya and Rick didn't want to put such a burden on Nicole and Zende -- or on Lizzy's grandparents, either. Nicole insisted that it wasn't a problem. Maya and Rick said they'd find another nanny to help out. Nicole promised that Lizzy was in good hands, and Rick and Maya took off to meet the Spencers on the jet.

On Bill's jet, Bill announced that he had sparkling water for his wife. "That would be me," Brooke said, taking the glass. As they canoodled, Bill said it had been a perfect day. It had started with their wedding and was ending with their honeymoon flight to Paris. Brooke revealed that she'd agreed to let Rick and Maya hitch a ride to Paris.

Bill pouted about it because it was their honeymoon flight. Brooke promised they wouldn't waste a moment of their honeymoon. She noted that Rick and Maya hadn't arrived yet, and the newlyweds kissed. Bill said he'd waited a long time to make Brooke his wife, and when she'd stepped into the archway, she'd been glowing. Brooke replied that she'd been sure. There had been not doubts, and she was his.

A song played, and flashbacks of Bill and Brooke's relationship flickered between snippets of the couple making love in the jet's bedroom. In bed afterward, Bill said Brooke had a beautiful inner glow, and it almost made him feel as if he was a good person. Giggling, she replied that he didn't need her for that. Bill said he needed her for everything.

Brooke wanted to stay in bed for the entire flight, but Bill reminded her that she'd invited some hitchhikers. She admitted she should have thought more about it before doing so. Bill agreed at first. He said he was teasing, and giving a ride was the least they could do for family. Bill looked forward to being in Paris alone with his bride, and the two kissed.

Later, Bill and Brooke had changed clothes, and Bill was anxious for Rick and Maya to get there. Brooke said it was the honeymoon, and time meant nothing. Liking the sentiment, Bill said he'd be "Chill Bill" instead of Dollar Bill, and Brooke promised to hold him to it.

Rick and Maya arrived, and Bill declared that it was about time. Brooke gave him a look, and Bill said, "What is time? Time means nothing."

"Thanks for letting us hitch a ride, Dad," Rick teased. Maya was sure the newlyweds would have preferred to be alone. Bill started to agree but decided to say that he and Brooke were happy to have the travelers. Bill revealed that he had a fully stocked bar and said, "So, son, let me buy you a drink."

As the men went to the bar, Brooke asked Maya if Teresa was watching Lizzy. Maya explained that a family emergency had developed for Teresa, and Zende and Nicole were watching the baby. Maya planned on getting someone else to do it because she didn't want to impose on the young couple any more than she and Rick already had.

At some point after the jet had taken off, Rick was reading a presentation, and Maya was flipping through pictures of Lizzy on a cell phone. Brooke said that someone was missing their baby girl. Bill remarked that babies were lethal with the way they grabbed onto hearts, and when Will had been Lizzy's age, Bill had been a fool for the child. Brooke told Bill that he still was.

Rick started looking at the pictures, too, and noted that Lizzy had Maya's smile. Maya wondered if the baby missed them. Brooke assured Maya that Lizzy was in good hands. Brooke cooed over pictures of her granddaughter, and Maya said it felt weird to be without the baby. Rick was sure Zende and Nicole were taking good care of Lizzy.

Bill asked if it had been wise to let Nicole watch the kid. Maya asked why, and he replied that Nicole was the birth mother. He again asked if it had been a good idea. Maya believed it was fine and cited that Nicole loved Lizzy as her own. "Lizzy is Nicole's own," Bill said.

Brooke gave Bill a look, and Bill responded that he was just stating the obvious. To Rick and Maya, Brooke said it was just her husband's unorthodox way of showing concern. Maya believed that the concern was unwarranted. Maya insisted that Nicole loved being Lizzy's aunt, and one day soon, Nicole would make a wonderful mother.

Back at Brooke's house, R.J. and Coco had arrived and were discussing with Zende and Nicole how R.J. felt about his mother getting married to Bill instead of Ridge. R.J. was disappointed, but he said they were still a family.

The topic turned to Nicole and Zende watching Lizzy while Rick and Maya were gone. Nicole realized that she'd forgotten her appointment with Dr. Caspary that day. Zende was confident that he could watch Lizzy, but Nicole said he'd wanted to design with no distractions. Coco offered her and R.J.'s help but realized she shouldn't speak for R.J. It was fine with R.J. to do it, and Zende assured Nicole that the three of them had it under control.

Walking Nicole to the door, Zende asked if she was nervous about the fertility testing. She was, but she was sure it would be good news. She wanted to get it out of the way so that they could get back to the fun of trying. Zende wished her luck, and she left.

Everyone sat with Lizzy on a pallet. Zende couldn't wait to have a child of his own. R.J. felt that being a father was a long way off for him. Zende remarked that he'd felt that way, too, until he'd met Nicole. Things had changed for Zende, and he wanted a family as soon as possible.

While the three discussed how good Zende was with the baby, Coco said that what she was about to say probably wouldn't faze R.J., who was happily off the market; however, women liked men who were good with babies. "Well, then, hand me that kid," R.J. asserted and put Lizzy on his lap. Coco believed Zende would be an amazing dad. Zende couldn't wait for Nicole to say she was pregnant. He believed that they were "so ready."

At Dr. Caspary's office, the doctor noticed that Nicole was radiant and said marriage agreed with her. Nicole said she'd be even more so once she was pregnant. She felt that her body had been "so happy" then, and she wanted the whole experience again. She said Zende would be with her for every step, and that time, it would be her and Zende's baby.

Nicole revealed that her period was late. She'd taken a pregnancy test, and the negative result of it had thrown her. Nicole continued to chat about the joys of pregnancy -- after the morning sickness had passed. She recalled cradling her stomach nonstop after the first three months and said she'd loved being pregnant.

Dr. Caspary stated that it was a transformative experience and asked if it had been difficult giving up Lizzy. Nicole explained that she'd had the baby for Maya and Rick, so Lizzy had always been their child. Nicole conveyed that she'd gotten pregnant right away the last time, but it hadn't happened again, even with all of her and Zende's efforts. She'd wanted to be diligent by taking a fertility test, but she believed she and Zende could keep trying with no problem.

Dr. Caspary expressed that taking the fertility test had been wise. She asked if Nicole hadn't had a period since her last appointment, which would mean Nicole had missed a few periods. Nicole affirmed it. She believed it was because of working out and mild work stress. She added that she also had a little abdomen pain.

"Your pelvis," Dr. Caspary knowingly noted when Nicole touched the pain area on her body. Nicole asked why the doctor had said it with a particular tone. Dr. Caspary said it explained Nicole's problem. Dr. Caspary believed that Nicole had amenorrhea. It was a condition that matched the symptoms of a missing period and abdominal pain.

Nicole asked what it meant and how it occurred. Dr. Caspary stated that it could be triggered by contraceptives, menopause, medications, or prior pregnancy. Assuming that the pregnancy had made her irregular, Nicole asked how she could get back on track.

Caspary explained that Nicole had uterine scar tissue from the pregnancy. The scarring made it difficult for an egg "to get picked up by the fallopian tubes," which decreased the chance of pregnancy. The doctor believed that Nicole might have secondary infertility, and because of the scarring, Nicole might not be able to conceive again or carry a child to term.

Dr. Caspary said it happened sometimes after childbirth. "Can't conceive...Like ever?" Nicole asked. Immediately, Nicole asserted that it was unacceptable. She declared that she and Zende would have a baby, and that was the plan. She said she'd already had one, and she could have another and another after it.

Caspary understood that it was a lot to absorb. Nicole called it crazy. She insisted that she was young and healthy. Nicole stated that she'd had Lizzy, and Lizzy was healthy. Nicole rejected that idea that something was wrong with her. She said that they'd treat the condition, and it wouldn't stop her and Zende from having a family. "It can't," the determined Nicole concluded.

Nicole learns that she might not be able to get pregnant again

Nicole learns that she might not be able to get pregnant again

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Charlie and Pam discussed Forrester business, and Ridge and Steffy walked in. Ridge asked Pam to call Brooke's house to see if anyone answered. Pam said that Brooke had gone on her honeymoon with Bill. Ridge understood, but he still wanted her to call. Pam looked confused, and Ridge said he would do it himself.

Inside the CEO's office, Steffy asked if Ridge had plans to interrupt the honeymooners. Ridge worried that everyone wanted to remind him that he had screwed up. He acknowledged that he had made major mistakes. "I also fired your brother today," he said. Steffy glared at him.

Ridge explained that Thomas had invested in Spectra and needed to get his head on straight. Steffy asked what Ridge thought they should do. He suggested that they make a call. "Do you think he's ready?" Steffy asked.

At Brooke's house, Zende, Coco, and R.J. babysat Lizzy. They discussed that she wanted her blankie. Coco said that Zende and R.J. were sweet with Lizzy. Zende hoped it paid off someday soon.

Zenda's phone rang, and he received a call from Ridge and Steffy. Ridge asked Zende to return to the office, and Zende looked at R.J. and Coco to see if they could handle Lizzy. They agreed they could babysit. R.J. said that he often fed Lizzy.

At Dr. Caspary's office, Nicole was frantic to learn that there was a possibility she could be infertile. She refused to believe it because she had already conceived and given birth to Lizzy. Dr. Caspary explained that it was possible that scarring could have taken place, and it happened more often with women who'd had one child. Nicole worried that she couldn't have another baby.

Dr. Caspary said it was not time to worry because Nicole had only been trying to conceive for a few months. She explained that "secondary infertility" was a diagnosis that took place more than a year after conception had not occurred. "It's too soon," Dr. Caspary said.

Nicole was angry. She said that she had conceived with Lizzy. She didn't believe there could be a problem. Dr. Caspary understood. She reminded Nicole that she was young and healthy, and it might not be a problem.

Nicole worried that she had to tell Zende that there was a possibility they could never have a child of their own. Dr. Caspary reminded her that every married couple had the same situation, but Nicole objected that she'd already had a baby. She worried about how Zende would react.

Dr. Caspary reminded Nicole that she had a happy marriage. Nicole countered that she had promised Zende he would be a father. Dr. Caspary said the odds were still in her favor, and she should be hopeful. Nicole agreed and was defiant. She said she wasn't old enough to have anything wrong with her, and she'd had a baby. "That can't be my only shot at being a mother," Nicole said.

In Paris, Rick and Maya entered their hotel room. Rick was amorous, but Maya was stressed. She complained that she didn't know what people had been saying because she didn't understand the language. Rick tried to persuade her that they should enjoy their time alone in Paris without babies crying, but Maya maintained that they had a "perfect angel baby."

Maya was concerned that she had to find a replacement for Lizzy's nanny. Rick wondered if Nicole was available to watch Lizzy, but Maya said they couldn't ask Nicole to put her life on hold to watch their daughter. "Nicole's done so much for us already. She needs to focus on her own life," Maya said.

At Forrester, Pam told Charlie that she wanted to do something for Ridge because he was clearly devastated that he'd lost Brooke to Bill. "He's my nephew, and he's loved her for more than half of his life," Pam said of Ridge and Brooke. Charlie said that Ridge seemed moody as always to him. Pam maintained that Charlie had been wrong about Ridge ever having an interest in Quinn. Charlie looked skeptical.

Maya called Pam and asked for help with résumés for nannies. Pam agreed and said she would be willing to help out in watching Lizzy. Zende entered and asked Pam if there was a meeting, and she said Ridge and Steffy had been waiting for him. Zende entered the CEO's office, and he asked if they were waiting for Thomas or some of the others. "We're all here," Ridge said. He advised Zende that he had fired Thomas.

Steffy said it hadn't been her decision. Ridge defended his decision. He said Thomas needed to figure out what he wanted. He had faith that it would all work out, but they needed another designer while Thomas was away from Forrester.

Steffy said they wanted to offer Zende a job. Zende was flattered, but he said he was not Thomas. Steffy and Ridge understood. Zende added that all he had done as a designer was to duplicate the style that Ridge and Eric had done. Ridge said that was exactly what he had wanted -- someone with the "sense and sensibility of Forrester."

Ridge added that he needed Zende to take direction and prove that he could do it. Zende smiled. He agreed he could do that. Ridge added that Zende would have to be able to accept criticism, and Ridge noted that he had been told he was not the most tactful when he offered criticism. Zende laughed and asked if Ridge had met his father-in-law.

Ridge and Steffy said he would have to help out in a lot of areas including drafting and pattern cutting, and he would be on call 24/7 until the line was completed. Steffy encouraged Zende to discuss it with Nicole before he made a decision, but Zende said she would want him to agree.

Zende thanked Steffy and Ridge for an opportunity he'd never thought would happen so soon. He loved the business. He realized he was not really a Forrester and was grateful. Ridge explained that he wasn't really a Forrester, either, in the technical sense. Steffy agreed they were all complicated. Zende asked to call his parents and said he and Nicole would celebrate later.

At Brooke's house, Nicole arrived and found R.J. and Coco had been babysitting Lizzy. They said they had changed her and fed her. Nicole asked about Zende, and they said he'd had to return to Forrester.

Nicole mentioned that Maya had been searching for a new nanny. She suggested that Coco and R.J. leave. They said they'd enjoyed watching Lizzy. They left, and Nicole picked up Lizzy. She lamented that Lizzy would never remember the time that she had been inside of Nicole. She said it had never hurt, but she'd discovered that perhaps it had. "She might be wrong," Nicole said about Dr. Caspary.

Maya receives news that completely changes her future plans

Maya receives news that completely changes her future plans

> Maya receives news that completely changes her future plans

Maya receives news that completely changes her future plans

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

by Pam

In Paris, Maya was clearly distracted during a photo shoot, and the photographer commented on it. He encouraged her to take a break. Rick thought it was because of their "daughter back home." Rick left to take a call.

After a break, the photographer said the photo shoot had improved and he encouraged Maya to extend her stay in Paris. Maya asked why, and the photographer suggested that a Forrester model in front of local landmarks would be great for Forrester -- and for his career, he admitted. Maya asked about permits. She was concerned it would take a long time to acquire permission to take photos at the landmarks, but the photographer said it would only be a day or two. He suggested that Maya talk to Rick and consider staying.

Later, Rick returned and said they had nothing to worry about with Forrester business. He said they could return to Los Angeles in a day or two. "Or not," Maya said. She explained the photographer's idea to get some photos of her at local Paris landmarks and maybe a side trip to Milan. She regretted that Lizzy was not with them.

Rick was excited, and so was Maya. They agreed that Lizzy was in good hands. "Do you think I should do this?" Maya asked. Rick was thoughtful. "I think I should," she said. They agreed to stay in Paris, and Maya was thrilled that she would be modeling in Paris with "my gorgeous husband by my side. The only thing missing is Lizzy." They agreed Lizzy would be fine.

At Brooke's house, Zende entered with Champagne, and he saw R.J. and Coco at the house. He wondered where Nicole was. He said they had some celebrating to do. R.J. said Nicole had said she'd had to do something, and R.J. and Coco had agreed to babysit. Zende explained that Thomas had been fired, and he would be filling in as a designer. He couldn't wait to tell Nicole. R.J. was worried about Thomas but happy for Zende.

Zende said he was confident that he and Nicole would soon be celebrating his good news and that they would become parents. R.J. and Coco wished him good luck. They left.

Nicole was at Forrester, and her mother sat in her office. Vivienne told her daughter that she wasn't fooling anyone. "Are you and Zende having problems already?" Vivienne asked. Nicole explained that she'd had a doctor's appointment, and she felt broken. "I might not be able to conceive," she said.

Nicole explained that scarring could be a problem, and she might not be able to have a child of her own. Vivienne held her daughter's hand and encouraged her to get another opinion. Nicole shared that Dr. Caspary had said the condition was called secondary infertility. "Why is this happening?" Nicole asked. She lamented that she had given up her body for Lizzy. Her mother tried to calm her.

Nicole worried that she had promised Zende that he would be a father. Julius entered the office and realized that something was wrong. "Viv, what happened?" he asked.

Nicole told her father that she and Zende had been talking about having a baby, "but I can't." Julius was shocked. He reminded her that she'd had a baby. She shared that the doctor had said there was a possibility that she might never again conceive.

Nicole explained that Zende had a fantasy about kids running around and a big family, and she had bought into that fantasy. "We've been talking about baby names. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to carry," she said.

Julius promised that she would have a baby because she was too good to miss out. He encouraged her not to give up. He promised that they would take her to a specialist. "But you cannot give up, not ever. Do you hear me?" he said. Julius hugged Nicole. Nicole left, and Vivienne and Julius discussed that it couldn't be the end of a dream for Nicole.

At Brooke's, Nicole entered and noticed Zende had flowers everywhere and Champagne. Nicole asked what they were celebrating. He said they had the house to themselves. Nicole was uncomfortable.

Zende said they could go for a swim, and they didn't need bathing suits. Nicole asked what was going on. Zende explained that he was the newest member of the design team at Forrester. Nicole looked surprised but happy.

Zende said he thought he had to have been a saint in his past life because he had a good career and a wonderful wife, and he was starting a family. Zende handed Nicole some Champagne but realized she might not want to drink. Nicole was quiet, and he asked if something was wrong.

Nicole flashed back to what Dr. Caspary had told her about a condition called secondary infertility. Nicole explained her doctor's appointment. "That future you want with a family -- I may not be able to give it you. I don't know if I can get pregnant. I might not be able to give you a child," she said. "What are you talking about?" Zende asked. He insisted she would get pregnant, and they would have family of their own.

Julius and Vivienne fear Nicole's news might cause a rift in the family

Julius and Vivienne fear Nicole's news might cause a rift in the family

Thursday, May 25, 2017

At his loft, the shirtless Thomas answered his door for Sally. She said it was unfortunate that she'd missed his shower. Thomas suggested that she work on her timing. Sally claimed that she'd tried, but he hadn't been answering her text messages. He explained that it was because he'd been trying to decompress. She asked how his talk with his father had gone.

"It went," Thomas replied. Sally inquired about whether he'd been able to calm the situation down, and Thomas revealed that he'd been fired. He said his father was angry that he'd bailed out Sally and had saved her from prison. It didn't make sense to Sally because Ridge needed Thomas to design, especially after what had happened. Thomas said Ridge had Zende.

Sally wondered if Zende even had design skills. Thomas believed that his cousin had talent but needed some work. Sally asked if Steffy could do anything. He doubted his sister was happy with him at that moment. Sally asked if any of his family was on his side. Thomas replied that R.J. was, and R.J. knew a thing or two about Spectra women.

Sally asked what Thomas would do. Thomas planned to let his father cool off, but he wasn't sure if time would make a difference. Sally felt compelled to ask Thomas if he regretted what he'd done for her. To Thomas, it sounded like she was giving him a way out. She replied that that wasn't her style, but he had to be worried about the choice he'd made.

Thomas claimed that Forresters didn't worry, and Sally asked if it meant he was good. He claimed to always be good when she was around -- but not so much when his family was. Sally said she loved him and didn't want to get between him and his family. She told him that she wouldn't have hard feelings if he pulled his support due to a need to protect his legacy and future. In her eyes, he'd already done enough by just keeping her out of jail.

Thomas stated that he wanted to be accepted by his father, and he'd been trying to figure out what his life meant without Forrester. It was weird to him to say such a thing out loud. Sally said she got it, and it was why she was giving Thomas another option.

Thomas replied that she didn't get it, and he was nothing if not a man of his word. Thomas felt that Bill had robbed Sally of her chance to be a designer, and Thomas intended to keep his word about helping her get her shot.

Sally said she'd never met anyone like Thomas, and he was inspiring to her. Thomas and Sally began kissing. The couple moved onto the bed in the living room and continued to make out.

At Forrester, Julius and Vivienne discussed Nicole's ability to have children. It broke Julius' heart. Vivienne was hopeful that it could happen, but she said adoption was also an option. Though Julius agreed that it was, he recalled that, during Nicole's pregnancy, Zende had seemed to want the child to be his own.

Julius was worried about how it would affect the marriage if Zende couldn't have a child of his own. Vivienne stated that Nicole was probably telling Zende about it at that moment, and Julius replied that it was the first test of the marriage.

Pam and Charlie entered and were surprised that the Avants were there. Vivienne hoped it was okay. Charlie launched into security mode and said it was fine if they'd signed in. Julius said that Nicole had cleared them. Pam reassuringly told Charlie that everyone was following procedures, even Nicole, who was soon to be a mother -- if the rumors Pam had heard were true.

Julius' expression darkened, and Vivienne tried to smile. Pam and Charlie spoke fondly of the Avant sisters and were sure the parents were proud. Pam and Charlie thought it had been remarkable of Nicole to give a child to Maya, and Pam and Charlie seemed thrilled that Nicole was ready to have a child of her own.

Charlie decided to continue his rounds, and Pam left with him. Once Pam and Charlie had gone, Julius said everyone was waiting for the next member of the tribe, who might not arrive.

Julius began to say that he wished something. His wife interrupted, saying she knew the wish was that Nicole hadn't given her only child to Maya. Vivienne believed it had been a gift of love. Julius said it would be the greatest injustice of all if Nicole couldn't have a child of her own.

Julius exclaimed that he hadn't known what he'd been thinking. "Half the time, I don't either," Vivienne quipped. Julius continued, saying that he should have listened to his instincts and fought Nicole more on giving the child away. Vivienne asked what good it was to rehash it. "It's not natural! Her giving her child away to her -- " Julius said and sighed. Vivienne understood his frustration but asserted, "We are not going back there."

Julius believed that if Nicole couldn't have another baby, it would haunt her. "Not to mention what it would do to her marriage," he added. Vivienne believed that Nicole and Zende would work it out. Vivienne stressed that it wasn't Maya's fault or anyone else's. Julius stared hopelessly at his wife.

At Brooke's house, Zende and Nicole sat down to discuss what Dr. Caspary had told Nicole. Zende was convinced that Dr. Caspary's prognosis that Nicole wouldn't conceive was wrong, and they'd prove it later that night. Zende put his arm around Nicole, and she put her head on his shoulder. He was adamant that she wasn't infertile and said Lizzy was proof of it.

Sitting up, Nicole replied that it was what could cause her condition. She elaborated that it was scarring on her uterus from childbirth. Zende refused to accept it. He said there was no way that Nicole had given the only baby she would ever have to her sister. She told him that he couldn't ignore science. Zende said science was fallible.

Wanting to stay positive, Zende pointed out that they were each healthy. He said Nicole had had a baby once, and there was no reason to think she couldn't do it again. Nicole was dubious about it. Zende said that, even if Dr. Caspary's prediction was right, they could look into getting it fixed. He asserted that they would have a baby.

Zende asked Nicole to see that everything was going their way. They'd gotten married, and he'd gotten an incredible design opportunity. He believed that the babies "are gonna come." Just then, they heard Lizzy's babbling through the baby monitor. "The babies are gonna come. What did I tell you?" he said, pointing to the monitor. Zende said it was the sound of their future for many years to come.

Nicole thanked her husband for his positive spin on things. Zende insisted that it was reality, but she asked about the reality that Dr. Caspary had given her. Zende suggested a second opinion and asked if Dr. Caspary had been completely certain about the prognosis. Nicole meekly replied that the doctor hadn't been. "Then there you go," Zende concluded.

Breaking into a smile, Nicole said she'd get a second opinion -- and a third. She didn't feel they could ignore the seriousness of it. Zende reminded Nicole of how determined she could be and cited that she'd been that way with Lizzy's conception. He needed Nicole to have the same attitude about getting pregnant again.

Zende didn't care what any doctor said. He was adamant that he and Nicole would have a family. He refused to accept that God would only give her one child to give away to someone else or punish Nicole for doing something good. He said she'd been an angel to do what she'd done for her sister, and it wouldn't be the only child she'd carry into the world.

Nicole didn't want to disappoint and still had doubts that she might be able to conceive. Zende said there wasn't time for doubts, and uncertainty "has never been us." He asserted that they would have a family. She asked if she wasn't meant to be a mother. He told her that she'd been born for it.

Zende recalled that Nicole believed that love conquered all. He said they had a lot of love, and their future children were waiting for that love to give them life. Zende advised Nicole to be ready because the kids would be upon them before they knew it. Nicole laughed as he imagined the kids running around, screaming, and producing tons of diapers.

Zende believed that sons and daughters were headed their way, and they would have their family. Nicole told Zende that she loved him. He replied that he loved her. They kissed. She laid her head on his shoulder and appeared to still be worried.

Steffy and Eric ask Thomas to return to work

Steffy and Eric ask Thomas to return to work

Friday, May 26, 2017

At Dr. March's office, Nicole told her mother that Zende didn't know about the appointment because Nicole didn't want him to worry. Vivienne hoped they'd have good news to give him later. Dr. March arrived, and Nicole hoped Dr. March would have better news than Dr. Caspary.

Dr. March performed an ultrasound on Nicole. After reviewing the results, Dr. March informed Nicole that there were many adhesions on her uterus, and they were probably the result of the pregnancy. Vivienne asked how to fix it. Dr. March didn't know if they could. She said that parts of the uterine walls were sticking together, and it could be difficult to treat. Vivienne asked about surgery, and Dr. March said that, after removal, the fibroids could return.

Dr. March indicated that Nicole's ovaries were healthy. It meant that Nicole could try in vitro fertilization and surrogacy. Dr. March stated that Nicole probably wouldn't be able to carry a child. She wished she had better news. Vivienne thanked the doctor. Dr. March exited, and Nicole appeared devastated.

In the Forrester corridor, Pam and Charlie played with Lizzy, who Coco and R.J. had arrived with. Pam was ready to take the baby, but R.J. said he and Coco were babysitting for Nicole. Pam told them that Maya had asked Pam to look after the baby, and Charlie said Pam could use her Lizzy fix. Pam said she adored babies, especially since Tiny had died.

Coco questioned who Tiny was, and R.J. said it had been a Doberman. Pam missed having someone to love on. Charlie asked about himself, and patting his cheek, Pam replied that she meant besides him.

R.J. and Coco handed over the baby, and Coco remarked that the baby made her excited to be a mom someday. "Excuse me, do I need to have a talk with you guys?" Charlie asked. Coco clarified that it wouldn't be for about twenty years, and R.J. added that Zende and Nicole would have one soon.

Later, Vivienne and Nicole arrived and saw Pam and Charlie playing with Lizzy behind the desk. Nicole asked R.J. and Coco what was happening, and they explained that Maya had asked Pam to watch Lizzy. Pam pretended that Lizzy was answering phone calls. With a stuffed lion in his hand, Charlie pretended to call and ask for a Forrester "cat-ture" order.

Charlie got the idea to take Lizzy to the zoo to see real lions. Smiling curtly, Nicole quickly took Lizzy from Pam and Charlie. Vivienne looked sad as Nicole protectively hugged the baby.

Nicole and Vivienne took Lizzy into the design office. Nicole couldn't believe both doctors had said the same thing. Vivienne suggested getting another opinion. Nicole stated that the pregnancy with Lizzy had been easy and without complications. "None that we were aware of," her mother added.

Nicole talked about how supportive Zende had been, and she said she might not be able to carry a child. Vivienne reasoned that Nicole already had a child. Vivienne said that Lizzy might belong to Nicole's sister, but Lizzy would always be Nicole's little girl. "My little sweet little girl," Nicole responded, gazing at Lizzy.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Steffy deliberated his decision to fire Thomas. Steffy believed that they needed her brother, but Ridge said they had Zende. Ridge stated that Thomas was sleeping with the enemy. Steffy believed that the lengths Thomas had gone to proved how much he cared for Sally, and it sounded like something a young Ridge Forrester would do.

Ridge said he wouldn't have betrayed the company. Steffy thought it might be true, but in her view, Thomas didn't deserve firing. Ridge entertained the idea that he might have gone too far in his anger. Steffy asserted that it had gone too far, but she wouldn't let it go further. She felt that she was part of the problem because of her job as co-CEO. She decided that she was calling a meeting for the good of the family.

At Thomas' loft, Thomas awakened and greeted Sally, who was carrying two cups of coffee to the bed. He offered to order them some breakfast, but Sally said she had to get to work. Thomas had forgotten it was a workday and recalled that he'd been fired. She thanked him for supporting her band of misfits, but she wished he didn't have to be at odds with his family over it.

Thomas and Sally cuddled in bed, and Sally offered to call in sick to work. Thomas said she didn't have to, but she joked that it was the least she could do. Though he appreciated her willingness to mope around with him all day, he said he knew how much she wanted to get to work on Spectra. She insisted that they eventually try being sloths at least once. Thomas agreed. He added that he didn't like being at odds with his family or being fired by his father.

Later, Thomas and Sally had dressed, and Thomas received a call. It was Steffy, who asked if he was free that day. "I got fired, so what do you think?" he quipped. Steffy said she'd called Eric for a meeting, and she wanted Thomas to attend to discuss that very topic. Thomas asked if their father would be there. She said Ridge would be, and Thomas said to forget it. Steffy implored him, and he finally replied, "Fine."

After the call, Sally said the Forresters probably wanted Thomas to return to work. Thomas murmured that they'd see about that.

At Spectra, Darlita thought they should send Thomas a fruit basket to thank him for what he'd done for them. Saul didn't think Thomas needed anything more in his perfect life. Shirley stated that Thomas had saved them and exposed Bill's sneaky real estate scheme. Darlita called Thomas their hero, but Saul didn't like it. Saul insisted that Thomas wasn't that great, and Thomas was using his money to move in on Sally.

Shirley told Saul to get used to Thomas being around. Saul said he didn't trust Thomas. Darlita liked the idea of having Thomas around and said Sally had one hot guy. Saul scowled.

When Sally arrived, Darlita and Shirley gave her a hard time about finally showing up to work, about whether she'd worn the same clothes from previous day, and why she hadn't returned text messages from the previous night. Sally wasn't wearing the same clothes and apologized for not returning Darlita's messages. Shirley guessed Sally's hands had been too busy.

Darlita hoped it was fun and hoped Sally hadn't gotten any sleep. Saul reminded the ladies that it was a workplace. Shirley asked how Thomas was, and Sally revealed that his father had fired him. The Spectra gang wondered what it meant for Thomas, and Saul hoped it meant that Thomas would open a shop in Paris.

Sally didn't know what was happening other than that the Forresters had invited Thomas to a meeting. Shirley wondered what would happen to the Spectra gang if the Forresters "talked him into it." Sally guessed that it meant that Spectra would be finished, and so would she and Thomas. She concluded that she'd probably never see him again.

Sally believed that Thomas' family had wanted to meet with Thomas to talk him into not seeing her and removing his support from Spectra. Shirley said that they'd go under without Thomas' support. Saul replied that Thomas didn't own them, but Shirley asserted that Thomas was the reason they had jobs and a roof over their heads. "Maybe we don't need him -- any of us," Saul replied, looking at Sally.

Sally said she could be wrong about what Thomas' family wanted. Saul believed that Forresters stuck with their own, and he said they shouldn't be surprised if Thomas left them high and dry. Sally stated that they'd find another way to survive. Shirley didn't know how and said Thomas was their only hope. She reminded Sally that she'd spent "some of that dough" on new sewing machines. Shirley asked how they'd pay it back.

Darlita asked what would become of Sally and Thomas. Saul stated that Sally had been fine before Thomas and would be fine after him. "You love him, don't you?" Darlita asked. From Sally's expression, Darlita gleaned that it was true and said Sally couldn't lose Thomas.

Back at Forrester, Eric arrived in the CEO's office. He was glad about the meeting and didn't want Ridge to ruin his relationship with Thomas. Eric believed that what Thomas had done had been wrong, but it hadn't warranted firing. Ridge stated that he'd been angry, and Eric replied that it had become a common occurrence with Ridge.

Steffy said she'd thought Thomas' involvement with Sally had been because of Steffy and her position as CEO; however, Steffy concluded that the feelings were real between Sally and Thomas. Eric stated that one couldn't fire Thomas because he'd fallen in love with Sally Spectra. Ridge said it wasn't the reason, and Eric couldn't defend what Thomas had done.

Steffy was anxious to get Thomas back and felt that the firing would push her brother toward Spectra even more. She was adamant about not letting it happen.

Back in the corridor, Charlie, R.J., and Coco listened to Pam, who was sad that, according to the Internet, Lizzy couldn't eat lemon bars until age two. Thomas arrived. The others warmly greeted him, and R.J. said it wasn't the same without him. Pam let Thomas know that Ridge, Steffy, and Eric were waiting in the CEO's office.

When Thomas went into the office for the meeting, he greeted Eric and Steffy. Ridge said it was good to see his son. "You took my job, Dad. I don't know what you want me to say," Thomas replied. Steffy stated that Ridge had made a mistake, and they wanted Thomas back at work.

Eric felt that Sally should feel lucky that the Forresters hadn't put her in jail for what she'd done. He believed that Thomas had made a questionable decision. Glancing at Ridge, Eric added that there were a lot of those going around. Eric wanted Thomas back at work and said they needed his talent more than ever.

Steffy agreed. She felt that the problem had gone on for far too long, and she was partially responsible because she hadn't kept her mouth shut about Bill's role in things. Steffy claimed she couldn't keep things from Thomas, and Thomas replied that he appreciated her honesty.

Steffy admired Thomas' need to step in with Sally because of Bill, but Steffy felt there was no excuse for what Sally had done. Steffy said that the family cared about Thomas and wanted him at Forrester. Thomas asked if his father felt that way. Steffy replied that even their dad did. Eric asserted that it was where Thomas belonged. Steffy asked Thomas to say that he'd return to Forrester.

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