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Bill changed the rules at the fashion challenge, and Thomas flew to New York after the show. Wyatt saw sparks when he kissed Katie, and Eric demanded a divorce from Quinn.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 31, 2017 on B&B
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Bill changes the rules of the game Bill changes the rules of the game

Monday, July 31, 2017

On the hotel rooftop overlooking the pier, Bill asked Brooke if she could smell it. She thought he meant jasmine and the sea. "Money," Bill corrected. He whipped out play money with his face on it and sniffed it. Brooke giggled, saying it wasn't real. "In Bill we trust," he said. He planned to hand the bills out at the event to encourage bidding to raise money for the Spencer charities.

Bill said it was his two favorite things. Brooke hoped she was one of them. He corrected that it was three favorites, Brooke being the first. Sighing, he asked where else he could have a mixture of yachts and skyscrapers. Brooke was surprised that skyscrapers didn't make Bill want to cry. Remarking about his unbuilt skyscraper back home, she said Sally and Thomas had become a team, and Brooke didn't see them crumbling anytime soon.

In a reception tent later, Bill stood near a Spencer banner that promoted children's charities. He handed his play money out to the guests. Sally arrived and said she'd seen the Stella Maurice in the harbor. She was waiting to receive her phone invite. Bill corrected that the boat was called, "the Stella -- never mind."

Chowing on the appetizers, Sally said she could really get used to "this." Bill murmured a suggestion that she didn't. She asked what he'd said, and he replied that he bet she could. She thought Bill could show her the ropes. Saying that he was trying to look out for her, he outright said she shouldn't get to used to it. Sally believed that Spectra's top-notch designs could win a fair show and said, "No dirty tricks."

Sally strode off, and Bill saw a call on his phone. He sent it to voicemail. He went out to the rooftop, where Steffy was ending a call with Liam. Bill said Liam should fly in for the victory party. Lowering her phone, Steffy said they needed to win first. "Done," Bill replied.

"No. Whoa, Bill. We're doing this fair and square," Steffy said. Bill cocked his head. Steffy conveyed that she didn't like the competition getting jammed down her throat, but she wouldn't cheat against her brother. Bill replied that her brother had left his niece to raise a child alone, and Bill didn't have a lot of respect for Thomas. Steffy asked what it had to do with anything. "Everything," Bill answered.

In New York, Caroline left a message for Bill, saying she was back in New York. She wanted Thomas to be with her and Douglas, but she asserted that telling Thomas that she was dying wasn't right. She couldn't keep it up and wanted Bill to call her back.

In Spectra's tent, Thomas gave out instructions to workers. Sally noticed that he looked preoccupied. She encouraged him about the event and said nothing could stand in their way.

In Rick and Maya's hotel room, Maya was anxiously bouncing Lizzy, who had a fever. It wouldn't go down, and Maya refused to leave her. Rick decided to call Katie to find a substitute model.

Later, a doctor had just finished seeing Lizzy. He said she just needed fluids, rest, and love. It wasn't serious, and many kids got sick while traveling. He recognized Maya, and Rick said she was supposed to be modeling in the show.

The doctor asked if Maya hadn't attended due to a petite fever. Maya said she'd wanted to be sure. The doctor thought it was unfortunate for the guests. He said something to Rick in French. Maya asked if the statement had been good. Rick said it was more than good, and she was breathtaking. Maya thanked the doctor.

In Forrester's tent, workers bustled, and Nicole expressed excitement to Zende about his first fashion show with Eric and Ridge. Zende was nervous, but Nicole felt he'd be fine once he got out there to model. Modeling was the very thing Zende was worried about.

Music played over a montage of scenes of people arriving on the long stretch of pier. Katie and Eva handed out play money, people had drinks, and Brooke and Steffy socialized. In the reception tent, Wyatt found Bill to make sure Bill didn't have anything up his sleeve, but as they heard Steffy opening the show outside, Bill told Wyatt to relax and get out of there.

Outside, on a platform that resembled the deck of a boat, Steffy got the show started and explained to the guests that the Spencer money represented their bids for the swim and cruise wear show. She figured they'd all downloaded the Spencer voting app to vote for Forrester or Spectra. She urged them to vote. Music played, and the show commenced.

Brooke led the Forrester models in the first group of cruise wear on one side of the U-shaped platform. Spectra designs were on the other side of it. The camera panned phones as the guests voted for each fashion house. Nicole led the first round of Zende's swimwear against Spectra's.

As the show went on, Bill daydreamed about a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Spencer Tower. He grinned to himself, but his grin faded when he locked eyes with Sally, who was smiling at him.

Thomas stood alone by a table. Steffy approached. She remarked that he was getting a good response, but he was still going down. He murmured that they'd see. She bumped shoulders with him and said she was just messing with him. She thought his work was good, and he'd get a lot of good publicity.

Shrugging, Thomas asked if any of it mattered. Steffy asked what he was talking about, and he murmured, "Douglas." Thomas wished he'd been a better father. Steffy decided that it wasn't the time or place to be thinking of about Douglas and Caroline. "It's a fashion charity event, silly," Steffy told him. She patted his arm and strolled off. Thomas continued standing around as if he was at a funeral instead.

In the reception tent, Wyatt mingled, and Katie watched the show on a screen. Brooke approached and congratulated Katie on hitting a home run. She believed Katie was doing great in promotions. Katie said much of it had to do with "that guy over there." Glancing at Wyatt, Brooke said he was pretty good, but Katie was incredible. She urged Katie to take her credit. The sisters hugged, and Katie gazed at Wyatt, who smiled at her.

In a tent, Thomas donned swim trunks and thought of Caroline dying. Sally asked if he heard the applause. She thought they were getting almost as much as Forrester. She hoped Bill wouldn't ruin it because they deserved it as much as the Foresters. Thomas stated that Sally was the one who deserved it.

In Forrester's tent, Zende was still worried. He told Nicole that he wasn't ready for it. She cooed, saying the ladies were. Zende and Thomas were announced on the mic, and they led the men's wear segment.

Next, Katie announced the showstoppers, modeled by Steffy and Sally. As the ladies modeled, Bill slipped into the Spectra tent. He told Thomas that Thomas had done well. "Now it's time to be a man," Bill stated. He said that Thomas' son needed Thomas, and so did Caroline, who was dying. Bill said Thomas knew what he had to do because Caroline and Douglas needed Thomas in New York.

Back on the U-shaped stage, the models gathered around Katie at its base. She said it was time for their esteemed host to announce the winner, and she introduced the one and only Dollar Bill Spencer. Bill kissed Katie's cheek and took her place on stage with the models.

Bill thanked everyone for attending the event, and he said it was time to announce the winner. "And that winner is -- " Bill whipped out his phone. On the screen, it said Spectra had received the most votes. "That winner is me," Bill concluded, and people looked confused.

Bill continued, saying that the winners were also the children who they were helping with the money raised that day. He said it wasn't a fashion challenge in the sense that the votes weren't tallied. It was about the bidding and their generosity in helping children all over the world. "And how much money did we raise?" Bill asked. Looking at his phone, he said it was just over one million, one hundred thousand dollars.

Everyone applauded. Wyatt ran out of the reception tent and found Katie by a railing. She asked if he'd heard. Wyatt stated that it was a tie. Katie meant about the money and repeated the sum. Wyatt replied that it was what he'd heard. She exclaimed that they'd done it, and in their excitement, Wyatt kissed her. They stared at each other for several moments before kissing again, deeper and longer.

Zende is hurt when Nicole decides to skip out on his big night

Zende is hurt when Nicole decides to skip out on his big night

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

by Pam

In Monte Carlo, Brooke and Bill discussed the fashion show. Brooke wanted to know who had really won: Spectra or Forrester, but Bill maintained that the charities were the real winners. Brooke insisted she wanted the truth.

Bill refused to answer and said they would spend some time celebrating at the club and then head back to his yacht for some alone time while the rest of the crew headed back to Los Angeles on his private plane. He made stallion noises, and Brooke laughed. She said he made her melt every time he made that noise. Brooke left to change.

Bill looked at his phone and saw the tabulated results for most votes received at the fashion show. It was Spectra that had won. Bill shook his head, and his phone rang. It was Caroline.

Caroline told Bill she had been calling him. He replied that he'd been busy with the summit, but she was stressing about the lie he had concocted about her dying. Bill warned her not to stress because it would kill her. "That's not funny," she said. She reminded him that Thomas thought she was dying. "I'm not going along with it any longer," she said.

Bill replied that she needed to go along with it for everyone's sake in order to get Thomas away from "that trailer park redhead." Bill insisted Thomas would be the heroic father who swooped in to be with Caroline and Douglas. Caroline wondered what would happen when everyone discovered that she wasn't sick.

Bill suggested that a miracle cure could explain it or a misdiagnosis. Caroline said she didn't want Thomas to be with her out of guilt. Bill said it didn't matter. Thomas was a nitwit who needed "to man up and be a father to his son." Bill felt he was giving Thomas a nudge. "He never stopped loving you. He told me himself," Bill said. He could hear Douglas over the phone, asking for Daddy. Bill told her to call Thomas. "Call him now," Bill ordered.

Caroline called Thomas, who was standing on the beach in Monte Carlo, waiting for Sally. Caroline asked how the show had gone. Thomas said he believed Spectra would win, but he wasn't sure what Bill had done. Thomas could hear Douglas in the background over the phone, asking for Daddy. Caroline said that Douglas missed his father, and Thomas admitted that he also missed Douglas and had been thinking about him.

Caroline said that Douglas didn't stop talking about his daddy. Thomas asked how Caroline was, and he said he was sorry about everything she had gone through. Caroline said she was fine, and she asked Thomas to talk to Douglas. He did, and Caroline thanked him. Caroline had to hang up.

Thomas was distressed, and Sally showed up. She felt Bill had done something to the results that determined the winner, but she couldn't get any answers from anyone. She thanked Thomas for being there and for all he had done for Spectra. Thomas was nostalgic and said she had moved to Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. Sally smiled.

Thomas grew serious. He announced that something had come up, and he needed to see Douglas. He missed his son and missed being a father. Sally called him a good man. "It's not just that. It's Caroline," he said. Sally figured he missed her too. "She's dying," Thomas said.

"Oh, my God," Sally said. She grew emotional and said that he had been dealing with a lot of issues and worrying about losing the mother of his son. Thomas said he didn't know what to do, but he knew he had to go to New York City and figure it out. He added that no one in the family knew about Caroline's illness. She had wanted to keep it all a secret.

Thomas wanted to give his son a few months with two parents. He hated that he had to leave. Sally understood. She promised to wait for him. "I will be here waiting because you're worth it," she said. They kissed passionately, and Bill watched from a bridge above the beach. Thomas left, and Sally cried. Bill watched, looked up at a nearby skyscraper, and smiled.

At a park in Monte Carlo, Katie and Wyatt went for a walk and wondered if Spectra could really have won the fashion showdown. Wyatt said he had to commend Katie for a job well done. He noted that the fashion show had been a huge success, and it was time to relax. They agreed they had enjoyed working together. Katie said she hoped they could collaborate on future projects, but she was glad the summit was over.

Katie and Wyatt agreed they had been working hard and had jet lag, and all of that explained why they would have kissed each other. Wyatt added that they had raised more than one million dollars for charity.

Wyatt and Katie agreed they would celebrate success. Katie said there were a million reasons why they had been caught up in the events and had kissed each other. They agreed they should never, ever do it again. They looked at each other and started to make out.

In another area of Monte Carlo, Nicole and Zende gushed that Zende had had a successful fashion show -- his first as a designer. "My husband, the designer," Nicole said. Zende said the best part of the show was seeing Nicole model his designs. They kissed and agreed to celebrate, but Nicole wanted to see Lizzy first. Nicole added that Lizzy had to have been really sick because Maya wouldn't have missed the show for something minor.

In their hotel room in Monte Carlo, Maya and Rick met with the doctor who had treated Lizzy. He said Lizzy needed rest and a lot of liquids to bring down her fever. He said she would be fine by the next morning. He left, and Maya and Rick were grateful Lizzy wasn't seriously ill.

Nicole and Zende showed up at Maya and Rick's room to check on Lizzy. Nicole admitted it had been a rush to be on the runway, wearing her husband's designs. Maya and Rick teased her that she had the modeling bug.

Zende discussed that he wanted to celebrate, and Maya and Rick tried to decide who would stay with Lizzy. Rick said he would stay because he had to finish some research for a conference call in the morning. Maya agreed to party with Nicole and Zende, but Nicole said she didn't want to fight her way through a crowd.

Zende was upset that his wife didn't feel like celebrating with him. Nicole said she was thrilled, but she didn't feel like drinking. She wanted a hot bath and time to relax. She encouraged Zende and Maya to celebrate without her.

Zende understood, but he wanted his wife to join him. Nicole said she would catch up with Zende and Maya, but she needed a bath first. Zende said that would be fine, and he was happy.

Romance blooms after the Spencer Summit

Romance blooms after the Spencer Summit

> Romance blooms after the Spencer Summit

Romance blooms after the Spencer Summit

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

by Pam

In Monte Carlo, Bill and Brooke watched party revelers at the club. They discussed the successful summit and what everyone had planned. Brooke explained that Thomas had taken a commercial airline flight to New York City to spend time with his son. Bill acted surprised.

Wyatt and Katie joined Brooke and Bill at the Spencer table, and Bill said they needed more Champagne. Katie and Wyatt asked about Steffy, and Brooke said she had headed home for business. They all toasted to the Spencer Summit and a successful fashion challenge.

In Maya and Rick's hotel room, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole agreed that Lizzy was fine, and her fever was gone. Rick and Maya admitted that there was no reason for both of them to stay in. Rick suggested that Maya go out with Zende and Nicole.

Nicole had taken a bath and said she would join Maya and Zende after she changed. Zende said they would wait for her, but she insisted that Zende and Maya leave. Nicole promised to meet them soon.

After Zende and Maya had left, Nicole played with Lizzy. Rick told Nicole to hurry to catch up with Maya. He added that he appreciated everything she had done for them as a surrogate. Nicole said she had done it for him too. She was glad that Lizzy had a dad she could look up to.

At the club, Zende and Maya hit the dance floor as soon as they arrived. Brooke and Bill watched, and Bill introduced Brooke to some clients. He told them Brooke had changed his life.

Zende and Maya greeted everyone at the Spencer table, and Brooke and Katie asked about Lizzy. Maya said that she was fine, but Rick had stayed with her because he had a conference call in the morning.

Brooke and Katie said it was too bad that Maya had had to miss the fashion show. They were glad she could be part of the celebration. Bill and Zende drank shots and agreed it was time to cut loose a little bit after they had worked so hard.

Zende wanted to dance, but Maya thought he might want to wait for Nicole. Wyatt wanted Katie to dance, but she refused. Wyatt offered to show her his moves, and she decided to dance. Zende and Maya danced.

At the hotel, Nicole had changed into casual clothes, and Rick noted that she didn't appear to be dressed for the club. Nicole said she was exhausted. She wanted to check on Lizzy again, but Rick said Lizzy was fine. He suggested she call her husband because Zende would be worried and disappointed. He added that she might change her mind after she talked to Zende. Nicole answered that she had jet lag and was exhausted after the fashion show. She figured Zende would understand. "Right?" she asked Rick.

Rick winced and advised Nicole to call Zende. Nicole called Zende and told him she was too tired to join him. He was upset and said that he wanted her to celebrate with him. She begged off. "I gotta go," Zende said. He hung up and shook his head.

Zende rejoined Maya, Katie, Bill, Brooke, and Wyatt at the table. Zende grabbed another drink. Brooke could tell he was upset, and she asked what was wrong. Zende answered that Nicole was too tired to celebrate with him.

Wyatt and the group said they would celebrate with him. Maya praised everyone's efforts and noted that it was Zende's first show as a designer. "Let's toast your first collection. You inspired people," Maya said.

Bill toasted to his son and Katie. He noted that he had been concerned, but they'd delivered "a dynamic blockbuster event, with outside-the-box thinking, with elegance and efficiency." Katie thanked Bill, and Brooke agreed that Katie had done a great job.

Zende, Maya, Katie, and Wyatt went to the dance floor. Wyatt and Katie got close to kissing on the dance floor. Katie walked out to the entrance, away from the dance floor, and Wyatt followed her. Katie noted they shouldn't be flirting and kissing because someone would see them. They started making out.

Bill and Brooke made out at the table, and Bill said it was time to leave for the yacht. Brooke looked for Katie and Wyatt to say goodbye. Katie heard Brooke's voice calling her name while she was in an embrace with Wyatt. Katie quickly moved away from Wyatt. Brooke asked if Katie was all right. Wyatt said it was pretty hot on the dance floor, and they had needed some air. Brooke suggested they return to the hotel. Brooke told Wyatt and Katie that she and Bill were headed to the yacht. She hugged Katie and left.

Katie said it was a close call because Brooke could have caught them. Wyatt said he didn't care. He wondered why they had to care what Brooke and Bill thought. Katie said there were a hundred reasons, but Wyatt argued that they should return to the hotel together and go to his room or hers.

Katie disagreed and said it was time to call it a night. They kissed goodnight, and Wyatt vowed it would not be the last kiss. Wyatt left, and Katie smiled.

Zende and Maya sat together, and Zende shared how disappointed he was that Nicole didn't want to celebrate with him. Maya said she understood. Nicole had had a stressful day, modeling in the hot sun. Two men interrupted, and one said that he had recognized Maya and told her that he would never have guessed that she was "really a dude."

Zende stood up and told the man to leave because they were in a private section of the club. One man said he'd meant it as a compliment, but he quickly became offensive when he noted that Maya was a mom and "that wasn't even possible."

Zende asked the man to apologize and leave. The man called Maya a freak, and Zende threatened to throw him out if he didn't leave. The men left.

Maya thanked Zende, and he responded that she deserved respect and common decency. Zende promised he would never let her down. Maya appreciated his concern. They hugged, and she kissed him on the cheek. They stared at each other, and Katie watched.

Eric asks Quinn to get out

Eric asks Quinn to get out

Thursday, August 3, 2017

At the mansion, Ridge arrived and found the pacing Quinn, who he said should be at work. Quinn couldn't focus enough to work. She wanted to know where Eric was so that she and Eric could communicate and bridge the gap between them.

At Eric's hotel, Sheila exited Eric's bathroom and was surprised to see Eric packing. He had decided it was time to go home. Sheila asked if he needed any help and if he'd packed his medication. Eric asserted that he was all packed.

Eric called Quinn, who was relieved and grateful that he'd returned her call. She talked about how much she loved and missed him. He asked if she was at the house. She told him that she was, and he said he was on his way there to talk to her.

After the call, Eric picked up his bag to leave, but Sheila wanted to tell him something before he left. Sheila claimed to know that Eric had been clear about there being nothing between them, and she was just glad she'd been there to take care of him. She asked him not to go easy on Quinn, the witch whom Eric needed to divorce.

Sheila asserted that some betrayals could be forgiven, but Quinn was despicable for what she'd done with his son. Sheila believed that Eric deserved the best, but Quinn wasn't it. Eric wordlessly left, and Sheila seemed anxious.

Later, someone knocked on Sheila's hotel room door. She answered it, and Charlie stormed in, arguing that Sheila really knew how to put things on spin cycle. Charlie wasn't upset that Quinn's marriage might end, but he didn't want it trailing back to him. Sheila said no one knew that he'd told her. He claimed he hadn't told her anything, and she'd pieced it together herself. Charlie asked where Eric was, and Sheila said Eric had gone to see Quinn.

Charlie wondered if it meant Eric would forgive Quinn. Sheila thought it meant Eric would tell Quinn he wanted a divorce, and Sheila hoped it was happening at that moment.

Back at the mansion, Ridge was happy for Quinn. Quinn hoped Eric was returning to the marriage, not just the house. Ridge didn't know what Eric would do, but Ridge advised her to keep being strong. He was pulling for the couple. Ridge left, and Quinn flashed back on times with Eric.

Eric arrived. Quinn was happy that he was there and stammered, saying Ridge had said Eric had been with Sheila. Eric didn't want to talk about Sheila. Quinn didn't want to, either. She wanted to talk about their marriage.

Quinn understood that she'd betrayed Eric, and she regretted it. She knew she couldn't change it, but she could be the wife he deserved to have. She knew they could work through it. She thought he felt the same way, which was why he'd returned home to her. She figured that he wanted to fight for their marriage, too. Eric said nothing, and she asked him to speak.

Eric asked how he could remain married to Quinn or trust her again after she'd betrayed him with his own son. Eric wanted Quinn and Ridge off the property. Eric wanted Quinn gone, and he wanted a divorce. "No!" Quinn shrieked.

Eric said he'd already started the proceedings. Quinn implored Eric not to do it and suggested counseling. She asked him to talk to her. Eric asserted that there was nothing to talk about, and it was over. Quinn begged Eric to reconsider and give her another chance.

On the jet, Nicole left the bedroom cabin after giving Lizzy a bottle and putting her down for a nap. Wyatt noted that it was a little quieter on the jet with Brooke and Bill on the yacht, Thomas flying to New York, and Sally taking a commercial flight back for reasons unknown to Wyatt.

Nicole figured it meant more Champagne for them, but Maya and Zende weren't interested. Rick teased the two about having quite a night. Nicole said they'd been out all night, so it had to have been fun. Katie looked nervous, recalling Maya kissing Zende on the cheek at the club.

Rick had been happy to watch Lizzy so that Maya could enjoy herself. Nicole felt bad for not going, but Zende said there would be other times in the future.

Later, Maya checked on Lizzy in the private cabin then went to get water in the main cabin. Zende was also at the mini bar, pouring a drink. He remarked that the previous night hadn't turned out the way they'd wanted. Maya stated that she wasn't used to those types of encounters anymore. Zende guessed that alcohol could make people lose their morals at times.

Maya said it had been a long time since she'd had as much to drink as that night. Zende replied that he wouldn't dabble in it for a while.

Katie watched Maya and Zende. Wyatt sat with Katie to ask what movie she planned to watch. Katie claimed she'd been quantifying auction numbers. She asked if he could help with it. Realizing she wanted privacy with him, Wyatt became more than willing to "quantify."

Katie and Wyatt went to the kitchenette beyond the curtains, and Wyatt scooped Katie into a kiss. He guessed they were about to attempt the Mile-High Club, but Katie said it wasn't what she'd asked him there for. She revealed that something strange had happened the previous night. She'd seen two people kissing. He said it happened at clubs and asked if she remembered.

Katie did remember but said that she and Wyatt weren't married. Wyatt figured she was saying that the kissers were people they knew. Katie added that it had happened after he'd left. Wyatt deduced that Katie had to mean Maya and Zende.

Wyatt asked it had been a "kiss-kiss" or a peck on the cheek. Though it had been dark at the club, Katie thought she'd seen a kiss on the cheek, and Maya and Zende's embrace had seemed intimate. Wyatt faked outrage that Maya and Zende had hugged. Noting the solid marriages Zende and Nicole seemed to have, Wyatt believed there had to be a viable explanation. "Either way, it's none of our business," he concluded.

Katie figured that she was probably overreacting. She said she had trust issues. Wyatt joked that he'd had no idea. She thanked him for talking her off the ledge. Wyatt replied that they could talk more and asked if she wanted to at least talk about the Mile-High Club. Katie chuckled and declined, saying she was good.

Back in the main cabin, Maya decided to take a nap. Nicole noted that Zende looked tired, too. He said he'd go get a pillow. He and Maya went into the sleeping cabin, and he remarked that he was glad ti get a chance to speak. Maya didn't want anyone to know about what had happened. Zende felt Rick would want to know that his wife had been attacked by bigots.

Maya didn't want Rick to get alarmed or for him and Nicole to feel bad for not being there to stand up for Maya. Maya just wanted to keep it between her and Zende and forget about it.

Maya stated that she didn't get up and think about it every day. Being a woman was what she'd always been. Zende felt that she was a strong woman, and he sometimes forgot about her adversities. Maya had feared exposure her whole life, and at that point, she just wanted acceptance for who she was. Zende standing up for her had meant the world to her.

Zende was sorry Maya still had to face it. Maya didn't let it bother her because she had a supportive family. It did bother her that not everyone had a support system, and she was grateful for hers. Zende named himself, Nicole, Rick, and Lizzy, and Zende said Lizzy being half Forrester and half Avante meant Lizzy was half crazy, so people like the bullies from the other night had better watch out.

Maya said the best she and Rick could do was raise Lizzy to do what was right. Zende asked if Maya was sure she didn't want him to tell Rick and Nicole about the incident. Maya didn't want them to worry. Zende decided to honor Maya's wishes, but he asserted that she couldn't stop him from worrying about her.

Zende took a pillow and exited the cabin. Katie and Wyatt stared at him, and Zende asked if everything was okay. Affirming it, Wyatt asked if Zende had gotten sleep. Zende said he'd gotten a pillow. He hoped Maya would be able to sleep, but he was still feeling the effects of the other night. Rick thanked Zende for taking care of Maya the other night.

Nicole beckoned Zende to rest on her lap. As he put the pillow in his wife's lap and settled down, Katie asked if Maya was okay. Zende stated that Maya was strong and would be just fine.

Sheila resorts to voodoo

Sheila resorts to voodoo

Friday, August 4, 2017

At Forrester, Liam held Steffy from behind and nibbled her neck as she showed him Monte Carlo pictures on a tablet. She wondered if he was even listening to her descriptions of the fashion show. Liam feigned shock when she announced that Bill had named himself the winner of the challenge. In her view, it was classic Bill, but he'd handled it with class.

Steffy conveyed that there apparently hadn't been any real voting. Bill had just used voting as a mechanism to spur interest in the charities, and they'd raised a lot of money. Liam added that it had bolstered Bill's image, too. They remarked about Thomas going to New York. Steffy said relationships in her whole family had been turned upside down, especially Eric's.

Liam wanted to know what was going on with Thomas. Steffy didn't know but liked that it kept her brother away from Sally. Liam reasoned that Thomas had to return at some point, or Spectra was going nowhere. Steffy thought it was just more reason for Thomas to remain where he was.

Ridge arrived and remarked that he'd heard things had gone well. Steffy affirmed it and asked how things were with her grandfather. Ridge revealed that Eric was with Sheila.

Liam took off to handle a minor issue at Spencer, and Steffy asked Ridge how he'd left things with Eric. Ridge replied that it was more like how Eric had left things with Ridge. Ridge stated that Eric had said Ridge was no longer Eric's son. Steffy winced but asked if Ridge could blame Eric. She was sure her grandfather hadn't meant it. Ridge felt that it was a tough thing to work through, especially while the dangerous Sheila was fanning the flames.

Steffy and Ridge concurred that Sheila was trying to worm her way into Eric's life. Ridge relayed that Eric had decided to talk to Quinn, but Ridge wondered how Sheila had found out about Quinn and Ridge in the first place.

In the design office, Katie arrived with Wyatt, and she was telling him that giving her a ride to work hadn't been necessary. Wyatt quipped that she was already giving him the old brush-off.

Katie was ready to focus on the momentum of the swimwear show. Forrester's social media was blowing up, and everyone was buzzing about the new designer. "Zende," Wyatt said. Katie still couldn't shake what she'd seen at the club with Zende and Maya. Wyatt said that he was sure it was nothing, "but you and me, on the other hand..."

Katie decided to check in with Donna. Wyatt noted that Katie had done that in the car, and she wasn't good at changing the subject. Katie stiffened and indicated that Charlotte had arrived.

Charlotte entered the room. She'd heard from Pam that Wyatt was in the building. Charlotte wanted to know how Monaco had been and said she'd "so wished" she'd tagged along. "I'll bet," Katie knowingly stated, and Wyatt nervously laughed.

Later, Wyatt was finishing up relaying his take of the fashion show, and Charlotte was laughing as she listened. She asked if she could get Wyatt anything; however, when she received a message alert, she said she had to go and that it was good seeing him again.

Katie teased Wyatt about Charlotte's fondness for him and said it didn't take a genius. "To realize that I'd rather talk about my favorite topic -- you and me," Wyatt said, finishing her sentence. Katie hadn't known there was a "you and me." He said he'd known it after they'd kissed.

Katie dismissed it as just a few kisses. She said it had been cute. He asked if she'd just called it "cute," and she asked him to describe it. Wyatt thought it had been sexy and hot. He walked into her personal space, but she waved him off, saying, "No, no, no..." Katie didn't want to mislead him and said that the two of them making out like teenagers was ridiculous and silly.

Wyatt translated what Katie said to mean that she wasn't allowed to have fun. Katie thought Wyatt was a great guy, but they each needed to find other people. Crushed, Wyatt asked if she was dumping him. She said she couldn't do that because they weren't dating. Wyatt thought a date was a good idea and asked her to go to dinner and dancing that night.

Katie claimed she had responsibilities, and because of a little boy she loved tucking in, she couldn't be out at all hours. Wyatt advised her to tuck Will in and call a sitter. She called Wyatt terrible. Wyatt replied that he was showing her that the obstacles she thought were there didn't have to be. In his view, they could leave the kisses in Monaco and the jet, or they could explore and have fun. He asked if they owed it to themselves to see what would happen.

At the mansion, Quinn asked Eric not to go for a divorce. Eric asked how he could ever trust her again -- and why he'd want to. Quinn replied that it was because he loved her. She was willing to go into counseling and refused to give up over a few kisses. He yelled that it had been more than that, and he'd heard all he'd needed to know when she'd said she and Ridge hadn't been able to help themselves.

Later, Eric stared at Quinn's portrait. Behind him, Quinn said she'd been imagining the moment of his return and had been wondering if he was all right. Eric snapped that she could see he was all right. She told him that he was hurt and angry, but he claimed that he'd let the anger go a while back. He just wanted to get on with his life.

Quinn asked if Eric wanted to do it without her and without understanding why. Eric said understanding only mattered if they worked on the marriage, but they wouldn't. Quinn pleaded with Eric, saying that they didn't have to let it be the end. He replied that she'd had to know that it was a possibility after what she and Ridge had done.

Quinn insisted that she and Ridge didn't even like each other. Eric roared that she and Ridge had just given in to it, as they always did, "consequences be damned." Quinn wanted Eric to believe in her love again. Eric claimed not to question her love and said that anyone who'd shared their intimacy wouldn't question their love. In his view, a marriage was more than love. It was also trust, loyalty, and commitment.

Quinn insisted that she was committed to Eric and to fixing what was broken. Eric emphasized that she'd broken it -- that she and Ridge had broken it. To Eric, another man would be bad, but it had been his son. Eric asked how one could fix a thing like that.

Quinn felt that they should at least try for the sake of the marriage they'd fought so hard to have. She recalled that no one had wanted to accept their marriage, and the odds had been stacked against them; however, everyone had eventually seen what she and Eric had known, which was that the most unlikely couple had been good for each other. She believed they could be again if they didn't take the easy way out.

Eric claimed that divorce wasn't the easy way out, and his decision had been the result of sleepless nights he'd spent agonizing over what to do about it. Quinn expressed her hurt that he'd made such important decisions about their life with Sheila. Eric yelled that Sheila hadn't had anything to do with it. Quinn implored him to remain at home, and she offered to leave if he didn't want her there.

Quinn believed that, because of the man Eric was, he could find it in his heart to forgive her one last time. She knew it would be hard to trust her, but she said she'd been a loyal wife before she'd lost her way. She believed she could be again. She pleaded with him not to divorce her. She believed in the power of their love to endure, and she believed he did, too. She asked him to say he did, too.

At the hotel, Sheila entered her room with an ice bucket and seemed annoyed that Charlie was still there. Charlie asked what she'd expected after dropping such information on him. Sheila replied that she'd only said Eric was hopefully asking for a divorce from the woman who'd made a mockery of the marriage with her stepson.

Sheila didn't believe Quinn had a prayer of holding on to Eric. Though Charlie wasn't a fan of Quinn's, he felt that Sheila should stay out of Eric's choices about his marriage. "What did you say?" Sheila said, cocking her head. Charlie advised her not to interfere. Angry, Sheila said she wasn't interfering, and she was a good friend.

Charlie tried to tell Sheila what his point was, but she cut in, saying her point was that he didn't want her to tell his precious Pam that he'd told Sheila about Quinn and Ridge. It sounded like a threat to Charlie. Sheila didn't care how it sounded, but she wouldn't have a two-bit security guard telling her what was best for Eric. "I know what's best for Eric. I know because I was his wife once!" Sheila asserted.

"Oh...and you want to be again, right?" Charlie coolly asked. Charlie had news for Sheila -- it wasn't going to happen. Sheila decided it was time for him to leave.

Someone knocked on the door, and when Sheila answered it, a woman named Beatrice said she'd arrived for their appointment. Beatrice was dressed like a contemporary gypsy. She waved her fingers in the air, as if capturing the atmosphere, and said "this" would do nicely. Charlie asked Sheila who the woman was, and Sheila reminded him that he was leaving.

Charlie decided that Sheila was up to something, and he intended to find out what it was. "Over my dead body -- or yours," Sheila said. Charlie's face blanched. Chuckling and patting his chest, Sheila said, "Oh, Charlie."

Later, Beatrice had set up a cloth divider by the table in the room, and Sheila sat serenely in the chair behind it. Charlie watched Beatrice wave a cone of smoking incense around the room. She waved it at him, too, as if it would cleanse him of something. Charlie moved a few steps to see Sheila behind the divider and said she hadn't answered his question about her intention to be Mrs. Eric Forrester again. Sheila looked back at him with an eerily placid expression.

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