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Sally felt threatened when Caroline arrived back in town with Douglas. Steffy and Liam tracked down Eric and Sheila. Liam yelled that Sheila had a gun, and Steffy shot Sheila.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 10, 2017 on B&B
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Caroline calls Spectra to speak to Sally Caroline calls Spectra to speak to Sally

Monday, July 10, 2017

At the hospital, the doctor evaluated R.J. R.J.'s shoulder swelling had gone down, and R.J. wasn't experiencing headaches. Saying he'd check in on them later, the doctor assured Brooke that R.J. would be fine. The doctor left, and Brooke asked Coco to let her speak to R.J. alone.

Once Coco exited the room, she received a call from Sally, who'd missed Coco at the barbeque. Coco responded awkwardly, and Sally asked if everything was okay. Coco revealed that she was okay, but R.J. was in the hospital after a car accident. Sally repeated Coco, and Thomas, who was with Sally at Spectra, took her outstretched phone from her and put it on speaker.

Thomas asked what had happened. Coco said that R.J. had a few mild cuts and bruising, but the doctor had said he'd be fine. Thomas wanted to speak to his brother, but Coco said R.J. was talking to Brooke. Sally asked how the accident had happened.

Coco explained that R.J. had let her drive one of Ridge's classic cars. Sally asked if someone had hit the car. Coco replied that she'd run into a tree. Coco thanked God that R.J. was okay. Sally was sure it wasn't Coco's fault and said things happened. "It shouldn't have," Coco responded.

Back in R.J.'s room, Brooke noted that R.J. still hadn't told her why Coco had been driving the car or how Coco had crashed it. R.J. replied that he knew Coco had never driven a car like it before, and he'd wanted to impress her and give Coco a rush. He said she wasn't a bad driver, and stuff just happened. Brooke asked to hear exactly what had happened.

Lieutenant Baker arrived. He had just been at the crash site. He noted that R.J. looked good and said it could have been worse, "all things considered." He whipped out a notepad and asked if R.J. had been driving. Coco entered and said she'd been the driver.

Baker recognized Coco as Sally's sister. He asked for the details of the accident. Coco replied that she'd lost control and hit a tree. Baker asked what had made her lose control. R.J. remarked upon the old power steering on his father's car. Baker assumed R.J. had let Coco drive the car to impress her. R.J. stated that power steering had advanced a long way, and "as cool as it is, it gets away from you sometimes."

Lt. Baker assumed the statement meant that R.J. had also been driving recklessly. R.J. denied it. Baker asked Coco if she'd been drinking, and Coco swore she hadn't. R.J. said it could have happened to anyone. Remarking that it had been an odd occurrence for a clear day, Baker asked if Coco had gotten distracted.

R.J. asked for the questions to stop. He noted that Coco was shaking and asked her to sit at his bedside. Coco sat on the left side of the bed. R.J. said Coco had never been in an accident before. He promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Brooke stated that it wasn't good enough. She and Baker needed answers. "You don't just drive down the street and hit a tree," she concluded. R.J. didn't know what Brooke wanted to hear. He said they hadn't been drinking or doing drugs. They'd just been having a good time when things had gone bad.

Lt. Baker said the question was why things had gone bad. Baker pointed out that R.J. was answering all the questions, and it seemed like he was trying to protect his girlfriend. R.J. replied that Coco didn't need protection. Brooke asked if the two had been goofing off. "Were you texting, Coco? Is that what caused this accident?" Brooke asked.

Lt. Baker pressed Coco to answer the question, and Coco said it was true. R.J. readily stated that Coco had made a mistake and asked if they could leave it at that. Baker emphasized the seriousness of it. He informed them that texting and driving was illegal in the state, and over three thousand people per year died due to distracted driving.

Brooke said that R.J. knew better, and his parents had had numerous talks with him about it. Coco said Grams had talked to her, too. Brooke asked why, if that was true, Coco had done it and shouted that she could have killed Brooke's son. R.J. said they were sorry, and it wouldn't happen again. "I didn't -- I didn't think that it -- " Coco stammered.

Assuming Coco would say that she didn't think it could happen to her, Baker stated that everyone thought the same way; however, it only took a second with one's eyes off the road. Coco asked what happened next. Baker relayed that there were consequences for her actions. He planned to file his report and get back to her.

As Baker exited, Brooke asserted, "The next time you're driving -- which isn't going to be for a very long time -- you're not going to be on your phone. Either one of you!"

Brooke left the room, and through the viewing window, Coco watched Brooke talk to Lt. Baker. Coco felt Brooke was right that Coco could have killed R.J., and it would have been for a stupid text message. Coco apologized to R.J. and wondered what would happen. R.J. said it was an accident, and nothing would happen.

Coco insisted that it had been all on her and totally her fault. R.J. didn't want Coco to blame herself. Stating that his mom did, Coco wondered what she'd been thinking to text and drive. She said she could have killed him, and Baker was right about there being consequences. Coco felt that she deserved them. She said things could have been "so, so tragic."

R.J. pointed out that it hadn't been tragic. Coco thanked God for that, but she said it wasn't over. She wasn't sure it should be over and wondered if there was more she was supposed to learn. R.J. promised that Coco wouldn't be alone in it, and they'd get through it together. Coco said R.J. meant "so much" to her. She said she was "so sorry," and she hugged him.

Back at Spectra, Thomas ended a call with the hospital doctor. He told Sally that Coco had been right, and R.J. was okay. Sally asked if he wanted to go to the hospital to give Coco and R.J. a good "talking-to." Thomas said the pair had already had a rough day, and R.J. would go home sometime that day. Sally planned to give it to Coco the very next time she saw Coco.

To Thomas, Sally sounded like a mother. Sally said she practically had been a mother and sister rolled into one, and she'd always felt responsible for her sister. Thomas asked about Grams, and Sally explained that Grams had had the bakery, which had put Sally on constant Coco duty.

Sally said she loved Coco and would always be in Coco's corner. Thomas said Sally would be an amazing mother someday, and Sally joked that she pitied any child of hers. Sally conveyed that she was overprotective of the people she loved, and she'd be "a case" if anything happened to Thomas or Coco. She hugged Thomas and said nothing was allowed to happen to her sister.

Later, the frustrated Sally ripped a sheet off her pad and threw it in the trash. She was still upset about what could have happened to Coco. Sally said it was strange how quickly things could change. Thomas said that Coco and R.J. had been looking to have fun, and "bam! Look what happened." Thomas stated that things could change in good ways, too.

Sally said it hadn't been that long back that she'd been working at the bakery. Thomas told her to look at what she'd become. She'd changed his life in unexpected ways, and he never wanted it to end. His words overwhelmed her. She didn't want the bottom to fall out -- as it always had done before. Thomas hugged her.

Thomas assured Sally that the bottom wouldn't drop out. Sally believed she had a pattern of losing good things that happened to her, and Thomas had been the best thing to happen to her "since forever." Thomas said that she always talked about endings, but he was always talking about beginnings. He declared that he wouldn't go anywhere without her.

The landline buzzed. Thomas answered it. After struggling to explain something to the caller, he decided to go down there. After the call, Thomas said it was as if Saul knew when Thomas and Sally were making out. Thomas left to deal with Saul's issue, and Sally sat down to work.

The landline rang instead of buzzed. Sally called for Darlita to answer it. It kept ringing, so Sally answered it. The caller asked for Sally, and Sally said it was she. Sally asked who was calling. "Caroline Spencer," the caller replied. Sally stated that it was the mother of Thomas' child.

"Oh. So he has told you about Douglas," Caroline replied. Caroline wanted to speak to Thomas, but Sally said he wasn't there. Sally asked if Caroline had tried his cell phone. Caroline affirmed that she'd tried it. Sally asked if Caroline wanted Sally to take a message.

Caroline did. She said she knew Sally and Thomas were in a relationship, but Caroline and Thomas had a son to think about. "...Okay..." Sally replied. Caroline asked Sally to have Thomas call, and Caroline would take it from there.

Charlie begins to question Sheila's motives

Charlie begins to question Sheila's motives

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

by Pam

At Thomas' place, Caroline, Douglas, Thomas, and Steffy chatted about how big Douglas had gotten. "He's going to be tall like his daddy," Caroline said. Thomas said he was happy to spend time with Douglas, no matter what. He added that he'd missed Douglas and that daily video chats were not enough.

Caroline noted that Spectra had been keeping him pretty busy, along with his new relationship with Sally. Thomas agreed. He added that starting a new business was time-consuming, and he added that he had a new business challenge with Forrester Creations to a fashion showdown in Monte Carlo. Caroline replied that she had seen it in the trade magazines, and it sounded like fun. Steffy maintained it was more like an ambush and sounded like Sally, but Thomas pointed out that it had been his idea. He picked up Douglas and carried him around.

Douglas wanted to get down, and Thomas set him down and said he had to leave for work. He thanked Caroline again for visiting. He left. After Thomas was gone, Steffy said Thomas' involvement with Sally was why she had called Caroline to return to Los Angeles. "See why I called?" Steffy asked.

Steffy added that Caroline had been doing a great job with Douglas on her own. Caroline credited her moms for their help, and she said Thomas had often flown across the country to be with Douglas, but not much since he had joined Spectra. Steffy maintained that it was wrong because Thomas was missing out on time with Douglas and his family while he was helping Sally with her business.

Caroline wondered what Sally was like. Steffy said Sally was manipulative, and she had managed to get Thomas to leave his family and risk everything with her on her business.

Steffy explained that Sally had lured Thomas away from Forrester. Steffy wanted to get Sally out of their lives, but she also blamed herself because she had told Thomas that Sally was going to leave town. "I opened my big mouth," Steffy lamented. She maintained that Sally and Thomas were joined at the hip.

Steffy told Caroline that she didn't know what Thomas saw in Sally. Caroline wondered if it was love. Steffy believed Thomas had been sidetracked, but she added that the real question was what Caroline and Thomas wanted. Caroline felt there was still something between them. Steffy wanted Caroline to stay in Los Angeles and get back together with Thomas.

At Spectra, Shirley, Darlita, and Saul discussed that it was great to have Thomas to keep Bill Spencer and his skyscraper at bay. Saul said it was a bad idea to change everything including the logo. He liked the old logo. He called Thomas "Mister Pecs," and Darlita said she liked the new logo.

Shirley told Saul and Darlita that Sally and Thomas would soon be flying off to Monte Carlo, showcasing the new logo and the company. Shirley said she figured they could fly first class. Shirley entered Sally's office and noted that Sally seemed down in the dumps. Sally admitted to it and explained that she'd fielded a phone call from Caroline Spencer. "Thomas' baby mama?" Shirley asked.

Sally said that was who it was and admitted she was worried about Caroline. Shirley said Sally's relationship with Thomas was good because she was in Los Angeles, and Caroline was not. Sally noted that she believed Caroline wanted Thomas back and had a hold on him because of their son. Thomas entered, and Shirley left. Thomas wanted to talk to Sally. He shared that Caroline had returned with his son. He wanted Sally to meet them. She said that she had spoken to Caroline when she'd called looking for Thomas.

Sally wanted to meet Thomas' son but not Caroline because she didn't think Caroline would like her very much. Thomas explained that Caroline expected the universe to conform to her time frame. He added that Caroline was impulsive.

Thomas reminded Sally that he and Caroline were not together. He admitted they would always have a bond, but he was with Sally. He added that he felt Sally and Caroline could be friends under other circumstances. He reminded her that it didn't matter who approved; he was in a relationship with Sally, not Caroline. They started to make out passionately.

Charlie entered a hotel room and asked why Sheila had wanted to see him. She answered that she was sure he'd want to know that they had succeeded in breaking up Eric and Quinn. She said that it would have been unthinkable for Ridge and Quinn to get away with hurting Eric.

"Quinn is out," Sheila said. Charlie admitted he couldn't feel sorry for her. Sheila called Quinn "a faithless woman." Charlie worried that "Pammy" would find out. He didn't want her to know that he had helped Sheila. He worried that his head would be on the chopping block.

Charlie wanted to conclude their meeting, but Sheila laughed and said she wasn't sure if she was insulted or flattered. However, she promised that Charlie could earn a lot of money. Sheila advised Charlie that he should consider her an investment opportunity. She wanted him to give her $1,000 to pay her hotel bill. She added that she needed to be in Los Angeles, near Eric.

Charlie refused to give Sheila $1,000, but she reminded him that it would pay for her silence. "Does $1,000 seem too much to pay for my silence?" Sheila asked. Charlie noted that it sounded like blackmail. Sheila said it was more about partnership.

Charlie said he had tried to give Quinn the benefit of the doubt. Sheila promised that Ridge and Quinn would get what they deserved. She added that Eric was a special, warm, kind, and generous man. She added that he was compassionate and might even forgive her.

Sheila got closer to Charlie and asked where Eric was. Charlie answered that he didn't know. Sheila didn't believe him, but Charlie said he had no idea where Eric was. Charlie prepared to leave, but Sheila asked him to reconsider her financial proposition. She explained that it was necessary for her to stay in Los Angeles to be near Eric. She promised it would pay off for Charlie. He said goodbye and left. Sheila smiled after he left.

Sheila walked out into the hotel hallway and ran into Eric. She called him by name, and he wondered how she'd found him. Sheila maintained it was a coincidence. Eric looked disheveled.

Sheila says she won't tell Quinn where Eric is

Sheila says she won't tell Quinn where Eric is

> Sheila says she won't tell Quinn where Eric is

Sheila says she won't tell Quinn where Eric is

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn explained to Brooke, Ridge, Katie, and Ivy that she was worried about Eric because he had not returned home overnight. Katie reminded Quinn that she had betrayed Eric with his own son. Quinn wanted to call the police.

Brooke reminded Quinn that Eric was not missing. He had left on his own. "We all know why," Katie said. Quinn wished that Eric would call and let them know he was okay. Ridge noted that Eric had to check in eventually. They all wondered who would have told Sheila about Ridge and Quinn.

Brooke wondered if Katie had said something. Katie replied that she would never have said anything. Ivy said she didn't even know who Sheila was, and she certainly didn't want to. They all agreed no one had told Sheila, but Ivy maintained that somebody had to have seen Ridge and Quinn together. She questioned if it was paparazzi. Brooke said they would have heard something, and the damage had already been done.

Quinn hoped that Eric was all right. She called his mobile phone and left another message for him to call home. Quinn said she had also checked to see if Eric had used any credit cards, and he had not. Katie suggested he wanted some time alone, and they had to be patient.

Katie reminded everyone that Eric was not in danger. Ivy added that he was smart, but Quinn suggested that he was heartbroken. She had made promises and vows -- and broken then with his own son. She worried that he would never be able to look her in the face. She wanted him to be safe. Quinn said she had also tried to find him by calling some of the hotels, but he was nowhere to be found.

In a hotel, Eric and Sheila ran into one another in the hallway. Sheila maintained that it was a coincidence, but Eric suggested it had been due to stalking on Sheila's part.

Sheila understood that Eric didn't trust her, but she insisted that he could trust her. Eric said he was exhausted and needed to get some rest. He went into his room, but Sheila stopped him.

"I can see you're upset about your wife and son. I really don't want to leave you alone. Can I come in for a moment?" Sheila asked. Eric allowed her to enter his room. Sheila said she didn't think the hotel was the type of place he would stay, and Eric answered that he wanted to get lost and not see anyone. Sheila understood, but she added that she cared about him and certainly regretted that she'd had to tell him the truth about Quinn and Ridge.

Sheila hadn't wanted to hurt Eric with the revelation, but she didn't want to see him going through deception because he was a good man. Sheila asked Eric if he needed anything, and she discovered that he needed his medication because he had left the house so quickly, he had forgotten it. He maintained he would be fine, but Sheila offered to retrieve it for him from the house. Eric agreed to let Sheila get his meds and his electric razor.

Eric said he didn't want to see anyone, and he gave Sheila his keys. She said that truth and loyalty were important.

Eric lamented that he'd forgiven Ridge many times, and he worried that he could no longer forgive him. He added that he had bragged about how loyal Quinn had been to him. Eric's phone rang, and he noticed it was Quinn. He refused to speak to her.

Eric was also angry at Brooke because she had known but not told him. He worried that he could trust no one. "Trust me," Sheila said. Eric worried about Sheila returning to his home, but she promised to be unnoticed and discreet. She reminded Eric that he was not alone. She said she would always be available to help him. She left.

At Spencer, Steffy, Liam, Wyatt, and Bill discussed the Forrester and Spectra situations, specifically Thomas and Sally. Bill said that Sally Spectra couldn't hold a candle to his niece, Caroline, who had recently returned from New York. Steffy said that it was good for Thomas to be with his son. Bill noted that he wanted to obliterate Spectra to make room for his building.

Discussion turned to the swimwear fashion show in Monte Carlo, but Bill was not thrilled about it. Steffy and Liam noted that it would renew an old rivalry. Steffy was confident that Forrester would emerge as the star in the end.

Steffy wanted Bill to stay out of her business and rivalries. She noted that Forrester would put Spectra out of business or "out of their misery."

Liam added that the concept of a swimwear rivalry was a great idea, and all the proceeds went to a good cause. Bill was obsessed with wanting to close Spectra so he could construct his building. Bill added that he didn't like Sally Spectra because she was keeping him from his pet project.

Steffy said Bill had better not try to pull something with a bad review. She wanted to get the job done on her own. Bill was unconvinced that Forrester could handle it. He made fun of Ridge, but Steffy told him to stop. Bill wanted to protect his investment. Steffy was confident she could handle it.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke discussed that they were concerned about Eric. Brooke checked her phone and noted that Eric had not responded to her text messages. He always responded, she said. Ridge worried that he wouldn't get to apologize to Eric. Brooke noted that Eric was furious, hurt, and disappointed because they had all betrayed him.

In his hotel room, Eric drank a beer and looked at his wedding ring. He flashed back to his wedding with Quinn. He threw his suitcase across the room and angrily paced the room.

At the Forrester house, Sheila quietly opened the front door with Eric's key. She went up the stairs to get his medication and razor. Later, Quinn walked through the living room and overheard keys jingling. She ran to the door, thinking it was Eric, but she saw Sheila leaving the house and asked what Sheila was doing there.

Sheila answered that she had to retrieve some of Eric's things for him. He needed his medication. Quinn wanted to know where Eric was, but Sheila said Eric didn't want his family to know. Quinn grabbed Sheila's arm, but Sheila warned Quinn to not to touch her.

Sally confronts Steffy about Caroline's visit

Sally confronts Steffy about Caroline's visit

Thursday, July 13, 2017

At Forrester, Steffy and Patrice discussed Steffy talking Bill down about the summit. Steffy had thought Bill would kill the fashion challenge. Patrice decided to handle Bill with care. Steffy asked what else was on Patrice's mind. Patrice admitted that she couldn't believe Thomas had put Steffy on the spot with the duel. Steffy said it was bound to happen because Sally had gotten her claws in him.

Caroline entered. Steffy reintroduced her to Patrice. Caroline recalled working with Patrice in the past. Remarking that Pam had Douglas, Caroline hoped she wasn't interrupting. Steffy replied that it was perfect timing because they were just talking about Thomas.

Patrice left, and Caroline and Steffy discussed how hard it was to believe that Thomas was at Spectra, not Forrester. Steffy hoped the showdown in Monte Carlo would end both Spectra and Thomas' infatuation with Sally. "And if it does..." Steffy said. Caroline finished the statement, saying, "Maybe I'll be here to pick up the pieces." Steffy said it was only if Caroline hadn't changed her mind about putting her son's family together.

Later, Steffy and Caroline were playing with Douglas. Steffy clarified that she hadn't meant to try to dictate Caroline's life. Steffy just thought Caroline needed to make a move if she wanted a family with Thomas and Douglas. Caroline asked what kind of move. Steffy suggested going to Thomas and telling him all the reasons Caroline wanted it and why it was important. Steffy said Caroline should do it before Sally sucked him in more.

At the loft, Thomas and Sally trotted down the stairs from the roof, where Thomas had suggested they work in swimwear to get inspiration. After joking around and kissing, they started working in the living room. Thomas noticed that she couldn't keep her eyes off of him, and they started making out on the sofa.

Thomas and Sally continued working, and they heard a chime. Thomas checked his messages, and Sally asked if it was his baby's mother. Thomas said his broker had a stock tip. He asked why she'd think it was Caroline. Sally noted that she'd talked to Caroline, and Thomas had spent time with Caroline. "With our son," Thomas said and asked if it was a problem.

Sally didn't have a problem and said Thomas was a devoted dad. She just didn't like him having a child with a rich woman with whom he had a lot of history. Thomas asked if Sally realized that he'd fallen for her because she was unique and different, and the two kissed.

Later, Sally and Thomas were commenting on a design when Caroline and Douglas arrived. Caroline had called Spectra and learned that Thomas was working from home. She said Douglas couldn't get enough of his father. Thomas replied that he couldn't get enough of his son, and as he led Douglas inside, Caroline followed and said, "You must be Sally."

Caroline introduced herself, and Sally said it was nice to meet Caroline. Thomas introduced the child to Sally, and Caroline remarked that people had been fawning on Douglas at Forrester. Sally assumed Caroline and Steffy were super tight. "I mean, why not? You're both royalty," Sally added. Sally decided that Thomas should spend time with his son while she left to deliver a message.

After Sally had gone, Caroline watched Thomas and Douglas play. She said that Douglas had missed his father, and she had, too.

Later, Steffy asked Sally how she'd gotten by Forrester security. Sally claimed that it had been her charm. "Yeah, right," Steffy quipped. Sally asked if Steffy was pleased with herself for sending Caroline and Douglas to Thomas' place. Steffy denied doing it but was glad to hear that they were there. Steffy believed Thomas needed to spend time with his son.

Sally stated that Caroline's return had Steffy's fingers all over it, and she accused Steffy of trying to match-make. Steffy replied that her brother should be with his son. Sally accused Steffy of shoving his baby's mother at him, too. Steffy assumed Sally feared competition.

Sally took it as an admission, but Steffy said there was nothing to admit. Steffy stood for family, and that included the family business, too. Sally said that Thomas was happier at Spectra than he'd ever been at Forrester. Steffy believed that Sally had gotten in Thomas' head and separated him from everything he cared about and everyone who loved him.

Sally stated that she loved Thomas, too. Steffy asserted that Sally loved "that money." Steffy noted that Sally had gotten very lucky to avoid jail and keep her business, but Steffy warned that the luck was about to run out. Steffy refused to let Sally mooch off Thomas anymore and vowed to get Sally out of his life once and for all.

At the mansion, Quinn noted Sheila's effrontery to threaten Quinn in her own home and demanded to know why Sheila was there. Sheila said she was getting Eric's medications, as she'd already said. Quinn grabbed Sheila's purse and reached down into it. Sheila snatched it back, and Quinn asked, "Is that a gun in there?"

"God, no!" Sheila exclaimed and ordered Quinn to get out of her way. Quinn said she would once Sheila said where Eric was. Sheila replied that Eric didn't want Quinn to know. Sheila stated that Eric didn't want anything to do with Quinn, and he was done with the family.

Quinn said that the least Sheila could do was to tell Quinn where her husband was, but Sheila thought the least Quinn could do was respect that Eric didn't want to see Quinn's face or hear Quinn's voice. Sheila said he was washing his hands of Quinn. Quinn asked if she was supposed to take Sheila's word for it.

Sheila claimed to actually care about Eric. Quinn didn't want to hear it from Sheila after all Sheila had done in the past. When Quinn owned up to making mistakes, Sheila was disgusted that Quinn was calling an affair with Eric's son a mistake. Quinn asserted that she hadn't had an affair, but Sheila yelled that it was a betrayal that Eric wouldn't forgive Quinn or Ridge for.

Quinn stated that she hadn't claimed to be the perfect wife. She said Stephanie hadn't been, and "I know you weren't." Quinn believed that with patience, she and Eric had built a solid marriage, and she refused to leave the house or lose Eric. Sheila said Eric would decide whether to stay with a woman who'd made a fool of him with his son. Quinn said Sheila was making it worse than it was, and it had been just a couple of kisses.

"With his son!" Sheila exclaimed. Quinn was indignant about Sheila pointing fingers after the damage Sheila had done in the past. Sheila replied that she'd paid for it and had done her time. She claimed that she'd changed. Quinn didn't believe it, and Sheila retorted that she didn't believe it about Quinn, either. Quinn countered that Sheila didn't know anything about Quinn.

Sheila responded that she knew that the good thing Quinn had had with Eric hadn't been enough, so Quinn had turned to his son behind his back. Quinn said her actions with Ridge had been careless and stupid, but they'd had nothing to do with Quinn's love for Eric. Sheila asked if she was supposed to believe Quinn.

Quinn screamed that she didn't care what Sheila believed because it had nothing to do with her. Calling Quinn delusional, Sheila said that she'd been married to Eric, and he was important to her. She refused to let anyone hurt him. Quinn accused Sheila of threatening her. Sheila replied that Quinn would see it that way. Quinn asked how else to see it due to Sheila sick history.

Sheila noted that Quinn also had skeletons in her closet. Sheila said she'd been happy for Eric until she'd talked to people close to him. It had seemed as if no one had approved of Quinn. "I defended you, and you did this with his son!" Sheila yelled. Quinn asked Sheila to tell her where Eric was, but Sheila said that, unlike Quinn, Sheila would honor Eric's wishes.

At the door, Sheila warned Quinn not to follow. Sheila said Eric would run, and Quinn would never see him again. "Plus, I'll know, and you'll be sorry," Sheila concluded and exited.

In the design office, Brooke couldn't believe that Eric wouldn't respond to her. Ridge said Eric was upset with her, too, for keeping the secret. "Don't put this back on me," Brooke responded. Ridge said that he should probably be relieved that the secret was finally out in the open; however, he didn't believe for a moment that Sheila had done it for Eric.

In Ridge's view, Sheila was about Sheila -- always. He just hoped that Sheila had the good sense to stay away from them. Brooke had thought it had been coincidence to run into Sheila at Il Giardino the other day, but Brooke had begun to question it. Ridge said that nothing the calculated and dangerous Sheila did was by coincidence.

Ridge received a message. He told Brooke that it was from Quinn, who wanted to see him right away about Eric and Sheila. Brooke looked worried as Ridge exited.

When Ridge arrived at the mansion, the upset Quinn explained that Sheila had been there to get Eric's medications. Eric had given Sheila a key, so she obviously knew where he was. Quinn said Sheila had claimed to be respecting Eric's wishes and had refused to tell Quinn where he was. Quinn believed that she'd felt a gun in Sheila's purse. She didn't know what was in Sheila's mind, and it worried Quinn that Eric was at Sheila's mercy.

At the hotel, Sheila arrived. Eric was asleep on the bed. She knelt by him and kissed his forehead.

Steffy pulls a gun on Sheila

Steffy pulls a gun on Sheila

Friday, July 14, 2017

At the loft, Caroline and Thomas each said they missed "this" and that it was good for Douglas to see them that way. Thomas felt that Douglas needed to know that, even though they weren't together, they were a family. She added that they always would be.

Thomas put Douglas down for a nap with ease, something that Caroline could never manage to do. She said that settled it, and they were moving back. Thomas said he'd love for them to move back. She asked if he meant back to the city or something more. He mindfully said her name.

Caroline understood that he had Sally and a new life at Spectra. Caroline stated that it was fun and exciting, but it hadn't been that far back when he'd been excited about her and starting a family with her. Caroline recalled how much Thomas had wanted it and how much he'd cared about her. Thomas replied that he still cared.

Caroline felt that it wasn't too late, and they could give Douglas the family he needed. She asked if Thomas was tired of only seeing Douglas on a screen. Thomas said he flew out when he could. Caroline pointed out that he had been doing that, but he'd become very busy at Spectra.

Caroline realized that it was her fault for moving, but she needed Thomas to understand that she'd needed time with her moms. Thomas said he understood it, and he hadn't tried to make her feel guilty about it, though he'd thought they'd been headed somewhere.

From Caroline's perspective, they still were headed somewhere. Thomas recalled that she hadn't been that confident about them in New York. She said that they'd just started parenting together. She'd cared about him, but it had been confusing. She hadn't wanted to be together just for the child; however, she'd missed him when he'd stopped visiting, and it hadn't been just because she'd missed having a father for Douglas.

Caroline had missed Thomas, spending time with him and watching him laugh or read a magazine. She said she'd started hearing rumors that he'd been moving on. Thomas replied that they'd agreed not to wait if something happened along. Caroline knew that, but she said it had still hurt. It had hurt in a "go fight for Thomas. He belongs with you and your son kind of way."

Sally approached the front door, which was slightly ajar. As Thomas stroked Caroline's cheek, he said she had always been a fighter. Caroline replied that she also always won. Sally cleared her throat and offered to return at another time.

Later, Sally asked if she was scaring Caroline away. Thomas replied that Caroline didn't scare easily. Caroline walked over with Douglas, saying it was time to leave. Sally asked them to stay and offered to play games. She claimed they could make a night of it. Sally had heard Caroline say something about winning, and Sally said she'd loved to see Caroline try to beat her at rummy. Caroline said she didn't spend time playing games, "being a mom and all. Responsibilities."

Caroline asked Douglas to bid his father farewell. Douglas said that he loved his daddy. Sally asked if Caroline's flight was booked. Sally was sure Caroline was itching to get back and said that, as an East Coast girl, Caroline probably hated how fake everyone was out there. Caroline was in no rush to take her son from his dad anytime soon. She guessed Sally would be seeing a lot more of her.

After Caroline and Douglas had gone, Thomas talked about how good it had been to see his son and have Sally meet Douglas. Sally thought highly of Douglas, who had a handsome father and gorgeous mother. Thomas asked if Sally was saying that Caroline was gorgeous. Sally replied that it was "in a privileged girl who had it all" sort of way.

Thomas guessed that it had been hard on Sally. Sally joked that she'd had better days -- like when she'd tripped on the pier or had gotten arrested. Sally stated that Caroline hadn't been terrible. Thomas asked her to give Caroline a chance because she'd be seeing a lot more of Caroline, the mother of his child.

Sally didn't think that being the mother of Thomas' child was the only thing Caroline was after. Thomas said that Caroline didn't always get what she wanted. He wanted Sally to get used to Caroline because Sally was stuck with Thomas. The two kissed.

At Forrester, Liam was more interested in canoodling than listening as Steffy filled him in on the nerve of Sally to accuse Steffy of shepherding Caroline to town to break up Thomas and Sally. Steffy's phone rang. It was Quinn, and Liam asked Steffy to let it go to voicemail.

Believing it could be important, Steffy answered the call. Quinn asked if Steffy had heard from Eric. Steffy hadn't but asked why Quinn was asking. Quinn figured Ridge hadn't told Steffy. Quinn revealed that Eric had left with Sheila Carter.

Liam and Steffy rushed to the mansion to find out what was happening with Eric. Quinn explained that Sheila had been there, all too happy to witness Eric and Quinn having a fight. Quinn had left for a while, but upon her return, she'd seen that Eric had gone. Eric had stayed out overnight, and Sheila had returned to retrieve his medication but wouldn't say where he was.

Steffy asked what the fight had been about. Quinn replied that it didn't matter. All that mattered was getting Eric back. "Yeah, away from that psychopath," Steffy said. Liam was skeptical and said that Eric might mean to stay away. "Or she means him to!" Quinn exclaimed. Quinn said Sheila looked at Eric in a territorial and scary way.

Steffy said everything about Sheila was scary. Liam asked if Sheila would physically hurt Eric. Quinn didn't know, but she said Sheila might have a gun. Quinn had thought she'd felt it in Sheila's purse, and Steffy readily believed that Sheila would have one. Quinn wanted to do something. Liam offered to stay there while Quinn got some air.

Quinn didn't want air; she wanted her husband back. Steffy and Liam said they'd stay there while Quinn went to question people about Eric's whereabouts. Liam offered to try to track Eric through the laptop. After Quinn left, Steffy asked if Liam needed an app to track Eric's phone. Liam didn't and asked if she remembered that he "used to do this" for a living. Steffy asked Liam to find Eric before Sheila took him away for good.

Later, Steffy entered the living room and asked if Liam had had any luck. He hadn't and asked where she'd been. Steffy had been retrieving something of her grandmother's. Liam grew anxious upon seeing an ivory-handled revolver in Steffy's hand. Steffy wasn't planning on using it, but she also didn't want to take any chances.

Steffy said Sheila was evil, and Steffy wouldn't let Sheila do those things to her family again. Liam replied that he knew it hurt, but her mother was okay. Steffy replied that she hadn't been fine, and her siblings hadn't been, either. They'd lost all that time with their mother, and Steffy wouldn't let Sheila take Steffy's grandfather.

Liam heard a ping. He said that was it, and he had the location of Eric's phone. Steffy and Liam hurried out of the house.

At the hotel, Eric was startled when he awakened and saw Sheila, inches from his face, gazing at him. She said she'd gotten his medications and razor, and if he needed anything else, she'd be happy to go back to get it. Eric asked if Sheila had had any run-ins. Sheila replied that his cheating wife didn't like her too much.

Eric asked what Quinn had said. Sheila stated that it had been more lies about "the kiss" being innocent, and Quinn had begged Sheila to say where Eric was. Eric hoped Sheila hadn't told Quinn. Sheila said he was safe with her, and she'd never betray him.

Eric thanked Sheila for handling things. He didn't want to see Quinn. Sheila replied that he didn't have to until he was ready. Sheila said it hadn't been easy, and she'd had to fight off a confrontation with Quinn. Sheila urged him to drink his water with his medication. She joked that once a nurse, always a nurse.

Eric thanked Sheila for getting his medications. Sheila said she'd do anything for him. He asked if she understood that "I'm not...You and I are not ever..." She said she knew, and there were no ulterior motives. She wanted to do things that mattered and help people in need. She noted that he was in need.

Eric believed he needed time to wrap his mind around what Ridge and Quinn had done to him. Sheila said she'd do whatever was necessary to get him the time he needed. She offered to keep the entire family away from him and said he didn't have to see any of them again.

Later, Eric adjusted himself as he read on the bed. Sheila rushed to fix his pillows. He said he was okay, and she asked him to just let her fuss over him a bit. She offered to get him tea and said if he was hungry, she'd seen a pizza place up the street. He didn't answer. Sheila said she could go to her room if he wanted to be alone. "Either way, Sheila," Eric murmured. She said she'd check on him later.

At the door, Steffy knocked and asked if her grandfather was in there. Sheila said she'd get rid of Steffy for him. Sheila opened the door, and Steffy murmured that Sheila really was back. Sheila began say something, but Steffy pushed by her, and Steffy and Liam entered the room. They went to Eric, who was getting off the bed.

Sheila said Eric didn't want to see Liam and Steffy or have anything to do with anyone in their family. She ordered Steffy and Liam to leave. Steffy asserted that Sheila was the one who'd be going. Sheila decided everyone would go to give Eric time to himself. Steffy yelled that her grandfather could speak for himself. She asked Eric was what going on.

Eric said that it was personal. Steffy asked if he could tell Sheila but not Steffy. "You can stay in a hotel room with her?" Steffy asked. Eric said that wasn't what was going on there, and Sheila said it was coincidence that she and Eric were staying at the same hotel. Steffy didn't buy it and asked Eric what was going on.

Liam asked if something had happened between Eric and Quinn. Eric replied that it wasn't for him to tell. Steffy was confused, and Eric said to ask her father. Sheila kept trying to get Steffy to leave, but Steffy refused to go until she got answers. Steffy asked why Sheila was hovering over Eric like a bodyguard. Sheila claimed she was helping Eric and taking care of him.

Steffy said the job was done, and Sheila needed to step aside. Sheila grabbed Steffy's arm, but Liam broke the gasp. Steffy said Sheila didn't have the right to say when Steffy could see her grandfather. Sheila said Eric had made it clear that he didn't want his family there.

Eric walked around, not contradicting Sheila. Steffy asked him to let her help him get through it. Sheila yelled that she was helping him, and they needed to leave. Steffy asked what Sheila was doing to help. Going to her purse, Sheila asked if Steffy wanted to know what Sheila was doing to help.

"Whoa! Whoa! She's got a gun!" Liam yelled as Sheila dug through her purse. Steffy shoved Liam aside, whipped out her gun, and shot Sheila. The bullet hit Sheila in the shoulder, and Eric rushed over as she fell, toppling a table as she went down.

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