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Sheila and Quinn have a knock-down, drag-out fight Sheila and Quinn have a knock-down, drag-out fight

Monday, August 14, 2017

At Spencer, Caroline didn't want to be with Thomas just because of a horrible lie. She believed it should have been Thomas' choice. It hadn't been, so she intended to end the charade that day. Bill warned her not to sabotage something that would pay off soon. Caroline relayed that the lying made her feel less worthy, and she was worried that someone would find out the truth.

Bill rendered a guilty expression, and Caroline exclaimed, "Oh, my God! Please tell me that Sally hasn't figured it out." He told Caroline not to be silly; that "ginger" wasn't smart enough. Liam, on the other hand, was too smart for his own good. Caroline asked how Liam had figured it out, and Bill said "that ginger" had shot off her big mouth.

Bill assured his niece that he'd keep her cousin in line. Caroline decided that she'd just tell Thomas that she'd had a good doctor's visit, and as it turned out, she wasn't dying. Bill asserted that Thomas would be back in Los Angeles before she could say "Sally Spectra."

Caroline suspected that there was more to it for Bill than her well-being. Bill glanced at his skyscraper model. Caroline called it impressive, and she read the address, which was 380 Wyler Street. She realized it was Spectra's address, and Bill asked if it mattered.

Caroline replied that it mattered if Bill believed that Thomas being in New York would make Spectra fail. She seethed that she'd suspected Bill had had ulterior motives, and he didn't really care if she and Thomas got back together. Bill asserted that she'd wanted Tommy Boy, and Bill had agreed and made it happen. Bill said she should be thanking him, and she would be.

Bill stated that he'd have his building, Douglas would have his father, and Caroline would have the man she loved. Caroline asked what would happen when Thomas realized Bill had built his skyscraper on Spectra's land. Bill reasoned that Thomas already knew Bill wanted the land, so he wouldn't be suspicious. Bill added that, by then, Caroline and Thomas would be stuck like glue, and Sally would be out of the picture.

Bill assured Caroline that things would be as they should be. He advised her to get back to her life in New York with her son and her son's father. Caroline retorted that Bill's life was "there," building monuments to himself and his empire. Caroline exited.

At Forrester, Liam didn't understand Steffy's hesitation to reveal the beyond-cruel thing Bill had done. Liam figured that he and Steffy could at least agree that they couldn't let Bill get away with it. "No," Steffy replied. She was worried that Thomas would abandon Caroline. Liam disagreed. Liam suspected that Thomas wouldn't be happy that Caroline had begrudgingly gone along with it, but because they had a kid, Liam thought they'd work it out.

Steffy began worrying that it might not be that way, and Thomas might sue for primary custody of the child. Liam said Steffy was trying to justify what wasn't right. Steffy believed it wasn't right that Sally ruined her brother's life. Steffy said Bill's extreme measures might be for the best.

Liam asked how lying was for the best. Steffy reasoned that Thomas wouldn't be a part-time father, and he'd be around to tuck his son in at night. Liam said those were all things he'd never had in his life. "And look at me. I've only murdered like eight people," Liam joked.

Steffy was also thinking of Caroline, and she and Thomas were compatible. Steffy's phone chimed, signaling the arrival of a picture of Thomas and Douglas. Showing it to Liam, Steffy said it was where Thomas needed to be. "Let's not interfere," she concluded.

Liam asked if Steffy really wanted to win by turning Sally into a victim. Steffy loved Liam, who had an empathetic heart, but she said that she wanted Thomas to be the best father he could be. She stated that Liam should want the same for his cousin. Steffy had no remorse for Sally and asked Liam to just wait to see if Bill's plan worked.

Liam asked if Sally was that bad. Steffy stated that Liam was always for the underdog, but Sally was a con artist. He asked if Steffy didn't think it had changed due to Thomas. Steffy was angry because Sally had used Thomas, his talent, and his money to keep that place afloat. Steffy said that with the relationship over, Spectra would tank. She believed it was a good thing for Thomas and his family.

Steffy wanted to see if the plan would work. She said a little boy's future depended upon it. Liam relented. He said that if her feelings about it were that strong, he wouldn't say anything "for now."

In the design office, Eric called Sheila, who was at her hotel, pacing with a gold wristwatch in hand. He informed her that he'd reunited with his wife. Sheila couldn't say she wasn't disappointed, but she just wanted his happiness. Wanting the same for her, Eric thought it was best for her to begin the next part of her life, somewhere other than Los Angeles.

Eric had also called because he believed he'd left his watch at the hotel. It had been a gift from Stephanie. Sheila said that housekeeping had given it to her, and she'd drop it off for him.

Later, Eric was passing through the corridor as Pam and Charlie argued about a recipe. Eric announced that Sheila would be stopping by with his watch, and he wanted security to let her in. The leery Pam picked up her phone to call it in. Charlie followed Eric into the design office.

Charlie asked if Eric were sure he wanted Sheila at Forrester and offered to send someone for the item. Eric replied that he was aware of Sheila's past and the trouble she'd caused; however, she'd been working on herself and had been more forthcoming with him than others. Eric asked what harm Sheila could do by dropping off a watch.

Eric said Sheila should be there at any moment. Charlie wondered if Sheila might go to the house instead. He asked if Quinn was there. Eric replied that Quinn was there. "Alone?" Charlie asked. Eric received a text message that Sheila was at the house. "Let's go!" Charlie exclaimed. Eric said he'd do it, and he exited.

At the Forrester mansion, Sheila knocked on the door. She tried the latch. The door was unlocked. She entered the house, announcing to Eric that she was there with his watch. When she looked at the fireplace, she imagined her portrait there and grinned.

"What are you doing here?" Quinn asked, descending the stairs. Quinn said she'd just texted Eric about Sheila's presence. Sheila said she had agreed to drop off his watch. Quinn replied that Sheila should have dropped it off with security at Forrester. Sheila began to say she'd assumed something, but Quinn interrupted, saying that Sheila had assumed wrong.

Quinn didn't even think Sheila should be in the house and said Eric still had a restraining order against her. Sheila asked if Quinn would call Lieutenant Baker. "Are you really that afraid of me?" Sheila wondered. Denying it, Quinn said Sheila's intimidation tactics didn't work on her, so Sheila should leave the watch and get out. Quinn never wanted to see her again.

Sheila replied that Eric might feel different. Quinn declared that she and Eric were back together, and Sheila's pathetic attempt to get together with Eric hadn't worked. Sheila remarked that someone was still angry with her for telling the truth; something "she" should have done on her own. It made Sheila question Quinn's character.

Quinn scoffed, incredulous that Sheila would say Quinn wasn't good enough for Eric. Sheila said it was clearer than ever that Quinn's portrait didn't deserve to hang on the wall. Quinn asked whose portrait did belong there. "Yours?" Quinn guessed.

Giggling, Quinn realized Sheila believed her portrait should be up there. Sheila replied that Quinn's should not be after what Quinn had done with Eric's son, and Eric deserved better than Quinn. Refusing to be insulted in her own home, Quinn ordered Sheila to leave the watch on the table and get out. Sheila turned and put the watch on the table in the foyer.

Quinn said Sheila had done enough damage to the family and ordered her to never return to the house -- "Bitch." Sheila cocked her head and grimaced. She turned around and asked what Quinn had called her. "I believe I called you a bitch, bitch," Quinn retorted.

In an instant, Sheila pounced on Quinn and knocked her onto a couch. Slapping and choking Quinn, Sheila yelled at Quinn to never call her that. Somehow, Quinn got up from beneath Sheila and mounted her back. Sheila knocked Quinn off. Quinn rolled over the coffee table and grabbed a fire poker, Sheila snatched a glass and vases from the wet bar. Sheila threw them, and Quinn charged, swinging the poker.

Sheila grabbed the poker, and the women tussled over the weapon. Sheila wound up with it and started swinging it at Quinn. Quinn climbed over the sofa and fell off the table behind it. As Sheila backed into the foyer, Quinn threw something at Sheila. Quinn grabbed a huge lamp, and Sheila ducked behind a chair. The lamp sailed into the coffee table in the foyer and shattered it.

Quinn sneaked up behind Sheila and drew the poker in Sheila's hands up to Sheila's neck to choke her. The women rolled over the coffee table and couch, each at some point getting the upper hand to choke the other with the poker.

Sheila pushed as hard as she could, driving Quinn off her. Sheila backed Quinn into the fireplace and choked Quinn with the poker across Quinn's throat until Quinn sank to the ground and passed out.

Sheila stroked Quinn's hair and then put the poker back on its rung. She walked toward the door. Quinn chucked what looked like a black tablet across the room and hit Sheila in the back of her head. Sheila fell to the floor with blood oozing from the back of her head. Sheila was unresponsive when Quinn called her name and kicked her foot.

Just then, Eric arrived and became terrified upon seeing Sheila on the floor, lying in blood and glass. He asked Quinn what had happened, but Quinn only touched her neck in response. Checking Sheila, Eric got blood on his hands. "Quinn, you killed her!" Eric exclaimed.

Eric invites Sheila to move in

Eric invites Sheila to move in

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

At the mansion, Sheila lay bleeding on the floor, and Eric said Quinn had killer her. As Quinn massaged her bruised throat, he told her to call the paramedics. Sheila stirred, and Quinn watched him cradle Sheila from behind. He asked Quinn what had happened.

Later, Eric and Sheila sat on the sofa by the wet bar. He said Dr. Andrews was on the way, but an unsteady Sheila replied that she didn't need it. Eric insisted because she wouldn't let him take her to the hospital. He instructed her to press a towel to her head and demanded to know what had gone on there.

Sheila mumbled that she'd thought he'd been home to receive his watch. "Oh, please," Quinn replied and took over explaining. Quinn stated that Sheila had let herself in, and Quinn had seen Sheila staring at the portrait. It had been unsettling. Eric figured that he should have been clearer about where he'd been. Quinn asserted that Eric knew Sheila was dangerous. Quinn hadn't felt uncomfortable with Sheila being there and had asked her to leave.

Sheila disagreed and said Quinn had demanded that Sheila go. Sheila relayed that she'd been halfway to the door when Quinn had called her a "bitch." Quinn heartily agreed. Sheila repeated that his wife had called her a "bitch." Sheila said she'd simply reminded Quinn of her betrayal with Eric's son. Quinn stated that Sheila had skipped the part about Sheila attacking her.

Sheila accused Quinn of throwing "that" at Sheila's head. "No, no! You attacked me first!" Quinn yelled. Sheila winced, and Eric offered her water. Quinn was in disbelief that Eric was buying the victim act. Sheila raged that it wasn't an act to be knocked unconscious. Quinn said to give her a break. Eric decided he didn't want another word. The women shot each other dagger looks.

Later, Dr. Andrews concluded that Sheila's pupils looked good, but she'd been fuzzy on his questions. Sheila replied that she hadn't remembered what day it was. She had a little nausea, and her head was killing her. Dr. Andrews determined that she didn't need stitches, but he wanted to run a CT scan to check for internal bleeding.

Sheila didn't think it was necessary, but Dr. Andrews believed she had a concussion. Sheila replied that she was a nurse and could deal with it. He asked if she had family and friends around. Sheila didn't, and Dr. Andrews decided that he couldn't allow it because she couldn't sleep for long periods. Someone needed to awaken her every two hours.

"We'll take care of her. She can say here," Eric readily said. Quinn grimaced.

The doctor wrapped a white bandage around Sheila's head and gave her a card so she could call him if she had any setbacks. He couldn't stress enough that she not be left alone. Eric promised to follow the doctor's orders and asked that Dr. Andrews keep the visit confidential.

After Dr. Andrews left, Quinn said they couldn't let Sheila stay at their house. Eric yelled that they had to do it because it had happened under their roof, and if the women had shown restraint, it wouldn't be happening at all. Sheila claimed to be grateful, but she offered to return to the hotel so she wouldn't create more division.

Quinn thought it was a great idea and offered to also hire a nurse. Eric insisted that Sheila stay there. He apologized to Sheila because it had been one thing after another ever since she'd returned to town. He refused to send her away. Quinn said Eric had told her himself that whenever Sheila seemed to have changed, it was when Sheila was most dangerous. Quinn begged Eric not to let Sheila move in.

At Forrester, Charlie was in the design office, explaining to Pam that Sheila had gone to the mansion instead of taking the watch to Forrester. Brooke overheard them as she entered, and Pam and Charlie informed her that Sheila had gone to the house, where Quinn was alone. Eric had rushed out when he'd heard. Brooke doubted things had gone well with Quinn and Sheila.

Later, Charlie said he hadn't known Sheila had been so bad. "I mean, kidnapping? Baby swapping?" he asked. Pam replied that it had been much worse. Brooke added that Sheila had shot her and had tried to poison Stephanie. Brooke didn't believe that Sheila was getting better, as Sheila claimed, and said Sheila was still playing the victim and couldn't be trusted.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill discussed Bill's efforts to get his skyscraper, and Justin thought it was cold for even Bill, who'd led Thomas to believe Caroline was dying so Bill could get the Spectra property. Bill had no doubt that his bleeding-heart son had already told Steffy, but Bill was sure Steffy would appreciate Bill's efforts to rid Thomas of Sally. The skyscraper project meant a lot to Bill, and he had a plan B if plan A didn't work. "Money," Justin replied.

Just then, C.J. arrived at Bill's earlier behest. Bill indicated that he was tired of waiting, and it was time to make deal. Bill read from an article that questioned whether Spectra could make it without Thomas. Bill had contemplated naming the article "Bargain Basement Bottom Feeders Dead in the Water," but against his better judgment, he'd changed it.

Bill stated that things weren't looking good for Spectra, and it would be a complete disaster for C.J. The uneasy C.J. said he was aware of it; however, Spectra had been paying its rent, and Thomas would be back. Bill asserted that C.J. couldn't count on it, but C.J. luckily had a good-looking, bearded angel on his shoulder who'd buy the building right then and there.

Bill showed off "Sky" to C.J., who recognized the proposed address. C.J. said he couldn't do it. Bill said C.J. could do what he wanted and had given his cousin ample opportunity. Bill likened it to a horse with a broken leg and said it was time to put it out of its misery.

Presenting the same contract as they'd drawn up before, Bill said he'd sweetened the deal with an extra five million dollars. Justin explained that it was legit, and they'd put it in an offshore account. Bill called it a tax-free gift for C.J., who'd never have to work another day in his life. All C.J. had to do was take the deal and put an end to Spectra.

After C.J. had gone, Bill and Justin discussed whether C.J. would take the deal. Bill stated that C.J. was broke and couldn't pay the taxes on the building. Bill believed it was a good deal.

Just then, Brooke entered and inquired about the deal Bill and Justin were discussing. The men changed the subject to how Brooke could have possibly married Bill. Justin left, and Brooke walked into Bill's embrace. Bill told "Sky" not to look and remarked that she got jealous. "'Sky?'" Brooke repeated. Gesturing to the model, Bill said it was the other woman in his life.

Brooke didn't like sharing Bill with another woman. Bill said "she" couldn't hold a candle to Brooke. Brooke was sure "she" would be very beautiful and asked when she'd meet "her." Bill replied that it would take years, but all good things were worth the wait. The building reminded Bill of Brooke because it was tall, statuesque, gorgeous, and all Bill's. Neither of his girls had been easy to obtain, but both were worth it. He loved them both very much.

At Spectra, Saul reviewed some of Sally's designs at her request. Saul thought they were amazing, and she asked if he was just being nice. Sally was a little vulnerable without Thomas, but she believed Thomas still believed in her. Saul replied that, more importantly, Saul believed in Sally, the visionary who'd put Spectra on the map. He insisted that she'd done it, not Thomas.

Sally stated that it had been a team effort. Saul repeated that he had faith in her, and he said he always would. He thought they could do it themselves, and they didn't need Thomas. From the doorway, Shirley chimed in that they did so need Thomas, especially with Bill gunning for them.

Shirley wanted Sally to remind Thomas of his responsibilities in Los Angeles, and she asked if it bothered Sally that he'd left her high and dry. Sally insisted that it was temporary, and they needed to focus on building Spectra on their own. Saul believed that they could do anything with Sally at the helm.

Darlita entered with an article on her phone about Thomas' leave of absence. Sally suspected that the announcement was Bill's doing because Bill wanted to put them out of business. Sally rolled her eyes as she they listened to Saul read the article, which questioned their survival without Thomas. Saul exclaimed that they would survive without Thomas Forrester.

Darlita had thought Bill was laying off. Sally had, too, and had been surprised he hadn't pulled anything in Monaco. Shirley reasoned that Bill had made it a tie when he could have given the win to Forrester, and she wondered what was up with Bill.

C.J. arrived, and Shirley assumed he was there to congratulate them on their performance in Monte Carlo. Shirley bragged about the whole world falling in love with Sally and said C.J. should see all the followers they'd picked up. Saul added that Sally had made them proud.

C.J. congratulated them, but he said there wasn't an easy way to tell them about his decision. He had to just say it. He announced that he was selling the building and needed them to vacate. Saul replied that they had a lease, and their rent was paid up. "Barely," C.J. responded.

Sally explained that they were producing new designs and had an upcoming show. Shirley mentioned the buzz from the challenge, and Darlita said the phone was ringing off the hook. C.J. reasoned that it had been for charity. Shirley conveyed that they'd held their own against Forrester and should have won. C.J. replied that they'd lost Thomas.

Sally reminded C.J. that they had a deal, and there was still time on the clock. She needed him to trust that she could do it. "Without Thomas?" C.J. asked. Sally pointed out that Thomas was still technically on the team. Thomas had just taken a leave, not a new job. C.J. stated that Thomas wasn't designing at the time, and Sally conceded the point.

Shirley asked C.J. to let them have the one show and line. Saul said C.J. could kick them out if it failed. C.J. flashed back to Bill sweetening the deal, and C.J. insisted that they had to go because the lease was up. Sally guessed that Bill Spencer was behind it.

C.J. chooses between Spectra and money

C.J. chooses between Spectra and money

> C.J. chooses between Spectra and money

C.J. chooses between Spectra and money

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

At the mansion, Eric and Quinn debated about Sheila recuperating at the mansion. Sheila preferred to leave if she wasn't wanted there, and Quinn said Sheila needed to be at a hospital if she was that bad off. Sheila turned it down, and Quinn offered to get round-the-clock nurses. Sheila didn't want Eric to go through the expense.

Quinn asked if Eric had forgotten what he'd been through with Sheila. Eric yelled that he hadn't forgotten it. He could never forget it, but he wanted to repay Sheila for being there for him a short time back. He was adamant that Sheila stay through her recovery. Sheila thanked him.

Alone downstairs later, Quinn picked up the large lamp and flashed back to fighting Sheila.

Upstairs, Eric settled Sheila in a bedroom. As he began leaving, she told him that she appreciated what he was doing. He claimed it wasn't a problem, but she replied that it was for Quinn. Eric thought Quinn was a little threatened by Sheila. "But you're not a threat, are you? Certainly not to our marriage," Eric concluded.

Sheila couldn't imagine anyone taking her in after all she'd done. She was happy that Eric had believed her, and it was helping her to believe in herself. Eric bade her a good night and left. Sheila picked up a music box and listened to it play.

Back downstairs, Quinn winced and sat on the coffee table. Eric rushed over and asked if she was okay. He knew that she was angry. Quinn wasn't angry; she just didn't understand Eric's decision. Eric said Sheila had been through extensive therapy, and he'd seen the benefits during the time that she'd taken care of him.

Eric promised to never completely trust Sheila; however, he'd keep one eye on her at all times as she recovered from the injuries that Quinn had caused. Quinn asserted that neither woman should have let it get physical, but there had to be another solution. Eric promised to send Sheila on her way as soon as she got better. He assured Quinn that he could handle Sheila.

Eric decided to go up to bed, and Quinn said she'd be up there soon. Once he'd gone, she said to herself that she'd handle Sheila first.

Quinn went upstairs to Sheila's room. Sheila greeted Eric, but when she saw that it was Quinn, Sheila grumbled that she hadn't heard anyone knocking before Quinn had entered. Quinn asked how many days it took, one or two, for a person in Sheila's condition to recover. Sheila said each case was different. Quinn wouldn't let Sheila get away with it. Sheila didn't know what she was trying to get away with. Quinn said Sheila was faking her concussion to get Eric back.

Quinn asked if Sheila thought Eric would throw Quinn out and move Sheila in. Sheila said she'd already moved in. Quinn asked if Sheila thought she'd replace Quinn, and Sheila responded that she'd been Mrs. Forrester long before Quinn. Quinn countered that Sheila never would be so again, and Eric wouldn't have Sheila again, even if he were single. Quinn claimed that no one was buying Sheila's "changed" routine, and Sheila was still dangerous, pathetic, and unwanted.

Quinn intended to see to it that Sheila was out of there the moment she'd recovered. Sheila said it was Eric's decision to make, and in the meantime, Sheila would be watching his cheating wife. In Quinn's view, there was nothing to see. "Even when Ridge comes over?" Sheila asked.

Quinn replied that Sheila didn't even know what she was talking about. Sheila claimed to know Quinn "because I was you." Sheila believed that Quinn couldn't get out of the way of her own destruction, and Sheila would be waiting for Quinn to prove she was unworthy. To Quinn, Sheila's belief that she was worthy proved how crazy and delusional Sheila was.

"Don't underestimate me, Quinn. Ever," Sheila whispered and chuckled.

At Spencer, Liam, who was leaving for the day, interrupted Bill and Brooke's canoodling to remind Bill of a conference call with Karen. Bill put the call back on Liam's to-do list, and Brooke asked Liam to tell Karen that Brooke missed Caroline being around. Bill thought Caroline wouldn't be back anytime soon, with Thomas in New York. Gesturing to Bill's model, Brooke said Caroline took after her uncle in getting what she wanted.

Liam asked if something had happened. Bill replied that Spectra was going down, and "Sky" was going up. Bill revealed that, in the words of Vito Corleone, Bill had made C.J. an offer he couldn't refuse. Bill explained that he'd offered an additional tax-free five million. Brooke was awed by the lengths Bill would go to for the building, and Liam said she had no idea.

After Brooke left, Liam said that no building was worth the lie Bill was telling. Bill replied that everyone benefited, but Liam countered, "Not Sally."

At Spectra, Sally cleared her office to talk to C.J. alone. C.J. had made up his mind that selling was easier for numerous reasons that he didn't want to get into. Sally refused to let C.J. do it and insisted that she could do it even if Thomas was in New York. C.J. questioned Thomas' commitment. Sally explained that Thomas would be back, and in the meantime, she had to make sure he had a place to return to.

C.J. said Sally kept forgetting that the place was his future, too. He didn't know why he should take the risk on the fashion house. Sally told him that her aunt hadn't raised him to sell out. She urged him not to take the offer from Bill when Sally was offering monthly rent checks for the rest of his life. She said it was a no-brainer, and he knew what he needed to do.

Later, Shirley, Saul, and Darlita returned to Sally's office to find out what C.J. had decided. Sally said C.J. was concerned about Thomas being out of town. Shirley told Sally to get on the phone and tell Thomas to make a beeline for "the best coast." Sally didn't want to pressure Thomas. She was sure he'd be back, and until then, they'd do it on their own.

Back at Spencer, Bill was saying "I told you so" after Liam had conveyed Steffy's reaction to Bill's scam with Thomas. C.J. arrived with the real estate contract. Bill hoped Sally hadn't broken out into tears. C.J. said it had been a good conversation. Bill noted that C.J. hadn't signed the papers and asked if he needed a pen.

C.J. stated that he didn't need one yet because he was giving Spectra more time, and Spectra had an upcoming showing. "One more line, one more chance to keep Spectra alive," C.J. stated. Bill asked if C.J. was really turning down the offer and tax-free bonus. C.J. knew that it was crazy; however, he recalled being in the trenches at Spectra with his mother, and he wanted to give Spectra a fair shot.

"You know, without someone trying to sabotage it," C.J. added. Bill told C.J. to get out of his sight. C.J. left, and Liam asked if Bill was all right. Bill was fine, and he declared that, without Thomas, Spectra would fail miserably.

Alone near the model building later, Bill decided that Caroline's miracle cure had to be postponed, and Thomas couldn't leave Caroline's side until Bill got his building.

At Spectra, Sally got a phone from C.J., who'd decided that he'd reevaluate the situation after the next line. After the call, the Spectra gang danced around the office.

Eric hires James to evaluate Sheila

Eric hires James to evaluate Sheila

Thursday, August 17, 2017

At Spencer, Bill stood by architectural photos on easels in his office and complained about what an idiot C.J. was for passing up the offer of a lifetime. Liam said that Bill, of all people, should understand protecting family. Bill stewed, saying he wouldn't be so generous again, and with Thomas out of the picture, Sally and Spectra's days were numbered.

Bill suggested that Liam run along and finish his piece on Sally. Liam asked if Bill would try to influence the piece. Bill saw no reason to if Liam told it like it was, which was that Sally was a low-class wannabe with no talent from the wrong side of the tracks, and she had no business being in the fashion industry. Bill believed a truthful article would say exactly that.

Liam didn't think Bill could expect Liam to take Bill's lecture about the truth seriously. In Bill's view, there were truths and there truths intended for the greater good. Liam countered that there were truths, lies, and the lying liars who told them.

Later, Steffy arrived, and Bill claimed she was his favorite daughter-in-law. She cited that she was the only one, but he said she'd be his favorite even if he had a boatload. He said she'd just missed Liam, who'd gone to Spectra. Steffy assumed it was for the article Liam was working on. Bill clarified that it was the one they'd eventually publish. Steffy didn't see the difference.

Bill explained that he had final approval of what was in the article. Steffy thought Bill was pushing it because Liam was already uncomfortable about the dying thing with his cousin. She felt that if Bill pulled too many shady moves, Liam might blow everything sky-high.

Bill refused to coddle Liam anymore and said it was time for Liam to be a man. Bill asked if Steffy was there to lecture him about his treatment of her brother. Steffy replied that she was for anything that helped Caroline piece her family together and put space between her brother and Sally. Bill figured it was even better if Steffy's business rival was out of the picture.

The statement reminded Steffy of Bill's ulterior motive, which was to have his skyscraper looming above them. Bill was unapologetic about it. Steffy respected the way Bill embraced his ruthlessness but warned that it would backfire with Liam. She believed that if Bill tried to push Liam into an unwarranted trashing of Sally, Liam just might tell Sally the truth about everything, including that made-up terminal illness.

"If Liam wants to be a preacher, he can go out and find himself a congregation," Bill quipped. In his view, Liam needed to practice loyalty instead of trying to right Bill's wrongs. Bill said he was telling Steffy just like he'd told Liam -- if Liam said anything to Thomas and Sally about Caroline not dying, Bill would kick Liam's "ass" out of the company and out of Bill's life.

At Spectra, Coco visited as Sally worked. Sally was thankful to still have the building after again convincing C.J. not to sell. Coco replied that it was his legacy, too. Sally believed she could keep the old battleship afloat if she could pull off the collection. Coco asked when Thomas would be back. Sally wasn't sure, and Coco asked if couples should know each other's plans.

Sally emphasized that Douglas needed Thomas, and Douglas had to be first. Sally concluded that Thomas wouldn't be back anytime soon, and it was up to her to create the collection while fending off the powerhouse Bill Spencer. Sally was glad to have Coco, who was vital to Sally. Coco's support gave Sally something to live up to.

The sisters hugged, and as Coco turned to leave, Liam arrived. Sally had forgotten about the interview, and he offered to reschedule. Sally wanted to do it because he was there. Coco left, and Liam and Sally sat down together.

Sally apologized for being the one to tell Liam about Caroline and asked how she was. Liam stiffly responded that Caroline was hanging in. Sure that Liam had heard of Bill's latest scheme of trying to get a quick sale from C.J., Sally wondered if Liam's article would be a trash piece to help Bill get the land.

Liam wanted to ease Sally's suspicions. He explained that he was a huge disappointment to his father, but she asked what there was to be ashamed of. Liam said he didn't eat meat, wore his heart on his sleeve, and had a conscience. He rarely approved of or participated in his father's tactics and asked that Sally judge him on his own merits, not by his father.

Setting his phone up to record, Liam began the interview by asking how it had felt to go up against Forrester. The competition had galvanized Sally. She knew they'd never be Forrester, but people like Liam were noticing that they were a force to be reckoned with. Thomas had helped her be a better designer, and she'd seen it on the runway. She thought they should have won but said Liam's father would never allow it.

Sally thought Bill should pick on someone his own size. She said it was like David and Goliath, and she asked how big bad Bill Spencer against dinky little Spectra was even a battle. Liam replied that it wasn't. Thanking Liam for the sentiment, Sally said Bill was a major brand and force in fashion, but she was just trying to stay afloat. She noted that her partner had gone clear across the country.

Sally didn't mean to blame or sound resentful. She understood why Thomas was gone, but his absence still made everything else fall on her. She had to design, keep the doors open, and make sure Bill didn't knife her. Ending the recording, Liam said it sounded like a lot of pressure.

Sally was willing to prove herself, as long as she was playing on a level field. She believed that Liam could tell her if she was. She asked Liam if Bill was still up to something.

At the mansion, Sheila woke up, gleeful to be at the mansion. A robe with Eric's initials was on the bed. She put it on, spun around, and said, "Home, sweet home."

Eric knocked on the door. Sheila shed the robe, hopped into the bed, and pretended to be asleep. Eric entered to awaken her. He called to her several times before she finally roused, stretching and grinning like a fairytale princess with a bandage on her head.

Sheila noted that it didn't appear to be their bedroom, and Eric told her that they didn't have a bedroom. Shaking her head, she quietly said, "Oh..." He asked if she recalled what had happened with Quinn the previous night. Sheila pretended that reality had dawned on her. She apologized and said she'd been dreaming about it being their wedding day.

Sheila guessed she'd been confused. Eric wanted to check with the doctor about how much Sheila was sleeping. He'd tried to rouse her, but it hadn't been easy. Sheila called him caring and compassionate, and he reminded her that she was there because "we" had to keep an eye on her while she recovered. Once Sheila recovered, Eric planned to get her a hotel room or an apartment, whatever she needed to get on with her new life.

"I'll have to leave?" Sheila asked. Eric stated that the doctor had said the monitoring was for twenty-four hours, and that was all it could be because Eric had to honor his wife. Sheila decided she would leave, but he said she didn't have to do it right then.

Getting up, Sheila claimed she'd be fine. She pretended to be unsteady, but when she gained her balance, she asked Eric to observe it. Eric was still uncertain, but she replied that there was only one way to find out. She began walking around the room but suddenly buckled herself at the knees. Eric caught her, and she giggled in embarrassment as he helped her back into the bed. Eric left to get her some food. She grinned to herself and touched her wound.

Later, Sheila got out of bed to get her phone. She heard noises, put the phone back in her purse, and rushed back into bed. Eric arrived with water and said Linda was preparing food. Sheila noted how kind Eric was, and he replied that he was sorry that it had happened in his home. Sheila joked that he had a lively wife, but Eric expressed that both women should have used more self-control.

Eric explained that Dr. Andrews was unavailable that day, so Eric had called in another doctor, one that Sheila knew. The doctor could give them a second opinion and keep the situation away from the press and police. Sheila asked who it was. Eric opened the bedroom door.

"James," Sheila said when the doctor entered the room.

Eric said James had been kind enough to arrive at Eric's request. James Warwick said he'd take a look, assess the condition, and render an opinion on whether Sheila would be well enough to get on her feet and get on with her life.

Sheila tells James what he'll diagnose

Sheila tells James what he'll diagnose

Friday, August 18, 2017

At Spencer, Steffy told Bill that Liam wasn't on board with Bill's plans, and it might not have been the best idea to put Liam on the Sally assignment. Bill and Steffy discussed Bill's frustration with C.J. for not accepting the revised offer, and Bill didn't know how Spectra had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. "If Liam tells Sally that Caroline isn't dying..." Steffy said. Bill asserted that Liam had "better damn not."

Steffy reasoned that Liam already had a lot on his conscience. Bill insisted that his son had to learn the time and place to be a Boy Scout. Bill envisioned that his boys would one day inherit "all of this," but neither was capable of running it alone. Each son lacked something the other compensated for. Bill wanted Liam to grow a pair, and trashing Sally was just the thing to help Liam do so. "So you hope," Steffy replied.

Bill packed up to go to a zoning meeting about "Sky." Steffy thought he should wait until Liam returned, but Bill said that Liam had better do as instructed. She asked if Bill minded if she waited. He didn't, but he said to be careful if she touched "Sky."

At Spectra, Sally needed Liam to tell her if Bill had another plan to sabotage Spectra. Answering her own question, she decided that Bill was up to something and had sent Liam to help bury her. Liam claimed not to march to his father's orders, but so far, all he knew about Sally was that she had crashed his wedding, stolen designs, and would be in jail if it weren't for Thomas.

Sally quipped that they weren't her finest moments. Turning on his recorder, Liam requested to hear about her better moments. Sally had done a lot of growing due to Thomas, but she needed him there. She wouldn't pressure him to return because Caroline dying trumped even Spectra. Sally had to succeed on her own and hoped she had a chance with someone like Bill against her. Unable to speak to his father's ambitions, Liam promised to write an honest article.

Turning off the recorder later, Liam thought it was cool to know that there was more to Sally than flash, grit, and inflated confidence. "Thank you?" Sally dubiously replied. He claimed to be kidding and said her sensitivity poked through at times.

Sally replied that she knew what it was like to suffer and struggle due to her past with her addicted parents and her efforts to raise Coco while living with their Grams. Though her fight to survive didn't compare to Caroline's, Sally still had had to do a lot of things on her own. She said it was her Aunt Sally's building, and she'd carry on as her aunt wanted -- as long as she was given a fair shot. She asked if it were too much to ask. Liam replied that it wasn't.

Sally showed Liam some sketches, and he was impressed. She felt that they needed to be better because a lot was riding on things after Monte Carlo. Liam asked if Thomas could give her any help at all. She replied that Thomas couldn't focus on anything but his son's dying mother. Sally was under a lot of pressure. She believed in herself, but without Thomas, she felt empty, as if she'd lost a part of herself.

Struggling not to cry, Sally felt worse for sitting there, waiting for Caroline to die so that Thomas could return. It was ugly to Sally, and she asked why she was in such a position. Liam promised that he'd give her a fair reading. She said it was all she asked.

Sally apologized for being so sensitive and said it wasn't her. Liam replied that it might be. Sally insisted she'd learned her toughness from her Aunt Sally, and nothing would destroy Sally -- except maybe Liam's father.

Back at Spencer later with Steffy, Liam was upset and said it was really wrong that Bill was ruining multiple lives. Slapping "Sky," Liam said it was all for a monument to Bill's ego. Steffy said to tell it to Douglas, who needed his family together. Liam reasoned that Thomas would be a father no matter what, but Thomas was in love with Sally, not Caroline.

Steffy asked if Liam was sure about it. Liam replied that he was, and they'd seen the couple together. Steffy asked if he'd seen Thomas and Caroline together. Liam said he obviously hadn't lately. Steffy flashed a photo of the family and noted that they looked happy. Steffy believed the family needed time and space, and she asked Liam not to fall for Sally's act.

Steffy told Liam not to forget the things Sally had done to the Forresters. Steffy wasn't taking pleasure in the situation, but in her view, Sally was getting what she deserved.

At the mansion, Sheila thought inviting James to evaluate her was unorthodox. Eric asked if it was because she'd been married to James. Sheila said it was because James was a psychiatrist. James stated that he had a background in "neuro." James had learned that Sheila had suffered head trauma, a concussion, some loss of memory, and vertigo. He was there to help her get back on her feet and back to her life.

Eric left, and downstairs later, he answered the front door for Brooke, who'd arrived with files for Quinn. He said Quinn was working on new designs in the study. Brooke asked if everything was okay. He replied that he'd taken Sheila in as a houseguest.

Over coffee later, Brooke was shocked to hear about the fight between Sheila and Quinn. Eric believed there was no excuse for that kind of violence and conveyed that the doctor had wanted Sheila watched for twenty-four hours. His conscience hadn't let him kick her to the curb. Brooke asked what was next, and Eric said he'd reached out to James for an evaluation.

Eric remarked that James had happened to be in town. Brooke stated that it had been a lucky coincidence. Eric felt bad for Sheila, who'd been thrown in jail after being accused of shooting at Quinn, and then she'd suffered a concussion due to Quinn. Brooke sensed some reluctance, and Eric said, "Well, she's Sheila, isn't she?" He didn't think he'd ever completely trust Sheila.

Eric trusted James, though, and believed James would give him an accurate report. Eric was looking for James to say Sheila was fully recovered and could move on with her life.

Upstairs, James evaluated Sheila's wound and decided Sheila didn't need the head dressing. Her pupils weren't dilated, and despite her claim that her heart was racing, he found her pulse and blood pressure were normal. She insisted that she had problems focusing. He asked if she was being honest with him, because all of her vitals were fine. He believed she was ready to leave the house.

Sheila said she couldn't possibly leave and noted that she'd nearly fallen out before James had arrived. James was aware of it. Sheila felt it was all the more reason to be compassionate. She said she and James shared a daughter. Sheila was still in touch with Mary and had talked to Mary the whole time that Shelia "was inside."

"In prison, you mean," James stated. Sheila believed it meant she and James were family, and family looked out for each other. James replied that Eric had asked for an evaluation, and though it was apparent that she was well enough to leave the house, it was also apparent that she didn't want to. James suggested she gather her things while he talked to Eric.

"Not so fast, Dr. Warwick. That is, if you still want to be a doctor," Sheila replied. She said he didn't want to force her hand. James asked what she'd do, but he said to never mind because he wouldn't take the bait. She claimed he didn't understand what was at stake and informed him that Eric had a dishonest, deceptive wife who'd destroy him.

James quipped that he knew a thing or two about that. Sheila stated that the wife was worse than Sheila had been. James said he was there to give Eric an accurate report. Sheila said it was what James would do, and he'd say she wasn't ready to leave. "You want me to lie to Eric?" James asked.

Getting out of bed, Sheila indicated that James didn't know all Mary had said about him. Sheila asked why James wasn't practicing and said it was as if he'd fallen off the face of the earth. She stated that he was writing prescriptions for himself. He replied that she didn't know it was true, but she said they both knew it was.

Sheila accused him of being addicted to pain pills and said he'd lose his license forever if the medical board knew. She was sure they didn't want that to happen. James admitted to having a slight problem, but he claimed to be doing well in recovery. Sheila said it was good, and he told her not to do it to him.

Sheila didn't want to do it, but she asked why she should help James if he didn't help her. James asked if she wanted him to lie to Eric. She stated that she wanted James to help Eric, who was with a woman causing great pain. James stated that it was blackmail.

Sheila asserted that what James had done was criminal, and she threatened to tell the medical board about how he'd abused his privileges as a doctor.

James replied that he'd stopped. Sheila said it had been too late to save his license and practice. She accused him of writing prescriptions to support his drug habit. James gleaned that Sheila never wanted to leave there.

Someone knocked on the door. Sheila ordered James to do as she said or else his career would be history. Sheila hopped back in bed, and Eric entered.

Eric asked how Sheila was feeling, and she guessed that she was woozy. Eric asked James for a diagnosis and if Sheila was ready to leave. James stated that Sheila had suffered a concussion, might have cerebral contusions, and needed more time to heal. Eric asked if Sheila should be in a hospital.

James replied that he'd recommend imaging, just for confirmation, but they'd have to tell a hospital how Sheila had been injured. He couldn't guarantee that the police wouldn't get involved. James was under the impression that Eric wanted to keep it quiet, but if Eric had changed his mind, they could call an ambulance right away.

Sheila said she didn't want to put Eric through it. Eric asked James what they should do. James suggested that Sheila recover there at the house. Eric didn't want the incident to get out because his family had been through enough already. He decided that she could stay on, and he asked James to keep things between them.

James agreed. He said he had to pick up some things he needed, and he'd return. Eric showed James out. Once alone, Sheila breathed a sigh of relief.

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