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Rick and Maya learned that there were errors on Lizzy's adoption paperwork. Lieutenant Baker questioned Katie about an attempted shooting. Quinn met face-to-face with Sheila Carter.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 5, 2017 on B&B
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Katie's got a gun -- her world's become undone Katie's got a gun -- her world's become undone

Monday, June 5, 2017

In the photo studio, Nicole babysat Lizzy and thought of giving birth to her. Nicole's thoughts turned to the prognosis from the doctors. She picked up her phone and called Maya. To her surprise, Rick answered and said Maya was at a photo shoot.

Nicole asked Rick if her sister was skipping around the Eiffel Tower. Laughing, Rick said it was Notre-Dame, and he couldn't wait to see the proofs. Nicole asked for "the fashion model" to return the call when she eventually got back. Nicole's tone caused Rick to ask if something was wrong. "I don't know, Rick. You tell me. Is there something wrong with the way that I'm taking care of Lizzy?" Nicole asked.

"What?" Rick replied. To Nicole, it didn't make any sense that Maya had scheduled Pam to watch Lizzy, and deciding to speak honestly, Nicole stated that she found it insulting.

Coco stood in the doorway and heard Nicole saying that she'd carried Lizzy before handing her over to Rick and Maya; therefore, it should be understood that Nicole would be the one to watch the baby if Rick and Maya weren't available -- especially if it would keep happening, which wasn't what Nicole had expected when she'd given Lizzy to them. "I expected Maya to be a mother, not fit Lizzy in between her pursuits of fame," Nicole quipped.

Rick asked Nicole to slow down and say what she was talking about exactly. Nicole asserted that if he needed someone to watch Lizzy, he needed to go to the woman who'd given birth to her, not Pam.

After the call, Coco entered. She said she'd overheard some of the call, and she wondered if Nicole was upset with her because Maya had asked her to help out with the baby. Nicole was upset at the situation, not Coco. Nicole said Maya was scheduling all these people to watch Lizzy, but Nicole was the only one who needed to be on the schedule. Nicole felt that no one loved Lizzy more.

In Paris later, Maya arrived back in her hotel room and was explaining to Rick that her shoot had been cut short. She figured that they'd have to make it up the next day, but she was torn. Though she was having fun, she missed Lizzy. Maya noticed Rick's strange expression and asked if he was okay. "Your sister called. It was weird. She was upset," he replied.

Maya braced herself and asked if it was something about Lizzy. Rick conveyed Nicole's feelings about asking other people to watch Lizzy. Maya started to say why she was doing it, but Rick cut her off. He knew. In a careful tone, he explained that, because she'd given birth to Lizzy, Nicole wanted to be to one they turned to.

Maya said she got it, and it made sense. Rick didn't think Nicole's attitude made sense. It had been as if Nicole had been questioning them as parents. Maya thought he'd misunderstood. Rick didn't think he'd misunderstood Nicole saying she'd thought Maya would be a mother more consistently than just between Maya's pursuits of fame.

Hurt, Maya proclaimed that she was a working mother, like countless other mothers. Calming down, Maya said she wouldn't let it affect her, and Nicole was just stressed out. Rick agreed, saying they'd asked a lot of Nicole. Maya decided that they'd finish up their business and get home. That way, they'd be with Lizzy, and Nicole could relax.

Maya figured she'd jumped to conclusions when she'd figured that the newly wedded Nicole wouldn't want to watch the baby. The look on Rick's face expressed that he thought it was more serious. Maya guessed that Nicole was lashing out a bit, but it was sweet that Nicole wanted to be so involved. "She didn't sound so sweet on the phone," Rick uttered.

Rick thought they needed to call Nicole back. Maya thought it was better to let it simmer down and said they'd straighten it out when they got home. Rick appeared worried.

In the design office, Katie anxiously waited with Ivy as, across the hall, Quinn showed some of Katie's designs to Eric and Ridge. Kate said she felt as if she was in high school, waiting to know if a teacher liked her essay.

Ivy asked if the waist chains were in the review. Katie said that they weren't all included, but she'd convinced Quinn to take in the few that she thought were the best. Katie said working at Forrester had given her the jolt she'd needed after losing her way the previous year. She felt as if she'd found it there at Forrester.

Pam arrived with a stack of boxes, and as she set them down, she asked if Katie had bought out the store. Katie was excited about the fast delivery. She'd ordered hardware so they could hit the ground running if Eric approved the waist chains. Her eyes fell on Pam's hip, around which Pam wore a gun belt with a gun holstered in it. Katie asked if Pam was on security detail.

Chuckling, Pam explained that Charlie had left his gun at her desk while he'd taken a steam room break. She didn't think it should just be lying around. In the middle of talking, Pam noticed some waist chain samples on the desk. Katie talked Pam into trying one on. Pam removed the gun belt and placed it in the sitting area next to the door.

Katie fashioned one of her favorite pieces around Pam, who seemed a little unsure about it as Katie talked about adding sparkle to the outfit. "You have any with pearls?" Pam asked. Pam's phone beeped, and she realized that it was her time to take care of Lizzy. Hurriedly removing the jewelry, Pam said it was different. She grabbed her phone and took off.

Ivy told Katie that Pam had seemed to like it. Katie hoped Ridge and Eric did, too.

Back in the photo studio, Pam arrived to pick up Lizzy, and Nicole said she was about to put the baby down for a nap. Pam decided she had time to go to her desk and get her crochet bag, but Nicole said Pam could stay at her desk.

Stammering, Pam started to explain that she was scheduled, but then she asked if Nicole wanted her to call Maya. Nicole stated that she'd said not to worry about it, and she'd be taking care of Lizzy. "Okay," Pam said, and she left.

Nicole let the baby play with ostrich feathers. She told Lizzy that Pam had thought she'd take Lizzy. Nicole decided that Lizzy wouldn't be passed from person to person anymore. Lizzy made noises that sounded like, "Mama...mommie..." Gasping and smiling, Nicole said that she was right there. "Mama's right here, sweetie. I'm right here," Nicole stated.

In the CEO's office, Eric flipped through a sketch pad and gravely said, "My, my, my. Now I see what your concerns were." Ridge didn't think it was that bad. Quinn stated that the designs were. Ridge stated that they just weren't Forrester, but with experience, it could be all right. Disagreeing, Eric said they had to face it -- Katie belonged in a boardroom, not a design room, and they all knew what had to happen there.

"You're going to fire Katie?" the alarmed Ridge asked. Eric said he didn't want to, but it made no sense to keep her on just because she was a friend. Quinn suggested finding something else for Katie. Eric was open to it if something else opened up, but they didn't have a boardroom type position for Katie at the time. Ridge suggested that they keep Katie in jewelry and help her.

To Eric, it made no sense to keep Katie if they wouldn't use her work, and Katie would be better off at a company that could use her talent. Eric asked Quinn to let Katie know. Quinn was shocked that she had to do it. He said it was protocol -- unless there was a problem. Quinn claimed there wasn't, and she and Ridge exchanged worried looks.

Quinn and Ridge expressed to Eric that Katie was really enjoying her job and would be surprised by the firing. Eric knew it was true, but he thought Katie was a rational person who'd understand that it wasn't working. He offered to step in afterward if the need arose.

"I'll go with you. Come on," Ridge said. Eric stopped Ridge because Eric didn't want Katie to feel as if they were ganging up on her. He told Quinn that it was her job, and she'd take care of it.

Quinn left, and Eric acknowledged that Ridge seemed worried. Eric told Ridge that it didn't make sense to keep Katie in a job where she didn't belong, and it didn't benefit her for them to create a position for her that they didn't need. Eric thought it would make Katie feel useless. He said Katie didn't want pity, and they needed to let her find a position of power and purpose.

Eric believed Katie valued honesty. He didn't want to lie to her and say she had a future designing jewelry. Ridge understood Eric's view, but he was worried that something could go terribly wrong with Quinn talking to Katie alone. Eric thought Katie would be fine, but Ridge wanted to be there in case there was a problem.

Eric asked if Ridge knew something that Eric didn't. Eric knew that it was his son's urge to ride to the rescue, but Eric said Katie and Quinn might surprise Ridge.

Back in the design office, Quinn arrived and asked to speak to Katie alone. Ivy exited, and Katie asked what Eric had said. Quinn stated that he'd taken his time in considering. Katie figured he'd deliberated which pieces to include in the collection and said some could go in the next collection. Quinn replied that it wouldn't happen, and they wouldn't use any of them.

Katie didn't believe it because of what Eric had said the previous night. Quinn explained that it had been before he'd seen the designs. Quinn said everyone had skill sets, and Katie might be more the executive type than the design type. Katie asked if Eric was changing her position. Hanging her head, Quinn said Eric was letting Katie go.

"I'm fired?" Katie asked. Quinn thought it was a harsh word and said Katie was being let go. Katie couldn't believe that Quinn was doing it. Quinn readily said it wasn't her. Katie wouldn't believe that Eric would do it and said he was her friend. Quinn claimed the friendship was why Eric thought Katie would understand that he was doing what he had to for the business.

"Finding the right fit for you -- " Quinn stated. Interrupting, Katie asked if there was a fit for her at Forrester. Quinn replied that there wasn't one at that time, but Eric hadn't been specific. Katie called Quinn unbelievable. Quinn asked Katie not to take it personally and started explaining that the jewelry line wasn't big enough to justify it. Quinn thought Katie was better suited for dealing with numbers.

Katie decided that Quinn was telling Katie that she didn't belong there, and Katie asked how Quinn dared to dictate to Katie and fire her. Katie yelled that Quinn was the one who didn't belong there. Katie asked how it kept happening and how people like Quinn kept getting what they wanted. Katie accused Quinn of lying constantly and cheating while Katie always did her best to be good and play by the rules.

"I lose every time! You get to be evil, committing crime after crime, but it doesn't matter! No punishment! You get rewarded!" Katie yelled. "You get to live in a house with a man who loves you! I ask for one thing -- one thing that's mine," Katie continued. Quinn desperately replied that not everyone was cut out for jewelry design. Katie said it had nothing to do with the jewelry line. It had to do with Quinn, who'd ruined everything.

Quinn asked for a chance to see what she could do, but Katie retorted that Quinn wanted to find a meaningless job to keep Katie's mouth shut. Katie gloated about knowing Quinn's dirty secret and said she thought Quinn was smarter. Katie stated that Quinn had to know that if she manipulated Eric into firing Katie, Katie would never stay quiet.

Quinn replied that Katie had agreed to stay quiet because it was the right thing to do for Eric. Quinn was hopeful that Katie would get another job -- maybe even at Forrester. Katie went off about never having to answer to the morally bankrupt Quinn, who thought she didn't have to answer for what she'd done. Katie started getting pushy and grabby as she said Quinn was going to pay for everything she'd done.

"Just stop!" Quinn yelled, shoving Katie. Katie flew back and landed on the furniture near the door. As Quinn caught her breath, she saw Katie rebound with a gun in her hand. Quinn yelled for Katie to put it down.

"Winners and losers," Katie said. Aiming the gun, Katie continued, "That's the kind of world we live in. A world where women like me are alone, but people like you go home to a beautiful house, to a beautiful man who loves her. You have no idea what it's like to lose. Maybe I should change that. Maybe I should do it and get rid of you once and for all."

Nicole's family is alarmed by her unusual behavior

Nicole's family is alarmed by her unusual behavior

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

by Pam

Katie shook as she aimed a gun at Quinn, and Quinn begged Katie not to shoot her. Katie smiled and lowered the gun. "Did you really think I could kill you?" Katie asked.

Quinn responded that she knew that Katie hated her enough to want her dead. Katie asked how it felt to be vulnerable and at the mercy of someone else. "Helpless," Katie said. Ridge entered, and Quinn asked him to help her. Ridge ordered Katie to put down the gun. "Katie, what the hell are you doing?" Ridge asked. Katie acted like it was all just a misunderstanding. She handed the gun to Ridge. Quinn was relieved.

Ridge checked the gun and noted that it wasn't loaded. He wondered if Katie had known, and she pretended that she had. Ridge wondered who'd had the gun, and Quinn explained that Charlie had left it with Pam, who had left it on the chair.

Quinn shouted that Katie had threatened her with it. "I was fired. How the hell am I supposed to take that news?" Katie replied. Katie insisted that she would never have shot Quinn because she had far more effective ways of hurting Quinn. Katie walked out.

Quinn was distraught and lamented that Katie had started the altercation by pushing Quinn earlier. Quinn said she had finally pushed back, and Katie had pulled the gun on her. "I thought I was gonna die," Quinn said. She said that she had worried what kind of reaction Katie would have to Eric's news that she had to be fired. She added that Eric had no idea what a loose cannon Katie was.

Quinn told Ridge that Katie was convinced they were having an affair. She said that when Katie had held the gun on her, she'd thought of her son and Eric and how she would never have a chance to say goodbye. Ridge hugged her to console her, and Katie entered and was appalled to see them embracing. "You disgust me," Katie shouted. She added that Quinn had a job and husband to go home to. Quinn and Ridge told her to settle down.

Katie shouted at Ridge that Quinn wasn't a delicate flower. She had hurt and almost killed people. Ridge stopped her. "Do you know what you did today? Are you aware of what you just did to her?" Ridge asked. Katie seemed to calm down and announced that she was going home.

After Katie left, Ridge said it was time to go home. He promised to drive Quinn home. "I'll deal with Katie," he said.

In Paris, Maya and Rick discussed that they had business in Los Angeles and Paris. Rick said he would fly to other cities and return to Paris to be with Maya, but Maya said it was too much travel. She suggested they stick with the plan that Lizzy would remain with family. However, Maya worried that they had stressed Nicole out. "But Lizzy is in good hands, right?" Maya asked.

Rick reminded Maya that they would be home with their daughter soon. He added that they owed Nicole "big time" for all her help. Rick and Maya were concerned about Nicole's attitude. Maya noted that Nicole could be fierce when she was feeling protective, and she had put Lizzy's needs first. They couldn't complain about that.

At Brooke's house, Nicole told Julius and Vivienne that Rick and Maya had spent a long time away from their child, but Vivienne noted that it was a good opportunity for Forrester to get some photos with Maya and the Eiffel Tower in the background. Nicole mumbled that they had different priorities.

Vivienne offered to babysit, but Nicole knew her mother had to work. Vivienne said she could take a vacation day, but Nicole insisted that it was fine. Vivienne encouraged Nicole to call her if she needed anything, and she left for work. Julius wanted to make Nicole a sandwich. Nicole encouraged her dad to raid the fridge.

Julius told Nicole that seeing her with the baby made him realize how the situation had been really messed up. He lamented that Maya had a baby, and she would rather model, and Nicole might never have a baby. "You'd make a wonderful mother. It just isn't right," Julius said. Nicole went upstairs to check on Lizzy.

Maya called and reached Julius, but she had expected that Pam would be watching Lizzy. Julius said that Nicole had been watching the baby. Nicole entered and overheard the conversation because Julius had put it on speakerphone. Maya claimed she was a little concerned. Nicole said it was fine.

"I'm a mom. I always worry," Maya said. Nicole reminded her that she was half a world away. "I got it, Maya. Let me handle it," Nicole said.

Maya thanked Nicole and asked her to tell Lizzy that her mommy missed her. "I will," Nicole said. She hung up. Julius wondered if Nicole had told Maya what the doctors had said about her inability to have another child. Nicole said she had not.

Julius noted that Nicole already had a child. He wondered if the photo shoot was meant to be because she was there with the baby she had given to Maya. "You're here with the baby that you gave her. Maybe Maya is living the life she is supposed to, and maybe you're doing the same," Julius said. He added that Nicole wanted to be a mother, but she already was one, and her daughter adored her.

In another office at Forrester, R.J. and Coco had discussed plans for the evening. R.J. said his favorite band was playing, but Coco seemed distant. R.J. wondered what was wrong, and Coco related that Nicole and Maya had different ideas about how to care for Lizzy. Coco said that she had overheard a phone call that Nicole had had with Rick, and Nicole had been upset that Rick and Maya had Pam and others lined up to take care of Lizzy.

"Weird," R.J. said. He noted that Nicole seemed to be a bit of a control freak. He encouraged Coco to stop worrying and plan for the concert. Coco agreed. They kissed.

At home, Katie paced. "Maybe I should just do it. Maybe I should," Katie said. Katie flashed back to all the romantic connections she had seen between Ridge and Quinn. Katie looked through a telescope and watched Ridge and Quinn on the patio at Eric's house. "I hate you," she shouted. She refocused the telescope on Quinn and became more agitated.

Quinn confides in Ridge after the terrifying incident with Katie

Quinn confides in Ridge after the terrifying incident with Katie

> Quinn confides in Ridge after the terrifying incident with Katie

Quinn confides in Ridge after the terrifying incident with Katie

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

by Pam

At Eric's house, Quinn stood on her veranda, and Katie watched through her telescope. Katie closed in and had Quinn in the crosshairs of the telescope lens. "God, I hate that woman," Katie said. Katie stepped away from the telescope and paced, but Ivy interrupted her.

Katie said it wasn't a good time to visit. Ivy countered that she had wanted to check on Katie because Katie had been so upset. Katie complained that she had been fired "by Quinn of all people. I'm so angry I could scream."

Katie said that Quinn and Ridge maintained that nothing was going on between them, but Katie said they were clearly romantic. She was convinced something was going on. She had seen them embrace in Quinn's office.

Ivy defended Quinn and Ridge. Ivy said Ridge had been comforting Quinn, and Quinn had been upset because Katie had held a gun on her. Ivy tried to remind Katie that getting fired wasn't personal. It was business.

Katie argued that it was all personal. Katie had the power to destroy Quinn. Katie shouted that Quinn was dangerous. "I can't stand by and watch. She needs to be stopped once and for all," Katie said.

Ivy tried to understand and to calm Katie down, but Katie ranted that Quinn had given her a job to keep her quiet. "She gets away with everything, and you have some bizarre loyalty to her," Katie shouted. Katie continued to complain about everything that Quinn had done and that she had hurt Eric.

Ivy tried again to calm Katie, but Katie grew more irritated. "She's a horrible and despicable person. I'm tired of talking about this. Leave. Get out of my house. Go," Katie shouted. Ivy left.

At the Forrester house, Quinn was in the living room, and she poured coffee. Ridge joined her and said he had no coffee in the guesthouse. Quinn didn't want them to be together anywhere.

Ridge drank some coffee and wondered where Eric was. Quinn said he was at the office. Ridge wondered why she had not also left for the office. Quinn explained that she was in no hurry. She feared seeing Katie, but Ridge said Katie wouldn't be there. Quinn was afraid of what Katie would do.

Quinn argued that Katie was a loose cannon, and they had no idea how dangerous she could be. Ridge encouraged her to let it go. He disagreed that Katie was dangerous. Quinn replied that Katie blamed her for everything.

Quinn said that Katie had been watching their every move and was waiting for them to make a mistake. Ridge said nothing would happen. He left for work.

On a plane returning from Paris, Maya and Rick discussed that they'd had to cut their trip short. Rick acknowledged that they had accomplished a lot. Maya couldn't wait to hold Lizzy in her arms. Rick noted that their daughter had excellent care with Pam, Nicole, Coco, Zende, and the others fighting over who could babysit her. They laughed, but Maya said that Nicole had seemed stressed out. She worried that Nicole had implied Maya wasn't a responsible parent. "Maybe something is going on with Nicole," Maya said. Rick said they would be landing soon.

At Brooke's house, Nicole took care of Lizzy and told Zende that the baby had eaten all her breakfast. She added that Maya had left a message that she and Rick were heading home. Zende noted that it had been enjoyable to take care of Lizzy for a few days. Julius showed up and asked to see his granddaughter. Nicole said it was time for Lizzy's nap. She added that Rick and Maya were on their way home.

Zende and Julius agreed that Nicole was a natural as a mom. Zende added that they would soon have intelligent, kind, and giving children of their own. Zende left for work.

Julius reiterated that Nicole would have a baby of her own soon. Julius was worried that Nicole had lost faith. He wanted her to believe it would happen. He insisted that there was no way God would not reward her with a child after she had given her daughter to Rick and Maya.

Julius admitted he had started to question everything about the surrogacy after he had seen the bond Nicole had with the baby. "You are her mother; don't you ever forget that," Julius said. Julius continued to praise her as a mom.

Maya entered and grabbed Lizzy. She praised Nicole for being the best aunt for Lizzy. Julius asked about Paris. Maya said she had canceled a photo shoot because she had missed her daughter so much. Maya cradled the baby and told Lizzy she was Maya's world, her everything. Nicole and Julius watched.

At Katie's, after Ivy had left, Katie returned to her telescope, but she could see no one on the veranda. She walked away from the telescope and angrily paced in her living room.

Later, Quinn returned to the veranda and looked out over the view. She flashed back to Ridge's promise that Katie would never hurt anyone and that Katie had been angry but would never harm Quinn or anyone.

Quinn appeared to be inside the crosshairs of the viewer on Katie's telescope. However, the picture changed to reveal a shotgun, not a telescope. A gloved hand slowly pulled the trigger, and a shot rang out.

Katie denies that she's got a gun

Katie denies that she's got a gun

Thursday, June 8, 2017

On the Forrester balcony, Quinn screamed when she heard a gunshot, and dust from the wall behind her fell around her. She looked up, saw a small hole in the wall, and ran in the house.

Ridge arrived in the foyer, asking if he'd just heard a gunshot. Quinn frantically squealed that it had been aimed at her, and someone had tried to kill her. Grabbing his arm, she begged him not to go out there.

After Ridge had called the police later, he told Quinn that they were on their way. He asked if she'd seen "him." Quinn said the shooter might be a "her," as in Katie.

Ridge didn't believe it and said Katie wasn't a violent person. He stated that Katie didn't even own a gun. Quinn cited that Katie had pulled a gun on her the other day without needing to own it. Quinn wasn't saying that it was Katie, but Quinn wouldn't rule it out, either. Ridge asked if Quinn knew who it could be. Quinn said that, in the past, she'd be able to make him a list, but at the time, there was only one person.

Across the hillside, an upset Katie stared out of her window with a tear on her face.

When the police arrived, the crime scene investigators collected evidence on the balcony. Ridge explained to Lieutenant Baker what had happened with the gunshot. Ridge said that the bullet had hit the wall, not Quinn, who had gone to Katie Logan's house. Ridge revealed that Quinn thought Katie had shot at Quinn. Baker asked why Quinn would think that, and Ridge explained that Quinn had fired Katie. "And Katie may have pulled a gun on Quinn at the office," Ridge added.

Baker asked if Katie had taken a gun to work. Ridge explained that it had been Charlie's unloaded gun, and Katie had been trying to get a rise out of Quinn. Ridge said the police needed to search Katie's house for guns, but Baker replied that he needed a search warrant for that. Ridge thought Quinn's belief that Katie had shot at her should be sufficient.

Claiming to know Katie Logan, Baker said it didn't sound like her -- unless there was something more going on between Katie and Quinn.

Later, Baker was going over Ridge's statement. Ridge said the bullet had been meant for Quinn alone. It had been a head-high shot, and Baker believed that Quinn was lucky to be alive.

At Katie's house, Katie was running water in the kitchen when someone knocked on her door. Wiping her hands on a towel, Katie strode to the door and answered it. Quinn waltzed in and asked where it was. Katie asked what Quinn was referring to, and Quinn asked where the gun that Katie had tried to kill her with was. Katie said it was Charlie's gun, and she didn't know where the "hell" it was.

Quinn said she'd been on the patio, and the bullet had missed her head by inches. Katie asked what bullet. Shocked, Katie asked if Quinn thought Katie had shot at her. Quinn yelled that the office hadn't been a good place because it had too many witnesses. Katie stated that she had to have really freaked Quinn out, and Quinn had lost her mind. Quinn was outraged at the idea of cold-blooded murder on her own patio and asserted that Katie had to really want her dead.

Katie couldn't believe Quinn thought Katie had shot at her. Quinn asked if Katie had done it. Katie replied that if she had, she'd clearly missed. Quinn asked who it had been if not Katie. Katie asked if she should make a list, and Quinn asked if Katie thought it was funny. Katie quipped that it was insulting and rude.

Stating that Katie's house looked across to hers, Quinn looked at the window and saw Katie's telescope. Quinn peered into it and exclaimed that it was aimed at her patio. She asked if Katie had been spying on her. Katie said she had been because of Quinn's thing with her husband's son. Quinn asked how many times she had to say nothing was going on.

Katie believed Quinn was lying to her. Katie declared that Quinn was right, and Katie was watching. Katie said she'd keep watching until Quinn was gone. "Until I'm dead, you mean," Quinn corrected. Quinn said the police were at her house. Katie replied that she hadn't tried to kill Quinn. Kate said that Quinn could threaten her, fire her, or whatever Quinn wanted, but Katie wasn't going anywhere and would be there until it was over -- until Quinn was over.

Quinn uttered that Katie reminded Quinn of someone, someone Quinn used to be. Katie ordered Quinn to get out.

Quinn left, and sometime later, Katie was crying and hysterical, yelling that Quinn thought Katie was like her, but Katie was nothing like Quinn. Katie peered through her telescope for a moment. Slowly, she raised her head from it with a blank but stormy expression.

Back at the mansion, Quinn was telling Baker about the bullet whizzing by her head. She exclaimed that she'd been inches from being killed. Baker wanted to know why Quinn had gone to the house of the person she thought had shot at her. Quinn said Katie had denied it and had claimed she hadn't even heard the shot. Quinn said it hadn't been the smartest move, but no one could just take a shot at her.

"Yeah, I'll speak to her," Baker murmured when Ridge asked if Baker would question Katie. Quinn was outraged that Baker was planning to merely "speak" to Katie, the attempted murderer on the loose. Baker stated that Katie was many things, but not a killer. Quinn asked if he needed a body and said it was what he'd have if he didn't arrest Katie.

"She has a telescope, Ridge!" Quinn exclaimed. Baker replied, "So?" Quinn asserted that it was pointed at her patio. Baker said he'd pay Katie a visit after they analyzed the evidence and ascertained where the bullet had come from. Quinn insisted that Baker go to Katie's and find the gun, but Baker said he'd already told Ridge that the police needed a warrant. Quinn told him to hurry up and get one before Katie got rid of the weapon.

Baker asked if Quinn thought Katie hated her enough to shoot her. Quinn didn't know and said everyone had their breaking points. Lt. Baker advised Quinn to stay put and to stop going around, accusing people.

Baker took Ridge aside to talk. Quinn crept out to her terrace doors. As she barely peeped her head through the doorway to look around, either the rifle scope or the telescope with the crosshairs on the lens zoomed on her face.

At Forrester, Zende was sketching while Rick was talking about the trip. He said he and Maya had wanted to stay longer, but they hadn't been able to wait to get back to their daughter. Zende responded that he and Nicole would have kept Lizzy longer. Rick said he and Maya had thought about it, but they hadn't wanted to spend one more minute away from Lizzy.

"Plus, I got a call from Nicole," Rick stated. He relayed that it had been kind of weird, and Nicole hadn't sounded like herself. Zende revealed that there was a reason for it, and he and Nicole were going through something.

Later, Rick asked Zende if they were sure. Zende discussed the views of Nicole's doctors, but he reasoned that he and Nicole hadn't been trying that long. Zende said he wouldn't let it deter him, and positive thinking bred positive outcomes. Rick admired the sentiment, and Zende replied that he wouldn't give up on his wife.

Rick reflected on the miracle of having a child that was part Avant and part Forrester. Zende remarked that Nicole had made it happen. Rick believed she'd make it happen for Zende, too, and in the meantime, Rick wanted to talk to his father on Zende's behalf. Zende said Rick didn't have to, and Zende and Nicole wanted to avoid medical intervention. Zende stated that Lizzy was a beautiful child, and Zende had to believe things would work out as they should.

Just then, Carter arrived with some paperwork for Rick. Zende decided to take off and thanked Rick for the talk. Once Zende had gone, Carter said it was about Lizzy, and there was an adoption issue. Carter just needed some signatures. The original adoption papers contained some errors, mostly clerical. "A name, a check box. That kind of stuff," Carter explained.

Carter had a corrected document, and it needed new signatures on it from Rick, Maya, and Nicole. Rick asked when Carter needed it. Sensing Rick's hesitation, Carter asked if there was a problem. Rick said there shouldn't be, and he asked to see the document.

At Brooke's house, Nicole watched Maya play with Lizzy. Maya was saying she and Lizzy had missed each other, and it was a good thing Lizzy had had "auntie" Nicole. Maya took Lizzy upstairs for a nap. When Maya returned, she asked if Nicole had enjoyed her time with Lizzy and if Lizzy had been any trouble. Nicole said Lizzy was never trouble.

Maya noted that Nicole had sounded stressed on their phone calls while Maya had been gone. Nicole revealed that Dr. Caspary had said that Nicole might not be able to have another child. Nicole explained that the secondary fertility could have resulted from the pregnancy. Maya tried to comfort her sister, but Nicole said she was done crying over it.

Maya asked how Zende had handled it. Nicole said he'd been supportive, and he wouldn't let her go to a dark place. Zende believed that they'd have a child of their own. Maya reasoned that it could happen, and they hadn't been trying very long. The news had been quite a shock to Nicole, who'd never thought she wouldn't be able to get pregnant again.

Nicole had thought Zende would just look at her, and "boom, pregnant." She believed that he really wanted a family, and she needed to do it for him. Maya encouraged her sister to have faith. She said that Nicole had given them Lizzy, and Nicole would give Zende a son or daughter just like Lizzy. Maya believed Nicole would have her own family someday.

Maya understood the reason for Nicole's demeanor over the phone the other day and wished Nicole had said something. Nicole hadn't wanted to burden Maya with it during her photo shoots. Maya asserted that there had to be something they could do.

Nicole replied that her sister was sounding like Zende, who'd been positive even though it weighed on him. Nicole said family meant everything to him, and she knew what it would do to him if he knew that she'd given the only child she'd ever have to Maya and Rick.

Later, Nicole carried Lizzy into the living room, and Maya said there was nothing like a baby to lift the spirits. She figured that Nicole and Lizzy had bonded while Maya had been away. Nicole replied that Zende and Lizzy had, too. Maya said that Lizzy was a part of Nicole, and the two would always feel connected.

"Literally," Nicole said. She felt it deeply and saw "so much" of herself in Lizzy. Agreeing, Maya said Lizzy smiled like Nicole. Nicole told Lizzy that she'd always be there for Lizzy, and nothing would ever change it. Maya agreed that nothing would, and taking Lizzy from Nicole, Maya said that Nicole would someday have a boy or girl of her own.

Quinn meets the mother of all evil

Quinn meets the mother of all evil

Friday, June 9, 2017

At Forrester, Liam and Steffy canoodled in the CEO's office. Steffy felt lucky to have Liam there because it meant she'd be able to have lunch with her brother at Il Giardino. She said it would be the four of them because Thomas had invited Sally. Liam replied that his day had gotten more interesting. Steffy said he was the only one who'd stop her from hurting Sally.

Liam asked if Steffy thought Thomas would do well at Spectra. Steffy did. She also believed he could have done well at Forrester; however, he wouldn't get the chance. Steffy said that Thomas had good intentions, but she didn't know how much he could change things at Spectra.

At Spectra, Thomas presented a rack of clothes to Sally and said they were hers if she wanted them. The outfits weren't her usual style, but he wanted her to think of it as marketing. He told her that she was projecting a new image for Spectra and making a statement that she was the executive of Spectra, who had the most talked-about brand in the industry.

Handing her one of the demure outfits, Thomas said that if Sally walked into Il Giardino, wearing it, everyone would think she was a force to be reckoned with. Sally asked if she and Thomas were going to lunch. "With my sister," he added.

Thomas was hoping to improve Sally and Steffy's relationship, but Sally said Rome hadn't been built in a day. Sally took the clothes and said she'd be right back -- unless he wanted her to change there. Thomas replied that they'd never make it to the restaurant.

Later, Sally returned in the outfit. She said it was a make-under. Thomas stated that it was still her. Sally was wearing a black and white checkered jacket with a flared skirt and black thigh-highs. Beneath the jacket was a white shirt with a scarf-like piece that draped around her neck. She wondered how "the Princess" would react to the outfit. Thomas didn't know, but he asked Sally to skip the tiramisu.

At Il Giardino, Steffy and Liam sat at a table. When Thomas and Sally arrived, Steffy was standoffish, but she managed to note that Sally had a new look. Sally said she was trying something different and thanked Steffy for noticing. Thomas thanked Liam and Steffy for attending lunch. Steffy said she'd take it if it was the only way she could see her brother, but she'd rather have him back where he belonged at Forrester.

Liam chatted with Thomas about how things were going at Spectra. Thomas said it was a lot of work but fun. "Working at Forrester wasn't?" Steffy quipped. Thomas said he wasn't comparing the two. Sally felt that Thomas had put a new energy into Spectra. Steffy guessed it was the point and the reason that Sally had lured him into the fold. Sally said Thomas had changed her life, and Steffy replied that Sally had certainly changed his.

Liam tried to talk about the menu, to no avail. Sally said she understood why Steffy felt the way she did, but Steffy didn't have to question Sally's feelings for Thomas. Sally was grateful for Thomas and respected him as a person, a designer, and a man. She felt that she and Spectra were lucky to have him.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Quinn filled Eric and Wyatt in about the gunshot and Quinn's belief that Katie had done it. Eric was shocked to hear it. Quinn said Katie hated her, and Katie also hadn't taken the firing well. Wyatt asked if Katie had threatened Quinn. Ridge relayed that Katie had pointed a gun at Quinn.

Eric didn't understand it and said it didn't sound like Katie. Eric decided that he had a few questions for Katie himself. He stood quickly, and Ridge said to take it easy. Eric said he was leaving, and he asked Wyatt and Ridge to watch Quinn. Ridge wanted Eric to let the police handle it, but Eric asserted that his wife had a right to feel safe in that home. Eric planned to find out what was going on, and he strode out the door.

At Katie's house, Lieutenant Baker arrived, and Katie said she knew why he was there. "Oh, you heard the gunshot?" he asked. She explained that Quinn had told her about it. Katie claimed to be very concerned because she lived nearby and had a child. She asked what would happen if he started shooting at her house next. Baker asked why Katie had said "he."

Katie supposed that it could be a woman. She asked if Baker had witnesses or clues. Baker said he had only questions. Katie figured Quinn had accused her, but she said Baker couldn't possibly believe she'd shoot at Quinn. Baker revealed that he knew about her being fired and drawing a gun on Quinn at Forrester.

Katie said it had been a stupid impulse, and the gun had been in a nearby chair. Baker explained that the trajectory of the bullet indicated that it had been shot from the direction of Katie's house. He wanted Katie to go to the station with him to answer a few questions and take a few tests. Katie decided that was fine if it was what it took to clear her name.

At the police station, Baker sat behind his desk, and Katie was in the chair in front of it. He noticed that she was fidgety and nervous. He said she hadn't been arrested or charged with a crime, and they were just having a conversation. Katie added that it was just a conversation, even though Quinn had accused of her shooting at Quinn. Baker asked if Quinn was right and if Katie had tried to kill Quinn.

In Katie's silence, Baker said it was a simple question. Katie couldn't believe he thought she'd done it. He replied that she hadn't denied it. She said she didn't think it was something she'd have to deny, and it was ridiculous. Baker asked if she'd mind taking a gunshot residue test. Katie didn't mind and said it was why she was there.

The technician arrived for the testing. Baker said it wouldn't take long. Katie wrung her hands and seemed nervous. Baker asked if she'd changed her clothes. She said she hadn't, and Baker instructed the tech to also swab Katie's sleeves. Katie stated that the test wouldn't show anything. She asserted that she and Quinn didn't like each other, but she hadn't tried to shoot Quinn. Baker decided that he'd let the evidence determine it.

Later, Baker and Katie were waiting for the test results when Baker got a call that Eric was there to see them. Baker allowed his staff to send Eric in, and Eric asked to talk to Katie alone. Katie said she had nothing to hide from the lieutenant. Eric started out by saying he admired and respected Katie, "but the things I've been told..."

Katie readily said they weren't true. Eric asked if she'd pulled a gun on Quinn. Sighing, Katie replied that it had been really stupid, but she'd tried to intimidate Quinn and make her feel the way she made "us" feel. Eric asked if Katie had tried to kill his wife. Katie asserted that she hadn't. She said the whole thing was totally insane. Though she didn't like or trust Quinn, Katie declared that she'd never kill anyone. Katie believed someone out there had tried to kill Quinn and wanted Quinn dead, but Katie swore it hadn't been her.

Back at the mansion, Wyatt didn't know what he was missing about the thing between Quinn and Katie. Quinn said Katie had snapped when Quinn had let her go from work. Wyatt asked if the police thought the shot had originated from Katie's house and asked to see the hole.

Ridge and Wyatt went out on the balcony. Quinn retrieved binoculars from behind the sofa cushions and went to the patio door. On the threshold, she peered into them and checked out Katie's patio. Beyond the telescope, a dark-haired woman was walking around in Katie's living room. "Katie, why aren't you at the police station?" Quinn said to herself.

Quinn went to Katie's house and let herself in. She called for Katie and strode over to the terrace doors. When Quinn looked through the telescope, she heard a floorboard creak. Behind her, a woman was walking toward the front door. "Hey! Who are you?" Quinn asked.

The woman halted, turned to Quinn, and said, "Sheila."

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