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Bill sought to comfort Steffy about her marriage, and the two wound up having sex. Steffy was racked with guilt, but instead of being honest with Liam about what she'd done, she renewed her vows to him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 13, 2017 on B&B
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Steffy doesn't know if she wants Liam anymore Steffy doesn't know if she wants Liam anymore

Monday, November 13, 2017

At Sally's house, Coco was amazed that Sally had professed love to Liam when the two had been trapped in the rubble. Sally knew it had been a crazy thing to do, and she said that if Liam was anything other than loyal, they could just forget about it. However, Liam had to be honest with his wife, and Sally feared it would end badly for Liam and Steffy.

Coco assumed that Sally's feelings hadn't happened overnight. Agreeing, Sally said Coco had no idea of how supportive Liam had been, and it had started when Liam had gifted the building to Sally. Sally had been attracted by his goodness and said she'd never met a man like Liam.

Coco was shocked by Liam's generosity. She said Liam cared about people, unlike his father. Sally added that he cared about animals and the universe. "And you," Coco stated. Sally replied that Liam was an amazing friend. Coco said Sally didn't have to pretend. Coco could hear in Sally's voice and see in her face when she talked about Liam that Sally was in love with him.

Coco figured that being trapped had been a horrific experience and asked if Sally wanted to talk about it. Sally remembered that the explosion had knocked her out, and she'd awakened when Liam had called to her. It had been dark. She could still hear the water dripping and taste the dust and smoke. Sally said she'd died and gone "to hell," but looking over at Liam had made her realize that she'd been alive.

Liam had talked Sally down from her fears, despite her physical pain. He'd told her wonderful things about her talent and fighting spirit. That had been when Sally had told him that she loved him. Coco asked what he'd said. Sally replied that Liam hadn't responded with words, and that had been when she'd kissed him. Liam had kissed her back, and she'd forgotten about dying.

Sally said that she and Liam had been in a moment, but they'd returned to reality. She just wanted Liam and Steffy to get beyond it. Coco asked if Sally really wanted things to work out with the marriage. Coco was sure Steffy wouldn't let Sally near Liam, and Sally might never see him again.

Sally said that Coco was probably right about it, and if it happened, Sally would miss him and long for another moment between them. Sally knew it would never happen because Liam wanted Steffy. It didn't seem right to Coco that Sally took the blame for it all. Sally said it was the price she was willing to pay for Liam's happiness.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam had coffee and discussed Steffy's resolve and belief in healing the family. When Bill had seen the conviction in Steffy's eyes, it had made him a believer, too. Wyatt remarked that the two had settled their differences for a moment the last time, but Wyatt couldn't see Liam and Bill hugging it out anytime soon. Bill replied that they wouldn't have had that prior moment without Steffy.

Wyatt countered that it had been okay, but Bill had then blown up the Spectra building with Liam in it. Bill complained that Wyatt was super negative. Bill shifted the blame to Liam, who'd staged the sit-in. "Who does that? Your neo-hippy brother, that's who!" Bill rasped. Bill said Liam should have stayed out of it instead of getting caught up with Sally Spectra.

Bill believed that the best shot Liam had at getting his marriage on track would be if Sally left town. Wyatt asked about Bill and Liam. Bill replied that Steffy believed she could salvage the relationship between the men again, and he recalled how he and Liam had hugged it out right there in that office. Wyatt was glad he'd been there to witness it. Bill grumbled that Liam had thrown it all away on Sally Spectra.

Bill was still shaken by what he referred to as the worst moment of his life. He hadn't known what he would have done if Liam had died in the demolition. Wyatt said not to go there because Liam was fine. Bill had thought the incident would make him and Liam closer, but Liam was angrier than ever. Wyatt considered that Bill might want too much too soon.

Recalling that Steffy had said the same thing, Bill said Steffy had advised him to be patient and kind, and she hadn't been wrong yet. Bill was amazed by the lengths Steffy would go to save the father and son relationship. He thought she was incredible.

Wyatt replied that Bill didn't have to tell Wyatt how amazing Steffy was. Wyatt already knew. Bill didn't understand why Liam wasn't being more considerate of his wife and why Liam was giving his attention to Sally Spectra instead of his wife.

At the cliff house, Steffy didn't understand why Liam and Sally had been in a life-threatening situation, and instead of screaming out for help, they'd started making out. Liam said he deserved for Steffy to be upset with him, but the act had had nothing to do with his feelings for her. He begged her to forgive him.

Recalling that Liam had said that Sally loved him, Steffy asked if he loved Sally, too. Liam claimed to love only Steffy. "But you didn't tell her that. You didn't even mention my name because, if I've got the timing right, that's when you started kissing her," Steffy replied.

Liam responded that Sally had kissed him, but it was true that he'd kissed her back. Steffy asked how he could do it. He stated that it had only been a moment, but Steffy had to believe that he'd never stopped loving Steffy. Steffy didn't know what to believe. She was sure he loved her, but he apparently had feelings for Sally, too.

Liam asserted that he'd made a mistake, but he only had feeling for Steffy. Steffy roared that he'd kissed Sally. Liam admitted to letting Steffy and himself down. Steffy murmured that she couldn't get the image out of her mind, and he claimed it had been a life-or-death moment. Steffy asked if that was supposed to be make it okay, because it didn't.

Liam said that it wasn't an excuse; it was what had happened. Liam claimed that Bill was the reason that he and Sally had been under the rubble, and he'd seen it as a way to comfort Sally before they'd died. "Unbelievable!" Steffy exclaimed. "In your last moments on earth, all you cared about was comforting Sally? Well, what about me? What about your wife? Did you even spare a thought for me?"

Though he figured he wasn't explaining it right, Liam wasn't sure he could even give a logical explanation. He only knew that he loved Steffy, and he only wanted a future and family with Steffy, if it were even possible. If it wasn't, he'd be happy to just be with her. Steffy said she'd always counted on him to be loyal and never betray her.

Liam claimed that Steffy had his loyalty. Disagreeing, Steffy cited that he'd put the family, his father, the company, and even his wife second. "To her! Sally Spectra, my worst enemy!" Steffy screamed.

Liam told Steffy that she was second to none. "Oh, my God, where have I heard that before?" Steffy quipped. Steffy remembered competing with Hope and said that nothing Steffy had ever done had been good enough. He replied that it wasn't true, but Steffy believed that it was and said Hope had won every time. "Up until she left for Paris," Steffy said.

Steffy claimed she'd been able to deal with it because Hope had at least been a decent human being, unlike Sally. Steffy claimed that Sally was a liar, a user, and a thief who'd used Steffy. Steffy asked if it had occurred to him that fighting Sally's battles would upset Steffy.

Steffy remembered telling him that again and again, but she concluded that her feelings didn't compare to Sally's pain and constant victimization. "But, Steffy, she was victimized," Liam replied. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Even now, you can't stop yourself from defending her!" Steffy complained.

Steffy guessed that the entire time that she'd been trying to heal the damage Liam had caused in Sally's name, he and Sally had been flirting with each other. He claimed it wasn't so. Steffy assumed that losing all the power Liam had accumulated had something to do with his actions. She was sure it had been a big letdown, but at least he'd had Sally.

Liam said Steffy was making it sound as if he'd had an affair. Steffy quipped that he'd used the first excuse he'd gotten to kiss Sally. He yelled that he and Sally had thought they'd been about to die. Steffy asked if that made it okay to be unfaithful.

Steffy asked how long Liam had been unhappy with her. Liam said he wasn't, but she figured that he had to be to make out with Sally. Liam claimed he'd let one moment get away from him, but she said he was in denial and wouldn't have gotten so involved with Sally unless he'd had feelings for her. Steffy wanted to know if he'd buy Sally another building and help her recreate Spectra yet again.

Liam pledged to put an end to it. Steffy advised him to think long and hard about it because Sally had been his passion and cause. Steffy said he might realize he wanted to be with Sally. Liam called it ridiculous, and he wanted his life to be there with Steffy. Steffy asked why. She stated that she wasn't an underdog, and she didn't need rescuing like the dazed, confused Sally.

Liam uttered that he'd gone too far and had gotten too involved. Steffy said the man she'd married would be screaming her name, not kissing another woman, if he'd thought he was dying. Steffy was disgusted that he'd touched another woman and had been tender with her. "That should be me, your wife!" Steffy said, sobbing. "How dare you cheapen what we have?"

Liam reached for Steffy, but she flinched and told him not to. Liam understood that he'd screwed up, and he wanted to fix it. He felt that he could change. She replied that there would be many changes. Liam would have to put his father first -- his brother and his wife, too. "And until I believe you're ready to do that, I need time," Steffy decided.

Liam asked what Steffy meant. Steffy said she loved him, but she didn't deserve what he'd done. She'd been loyal and supportive, even when she'd believed he'd been dead wrong, but he'd gone and done something like what he'd done. Steffy needed time to think about whether he was the man she wanted to be with, and she figured that he needed time, too.

Shocked, Liam replied that he didn't need time or to think. He wanted to work through it. Steffy had never thought she'd say it, but he disgusted her. He called her name, but Steffy grabbed her purse and charged out the front door.

Steffy leaves Liam Steffy leaves Liam

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Wyatt told his dad that things were progressing for Bill's skyscraper with zoning approvals, and they would get tax credits for all of Liam's green efforts along with helicopter pads and a gym with wall mirrors. Bill did not react, and Wyatt wondered why Bill wasn't excited to hear great news about his "beloved skyscraper." Bill was upset that he and Liam had achieved a level of forgiveness and lost it. He said that Liam was more upset than he had ever been. Wyatt and Bill agreed it had all gotten worse because of Sally.

Wyatt noted that Steffy had gotten Liam and Bill together before, and he believed it would happen again. Bill decided to call Steffy. He asked about Liam, and Steffy said she didn't want to discuss it. She and Liam had had a fight, and she wasn't at home. She said goodbye and hung up. Wyatt asked what Steffy had said, and Bill said that Steffy and Liam had had a fight. He planned to find her because she sounded upset.

Steffy sat alone on a couch in the guest cottage at the Forrester mansion and flashed back to Liam's confession that Sally had kissed him and that he had kissed her back. Her phone rang, and her caller ID indicated it was Liam. She refused to answer.

At home, Liam left a message for Steffy and begged her to return home. He wanted her to at least call him back. He was worried about her, and he loved her. "You and only you. You had to know that," Liam said in his message.

Liam sat down and flashed back to Steffy saying she had to think about what she wanted next and that they both had to think about it. "I never thought I'd say this, but you disgust me. I'm disgusted," Steffy had said before she'd walked out on Liam. Liam sat down and moped, and someone knocked on his door. He called out to Steffy, thinking she was at the door, but it was Wyatt.

Wyatt entered and asked about Steffy. Liam said he had no idea here she had gone. Wyatt guessed they had argued about the time and energy Liam had invested in Sally Spectra. Liam looked guilty, and Wyatt wondered what his brother had been thinking.

At her apartment, Sally and Coco discussed that Sally had told Liam she loved him when they had been caught in the Spectra building after it had been hit with dynamite. Sally begged Coco not to tell anyone, and Sally worried that Liam had wanted to tell Steffy. Sally said Steffy might not forgive him, and Coco said that might not be a bad thing, but Sally said she didn't want to be the reason that Liam's marriage ended. Coco understood, but she added that Sally had to have thought about what would happen if Liam did choose her over Steffy.

Sally daydreamed about being Liam's wife and returning home to Liam's beach house after a day at work to discuss Spectra's success with her successful husband Liam, the leader of Spencer Publications. She thanked her "sexy husband" for always believing in her. She looked around and admired her home with Liam and said she had never imagined as a kid what it would be like to live in such a beautiful home with such a wonderful husband. She was thankful for his faith in her. She teased that she could be bad, and Liam asked how bad. Her fantasy ended as Coco advised her to just call Liam to see how he was doing.

Sally refused to call Liam, but when her back was turned, Coco used Sally's cell phone to dial Liam's number then she raced across the room to give the phone to Sally when Liam answered. Sally was shaken, but she told Liam that she was worried about him. Liam said he didn't want to get into it, but Steffy had left him. Liam said he had to hang up. Sally said she understood. Coco wondered what had happened, and Sally felt awful that Steffy was not there and that Liam was heartbroken. "I could hear it in his voice," Sally said.

Steffy sat alone in the dark, and Bill knocked on her door. He refused to leave because he wanted to help. Steffy opened the door, and Bill said he had been worried about her. Steffy said she appreciated his concern but she'd wanted to be alone.

"You were there for me. I'd like to return the favor," Bill said. Steffy explained that Liam had spent way too much time with Sally. He'd had to rescue her, give her money, give her a building, and fly her to San Francisco. "What about me? What about his wife?" Steffy asked. She said their marriage had been interrupted by Liam's obsession. Bill wondered what had happened, and Steffy explained that when Liam and Sally had been trapped after the explosion at Spectra, Sally had told Liam she loved him and kissed him. "He kissed her back," Steffy said tearfully.

Bill noted that Liam should have treated Steffy like a queen, but Steffy lamented that he had cheated on her. Bill hugged her and told her she deserved better. He was angry with Liam because he had turned his back on her, Bill, his family, and the company. Bill and Steffy sat down, and he hugged her. "How could he do that to me?" Steffy asked. Bill held her and said she deserved "so much better."

Bill and Steffy grow closer Bill and Steffy grow closer> Bill and Steffy grow closer Bill and Steffy grow closer

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam told Wyatt that he had to get in touch with Steffy. Wyatt reminded his brother that Steffy had said she needed space. "Can you blame her after she found out about you and Sally?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt was confident that Liam could make it right because Liam and Steffy had been solid. "I really can't lose her," Liam said. Liam continued to call Steffy's cell phone, but she refused to answer. Wyatt wondered where Steffy would have gone, and Liam said he had "no idea."

Wyatt said that Liam might want to ask their dad for advice, and Liam said never. Liam felt none of the unfortunate incidents would have happened if Bill hadn't had an obsession to "build a monument to his ego" on Spectra property. He could have built it anywhere.

Wyatt argued that Bill's building was a good business move in a great location -- the heart of Los Angeles. Wyatt said it would provide jobs and income for families. Liam countered that the end was going to justify the means, according to their dad. He called Bill "a selfish bastard."

Wyatt reminded Liam that Bill was their dad. They agreed their dad had "daddy issues" of his own. However, Wyatt pointed out that Bill had taken care of his family, providing his sons with bank accounts and anything they had ever wanted. Wyatt added that Steffy had "fought like hell to put you and Dad back together." Liam agreed. Wyatt said that their dad always wanted to take care of them.

Discussion turned to Steffy, and Liam admitted that he had not treated her as he should have. "She deserves a whole lot better than I've given her," Liam said. He said it had been painful to see how hurt and betrayed Steffy had been when she'd left. Liam lamented that he had screwed up. He called Steffy a special and amazing woman, "and she's mine and I hurt her. I have to make it right."

At the guesthouse, Steffy cried in Bill's arms that Liam had cheated on her. She sobbed that it was painful to think about Liam and Sally making out. "You deserve so much more,"' Bill said. Steffy's phone rang continuously with calls from Liam, but Steffy sent them to voicemail. Bill said that Liam would continue to call. But Steffy responded that she couldn't talk to Liam. "I don't want to hear his voice. Oh, my God, Bill. How could he do this to me? He cheated on me with Sally!" Steffy said.

Steffy cried that she felt alone, but Bill promised that she would not be alone. Steffy worried that she couldn't give Liam something he needed. He had fallen for another woman. Steffy had thought she and Liam had had a perfect relationship. She felt Liam should have been thinking about her, not Sally, when he'd been stuck in the crumbling building.

Bill agreed that Liam had not put Steffy first. Bill had been concerned all along that Liam had an emotional connection to Sally. Bill added that Liam didn't understand how special Steffy was. Bill said she was unlike any other woman he had ever known. Bill caressed her face. "How did I let this happen," Steffy asked.

Bill wanted Steffy to know that she had done nothing wrong, but Liam had. "He needs a dose of reality," Bill said. Steffy wondered if Liam wanted to start a life with Sally. Bill said he knew exactly how Steffy felt. "What's wrong with us?" Steffy asked.

Bill repeated that nothing was wrong with Steffy, but he knew he had been "full of myself, selfish -- stop me anytime." Bill praised Steffy and called her incredible, perfect, and more. Steffy countered that no one was perfect, and if Steffy had been perfect, Liam wouldn't have been drawn to Sally. Bill said he had tried to support her marriage, but he might have been wrong. "Maybe he's not the one for you," Bill said. Steffy agreed. She said she had promised herself she would never have the same story that her dad and Brooke had.

Bill comforted Steffy and reminded her that he had felt lost when he'd lost Brooke, but Steffy had comforted him. Bill continued to praise Steffy and called her a prize. He said that Liam had failed her. "He doesn't deserve you," Bill said. Steffy softened. "I needed you here tonight, and you came. Thank you for trying to make feel better," she said.

Bill said he cherished every moment he spent with Steffy, and there was no one like her. He added that they were a lot alike and understood each other. Steffy continued to lament that Liam had been touching another woman -- her enemy. "You deserve unrelenting loyalty of a man who gets you. Liam doesn't," Bill said. Bill doubted that Liam ever would get her, and Steffy said she couldn't argue with that.

Bill continued to speak softly and tell Steffy she was a prize. She was smart, beautiful, sexy, and sophisticated. He said he loved her and appreciated her. "I always have and always will," Bill said. He caressed Steffy's face, and they moved closer together.

Sex with Bill causes Steffy to forgive Liam Sex with Bill causes Steffy to forgive Liam

Thursday, November 16, 2017

At the Forrester guesthouse, Steffy slept naked in bed. She rolled over and was shocked to see Bill naked in bed with her. Steffy was shaken and began panting. Bill called her name, but she ran into the bathroom.

Later, Bill had pulled on his pants, and a dressed Steffy bounced around the room like a pinball, frantically searching for her keys and saying she had to go. Bill tried to get her to calm down, and she said it never should have happened. Bill replied that they'd wanted it to happen, and she told him that it had been wrong. Bill wanted to talk about it, but Steffy darted out the door.

At the mansion, Quinn discussed what was for dinner, and Eric joked that the chef had to be cooking because Quinn didn't cook. Quinn said that would be changing, and she'd signed up for cooking classes two nights per week.

The topic turned to the cunning way Quinn had exposed Sheila. Eric knew that his mistake had been letting Sheila anywhere near him and the family again. Quinn understood that he'd been giving Sheila a second chance, as he'd done with Quinn; however, Quinn thought she hadn't done anything near as wrong as Sheila, and Quinn hoped that Sheila had gone far away. Eric asserted that nothing and no one would ever break up him and Quinn.

Quinn was disappointed that Sheila hadn't been the master foe that she'd been made out to be and decided that the massage seduction had been just lame. Eric agreed, saying that it was amateurish. Quinn guessed that Sheila had been off her game. Eric noted that it hadn't been a game to Sheila, who'd wanted back into the Forrester family.

Quinn said Sheila had created damage for Mateo. Eric asked if Quinn felt bad for him. Quinn didn't because Mateo shouldn't have gone along with the plan, but Mateo was basically a good guy. Eric joked that she was just saying it because she wanted Mateo's hands back on her. Quinn assured Eric that the only hands she wanted exploring her body were his.

Later, Quinn carried appetizers into the living room. Eric hauled in Sheila's portrait and wondered what to do with it. Quinn suggested a bonfire in the backyard. She said they could invite all of Sheila's victims to watch it burn. Eric replied that they'd need a stadium to fit all those people.

Quinn wondered what Sheila had been thinking to have it painted and where Sheila had gotten the money to commission it and hire Mateo. Eric assumed Sheila had sold a property she'd said she had back in Genoa City. He joked that it could be all the big Il Giardino tips.

Quinn's phone alerted her that she had a package. As she retrieved it from the stoop, she called Eric to the door. She thought she'd seen someone exiting the guesthouse. Stating that no one should be over there, he decided he'd go check. Quinn chose to go, too.

Quinn went to the window of the guesthouse and peered inside. Eric remarked that the lights were on, so someone was there. Panicked, Quinn decided she knew who it had been.

Later, Quinn and Eric were inside the guesthouse, and he observed the unmade bed. Quinn was adamant that Sheila had been in there, but Eric didn't believe that Sheila would show up there. He said Sheila knew she'd be immediately arrested. He didn't want them to get ahead of themselves and said there was no reason to think it was Sheila.

Quinn stated that someone had been there. She and Eric discussed who it could have been, and Eric went into the bathroom. He saw that someone had taken a shower. He showed Quinn a trinket left behind and asked if she recognized it. Quinn believed it belonged to Steffy, and Eric wondered what was going on with Steffy, who'd used the bed and shower without informing him or Quinn. He hoped everything was okay with Steffy and Liam.

At Spencer, Bill arrived and poured himself a drink. Justin stood in the doorframe and asked why Bill was back at work and if Bill didn't have any more scotch at home. Bill revealed that he hadn't been at home. Chuckling, Justin asked where Bill had been, and Bill said Justin wouldn't believe it if Bill told him.

Justin took a call and told the caller that he'd already told the person that Bill wouldn't give any interviews. Justin conveyed that it had been an accident, everyone was okay, and they planned to build on the site; however, the caller would be the last to know about the groundbreaking. After the call, Justin grumbled about the jerk somehow getting Justin's cell phone number.

Justin asked if Bill was okay. Bill flashed back on the things he'd told Steffy as, in his mind, a montage played of him stripping Steffy and falling into bed.

Later, Bill was alone and still thinking about having sex with Steffy at the guesthouse.

At the cliff house, Liam thought about Steffy walking out on him and wondered where she was. Liam called Carter and asked if Steffy was there. Carter hadn't seen her, but he offered to check her office or the parking lot for signs of her. Liam didn't respond to that offer. Instead, he asked Carter to stop by the cliff house on his way home because Liam needed to discuss something.

Later, Steffy rushed into the house, sobbing. She hugged Liam and exclaimed how sorry she was. She sobbed that she'd made a huge mistake, and she should have stayed there. Liam told Steffy not to dare blame herself because he shouldn't have kissed Sally. Dying hadn't been an excuse because he and Steffy had made vows to be faithful no matter what.

Crying, Steffy told Liam not to say it. Liam felt that he had to say it because he'd hurt her. He'd lost perspective, and he'd crossed a line he'd thought he'd never cross. He promised to never give her a reason to walk out again. Steffy sobbed that she didn't care about the kisses or anything else. She just wanted to be with him.

Liam asked if Steffy forgave him. She said that she did, and she wanted only Liam. She sobbed and clung to him as she told him how much she loved him. She said she was sorry, but he insisted that it hadn't been her fault. Steffy cried that she shouldn't have run out. Liam thought the only thing that mattered was that she was back.

Liam said they could put everything behind them. Steffy didn't think it was possible. He asked if she could do it for him and said it could be the first moment of the rest of their lives. He said that they didn't have to look back, and she'd always know that he was sorry. Steffy replied that she was the one who was sorry, but he insisted that she'd done nothing wrong.

Steffy renews her vows despite her betrayal Steffy renews her vows despite her betrayal

Friday, November 17, 2017

At Spencer, Bill paced around the office, preoccupied with thoughts of being intimate with Steffy. Justin arrived as Bill had requested in a text message. Bill asked Justin to have Bill's jet and yacht prepared. Justin asked how many were in the party. "Two," Bill answered. Justin asked who the lucky lady was. "As if I don't know already," Justin added.

Bill asked if it mattered. Justin replied that one couldn't help being curious, and he guessed Bill really wasn't going to say. Bill said he would eventually. Justin was glad Brooke had found her senses. Justin felt that reconnecting on the yacht could be just what Bill and Brooke needed.

Bill wanted to make sure the yacht was stocked, and he wouldn't have to helicopter in Champagne as he'd had to do before. Justin added that he'd make sure they had plenty of sparkling water for Brooke. "I never said it was Brooke," Bill replied.

Justin countered that Bill hadn't denied it, either. Justin claimed to need a name for the flight manifest. Bill said it was a nice try, but it was his private plane. Justin replied that rules were rules, and Bill said "Mrs. Spencer" ought to cover it.

After Justin had gone, Bill viewed a cellphone photo of his yacht. He recalled telling Steffy that she understood him better than anyone.

At the cliff house, Liam was glad that Steffy was home and had forgiven him. The visibly upset Steffy wished they could go back to the time before the demolition. Liam believed he had a better idea. He suggested they return to their wedding day by renewing their vows.

Steffy stammered, and Liam asked her to let him start over with her. She agreed and said, "But..." Someone knocked on the door, and Liam stated that "he" had gotten there. Liam opened the door for Carter, who asked what Liam had wanted to talk about. Liam said that it was time for action, and he and Steffy wanted Carter to renew their vows for them that night.

Carter stated that Liam could have prepared Carter for it beforehand. Liam replied that he'd only wanted to discuss doing it at some point in the future, "but then, this beautiful creature walked through the door," Liam said, referring to Steffy. Liam had decided that there was no time like right then to show his commitment.

Carter said he'd do it if they both wanted it. Liam deferred to Steffy. Steffy agreed to it. She began stammering, and Liam told her to hold on. Liam asked Carter to get a drink from the kitchen while Steffy and Liam talked.

Carter complied, and Steffy said she hadn't been expecting it. Liam really wanted to do it because he needed to show his devotion after what had gone on with Sally. He wanted to reassure Steffy that he'd never betray her again. Steffy agreed to it, but she had something to tell him first. She stated that she'd given up on them that night.

Liam asserted that Steffy had done so because of him. He reasoned that she'd be halfway to Paris if she'd really given up, but instead, she'd returned home. He said it had to mean she believed in them as much as he did. She replied that she'd always believed in them. She began to say what she needed to tell him, but Liam asked her to say it in the vows.

Liam needed to erase his mistakes and asked if she could let him do it. Steffy decided that Liam was right; they needed a fresh start, and nothing that had happened before mattered anymore.

Later, Carter asked Steffy and Liam to give him their rings, and everyone took their proper positions for the ceremony. Carter opened it by saying that they'd pledge themselves to each other again and renew their commitment until death would them part.

Carter asked them to join hands. He asked Liam if he wanted to continue to have Steffy as his wife and to continue to be faithful to her for as long as they both lived. Liam affirmed it. Carter asked the same of Steffy about having Liam as her husband, and Steffy affirmed it. Carter asked Steffy and Liam to say their personal vows.

As Steffy cried, Liam thanked Steffy for renewing the vows and returning home to him after the pain he'd caused her. He'd broken his marriage vows and felt he'd trespassed far deeper than a kiss because he'd set Steffy aside and taken her for granted. He said he'd put Sally's feelings above Steffy's. He vowed to never do it again and said Steffy had to be first. She was the one he trusted above anyone else. He pledged to be worthy of her from that day forward.

Carter prompted Steffy to speak. Steffy couldn't imagine walking away from what she and Liam had. She couldn't imagine having a life with anyone else. Liam was still hers forever, just as she'd said in Australia, and no mistake he could make would change it. She said that everyone made mistakes, and she'd made a terrible one that night.

Steffy hesitated. She said she'd almost forgotten who they were together and that they could overcome anything. She thanked Liam for the ceremony. She'd needed it more than he'd ever know. She said she'd never leave Liam again -- ever.

Carter handed Steffy and Liam their rings and asked them, one at a time, to say to the other that the ring was a symbol of each one's devotion and recommitment to the other. Carter pronounced them husband and wife "still." Liam and Steffy hugged. He thanked her for returning home to him, and she squeezed him tighter.

Later, Liam escorted Carter out. Approaching Steffy, Liam said they'd done it, and starting that night, they were united and stronger than ever. She asked if they could really put it all behind them. He said they had just done so. Steffy felt that she was lucky, but he said he was the lucky one. He asked her to trust that he'd never betray her or disrespect their vows again. Liam hugged Steffy, and she flashed to having sex with Bill. Steffy suppressed a sob.

At Katie's house, the lingerie-clad Katie leaned on her bedroom door as she talked to a "deliveryman" who was in the hallway. Acting, she asked how he'd gotten into her house and said she hadn't ordered anything. The man said she'd ordered a pizza. Katie claimed it was just little old she, getting ready for bed, and she asked what she'd do with an "extra large..."

Katie swung open the doors, and Wyatt stood on the other side in tight shorts, an unbuttoned shirt, and a baseball cap. He wore a moustache and held up a pizza box. "Pizza..." Katie drawled. She grabbed hold of him and dragged him into the room. "Mama mia," he said.

Katie pretended not to have any money to pay him. Scoffing, Wyatt replied that it was the case every time he delivered to her. He guessed they could work something out. The two kissed and chuckled about the tickling moustache. Katie pulled it off with her mouth, and he said he'd worked hard at putting it on. She told him that it had looked good, and they kissed.

Later, there was a fourth of a pizza left in an open box at the foot of the bed, and the moustache was stuck to the white headboard. Katie curled up on Wyatt's chest beneath her covers. Naked except for the hat, Wyatt said it had been fun, and he wondered how she'd thought it up. Katie stated that she had plenty of ideas. She asked if he could get a pilot's uniform.

Wyatt believed he could make it work. He thought he should probably be in disguise every time he visited, especially if someone like his father showed up. Wyatt was sure that when his father, "Mr. Family Loyalty," found out about Wyatt and Katie, it wouldn't be pretty.

Wyatt kept checking his phone because he was looking for a message from his brother. Katie and Wyatt discussed Steffy and Liam possibly being in a fight. Wyatt noted that Liam had kept using the word "betrayal." Katie didn't get why Liam would jeopardize his relationship with Steffy. Wyatt hoped it wasn't too late for the couple.

Wyatt said he and Katie should just invite Bill over for some of the pizza and tell him what was going on with Katie and Wyatt so they could just get past any potential fight with Bill. Katie said they were supposed to be keeping it on the down low for as long as possible, and she suggested waiting until Bill was involved with another woman. Katie was sure it would happen soon.

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