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Eric ripped up his divorce papers. Wyatt wasn't dissuaded when Katie set him up on a date with Charlotte. Bill threatened to disown Liam if he opened his mouth to Sally or Thomas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 7, 2017 on B&B
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Eric presents Quinn with divorce papers Eric presents Quinn with divorce papers

Monday, August 7, 2017

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila sat in a chair near the window, and Beatrice sat behind a makeshift curtain, sketching Sheila's face. Due to the burning incense and exotic music, Charlie, who couldn't see Beatrice, guessed that Sheila was doing some new-age meditation thingy. He warned that she couldn't "om" herself back into Eric's life, and she needed to face the reality that he was married to Quinn. "For now," Sheila added.

Charlie asked if Sheila and he could agree that if Quinn and Eric broke up, it wasn't because of Charlie. Sheila joked that she could agree that Charlie's passionate kisses hadn't broken up the marriage. She told him to relax because she had figured the cheating out on her own. He replied that they both had the power of observation, but Eric probably wouldn't have caught on. She said Eric had finally found out about it and knew that Quinn didn't deserve him.

Charlie got irritated with trying to talk to Sheila while she wasn't looking at him, and he wanted to know who the silent friend was and what she was working on. Beatrice decided "this" wasn't working for her, and she needed a break. Sheila said they'd continue once she got rid of her friend. Beatrice left the room. Charlie rounded the curtain and saw a head sketch of Sheila on an easel. He asked if it was what he thought it was.

Charlie deduced that Sheila expected to have a portrait to hang at the mansion. Sheila said the sketch was just preliminary. A real portrait would take time, but she vowed that it would happen. He quipped that she didn't need time; she needed a psychiatrist and a miracle.

Sheila asked if Charlie knew what a vision board was. Charlie replied that Pam had one in her closet, and it was full of wedding gowns. "Whatever that's about," he added. Sheila believed that all she needed to make her miracle happen was the proper vision board, and that was what she was making. She asserted that her portrait would hang in the Forrester mansion "again." It was her goal, and she would achieve it.

Charlie asked what would happen if Eric forgave Quinn. Sheila said she knew where she needed to be. Sheila knew what she wanted, which was to be Eric's wife again, and whoever didn't think that would happen was in for a big surprise.

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge were in the CEO's office when Ridge spotted Carter walking in the corridor. Ridge got Carter's attention, and Carter entered with papers he was taking to Eric. Ridge assumed Carter was taking divorce papers to the house so Eric could divorce Quinn.

Carter couldn't comment on it. Ridge asked to see the papers, but Carter said he had to personally deliver them. After Carter had exited, Ridge closed the door. He told Steffy that Quinn didn't deserve it and could be a good wife if Eric let her.

Steffy asked if the divorce opened a door for Ridge. Ridge told her to not be ridiculous, but Steffy didn't think it was ridiculous when he'd been the one kissing Quinn. He insisted that there was nothing there, and he didn't know why he'd even done it.

Steffy asked if he'd moved on from Quinn. He said he'd never been with Quinn. Steffy was sure he had to be seeing someone, but Ridge was adamant that he wasn't. "Ridge Forrester celibate? I guess there's a first time for everything," Steffy quipped. Ridge said he'd been soul searching. He'd realized it was time to grow up, and maybe the last disaster, losing Brooke over a few kisses, would help him wake up. "And now Quinn has lost your grandfather," he added.

At the mansion, Quinn tried to convince Eric that she'd messed up, but it didn't erase all that they'd shared before. As he flashed back on the times they'd had together, she implored him to give her just one more chance.

Eric didn't think she'd changed and said she'd been lying to his face the whole time about it. She replied that she'd been torn up about it, but the old Quinn wouldn't have cared as long as she'd gotten her way. The person she'd become couldn't look herself in the mirror.

The sobbing Quinn said she'd changed because of Eric and how she'd seen herself in his eyes. She'd somehow learned to be who she'd seen reflected there. She'd give anything to see that woman in his eyes again.

Someone knocked on the front door. Eric answered it. Carter entered with the papers he'd drawn up with all the conditions Eric had asked for. Eric took the document from the envelope. He told Quinn that if she had changed, then she would sign the divorce papers and let him go.

As Quinn read the documents, Carter suggested she have her own attorney review them. Quinn asked if she was reading "zero dollars" correctly. She also noted that her job was terminated. Eric stated that she couldn't use the Forrester name professionally or personally. She was banned from the building and the mansion, per restraining order.

Quinn sobbed about the restraining order and said Eric knew how she felt about him. Eric told her to show him by letting him move on from it. Quinn reviewed that she'd have no money, she'd lose her name, and she had to leave her home. Eric stated that it was what he wanted.

Quinn agreed to do it if it was what Eric wanted. She signed the papers. Eric thanked her and said she could go "now." Crying, she held them out to Eric and apologized for hurting him. She sobbed, saying they were his guarantee that she never hurt him again, but she'd love him forever. Quinn took her purse and walked to the door.

Behind her, Quinn heard papers ripping. She turned around and saw that Eric had ripped up the document that she'd just signed. "What are you doing?" she asked. Eric replied that he'd needed to be sure. He told Carter that they wouldn't file any papers, and Carter exited.

Quinn didn't know what was happening. Eric beckoned her to him. Holding her hands, he said she'd made a whole new life for him, honest and committed, but she'd taken it from him. He knew she hadn't meant to, but she'd done it. He saw her regret. He saw that she'd been willing to give up her career and her home.

Quinn cried that it had never been about those things. It had always been about Eric. "Because you love me," he replied. Quinn proclaimed that she did. Eric wanted to give it another chance, but nothing like that could ever happen again. She said it never would, and he replied that he believed in her. Crying, she said he wouldn't regret it, and they emotionally hugged.

In the design office, Katie thought she and Wyatt needed to think about what they were doing. Wyatt believed that thinking was overrated. She reminded him that she'd been married to his father, and she cringed because she'd said it aloud. Wyatt said that the marriages had between two epic fails, and Bill had moved on. "Why can't you?" Wyatt asked.

Charlotte entered with an extra latte from her coffee run. She directed the statement at Wyatt, but as an afterthought, she said it was for whoever wanted it. It turned out to be caramel, Wyatt's favorite. Charlotte giggled about the coincidence and said, "You know how to reach me if you need anything else -- oh, either of you."

Charlotte left, and Wyatt told Katie that she'd been about to kiss him before the interruption. Katie didn't remember all that. Wyatt tried to kiss her, but she pulled back. His phone rang, and he stepped out to take a conference call.

Katie paced around in the office, patting her phone in her hand. She sent off a text message.

In the corridor, Wyatt finished his call. He received a message from Katie, asking to meet at Il Giardino. Grinning, he texted her back.

When Wyatt arrived at the restaurant, he glanced around and saw Charlotte waving him over to her at the bar. He mentioned that it was a surprise to see her. He planned to sit at a table because he was meeting someone there. He said Katie had asked him to be there. Charlotte replied that Katie had sent a message instructing Charlotte to meet Wyatt. Charlotte realized that someone was playing matchmaker, not that Charlotte minded it.

Charlotte went to put their names on the waiting list, and Wyatt called Katie. "Charlotte? Seriously?" he said when Katie answered. Katie didn't see the problem. She thought Charlotte was a lovely young woman who was probably more suited for Wyatt than Katie was. He asked if Katie really felt that way, and she affirmed it.

Wyatt said that he knew it would be complicated for Katie and him, but he'd thought that, "we were...I don't know. Whatever. Never mind," he said and ended the call. On Katie's end, Katie stared at the phone, agonizing over whether to call him back.

Charlotte returned to the bar and said it would be fifteen minutes. She'd thought Wyatt would follow her to the hostess station. He asked what for. "For this," she replied and kissed his cheek.

Later, Katie told herself that she was going to sit down and work because work was what she did best. The moment she did, flashbacks of Monaco entered her mind.

The office door opened, and Wyatt strode into the room. As Katie tried to ask what he was doing there instead of being at lunch with Charlotte, Wyatt swept Katie into a kiss. She resisted, saying that they couldn't do it, but Wyatt kissed her into acquiescence.

Sheila learns Eric and Quinn have reunited

Sheila learns Eric and Quinn have reunited

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn thanked Eric for giving her another chance. "We're all where we belong," Eric noted. Quinn was grateful that Eric had a huge heart and capacity for forgiveness. "So much more than I deserve. I am never going to let you down," she said. They embraced and nearly kissed, but the phone rang.

Eric answered the house phone, and Pam said, "Eric?" Eric said he was home. Pam said she had called for Quinn. Eric told Pam that they were going to work on their marriage. "I don't want you going on about this," Eric told Pam.

"I'd rather have you back with her than with the whack job Sheila," Pam said. Eric hung up and said he would see her at work. Quinn told Eric that she hadn't realized how big the house was until she had been alone without him. She added that it had always seemed so cozy when they were there together.

Eric apologized for leaving her. He said he'd needed to figure out his way back to her. He realized that they were deeply connected and always had been from the very first day they'd met. Quinn agreed, and they gushed about how they'd missed each other. They kissed. "My husband is back. I can breathe again," Quinn said with a sigh.

Eric and Quinn kissed and hugged. He stopped and told her to stay where she was. He played the piano and admired her. They hugged and kissed. Eric admitted that he had hated that he hadn't been able to touch her when he'd been gone.

Eric added that he'd realized how important their marriage was when he'd arrived home and looked out on the patio. "You were almost killed," he said. Quinn promised she would never give him a reason to leave. "Never again," she said. They kissed.

Quinn thanked Eric because she had been a dark soul when they'd first met. She gushed that he had embraced her with all her faults. She said she was so filled with love that she felt she would burst from happiness. "We found each other twice. How blessed we are," she said.

Quinn added that she never wanted to feel as hollow as she had while he'd been gone, but she acknowledged that she'd brought it on herself. She wanted to rededicate herself to their marriage.

Eric agreed. He pointed out that he had never expected Quinn to be flawless and perfect, but he wanted her to be committed. She nodded. She said it was odd that one almost had to lose something in order to appreciate it. "I appreciate you, Eric," she said. She was glad "to call the greatest man in the world my husband. I love you, and I am 100 percent committed to you. Never doubt that." They kissed.

At Forrester, Katie chastised Wyatt. "You can't just walk in here and start kissing me," she said. Wyatt didn't see a problem. He believed they had nothing to hide. She suggested he should hang out with the very young Charlotte, the intern. Wyatt argued that he wasn't interested in Charlotte.

Katie said Wyatt's offer to be with Katie sounded very tempting, but she felt it was wrong on many levels, including age. She wondered if Wyatt had lost his mind.

Wyatt wanted to explore their relationship. "You and I are adults, both single and free," he said. Katie admitted that Wyatt was awesome, charming, and sexy, and he made her laugh. "I just can't ignore Quinn and Bill," she said.

Wyatt argued that Katie couldn't be thinking about all of that when they were close to each other. Katie agreed, and they started to make out. After Katie and Wyatt had made out for a while on the couch, Katie got up and said she needed to slow down the relationship. Wyatt understood. Katie wondered if they were friends or maybe could be friends with benefits. Wyatt argued that it didn't need a label because they were attracted to one another.

Katie said she liked to label, compartmentalize, and analyze things. Wyatt laughed and told her she needed to shut her brain off. Wyatt said he didn't care about the future because he couldn't control it at that point.

Wyatt said he wanted to have fun. Katie said it was time to have fun. Katie smiled, and they gushed about how much they liked each other. Wyatt wanted to pursue a relationship.

At Sheila's place, Charlie visited. Sheila posed for a portrait, and an artist named Beatrice painted her. The artist noted that they had accomplished enough for one day, and she planned to continue the next day. Beatrice left.

Charlie scoffed that Sheila had commissioned a portrait of herself to hang on the wall in place of Quinn's portrait at the Forrester mansion. Sheila said it would happen. She wanted it to happen because Stephanie's portrait had been there as well. She started shouting about how she had been Eric's wife, and she would be again. She was confident that it would happen. Charlie winced.

Charlie said that Eric was madly in love with Quinn and had gone home to reconcile with her. Sheila argued that Eric would have returned to his home to ask for a divorce. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was kicking her out of his life," Sheila said.

Charlie countered that Sheila had underestimated Quinn. Pam called Charlie and asked where he was. She told him that Eric and Quinn were back together, and he had returned home. Charlie promised to return to the office. Charlie explained to Quinn that Eric had returned to Quinn.

Sheila was devastated that Eric had taken Quinn back. Sheila cried, "How could he? How could he do that?"

Charlie gently tried to explain that Eric's love life was none of Sheila's business. She argued that it was her business. She had been married to Eric. She knew that there was something shady about Quinn. "I am gonna find it and take her down," Sheila vowed. She added that her portrait would hang in Eric's living room one day. She threatened that if Charlie told anyone, he would be hanging as well.

Sally tells Liam about Caroline's condition

Sally tells Liam about Caroline's condition

> Sally tells Liam about Caroline's condition

Sally tells Liam about Caroline's condition

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

by Pam

In New York City, Thomas played with Douglas and told him he was super handsome. Thomas styled Douglas' hair just like his Daddy's hair. Thomas said they had to be strong for Mommy.

At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy were kissing in her office, and Ridge, Brooke, Katie, Pam, R.J., Coco, Charlie, Ivy, and Carter entered. Steffy told her dad that he had called a meeting, she'd thought -- not a convention. Pam said they had some good news, but she would let Ridge announce it.

Ridge said that his dad and Quinn had reunited, and it was very good news. R.J. wondered why they had broken up, and he worried that Eric could decide to leave again.

Ridge replied to R.J. that it was none of their business why Quinn and Eric had broken up, but they were back together. Ridge was confident it would all work out. Brooke, Katie, and Steffy all looked at Ridge.

Liam left to interview Sally Spectra on the Spectra showing in Monte Carlo. Pam said all was well with the world. R.J. remarked again that whatever had happened to make Eric leave Quinn had to have been pretty serious.

Ridge said no one needed to worry. Brooke noted that everyone in the room had been on the receiving end of Eric's forgiveness. Steffy looked at her dad, and Ridge looked away. Carter explained that he had drawn up divorce papers and delivered them to Eric and Quinn. Eric had demanded that Quinn sign them, and she had.

Carter added that Quinn had been gracious, and Eric had announced that she would get nothing and had to get out of the house. "She did it all with such class," Carter said. Carter added that Quinn had headed for the door, and Eric had torn up the papers and asked her to stay. Everyone agreed it had to have been romantic.

Everyone left the office but Steffy and Ridge. Steffy noted that her dad had dodged a disaster. Ridge agreed. He added that Steffy had to be happy that her brother had returned to New York to spend time with Caroline rather than remaining with Sally Spectra and designing for Spectra. Ridge added that Thomas had done some amazing designs for Spectra.

Steffy said that she was glad Thomas had returned to Caroline, and she wanted him to be happy. She admitted that she had asked Caroline to return to Los Angeles to spend time with Thomas. Steffy decided to call Thomas.

Thomas answered and told Steffy that it was nice to spend time with Caroline and Thomas and that Caroline needed him. "You're where you should be," Steffy said. Thomas agreed.

At Spectra, Sally was thrilled with Spectra's performance at Monte Carlo, and Darla, Shirley, and Saul were elated that it was everything they had hoped it would be. Darla, Shirley, and Saul asked for details, and they wondered if Sally wanted to wait for Thomas to return to share the news, but Sally said that Thomas had gone to New York City to spend time with his son.

Shirley worried that Thomas' visit meant that he was spending time with Caroline, as well. Sally agreed that Caroline was Douglas' mother, and of course she would be there.

The Spectra crew worried that they needed Thomas to get back and design because they had another showing approaching fast, and they needed his talent. Sally told them not to worry because she had some designs, and Thomas had faith in her.

Sally reminded everyone that they had plenty of reasons to celebrate. Shirley worried that they were always on the cusp of disaster, and she feared that Bill Spencer could still swoop in and take control.

Sally told Shirley not to worry because Bill had been fairer than she'd expected in Monte Carlo. She felt they had basically tied Forester for winning the show. Sally wasn't worried about Bill. She encouraged everyone to get back to work.

After the Spectra crew had left her office, Sally flashed back to when Thomas had told her about Caroline. "She's dying," she remembered Thomas had said. Sally was tearful, and she recalled that she had told Thomas she would wait for him.

Saul, Shirley, and Darla returned to Sally's office and said they had a lot of questions. Sally wiped her tears away and hid it from the crew. She asked what was up. Shirley worried that Thomas was not going to return. Sally explained that Thomas had to be with his son. Darla and Shirley balked, but Sally said they would handle it.

Liam entered to conduct an interview with Sally, and Sally dismissed the staff. Liam said he had a feeling it was a bad time, but Sally said it was fine. He wondered if she wanted to wait for Thomas, but Sally said he had gone to New York City to spend time with Douglas. She would be the only one to interview.

Liam asked about her reaction to her first major international show, and Sally said she was thrilled but had wanted to win it. Liam noted that Spectra had held its own against Forrester, and that was something.

Liam asked about Thomas' return, and Sally said she didn't know when he would return, but he would be back. Her phone rang, and it was Thomas. Sally asked Liam to give her a minute. She stepped away from her desk.

Thomas told Sally that it was rough in New York, but Caroline needed him. Sally said she was holding down the fort.

Thomas said that every time he looked at Douglas, he worried about how the boy would cope with losing his mother. Sally was sympathetic, but she said she needed him at Spectra. Thomas responded that he couldn't think about designing. Sally understood. Thomas said he had faith in Sally, but she said she didn't think she had the chops to handle it. He told her he needed her to take the lead, and she would do a wonderful job. "I believe in you," he said.

Sally could hear Douglas calling for his daddy. Thomas said he had to hang up. He reminded Sally that Caroline didn't want a lot of people to know, but Sally noted that people already knew. They said goodbye, and Sally returned to her interview with Liam.

Liam apologized for eavesdropping, but he noted that it sounded like Thomas planned to stay in New York City. Sally agreed he needed a break, but he would return. Liam looked surprised and told Sally they needed to go off the record and discuss that Sally needed Thomas. He was the story. Liam warned that Sally needed a successful rollout right away. He wondered why Thomas was bailing on her.

Sally defended Thomas and said that Liam had to know why Thomas was in New York. Liam was unsympathetic to Thomas. Sally was surprised, and Liam looked confused.

"What about your family? They must be devastated," Sally said. Liam had no idea what she was talking about. "I'm talking about Caroline's condition -- she's dying of an autoimmune disorder," Sally said. Liam was shocked, and he shook his head at the news that his cousin was dying.

At Spencer, Bill talked to the model of his skyscraper, and he called the model Sky. Justin entered and remarked that Bill had named the skyscraper and was talking to it. Bill told Justin not to make fun of him.

Bill said that Sky was a thing of beauty and a work of art. Justin understood that Bill still had plans on building Sky on a prime plot downtown. Bill agreed. Justin noted that Thomas might disagree. Bill said it would all work out.

Justin knew that Bill was up to something. Bill explained that Thomas was in New York because the mother of his child was dying. Justin looked shocked. Bill explained what he had done. Thomas had needed motivation, and Bill maintained that without Thomas, Spectra didn't have a prayer. Justin shook his head. He chastised Bill. "Man, you are something else," Justin said.

Liam confronts Bill about Caroline's illness

Liam confronts Bill about Caroline's illness

Thursday, August 10, 2017

At Spectra, Liam was devastated to hear that Caroline was dying. Sally had thought Liam had already known, and she explained that Thomas was in New York to spend as much time with Caroline and Douglas as possible before Caroline died.

Liam was surprised to be just learning of it. Sally said Caroline hadn't wanted anyone to know, and Thomas had only told Sally so she'd understand why he'd gone to New York. Sally hadn't meant to blurt it out, but she'd assumed Liam had known because he was Caroline's family. Sally expressed sorrow for the tearful Liam and for his family.

In CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke and Katie discussed Quinn and Eric's reconciliation. Katie didn't have an opinion on it except that it was better than seeing Eric with Sheila. Brooke asked if Wyatt was happy about it. Katie supposed that he was. Brooke asked if Wyatt hadn't shared his opinion with Katie about it while they'd been working so closely together.

Brooke noted that Katie and Wyatt had done a great job at the challenge. It had been cute to Brooke to see Wyatt so pumped, and she noted she hadn't seen him that way since the divorce from Steffy. Brooke said it hadn't been a great year for either Katie or Wyatt.

"Nope. Pretty sad and lonely," Katie quipped. Brooke hadn't meant it that way. She just felt that Katie deserved to be happy, and so did Wyatt.

Later, Katie and Brooke were working, and Brooke asked if she should send an email to Wyatt. Katie replied that she'd discuss whatever the contents of the email were with Wyatt. Brooke asked if the two hadn't wrapped things up yet, and Katie said they hadn't quite yet. Brooke repeated that Wyatt and Katie had made an incredible team.

Katie asked if Brooke really thought so. Brooke acknowledged that Katie and Wyatt were different. Katie felt that looking for happiness in the wrong places was something she and Wyatt had in common. Brooke felt that, with the way the world was, anywhere that one found happiness couldn't be wrong, and one needed to run with it when they found it. Katie said she'd been thinking of doing just that.

In the design office, Wyatt arrived. Steffy had heard him humming down the hallway. She noted how giddy he was and said it couldn't be because of the Eric and Quinn news. Steffy asked if Wyatt had a new woman in his life. Wyatt stated that his ex-wife was asking about his love life.

Steffy backed off the questions, and Wyatt said he had a question. He asked if Thomas was getting together with Caroline. Steffy replied that Thomas was visiting his son, as he should be. Wyatt remarked that Spectra was just getting off the ground, and he wondered what it meant for Sally, who Thomas had been getting hot and heavy with.

Later, Wyatt was alone when Liam arrived. Liam had messaged Wyatt and located him just to touch base. Liam mumbled that he felt out of touch. Wyatt warned that they'd have to do another guys' night if Liam told Bill such a thing.

Liam asked if Wyatt had talked to Thomas about staying in New York. Wyatt hadn't and asked why Liam was inquiring. Liam was vague in relaying that he'd spoken to Sally and learned that Thomas would be gone indefinitely. From Wyatt's reactions, Liam gleaned that Wyatt didn't know anything, and he asked if Wyatt had talked to Caroline. Wyatt asked why and if he should talk to Caroline.

Later, Wyatt was saying that if Thomas wanted to unite his family, then it was good for Caroline. Wyatt added that it wasn't great for Spectra. Liam was thinking about that point and wondered how Thomas would make such a quick change so shortly after Caroline's visit. Wyatt replied that he wasn't the one to ask, and their father had seen Caroline more than Wyatt had on her last trip to town. "Dad," Liam said and began thinking.

Katie arrived. She was sorry to interrupt, but she needed Wyatt. Liam decided that he had to take off to see someone.

Wyatt turned off his phone alerts and offered to lock the door. Katie didn't think it was necessary. "I'm sorry to hear that," Wyatt replied. She asked what was going on with Liam, and she and Wyatt agreed that Liam hadn't been himself.

Wyatt conveyed that Steffy had noticed Wyatt's demeanor and had asked if there was a woman in his life. Katie relayed that she and Brooke had had the same kind of talk. Wyatt asked what Katie had told her sister, and Katie asked what he'd told Steffy. He said he hadn't revealed that he couldn't stop thinking of the woman working across the hall. Katie stated that she hadn't revealed anything, either, but Brooke was happy that Katie was happy.

Nearing Katie, Wyatt uttered that he didn't mind keeping it a secret. Katie whispered that it was their little secret, and the two kissed. Katie asked what he was doing, and he replied that he was kissing her. She asked why, and he replied it was because she liked it. He pointed out that they were attracted to each other, and he thought she was amazing.

Katie reasoned that the city was full of amazing women. Wyatt reasoned that they were out there, but he was "in here" with her. He wanted her to shut her brain off and be in the moment with him. Wyatt threatened to kiss her again then made good on it.

Back at Spectra, Steffy arrived. She noticed that it was quiet around there and asked if Sally shouldn't be capitalizing on the momentum from the summit. Sally said they were just taking time to bask in their success. Steffy stated that Spectra had surprised people and put on a decent show; however, Steffy thought it might be their last one.

Sally guessed Steffy wasn't there to offer congratulations. Steffy said she was, but she didn't want Sally deluding herself about Thomas, who could be in New York for a very long time. In Steffy's view, Thomas had gotten caught up in the romance of saving Sally, but he hadn't gone to New York just for his son. He'd also gone for Caroline, the mother of his child.

Sally knew that, and she said she probably understood it better than Steffy. Steffy doubted it. Sally knew how Steffy felt about the situation and that Steffy had invited Caroline to visit. Steffy asked if it bothered Sally. It didn't because Sally knew that Thomas was where he needed to be.

Steffy was surprised that Sally was okay with it. Sally wished it was different due to the upcoming showing -- and a lot of other reasons -- but she understood why Thomas needed to be there for Caroline and their son.

At Spencer, Bill and Justin discussed Bill "motivating Thomas to do the right thing." Bill said Thomas would stay in New York, Caroline's family would unite, and "Sky" would become a reality. Justin asked if Bill really thought Thomas would be there for Caroline.

Bill reasoned that Thomas was a do-gooder, and that was why he'd rescued Sally. In Bill's view, Thomas wouldn't turn his back on the mother of his child, and Spectra didn't exist without Thomas. Justin concluded that it all rested on Bill's lie. Bill said that only Thomas and Caroline knew about it, and Bill didn't want it getting out to anyone else.

Justin couldn't believe Caroline was going along with it. Bill didn't think Caroline would put up with it for long; however, before they knew it, there would be a miraculous recovery, and Thomas and Caroline would live happily ever after. Justin asked about Sally.

With a careless shrug, Bill asked what about her. Bill asserted that Sally had stolen from the Forresters, lured Thomas from his family, and was a blight on the industry. Bill refused to let someone like that stand in the way of his legacy or greatest professional achievements.

Later, Liam arrived as Bill was talking to "Sky." Liam noted that Bill hadn't given up on that thing. Bill replied that she would be built right where he wanted her. Citing that his son had barged in without knocking, Bill guessed something was wrong. Liam told Bill to tell Liam what was wrong.

Liam seemed to be testing a theory as he spoke to Bill. Liam said Bill knew Thomas was in New York with Caroline. Bill said that it was about time Thomas stepped up for his family, and Thomas didn't have time and money to waste on Sally and bad investments. Liam pointed out that with Thomas gone, it was "a matter of time before Spectra's gone, too...Right?"

Bill said Spectra should already be gone, and Thomas should be in New York, where he belonged. Liam commended Thomas being there for his son. Bill noted that Liam had arrived, acting as if he had an axe to grind, but they were actually agreeing. He asked what Liam's problem was. Liam said he'd heard something shocking that day, and it concerned the whole family.

Liam conveyed that he almost hadn't believed it because of the source. He said he'd been interviewing Sally, who'd said something to him about Caroline. He said she'd only said it because she'd assumed that Caroline's family had already known. "Sally said that Caroline is dying," Liam revealed.

Bill hung his head and slowly sank into his chair. "Oh, so you knew," Liam gleaned. Bill replied that Sally shouldn't have said anything. Liam asked why Bill hadn't said anything to Liam or to Wyatt. "You didn't tell him?" Bill asked. Liam replied that he hadn't because Sally had said it was a secret.

Bill stated that it would stay that way. Caroline wanted it to stay confidential and had approached Bill for help. Liam asked what the illness was. Bill dubbed it a rare autoimmune disease that the doctors were treating her for in New York. Liam asked if they were Bill's doctors. Bill said he was giving Caroline all the support he could.

Liam assumed supporting Caroline meant talking to Thomas about his responsibilities. Bill admitted to talking to Thomas about where Thomas' place was. "And that leaves Spectra without a lead designer," Liam mused. Liam told his father that he'd overheard Sally talking to Thomas, who'd said he might be gone for months, leaving Sally to run the company herself. Bill replied that Thomas' focus needed to be on his family.

"And yet, here you are, talking to your skyscraper," Liam added. Liam found it uncanny that all of it worked to Bill's advantage. Caroline would get her family, and Spectra was vulnerable. Bill said that Liam was forgetting one thing. Liam said he hadn't. "All this cool stuff is happening because your niece is dying! Mm...Is she, Dad? Is Caroline dying?" Liam asked.

Bill threatens to disown Liam

Bill threatens to disown Liam

Friday, August 11, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Katie wondered if Wyatt should be working. Wyatt claimed to enjoy their friends-with-benefits situation, and he couldn't wait for it to get more beneficial. Katie was the type who enjoyed the anticipation, but Wyatt said patience wasn't one of his virtues.

Quinn arrived and asked what she was hearing about patience. Wyatt welcomed her and congratulated her on getting Eric back. Wyatt had stopped by the mansion earlier, but Quinn had still been asleep. He joked about not hearing from his mother for two whole days.

Katie congratulated Quinn on the reunion, and Quinn repeated her question about patience. Wyatt replied that he'd been telling Katie that one had to go after what one wanted, and patience was overrated. Quinn completely agreed, and Katie and Wyatt smirked at each other.

Quinn was reading something to herself, and Katie and Wyatt were discussing photos. Quinn guessed Wyatt was there to help Katie pick layouts for the fall campaign. Wyatt said he wasn't. He was merely there to be an annoyance, and Katie had to put up with it because she'd taken his old job. Katie replied that she didn't have to.

Quinn noticed that Wyatt was awfully chipper. "As in woodchip chipper?" Wyatt asked. He said he hadn't chewed up anything since he'd gotten there. "Just four of my promotional photos and my lunch hour," Katie said. Quinn chuckled and packed up to go. Quinn suggested that Wyatt stop pestering Katie, who had a lot of work to do while he was just killing time.

Quinn suspected that Wyatt was killing time for a reason. Katie said she was suspicious about it, too. Quinn deduced that he had an impending date with someone in the building. Katie said it was probably an intern. Quinn figured it had to be it because he was never that cheerful.

Quinn said she'd just stopped in to pick up interoffice messages and supplies, and she'd be working from home the rest of the day. Wyatt was surprised Quinn didn't want to grill him about her suspicions. As Quinn exited, she said she had to be off her game.

"'Probably one of the interns?'" Wyatt repeated after his mother had gone. Katie replied that he could be having lunch with Charlotte. Wyatt said he'd thought Quinn had almost figured it out. Katie replied that it wouldn't be good. "No, that would be hilarious," Wyatt concluded.

Reminding Wyatt that his mother didn't like her, Katie asked what Quinn would think if she knew Katie and Wyatt were having an illicit flirtation. Wyatt salaciously repeated "illicit flirtation." She asked if he'd ever tell Quinn. Wyatt said he wouldn't, and Katie kissed him.

At Spencer, Liam pressed Bill about being the orchestrator of Caroline's supposed illness. Bill didn't appreciate what bank-teller-tie-wearing Liam was accusing him of. Liam was suspicious of the autoimmune disease, which he said wasn't a real diagnosis. When Bill said it was what the man had diagnosed Caroline with, Liam asked Bill to get the male doctor on the phone.

Bill didn't make a move for the phone. Liam asked if Caroline was really dying. Bill said he'd never take advantage of something so tragic. Liam asked again if Caroline was dying, and Bill replied that she wasn't. Liam asked if Bill had put Caroline up to telling Thomas such a thing. Bill responded that he'd told Thomas himself.

Bill believed that, at times, a little white lie made things work out for everyone. Liam asked how it worked out for anyone but Bill. Bill said Thomas had responsibilities to his son, and Liam said Thomas had every intention to live up to them. "Now, because of me," Bill added. Bill asked if Liam thought it was healthy for Douglas to grow up in a house full of women.

Noting that Bill had three sons, Liam asked how many of their mothers Bill was living with. Bill roared that no one was unhappy but Liam. Bill advised "Arthur" to leave the sword in the stone and let it be. Liam started using his phone. Bill asked what Liam was doing. Liam said he'd give his father three guesses. Bill knocked the phone out of Liam's hand. "What the -- ?" Liam said.

Bill asked Liam "what the hell" he was doing. Liam had been calling Caroline to hear straight from her why she'd lost her mind and gone along with it. Bill said she wanted the father of her son to step up and act like a man. Liam figured that Caroline had had to go along with it so that the Forresters didn't publicly crucify Bill for the lie.

Liam asserted that he wouldn't give up on it. Bill replied that it had nothing to do with Liam, but Liam said it was his brother-in-law's life that Bill was derailing. Liam asked what happened when Caroline didn't die. Bill replied that Thomas would be recommitted by then and nestled into the bosom of his family. "Before you know it -- hallelujah, there's a miracle cure!" Bill exclaimed.

Bill figured that life would go on. Liam stated that it wouldn't for Sally or Spectra, who'd have to take their crushed dreams and go so that Bill's monstrosity and testament to his dishonesty could rise. Bill said it would rise, crowned with the Spencer name, Liam's name, and that name would be seen for miles around. All the obstacles would be removed. Bill suggested that Liam not become an obstacle, or Bill would remove Liam, too.

Liam asked if Bill would have Justin push Liam out of a helicopter. Bill ordered his son to stop the drama. Bill asserted that Thomas had made his own choice. Liam disagreed because the scenario hadn't even been real. Bill asked if Liam was saying that, if Spectra went under, it was because of Bill -- or if it was because of their own criminal incompetence.

Liam asked if there was anything Bill wouldn't justify. "Yes. Being called out by you!" Bill retorted. Bill didn't understand the resentment and pointed out that he'd provided a pretty nice life for Liam. "Is my money so impure? I mean, do you -- do you lie awake at night, worrying that I might have made it by means that will traumatize your ovo-lacto-vegetarian heart?" Bill asked.

Liam didn't believe that ridiculing him wouldn't make Bill right. "Well, it works for you!" Bill quipped. Liam told Bill that he had to stop interfering in people's lives. Bill countered that Liam had better stop interfering in Bill's life, or Bill was done. Liam didn't even know what that meant.

Bill warned that, overnight, Liam could become a poor relation Bill never had, and Liam's wife could support Liam. Liam replied that it wouldn't stop him from telling Steffy why Thomas had gone. "Oh, so now you're threatening to go to mommy!" Bill derided.

Bill told Liam to go ahead because Steffy wanted nothing more than to have that lying, thieving, red-headed trash out of her brother's life. "Well, not like this," Liam contended. Bill roared that if Liam said one word to Sally or Thomas, then Liam was out. Bill asked if he was clear. "No!" Liam yelled. Pointing his finger, Bill clarified, "Out of the company. Out of the family."

Liam asked if Bill would take back his DNA. Bill argued that Liam didn't have enough of Bill's DNA. Liam scoffed. Bill apologized and said the statement hadn't been nice. Bill loved his son, and it was why he put up with Liam being "how you can be." Bill said Liam was annoying and a bit of a nuisance, but never Bill's enemy. Bill asked Liam to trust that Liam didn't want to become the enemy. Bill hugged the disillusioned Liam.

Later, Bill was still fuming when Caroline arrived. The first thing he asked was if her cousin had called her but then he realized that she'd still be in New York. Caroline said there was a crisis. She'd lied to Thomas that she'd taken a train to Washington, DC, for a foundation meeting.

Caroline relayed that Thomas wanted to spend as much time with her and Douglas as possible before the end. She hadn't told Thomas the truth but was worried about her death, which wasn't happening. She no longer wanted to go through with the absurd lie. Bill asked what was so absurd, and he noted that science didn't have a cure for everyone.

"I am not dying!" Caroline yelled. Bill told her that she was so dying, just at a slower pace than Thomas thought. In Bill's view, everyone was dying. Distraught, Caroline said she wouldn't go along with it, even if it meant losing Thomas.

At Spectra, Steffy was surprised by how well Sally was taking Thomas' sojourn in New York. Steffy noted that Spectra didn't have a long shelf life without Thomas, especially with an upcoming showing. Sally said that Steffy thought Sally was a no-talent hack, but Thomas didn't.

Steffy did believe Sally was a hack, but Steffy said it took talent to be one. Steffy didn't know how Sally would run the place on her own and noted that Thomas wouldn't be back soon. Sally thought she was more aware of it than Steffy. Steffy didn't understand why Sally didn't close up shop and go back to design school. Steffy noted that Bill was breathing down Sally and C.J.'s necks. Sally said Bill might get tired of waiting, but Steffy said Bill never got tired.

Claiming to have pull at the institute, Steffy offered to write Sally a letter of recommendation. Sally was sarcastically awed that Steffy would say nice things about Sally in a letter if Sally declared bankruptcy. Steffy claimed that the offer was genuine, and she didn't want Sally going back to the old Spectra ways.

Sally asked if Steffy was there to see Sally collapse into tears over Thomas or to dance on Spectra's grave in advance. Steffy saw no pleasure in seeing Sally dumped. Sally stated that it wasn't what had happened. Steffy was there to ensure that, with Thomas gone, Sally would keep her promise about not being a knockoff shop again.

Sally intended on keeping it, but she said one didn't know the future. Steffy exclaimed that she'd known Sally would try to weasel out of it. Sally said she couldn't afford to rule anything out, but she happened to believe that the business could hold out until Thomas' return.

"What if he never comes back?" Steffy asked. Sally believed that Thomas would, and he'd do it despite whatever efforts Steffy might make to stop it.

In Forrester's CEO office later, Steffy was working when Liam arrived. She said he looked about how she felt and asked what was wrong. He indicated that it was about Thomas being in New York. Steffy thought it was a good thing. Because of all the things Thomas was giving up, Liam questioned if it really was a good thing.

Steffy stated that sacrifices had to be made. Liam said that the sacrifice didn't need to be made that time because it was just a guilt trip based upon a lie from Bill. Steffy didn't know what Bill and Thomas had to do with each other. Liam said Caroline was a Spencer, and that was all the reason Bill needed to completely hijack her future.

Liam revealed that Bill had told Thomas that Caroline was dying from some made-up autoimmune disease, and that was the reason Thomas had left. Steffy's eyes bulged. She said Thomas would never believe that, and Caroline wouldn't go along with it. Liam contended that Bill was an accomplished liar, and Caroline was easy for Bill to bully.

Steffy wanted to think about it a moment. She said that there was a time when all Thomas had wanted was to have Douglas and Caroline in Los Angeles. Liam disbelieved that Thomas' desires mattered because Bill wanted the plot of land Spectra had been built upon, and Bill could get it by getting rid of Spectra's lead designer.

Steffy said Thomas shouldn't even be at Spectra. Liam told her that she knew what they had to do. Steffy wanted a chance to think it through. "Really?" Liam asked. He said that Steffy knew it was wrong, and Thomas deserved to know the truth.

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