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Bill and Steffy saved Liam and Sally from the Spectra rubble. Liam confessed to Steffy that Sally had said she loved him, and the two had kissed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 6, 2017 on B&B
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Bill and Steffy risk their lives to find Liam Bill and Steffy risk their lives to find Liam

Monday, November 6, 2017

At the demolition site, Bill grinned with achievement after the Spectra building crumbled beneath the might of the explosive charges. He checked his phone and saw that Justin had texted him to stop the demolition because Liam was in the building. Bill screamed, "No!"

Steffy asked Bill what was going on. Justin arrived, and he and Bill jerked on each other, screaming incomprehensibly about Liam and not knowing where Liam was. "Oh, my God!" Steffy sobbed. Alex joined the frenzied conversation, saying he thought they'd given the all clear. Bill said Justin had told them that everyone had been out.

The bewildered Justin said everyone had been out, but Sally and Liam had to have run back in. Steffy asked if they realized what they'd done, and Alex hopped on his phone to call a rescue team.

Saul, Shirley, and Darlita arrived, and distraught, Shirley accused Bill of killing Sally and Liam. Shirley beat Bill's chest. He grabbed her hands in midair and told her that he was going in. Alex forbade the dangerous mission, but Bill said he didn't care about himself. "I'm coming with you," Steffy asserted and ran in the direction of the building.

Bill pursued Steffy, and Saul said he should go, too. Darlita advised against it, and Alex told them all to stay put because four in the building was already too many. With flashlights and hard hats in hand, Alex announced that was going to talk sense into the idiots who'd just gone in.

Justin said everyone could blame him for giving Bill the okay. Justin didn't know what had happened and said he'd seen everyone leave. Shirley felt that both men were to blame, and she said Justin had better pray that Sally survived.

The rescue team arrived, and Saul took them to the entrance the others had used. He returned to Darlita and Shirley, and Darlita assured him that Sally and Spectra would survive. Saul said there was no Spectra without Sally. Darlita cried that she needed Sally to be okay, and Sally had believed in her when no one else had.

Shirley replied that it was still present tense, and Sally "believes" in them all. Shirley knew that Sally would be okay because Sally was a Spectra, and Spectras never gave up. Saul sat beside the women and put his long arm over their shoulders.

At Spencer, Katie visited Wyatt, who was sitting in the CEO chair. She was glad that there was unity with the Spencer men, but Wyatt worried that it would fall apart once Bill found out about Katie and Wyatt. Katie believed that Bill respected Wyatt's business sense, and to Katie, Wyatt looked like a man in charge.

Wyatt said Bill saw Wyatt as the future of the company, and as long as Liam was running around saving kittens, Bill didn't care if Liam was running the company or not. Katie recalled that Liam had a hero complex, and Wyatt told her to wait until she heard what Liam had done that time.

Later, Katie was responding to what Wyatt had just told her about Liam. She didn't know about locking oneself in a building that was wired with explosives and said something could go wrong. Wyatt remarked that Steffy was freaking out about it. He got a message on his phone and assumed it was Steffy with an update.

Wyatt grew strangely quiet as he realized it was Justin, who had written that Liam hadn't left the building. "Wow. He must really want to save that building," Katie remarked. Wyatt replied that it was too late, and the building was already down with Liam and Sally still in it.

Katie became upset and said Bill wouldn't do that with people in the building. Wyatt said Bill hadn't known the pair had still been in the building. "Oh, my God," Katie uttered, hugging Wyatt.

Inside the dark, creaking, and smoky building, Steffy and Bill crawled beneath a maze of crumbling dirt, broken concrete slabs, and debris. They called Liam and Sally's names, but no one answered. Bill and Steffy coughed due to all the dust, and they heard Alex calling from somewhere behind them.

Bill backtracked to met Alex, who said that if Steffy and Bill were foolish enough to be in there, they needed hard hats and flashlights. Alex wanted to wait where they were for the rescue team, but Bill had no intention of waiting. He relocated Steffy and gave her a hat and a light.

Steffy offered to split up to cover more ground, but Bill replied that he didn't want to lose her. She said they had to find Sally and Liam. Bill promised that they would.

Bill and Steffy continued their search and found part of Sally Senior's recycling poster. Behind them, a crew of rescuers hurried in with breathing masks on and immediately told Bill and Steffy that they had to get out. Bill replied that he'd leave after he found his son. He instructed the rescuers to search in one direction while he searched in another. A rescuer gave Bill a radio. Bill thanked him and said one of them had to find Liam.

Elsewhere in the building, Liam gasped and coughed. He was lying in the dark on his back with rubble on his chest. He called for Sally and located her next to him, also on her back. He roused her, and she began coughing, too. She shouted out about her legs. He asked if they were broken. She didn't know, but she couldn't move. Neither could Liam, who roared as he tried unsuccessfully to push the concrete off them.

Liam's head fell back, and he huffed. Looking up, he said they were lucky that the beam above them hadn't fallen, "but if that goes..." The sooty Sally and Liam screamed for help but quickly quieted when they heard the beam above them squeaking and cracking.

After a while, Liam decided that the beam and slab above were still steady in place. Sally stated that she could barely breathe. Liam believed they were in shock. As she gasped, he tried to get her to focus on him. He said they were fighters, and she had to believe they were getting out of there. He asked her to dig down and be the fighter she'd always been.

Sally stated that she was a fighter to the end. Liam was glad he'd stood up to his father. "Maybe he doesn't see how unique you are, how gifted you are. Maybe he doesn't see that you have things to offer this world, but you do. And you will. And I'm gonna make sure of it because I see it, even if he doesn't, Sally. I see it," Liam stated. He coughed and winced in pain.

Sally and Liam screamed for help until it hurt too much to do so. She thanked him for being there with her, and he joked that he got to spend the afternoon beneath tons of concrete with a hot redhead. He believed any man would switch places. Sally quipped that all men would want to spend their last hours with the woman who'd thought she could win against Bill Spencer.

Liam claimed that Sally had won, no matter how "this" ended. "If you think that my father can go forward with this project now -- I'm just saying, he won't come out of this looking like a hero," Liam stated. Sally responded that it had never been an option with Liam around, and Liam was a hero to her and all the Spectras.

Sally had thought she'd known what a good person was and what love was, but Liam had shown her that it went much deeper. She said she wasn't hitting on him. Instead, it was about kindness, dedication, and everything Liam had done for her and their cause. In her view, he'd been willing to die for what was right and willing to die for her. He'd shown her the person she wanted to be if they somehow got out of there.

In Sally's mind, words couldn't express what he'd grown to mean to her and how much she appreciated him. She decided that words actually might be able to. "I love you, Liam. In an innocent way. In a beautiful way with all of my heart for who you are and what you have done. And I will never meet anyone like you ever again," she stated and kissed him.

Sally strained to lean forward and kiss Liam again. Above them, the ceiling creaked and strained, and Sally and Liam looked at each other in panic.

Sally tells Liam that she loves him

Sally tells Liam that she loves him

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

by Pam

Inside the partially collapsed Spectra building, Bill and Steffy screamed for Liam and Sally. Bill and Steffy coughed as dust encircled them, and they heard a wall collapse nearby. Steffy stumbled, and Bill held her up. They continued to move ahead, but the building shook.

Steffy stopped and gasped. She could see red hair sticking out from underneath a slab of fallen concrete. Steffy assumed it was Sally. She pointed in fear and begged Bill to help. "Do something," Steffy cried. Bill moved concrete and cleared away debris to find it wasn't Sally. It was a mannequin. "Oh, my God, we've got to find them," Steffy screamed. Bill and Steffy called out to Sally and Liam.

In another part of the partly demolished Spectra building, Sally and Liam were unconscious and nearly buried to their chests under the building debris with a huge slab of concrete on top of them. Sally started to cough, and it startled Liam awake.

Sally and Liam wondered if anyone knew they were there. Liam said that he was sure his father had seen them return to the building. They both started to call out for help. Sally stopped and told Liam that she had meant what she'd said earlier. "I love you, Liam. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't regret any of it," she said. She started coughing again, and suddenly Liam and Sally could hear Bill and Steffy calling to them. Sally and Liam screamed for help, and Bill and Steffy followed the sounds of their voices.

Bill climbed over building debris and told Liam to keep yelling so they could follow the sound. However, the building was creaking, and Steffy and Bill had to dodge concrete dust and debris falling from above. They got closer to Liam and Sally, but they could only see their feet at first.

Bill wanted to see if Liam could move something, but Liam advised Bill to be careful. Neither he nor Sally could move their legs, and Liam warned Bill to avoid dislodging a beam above them because if it collapsed, they would all die. "We can't move," Liam said. Liam and Sally both said they were in pain, but their legs were numb. Steffy cried, and Bill had a plan to get Sally out because she was easier to move.

"Everybody calm down," Bill ordered. He and Steffy lodged a beam under the concrete slab that covered Sally. Bill used the beam as a lever and pushed the concrete up high enough for Steffy to pull Sally to safety.

Bill and Steffy tried to do the same thing again on the slab that was on top of Liam, but Liam said it was too heavy for them. They needed to wait for backup. Bill agreed and called to tell rescuers he had found Liam and Sally. Bill worried that they couldn't wait long because the building was rapidly falling apart. Liam ordered his dad not to be a hero. He didn't want them all to die there. Bill refused to leave his son.

Firefighters showed up, and with Steffy and Bill's assistance, they got Liam out from under the concrete slab. Bill pulled Liam to safety, and they embraced. Steffy was shaking and embraced Liam. The building shook, and everyone coughed. Steffy hugged Liam, and Sally watched. Liam and Sally locked eyes, and Bill looked at both of them. The firefighters warned that they had to get out of the building fast.

Outside, Justin looked through binoculars to see if he could spot Bill or Steffy. Darlita, Saul, and Shirley were angry with Bill and Justin. The trio warned that Liam and Sally had better get out alive. "You murdered them! How could you?" Darlita screamed. She pounded on Justin's chest and arms, and Saul pulled her away. Shirley insisted they had to be positive, and she was sure Sally would get out.

Saul wondered what they would do if Sally didn't make it out. Shirley refused to allow Saul or Darlita to think like that. Darlita agreed and claimed that Sally had nine lives. The trio again asked Justin for some word, but he had none.

Darlita, Saul, and Shirley wondered why Sally and Liam had returned to the building, and Shirley said that she would make Bill Spencer pay if anything happened to Sally. A firefighter showed up and told Justin, Darlita, Saul, and Shirley that it was horrible inside the unstable building. He reported that they had pulled Sally out, and she had no broken bones.

Shirley hugged the fireman and asked about Liam, but the firefighter said rescuing Liam was more complicated because the building was going to cave in. They could only work so long without losing members of the rescue team and the victims.

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Katie wondered if there was any news about Liam and Sally, and they were both distraught. Wyatt called Justin, and Justin said he didn't have any news. Justin added that Steffy and Bill had gone in to look for Sally and Liam. Wyatt said he was going to join them, but Justin insisted that Wyatt had to stay in the office. Wyatt disagreed, but Justin explained that it was a dangerous situation, and if things turned out badly, someone had to be able to effectively communicate with the public. "You have to listen to me, Wyatt," Justin said. He added that Bill would want Wyatt to stay put and handle things from Spencer.

Wyatt countered that he could do that from the Spectra site, but Justin explained that they couldn't even get close to the building. Wyatt wanted to know more, but Justin knew nothing. They hung up, and Wyatt bellowed at Alison to get the fire chief on the phone. He wanted to know what was happening.

Wyatt and Katie embraced, and Katie couldn't believe what Bill had done. Katie told Wyatt they had to have faith. Wyatt said he couldn't lose his brother, and he flashed back to the Spencer reunion in Bill's office when Bill had embraced his boys and said they were a new and better Spencer 2.0. Wyatt worried that Bill, Steffy, Liam, and Sally were all in danger.

Steffy questions Liam's commitment to their marriage

Steffy questions Liam's commitment to their marriage

> Steffy questions Liam's commitment to their marriage

Steffy questions Liam's commitment to their marriage

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

by Pam

At the hospital, Liam stood next to Sally's bed. Liam and Sally were covered in dirt and concrete dust, and Sally had an I.V. in her arm. They discussed how lucky they were to survive the demolition of Spectra. They both coughed and compared aches and pains.

The doctor entered and told Liam and Sally that they had both been "insanely lucky" to not have broken bones and to be alive. The doctor added that they would be coughing for a while because of the concrete dust they had inhaled. He added that they should return to the hospital if the coughing brought up blood.

The doctor shared that a crowd of family and friends had been waiting outside the room to see Liam and Sally. The doctor promised to share the good news of their diagnoses with the crowd. A few minutes later, Steffy entered and embraced Liam. She was glad to hear that he was all right. Steffy asked about Sally, and Sally answered that she had received the same good news that Liam had.

Sally was distraught, and Steffy told her not to worry. She was glad they were both alive.

In the waiting room, Coco, Saul, Darlita, Shirley, and Bill waited for news on Sally and Liam. Saul, Darlita, and Shirley told Bill that he was to blame for everything that had happened. Bill countered that he had never wanted to hurt Liam or Sally.

Shirley said Bill was a heartless killer. Bill tried to reason with her, but she wouldn't listen. Bill begged all of them to understand. He asked Coco to remember that she worked with Bill's wife Brooke at Forrester. He maintained that Coco had to know he wasn't a heartless killer, or Brooke wouldn't have stayed with him. Coco noted that she thought they were divorced.

Bill ignored her and promised to set Spectra up on the edge of the fashion district in a newer, "more compact" building. Saul countered that their former building had certainly been compacted, thanks to Bill. Bill promised to handle the move, a year's rent, and more. Shirley said they didn't want his help.

After Bill had received news that Liam was all right, he left the waiting room and entered Liam's room. Liam glared at him.

Bill quietly said he'd heard the good news from the doctor but had wanted to see Liam for himself to be sure he was all right. "None of this is all right," Liam said. He glared at his dad.

Bill advised Liam that he wasn't trying to win a popularity contest. Bill reminded Liam that he had seen Liam and Sally leave the building before they had detonated the explosives. Steffy tried to calm them both, but Liam was angry. Bill interrupted and said he wanted to help Sally and her team get back on their feet. He appreciated her pride and respected her talent.

Sally angrily countered that Bill had killed her past and her future. The Spectra building was where the family had been for generations. It was where they'd held family reunions. Her Aunt Sally had given inspirational speeches there and much more.

Steffy and Bill tried to point out that Bill wanted to make amends, but Liam said he had fallen for Bill's tricks before. Liam said he was tired of his dad and his setting fires and blowing stuff up. He encouraged Bill to fire him because Bill had Wyatt, who would always agree with him. Bill wanted Liam to calm down, but Liam was livid. "You almost killed us. Go home!" Liam ordered. Bill said he hoped they could pick up the conversation at a later time when Liam had cooled down. Bill left.

Later, Liam and Steffy left, and Coco, Saul, Darlita, and Shirley entered Sally's room and expressed how grateful they were that she was alive. They wanted to get her home. Shirley said that "Mr. Spencer" had paid Sally's bill.

Sally wanted to know if it was Liam, but Shirley said it didn't matter. They needed to leave and start over. Shirley encouraged everyone to wait outside for Sally to get dressed. Coco, Darlita, and Shirley left, and Saul stayed. He was emotional and told Sally that he should have been there with her. Sally argued that they could never have let him get hurt because she needed him. Saul kissed her on the head and left. Sally dressed herself but flashed back to kissing Liam.

At Forrester, Katie filled Brooke in on what had happened at Spectra. Brooke couldn't believe Bill had been so careless. Katie explained that Bill was devastated that his son could have died in the building. Brooke wondered how Katie had heard the news, and Katie explained that she had been at Spencer and in Bill's office. She added that Wyatt had told her what had happened.

Brooke was glad that Wyatt and Katie had grown so close after the fashion challenge between Spectra and Forrester. Brooke wondered why Bill was so impatient. Katie said that Bill had been remorseful, and she wanted to encourage Bill to try to do the right things. She encouraged Brooke to do the same.

At home, Liam and Steffy snapped at each other over little things. Liam asked if Steffy was mad at him. Steffy said she was trying to be nice, but it had been a draining day. Liam had scared her, and it was all because of Sally.

Liam and Steffy argued that Liam was trying help Sally, and his father continued to destroy her and her dream. Liam said that Sally had taken loans on the property to rebuild, and she was left with no way to repay the loans, no building, and no business. Liam felt responsible.

Steffy maintained that Liam had gone too far. She said that people like Sally could stand on their own, and Steffy reminded Liam that Sally had stolen from her family's company. Liam started to argue, but Steffy said it had to stop. She called Sally a user. She didn't want to argue, but she wanted it all to end. She was relieved that Liam was all right because she'd thought he was dead. They embraced, and Liam flashed back to kissing Sally.

At home, Bill, still dressed in his tattered shirt and covered in dirt, poured himself a drink, but he was shaking too much to drink it. Brooke entered and asked if he was all right. Bill thanked her for visiting him and said that he and Liam had made peace at one time. Bill was devastated and emotional. Bill wondered if he and Brooke could start over.

Brooke was shocked that Bill had not checked to see where Liam had been before he'd demolished Spectra. Bill explained that he had been told the building was empty. Bill blamed Liam for siding with the Spectras and not with his own family. Bill said that Liam had almost gotten himself killed.

Brooke defended Liam. She said he was a gentle and compassionate young man, and Bill could have learned something from him. Bill tried to defend himself, but Brooke stopped him. "Bill, you almost killed him," she said. She added that Liam was standing up for something that was honorable, "not having a tantrum."

Bill said that he had accomplished extraordinary things on his own but had problems making the ordinary things work. Brooke blamed his violent behavior. Bill blamed accidents. Brooke shrugged. "So many accident happen around you, Bill," she said.

Brooke encouraged Bill to have more compassion. She said she had planned to honor her vows for the rest of her life. Bill said she still could, but Brooke disagreed. "Goodbye, Bill," she said, and she walked out.

Sally begs Liam to keep their kiss a secret

Sally begs Liam to keep their kiss a secret

Thursday, November 9, 2017

At Spencer, Bill stared out the window as he asked if Wyatt had heard from his brother. Wyatt had checked in with Steffy while Liam had been showering. Steffy had told Wyatt that Liam was sore and coughing but would be okay physically. Wyatt asked how Bill was and how things were with Brooke. The monotone Bill replied that Brooke had written him off.

Wyatt asked if Brooke understood that what had happened hadn't been Bill's fault, and Bill hadn't known that Liam had run back into the building. Bill replied that she didn't want to understand it, and Liam was done with Bill also.

Wyatt asked what had happened between the men at the hospital, and Bill described how Liam had just gone on and on in defense of Sally. To Bill, it was like Sally had "the hold" on Liam. Wyatt wondered what that was. "'The hold,' Wyatt," Bill repeated.

Wyatt repeated it, too, and Bill said Wyatt could see it in the decisions Liam had been making. Before the explosion, everything for Liam had been about propping up Sally and Spectra, and since Sally had lost the building, Bill could only imagine how insufferable Liam would be. Bill said that Sally had become even more pathetic than before.

Wyatt stated that he was there for Bill. Bill said Wyatt had been a more supportive son than Bill could have imagined. Wyatt felt proud to be Bill's son. Bill had given Wyatt many opportunities and great things in life, and running the company with Bill and Liam was like a dream to Wyatt.

Bill said that Liam had turned his back on it to continue to play the knight and shining idiot to Sally's damsel in distress. Bill was sure nothing good would result from it.

At Liam's house, Liam flashed back to Sally kissing him. Steffy entered, saying that Ridge had messaged to check on Liam. She'd told her father that Liam was the luckiest man alive. Steffy hugged Liam tightly, and he assured her that he was okay. She asked if he really was after all he'd been through.

Coughing, Liam complained about Bill leveling the building. Liam believed Bill never should have done it and hadn't considered Liam's compromises. Liam felt that it had been an obsession for Bill. Steffy asked about Liam's obsession with defending Sally at every turn.

Steffy stated that Liam had staged a sit-in, something she'd known would end badly, and she could have lost him. "And for what? For Sally Spectra?" she asked.

Later, Liam wished things could be different between Bill and him, but they wouldn't be after what had happened. Steffy stated that emotions had run high, and Liam needed to return to the place of forgiveness he'd been in with Bill a few days prior. Liam couldn't do that because he no longer trusted Bill, who'd almost killed Liam and Sally.

Liam believed it had all been preventable, but Dollar Bill couldn't cave in to a sit-it and had to win at all costs. Bill would get to build his skyscraper and bask in his ego, but Liam didn't want any part of it -- especially if it went against what Liam stood for, which was righting wrongs like that. "Wrongs done to Sally Spectra in particular?" Steffy asked.

Steffy said that Sally was a woman Steffy had strong feelings about, a woman who'd crossed many lines and would do so again. Steffy asserted that Liam didn't trust Bill, and she didn't trust Sally. Steffy understood that Liam had gone through something intense with Sally. Steffy was glad that Sally was okay, but Steffy didn't want him to feel like he had to keep helping Sally.

Steffy understood that Liam had been a friend to Sally --- a really good friend -- but Steffy thought it was time to kiss Sally goodbye. Liam stared around awkwardly and decided that he needed to leave.

Later, Steffy arrived at Bill's house and said Alison had told her that he'd left for the day. Bill said he hadn't been getting a lot done. He'd thought she'd be with her husband. Steffy said Liam had gone out, so she'd decided to check on Bill. Bill stated that he was fine and dandy. He poured himself a drink, but he caught a glimpse of a photo of Liam and slammed the drink down.

Steffy said she was trying to get through to Liam because the Spencer family had to heal. "What's left of it," Bill quipped. He told Steffy that Brooke had been there to let him have it for almost blowing up Liam and Liam's favorite redhead. Steffy asked if he'd explained that it had been an accident. Bill said it hadn't made a difference, and he and Brooke were finally over.

Bill pulled off his wedding band and tossed it on a table. Steffy said she was sorry. Bill was, too. He was sorry that Brooke couldn't be more understanding like Steffy. Steffy said she and Brooke were very different, but Brooke loved him despite everything. Bill thought Steffy could be right, but he said Brooke hadn't been able to be there for him when he'd needed her support; however, Steffy had.

Steffy believed it might be because Brooke hadn't seen what Bill had gone through firsthand the way Steffy had. She said Brooke had walked away before it had all happened. He remarked that Steffy was incredible; she didn't judge and tried to see all sides. Steffy just wanted peace in the family. She felt that the Spencer men needed to value and appreciate their differences instead of using them against each other.

Steffy conveyed that Bill was a renegade, but Liam was sensitive. She loved Liam for being committed, especially to their marriage. Bill asked how she could be so wise. She said she had a marriage with a strong foundation. Because of Liam, she could see the goodness in people. He'd opened her eyes to the importance of devotion and trust in a relationship, especially a marriage. She believed that Bill and Liam would get their loyalty and trust back.

At Sally and Coco's place, Sally flashed back on telling Liam that she loved him. Coco entered with a tray of Sally's favorites for breakfast. Coco was relieved that she hadn't lost her sister, best friend, and roommate, but she'd never forgive Bill for the loss of Spectra.

The sisters discussed borrowing some jelly from the lady across the hall who had six cats, all named Zoe, and Coco suggested that they get a pet from the shelter. Coco asked if Liam was still involved with the shelter. Sally wondered how her sister knew that, and Coco replied that Steffy had to have mentioned it -- or R.J. Coco said it was another wonderful cause that Liam championed besides Spectra -- and Sally.

Sally revealed that she'd been afraid she'd die after the explosion, and she'd said what she'd had to say to Liam in case those trapped moments had been her last. Coco had read that people in life-threatening situations sometimes shared things they normally wouldn't. Coco asked if that was what had happened between Sally and Liam.

Just then, Liam knocked on the door. Coco answered the door and took off to see if the cat lady had any jam. Once alone with Liam, Sally assumed he was there about the kiss. She claimed to get it and said it had never happened.

Liam said Sally's name, but Sally cut him off to express that the circumstances had been crazy and frightening. She said young people didn't think of dying and took risks. Liam took full responsibility for the sit-in because it had been his idea. Sally didn't blame Liam, who'd been in her corner the way no one ever had before.

Liam was sorry he hadn't been able to stop Bill. Sally was, too, but she said they'd given it their all and then some. Liam remarked that the building was gone, but the talent behind it wasn't. He believed she could find a way back from it. Sally doubted it would be in Los Angeles. Liam asked why it wouldn't. Sally said she'd told him she loved him. She recalled that she'd said a lot of things, and though she'd meant them, Steffy didn't need to know.

Liam thought Steffy did need to know, and he said he had to be honest with his wife. Sally didn't want him to, but he said he couldn't keep secrets from his wife. Sally believed that Steffy would go nuts if she learned that Liam had kissed Sally.

Liam said he'd make Steffy see that it hadn't been Sally's fault, and it had been due to a life-threatening situation. Sally said it was true, but Steffy wouldn't believe that was as far as it had gone. Liam felt he couldn't "not" tell Steffy. He stated that he'd already broken the loyalty vow. He wasn't going to break the honesty one, too. "Even if it will tear your marriage apart?" Sally asked.

Liam didn't believe it would go that way -- at least he hoped it wouldn't. Sally didn't know why he'd take the chance. She said that people had their secrets, and she promised not to breathe a word of it to anyone. She didn't expect anything from Liam and felt only gratitude and respect for him. Liam appreciated it, but he said it wasn't about her.

Liam said it was about his principles and the vows he'd made to Steffy. He hadn't been able to sleep the night before. Sally was sorry. She'd never meant to hurt or haunt him. She wanted for him what he wanted -- which was Steffy. Sally just didn't have a good feeling about it and implored him not to tell Steffy.

Steffy learns that Liam broke their vows

Steffy learns that Liam broke their vows

Friday, November 10, 2017

At Sally's house, Liam insisted that he couldn't lie to his wife. Sally didn't think he needed to say anything at all. "Yeah, I do," he replied. She warned that Steffy wouldn't understand the circumstances, but Liam insisted that he had to tell his wife that he'd kissed Sally.

Sally said that Steffy was relieved that Liam was safe and okay. Liam replied that he wasn't okay and wouldn't be until he told his wife what had happened. He said that it had been more than a kiss. Sally responded that she'd told him that she loved him.

Sally said Liam was an amazing man to want to tell the truth, but he had to be honest with himself. Steffy hated Sally, and Sally believed that if Liam told Steffy, Steffy would hate him, too. It was a chance Liam was willing to take. He said that if he wanted to uphold values and principles, he had to also adhere to them. Liam couldn't keep things a secret from Steffy.

Later, Coco returned, and Sally was alone. Coco had met the neighbor's seventh cat. She asked Sally what had gone on with Liam. Sally said he'd just wanted to talk about what they'd gone through, and he believed in getting things out in the open. Coco asked if it had helped. Sally replied that he thought so, but she doubted it. Coco asked what Sally was worried about.

Sally was concerned about Liam. Coco asked why, and Sally revealed that they'd kissed. Flashing back on being stuck in the rubble, Sally explained that she'd thought it had been the last moments of her life. Sally claimed she hadn't been thinking of right and wrong. Coco assumed that Sally had kissed Liam. "And he kissed me back," Sally added.

Sally said a feeling had enveloped her, and she'd told Liam that she loved him. "Oh, Sal..." Coco replied. Coco figured that it had been fear talking.

Sally responded that she really did feel that way, but she didn't want to cause problems in his marriage. Coco decided that Sally had to forget it and tell no one else. Sally stated that Liam wanted to be honest with his wife and was telling Steffy about it at that moment.

At Bill's house, Steffy offered Bill consolation. She said he had Will and Wyatt, and though Liam wouldn't admit it, Liam thought his relationship with Bill was important. Bill replied that it was to him, too. Though he felt he shouldn't have to say his next words, he wanted Steffy to know that he'd never intended to hurt Liam.

Steffy knew it. She said she'd been there to see it. Bill thanked her for her understanding. He stated that he sometimes felt that she understood him better than anyone ever had.

In the Spencer CEO's office, Katie was surprised that Wyatt was taking the risk of kissing her in Bill's office. Wyatt explained that his father had gone home and that things had been rough on Bill, who'd really thought he'd win Brooke back. Katie said Bill had had to have his tower, no matter the cost. Wyatt wondered if Bill believed it had been worth it.

Wyatt planned to be there for his father. He wanted Bill to know that not everyone hated him. Katie said Wyatt had felt second best, but he'd become golden. Wyatt wasn't sure about all that, but Katie insisted that the situation with Liam and Bill could have an impact on Wyatt's future. She asked if Wyatt thought it would change if Bill found out about her and Wyatt.

Katie was worried that the relationship she had with Wyatt would jeopardize his relationship with his father. She felt that he'd earned his new closeness to his father, and she didn't want to see him lose it. Katie said that they should put their relationship on hold or end it. Taken aback, Wyatt asked if it was what she really wanted.

Katie wanted Wyatt to have the things he wanted, and Bill had started to trust Wyatt and give Wyatt a place of prominence. Wyatt appreciated his relationship with his father, but he wasn't about to give up on what he had with Katie.

Wyatt and Katie started to kiss but broke away in a panic when they heard Bill entering the office. The two awkwardly greeted Bill, and Bill asked, "What the hell is this?" Bill accused Wyatt of playing captain of the ship in Bill's absence. Bill asked what Katie was doing there. Katie claimed she'd stopped by to check on him.

Bill grumbled about Katie's concerned ex-wife tone and asked her to let him have it. Katie agreed that she was concerned. He'd been through something horrific, and she was sorry for it. Surprised, Bill thanked her for the sentiments. She asked if he'd seen Brooke.

"Yeah, I saw Brooke," Bill replied in a sardonic tone. He remarked that he'd hoped to get Brooke's forgiveness after Liam had given his to Bill. Wyatt pointed out that Liam's had been short-lived. Bill added that it had dried up the moment Liam had known that Bill's new attitude didn't extend to Liam's redheaded pet project.

Katie said Sally wasn't to blame for what had gone on. "No, I think Liam's obsession with Sally is to blame for this," Bill clarified. Bill noted that Liam had risked his life for that woman. Wyatt said Liam hadn't believed Bill would blow up the building with Liam in it. Throwing up his hands, Bill wholeheartedly agreed that he wouldn't have done so while knowing Liam had been in it.

Bill ranted that Liam didn't want to hear it. It didn't matter to Liam that Bill and Steffy had almost lost him. "No! All he wants to talk about is Sally Spectra!" Bill raged. He stated that Steffy had told Liam to stay out of the building, "but, no...Sally had to be protected!" Bill said he just had to wonder. Bill suspected that Liam would alienate Steffy with "this preoccupation" Liam had.

At the cliff house later, Liam arrived home and told Steffy that they needed to talk. He wanted her to understand what had happened at Spectra, and he wanted to say it right. Steffy told him to take his time. She revealed that she'd seen Bill, and Liam wished she wouldn't do that.

Grimacing, Steffy said she wouldn't cut Bill off. She was determined to find peace in the family. She knew that Bill needed to recognize that Liam's values made Liam strong. Liam's sense of commitment was one of the things she loved most about him. She asked what was on his mind, and Liam replied that there was something she needed to know.

Steffy knew that something had been weighing on Liam because he'd barely slept the other night. She thought about the sit-in and how she'd almost lost him. Liam insisted that she'd never lose him. He started to explain what had happened at Spectra. He backtracked to the beginning of it all, but Steffy didn't want to hear it. Liam insisted upon saying it all.

Liam felt that he was nothing if he didn't live according to his beliefs. According to Liam, Bill had been bullying Sally from the moment she'd reopened Spectra, and Liam had had to stand up to Bill and show that Liam wouldn't back down.

Liam jumped forward in time and began explaining that he and Sally had been trapped under debris and afraid that the beam above them would fall. Liam conveyed that Sally had said things that he was sure she wouldn't have said in any other context. He stated that Sally had said she loved him. "And then she kissed me," he said.

"Sally kissed you?" Steffy asked. Liam explained that it had been an intense situation. "And then she told you she loved you?" Steffy asked. Liam repeated that it had been an intense, emotional situation. "And then you kissed?" Steffy asked. She wondered if it was like a farewell kiss.

Steffy asked how Liam had responded to it. She asked if he'd pulled away or told Sally that she was crazy. Liam replied that they'd kissed again. Steffy gasped, shocked that he'd kissed Sally back. She said everyone had warned her about him and Sally.

Steffy accused Liam of having feelings for Sally. Steffy said that he hadn't called out for his wife or help when he'd thought he was going to die. Instead, he'd been making out with Sally Spectra. Steffy felt sick to her stomach.

Liam said he'd screwed up being a loyal and committed husband, but he hadn't wanted to lie about screwing it up. He said he was sorry, and he loved Steffy. He tried to touch Steffy, but she cringed, yelling, "Don't, don't!" He repeated that he loved her. Liam needed Steffy to understand what had happened, and even though there was no excuse, he needed her to forgive him.

Steffy looked at Liam as if he was a crazed stranger. She tried to speak, but all she could do was sob.

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