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Steffy struggled to keep lying to Liam, and Quinn made it even harder by mentioning Steffy's bracelet to Liam. Thorne announced that he'd arrived in town to rival Ridge in designing, to save the family from Ridge's bullying ways, and to literally knock Ridge on his butt.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 4, 2017 on B&B
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Steffy cha-cha-chas back to life Steffy cha-cha-chas back to life

Monday, December 4, 2017

At Spencer, Wyatt found the melancholy Bill staring out his window. Assuming Bill was thinking of the love he'd lost, Wyatt asked if Bill even talked to Brooke anymore. Bill replied that Brooke had said everything she'd cared to say already. To Wyatt, it didn't sound like Bill to just leave it at that. Bill said he was tired of being judged, and Brooke didn't want to be with him anymore.

Wyatt was sorry about it and was sure that Bill missed Brooke like crazy. Bill affirmed that he missed her. Wyatt asked if they could put the divorce on hold, but Bill believed that ship had sailed. Wyatt thought of Brooke as a forgiving person and hoped it would happen for Bill the way it had for Liam, who'd gotten forgiveness from Steffy.

Later, Bill stared out the window, thinking of having sex with Steffy. Wyatt snapped Bill out if by asking if they'd get to "it" before Wyatt's meeting. Bill returned his attention to Wyatt. "Wow. You really do miss her," Wyatt said. Bill turned his eyes down.

Wyatt wondered if Bill had thought Steffy would forgive Liam for the indiscretion with Sally. Bill replied that he honestly hadn't. Wyatt cited it as proof that miracles happened and said Bill might get his miracle with Brooke. Rising to leave, Wyatt said he was on his way to take a meeting for Liam, who'd taken time off to be with Steffy. Wyatt assumed the couple hadn't left the bedroom yet that day. Bill said that Wyatt was a good brother.

"T-T-Y-L," Wyatt said. Bill griped about Wyatt talking in letters and said Wyatt knew Bill hated it. Wyatt replied that he was just seeing if Bill was paying attention. "B-Y-E," Wyatt said, closing the door. Bill threw something at the door as Wyatt departed.

At the cliff house, Steffy was sobbing to the point of hyperventilation. Liam got her to calm down, but when he asked her what it was she wanted to say about his father, she erupted in sobs again. Liam instructed her to breathe and then tell him why she was upset. She hugged him and sobbed that she loved him "so much."

Liam reassured Steffy of his love and said she'd never lose it. He asked her to calm down and explain what was going on with his father. He asked if his father had done something to hurt Steffy. She replied that it had been nothing of the sort.

Steffy decided that there was nothing to tell. She was just grateful and relieved that Liam and Bill hadn't lost their relationship. Steffy knew that if the men had, it would have damaged Liam badly. She never wanted anything to turn Liam against his father again.

Steffy and Liam hugged. She explained that it had been a scary time for their family with so many bad things happening at once. She hadn't thought the family relationships would survive, hers and Liam's included. Liam replied that it had been because of what he'd done with Sally. Steffy said they'd gotten through it, which meant they could get through anything.

Steffy didn't want to think of ever losing Liam. Liam said he wasn't going anywhere. She felt blessed to have him as her husband, and she gave him another desperate and tearful hug. Liam assured her that they were stronger, and they wouldn't let anything break them again.

Steffy was glad the drama was behind them. It had made her a mess. Glad to be Liam's wife, she expressed that she loved him "so, so much." Liam didn't want her to forget that he loved her more than anything.

Liam remarked that he'd asked Wyatt to cover for him that morning, but Liam could call in for the afternoon also. Steffy said it was fine, and she knew he had a meeting.

After Liam had taken off, Steffy sighed. Bill called to find out if she'd told Liam. Steffy explained that she hadn't been able to, and the stress was making her sick. Sorry about the stress, Bill emphasized that Liam could never know, or they'd both lose him. Steffy was worried that things had a way of getting out. Bill asserted that he "sure as hell" wouldn't tell Liam -- or anyone else.

Steffy ordered Bill to promise her. Bill promised. She said it was their secret.

At Brooke's house, Ridge proposed that he and Brooke ditch work for lunch and a stroll on the boardwalk in Venice. Brooke said she couldn't, but Ridge joked that he'd put in a good word with her boss. She apologized and declined. Ridge asked if she was upset with him. Considering it more like a concern, Brooke said she thought he and Quinn had a "hands off" policy.

Ridge became confused. Brooke said she'd seen Ridge and Quinn at the office, and he'd been saying that Quinn was beautiful. Ridge wanted to know why Brooke hadn't entered the office. Brooke claimed she hadn't wanted to interrupt the designers, who were having a "moment."

With a look portraying innocence, Ridge acted as if he didn't know what Brooke meant. He said he and Quinn didn't have moments. He asked if Brooke was referring to when he'd been at the office, complimenting the necklace that Quinn had been displaying. He suggested that Brooke could ask Ivy, who'd been there for most of the exchange.

"Her necklace, huh?" Brooke responded. Ridge thought it was cool that Brooke was kind of jealous; however, Brooke repeated that she'd been concerned. He told her not to be because she was the sexist thing he'd ever seen. She replied that she didn't like seeing Ridge and Quinn that way. It made her think of Australia.

Ridge didn't like thinking of the kiss that had pushed Brooke back to Spencer. Ridge believed that he and Brooke would be married had it not been for that kiss. Brooke didn't know if it was good to rehash the past. Ridge preferred to bury it and focus on their future. "Here we go," Brooke replied. Ridge affirmed it, saying he wanted to put their family back together.

Ridge asserted that he wasn't giving up, and Brooke replied that he never did. Ridge remarked that Liam and Steffy had renewed their vows. Brooke was happy to hear it. Ridge stated that, soon, he and Brooke would say vows. "No pressure," Brooke quipped. Ridge affirmed it -- unless Bill was pressuring her to remain married.

Brooke stated that, strangely enough, she hadn't even heard from Bill. Ridge was sure that she would soon. Ridge had no doubt that Bill would be back around. Ridge figured that Bill just had his hands full at the moment.

Brooke noted that Ridge hadn't said why he'd stopped by. Ridge asked if he had to have a reason. She quipped that he always had a reason or ulterior motive. Ridge revealed that he wanted to take her out to dinner. Though Brooke thought it was a nice offer, she was already having dinner with Thorne. Ridge asked if she was going out with his brother.

Brooke said the dinner would be at her house. Ridge asked how that would be when she didn't cook. "You didn't just say that, did you?" Brooke replied. She said he knew she cooked, but he might be trying to say she didn't do it well. Before he spoke, she said to stop right there. She explained that Thorne was cooking to repay her for room and board.

At Ridge's quizzical expression, Brooke explained that Thorne was staying there until he found a place. "My brother is living with you?" Ridge asked. Brooke asked what the big deal was. Ridge wanted to know why it had to be there. He said Thorne could have stayed at Eric's house, or Thorne could stay in something called a hotel.

Brooke quipped that there was something called a brother, and Ridge could let Thorne stay with him. Ridge replied that he didn't want his little brother staying with him. She replied that Thorne hated it when Ridge called him that.

Ridge didn't know why. He asserted that Thorne was his little brother, and he didn't get why Thorne was so concerned about it. Ridge pointed out that he didn't get concerned about what Thorne called him, and he asked why Thorne was talking to her about him, anyway. Brooke claimed that they were family, so they discussed things, of course.

Ridge summarized that Thorne had decided to stay in town and had chosen to say with Brooke. Brooke asked if Ridge thought it was a conspiracy. Ridge said he knew "the guy" and thought Thorne was up to something.

At Forrester, Eric had models in his office, spinning around to show off their gowns and jewelry. In the corridor, Pam beamed to see her nephew Thorne stroll up. Thorne flattered her, and she offered him a corner-piece lemon bar. He said she usually saved those for his father, but she replied, "Or special occasions."

Thorne entered Eric's office, and the female models perked up. One said to another that she'd told her that Thorne was back. Eric announced that Thorne was just in time to give his opinion. Thorne said they were beautiful, and the gowns were good, too. One model responded that Thorne was still a charmer.

Studying one of the dresses, Eric said he loved it, but something was off about it. Thorne noted that it had a predictable drape. He folded the fabric of the skirt in a different way, and Eric thought Thorne was exactly right. As Eric dismissed the models, he instructed them to let the sewers know about the change. One model asked Thorne not to be a stranger.

After the models had gone, Eric jokingly told Thorne to behave. Thorne said not to worry; he wasn't Ridge. Thorne asked where Ridge was, and Eric replied that Ridge was with Brooke. Eric said that Ridge had been spending every moment Brooke would allow with her ever since her divorce announcement. Thorne wondered if Ridge ever listened to Brooke, and if Ridge would give her space if she wanted it.

Though Eric wanted Ridge and Brooke back together, Eric offered to ease up on it if Thorne thought it was the right thing. Thorne replied that it was mostly Ridge, who joked about a reunion while his eyes bore holes into her with his intentions. Eric noted that Thorne had always been the insightful one and decided to temper his enthusiasm for a reunion until Brooke got to it on her own. Thorne thought it would be nice if Ridge would do that, too.

Eric replied that Thorne knew his brother, and Ridge would do what he wanted to do. Thorne hoped he wasn't being judgmental. Eric didn't think so. He saw it as Thorne looking out for Brooke, and it was good that Thorne was there to do it. Thorne replied that he'd be watching, and if Brooke needed him, he'd be there for her.

Eric thought Thorne had done a fine job at International, but he had missed Thorne at home. Thorne said he'd felt guilty for not realizing the trouble Aly had been in, and he hadn't been able to be around the family. Eric believed the whole family was responsible for not seeing the signs with Aly. Thorne said he'd needed to heal on his own. Eric asked if Thorne had healed. Thorne felt that he'd healed as much as he could, and Paris had given him what he'd needed.

Eric asked where Thorne had stayed the previous night, and Thorne replied that he'd been at Brooke's house in the guest room. Eric said Thorne could stay in the Forrester guesthouse, but Thorne stated that the lovebirds needed their space. Thorne was comfortable at Brooke's. He said he wasn't freeloading, and he'd offered to cook dinner to pay his way.

Thorne turned the topic to the Sheila drama he'd heard about, but Eric didn't want to discuss anything to do with Sheila. All that mattered was that he and Quinn were better and stronger after it. Eric thought he could say the same about Ridge and Brooke.

Thorne asked how many times they'd been down the Brooke and Ridge road and if Eric really thought it was best. Thorne wasn't so convinced because he knew what had happened in Australia. Thorne stated that he knew how Ridge had betrayed Brooke before their wedding.

Ridge makes a move; Thorne does too

Ridge makes a move; Thorne does too

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke discussed Thorne's return, and Ridge was upset that Thorne had been living at Brooke's house. Brooke was surprised because Ridge seemed suspicious of Thorne's motives. Brooke and Ridge argued about Thorne's spontaneous return. "Why is he here?" Ridge asked. Brooke wondered if Ridge had talked to Thorne about his work. Ridge had not.

Brooke encouraged Ridge to show some interest in Thorne's work. Ridge was adamant that Thorne had an agenda. Brooke reminded Ridge that they were brothers and not children. They were both professionals in the fashion industry. She wanted Ridge to appreciate his brother's abilities.

"What does he expect? What are you not telling me?" Ridge asked. "Why can't you be happy that he's back?" Brooke asked. She worried that Ridge had forgotten how much Thorne had lost in his life, including Aly. She added that Thorne might want to be more involved in the company and his family.

Ridge said that Thorne had been in the business side of International. Brooke countered that Thorne wanted to be with his family. Ridge felt they could dust off Thorne's desk in shipping. Brooke was surprised at Ridge's lack of compassion. Ridge was obsessed with finding out why Thorne had returned. He asked Brooke to accompany him to Forrester to find out what Thorne was up to.

At Forrester, Thorne talked to his father about Ridge. Thorne said he understood that Ridge had cheated on Brooke. Thorne said that Ridge had to prove he could have any woman. Thorne maintained that Brooke had told him it had just been a kiss that had broken up Ridge and Brooke before their wedding, but Thorne felt it had to be much more because Brooke was one of the "most accomplished women in the world."

Eric looked suspicious. He told his son that it was no longer an issue. It had been dealt with. Thorne scoffed that Ridge had wanted everyone to forget, and they had. Eric reminded Thorne that it had been a painful time for everyone and that Brooke had moved on.

Eric understood that Thorne had had a rough time in life. He had lost Macy, Darla, and Aly. "You've changed," Eric said. Thorne agreed. He said he wanted to return from Europe "to be on equal footing" with Ridge. Thorne refused to put up with Ridge's condescending "little brother" references and attitude any longer. Thorne handed his sketches to his father and asked his opinion. Eric was impressed. "Ridge isn't your only son who designs," Thorne said.

Thorne explained that he'd had to lose himself in something after he'd lost his daughter, and he'd been trained by some of the best designers in Europe. He wanted to make Eric proud. Thorne said he had returned to be more involved with the whole family. "You're with Quinn, and you seem really happy," Thorne said. He wished everyone else were doing as well. He noted that Brooke had married Bill because Ridge had let her down, and Brooke and was divorcing Bill.

Ridge and Brooke entered the office, and Ridge saw the designs. He wondered if they were Eric's, but Ridge said they didn't look like Forrester sketches. Eric said that Thorne had done them. "Thorne's designing. Look at you, little brother," Ridge said. Thorne explained that he had worked with some acclaimed designers in Europe. Ridge said it was great that Thorne had a hobby and had been taking lessons.

Thorne said it was not a hobby. Ridge figured out that Thorne had shown the designs to Eric and Brooke first. Thorne countered that he would have shown them to Ridge if Ridge had shown an interest in what Thorne was doing. Thorne wanted to be a member of the design team, but Ridge said they weren't looking to expand the team. Thorne encouraged Ridge to offer his opinion on the designs.

Ridge said they were "very interesting sketches." He added that Thorne had a great feel for fabric, but there was no theme, cohesion, or vision. Thorne explained that he had selected samples of his designs. It was not a collection. Brooke defended Thorne's designs as having potential. Ridge said they'd clearly been done by an inexperienced designer. Ridge was harsh in his critique. Thorne said that Eric still owned the company, and Ridge was the lead designer. Ridge asked to speak to Thorne alone. Eric wanted to stay, but Thorne said that he and Ridge needed to have a conversation alone.

Brooke and Eric exited. Ridge noted that Thorne wanted to be a designer with a position at Forrester and had moved into Brooke's house. Ridge wondered what else Thorne wanted, and he called Thorne "little brother."

Ridge softened slightly and told his brother that he understood Thorne had had a hard time, but he felt Paris had been good for Thorne. Ridge wanted Thorne to be happy. He added that while Thorne had been gone, things had not been standing still in Los Angeles. Thorne wanted to be a part of the future. He realized he was not a designer, but it was important to him. Thorne brought up Zende's designs, and Ridge defended Zende as a young, promising designer.

Ridge told Thorne that designers who had encouraged Thorne might have done so in order to help him, but they might not want to hurt his feelings. Thorne nodded, but he refused to allow Ridge to undermine his confidence or intimidate him. Thorne said he'd had enough.

In Quinn's office, she and Ivy discussed the designs that Ridge had liked, and they fit some necklaces on models. Quinn and Ivy thought they should show some of the designs to Thorne because he knew the European market. The models giggled, and Ivy explained that Thorne's return had created a buzz among the models. The models left. "Thorne better watch out," Ivy said. She added that everyone was excited about Thorne's return.

Quinn was surprised that Thorne didn't ever want to run the company. She and Ivy discussed that Thorne was very different from Ridge and had never been domineering. Ivy left, and Eric and Brooke entered.

Brooke and Eric shared that Thorne had returned with designs and didn't hesitate to give his opinion. Brooke and Eric agreed the designs were promising. "He's obviously been working very hard on this," Brooke said. It was clear that Thorne was ready to stand up to Ridge.

Bill snaps at his staff

Bill snaps at his staff

> Bill snaps at his staff

Bill snaps at his staff

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Quinn, Eric, and Brooke agreed that it was wonderful to have Thorne home. They discussed that Thorne had some great designs and seemed to have a lot of talent. Quinn gushed that if he had half of Eric's talent, they would all be lucky. Eric admitted that his sons had always been competitive and had never gotten along very well. Brooke felt that Thorne wouldn't back down this time. She felt Thorne would stand up to Ridge.

In Ridge's office, Thorne and Ridge had an intense discussion. "Stop patronizing me," Thorne said. Ridge ordered Thorne to respect his office. Thorne mocked Ridge and said he would bow down to Ridge to respect the office of their family business. Thorne refused to put up with Ridge's condescending attitude, but Ridge ordered Thorne to stop overreacting. "Get it through your head: I'm not taking your crap anymore," Thorne advised.

Ridge and Thorne continued to argue until Brooke, Quinn, and Eric arrived. Eric insisted they stop. Ridge laughed and said that he and his little brother were fine. Eric and Brooke said they clearly were not fine. "The two of you were fighting," Eric said. Eric asked Brooke to take Thorne to lunch. Brooke agreed. Thorne looked at Ridge and told him he was a bully. Thorne added that everyone was tired of Ridge mistreating people -- especially Brooke. Ridge glared at Thorne. Brooke and Thorne left.

"Stop giving Thorne a hard time," Eric ordered. Ridge gloated that he was just kidding around, but it was so easy because Thorne was so sensitive. Eric demanded that Ridge become more welcoming to Thorne. Ridge insisted he was doing his best. Eric ordered him to try harder. "Lower your expectations," Ridge replied. Quinn told Ridge to stop being obstinate.

Ridge insisted something was strange about how Thorne had all of a sudden become a designer. Ridge didn't trust Thorne and figured something was up. Quinn and Eric wondered why Ridge was so upset with Thorne. Quinn wondered if it was because Thorne was staying at Brooke's house. Ridge said he thought it was odd that a grown man wouldn't get a hotel room. Ridge excused himself because he wanted to release Brooke from her baby-sitting duties with Thorne. Ridge left.

Eric worried to Quinn that his sons would have gotten into a fight if they had not interrupted. Quinn couldn't believe they would be so petty. Eric explained that there had always been issues and that Brooke had at one time been married to Thorne. "She's back in the middle again," Eric said.

At Il Giardino, Sheila spied Brooke and Thorne at lunch, but she watched from a distance. Thorne told Brooke that he had known Ridge had been trying to upset him by acting superior. Thorne didn't understand why Brooke or anyone had put up with Ridge for so many years. Thorne added that Brooke had made the right decision in breaking it off with Ridge and with Bill.

Thorne suggested Brooke should be alone for a while and not allow a man to define her. He called her an amazing woman. Brooke and Thorne discussed that they had gone through some good and bad times together. Brooke said it was nice to see his handsome, smiling face. She admired his humility.

Thorne said he had thought about all the great women in his life: Macy, Darla, and his daughter. He added that he and Brooke had had a wonderful wedding in Venice. Brooke agreed. Ridge showed up and said Brooke had a meeting at Forrester. Brooke balked, but Ridge said it was important. Brooke left with Ridge, and Sheila stepped in to visit with Thorne.

Sheila said she had returned to Los Angeles to start over. She had noticed that Thorne had had a great connection with Brooke, and it was too bad that Ridge had interrupted. Sheila said that Ridge felt he could have any woman he wanted no matter who she was with -- including his dad. Thorne wondered what she meant. Sheila said that she didn't want anyone to know that she had told him, but she had paid Mateo to seduce Quinn, and it had blown up in her face. Sheila explained that Quinn had cheated on Eric and had an affair with Ridge. Thorne looked skeptical.

At Forrester, Brooke wondered who was attending the meeting he had wanted her to return to. Ridge had set up two plates with lunch in his office, and he said it was just the two of them. She said Ridge had been rude to Thorne.

At Steffy's, she couldn't stop thinking about making love with Bill. Liam asked her questions, but she was distracted. Steffy recovered and said she was happy to be home with her husband. Liam kissed her and thanked her for helping him and his father repair their relationship. Liam was happy that Bill had even offered to help Sally.

Liam quickly apologized for mentioning Sally. Steffy said it was fine. Liam apologized for "breaking our vows." He thanked her for being so forgiving, but Steffy stopped him and started to panic. She turned away and tried to take deep breaths. Liam was dismayed that he had upset her.

Steffy looked at Liam and said she wanted to completely put that night behind them and erase it. Liam agreed, but he questioned where she had gone and who she had been with because someone had convinced her to return to him.

Steffy paused again. She said she had gone for a drive and then realized how lucky she was and returned home. She continued to have flashbacks of lovemaking with Bill. Steffy started to cry. Liam apologized and promised to never let her down again. Steffy begged him to stop because he hadn't let her down. They kissed.

Liam returned to the kitchen, and Steffy walked away. She had trouble breathing, and she heard her own voice calling her a cheater and a liar. The voice got louder, and Steffy looked in the mirror and shook her head.

Ridge asks Brooke to marry him

Ridge asks Brooke to marry him

Thursday, December 7, 2017

At Forrester, Ridge noted that Brooke was picking at her food as they ate in the CEO's office. She said she'd been enjoying her lunch with Thorne until Ridge had pulled her out for the so-called working lunch. Ridge felt he'd had to do it because Brooke saw Thorne enough at the house, and one could only take Thorne in small doses.

Ridge asked if she was done eating. He had another surprise for her. Following Ridge out of the office, Brooke mirthlessly replied that she couldn't wait to see it.

Later, Brooke and Ridge strolled into the steam room, and Brooke stated that "this" was the surprise. Ridge thought it was about time, and she quipped that it depended upon what he had in mind. Ridge didn't think it was scandal because, if anyone walked in, they'd see him kissing his future wife. Ridge kissed Brooke lightly, and they grinned at each other.

As Brooke and Ridge relaxed in the steam, Ridge was sure it beat lunch with his little brother. Brooke reminded Ridge not to call Thorne that. Ridge griped about Thorne probably taking a long time to find somewhere else to live, and Ridge was sure that, in the meantime, Thorne would pressure her to say what had happened in Australia.

Brooke said she hadn't told Thorne about Ridge and Quinn. Ridge said there was nothing to tell, and he asked if Brooke understood that it was in the past. Brooke did. She knew that Ridge was sorry and regretted it. She said spending time with him had been good for her and R.J. Brooke thanked Ridge for the space he'd given her and for reminding her of what they'd had together. Ridge said he'd keep reminding her, and he promised that they'd get there.

After a while, Ridge wondered if Brooke was getting sleepy. He had some ideas on how to perk her up. In her silence, he guessed that she wanted to save it for the honeymoon. Brooke giggled, and he promised to keep giving her space. He believed that what they had was special, and he wouldn't let anyone get in the way of it.

At Il Giardino, Thorne was shocked to hear from Sheila that Ridge had had an affair with his father's wife. Sheila claimed that Quinn and Ridge had had an encounter on the day Ridge was supposed to have married Brooke, and it hadn't been the first time. Thorne was further surprised to hear that Eric had forgiven Ridge and Quinn for doing it.

Sheila told Thorne that Quinn wasn't a good person, and Sheila had stayed in the city to look out for Eric's best interests. Sheila hoped Thorne believed her. Thorne said he had to go, and she told him to remember that the information hadn't come from her.

In the design office at Forrester, Quinn and Eric talked about Ridge and Thorne, who'd each been married to Brooke. Quinn supposed that Brooke was unforgettable. Eric replied that "Unforgettable" had been Ridge and Brooke's theme song, and it described their on-again, off-again relationship.

As Quinn and Eric prepared to depart for lunch, Thorne arrived to speak to Eric privately. Quinn left to get takeout, and Eric asked Thorne what had happened to the lunch with Brooke. Thorne quipped that it had been what always happened when Ridge was around -- "To hell with anyone's feelings, including yours," Thorne said.

Thorne revealed that he knew how Ridge had betrayed Eric with Quinn. Eric didn't want to talk about it. To him, it was over. Thorne asked what was wrong with Ridge to do that to Eric again. Eric said he hadn't wanted Thorne to know it because of the very thing happening at that moment. It was putting Eric's sons at odds with each other.

Thorne stated that Ridge couldn't keep ruining people's lives. Eric replied that no one's lives had been ruined, and he'd forgiven Quinn. Thorne asked if Eric had forgiven Ridge. Eric explained that he hadn't, and at first, he'd renounced Ridge and thrown him out of the company. Thorne asked why Ridge was acting like top dog at the company and in the family.

Eric asserted that Eric was top dog at the company and in the family, and it would be that way until the day he died. Eric didn't want to hang onto the bad feelings. Thorne understood Eric's view, but Thorne didn't like Ridge feeling as if he could take and take. Thorne said he was there, and he'd put a stop to it.

Eric was adamant that Thorne not go after Ridge. Eric insisted that it was over, and he said he'd forgiven Quinn. Thorne was amazed that Eric had forgiven Ridge and had made him CEO. Eric corrected that it was co-CEO. Thorne didn't know why Ridge had gone after another of Eric's wives. Thorne had thought Ridge hadn't liked Quinn and recalled that Ridge had summoned Thorne there to stop Eric's wedding.

Eric said that Ridge had been wrong to do it, but things were more complicated. Agreeing, Thorne said it had begun with Stephanie's lie. The lie had caused Thorne to live in the shadow of a power-hungry Marone. Thorne said he, not Ridge, carried Eric's DNA, and that might be why it was so easy for Ridge to do the things he'd done to Eric.

Thorne moved on to Brooke, who deserved the best. He said Ridge thought it was he, but that wasn't true. "Especially now that I know about him and Quinn," Thorne added. He felt that actions had consequences, and he asserted that Ridge would learn the hard way from Thorne.

At Il Giardino, Quinn cringed when Sheila approached to say the takeout order would be ready shortly. Sheila asked if Eric and Quinn were having a cozy lunch at the office, and Quinn told Sheila to buzz off. The women traded insults, and Quinn called Sheila a troublemaker. Sheila said she was a working stiff, something that Eric Forrester's wife wouldn't know about.

Quinn couldn't believe Sheila was implying that Quinn had married Eric for money then Quinn asked herself why she was engaging with Sheila. Sheila ribbed Quinn about the perks of working closely with Ridge, but Quinn said the real perk was going home to her husband after work. Sheila asked about Ridge. Quinn hoped that Ridge and Brooke would be as happy as Quinn was with Eric.

When Quinn's order was ready, Sheila said she'd put in a piece of tiramisu because it was Eric's favorite. Before taking the bag from another server, Quinn asked if Sheila had touched any of the food. She shook her head, and Sheila giggled as Quinn took the bag.

Quinn ordered Sheila to stay away from the Forresters because her days of wreaking havoc had ended. After Quinn had gone, Sheila was happy that she could still get to Quinn.

Later Quinn was eating alone in the CEO's office when Ridge arrived, fresh from the steam room. She asked if he'd proposed to Brooke in there. "In the steam room?" Ridge asked. Quinn said it had been their favorite place over the years.

Quinn turned the topic to Sheila, who was looking for dirt, in Quinn's view. Ridge seemed distracted, and she asked what was wrong. He asked if Thorne had been in the building. Quinn affirmed it and said Thorne had been with Eric earlier. Ridge asked what Thorne had wanted.

Quinn didn't know, but she remarked that Thorne was different. To her, he seemed more assertive. Ridge said it was as if Thorne was up to something, and Ridge planned to find out what it was.

At Brooke's house, Brooke apologized to Thorne about lunch. Thorne was bitter about Ridge getting away with things. Brooke replied that it was just how Ridge was. Thorne called Ridge rude, arrogant, and self-centered. Touching her hand, Thorne said it was why he was worried about her. Brooke replied that he shouldn't be, and she could take care of herself.

Thorne said that he was sure his father had felt the same way. Thorne revealed that he knew who the other woman had been in Australia. He said it had been Quinn, and Brooke asked who had told him. Thorne didn't think it mattered and added that Eric had confirmed it. Thorne said Ridge couldn't keep getting away with lies and betrayals.

Thorne thought it was even worse because it had been Eric's wife. Thorne guessed Brooke had been horrified. Brooke replied that in some ways, she still was. Brooke started to make an excuse, but Thorne said there should be no more excuses. Thorne labeled Ridge as a perpetual cheater who had broken her heart countless times.

Thorne felt that Brooke deserved a man who'd be there completely, but Ridge was incapable of it. Thorne said it was probably difficult for her to hear, but she couldn't marry Ridge.

Steffy and Liam learn that Steffy is pregnant

Steffy and Liam learn that Steffy is pregnant

Friday, December 8, 2017

At Forrester, Quinn was glad that she and Ridge had gotten to a place where they weren't freaking out all the time about being alone around each other. She and Eric had reunited, and Brooke and Ridge were hopefully on the way to doing the same thing. Ridge replied that it was the plan. Quinn felt that what they'd done had been awful. Ridge agreed, but he was starting to think that Brooke was finally putting it behind them.

Later, Quinn was in the design office, showing off her jewelry collection to Liam, who wanted to feature it in an article. Quinn wanted the cover and said Steffy had been the inspiration. Liam asked if it was true, and Quinn replied that she could see Steffy wearing the pieces. Picking up a bracelet, she said she'd modeled it after the one Steffy had left in the guesthouse.

Handling the bracelet, Liam said Steffy wore hers all the time. Realizing what he'd heard, Liam asked if Quinn had said Steffy's had been in Quinn's guesthouse. Quinn explained that she and Eric had found the bracelet and returned it to Steffy at the holiday dinner. Quinn said she and Eric had been worried about the couple, but Steffy had said it had only been a small argument.

Liam stared quizzically, and Quinn assured him that she and Eric hadn't been prying or anything. It had just seemed strange that Steffy would stay there. "Yeah, well...that...that is strange," Liam thoughtfully replied. He asked what night it had been. Quinn figured it had been whatever night the couple had argued before the holiday. She assumed there hadn't been many nights like that for the couple.

Agreeing, Liam stated that the thing was that Steffy had only been driving around that night. Quinn reasoned that Steffy could have driven around, but she'd also been in the guesthouse, where Quinn had found the bracelet. She asked why Liam was so concerned about it. Liam said he was just trying to figure out how the bracelet had gotten there if Steffy hadn't been there.

Quinn corrected that Steffy had been there, which was what she was trying to tell Liam. Liam claimed that the bracelet could have been there for a while. Quinn reasoned that the lights had been on, and the shower and bed had been used. "The bed?" he inquired. Quinn conveyed that the sheets had been rumpled. Quinn assumed that Steffy had crawled into bed for a good cry.

"And took a shower? That doesn't make any sense," Liam uttered. Quinn didn't know why he was making a big deal of it and concluded that he didn't believe her. Liam clarified that he'd believed Steffy, but Quinn was basically saying that Steffy had lied.

Quinn quickly replied that she wasn't saying anything about anyone lying. Liam clarified that he was saying Steffy hadn't said a word about the guesthouse. He wondered what possible reason Steffy had for keeping it from him.

In the CEO's office, Eric and Pam arrived on the threshold. Eric was looked for Ridge, but no one was there. Pam replied that Ridge had gone to Brooke's house -- after having lunch with Brooke and being in the stream room with her. Pam figured she was the only person working around there.

Pam's desk phone rang as Ivy arrived in the doorway. Pam excused herself as she brushed past Ivy, saying, "Duty calls -- for some of us."

Closing the door, Ivy noted Eric's bad mood and asked what was going on. Eric replied that Thorne had found out about what had gone on in Australia, and Thorne wouldn't let it go. Eric said that Ridge had gotten away with a lot and taken advantage of Eric and Thorne. Part of the reason Eric had forgiven Quinn was that Eric knew how manipulative Ridge could be.

Ivy said Eric had forgiven Ridge, too. Eric replied that maybe he shouldn't have, and maybe Thorne had a point. Though Eric loved Ridge, Eric wondered if he should stand up to Ridge more. Ivy was surprised to hear it from Eric, a big supporter of Brooke and Ridge.

Eric said maybe he was wrong, and Brooke kept returning to Ridge out of habit. Eric wondered if Brooke would still want to be with Ridge if she took a serious look at who each one of them was. Eric just wanted what was best for Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Brooke thanked Thorne for his advice. Thorne wondered if she was listening. He urged her not to give Ridge another chance to break her heart. Thorne didn't know why she wasn't furious at Ridge. Brooke said she had been at first, and it had taken a lot to get beyond it.

Thorne didn't think Brooke was beyond it. He said she didn't have to be that time. She could hold Ridge accountable, which was exactly what Thorne intended to do. Brooke appreciated Thorne's concern. She admitted that Ridge hadn't been that great to her over the years, and Thorne had a right to be concerned because he'd had a front row seat to a lot of it.

Thorne was sure Ridge would do it again. Brooke believed that Ridge would make a commitment to her, but Thorne thought the word meant nothing to Ridge. Thorne said it wasn't the same as when Thorne committed to something. Thorne revealed that he hadn't returned to Los Angeles merely to be a designer, but he'd also returned for Brooke.

Brooke asked what Thorne meant by saying he'd returned "for" her. Thorne said he'd meant "because" of her. Thorne had thought of all he'd lost. Macy, Darla, and Aly were gone. He'd thought of who he had left and who'd been there for him. Brooke was at the top of the list.

Thorne's friends in Paris hadn't known him the way Brooke did, so he'd felt he'd had to return. Brooke was glad. She'd missed Thorne, too, and they'd had wonderful times together. "Even when we were married," he replied. Chuckling, Brooke repeated, "Even when we were married."

Just then, Ridge arrived. He kissed Brooke as he greeted her and said he'd forgotten that Thorne was camped out there. He asked Thorne to say again why he couldn't get a hotel room. Thorne asked Ridge to repeat why he treated women with such disrespect. "Thorne," Brooke mindfully said. Ridge figured that had escalated quickly.

Thorne said it was because he knew what Ridge had done. "Excuse me?" Ridge asked. Thorne replied that it had been with Eric's wife the day before Ridge had been set to marry Brooke. For Thorne, it didn't get more disgusting than that. Ridge stated that mistakes "were made," and he'd apologized. He asked what it had to do with Thorne.

A bell chimed, and Brooke said it was the back door bell, signifying that she had a delivery. She asked if it was safe to leave the two alone. The men affirmed it, and she went into the kitchen.

Ridge explained that the people involved in the issue had made peace with it. He asked why Thorne was trying to start a fight about it. Thorne asked if Ridge thought Thorne would let Ridge get away with it. Ridge sensed Thorne's big tantrum brewing.

Ridge reasoned that it was what Thorne did when no one listened to his lectures. Ridge said Thorne tried to challenge Ridge, and when Thorne failed, he ran to the basement or went to Paris. "Or you take a chair and throw it through a window," Ridge added. Thorne started to speak, but Ridge continued, saying it was all because he was mother's favorite.

"There it is," Thorne replied. Ridge said he hadn't chosen it; Stephanie had, and Thorne would be happier if he'd just make peace with it. Ridge deduced that Thorne wanted to rescue the whole family and the world from mean old Ridge. They were brothers, and Ridge didn't want to fight. He wanted Thorne to do well, and it was why Ridge was always truthful with Thorne.

"You're not a leader. You're not a designer. And you're always going to be in my shadow because you're less experienced, and you're less gifted," Ridge said. Ridge claimed it wasn't he who was saying it. It was in the eyes of the world and their family. "And the eyes of Brooke," Ridge concluded. Thorne said nothing, and that surprised Ridge, who said it was usually where Thorne put Ridge in his place.

Thorne grabbed Ridge and threw him on the floor. He said it was the part where Ridge realized that Thorne was more of a man than Ridge would ever be. Thorne stated that Brooke and the world would see that Thorne would no longer accept bullying from Ridge, and maybe Brooke would choose the same thing. Thorne vowed to purge Ridge from Brooke's life and from the family. He said he'd restore morality to the Forrester name, and Ridge would just be gone.

At the cliff house, Bill arrived to check on Steffy. Steffy said Bill couldn't just show up there. Bill didn't know why he couldn't show up at his own house. Bill said he'd already known Liam wasn't there and told Steffy that she had to let it go. Steffy asked if it was easy for him.

Bill figured that Steffy knew the answer; however, for Liam's sake, they had to smile and lie. Steffy claimed not to be good at it and fretted over Liam finding out. Bill replied that Liam never would, but she said Liam almost had. Starting to get teary and upset, Steffy said Liam wanted to know where she'd been and who she'd been with. Bill asked if she'd revealed anything.

Steffy said she'd just given Liam more lies. It wasn't who Steffy wanted to be. She recalled the lies she'd told Liam about where she'd been and what she'd been doing the night of the incident. Bill decided that it was the truth as far as Liam needed to know.

Bill asked Steffy to close her eyes and imagine being on the side of the road in her car, as she'd told Liam she'd been doing. Bill said Steffy had been there, far from the guesthouse and far away from Bill. "If you believe it, Liam will, too," Bill reasoned.

Steffy doubted that they could really do it. Bill said that if one said a lie often enough and with conviction, one started to believe it. No one would question it. Steffy believed the guilt was written all over her face. It was haunting her. Bill said they both had thought the marriage had been done. Steffy replied that it hadn't been and never would be.

Bill believed it was true only if Steffy could forget about what had gone on between them. Steffy said she could do it. She was married to Liam; he was her husband, and she had to do it.

Later, Bill had gone, and Steffy welcomed Liam home. Liam remarked that he'd been interviewing Quinn, and as it turned out, Steffy was the inspiration for Quinn's line. It surprised Steffy to hear it. Taking Steffy's arm, Liam said the bracelet on it was one of Quinn's favorites. Walking away, Steffy replied that Quinn had commented on it before.

Liam asked if it had been when Quinn had returned it. "What?" Steffy asked. Liam explained that Quinn had found it and returned it to Steffy, but it had been weird to Liam that Quinn had found it the night of the argument -- when Steffy had driven off in the car with no destination. Steffy agreed that she'd been driving around.

"You wanted to take a shower? Or a nap?" Liam asked. Steffy quizzically asked "what" again. Liam stated that the bed had been slept in or used. He asked what was going on and why she'd say she'd just been driving around if it hadn't been true. He asked if she'd been in the car or at the guesthouse. Steffy became anxious, but she remained silent.

Liam said it was a simple question. Steffy looked around nervously. He softened his tone and asked what she'd done that night. He said all he wanted was the truth.

At Spencer later, Bill sat in his chair. He was tormented by thoughts of having sex with Steffy.

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