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Zende urged Nicole to sign new adoption paperwork. Julius pressured Maya to return Lizzy to Nicole. Sheila found out that Charlie had an issue with Quinn.
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Julius pressured Maya to return Lizzy to Nicole
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Nicole sees her chance to claim Lizzy Nicole sees her chance to claim Lizzy

Monday, June 19, 2017

At the mansion, Quinn was leery about going onto the balcony. Ridge told her that it was okay, but she said it would take time. She expressed that she'd meant it when she'd said she loved him, and she felt guilty about Brooke and Bill being together. Ridge said to stop it. To him, all that mattered was that Quinn was safe. She replied that it was because of him.

Ridge believed that Quinn was strong and would move past everything. She assumed that "everything means this." Ridge replied that it especially meant that.

Just then, Eric arrived. He was sorry he'd been gone, but he'd had something to handle. He was glad that Ridge and Quinn were there and announced that they had a visitor. To Quinn's surprise, Sheila entered the house. Sheila greeted Ridge, noting that he looked different. She added that she was happy to be properly introduced to Quinn.

Ridge insisted upon knowing why Eric had taken Sheila into their home. Eric said that Sheila had had a hard time of it, and she'd had nothing to do with the Deacon insanity. Eric believed that Sheila was a victim, just like his wife.

Ridge asked why Sheila was there after all she'd done to their family. Eric was aware of the past, but he felt that their judgment of Sheila had cost her a day in jail. Sheila said she didn't blame anyone for it, and she didn't expect them to believe that she'd changed -- even though she had.

Sheila regretted everything she'd done, especially to Eric's family. Though she knew it wasn't much, she still wanted them to know that she was deeply sorry. Ridge quipped that she'd apologized, so she could get out.

Sheila became standoffish. She understood Ridge's concerns and told Eric that she didn't want to be a distraction. Eric replied that his family owed Sheila an apology. "What?" Ridge incredulously asked. Eric said that he was just trying to be decent. He offered Sheila some tea, and she accepted. He gestured for her to have a seat in the living room.

Sheila readily noticed Quinn's portrait and called it stunning. "The new Forrester matriarch," Sheila said, grinning at Quinn.

Later, Eric set down a drink for Sheila, who said it was a lovely home. She remembered it well. Ridge sniped that he bet she did. Sheila switched the subject to what had happened to Quinn earlier. Eric was glad Ridge had been there to save Quinn. Sheila believed that Quinn was lucky to have so much goodness in her life and said the woman Sheila was becoming was largely due to Eric. "Only I could have screwed that up. He's lucky to have someone so devoted and loyal," Sheila stated. Quinn thought it was nice of Sheila to say.

To Ridge, Sheila expressed her surprise that Brooke had married Bill Spencer. Ridge said he was fine, and Sheila need not worry about him. Sheila replied that she was sure Ridge could take care of himself, much like he'd taken care of his father's wife.

Sheila decided that all was well that ended well. She said she'd just wanted to stop in to make amends. She planned to leave town, and she gave Eric a card with her information on it in case he needed to get in touch with her. Ridge told Sheila that she should keep it.

Sheila went to the bathroom, and Ridge asked Eric what he was doing. Eric asked Ridge to just do it with him. Ridge asked what they were doing. Eric replied that he knew what Sheila was capable of, and he wanted to keep her close.

Eric stated that he'd had Sheila jailed for a crime she hadn't committed. "That remains to be seen," Ridge said. Eric said Sheila was trying to turn her life around, but Ridge said she was trying to get back with the family. Ridge reminded Eric that Sheila manipulated people, and Eric said he knew.

When Sheila returned from the bathroom, Ridge picked up Sheila's purse and said it was time for her to go. Eric decided to walk Sheila out, and once he and Sheila had gone, Quinn asked if Ridge's actions had been necessary. Ridge insisted that they had been. He didn't want Sheila there and said Eric was playing with fire.

Outside by the fountain, Eric apologized. Sheila said she couldn't blame Ridge. She thanked Eric for sticking up for her. Eric replied that Ridge didn't believe that Sheila had changed. Sheila affirmed that she had and asked if Eric could see it. Eric wanted to believe anyone could if they really wanted to. She said his words meant a lot to her.

Sheila was happy that Eric had found someone like Quinn to treat him as he deserved, but if Quinn didn't, Sheila stated that she "might bust her one." Eric didn't think Sheila should worry because Quinn was just about the ideal wife.

Sheila decided that she could walk herself to her car. Eric told her to take care of herself. He went inside the house, and Sheila grinned at the door.

In the Forrester design office, Nicole flashed back on times with Lizzy. Zende arrived and noticed that something was wrong. He figured it was the baby issue, and he reassured her that they'd have a family together. Nicole sat quietly listening. He promised it would happen. Nicole hugged Zende and said she didn't know how Maya and Rick could leave Lizzy to go to Paris like that.

Coco arrived, and Nicole wondered if Coco had time to talk. Zende decided to get back to sketching, and he exited. Coco asked what was wrong, and Nicole replied that she might not be able to have more children. Coco was surprised. Nicole explained what the doctors had said, but Coco was hopeful, saying that nothing was definite.

Nicole confided that she was becoming judgmental of herself and others, like Rick and Maya. Nicole couldn't understand how they could leave Lizzy and go to Paris. Nicole began to get upset. She couldn't stop her feelings, and she was worried that she'd made a big mistake. Trying to dismiss her thoughts, Nicole repeatedly said that Maya and Rick were good parents. Coco agreed that they were good parents. Nicole stated that she loved Lizzy, too, and Coco didn't get it.

Coco said that Nicole was right about Rick and Maya being good parents. Coco started to say that the business trip Rick and Maya had taken didn't mean they weren't good parents. Nicole interrupted, saying she knew it, but she couldn't help it. Nicole couldn't control all her feelings. Nicole couldn't explain what it had done to her when Lizzy had called her mama.

Nicole asked if she sounded crazy. Coco thought Nicole just had a lot going on. Nicole remarked that she hadn't told anyone about her feelings except Coco, and Coco promised that nothing Nicole said would leave the room. Nicole wished there was another solution, and she feared that Lizzy was her only shot at motherhood.

In the CEO's office, Rick and Maya were with Lizzy. Rick explained that there was an issue with the adoption papers. He said it was a clerical error, and they simply needed to sign the papers again. Maya was ready to do it, but Rick said they also needed Nicole's signature. Maya decided to take the paperwork to Nicole. Rick asked if he could help, but Maya replied that she needed a private moment with her sister.

Later, Rick looked at some sketches that Zende showed off. Rick thought he saw real growth, but because he was no designer, he said Zende should leave the sketches for Steffy and Ridge to review. Zende asked if Maya was around, and Rick remarked that Maya was getting some new adoption signatures from Nicole. Zende said he'd thought it had been finalized already.

Rick stated that it was just a re-signing due to clerical errors, and after Maya explained it to Nicole, they'd get Nicole to sign. Zende asked what kind of errors. Rick described them as typos, nothing relevant. Rick said they'd get Nicole to sign and be done with it.

Back in the design office, Maya arrived, and Coco welcomed Maya back. Maya thanked Coco and asked for a few minutes alone with Nicole. Coco left, and Nicole asked what was going on. Maya casually explained that Carter had dropped off some paperwork, and they just needed a few signatures. Nicole asked what kind of paperwork, and Maya replied that it was for the adoption. Nicole stated that she thought it had been finalized a while back.

Maya said they'd all thought so, but some clerical errors had led Carter to draw up a new set of papers. Nicole repeated that she'd thought it had been finalized. Maya replied that it was final between them, and once Nicole signed, it would be legal. "So Lizzy's not yours?" Nicole asked.

Maya replied that Lizzy was Maya's. "Maybe not legally. It's not a big deal," Maya decided. She showed Nicole that it was the same document with the same terms, so there was nothing to be concerned about. Maya handed Nicole a pen. Nicole gasped. "Oh, my God. You mean that I'm her mother?" Nicole asked.

"No, Nicole. I am Lizzy's mother. Just please. Please sign the papers," Maya said. Nicole stated that she couldn't do it. She said it could be a sign, and it had to be happening for a reason. Maya said it wasn't so. Maya asserted that she was Lizzy's mother, and Rick was the father. Maya ordered Nicole to sign the papers at that moment.

Nicole feels conflicted when Julius tells her not to sign the papers Nicole feels conflicted when Julius tells her not to sign the papers

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick and Zende talked in Rick's office. Rick explained to Zende that there had been a problem with Lizzy's adoption papers, and they needed to get it taken care of in order to finalize the adoption. Zende looked concerned. Rick tried to convince him that it wasn't a big deal. All they needed was Nicole's signature. Zende looked even more uncomfortable. Rick noted that sometime soon, Nicole would give him the same gift of a child that she had given to Rick and Maya. Zende agreed.

In the hallway at Forrester, Carter was on the phone, and Julius entered. Carter paused his phone call to greet Julius, who said he was looking for Nicole. Carter said that she was with Maya -- they had to take care of signing some legal papers. Julius looked concerned. Carter paused again.

Julius asked what legal matter had taken place that needed attention from his daughters. Carter said it was nothing to worry about. There had been some clerical errors with Lizzy's adoption, but it would be cleared up in no time. Carter excused himself and said he needed to finish his call. Julius thanked him and left.

In Nicole's office, Maya pressured Nicole to sign the adoption papers. Maya was impatient, and Nicole flashed back to hugging and holding Lizzy. Nicole said she didn't know what to do. Maya didn't understand Nicole's issues. Nicole said she needed more time. Maya countered that it was a formality. "Lizzy is my daughter. Sign the papers," Maya demanded.

Nicole looked nervous. "Why is there suddenly a problem? I thought it was finalized and legal," Nicole said. Maya explained that there had been some errors, and Nicole just needed to sign off on it. Nicole stammered that she had thought it had all been done. She continued to question why it had happened. Maya grew concerned and noted that Nicole wasn't making any sense. Maya softened and asked, "What's going on here?"

Nicole was visibly shaken. "While you were in Paris, I spent all that time with Lizzy. She is the best, sweetest little girl, and I love her so much. The way that she looks at me, and the way that she feels in my arms..."

Maya interrupted. "Nicole, what exactly are you saying?" Maya asked. Maya acknowledged that Nicole had been going through a tough time, but Maya maintained it had nothing to do with Lizzy. "Rick and I are her parents, and we have been since conception," Maya said.

Nicole said she understood, but she had so many feelings that she didn't know what to trust anymore. She promised that she wanted to be a good person and do the right thing. "I'm sorry. I can't sign those papers right now," Nicole said.

Maya looked horrified, but she tried to maintain a calm demeanor. She stammered that she was sorry it was so difficult, and she promised to leave the papers. However, she added that she wanted to get it taken care of and settled. "Please don't take too long," Maya begged. Maya was clearly concerned as she left.

Later, Julius entered and wanted to take Nicole to lunch. Nicole declined. She said she wasn't hungry. Julius was concerned and said he knew she was upset, and he knew it had something to do with Maya. Nicole asked why he would say that.

Julius said he had seen Carter in the hallway. Julius said he understood there were some clerical glitches with the paperwork. Nicole said everyone had to sign off on it because it wasn't legally valid. It was just a formality. "Is it?" Julius asked. Nicole was shaken.

Julius worried that his daughter didn't want to give up her own daughter. Nicole tearfully said that everyone had told her she would eventually have another baby, but she worried it would never happen. She had given the only baby she might ever have to Maya and Rick.

Nicole explained that she wanted to keep Lizzy with her all the time. She had feelings that didn't make any sense. Julius said they did make sense because Lizzy was her daughter. Maya hadn't carried her for nine months. "Do you think it's a coincidence that this happened?" Julius asked. He wondered if it wasn't meant to be because he recognized that bond between mother and child because he had seen it with his wife and their children.

"Lizzy knows you're her mother, and this is happening for a reason," he said. He maintained that the adoption was not as official as everyone thought it was. "Don't sign those papers, Nicole. Don't do it!" he said.

Zende entered Coco's office, and Coco said she was worried about Nicole. Zende said they were going through a lot. Coco hoped that everything with the possible infertility would work out, but she expressed concern because Nicole had confided in her. She didn't want to betray any trust. "What's going on?" Zende asked.

Coco related that she had been really worried about Nicole's relationship with Rick and Maya's daughter. Zende understood, and he appreciated that Coco had been a good friend to Nicole. He added that the infertility issue was difficult to deal with because Nicole had always been so controlled. However, when she met with doctors, her feelings and emotions had been all over the place. He worried that she'd had to relive Lizzy's adoption because of some clerical mistakes. He promised they would all be there for Nicole and get her through it. Coco agreed.

Maya entered Rick's office, and he was on the phone. After he'd hung up, Maya disclosed that she was upset about the adoption papers and that Nicole had refused to sign them. Rick was concerned.

Maya explained that Nicole had been upset and said she need time to process the whole thing. Maya said she had pressured Nicole at first because Lizzy was their daughter, but she realized they couldn't put Nicole under any additional stress because she was clearly emotional. Maya said they had to be sensitive because of Nicole's situation dealing with possible infertility. Rick was angry, "This is our legal right to our child," he said. He angrily said he was "going to get those papers signed."

In Nicole's office, she looked at the legal papers, and Rick entered. He ordered her to sign them. He noted that she had "scared the hell" out of Maya. "This is not a game," he shouted.

Rick calmed down and reminded Nicole that he and Maya had been Lizzy's parents from day one. They made her feel safe and secure. They were her world, and she was their world. He wondered if Nicole had thought about that.

Nicole reminded Rick that she had carried Lizzy for nine months and had felt her growing and kicking inside of her. Nicole worried that she might never be able to have another child. Rick tried to calm her and said he understood she was going through a lot of scary tests.

Rick noted that she and Zende might have fertility issues, but they might not. It could take time, and there were always miracles. "No matter what the outcome, we are going to be there for you because we are all family," Rick said.

Nicole needed time. Rick grew more irritated. He reminded Nicole that she had to understand that he and Maya were Lizzy's parents. "Do the right thing. Sign these papers. Don't you understand the sun sets and rises around Lizzy? Taking her away from me is never gonna happen. Not gonna happen!" Rick shouted.

Zende steps in when Rick orders Nicole to sign the papers Zende steps in when Rick orders Nicole to sign the papers> Zende steps in when Rick orders Nicole to sign the papers Zende steps in when Rick orders Nicole to sign the papers

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick tried to persuade Nicole to sign the adoption papers. He was emotional and changed his tone from demanding to desperate in his conversation with her. He continued to pressure her and finally demanded that she sign the papers. He shouted that she had to sign them.

Zende entered and gently advised Rick to calm down. He stepped between Rick and Nicole and warned Rick to back off and never raise his voice to Nicole again. Rick was exasperated. He told Zende that he didn't know why Nicole was trying to tear his family apart because she wouldn't sign the adoption papers.

Zende looked at Nicole, and Nicole nervously glanced at Rick and Zende. Rick left. Zende softly asked his wife what was going on, and Nicole answered that she needed more time. "For what?" Zende asked. Nicole looked distraught.

Zende told Nicole that he knew she was having a rough time. He understood that they had not received the news they had expected from the doctors, but he had been supportive and was worried that he had not been supportive enough. He admitted he had been focused on his new job designing. Nicole understood.

Nicole explained that she'd had feelings she hadn't anticipated and had been worried. She'd realized that Lizzy meant a lot to her. He remembered that Nicole had spent a lot more time with Lizzy recently and said it was understandable. However, Zende reminded her that Maya and Rick were Lizzy's parents.

Nicole said she had also spent nine months with Lizzy, and Lizzy had been a part of her. Zende countered that Nicole had done a wonderful thing when she had been a surrogate who helped Rick, Maya, and Lizzy become a family. "You can't give it to them and then take it away," Zende said. Nicole looked tense.

Zende looked at Nicole and held out the papers. Nicole said she knew it was only a formality, and she hadn't meant to scare Rick and Maya. She had enjoyed being close to Lizzy, who had called her Mama. "I can't get that out of my head, and the way that she looked at me," Nicole said. Zende said there was no way he could understand how that felt.

Zende said that stress and anxiety weren't healthy for Nicole. He wanted them to have their own family when the time was right. He led Nicole by the hand to the adoption papers and set the pen down on the document. Nicole looked at Zende, and he nodded at her.

At Spectra, Thomas and Sally discussed that the office was a sauna because the air conditioning was broken, and the maintenance man had not fixed it yet. Thomas removed his shirt and suggested they work at his apartment, but Sally refused. She said she needed to be there with the staff.

Sally thanked Thomas for his concern and for moving the company forward with new designs and a new logo. He said they needed people to talk about Spectra. "You and I are partners, and we're gonna make this happen," he said.

Sally and Thomas were sweating, and Thomas promised that their new and dynamic leadership would blaze an entirely new path for Spectra. Sally complimented his vision and asked if they had an interview with a New York paper yet. Thomas admitted he had hit a brick wall because no one would return his calls.

Sally turned on a fan and unbuttoned her clothes. Thomas admitted that he hadn't realized how hard Sally had needed to work for every little victory she'd had. They kissed.

Sally said it had always been like that. However, she didn't want his pity. Fighting for everything had made her feisty, and it was all part of being a Spectra.

Sally added that she had Thomas in her life -- a smoking hot champion -- who supported her like no one else ever had. He said he'd had to learn that he didn't have as much clout as he had at Forrester. He said people would take notice and give them respect as the fashion powerhouse dream they wanted. Sally said he'd given her goose bumps even though it was hot in there. They kissed.

In another office at Forrester, Coco and R.J. discussed that Coco loved everything about Forrester, and she was incredibly grateful to be a part of the team. R.J. wondered if Coco wished she had waited and worked at Spectra because they were revamping everything thanks to Thomas. Coco said she was happy for her sister, but she was glad to be where she was.

Coco said Sally knew she was making something for herself. R.J. worried that she was competing with her sister, but Coco wasn't concerned. She was concerned about Nicole.

In Rick's office, Maya and Rick worried that Nicole wouldn't sign the adoption papers. Rick was confident that Zende would convince her to sign the papers. Maya said she felt sick with worry.

Zende orders his father-in-law to butt out Zende orders his father-in-law to butt out

Thursday, June 22, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Zende asked Nicole to think of the baby. Nicole claimed to be doing that. Zende asked if she'd considered that Rick and Maya also had a bond with Lizzy, who they'd been raising. Zende said Lizzy would always be in Nicole's life, just not as Nicole's daughter.

Zende asked Nicole to be strong and understand what she was doing. He asked her to suppose that they didn't sign the papers. He asked if they would run away with Lizzy and leave everything they'd worked for behind. Zende doubted they'd be welcomed at Forrester. He advised Nicole to think of her bond with her sister, the bond that Maya and Rick had with Lizzy, and the reason Nicole had committed to the surrogacy in the first place. He concluded that hanging onto Lizzy wasn't the way to stop the pain over the news they'd gotten about having kids.

Zende reassured Nicole that they'd have a family, but Nicole said the doctors had told her that it might not happen. "To hell with those doctors," Zende responded. He reasoned that it might not happen at that time, especially with all the pressure Nicole was under. He noted that they were young newlyweds. He said it was okay not to have kids right away.

Nicole felt that she'd taken for granted and hadn't appreciated how easy it had been with Lizzy. Zende said Nicole had appreciated it, and so had Rick and Maya. "I can't do it for us!" Nicole declared. Zende told her to stop it and said she could. He was sure she'd heard the stories of couples who'd been told they couldn't have children, and then "boom." He said maybe it happened for those couples because they stopped stressing.

Zende believed that Nicole would get pregnant when the time was right. Nicole feared the time might never be right. She asked what would happen if Lizzy was her only chance. Nicole was afraid to sign away her chance to be the mother of her biological child. She believed that she and Lizzy had a connection, and Nicole said Julius had seen the connection.

Zende asked if Nicole had talked to her father about the issue. Nicole revealed that she'd told her father about the prognosis and the adoption paperwork, but she wondered if Julius was right about the clerical error happening for a reason. Zende didn't appreciate Nicole talking to her father about it instead of her husband.

Zende didn't know where Julius was leading Nicole, but Zende believed it wasn't right. Nicole asserted that Julius understood. She said Zende didn't know what it was like hearing that she was infertile and hearing Lizzy call her mommy. "Don't you get it?" Nicole asked. Zende replied that he didn't know. He'd wanted badly for her first child to be his, but it hadn't been. Instead, it had been Rick's. Zende said that they would be parents, but not to Lizzy.

Zende knew how hard it was for Nicole, but he urged her to sign the papers. Nicole said she needed time, and she needed to think. She recalled that Zende had said he'd be there for her and asked if he could understand. Zende nodded and hugged her. After Zende had gone, Nicole sat on the sofa in the dark.

In the CEO's office, Maya and Rick were disconcerted by Nicole's hesitancy to sign the papers. Rick admitted he'd been too strong with Nicole, and it was unbelievable to him that they had to remind Nicole of who the child's parents were. Maya said she thought it had been settled. Rick noted that Zende had become involved, and Rick said Zende had better convince Nicole to sign.

To Maya and Rick's surprise, Julius arrived. He asked if they'd been expecting someone else. Rick and Maya explained that they were waiting for Zende and Nicole to work out something. Julius replied that he'd heard about the problem with the adoption paperwork. Rick asserted that there was no reason to worry, and Nicole would sign the papers.

Julius said that it was no wonder Nicole was upset. Rick replied that Nicole was being unreasonable. Julius defended his daughter, who had just learned that she couldn't have more children. Maya corrected the statement with the word "might" and said they all needed to remember it. Maya and Rick felt for Nicole, but it had nothing to do with the adoption.

Rick was sorry because he felt he'd gotten carried away with Nicole. He said Zende was with Nicole, and Nicole would sign. Rick decided to leave to inform Carter of the temporary holdup. Maya asked Rick to have Carter see to it that it couldn't happen again.

After Rick left, Julius inquired about the clerical error. Maya replied that things happened. Disagreeing, Julius said that one never heard of it with all the celebrity divorces and breakups in their town. Maya replied that Julius didn't hear about it because it was an easy fix. He reasoned that it might not need fixing, and it was good to stop and think about life-changing decisions.

Maya replied that the decision had been made a long time back. Julius stated that it had apparently become undone, and when things like that happened out of the blue, people ought to think about the reason for it. Julius asked if Maya didn't think her sister had enough to deal with. He stated that the outcome just wasn't fair after what Nicole had done for Maya and Rick.

Maya knew that the timing was awful. Julius roared that Maya didn't have a clue. He said that if Maya understood and cared about what she was doing to Nicole, then Maya would stop doing it. "Don't you realize how devastating this is? And you go on, and you force some legal papers in her face and demand that she sign them?" Julius asked.

Julius asked how Maya could live with herself while knowing she'd taken the only child her sister could ever have. Maya conveyed that she was also worried about Nicole. He stated that Nicole was yearning for her baby. Maya replied that Nicole would have the baby someday, but Julius clarified that he meant Lizzy.

Maya asserted that Lizzy was her baby. Julius countered that Nicole had given birth to her. "And I am her mother. Nicole was my surrogate," Maya insisted. Julius believed Nicole had only done it because she'd felt indebted to Maya. Shaking her head, Maya replied that they'd discussed all the issues before the procedure. Her father told her it was time to think of someone other than herself for a change. Maya asked if he wanted to tell her what he meant by that.

Julius said Maya had the chance to do the right thing, the compassionate thing, and the moral thing. Maya warned him to watch himself. Julius stated that Maya had done well with Lizzy, who was a happy baby. Maya had gotten her chance to experience motherhood, something she'd probably never believed would happen. Julius said that Nicole had given it to Maya, and Maya could give it back to Nicole.

Maya uttered that Lizzy was her child. Julius stated that legally and genetically, the child was Nicole's, and Maya needed to give Lizzy back to her mother.

"You need to stop, Julius. Maya is Lizzy's mother," Zende said, closing the door as he entered the room. Julius said it wasn't Zende's place. Zende disagreed, and he said Maya had every right to be a parent. Zende believed that he and Julius both knew Lizzy's place was with Maya. Julius claimed to be looking out for Nicole and his grandchild.

Zende argued that Maya and Rick had been there for Lizzy every single day of her life. Zende respected that Julius was Nicole's father, but Zende asserted that he was her husband. "Now you need to know your boundaries," Zende said. Zende asserted that convincing Nicole not to sign those papers would change everything, not to mention that Zende wasn't Lizzy's father.

Julius asked if boundaries were only set up for him. He declared that he was Nicole's father, and he was Maya's father, too. Julius noted that Zende had arrived to tell Julius how it would be, but Julius said he'd be the one to tell Zende. Julius would never stop protecting Nicole, and no act of God or husband would change it.

"And that's a fact. Just like it's a fact," Julius said, waving a finger in Maya's direction, "that if Maya was meant to have a child and be a mother, she would have been given what's necessary for that to be possible." Maya quietly asked Julius, "How dare you?"

In Zende's view, Maya had given Lizzy understanding and compassion since the day Lizzy had been born. Maya murmured that it was a lot more than Julius was giving her. Zende reasoned that Rick and Maya had adopted Lizzy. They'd made an agreement with Nicole, and no matter who liked it or didn't, Nicole had agreed to it.

Zende said Mr. Avant was known as a man of his word, and Zende asked what Julius wanted Nicole to be. "Stay out of my marriage, man," Zende stated. He also said to stay away from Maya. Julius quietly left. Maya thanked Zende, and the two hugged.

At Spectra, Thomas kissed Sally from behind as she cooled off in front of the fan. She said they might have found a way to fix their air conditioner, but Thomas didn't want to fix it. Sally giggled as he nibbled her neck. She said that type of thing probably didn't happen at Forrester. He replied that she'd be surprised by what happened over there. He said he'd meant it when he'd told her that he'd rather be at Spectra with her than any other place in the world.

Walking around an easel with the new logo on display, Sally said she loved the new logo. Thomas replied that not everyone felt that way. Sally conveyed that Saul was just a little concerned by all the new expensive changes. Thomas wondered if Saul would feel the same way if Sally was proposing the changes. Sally admitted that Saul might be a little jealous.

Sally believed that Saul would come around. Thomas wondered if a chat with Saul would hasten things. Sally didn't think Thomas should do it that day and motioned to his shirtless physique. She told Thomas not to worry about what Shirley or Saul thought because leaving the knockoff business required change.

Sally said that with the Forrester influence and style, they would turn the battleship into a luxury liner. She believed it would be amazing, and it couldn't happen without Thomas. He asked if she minded that Coco wasn't a part of the family business. Sally reminded him that he wasn't at his family business. Though Sally wanted Coco there so Sally would have more chances to redeem herself, Sally said that Coco was happy and doing well at Forrester.

Thomas believed that Coco had forgiven Sally, and he'd also forgiven her. He stated that they'd given Spectra a new start, and it was time for Sally to forgive herself and give herself a new start, too. He noted that she kept thanking him, but he asked if she ever thought he should be thanking her. Thomas felt that she'd led him out of his comfort zone and caused him to challenge himself.

Thomas claimed that he'd been angry, aggressive, and frustrated at Forrester. He hadn't been happy there in ages, but when he'd felt the energy at Spectra, it had made him remember why he'd fallen in love with fashion. He said she'd made him remember, and it was why he'd fallen in love with her. Thomas stated that Sally made Spectra unique, she was the reason that he was there, and she'd saved him. With a kiss, he uttered, "Thank you."

Sheila sticks her nose in Charlie's business Sheila sticks her nose in Charlie's business

Friday, June 23, 2017

In the Forrester CEO's office, Eric thanked Katie again for helping to put Deacon away for the shooting incidents. Ivy and Quinn were eager to get back to work, as was Ridge. Pam noticed a distracted look on Charlie's face, but he claimed that he was fine.

Eric had asked Katie to the office to offer her another job, but the job would be better suited to her talents. Katie asked if Eric was sure and cited that she'd overreacted about her firing. Eric was sure, and he offered her Wyatt's former job, working with Nicole in marketing.

Eric believed it was a perfect fit, but Katie asked what Quinn thought. Quinn was in agreement and added that she wouldn't be there if Katie hadn't alerted Ridge to save Quinn. Charlie quipped that it was really fortunate that they practically lived beneath the same roof.

Katie asked if Eric wanted to run it by Steffy first. Ridge stated that it was the first he was hearing of the job offer, too. Eric asked if Ridge had an issue with it. When Ridge said he didn't, Eric expressed certainty that Steffy wouldn't either, and Eric welcomed Katie back to work.

Quinn seemed unsettled. Eric asked if she was okay and reminded her that Deacon was in jail. Ridge quipped that Sheila should be in jail, too, and not in their family home. Quinn remarked that Sheila had expressed an unusual fondness for Eric.

Later, Katie was alone with Quinn and Ridge. Katie decided to check in with Nicole, but Quinn wanted to talk to Katie first. Quinn expressed her gratitude to Katie for helping to save Quinn. Quinn hoped they could turn the page on Katie's preoccupation with Quinn and Ridge and move on. Katie decided that Quinn was right, and Quinn and Ridge had nothing to worry about from Katie.

After Katie had gone, Ridge asked if Quinn was really okay with Katie returning to Forrester. Quinn believed it was important to Eric, who felt he'd mishandled Katie's firing. Ridge said Katie had a job that was better for her, and he believed she wouldn't cause problems anymore. Agreeing, Quinn said the chapter was finally behind them, and the secret was safe.

At Spencer, Wyatt was surprised to hear that Deacon had asked Bill for bail money. Bill murmured that Deacon had to have thought that history could repeat itself. Wyatt didn't get what Bill meant. Wyatt also didn't get why Deacon was even eligible for bail after attempting to kill Wyatt's mother. Bill quipped that one little bullet wouldn't hurt Quinn -- unless it was silver.

Wyatt didn't think it was funny and said his mother wasn't the same woman that Bill loved to hate. Bill replied that he didn't hate Quinn, but he also wasn't falling for her transformation act. Bill found it remarkable that Katie had saved Quinn after Quinn had fired Katie. He concluded that Quinn owed Katie big time.

Later, Wyatt was alone with Katie in Bill's office. Katie had just told him about her new job. She figured that she'd only been rehired because she'd helped saved Quinn, but Katie really wanted to make it work that time. Wyatt thanked Katie for saving his mother and guessed that Katie had his old job. Katie explained that she's started out in marketing, but it had been a while since she'd run Forrester. She was hoping that she could pick Wyatt's brain a bit.

At Il Giardino, Brooke ended a meeting with Giovanni, a client from Milan. He left, and Brooke was surprised to see Sheila approach the table. Sheila hadn't expected to see Brooke but said the encounter would give Sheila the chance she'd wanted to apologize for all she'd done to Brooke. Sheila didn't expect for all to be forgiven but noted that she'd been deeply disturbed back then.

"And you're not now?" Brooke asked. Sheila had many regrets, but she wanted to focus on the good times. Being Mrs. Eric Forrester had filled Sheila with pride, but she figured she'd squandered it away.

Sheila said Eric had taken a wife who was worthy of him. Brooke fiddled with her napkin. Sheila asked if Quinn was worthy. Brooke didn't answer, and Sheila asked if Brooke didn't like Quinn. Brooke stated that she hadn't said that, but Sheila replied that it had been in Brooke's reaction.

Brooke stood to leave and said she had to get back to Forrester. Sheila expressed how glad she was for a chance to talk to Brooke and thanked Brooke for the opportunity. Brooke left the restaurant. A woman bumped into Sheila. "Would you watch it?" Sheila yelled at the woman.

Sheila sat at the bar to have a martini and flashed back on times with Eric. Behind her at a table, she heard two people being seated as they had a heated discussion with the man, Charlie, making remarks about Quinn and Ridge. The woman, Pam, told him to let it go, but Charlie said that living in ostrich reality wasn't the answer, either. Charlie, who cared about Eric as much as she did, wanted to keep digging, even if he didn't turn anything else up.

Charlie said trouble followed Quinn like tick followed tock. Pam agreed but couldn't blame Quinn for Deacon's decision to go after her. Charlie defended Deacon's motives, saying Quinn had tossed Deacon aside like an old rag doll. Pam was over it, and she told Charlie to drop his lipstick napkin obsession. Charlie said he'd tried, but he was bothered by the living arrangements at the mansion. He just wanted what was best for Eric.

Pam's phone chimed. She saw something on it and decided that she had to get back to work. She told him to go on and eat, but she reminded him that he could be doing more harm than good to Eric. Charlie stammered, and Pam repeated herself and left.

Sheila approached Charlie and said she'd overheard him talking about Eric Forrester. Charlie asked who she was. Sheila replied that he was Charlie. He asked how she knew it, and she said she couldn't help but notice his ID. Charlie quipped that she couldn't help but eavesdrop, either.

Sheila said she'd heard Charlie's concern about Eric, which made her concerned about her old friend. She asked to sit at his table, but Charlie said he was about to leave. Sheila sat down anyway and asked if his concern had to do with Eric's wife. She got the feeling that Charlie didn't care for Quinn, who Sheila had thought was a loving, loyal spouse.

In Charlie's silence, Sheila decided to confess that she was a sucker for a guy in uniform. Charlie asked if she was dating someone in uniform, and she replied that for years, it had been all she'd seen. "Riddle me this: if you're so close to the Forresters, who's that blonde who just ran out on me?" Charlie asked.

Sheila thought the woman had looked familiar. Charlie divulged that the woman was Stephanie Forrester's sister, Pamela Douglas. Pam had lived in Tinsel Town for a while, so he figured that Sheila didn't know the Forresters all that well if she didn't know Pam.

Sheila reasoned that she'd been gone a while, but she insisted that she was just as concerned about Eric as Charlie. Sheila wanted to help if something was going on with Eric or Eric's family and marriage. "So, please...tell me, Charlie," Sheila said.

In the Forrester design office, Brooke met with Eric, and Eric informed her of the new job he'd given her sister. Brooke filled him in about the lunch with Giovanni. She said all had gone well until Sheila had shown up. Brooke had been freaked out by Sheila's odd pleasantries and gleefulness to see Brooke. Eric figured Sheila had asked for forgiveness.

Brooke recalled that Sheila had seemed genuine. "As genuine as Sheila can be," Brooke added. She stated that Sheila had also been concerned about Eric and his well-being. Brooke revealed that Sheila had even questioned Quinn as his wife.

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