The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 29, 2017 on B&B

Nicole regretted giving Lizzy away. The Forresters were upset that Thomas chose to partner with Sally. Keeping Katie quiet got tricky for Ridge and Quinn.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 29, 2017 on B&B
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Thomas chooses between love and family Thomas chooses between love and family

Monday, May 29, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Vivienne was sure Nicole would get through. Nicole assumed it meant she'd get used to the idea of never having her own child. Vivienne reminded Nicole that the doctor hadn't said it would never happen. Nicole recounted that two doctors had said she was scarred and infertile, and it was all because she'd brought the angel Lizzy into the world.

In a hotel room in Paris, Maya gleefully showed off pictures of Lizzy to the room attendant. Afterward, Maya got on her laptop to work out Lizzy's schedule so that no one would get overburdened with Lizzy's care. Rick wished his mom was available.

Maya called Vivienne to see if she could handle Lizzy for a day to or two. When Vivienne answered, Maya explained that she and Rick might be overseas for another week because the fashion shoot had expanded. Vivienne incredulously repeated the time frame. Maya said she'd been calling around frantically to get people to help take care of Lizzy. She remarked that Pam and Coco had been lifesavers.

Vivienne conveyed that she was trying to not take it personally that Maya would turn to other women instead of her own mother. Giggling, Maya replied that it was why she was calling -- to ask her mom for help. Vivienne asked if the photo shoot was that important. To Vivienne, it seemed to be a great opportunity. "Hand me that phone," Nicole said, reaching for her mother's cell phone.

Maya sounded surprised when the voice on the line changed to her sister's. Nicole asked what it was that she was hearing about the photo shoot. Maya replied that Nicole wouldn't believe it. Cynically, Nicole said she was sure it had to be epic to keep Maya from her baby.

Maya said being away from Lizzy was the hardest part, but Nicole would be blown away when she saw the pictures. Maya told her sister to imagine Forrester gowns at historic landmarks. She believed it would be huge for her and for Forrester.

"Wow," Nicole mirthlessly replied, adding, "Worth every sacrifice, I'm sure." Maya thought it would be for the coverage, but she hoped she wasn't asking too much of Nicole. Nicole replied that it wasn't at all too much to ask to take care of Lizzy.

Maya started giggling, and Nicole asked if what she'd said had been funny. Maya was giggling because of Rick, who was nibbling at her neck. She told him to give her a minute because she was on the phone. Nicole seemed to be getting an attitude as Maya said Nicole should see the glass of wine Rick was pouring.

"Well, I should get back to Lizzy. She's getting tired," Nicole said in a snippy tone. Maya thanked Nicole for watching the baby and started to say that she could find someone else if it ever became a hassle; however, Nicole cut Maya off, saying it never would.

Maya asked if something was wrong because Nicole sounded stressed. Nicole claimed to be fine and said that Maya could enjoy modeling at the Eiffel Tower -- or wherever -- because Nicole had things completely under control. Maya asked if Nicole was sure. "Do your thing, Maya. Lizzy's in good hands," Nicole asserted and clicked off the line.

After the call, Nicole griped to Vivienne about Maya calling around to ask other people to watch Lizzy. Vivienne replied that she hadn't wanted to feel insulted, "but..." Nicole said it was exactly that: insulting. Vivienne explained that Maya hadn't wanted to burden them because they worked so hard. Nicole said "this child" wasn't a burden, at least not to Nicole.

Nicole stated that she loved Lizzy, and Vivienne replied that they all knew it. Nicole sensed that her mother was worried about her. Vivienne said it had been a difficult day. Sighing, Nicole agreed that it had been. She thought her mother felt that she was being too emotional, but Vivienne said there was no such thing as being too emotional about the news Nicole had gotten.

"Maybe it wouldn't be so hard if I hadn't already given...And now Maya's in Paris, taking pictures," Nicole stated. She asked how being some modeling star could be more important to Maya at that time. Vivienne didn't believe it was, but Nicole said it seemed like it. Nicole didn't know what was going on with her that day.

Vivienne responded that Nicole was understandably hurting. Nicole expressed that she'd never questioned the ability to have another child. She said that her father might have been right when he'd said that she shouldn't have given Lizzy away.

In Paris, Maya was unsettled by the call with Nicole. Maya told Rick that it was as if Nicole had tried to make Maya feel guilty for being away. Rick thought that Maya might be projecting her own guilt onto what others were saying.

Maya hoped that Rick was right, but she was unable to shake Nicole's tone. It reminded her of when Nicole had first arrived in Los Angeles. Rick replied that Nicole had been younger, bitter, and trying to make sense of stories she'd been told. He believed things were completely different from then.

Maya hoped she hadn't done anything. Rick said Nicole had given them a child and loved Maya. He didn't think Maya had to worry about Nicole; however, he did think they had to worry about all the hard work the room attendant had done to prepare their space for them. He thought it would be a shame to let the turndown service go to waste.

Rick assured his wife that Lizzy was okay, and everything was all right. They hugged, but Maya seemed dismayed.

At Forrester, Thomas asked if his family wanted him back even though he was financing the enemy. Eric replied that he didn't condone it, and he had issues with what Sally had done. Steffy said they'd see in due time if it had been a wise move, but it was not the point. The point was that they wanted him back. Thomas asked if Ridge felt the same way.

Thomas assumed that his family wanted him back at the company if he ditched Sally. He asked if Ridge got that Thomas was in a relationship. Ridge didn't agree that "relationship" was the right word. Thomas asserted that they wanted him to choose between love and family.

Though Ridge didn't approve of what Thomas had done, Ridge loved Thomas and wanted him to have his own life. Ridge said he hadn't handled things the right way, but Thomas belonged at Forrester. Eric said that they were all in agreement. Steffy expressed that Thomas' personal life was his business, including his investments. She didn't like him throwing money at Sally, but he should do what he felt he had to do -- as long as he was at Forrester with the family.

Ridge noted that Thomas had helped to make Forrester what it was. Steffy said she and Ridge planned to help Thomas feel appreciated. Eric asked if Thomas would return. Ridge said they could use his help, and Steffy added that it was her brother's legacy as much as it was hers. She asked Thomas not to walk away from it.

Later, Ridge was sketching, and Steffy was worrying about why Thomas hadn't given them an answer. Ridge figured that Thomas needed to think about it and that Sally might have offered Thomas something that Forrester couldn't. Steffy said Thomas could still see Sally and still invest in the sinking company. Ridge stated that Thomas might be too upset to return. "Too stubborn," Steffy quipped, and Ridge reasoned that Thomas was a Forrester after all.

Steffy figured that they'd gotten through to her brother, who had to be taking time to stew for a while. She saw no reason for him not to return. "Love maybe," Ridge said. Steffy reasoned that they'd told Thomas that he could keep seeing Sally. Steffy asserted that they were family, and they'd be there for Thomas, even when the crush was over. She stated that Thomas had to know that he had to stay at Forrester.

At Spectra, Saul told Sally that they didn't need that tall friend of hers, who ought to be playing basketball on a Far East team instead of being in fashion. Saul said they didn't have to rely on Thomas because Saul had designs, and he had some money.

Saul admitted that it wasn't the Forrester type of money, but it could keep them afloat for a few weeks. Saul asked Sally to drop Thomas and partner with Saul. Saul said his grandfather had known how to save, and Saul had inherited a bit. He said he hadn't squandered it. He wanted Sally to let him invest in her, but he asked that she first give Thomas his money back.

Sally asked Saul if he was saying he had a hundred thousand dollars. "Not exactly, but I have enough to keep the sewing machines on. And I have something else, too," Saul replied. She asked what it was. Saul closed his eyes and puckered his lips. He leaned slowly toward Sally. By the time he reached her face, she'd turned it, and his lips landed on her cheek.

"What's going on in here?" Shirley asked, standing in the doorway of the office. Saul chuckled with embarrassment and decided to leave to order fabric. As he passed her, Shirley instructed him to keep ordering the cheap stuff, even if they did have an investor. Saul glanced at Sally. She stated that she appreciated what he'd said. With a nod, he exited.

Later, Thomas arrived to see Sally, and she assumed that his family had told him to rip up his check and stop seeing her. Thomas said that his family wanted him to return without conditions. She thought it was great and asked what he'd told them. Thomas revealed that he hadn't told them anything because he and Sally needed to talk first.

Sally readily assumed that Thomas was returning to Forrester, and even though his family hadn't asked him to pull his investment in Spectra, he'd decided to do it anyway.

Thomas told her to calm down. As far as he was concerned, his investment stayed, and he stayed, too. "Stay where?" she asked. Thomas replied that they stayed there.

Thomas was tired of handouts and waiting for his turn in line. He felt that his time was then with Sally as her lead designer, investor, and partner. "My partner?" Sally asked. He asked how it sounded. She dubiously replied that it sounded great. He told her that they'd be the hottest design team in the city, and Sally finally realized that he was serious about what he was saying.

Thomas asserted that he was absolutely serious. He said Sally had gone to Los Angeles to put Spectra on the map, and it was happening. He picked her up and twirled her around. A dream montage of Sally and Thomas watching their own fashion show and taking credit for it on the runway played on the screen.

Thomas put Sally down. He said he was giving her the one thing that had held her back from achieving her dreams: a partner. "You," Sally uttered. Thomas replied, "Me," and they kissed.

Katie warns Quinn not to cross her

Katie warns Quinn not to cross her

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

by Pam

Eric and Quinn kissed in an office, and Ivy and Katie entered. They apologized for interrupting Quinn and Eric. Eric smiled. Katie thanked Eric for the opportunity to work with Quinn on the jewelry line. "It's worked out better than I ever thought," Katie said. She thanked Ivy and Quinn as well. Eric was gracious and said it had been Quinn's idea, and he had to leave.

After Eric had left, Katie said she'd meant every word. She added that it was thrilling, and she couldn't wait to see some of her designs in the upcoming collection. Quinn and Ivy exchanged a look. Katie continued to say that it was great to be contributing at Forrester, and she loved being back at work again. Katie complimented Quinn and Ivy's designs. Ivy joked that she had a fan in Katie.

Katie asked if her designs were ready for production or if Ivy and Quinn felt they needed to be tweaked. Quinn said that Katie's designs had promise, but she was still new at jewelry design, and she didn't want them get ahead of themselves.

Katie wanted to explain the ideas behind her designs, but Quinn said it wasn't necessary. Ivy and Quinn understood what she was going for. Katie balked that she wanted to see her earrings, pendant, and bracelet in the new line. Quinn said the earrings might be included, but the other pieces missed the mark.

Katie argued, but Quinn tried to explain that Ivy and Quinn knew the style that Eric and Ridge wanted. She said they had to attract all demographics, and the newest collection had to focus on younger designs. Katie insisted that her pieces worked together. She wondered what Eric would say.

Katie added that Quinn's criticism indicated that her designs were boring, but she preferred to think of them as elegant and refined. Katie felt that Quinn hadn't offered constructive criticism. Quinn countered that a designer had to break the rules and work with the audience they had to reach.

Katie dissed Quinn and started to make personal comments about Quinn. Ivy said they needed to slow down, and Quinn responded that she would not tolerate Katie's veiled threats. Katie countered that they had to work together as a team, and Quinn had designed most of the collection but thrown Ivy a few bones and stonewalled Katie. She advised Quinn not to cross her. Quinn sighed, and Ivy shook her head.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric met with Ridge and said he was glad they were designing at home together and that Ridge lived on the property again in the guesthouse. Ridge marveled that Eric believed they could finish a new collection in record time without an extra designer -- namely Thomas, but they both agreed that Zende had been a big help.

Ridge promised to have Thomas back at Forrester by the end of the day. "I will fix what is broken between me and my son," he said. Discussion turned to how Quinn might accessorize a design, and Ridge asked how things had been going with Quinn and Katie. Eric responded that it appeared to be going well, but he seemed reticent. Ridge asked what was wrong. Eric said nothing, but he looked thoughtful. He said he had to leave for a business lunch.

At Spectra, Sally and Thomas discussed their partnership, and Sally said she was surprised that he had chosen not to return to Forrester, since his family had invited him back. Thomas answered that he and Sally were partners and that their work would be amazing. "No more knockoffs. This time next year, everyone is going to be wowed by our designs," Thomas said.

Sally agreed, and Thomas added it would be a "helluva ride." Sally lamented that Coco would not be a part of it. Sally added that she knew Coco was happy at Forrester.

Thomas stated that he was confident that Sally and Coco would patch things up. Sally thanked him for his confidence. She was happy for her family that Thomas had saved Spectra from Bill Spencer, but she lamented that she had betrayed Coco. Thomas hugged her and promised to talk to Coco when she visited.

Sally left the office and met with Saul. He was glad that he and Sally would be partners, and Sally would no longer have to ask "Mr. Pecs" for money. Saul had offered her his savings, and Sally said she appreciated his offer and his faith in her.

Sally announced that Thomas had joined Spectra as head designer and as her partner. He would devote all of his time and talent to helping Spectra. Saul looked shellshocked. "Thomas to the rescue again," Saul said, sulking. Sally explained that Thomas felt they could compete with Forrester. "Thomas is totally committed to Spectra. He has a really big heart," Sally said.

Coco entered Thomas' office, and he asked to speak to her about her relationship with Sally. He noted that Sally was heartbroken that Coco couldn't forgive her. Coco was amazed that Thomas had forgiven Sally. Thomas explained that it had taken some time, but he loved Sally.

Thomas said that everyone deserved second chances. He added that he was a partner in Spectra. He asked Coco to forgive Sally, and Sally entered and asked if it was possible, "Coco, please?" Sally asked.

At the Forrester guesthouse, Ridge had been working on designs, and Quinn entered and complained that Katie had freaked out on her and used veiled threats to involve Eric in his opinions of her designs. Quinn warned that she felt Katie might tell Eric about Quinn and Ridge. "There's no telling what she's gonna say to Eric next time she sees him," Quinn said.

At the restaurant where Eric was supposed to have his luncheon meeting, Katie showed up. She walked over to Eric's table, and he invited her to join him because his business date had stood him up. He noted that it was good to see Katie out of the office because Quinn could be a bit of a tyrant when she had a deadline.

Katie professed that she loved to work hard, but she felt that Quinn had stonewalled her designs. Katie admitted that she had only been a member of the team for a few months, but she was frustrated. Eric wondered if something else had been bothering Katie. "Tell me. This isn't just about the collection. I really want to know," Eric said. Katie flashed back to all the times she had seen Eric and Quinn together. "If you really want to know, I'll tell you exactly what's going with your wife," Katie said.

Quinn and Ridge reconnect

Quinn and Ridge reconnect

> Quinn and Ridge reconnect

Quinn and Ridge reconnect

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

by Pam

At the outdoor restaurant, Eric and Katie discussed Katie's issues with Quinn. Eric reminded Katie that she could tell him anything, and Katie agreed. Katie confessed that she and Quinn didn't see eye to eye. Katie felt they played by different sets of rules. Eric defended Quinn as an unconventional person. He was confident that they could learn to work together, but if something else was bothering Katie, Eric wanted to know about it.

Katie agreed. Eric thanked her for a very candid conversation. Katie understood that Quinn was a delicate subject, but she felt that she had a lot to offer to Forrester. Eric reminded Katie that she was just getting started on Quinn's team. He said he knew it was frustrating, but it was just the beginning for her.

Eric reminded Katie that everyone in the family was finally getting along. He wanted to keep it that way. Eric credited Quinn for getting the family members to work together at the company. He remembered that it hadn't been too long in the past that Ridge had tried to get rid of Quinn. Eric shared that Ridge was living in the guesthouse, and they were all getting along. Katie was surprised to hear that Ridge lived in the guesthouse.

Katie reminded Eric that she was grateful for the job, and she hadn't realized how much she needed to be in the office rather than stuck in a big home with nothing to do. She admitted it had made her a little crazy.

Eric wondered if Katie had been dating, and Katie said she was lonely and hadn't been lucky with men. She recalled that she had fallen for Ridge and Bill, who had been powerful, good-looking, and good fathers, yet were both obsessed with her sister.

Katie noted that there weren't many men like Eric. She really wanted someone who would stand up for her and be reliable. Eric replied that he understood. It was important to have someone who was loyal. He felt he had been blessed to meet Quinn.

Eric said he needed to return to the office. He added that Katie and Quinn might not agree on everything, but they had to communicate. Eric asked Katie if she had plans for dinner, and Eric invited her to join him, Quinn, Wyatt, and Ridge for dinner. He felt it would give Quinn and Katie a chance to calm things between them. Katie agreed.

At Ridge's place, Quinn gave Ridge details on how Katie was more or less blackmailing her in order to get Quinn to include Katie's designs in the upcoming show. Quinn looked around and said she shouldn't be at his place. Ridge reminded her that it was on his dad's property, so it was technically her place.

Quinn reiterated that Katie had been making threats, and they had to do something about it. Ridge argued that Katie had promised Brooke that she would say nothing to Eric about their kisses.

Quinn was frustrated that Katie had been blackmailing her and wanted to hurt her. Ridge reminded Quinn that Katie would not hurt his dad. Quinn insisted that Katie had become dangerous. "You need to talk to her," Quinn said. Ridge refused and said that Quinn needed to just give Katie her own line. Quinn angrily said that Katie's designs weren't good enough to include, but Ridge reminded her that it didn't matter because they needed to protect Eric.

Quinn refused to allow Katie to control her and make her feel guilty. Ridge reminded her that had only exchanged a few kisses. Quinn agreed and wondered what they had done to risk everything. "Whatever this is between us, I'd like to take it all back," Quinn said.

Ridge said he and Quinn should never have gone to San Francisco and had the tequila. They sniped at each other. "I don't even like you. I never liked you," Ridge said. He got close to her, and they kissed and fell back on the bed.

At Spectra, Thomas arranged for Coco and Sally to speak to one another. He left, and he hoped they could patch things up. Sally begged Coco for forgiveness.

Coco was hesitant, but Sally continued to remind Coco that she had never meant to hurt Coco. Sally added that it would never happen again. She and Thomas were business partners, and he had faith in her, much like Coco had always had faith in her.

Coco lamented that Sally had jeopardized her future and could have ruined her career permanently. Sally repeatedly apologized and said she missed her sister. Sally begged Coco to forgive her. Coco admitted she missed Sally, and Sally reminded her sister that they had supported one another their entire lives.

Coco agreed she wanted Sally back in her life. Sally asked her never to give up on them. Sally promised she would never let Coco down again. They hugged, and Sally hoped they could put the past behind them.

Outside the office, Saul prepared to enter, but Thomas stopped him and said that Sally and Coco were hopefully repairing their relationship. Saul balked, but Thomas warned him to leave them alone. He also chastised Saul for his role in turning Coco into a spy. Thomas advised Saul that he needed Saul's trust, and he needed Saul to be smart.

Quinn fears the guilt is written on her face

Quinn fears the guilt is written on her face

Thursday, June 1, 2017

In the CEO's office, Eric arrived, and Thomas was awaiting him. Eric asked why Pam's desk "says 'out sick'," and Thomas explained that it was because she hadn't liked the outcome of her hair appointment. Thomas noted that his father wasn't with Eric. Eric acknowledged it and said he hoped Thomas had asked Eric there to end the estrangement between them.

Eric and Thomas discussed the tension between Ridge and Thomas. Eric said competing was a thing between men, and anger and love was hard to discern between fathers and sons at times. Thomas admitted to being angry with his father. Eric asked if Thomas was angry with him, too. Thomas wasn't. He just was tired of being passed over, which was why he'd decided not to return to Forrester Creations.

Eric suggested that Thomas take a month off, travel, and not decide anything but what to have for lunch, and once Thomas was back, they could talk. Thomas said that he couldn't do it. "Granddad, I'm so sick of myself here. I am so tired of being the disappointed one," Thomas stated. Thomas said he could possibly be an "arrogant ass" with an overinflated idea of his talent, or there might be a concerted effort by certain people at Forrester to keep him in his place.

Thomas didn't think he'd know his true potential until he began again somewhere else. Eric had a sinking feeling that he knew where that somewhere else was, and he noted Thomas' investment in Spectra. Thomas said it made sense to recoup it. Disagreeing, Eric asserted that it was the emotional investment Thomas wanted to recoup, not the financial one.

Thomas believed that he and Sally made great partners, but Eric said money muddled relationships. Thomas said Sally didn't care about his money, but Eric replied that the only people who didn't care about money were usually the ones who didn't have to earn it.

Thomas insisted that Sally wouldn't make knockoffs anymore. Eric asked how equal the partnership really was. He pointed out that Thomas took his talent and experience into it and challenged Thomas to say what Sally had to put into it. Thomas said he was there to tell Eric the decision, not to for Eric to undo it. Eric extended his hand and wished Thomas well.

Standing to exit, Thomas guessed that he'd talk to his father another time. Eric stated that Thomas was a lot more like Ridge than Thomas thought. Thomas replied that some days he saw it, and some days, he didn't. Eric believed Steffy would think Thomas' departure was her fault. Thomas said he'd make sure to talk to his sister.

Eric noted that his children had all wanted to carve out their own paths from time to time. He wouldn't make it an issue or command that Thomas never darken the mansion door again. Eric said Thomas should go with God, test himself, and experience what he thought he was missing. Eric told Thomas to remember that "this" was home and would always take him in.

In the design office, Katie asked Ivy if she'd be at home for dinner that night because Eric had invited Katie to join them. Ivy replied that she had a date and asked if it would be just Eric, Quinn, and Katie. Katie remarked that Ridge would be there, too, because they lived under the same roof. Ivy replied that it wasn't the same roof because Ridge was in the guesthouse.

Ivy told Katie that Ivy had been paying attention, and there was no need for concern about Quinn and Ridge. Katie hoped it stayed that way. In Katie's view, Ridge was wounded over what had happened with Brooke, and while being close with his father was good, Ridge being close with his father's wife wasn't. Ivy thought Katie was being too suspicious.

Katie replied that she was conditioned for it, and if one expected the worst, then one wouldn't be disappointed. Ivy preferred to be logical and go with what made the most sense. In her eyes, there were a thousand reasons for Ridge and Quinn not to be together, and Ivy couldn't think of one reason that they should. "Try this on: They're both incredibly destructive, self-sabotaging people," Katie concluded.

Ivy decided to drop the topic and get back to work. Katie didn't think it was easy to do because Quinn had designated Katie the "slow learner." Katie said she realized that she was only there because Quinn wanted to shut her up. Katie believed Quinn was making Katie pay for being there by setting Katie up to fail, and Katie had a simple way to put a stop to it. Ivy said not to be that way, but Katie asked who deserved their loyalty -- Quinn or Eric.

Ivy noted that Katie wasn't usually spiteful. Katie asked why she had to be motivated by only spite. Ivy didn't think banishment, which was what Quinn and Ridge would receive, was fair punishment for sharing a kiss or two. Katie stated that there were all kinds of ways to have an affair, and the offense was intimacy. Ivy reasoned that they didn't know if anything was still going on, but Katie countered that they didn't know that there wasn't.

Katie claimed that secrets like it were poison, and she asked if Ivy could feel it tainting her relationship with Eric. Katie felt that her silence made her complicit. It was changing her relationship with Eric. Katie claimed that she couldn't forget what she'd seen or learned. She cared about Eric and asked if she was being a good friend by keeping him in the dark.

Katie was about to leave, but Ivy asked Katie to promise not to make a scene. Chuckling, Katie replied that Ivy sounded like them. Ivy stated that she'd kissed the wrong man before herself. Ivy felt that Katie was mad at Quinn, not Eric, and advised Katie to let it go.

Katie claimed she'd looked up to Eric for her whole life, and she'd gotten more support and protection from him than from her own father. At that time, Eric needed her support and protection, in Katie's view, and she asked if she should look the other way or protect him by lying. Katie relayed that lying to people for their own good caused more trouble than the truth ever did. "Ask me how I know that," Katie tearfully said and exited.

In the Forrester guesthouse, Ridge and Quinn made out on the bed. Quinn seemed conflicted as they kissed, and she finally sat up to stop it. Upset, she began pacing, wondering what was wrong with them. She said she'd only arrived for a conversation. Ridge replied that the problem with that was she never listened.

Quinn asked if it was a sickness, and Ridge began to talk about the way she looked at him. Cutting him off, she said she tried to never look at him. She was worried that they'd "almost had..." Ridge said it was fine because nothing had happened. Quinn told him that they couldn't keep calling the kisses meaningless. In her view, being in the bed "isn't stopping. It's too late."

Quinn decided she would go take a shower to "wash this off" before dinner. Before leaving, she sternly told Ridge, "Never again."

At the mansion later, Quinn was rattled to see Ridge in the living room as she descended the stairs. He said he'd been invited to dinner, but she told him to make an excuse to get out of it. Ridge insisted that things were fine and exactly as they'd always been.

Disagreeing, Quinn stated that it wasn't because they'd discovered that she couldn't be in a room alone with him. Ridge didn't think she was being realistic, but she asserted that she didn't want to lose the love of her life the way that he had.

Eric arrived, and Ridge greeted his father. He said that he and Quinn were sorting out an issue. Eric asked if it was the same one that Katie had told him about. Telling them not to be surprised, Eric stated that Katie told him everything, and he questioned why Quinn and Ridge didn't.

Ridge said Katie tended to make more of things than they were. Eric was willing to agree that her objectivity was open to question. Quinn added that Katie despised Quinn, but Eric said he'd never heard that from Katie. Ridge conveyed that Katie didn't listen and tended to threaten, which was why she'd gone to Eric.

Eric stated that neither Quinn nor Ridge was good at diplomacy, either. Ridge asked what Katie had said, and Eric wondered if Katie's designs were really that bad. He said Katie's feelings might be hurt. Ridge and Quinn seemed relieved. Ridge said he and Quinn were discussing using one of Katie's pieces. Eric asked if it could be more than one.

Quinn replied that Katie had a lot to learn, including patience. Ridge talked over Quinn and said that they could use more than one piece, of course. He added that they were discussing a signature line, too. Eric was glad to hear it and felt that Quinn and Ridge were a great team. Eric said they could tell Katie over dinner and added that he'd invited Wyatt, too.

Eric went upstairs, and Quinn was upset about having Katie as a dinner guest. Quinn was sure that with one look at Quinn's face, Katie would know that something had changed -- because it had. Quinn wanted to make an excuse to get out of it, but Ridge said he'd go. Quinn thought he should stay, and he asked if it was because she thought he was good at Katie management. He asked why Quinn couldn't fake it for two hours.

Quinn asserted that she'd been in Ridge's bed. "On the bed. Very different," Ridge corrected as the front door opened. It was Katie. Entering, she said she was sorry, but the door had been open. She asked if Eric was there. Ridge replied that Eric had asked Katie over for dinner, and he was upstairs getting ready. Ridge said for Katie to make herself at home, and she replied that she didn't mind if she did.

Ridge and Quinn glared at each other, and Ridge decided to make a fire in the fireplace.

Steffy feels betrayed when Thomas decides not to return to Forrester

Steffy feels betrayed when Thomas decides not to return to Forrester

Friday, June 2, 2017

At Forrester, Steffy arrived to meet Thomas after receiving a text message from him. Under the assumption that Thomas had told Eric that Thomas would return to Forrester, Steffy started to talk about valuing her brother more. Thomas interrupted to say that he wasn't returning to the business. Instead, he was partnering with Sally at Spectra.

Steffy asked if Thomas was doing it to get back at her. Thomas replied that it was about his future. He didn't want to keep waiting for Eric to notice him. He wanted to break out and prove himself. Steffy didn't get it and said Spectra wasn't even a real fashion house. Thomas disagreed and said he was going there to help it grow and to give it what he needed -- legitimacy and respect.

Steffy was on the verge of tears. Thomas said the bright side was that Spectra wouldn't steal from Forrester again. She asked if that was supposed to make her feel better. She'd thought he'd be back, but instead, he was turning his back on the company. "And your family," she added.

Steffy thought Thomas was in too deep with a woman who'd used him and asked what made him think it wouldn't happen again. Thomas claimed that he was driving "this train," not Sally. The decision had been his, and Sally hadn't asked him to make it. To Steffy, that was even more troublesome.

Thomas thanked Steffy for the information about Bill. Steffy wished she'd never opened her mouth. For Thomas, it had put things into context. He asserted that Sally hadn't arrived in town to steal from them. Steffy asked Thomas to be patient, but he said he'd already been patient for a long time. Steffy asked if he really loved Sally that much. He said he did, and Steffy wordlessly walked out.

In the Forrester design office, Coco and R.J. discussed her willingness to forgive Sally. R.J. was glad to hear that the sisters were mending fences and asked what had changed Coco's view. She replied that it had been Thomas. She explained that he'd helped her to see that only her hurt feelings had stood in the way of forgiveness.

Coco also informed R.J. about Thomas' move to Spectra. R.J. thought the news would take getting used to. She replied that Thomas was really stepping up for her sister. R.J. thought the risk proved that Thomas really cared for Sally. Coco replied that it went both ways. R.J. understood Thomas and said there was something intoxicating about Spectra women. R.J. and Coco kissed.

At Spectra, Darlita and Shirley were overjoyed to hear the developments about Thomas from Sally. Shirley felt that they'd be legitimized beyond their wildest dreams. Saul mirthlessly murmured that it was great. Darlita noted that Thomas really had a thing for Sally, and Shirley asked what would happen to them if Thomas and Sally fell out of favor with each other.

Saul quickly validated the point and asked where they'd be if Thomas got bored. Sally said she wasn't afraid of taking the chance, and if it didn't work out, then it just didn't. Sally bragged that Thomas had also influenced Coco to forgive Sally. Grinning, Sally said Thomas had given her back the one person who meant everything to her -- her little sister.

Later, Sally was alone when Steffy charged into the office and asserted that Sally had stolen from Forrester again. "Oh, so you know," Sally replied. She guessed that Steffy wasn't thrilled about her brother's relationship or partnership with Sally.

Steffy said Sally would never be competition for Forrester, who was on a different level. In Steffy's view, all Sally did was lie and steal, and she was taking Thomas down with her. Sally said that, whether or not Steffy believed it, Sally had learned a hard lesson, and Steffy didn't have to worry about Sally cheating the Foresters again.

In Steffy's view, Sally was still doing it by cheating the Forresters of Thomas and by cheating Thomas of a brilliant future and healthy relationship with his family. Sally disagreed that she'd done so. Because Thomas had helped her, Sally wanted to help him. She claimed to love Thomas and asserted that he loved her, regardless of what "Princess" Steffy thought of it.

Sally explained that she hadn't manipulated Thomas into joining her. In fact, she and Thomas hadn't even discussed it beforehand. Steffy asked if it had occurred to Sally to turn Thomas down. Sally didn't know why she would. In her view, it was a great move. Thomas could call all his own shots at Spectra. Sally asked if Steffy could say the same about him at Forrester.

Steffy blinked in response. Sally said she could ask why Steffy was trying to hold Thomas back. Sally chose to, instead, thank Steffy for telling Thomas what Bill had done. Steffy contended that she wouldn't have done it if she'd known it would lead to Thomas working at Spectra.

Sally claimed Steffy only felt that way because she hadn't gotten to know Sally, and to know Sally was to love her. "Or at least like me just a little bit, which I think you do," Sally added. Sally posited that, beneath Steffy's superiority, Steffy was intrigued by the woman from the wrong side of the tracks. Sally even believed she and Steffy would be besties one day.

"Besties? You've lost your damn mind," Steffy replied. Sally thought they should give it a shot and go out for a burger, caviar, or whatever it was that Forresters ate. Steffy stated that she was watching Sally, and if Sally hurt Thomas, "you'll have to answer to me, Bestie," Steffy sniped, and she stomped out of the office.

At the Forrester mansion, dinner had ended, and as Quinn poured drinks with Ridge at the living room bar, Eric, Wyatt, and Katie chatted on the sofa. Quinn whispered to Ridge that dinner had been "hell," and she was mad that Katie had stayed for after-dinner drinks. Ridge wanted Quinn to calm down, but Quinn seethed about Katie always watching them.

Ridge and Quinn took their drinks to the sofa area and joined everyone else. Eric decided he had something to tell them that affected the family. He revealed that Thomas had decided to work at Spectra. Ridge said that Thomas was a Forrester and couldn't work for the ripoff artists. Eric replied that Thomas intended to make them legit. Wyatt said Bill would want to hear about it.

Quinn said Spectra would get the legitimacy they craved, but Ridge asked what Thomas got out of it. Eric stated that he was just relaying the information, but he didn't want to spoil the evening.

Wyatt changed the subject to Ridge staying in the guesthouse. Ridge bit out that he couldn't stay at Brooke's. Eric was pleased to have his son and wife beneath the same roof. A flash of Quinn and Ridge rolling on the bed played on-screen. Katie gazed at Quinn, who curtly smiled.

Later, Quinn poured a drink, and Wyatt asked if she was okay. She said she was and asked why she wouldn't be. She sat by Eric, who was discussing the decision to go ahead with Katie's designs. Surprised, Katie asked if Quinn was okay with it, and Quinn said she was. Eric thought it was wonderful for them all to work together, be together, and have dinner together.

Wyatt said it was new to him -- all the family dinners and bonding. He thanked Eric for welcoming the Fullers and for seeing the good in his mother. Eric replied that Quinn had needed to feel safe enough to let her light shine through, and he was the beneficiary of it. Wyatt said Quinn would do anything for Eric, even if it meant being nice to Ridge.

Quinn indicated that Wyatt was correct in saying she'd do anything for Eric, who'd transformed her life. She couldn't repay Eric, but she promised not to let him down.

As the evening wound down later, Eric excused himself to do a conference call with Rick about their South African buyers. Katie asked to talk to Quinn alone, and Quinn tersely agreed. The women left, and Wyatt noted to Ridge that Quinn had been acting weird. He asked if Ridge knew why. "No," Ridge said and strode off.

Katie took Quinn out on the balcony. Quinn asked if she should be nervous. Katie said she just wanted to thank Quinn for including Katie's pieces in the collection. "In the next collection. And Eric has to approve, of course," Quinn responded. Katie couldn't wait to get Eric's feedback and said no one knew more about fashion, except maybe Ridge.

Quinn guessed Ridge was what the talk was really about. Katie disagreed and said she wasn't conveying her thoughts right. Katie was trying to express how much being at Forrester meant to her. Designing jewelry had filled a need within Katie that she hadn't known was there. Katie said that Quinn had been generous with her time, her experience, and even her criticism.

Quinn replied that she'd been trying to be constructive. Katie appreciated Quinn giving Katie a fair shot. Quinn replied that Katie's success was Quinn's success. Giggling, Katie said it was true. They were connected, and it was why Katie wanted a productive, and even friendly, relationship. "Katie, I don't see that happening," Quinn replied.

Katie acknowledged that there had been tense moments and that Katie had said things that could be construed as threats. Katie claimed that it had just been the heat of the moment, and she had no intention of telling Eric anything. Katie believed that Ridge and Quinn were clearly staying away from each other, so the secret was safe with Katie.

Later, Quinn was in her nightgown as she climbed into bed with Eric. He said he appreciated her trying with Katie, and he had loved seeing Wyatt. It was amazing to Eric that the house had been like a tomb, but it had transformed and was full of love. Eric started to say something about Ridge, but Quinn asked if they could just focus on each other.

Eric cuddled Quinn in bed. She said she needed him to hold her and never let her go. She needed reassurance. She just wanted to be the best wife for him. Eric asked what those feelings were about and what was going on. Quinn replied that she just loved him "so much."

As Eric cuddled Quinn, Ridge was in the guesthouse, drinking, packing, and thinking about her.

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