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Brooke regrets marrying Bill Brooke regrets marrying Bill

Monday, September 18, 2017

At Spencer, Steffy figured that Liam didn't want to hear what she had to say, but she believed Bill regretted what had happened. Pointing at the wound on his face, Liam said to let Bill live with the regret. Steffy didn't think Liam could write his father off. Liam replied that he could. He was done being a doormat and wouldn't look the other way anymore.

Steffy asked if Liam would accomplish it through blackmail. Liam said he was done being Mr. Nice Guy, and he thought she'd appreciate that. She replied that she liked Mr. Nice Guy, and that had been who she'd married. She didn't want him to go away.

Steffy didn't want Liam to lose his sense of decency. Liam claimed that he was restoring decency to the company, and for once, Spencer might be respected for more than its bottom line. He believed he could use his power to do good, the way Bill never had. Liam didn't care if Bill called it blackmail. In Liam's view, Bill didn't deserve the chair, and Liam wouldn't give it back.

Liam was glad to be the one to stand up to Bill. Steffy didn't know why Liam cared so much about Sally. Liam claimed that it wasn't about Sally, and all Liam cared about was the truth. Steffy replied that all his father cared about was him. Liam claimed that his bruise told a different story. He asked her not to plead his father's case. Liam didn't want to hear it.

Steffy claimed that she could be just as stubborn and determined as he was, but Liam told her that she was wasting her time. Liam asked why he'd want peace with the most greedy, self-absorbed man he'd ever met. Liam asked if he was supposed to look the other way because Bill had impregnated his mother.

Liam stated that Kelly had shielded him from Bill's influence, and it had been the right thing to do, just like keeping the company from Bill was the right thing for Liam to do. Liam said Bill didn't deserve to run the place, but someone had to. Liam would "be damned" if it wasn't him.

At Forrester, Quinn and Ridge finished up a meeting. She promised to have some pieces by the end of the week, but he didn't want her to overextend herself. He preferred if she spent more time at home, making sure that she and Eric were on track. Quinn replied that she and Eric were on track, especially with Sheila out of their lives for good.

Ridge urged Quinn to head home because Eric was probably waiting with a kiss. Quinn felt guilty that she had Eric, but Ridge didn't have Brooke. Ridge claimed to be fine with being a bachelor. Quinn believed that Brooke missed Ridge as much as he missed her. Ridge doubted it could be true because Brooke had found happily ever after with Bill Spencer.

Quinn said Brooke and Ridge had been through worse, and all Ridge had to do was wait for Bill to just be himself and push Brooke away. Quinn figured that all would be forgiven between Ridge and Brooke, whose relationship had improved a lot since the fallout in Australia. Quinn told him not to give up because Brooke would find her way back to him. Quinn hugged him.

In the corridor, Charlie and Pam had a tiff about Charlie ruining one of her dishes by adding an ingredient. She said it would take all night to stir, and she needed his muscles. She told Charlie that she'd be ready to leave after she dropped something off in the mailroom.

At her hotel, Sheila snuggled herself in Eric's embroidered robe. She looked at a cell phone picture of Ridge and Quinn sitting on the elevator floor. Sheila said that Quinn would hurt Eric, and Sheila would be there when it happened.

Sheila called her "partner" to see how things were going. On the other end of the call, Charlie told her not to call him her partner. She wanted to know if there were any developments with the couple that he was supposed to be watching for her. Sheila said that, with her brains and his brawn, they'd take Quinn down and eliminate Quinn for good.

Later, Quinn was packing up alone in the CEO's office when Charlie entered to talk to her. He was upset and said he was caught between the lesser of two evils. Quinn asked him to get to the point because she was headed home. "Sheila," he said. He conveyed that Sheila was still in town, and Quinn asked how he knew it.

As Charlie stammered that he'd done his research to protect Forrester, Quinn grabbed her purse. Hurrying out of the office, she ordered him to text-message Sheila's address to her.

Later, Pam located Charlie at her desk. He was in a somber mood, and she apologized for the earlier argument. Charlie said it wasn't the issue. She asked what the matter was. He claimed he'd just written up an incident. She asked if it was serious. "Let's hope not," he responded.

Back at the hotel, Sheila was telling her partially completed portrait that it would only be a matter of time before it would hang at the estate. She sniffed Eric's robe and grinned because she could still smell him. Sheila flashed back on moments with Eric, but Quinn pounding on the door snapped Sheila out of it. Quinn demanded that Sheila open the door.

Sheila scurried to hide her portrait and Eric's robe in the bathroom. Sheila answered the door, and Quinn demanded to know why Sheila hadn't left town yet. Quinn was sure Sheila was sitting around, plotting to ruin Quinn's marriage, but Quinn had decided that Sheila was leaving town that night. Sheila said Quinn couldn't tell Sheila where to live. Quinn didn't care where Sheila lived, as long as it wasn't in Quinn's time zone.

Quinn grabbed the hotel phone, and Sheila asked what Quinn was doing. "You are leaving town tonight -- bitch!" Quinn said. Sheila ripped the phone out of Quinn's hands and out of the wall. Quinn shoved Sheila. "I told you never to touch me," Sheila said and shoved Quinn back.

The women began throwing things at each other, and Quinn knocked Sheila onto the bed. Hopping on Sheila, Quinn choked Sheila and told her to get out of town. Sheila flipped Quinn over, and choking Quinn, Sheila told her to get out of Eric's life.

The door opened. A cleaning person pushed a vacuum cleaner into the room. With one look at the brawl, she said, "I'll come back later." She put the "do not disturb" sign on the door and left.

Sheila and Quinn resumed the fight and wound up on the floor. Sheila grabbed Quinn's head and uttered that it would be so easy. Sheila let Quinn go, and the women stood up. Sheila stated that she'd get rid of Quinn, but it wouldn't be that way. Quinn yelled that Sheila had tried her best and failed, but Quinn's marriage would always survive Sheila.

Quinn left. Laughing, Sheila stated that Quinn hadn't seen Sheila's best, but Quinn would.

At Bill's house, Bill stopped Brooke at the door to their bedroom. He regretted that what he'd done would cost him his son, but he implored Brooke not to let him lose her, too. He yanked her back into the room. Closing the door, he said he wouldn't let her leave, and he'd make it right.

Brooke asked herself what she'd done. She hadn't wanted that kind of life. "The way that you live, the way that you treat people. No regard for others. No consequences!" she exclaimed. It wasn't her, and she couldn't continue to live that way. She asked if he knew what she'd given up for him. Bill asked what she was talking about.

Brooke stated that she'd had a whole life planned, but she'd tossed it aside to make a commitment to Bill. Bill replied that it was indeed a commitment, and she'd done it because she loved him. Brooke said she loved the idea of him, the fantasy of a big, strong man by her side, loving her without divided loyalties.

Bill asserted that she didn't have to worry about loyalties with him. Brooke replied that she just had to worry if he'd end up in jail or punch someone. Bill yelled that he'd said he regretted it, and he was sorry. "If you can hit your own son, how do I know you're not going to hit me next?" Brooke yelled. Finding it ridiculous, Bill said he'd never do it. He asked her to stop it. She decided that she might very well need to stop it, to stop "us."

Bill asked Brooke not to talk that way and said they'd fought way too hard to get there. Brooke asked where that was. Holding a picture and pointing to Bill in it, she stated that she'd married a man who had no qualms about lying to his wife. He stated that he'd told her the truth. She smashed the picture, and glass broke. "You didn't!" she argued.

Brooke said Bill had lied about the leave of absence. He explained it was because he'd known she'd have that reaction. Brooke felt justified in her anger and told him that there would be consequences. Bill replied that he was already paying consequences. He promised he'd right his wrongs and reminded her that she was supposed to stand by him for better or worse. He said they were supposed to stand by each other.

Brooke murmured that it was true unless she and Bill shouldn't have done it in the first place. Bill was shocked that she'd say that about them getting married. She decided that she needed time to think about it. She needed to think about who he was and who she was if she supported his behavior. She screamed, asking when enough would be enough. "God damn it!" Brooke cursed. She grabbed her clothes and rushed out of the room.

Back at Forrester, Ridge worked in the design office and flashed back on times with Brooke. He entered the CEO's office, where he saw Brooke sobbing into the arm of the settee. He sat down with her and said that he was there for whatever the problem was. Brooke looked at him and leaned into his embrace. Ridge hugged her and said he'd always be right there.

Brooke gets advice on what to do about Bill

Brooke gets advice on what to do about Bill

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge embraced, and Brooke cried. She shared that Bill had done something horrible. "I'm not going back there. I need some space," she said. Ridge noted that Bill "must have really messed up." He added, "Maybe it's for the best."

Brooke reminded Ridge that she hadn't said she was leaving for good. Ridge acknowledged that she'd had high hopes, but he added that she'd had to know Bill would disappoint her. Brooke disagreed. She said she had thought it was going to work because they had the same values. "I hate seeing you like this," Ridge said. He and Brooke hugged again, and R.J. opened the door and saw them, but he left before they saw him.

"I'm here for you," Ridge said. Brooke smiled and nodded. She left, and R.J. returned. R.J. said that he'd reorganized the photo studio, and Ridge thanked him for staying late. R.J. asked if his dad had plans for the evening, and Ridge asked if R.J. wanted to have dinner.

R.J. said he wanted to have dinner as long as his mother accompanied them. Ridge said it sounded good, but it wasn't a good night. R.J. admitted that he had seen Ridge and Brooke in an embrace earlier. Ridge teased that R.J. hadn't said anything earlier. R.J. admitted that it had looked like an intense moment.

Ridge shared that Brooke had been upset with Spencer, and she had left him. Ridge added that he didn't know what Bill had done, but it had clearly upset Brooke. R.J. was elated that Brooke had left Bill, and R.J. saw it as an opportunity for Brooke to return to Ridge. R.J. added that his parents had "crazy chemistry" and always had. R.J. said he was rooting for his dad and hoped his mother could break free of Spencer.

At home, Bill met with Steffy, and she told him the bad news that she had tried to broker a truce with Liam regarding Bill, but Liam was too upset. "I screwed up," Bill admitted. Steffy noted that Bill had crossed a line, and she believed there could be peace again between Bill and Liam, but it wouldn't be soon because Liam had no intention of stepping down. Bill was anxious and nervous.

Steffy asked if Bill was all right. Bill admitted that Brooke had left him. "I can't believe you told Brooke," Steffy said. Bill acknowledged that he'd known she wouldn't take it well, but he hadn't expected her to walk out on him.

Steffy reminded Bill that a lot of people could have been hurt at Spectra. Bill shouted that he had made sure the building was empty before anything had happened. But Steffy countered that firefighters and people outside could have been hurt.

Bill shook his head and said he had always sworn he would never be that guy who treated his kid the way his father had mistreated him. He said he would take it all back to have his family back. Bill added that he didn't know how to live his life any other way.

Bill wanted to make things right with Liam and Brooke. He knew he had become obsessed "with that damned building." He said he'd give up ten skyscrapers to have Brooke back. "I can't lose Brooke," he said. "She'll be back, Bill," Steffy said.

Bill lamented that everything he had done had cost him his family. Steffy agreed, but she promised to help. "Look at me. I'm going to help you get through this," Steffy said. She added that she had never seen him so distraught.

"It's embarrassing," Bill said, but Steffy said he was human -- and was actually the most human she had ever seen him. She caressed his shoulder. Bill called Steffy "an exceptional woman." "I've always known that. Liam's lucky to have you after all he put you through," Bill said. He wondered if Liam deserved Steffy. Bill caressed Steffy's hair. She looked surprised.

At Spencer, Wyatt entered Liam's office and chastised him for "demanding" that Wyatt return to work. Wyatt called Liam "your highness." Liam countered that Wyatt hadn't been at work all week. Liam inquired where Wyatt had been. Wyatt answered that he'd had a pleasant day and refused to be interrogated by his brother. "How'd you get Dad to agree to all of this?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt shouted that their father never took time off, and he ranted that Liam had taken over.

"Enough. I am CEO now. Get over it," Liam advised. He added that someday Wyatt would be in charge, but until then, Liam would operate the company the way he wanted to. Liam announced several of his decisions including raises for employees and better benefits. Wyatt argued, and Liam reminded him that they had loyal employees who had families. "We need to thank them for putting up with Dad," Liam said. Wyatt agreed but said there wasn't enough money for that.

Liam also said he was donating money to research, and Wyatt said he needed to run it by their dad because he wasn't a big fan of giving away money. Liam said he needed no approvals.

Liam added that the skyscraper was not happening. "It turns out Spectra is no longer available," Liam announced. Wyatt countered there was "no chance in hell" that Bill would put up with that, and Wyatt warned that their father would get back at him. "Don't piss him off," Wyatt warned.

Later, after Wyatt had left, Brooke entered Liam's office. "Your father told me everything. I'm sorry for what my husband's done," Brooke said. She added that Liam had the moral compass of the family.

Liam was suspicious. He wondered if Bill had sent Brooke to talk to him. Brooke said she'd left Bill. "For the record, I get it. I see why you had to walk way," Liam said.

Brooke said she was stunned. She still believed in Bill, and she always saw the best in him. Liam countered that his father was a criminal. "It kills me to say that out loud," Liam said. He added that Bill had shown how scary, ruthless, and reckless he had become. Liam wanted to protect the family and the company.

Liam advised Brooke to leave his father because she deserved much better. Brooke was surprised, but she warned that Liam had created a very dangerous situation. She worried that Bill took revenge very seriously and would fight back because he could lose everything he cared about. Brooke expected Bill would be vengeful toward Liam. "Let him. There's nothing more he can do to me," Liam said.

Wyatt is paranoid; Steffy is angry

Wyatt is paranoid; Steffy is angry

> Wyatt is paranoid; Steffy is angry

Wyatt is paranoid; Steffy is angry

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Liam and Steffy argued about Liam's relationship with Bill. They agreed they knew what not to discuss: Bill. Steffy tried to remind Liam that Bill was his dad, and they needed to maintain family. Liam said there was no compromising. Steffy seemed miffed. She left.

At her old house, Brooke checked her phone messages, and Bill had texted that he wanted to work things out. Brooke's phone rang, and it was Bill. She refused to answer.

Steffy entered and asked if Brooke didn't love Bill anymore. Brooke was curious as to why Steffy was there. Brooke added that she couldn't get past Bill punching Liam.

Brooke added that she couldn't believe that Steffy was quizzing her about saving Bill rather than defending Liam. Steffy answered that it was a complicated relationship, but she didn't want to see Bill and Liam part as enemies. She was trying to keep the family together. Steffy couldn't believe that Brooke would allow Bill to lose his company, his son, and his wife.

Brooke reminded Steffy that what Bill had done was criminal. Steffy countered that Bill viewed what Liam had done as blackmail, and she could not disagree. Brooke was shocked.

Steffy quizzed Brooke about what had happened with Bill. Brooke said that Bill had been completely out of control. Steffy said that Brooke should have known what she was in for. Steffy argued that Brooke couldn't say she didn't love Bill anymore. Brooke was surprised and countered that she wondered why Steffy hadn't pressured Brooke to get back with Ridge rather than Bill. Steffy said she felt the families were on the verge of a war. "And I intend to avert it," Steffy said.

Later, after Steffy had left, Brooke looked at her wedding and engagement rings. She sat down and looked at a picture of Bill and flashed back to their happier times together. She cried and held the photo to her chest.

At Katie's, Wyatt and Katie kissed, but Wyatt seemed distracted. He worried that the gardener would enter the house and see him with Katie. He also worried that the housekeeper would see them. Katie assured Wyatt that no one would be in the house, but she noted that he seemed paranoid.

Wyatt admitted that he needed to be discreet because Bill had put Liam in charge, and it had shaken him up a little bit. Wyatt said he wanted to spend time with Katie, but he didn't want his dad to find out yet. Wyatt worried that something was going on at Spencer, and it involved more than what Liam or Bill was sharing.

Katie told Wyatt to calm down and noted that he would soon find out what was going on at Spencer. Wyatt said he was working for Liam Spencer. Katie couldn't believe it had changed that much, but Wyatt said that his nonprofit brother was running the company. Katie embraced Wyatt and said he would figure it out.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally supervised construction and looked around. She flashed back to when fire had engulfed the building. Shirley, Coco, Saul, and Darlita entered the room, and Sally returned to reality. The Spectra employees were thrilled that the place was returning to life. Shirley said she had known that Thomas would pull through. Sally corrected her grandmother, explaining that Thomas was gone and had nothing to do with it. Sally said she had a silent partner.

The gang guessed that Aunt Sally was behind the generosity, but Sally told them it wasn't her namesake. Coco said it didn't matter. She was proud of Sally, and they needed designs. An electrician entered, and Saul demanded the best wiring available. Sally agreed, but she said they needed to finish one office completely so they had a place to work.

At Bill's, Bill met with Justin, and Bill admitted that Brooke had left him. Justin was surprised that Bill had told her about the fire, but Bill answered that they didn't keep secrets in their marriage. Bill took a sip of scotch. Justin suggested that Bill always worked out his problems. Justin warned that drastic measures were underway at Spencer.

At Spencer, Liam met with Jarrett and Alison. He asked Alison to get rid of the skyscraper model in the office. He suggested she send it to his dad. Some additional employees entered and sat down. Liam said he had some announcements.

Liam planned changes to benefits and updated health care coverage. He offered a six-month paid maternity and paternity leave program, and one employee said she couldn't afford it. He replied that he planned to pay them for it.

Liam discussed the impending retirement of one employee but asked if the employee wanted to leave. The employee said the Spencer rule regarding mandatory age of retirement was what was sending him packing. Liam said he could stay as long as he wanted. He was a valuable employee.

Liam asked another employee about his daughter's plans for college, but the employee answered that the family could not afford it. Liam announced that he was prepared to offer $100,000 grants to employee offspring who were giving back to the community. Liam said the employee's daughter was perfect for the grant. Everyone was happy, and Alison and Jarrett left with the employees.

After employees left, Sally entered. She thanked Liam and said she had overheard the employee meeting. Liam admitted that Bill had left the bar pretty low, so it was easy to improve relationships with his dedicated employees.

Sally handed Liam her first design sketch, and she thanked him because he had offered new life to Spectra. Wyatt entered and interrupted. He wanted answers about why his father had given Liam control.

Wyatt wondered what Sally and Liam had been discussing. Wyatt stated that he'd thought Sally had planned to leave town. She answered that she had, but she wanted to check in with Liam about the piece he had planned to run on Sally and Spectra before the fire.

Wyatt was critical of Liam and felt that their dad would never treat Wyatt poorly. Liam agreed. Wyatt was determined to find out what had happened between Liam and Bill. Wyatt left.

Sally told Liam that she knew he had thought she would blow their cover, but she would never out his secret generosity. She hugged him, and Steffy opened the door. She looked angry that Liam was embracing Sally.

Wyatt has fifty million problems with Liam

Wyatt has fifty million problems with Liam

Thursday, September 14, 2017

At Bill's house, Bill and Steffy discussed Bill reconciling with Liam. Bill said Liam believed Bill was a monster. Steffy replied that Bill had punched Liam in the face after committing arson and lying about Caroline dying.

Bill informed Steffy that Caroline had text-messaged that she'd told Thomas that she'd been cured. Steffy replied that Thomas had texted that he was staying in New York. Bill exclaimed that it had worked out the way he'd planned, but Steffy refused to give him credit for it.

As for dealing with Liam, Steffy urged Bill to make the first move. Bill assumed she wanted him to apologize. She said it was a start. He conveyed that he could be reasonable and compromise to a degree. "I don't want to lose my son," he concluded.

Bill had realized that Liam didn't think Bill took Liam seriously because Bill made fun of Liam's lifestyle. "Called him tofu boy," Bill fondly stated. Steffy glared at him. "He's my son," Bill stated. Liam was a part of Bill, and Bill claimed he'd do what he needed to do to save the relationship. Steffy was glad to hear it, and Bill guessed she'd assumed that he'd blow her off.

Steffy said no one defied Bill, and anyone who tried usually regretted it. Bill replied that he wasn't saying Liam wouldn't, and in Bill's view, protecting the circus clown was the worst mistake that Liam had ever made. "But he won't lose his father over it -- not if I can help it," Bill stated.

Steffy asked if Bill would reach out. Bill asked if Liam would listen, and she decided that she should talk to Liam first. Bill remarked that she was putting herself in the middle. Steffy acknowledged it but said if they could fix it, then it might not be an uncomfortable place to be.

Later, Bill was upstairs in the bedroom, flashing back to punching Liam out. Brooke emerged from the bathroom in a teddy and robe, asking how Bill had known she was home. He said he'd seen her arrive through the back. Brooke had wanted to surprise him with a fashion show of things she'd been putting together for their trip.

Brooke had been pondering their trip and decided upon surfing in Mexico. Bill said they wouldn't go to Mexico. She suggested Jamaica, but he declined to go there, too. He said they'd travel the world someday, but it wasn't the time. Confused, Brooke expressed that the whole point of Bill taking time off was to travel with her. She knew something was wrong and urged him to reveal it.

Brooke said she'd love to travel with Bill, but it seemed that he'd reconsidered. Bill said he didn't want her to worry about it. She didn't think he'd say that unless there was something to worry about. She knew that he didn't want to take a leave of absence, and his behavior was worrying her. She implored him to say what was going on.

Brooke believed that they'd be on the yacht at that very moment if Bill had actually wanted to get away. She insisted that Bill tell her what was the matter. She guessed that he might be sick and didn't want her to know it. Bill said he wasn't. Brooke refused to give up on it and said he could tell her anything. Bill admitted that something had happened at the office.

Bill told Brooke that his son had forced him to take a leave of absence. Brooke guessed that he meant Liam. Bill said Liam had forced Bill to sign a letter of resignation. "He blackmailed me. After everything I've done for him, he blackmails me! Hypocrite. To punish me for my supposed crimes, he commits one himself," Bill exclaimed.

Brooke didn't get it. She said Bill hadn't done anything wrong to be blackmailed with. She insisted that, as his wife, she needed to know what was going on.

At Spencer, Sally thought Liam had given her an unbelievable gift. He disagreed, insisting that it was because the building had been in the Spectra family for years, and therefore, she should own it. She couldn't let Liam give it to her because she wasn't a charity case. Liam knew that but felt that it was what was right.

Sally wanted to pay Liam back whatever he'd paid C.J. for the building, but Liam insisted that she didn't owe him anything. She said Liam had restored her faith in humanity, and she owed him more than she could ever thank him for.

Sally thought she needed a magic wand because the Spectra offices were decorated in modern American barbecue. Liam advised her to take out a loan against the property to get everything she needed to fix the property. Sally was impressed by the feeling of owning a building.

Sally believed Bill would go crazy when he heard about it. Liam replied that Bill couldn't do anything because he wasn't in charge. Liam said to look at himself and Sally, who were two big shots, leading their companies into the future. Each warned the other not to let it go to their head.

Liam believed Sally was most of the way to where she wanted to be and said he'd seen her designs. Sally replied that no one else would. Liam instructed her to recreate and improve and to think of everything she'd overcome. The worst was behind her, and all she had to think about was rebuilding the business. Sally had believed that everything had been over, and just like that, Liam had turned it around. She didn't know how anyone could be so generous.

Liam remarked that Sally had just worked too hard to end up with nothing. Sally promised to make the most of the chance. Liam reminded her that what he'd done was their secret. She said it was more than she could have hoped for. They hugged, and Sally left.

At the dark shell of the Spectra building, Saul, Shirley, Coco, and Darlita met Sally. They were confused at why she wanted to meet there and believed the bulldozers would be there at any moment. Sally said it wouldn't happen because the owner didn't want bulldozers. Shirley replied that Bill wanted to tear it down, but Sally replied that she owned the building, not Bill.

Saul asked how it was possible. Sally explained that she had the document to prove it. Shirley hoped Sally hadn't bribed the records department downtown. Sally denied it. She said she had a better question and asked who wanted to get back to business.

Shirley said they'd need to find the winning lottery ticket in the rubble first. Sally explained that she'd take a loan out on the property. Saul asked if Sally was serious and if it really wasn't over. Sally knew that she was asking a lot, and it was a big task; however, they'd done it before. Saul and Darlita said they were in, and Coco agreed to help out.

Sally asked what Shirley thought. Shirley worriedly replied that the building was a big trash heap. Sally asserted that it was where Spectra had been born. It was their history and future. She couldn't do it without her Grams. Shirley said her sister wouldn't forgive her if she wasn't in. Sally exclaimed that Spectra Fashions was back in business.

Back at Spencer, Liam circled "Sky." Steffy arrived. She said she was trying to be supportive, but she was worried about the family rift. She'd seen his father, who felt terrible and regretted everything that had happened, especially punching Liam. Liam scoffed at the idea. He asked about the fire at Spectra and what Bill had done to them.

Steffy said she hadn't gone to Bill to talk about Spectra. She was worried about Liam and Bill. Liam replied that, for the first time in a long time, he wasn't worried, and it was because he wasn't lying for his father anymore or keeping Bill's secrets anymore. Liam was no longer walking the tightrope of ethics and legality. It was a relief to Liam.

Steffy stated that Bill was upset and hated the way he'd left things. Liam believed it was because Bill had thought Liam would let him get away with it, and Liam had done that in the past. Liam was righting his father's wrongs, and it felt good. In Liam's view, Bill had used his power to crush people, but Liam said he would use it to help people.

Though Steffy had total faith in Liam to be an innovative CEO, she didn't think it was the time or the right way. Liam couldn't tell if Steffy was trying to defend his father. Steffy affirmed that Bill had been wrong, but Bill, who felt terrible about what he'd done, was willing to make things right. She said Bill was willing to compromise if Liam would talk to Bill.

Liam didn't think Bill would listen. Steffy disagreed, but Liam said his face indicated otherwise. Steffy stated that Bill had lashed out. Liam believed that Bill had done what came naturally. Liam claimed that Bill did what he'd always done -- attack, attack, attack, attack. In Liam's view, it didn't matter that he was Bill's son or that Sally's designs had been good, and if one was in Bill Spencer's way, Bill would take him down.

Steffy understood and said Bill had lost control. Liam accused her of rationalizing, but she denied it. Liam insisted that Spencer "shouldn't be run by someone like that." To Steffy, it wasn't about the company; it was about the family. She didn't believe either man wanted to poison the family. She believed the punch had awakened Bill, who was willing to implement Liam's ideas for the company.

Liam asked why he couldn't do it himself. He said that if his father was open to change, then his father could prove it by supporting him as CEO and supporting Liam's vision for the company. Liam believed Bill wouldn't do it and said it probably hadn't even been in Steffy and Bill's discussion, because fixing things with Liam was just a means to an end and to getting back power.

Steffy asked Liam to say it to Bill. Liam claimed that Bill already knew it. She urged her husband to talk to his father. She believed family stuck together. She understood Liam's anger, but she urged him to find a way. She cited that Bill was willing to do it, and she wanted to believe Liam was, too. Liam refused. Liam claimed to know his father and refused to compromise, no matter Bill's promises.

Bill attempts to get Brooke back home

Bill attempts to get Brooke back home

Friday, September 15, 2017

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie made out, but Wyatt was distracted by what had happened that day. Wyatt explained that Bill had taken a leave of absence -- and of his mind because he'd made Liam CEO. Wyatt believed that his brother was unfit to run the business, and Wyatt was leery of Liam's new business plan.

Katie wondered if it was the bombshell Steffy had foretold would rock the industry. Wyatt said he'd been working closely with Bill, who hadn't wanted even a vacation. Katie and Wyatt agreed that something wasn't right. She found it hard to believe that Bill had just stepped down, and she recalled that she and Bill had always discussed Wyatt replacing Bill someday.

Wyatt recalled all the conversations over steak and scotch about how alike he and Bill were. Wyatt couldn't believe that Bill would leave with no explanation, and Wyatt noted that Liam was acting weird, too. Wyatt wondered what could have happened between Bill and Liam.

Touching his sword charm, Wyatt said that it had meant everything to him when Bill had given him the revamped sword. Wyatt had finally felt like he belonged in a family, and he'd gained a father that accepted him. Wyatt knew that Bill loved Liam, but Wyatt felt that he and his father had connected on a whole different level.

Katie noted that the men had seen themselves in each other. Wyatt, who'd believed that he was next in line, thought something weird was going on. Katie said he was right, and they'd figure it out together. "Together?" he repeated, and Katie began kissing him.

Later, Wyatt and Katie lay in bed together, marveling at how great their relationship was. Wyatt said it was nice to be able to go to her and shake off the crazy. He was glad he had her. "Not that I presume to have you," he said. She replied that he could have her all he wanted, and they began kissing again.

At Spencer, Steffy tried to get Liam to understand that his relationship with Bill could be forever ruined, but Liam wasn't interested in reconciliation. Steffy said that Bill was willing to meet halfway. Liam asked why Liam would want to do that. She yelled that Bill was Liam's father. She urged Liam not to shut the door and to be willing to give a little.

Liam asked if Steffy knew how much he didn't want to hear his wife defend the indefensible. He called Bill a liar, a cheat, and an arsonist. Liam asked what would have happened if someone had gotten hurt in the Spectra fire or if he'd hit his head on the desk when Bill had clocked him. Liam stated that he'd already said all he needed to say to that man.

Steffy reasoned that Bill regretted what he'd done, but Liam said Bill was just using her to get Liam to give Bill his power back. She replied that she didn't care about the company, and they could divvy it up any way they wanted. Liam didn't want to divvy it up. He said he was in charge, and he could see what it felt like to sit in the chair. It gave him the power to get things done. Liam intended to hold onto the power to do good instead of letting Bill wreak more havoc.

Liam said it was a new dawn, and there was no longer a place at Spencer for Bill's ways. Steffy agreed with Liam standing up for what he believed in, but she insisted that Bill regretted the mistake he'd made. Liam corrected that Bill regretted losing. Steffy believed Bill meant what he'd said to her, and Bill was sorry for setting the fire.

Liam recalled that remorse hadn't been the look in Bill's eyes as he'd towered over Liam, who'd been on the floor, and had vowed to decimate Liam. Liam asked Steffy not to let Bill manipulate her as he'd done to Liam for so long. Steffy understood why Liam was upset, but she had reservations about the way Liam was expressing it. She said Bill was Liam's father. Liam stated that he didn't forgive Bill, and he wouldn't forgive Bill.

In Brooke and Bill's bedroom, things were starting to make sense to Brooke. She said Bill would never voluntarily step down from Spencer unless Liam had something on him. She figured that whatever Bill had done, it had to be serious. Bill said he'd work it out, as he always did. She ordered Bill to stop blowing her off and to tell her how Liam had blackmailed Bill into making Liam CEO of Bill's company.

Bill explained his feelings about Spencer Tower and his desire to put it in the perfect location. He said the building would have gone up no matter what he'd had to do. Brooke replied that the building was still going up, and C.J. would sell the property to Bill because of the fire. The fire had been horrible, in Brooke's view, and she felt bad for the Spectras.

Brooke said the building had fallen into disrepair after the original Sally had left, and the young Sally had done what she'd been able to do to keep the doors open. Brooke believed Sally could have succeeded if she'd had one more day, but accidents happened. Brooke didn't want Bill to feel bad about buying the building.

Bill stated that it hadn't been an accident. "I'm sorry?" Brooke replied. Bill repeated that it hadn't been an accident. Brooke asked Bill what it had been if not an accident and who would hate the Spectras that much to start a deliberate fire.

Bill replied that it hadn't been about hate. He just hadn't been able to wait any longer for the Spectras to fail. He confessed to ordering the fire through Justin. Brooke gasped. Bill added that Liam knew about it and had recorded Bill confessing to it without his knowledge.

Bill raged that his own son had betrayed him. Bill had trusted "that boy" and given him everything, but Liam had betrayed Bill by setting him up. Bill said Liam had threatened to go to the cops if Bill didn't step down and make Liam the CEO. "You set fire to that building?" Brooke asked. "You ordered it? Arson? The day before their show, you committed arson?"

Brooke yelled that Bill could have killed all those people. Bill said he'd made sure that no one had been in the building, but Brooke pointed out that Sally had wound up in the hospital. Bill claimed to feel terrible about it and said he'd had no way of knowing the crew would return to work and run into a burning building.

Brooke gasped. She had admired the way Bill ran his business, even though she hadn't agreed with his methods. She said she'd loved him for who he was regardless of his flaws, but "this" was criminal behavior. "How could you? How could you?" Brooke asked.

Deciding that he wasn't going to make excuses, Bill said he shouldn't have done it, and it had been wrong. Brooke stated that it shouldn't have even crossed his mind. It was vile and the most disgusting thing she'd ever heard. She yelled that he'd almost killed people, and she asked if he thought he was going to get away with it.

Bill stated that he wasn't getting away with anything. Brooke asked if he would have even told her if she hadn't pressed it. Bill claimed he'd wanted to contain it, and the fewer people who knew, the better. She yelled that she was his wife, and what he did affected her. Bill agreed and said he'd done a lot of things he regretted. "Oh! There's more?" Brooke asked.

Bill conveyed that he'd hit Liam, and Brooke groaned in disbelief that he'd hit his own son. Bill explained that he'd just reacted in anger because Liam had threatened to have him arrested. Bill asked if Brooke was hearing him and said that Liam had been kicking Bill out of his own building. All Brooke heard was that Bill cared about his company more than anything.

Brooke asked where Bill had hit Liam, and Bill responded that it had been in the face. She asked who Bill was. She recounted that he'd ordered arson, physically attacked his son, and lied to her about the leave of absence. Bill replied that it was indeed a leave, and he had no intention of just letting the mutiny continue.

Brooke was sure Bill was just planning his next vile and disgusting attack. She asked if he had ever intended to tell her and then told him that she didn't even want to know. Grabbing her clothes, she decided she couldn't be in the house with him or even look at him.

Bill caught Brooke's arm as Brooke tried to exit the room. He admitted to screwing up with Liam and the fire. He claimed that he'd learned his lesson. He swore it. He implored her not to go. He said she could yell at him and call him an irredeemable "bastard," as long as she didn't leave. "Don't go. Please. I might lose my son...I can't lose you," Bill said.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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