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Bill planned to run away with Steffy, but Steffy had no intention of leaving Liam. Liam and Bill made peace, and the Forresters gathered with their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 20, 2017 on B&B
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Bill says what he wants. Steffy says how it is. Bill says what he wants. Steffy says how it is.

Monday, November 20, 2017

At the cliff house, Liam opened the front door. Wyatt entered, glad to see his brother was alive. Wyatt said he wouldn't be there if Liam had answered his phone. Liam said he'd silenced his phone. Wyatt grumbled that Liam could have been at the bottom of the cliff, for all Wyatt knew, and Liam thanked Wyatt for the concern. Wyatt asked what had happened with Steffy.

Later, Wyatt was astounded that Liam had kissed Sally. Liam didn't want to talk about it. Wyatt thought Liam should be freaking out about losing Steffy, but Liam revealed that he hadn't lost Steffy. Guessing that she'd forgiven Liam, Wyatt asked how much groveling Liam had done. Liam told Wyatt to give Liam some credit because Liam had done better than grovel.

Later, Wyatt pondered the idea of a vow-renewal ceremony. Liam said it was legit because Carter was ordained. Wyatt quipped that one didn't need to renew a marriage as if it were a driver's license. Liam remarked that it was as if anything that had gone on before the renewed promises could never hurt them again.

The topic turned to Liam believing that he'd almost lost Steffy because he'd gone too far in defending Sally against Bill. Wyatt said that blackmail hadn't been Liam's smartest idea. Agreeing, Liam replied that Bill believed in unbreakable loyalties, but Liam had broken one of theirs. Liam thought it was "funny" because Bill would never do it to Liam.

Wyatt reasoned that Liam couldn't ask Carter to renew vows for Liam and Bill. Liam didn't know how to apologize for fighting for what he thought was right. Wyatt suggested an apology for not fighting fair. Wyatt said it wasn't a battle of ideas, and Bill wouldn't look for Liam's point after Liam had stabbed him in the back. Liam asked what it was about for Bill, if not values.

Wyatt called Liam intelligent but slow. He said it was about the relationship. He asked what Bill's favorite battle cry was. "Family first," the brothers said in unison. Liam asked if Wyatt believed it and cited that Bill had hated his father, Bill's sister wouldn't take his calls, and Bill wouldn't open Karen's Christmas cards.

Wyatt replied that Bill and Karen didn't respect their relationship. Wyatt believed that one could scream at the top of his voice, as long as he respected the relationship. Liam stated that Steffy got it, and Wyatt quipped that the light bulb had finally gone on. Liam realized that he'd thought Steffy had been taking Bill's side, but she'd been protecting the relationship. Liam said she'd literally put herself between Liam and Bill.

At Bill's house, Bill was on the phone with Justin. Bill wanted his jet on standby because he didn't have a departure time. He requested a skeleton crew for the yacht and for his calls to be forwarded to Wyatt. Bill didn't want anyone but Justin knowing where Bill was.

A short time later, Steffy arrived. Bill stated that she was there. Steffy replied that she couldn't go to work, and she'd been worried he'd call the house. Bill said he'd been sure he'd hear from her. She said she'd needed time to think. Bill believed they both did, and it was why he had the jet and yacht ready. He felt that they needed time to think and make decisions.

Steffy told Bill that she wasn't flying anywhere with him that day. He asked if she really thought it was a good idea to stay in the line of fire. "There won't be any of that," she responded. Bill didn't believe that Liam could be that gentlemanly. Assuming she'd gone home, he asked how Liam had taken it. Steffy replied that she hadn't told him.

Bill had assumed that telling Liam was the reason Steffy had run out on Bill the other night. Bill reminded her that Liam had betrayed her. Steffy didn't think it compared to what she and Bill had done. She didn't want to hear of taking off on jets and yachts and told Bill to look at where running away had gotten her.

"Back to where we used to be and to where we are now," Bill replied. Finally being with Steffy had changed everything for Bill, and he couldn't go back. Bill was very serious about leaving with Steffy that day. She stated that she couldn't do it, and she was more married than she'd been the previous day. Bill asked what that meant, and she revealed that she and Liam had renewed their wedding vows. Bill seemed perplexed.

The previous night had all been a blur for Steffy, who'd been freaking out while Carter had performed the renewal ceremony. Bill replied that her ring looked the same to him, and the ceremony had been a punch of hocus-pocus. Steffy asked if that was what he thought a marriage was, and he replied that she should know him better. He didn't think a marriage was just words, though, or that "abracadabra, you say a thing and become that thing."

Bill recalled that Steffy and Bill had been mesmerized by each other when they'd first met, and it had been real. No words had been necessary. They'd loved each other, but Katie's health had dictated that he lock away his feelings. Bill had done so. Bill had needed Steffy to be with Liam so that Bill wouldn't cross the line, and Bill hadn't crossed it until the previous night.

Bill had respected Steffy as Liam's wife because Bill had believed Liam would be a good and loyal husband. Bill had also thought Liam would be a good and loyal son. Liam had been neither of those, in Bill's view. Bill asked if preacher fairy dust made Steffy forget it.

Steffy asked Bill to say how loyal of a wife she was, but Bill said Liam had broken the marriage contract by making out with Sally. Bill believed that no matter what circumstances Liam had conjured up for the kissing, if Liam hadn't been into Sally all along -- as Bill had suspected -- the kissing never would have happened.

Bill knew from experience that one couldn't hold onto a marriage with duct tape and good intentions. He yelled that he'd done it twice with Katie, and the first time, it had cost him Steffy. Neither Katie nor Brooke could accept Bill and everything that he was -- the good, the bad, the ugly. No woman ever had been able to except for Steffy.

Steffy said she had been trying to keep the family together, and that had been it. Bill felt that she'd done what was in her nature, which was to go to him because Liam had been out of control. Bill said that she'd been drawn to him like always. Bill decided that her renewed marriage was a lie, and the only person she was being unfaithful to was herself.

Steffy sobbed that she'd intended to tell Liam. Bill said she had intended it, but the game was set up for people like them to keep quiet and toe the line. She said that Liam just wanted a fresh start and to put it all behind him. Bill replied that Steffy's choice was clear. She'd have a life with a man that, out of some temporary guilt and self-loathing, she'd fake-married the previous night with every word being a lie. "Or a life with me," he said.

Touching Steffy's face, Bill uttered that he'd never made love to a woman the way he had with Steffy, and it had been mutual. He asked her to say she wanted what he wanted. He knew that she did. Averting her gaze, Steffy said she wanted to be married to his son, and that had never changed.

Steffy asked if Bill couldn't admit they'd made a mistake. Bill stated that the mistake had been Steffy returning to a fractured marriage. Steffy yelled that she hated herself. Bill said the truth was that he and Steffy were more alike than she and his son, and she and Bill belonged together. Steffy believed that she'd lose everything if she went to Bill, but he countered that she might gain everything.

Bill loved his boy Liam, but he emphasized that Liam was just that -- a boy. Steffy hated the way Bill talked about Liam and decided that she was the undeserving one, not Liam. Bill asked how much of herself she was willing to hide. He was sure it had started small at first.

Bill described Steffy's life as her having to eat steak at work because Liam would look at her sideways if she wanted one for dinner. She had to keep quiet about Liam's business style. She had to keep quiet while Liam saved some species of endangered frog. She'd had to watch the Spencer mutiny in silence, and she'd had to be silent as Liam made Sally the priority.

Bill stated that Steffy had to hide her and Bill. Over the years, she'd hide so much of herself that she'd become a ghost in her shoes, and she'd be haunted by the bigger and truer life she could have had with Bill.

Grabbing her things to leave, Steffy said Bill didn't know her, and she and Liam would work it out. Bill believed he knew her better than she was comfortable with, and he wondered what had happened to the fearlessness he'd loved about her. Steffy ordered him not to love her, but he said it was impossible.

Steffy cried that she'd wanted to be alone the previous night. Bill figured that she'd still be alone if he hadn't shown up, and she'd be wondering what had happened to the person she'd once been -- from a "kick-ass" woman to someone sobbing in the guesthouse.

Bill guessed Seffy should thank him for scaring her right back to Liam. Steffy believed she was as guilty as Bill, and he asked if it was all ugly to her. She replied that it wasn't like that. He asked why a life with him was so terrifying. Steffy replied that it wasn't that it was terrifying. She shrugged, stammering about his world, and asked who loved him. "Justin? Wyatt? Who?" she asked.

"You," Bill responded.

Steffy asserted that she only wanted one thing from Bill. Bill assumed it was his silence. Steffy asserted that Liam could never know. She hated lying to Liam, but she felt there was no other choice. Bill replied that burying her head in the sand had become her style. Steffy yelled that Liam would despise her as much as she despised herself.

Steffy was adamant that she'd be a good wife to Bill's son, and neither of them would ever breathe a word about what had happened to anyone. Bill said he'd never intended to complicate her life, but he felt she was complicating it more. Steffy replied that she needed her husband, and she asked Bill to promise not to say anything. "Okay," Bill quietly responded.

Liam asks for Bill's forgiveness

Liam asks for Bill's forgiveness

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam asked Steffy if she was going to work, and Steffy said she planned to remain home with him. Liam appreciated her, and said he had been staring at her from another room and realized how close he had been to losing her. "I don't know how I missed it," he said. He said he had almost lost "something so precious." He called Steffy a wonderful woman. Steffy asked Liam to stop. She wanted to put it all behind them. "I'm not that wonderful," she said.

Liam wished he had listened to Steffy earlier and understood how important loyalty was to his family and being able to trust each other. Liam said he knew that his dad would never betray him the way he had betrayed his dad. Steffy looked sad. Liam said he had been confused and had lost his bearings. He lamented that he had even blackmailed his own father. Steffy reminded him it was all in the past.

Liam said he and Steffy had made new vows and were moving forward. He wanted to do the same with his dad and rebuild his relationship. He was headed to see Bill and wanted her to accompany him. Steffy was uncomfortable and said her presence would just complicate things, but Liam insisted. He reminded Steffy that everything good that happened had been because of Steffy. She looked away.

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to making love to Steffy and remembered her recent visit in which she had warned him that she would not lose her marriage over their tryst. She had advised Bill not to "breathe one word to Liam or anyone." Justin entered and wondered why Bill had not left for his trip. "What happened?" Justin asked. Bill was short with him. "What I thought was happening isn't," Bill said. Bill added that he had done some things that were unforgivable. Justin wondered if Bill felt guilty about Spectra or about being at odds with Liam.

Bill again flashed back to making love with Steffy. Bill said he had ignored what people had told him and built an empire and hit his own son, then nearly killed him in an explosion. "I've done terrible things. What father would do that to his own son? I don't deserve Liam's respect or his love," Bill said.

Justin said Bill needed a night out, and Justin encouraged Bill to remember that his skyscraper would be going up soon. He reminded Bill that the model in his office would be a huge steel, concrete, and mirrored glass building. "You will be able to see yourself everywhere," Justin said. Bill didn't want to look at himself. He shouted at Justin to make sure the trip was canceled. Justin left, and Bill gulped his glass of scotch.

Liam entered, and Steffy followed him. Bill greeted them, and Steffy said Liam wanted to talk to Bill and wanted her there, as well. "I know I said I'd never come back here," Liam started. He explained that he had planned to cut all ties with Bill and with Spencer, but he admitted he had been wrong "a lot lately."

"I'd like to come back and work with you again if you'll have me," Liam said. Liam admitted that he had handled the situation badly and had been unwilling to listen. Liam apologized and said he had betrayed Bill. "I'm sorry. Would you forgive me?" Liam asked. Steffy was tearful, and Bill looked shocked.

Bill was surprised that Liam wanted his forgiveness. Steffy said no one had been blameless. They had all made mistakes. Liam promised to make his wife and father a priority. Bill got up to hug Liam, and Liam joked that Bill had given him an impressive shiner. Liam added that he knew Bill had never intended to hurt him when he'd demolished the Spectra building. "I guess what I'm trying to say is I love you, dad," Liam said. Bill said he loved Liam. They embraced, and Bill glanced at Steffy.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick and Maya were kissing, and they discussed how they wished they had mistletoe. Eric entered and said it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet. Eric and Quinn noted that Quinn was giving up her kitchen to Pam and Charlie, and she wasn't happy, but Eric reminded her that it was only one day, and it was all for family.

Pam and Charlie entered the house and argued about serving sizes the previous year. They greeted Eric, Quinn, Rick, and Maya, who all offered to help, but Pam and Charlie maintained that they had it under control. The group discussed that Zende would not return for Thanksgiving, but Nicole would. Maya was looking forward to seeing her sister.

Pam pointed out that the seating chart would be the most important part of the day, and Quinn said Steffy usually handled that, but Steffy had not returned Quinn's calls. Eric assured everyone that Steffy would handle it. Pam didn't know if anyone could pull off a miracle of everyone getting along for the meal.

Eric disagreed and said that Thanksgiving had always been a magical time of unity in the Forrester home. Quinn said that friends and family would always be welcome, but Sheila Carter would not be welcome. They didn't think she would try to crash the holiday.

Pam and Charlie sat down and planned how long it would take to do everything, and they agreed they needed to start immediately. Quinn told them they could start in the morning at 9:00, but Pam tried to negotiate an earlier start time. Quinn held firm at 9:00 a.m.

Later, when Eric and Quinn were alone, they worried about finding Steffy's jewelry in the guesthouse. They hoped everything had been all right with Liam and Steffy. Quinn smiled and said she knew how much Eric loved having family in the house. Eric agreed, but he said he cherished his time alone with her. Quinn was grateful and proud to be Eric's wife, and she knew that it was an honor for her to have her portrait hanging above the fireplace. They kissed.

The four families of fashion give thanks

The four families of fashion give thanks

> The four families of fashion give thanks

The four families of fashion give thanks

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

At the mansion, Eric and Quinn were dressed up in their Thanksgiving formalwear as they greeted Brooke and Ridge, who'd arrived with R.J. for the holiday party. Next arrived Liam and Steffy. Wyatt and Katie entered with them, and the brothers were discussing tofurkey.

Aside with Katie, Quinn expressed that she was glad Katie had attended. Quinn claimed to mean it because it meant she got to spend Thanksgiving with her son. "Just remember -- not every day is Thanksgiving," Quinn warned.

Quinn sat on the sofa, where Steffy joined her and thanked her for planning that year. Quinn replied that Steffy had had a lot going on, and Quinn and Eric knew about Steffy's little secret. Steffy seemed panic-stricken when Eric added, "You in the guesthouse." Quinn handed Steffy a bracelet, and Eric asked if everything was okay with Steffy and Liam. Steffy claimed it had just been a little argument, and they were okay.

Later, Steffy was talking with Liam and Wyatt when Bill approached. Wyatt wished his father a happy Thanksgiving. Bill thought it was a happy one in particular because of all that the family had overcome. Liam toasted to the future and all it had to offer. The family clinked glasses.

Nicole arrived with her parents, and Rick and Maya descended the stairs, talking about how Lizzy had finally gone down for a nap. They greeted their family members, and Pam asked Charlie to take Vivian's coat. Charlie took it to the closet and gasped when he saw Sheila's portrait propped against the wall inside the closet.

Charlie gasped again when, from behind him, Quinn agreed with his sentiment. He turned around, and she said she and Eric hadn't wanted to make a big deal "about that." Quinn stated that Sheila could try as hard as she wanted, but there was already a Mrs. Eric Forrester. Quinn concluded that Sheila was crazy and walked off. "You have no idea," Charlie murmured and tossed the coat over the portrait.

Back at the door, Sally, Coco, Darlita, and Shirley arrived. Eric greeted them, glad they could make it. Darlita wondered where else they would go. Eric said that no one should have had to go through what they had, and he repeated that he was glad they were there. Shirley had made pigs in a blanket. She handed them to Pam and advised her of the temperature at which to heat them.

Once the Spectra ladies were in the living room, Bill approached. "Really?" Shirley quipped. Bill apologized for what had happened and reiterated his offer to relocate the Spectra business and help get it back on its feet. Sally just stared at him. He added that he intended to be a better person and father.

After a while, Eric heard the noise of a game emanating from a device. He traced it to Rick, Maya, Nicole, and Julius. Vivienne had also tracked the sound to the group and admonished Julius for turning on the game. Rick and Maya walked off as if they hadn't even been involved, and Julius pointed to Nicole. Nicole apologetically replied that she didn't get to see the games in Paris. Vivienne sardonically apologized, and Eric wondered what could be better than the holidays with their kids. "Now, what's the score?" Eric excitedly asked.

Liam looked for Steffy and found her alone in the dining room, gazing at the long table with places all set and lined with gold-rimmed drinking glasses. He was grateful for his wife and her dedication to his relationship with her father. He said the family had found peace because of her, and they were lucky to have her in their lives.

Steffy started to disagree. Talking over her, Liam said if she didn't believe him, she could take it from his father. Liam lifted Bill's place card and said Bill would sit right beside her and tell her the exact same thing on behalf of everyone there. Steffy tried to smile.

Later, Liam was back in the living room, and Brooke said she'd noticed him talking to his father. Liam told her that they were getting through it, and he thought they'd be okay. He said they were family, after all. Brooke replied that it was good to hear.

Liam approached Sally and said it was fancy meeting her there. Sally agreed. To her, it seemed that things were good with his marriage. Liam stated that Steffy had forgiven him, and they'd renewed their wedding vows. Sally tried to keep an upbeat look on her face. She said that she was really happy for him. She thought Steffy was a great woman, and he deserved the best. Liam replied that Sally did, too.

Between the couch and the fireplace, Steffy, Rick, R.J., and Eric posed for a selfie with photographer Ridge. As Ridge sent the picture to Thomas, Rick asked for a copy, too.

Back in the dining room, Steffy returned and saw Bill staring at the place settings. He said he could leave if she said the word. She replied that he couldn't do that, but she didn't know how she'd get through it. Bill said that she could get through it because the family was finding its way back together, and Liam would never know what had gone on between them that night.

The family began entering the room, and Liam told Steffy and Bill that it was time to take their seats. After everyone was seated and quiet, Steffy, who sat at the head of the table, asked Liam to start things off.

To Liam's right sat Sally. Steffy tried to smile, but her lips thinned as she listened to Liam tell Sally that he knew her well, and she was a talented and tenacious fighter. He appreciated her dedication to her family, and he'd value their friendship forever. Sally replied that she would, too.

Sally turned to Shirley and thanked her for being a great Grams and for caring for Coco and Sally. Shirley turned to Darlita and said Darlita drove her plain old bonkers. Darlita thanked her and turned to R.J. Shirley stated that she hadn't finished, and Darlita turned back. Shirley said she wouldn't have it any other way, and Darlita's optimism kept the Spectra dream alive. "That means a lot, Grams," Darlita replied.

Darlita told R.J. that he was one of the good guys, and she was glad he was with Coco. Darlita also thanked him for all the free jewelry from the last collection. In the awkward moment, R.J. said they'd just been samples, stored downstairs, "and we're gonna have a talk later, aren't we?" he asked. Ridge quickly and seriously responded, "Yeah."

Everyone laughed, and R.J. turned to Coco to tell her how much he enjoyed having her in his life. She'd taught him to live in the moment, and she got him, which was pretty awesome.

On Coco's right was Katie. Coco talked about how much she'd learned from Katie at work. Coco admired all the women at Forrester and at the table. They were strong role models for her.

Beside Katie was Wyatt. Katie was thankful that she worked at Forrester, and it had given her the chance to collaborate with him. Quinn rolled her eyes. Katie said Wyatt had reminded her of her value and that taking risks was a good thing. Wyatt was glad she felt that way.

To Wyatt's right was Quinn. He was proud of his mother and what she'd built with Eric. Wyatt loved that Quinn was protective of her relationships, but he quipped that he'd love it if she could be less so at times. He knew she meant well, and he loved her.

Quinn turned to Eric, who was at the opposite end of the table from Steffy. Quinn had done the seating chart so she could speak about Eric. She said they'd been tested many times, but they always got through it stronger, more committed, and more in love. She believed it was because of him and his ability to forgive and see the best in people.

Eric looked to the smaller picture of Stephanie on the wall and wished Stephanie a happy Thanksgiving. To Pam, he said that the Douglas women were devoted and loving. He thanked her for keeping Stephanie alive and keeping them all connected through her memory. To Eric, Pam was also a Forrester.

Pam turned to Charlie. She said she'd been alone most of her life, but the time with him had more than made up for it. He protected Forrester Creations, but he also protected her heart.

On Charlie's right was Vivienne. He said he'd gotten to know her daughters, and such wonderful children were only possible through great, strong, loving mothers.

To Julius, Vivienne said she respected that he spoke his mind. He tested her patience, but she was grateful that everything he did was for the love and protection of their family.

Julius spoke to Nicole. He was proud of her and the woman she'd become. Nicole thanked him. She turned to Maya to thank her for being a great mother to Lizzy and for the life-changing experience of working in Paris.

To Rick, Maya noted that it was another year at the table with him. She felt that he was a blessing to her and their daughter. He was her true partner, and she loved him.

Rick seemed startled to see Ridge on his right. Stammering, Rick said they'd had their differences, but he appreciated Ridge's love and respect for the family and the business. What Rick appreciated most was Ridge's love and respect for Brooke. Bill frowned as Brooke grinned and touched her chest.

Ridge told Brooke that he was glad for the wonderful years they'd had together and that they'd always be connected through their son. He didn't know what to call it. "Destiny!" Quinn yelled down the table, and others echoed the word. Some chuckled, and Bill grimaced. Ridge said he'd always be there for Brooke.

Bill tensed when Brooke turned to him. She said she had fond memories of their time together. She only wanted to focus on the day and what they were thankful for. She was thankful that Bill was there and that the Spencer family was healing. She thought it was good because he loved his sons, and he'd always be dear to her in her heart.

Bill turned to Steffy and said that he'd thought he was the one to hold their family together; however, it had been the exceptional Steffy. He knew that she and Liam would have a long and happy marriage together.

Disagreeing with Bill, Steffy said that Liam was everything good, loyal, and true in their lives. Liam was the glue that held the family together, and she couldn't imagine her life without him.

With a sigh, Steffy announced that they'd done it. She hoped they could do it for many more years, and she wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Everyone erupted in cheers and conversation as they began digging into the food. Liam told Steffy that he loved "this" and her. He wished her a happy Thanksgiving and kissed her.

Rebroadcast: Happy Thanksgiving Forrester style (2016)

Rebroadcast: Happy Thanksgiving Forrester style (2016)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22 episode concluded.

On behalf of the entire Soap Central team, we are so grateful for your supporting over the years. We are thankful that there is still deliciously soapy drama to entertain us and bring us all together.

Thanksgiving holiday preemption

Thanksgiving holiday preemption

Friday, November 17, 2017

At Spencer, Bill paced around the office, preoccupied with thoughts of being intimate with Steffy. Justin arrived as Bill had requested in a text message. Bill asked Justin to have Bill's jet and yacht prepared. Justin asked how many were in the party. "Two," Bill answered. Justin asked who the lucky lady was. "As if I don't know already," Justin added.

Bill asked if it mattered. Justin replied that one couldn't help being curious, and he guessed Bill really wasn't going to say. Bill said he would eventually. Justin was glad Brooke had found her senses. Justin felt that reconnecting on the yacht could be just what Bill and Brooke needed.

Bill wanted to make sure the yacht was stocked, and he wouldn't have to helicopter in Champagne as he'd had to do before. Justin added that he'd make sure they had plenty of sparkling water for Brooke. "I never said it was Brooke," Bill replied.

Justin countered that Bill hadn't denied it, either. Justin claimed to need a name for the flight manifest. Bill said it was a nice try, but it was his private plane. Justin replied that rules were rules, and Bill said "Mrs. Spencer" ought to cover it.

After Justin had gone, Bill viewed a cellphone photo of his yacht. He recalled telling Steffy that she understood him better than anyone.

At the cliff house, Liam was glad that Steffy was home and had forgiven him. The visibly upset Steffy wished they could go back to the time before the demolition. Liam believed he had a better idea. He suggested they return to their wedding day by renewing their vows.

Steffy stammered, and Liam asked her to let him start over with her. She agreed and said, "But..." Someone knocked on the door, and Liam stated that "he" had gotten there. Liam opened the door for Carter, who asked what Liam had wanted to talk about. Liam said that it was time for action, and he and Steffy wanted Carter to renew their vows for them that night.

Carter stated that Liam could have prepared Carter for it beforehand. Liam replied that he'd only wanted to discuss doing it at some point in the future, "but then, this beautiful creature walked through the door," Liam said, referring to Steffy. Liam had decided that there was no time like right then to show his commitment.

Carter said he'd do it if they both wanted it. Liam deferred to Steffy. Steffy agreed to it. She began stammering, and Liam told her to hold on. Liam asked Carter to get a drink from the kitchen while Steffy and Liam talked.

Carter complied, and Steffy said she hadn't been expecting it. Liam really wanted to do it because he needed to show his devotion after what had gone on with Sally. He wanted to reassure Steffy that he'd never betray her again. Steffy agreed to it, but she had something to tell him first. She stated that she'd given up on them that night.

Liam asserted that Steffy had done so because of him. He reasoned that she'd be halfway to Paris if she'd really given up, but instead, she'd returned home. He said it had to mean she believed in them as much as he did. She replied that she'd always believed in them. She began to say what she needed to tell him, but Liam asked her to say it in the vows.

Liam needed to erase his mistakes and asked if she could let him do it. Steffy decided that Liam was right; they needed a fresh start, and nothing that had happened before mattered anymore.

Later, Carter asked Steffy and Liam to give him their rings, and everyone took their proper positions for the ceremony. Carter opened it by saying that they'd pledge themselves to each other again and renew their commitment until death would them part.

Carter asked them to join hands. He asked Liam if he wanted to continue to have Steffy as his wife and to continue to be faithful to her for as long as they both lived. Liam affirmed it. Carter asked the same of Steffy about having Liam as her husband, and Steffy affirmed it. Carter asked Steffy and Liam to say their personal vows.

As Steffy cried, Liam thanked Steffy for renewing the vows and returning home to him after the pain he'd caused her. He'd broken his marriage vows and felt he'd trespassed far deeper than a kiss because he'd set Steffy aside and taken her for granted. He said he'd put Sally's feelings above Steffy's. He vowed to never do it again and said Steffy had to be first. She was the one he trusted above anyone else. He pledged to be worthy of her from that day forward.

Carter prompted Steffy to speak. Steffy couldn't imagine walking away from what she and Liam had. She couldn't imagine having a life with anyone else. Liam was still hers forever, just as she'd said in Australia, and no mistake he could make would change it. She said that everyone made mistakes, and she'd made a terrible one that night.

Steffy hesitated. She said she'd almost forgotten who they were together and that they could overcome anything. She thanked Liam for the ceremony. She'd needed it more than he'd ever know. She said she'd never leave Liam again -- ever.

Carter handed Steffy and Liam their rings and asked them, one at a time, to say to the other that the ring was a symbol of each one's devotion and recommitment to the other. Carter pronounced them husband and wife "still." Liam and Steffy hugged. He thanked her for returning home to him, and she squeezed him tighter.

Later, Liam escorted Carter out. Approaching Steffy, Liam said they'd done it, and starting that night, they were united and stronger than ever. She asked if they could really put it all behind them. He said they had just done so. Steffy felt that she was lucky, but he said he was the lucky one. He asked her to trust that he'd never betray her or disrespect their vows again. Liam hugged Steffy, and she flashed to having sex with Bill. Steffy suppressed a sob.

At Katie's house, the lingerie-clad Katie leaned on her bedroom door as she talked to a "deliveryman" who was in the hallway. Acting, she asked how he'd gotten into her house and said she hadn't ordered anything. The man said she'd ordered a pizza. Katie claimed it was just little old she, getting ready for bed, and she asked what she'd do with an "extra large..."

Katie swung open the doors, and Wyatt stood on the other side in tight shorts, an unbuttoned shirt, and a baseball cap. He wore a moustache and held up a pizza box. "Pizza..." Katie drawled. She grabbed hold of him and dragged him into the room. "Mama mia," he said.

Katie pretended not to have any money to pay him. Scoffing, Wyatt replied that it was the case every time he delivered to her. He guessed they could work something out. The two kissed and chuckled about the tickling moustache. Katie pulled it off with her mouth, and he said he'd worked hard at putting it on. She told him that it had looked good, and they kissed.

Later, there was a fourth of a pizza left in an open box at the foot of the bed, and the moustache was stuck to the white headboard. Katie curled up on Wyatt's chest beneath her covers. Naked except for the hat, Wyatt said it had been fun, and he wondered how she'd thought it up. Katie stated that she had plenty of ideas. She asked if he could get a pilot's uniform.

Wyatt believed he could make it work. He thought he should probably be in disguise every time he visited, especially if someone like his father showed up. Wyatt was sure that when his father, "Mr. Family Loyalty," found out about Wyatt and Katie, it wouldn't be pretty.

Wyatt kept checking his phone because he was looking for a message from his brother. Katie and Wyatt discussed Steffy and Liam possibly being in a fight. Wyatt noted that Liam had kept using the word "betrayal." Katie didn't get why Liam would jeopardize his relationship with Steffy. Wyatt hoped it wasn't too late for the couple.

Wyatt said he and Katie should just invite Bill over for some of the pizza and tell him what was going on with Katie and Wyatt so they could just get past any potential fight with Bill. Katie said they were supposed to be keeping it on the down low for as long as possible, and she suggested waiting until Bill was involved with another woman. Katie was sure it would happen soon.

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Kimberlin Brown's daughter, Alexes Pelzer, returning to B&B
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