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Thorne let Brooke know that he had feelings for her, but Brooke accepted Ridge's marriage proposal. Just after Steffy had gotten her "cha-cha-cha" back, she found out she was pregnant.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 11, 2017 on B&B
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Steffy cha-cha-chas back to life Steffy cha-cha-chas back to life

Monday, December 11, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Quinn studied the jewelry she'd had Maya model for her. Maya loved the bracelet and wanted to get one for Nicole. Quinn remarked upon its hip feel and said the idea was from Steffy. Maya asked if Steffy was designing.

Quinn explained that she'd been inspired by a bracelet Steffy had left behind in the guesthouse. Maya said she'd never known Steffy had stayed in the guesthouse. Quinn replied that Steffy's husband hadn't, either.

Maya thought it was an odd thing to fib about to a spouse. Quinn agreed, but she thought that Steffy might have needed her own space and said that even married people had their secrets.

Maya asked what Quinn would name her line. Quinn had contemplated "CEO" for enterprising women. She'd also thought of naming it after Steffy. Maya discouraged Quinn from that latter, saying it would remind Steffy of a bad time in her marriage.

Quinn hadn't thought of it that way. Maya also said she assumed Quinn would stop mentioning where she'd gotten the idea for the bracelet. "I'm sure you remember how hurtful it was with the entire building discussing your marital problems," Maya quipped, and with a curt smile, Maya exited. Quinn scoffed to herself.

At the cliff house, Liam claimed to be just asking a question, not making accusations. Steffy said it felt like she was being accused and asked why it mattered. He replied that it was one thing if she'd just gone for a drive, but it was another if she'd had the intention of remaining gone and moving back into the mansion. He asked what it meant if she'd changed her mind about moving and what it meant that she hadn't wanted him to know.

Liam noted that Steffy was shaking, and Steffy replied that he was scaring her. Liam didn't know why, and he asked if Quinn had been lying about Steffy's stay in the guesthouse. Steffy asked why Quinn and Liam had been talking about her anyway. He asked if Steffy was trying to keep the option of moving back to the mansion open. Steffy denied it.

Liam asked Steffy to make sense of it for him. He recounted that she'd left furious that day, but she'd returned full of apologies and ready to recommit. Something had happened in between. He'd gotten two different stories, and both couldn't be true. He asked why Steffy couldn't tell him which one was true. In her silence, he wondered if he was going about it all wrong.

Steffy replied that it was her fault. Liam wanted to know if she was still angry, and she admitted that she was at times. She was angry at herself, not Liam. She said she'd made a mistake and had done something wrong. Liam asked her to tell him what it was, and she looked away.

Liam recounted that Steffy had driven around, and she'd parked, not knowing what to do. He assumed she'd wanted to go somewhere to be safe and alone. Steffy confirmed that it had been what she'd wanted. He asked if she'd been alone or meeting someone. Steffy denied that she'd been meeting anyone. He asked if she'd been thinking of leaving him.

Steffy claimed that many things had gone through her mind, and Liam assumed that leaving him had been one of them. She said it hadn't been a thought for long. Liam guessed that she had told him the story because she'd believed that if she'd told him that she'd been thinking of leaving him, he'd freak out. Steffy said that she was sorry, and she hugged him.

Liam thought he should be the one apologizing because they'd promised that what had happened before the renewal of their vows would be forgotten. He didn't know why he'd revisited it and said even casual contact with Quinn made him paranoid. Steffy believed he'd had the right to get the truth. Liam replied that truth was an ideal, not an item one bought at the store.

In Liam's view, one strived to tell the truth, but if one failed, he dusted himself off and did better. Steffy intended to do just that. Liam felt he had a lot more to make up for than she did. She replied that he needed to stop blaming himself. She said they couldn't erase the past, but they didn't needed to carry it into each new day. Liam agreed and said they wouldn't.

Steffy decided that the deal excluded the part where she'd fall in love with Liam over and over again. She leaned in and kissed him. Liam asked why she was crying, and she said she didn't even know. Liam thought it was important to reflect upon what one had dreamed life would be in the future and to ask himself if it was what he'd wanted it to be. For Liam, Steffy had made it be what he'd imagined it to be.

Steffy said it was the same for her, but Liam asked where the wild woman who'd zip-lined into their wedding had gone. She said she was right there. Liam suspected that she was still back in that awful night. He had her repeat after him and say that night had never happened, and none of it had ever happened.

After Steffy had done so, Liam asked for a sign that she was back. She said she was, or she would be. He asked her to prove it and said she knew what he wanted to hear. Meekly, she uttered, "Cha-cha-cha." Liam pretended that he couldn't hear her. Giggling, Steffy yelled it.

Liam declared that Steffy was back. Steffy said that it had never happened, and she kissed him.

At Brooke's house, Ridge was on the floor, asking Thorne if he felt like he'd become a man for pushing down his big brother. Thorne joked that Ridge's big head had made him fall over. Thorne offered Ridge a hand up, but Ridge asked if Thorne didn't want Brooke to see what a bad boy Thorne had been.

Thorne called Ridge sick and weak and said the games Ridge played made the family that way, too. Ridge retorted that the family was lucky to have Thorne there to restore decency and morality. Thorne replied that it was correct, and Ridge said they'd see how it worked out.

Brooke entered and rushed to Ridge, exclaiming, "Oh, my God! Are you all right?" She looked up at Thorne and asked what he'd done. Thorne claimed that Ridge had fallen. Getting up, Ridge added that he'd had help. "Not in my house," Brooke said. Thorne stated that Ridge hadn't gotten out of his face. "Not in my house!" Brooke repeated.

Brooke didn't want her house to become a battleground, and she asked that the brothers at least show some respect for each other. Thorne didn't think Ridge knew the meaning of the word and asked how much respect Ridge had shown Eric and Brooke with Quinn.

Thorne and Ridge exchanged barbs, and Ridge called Thorne "little brother" again. Brooke asked why Ridge did that when he knew Thorne hated it. Thorne said Ridge liked to talk because he liked to control the room and steer away from topics unflattering to Ridge. Thorne said Ridge also talked to seduce.

"I'm sorry. Did you say something? Something new?" Ridge asked. He believed Thorne had built his entire life on resentment. Brooke asked why the men couldn't see each other as she saw them. Thorne replied that he'd seen too much else over the years. "What he said," Ridge added.

Brooke decided that it was time for Ridge to go, but Ridge said he hadn't been the one pushing people. Thorne quipped that it wasn't even Ridge's house. Ridge replied that his son lived there. Thorne expressed that he didn't see R.J. around. Ridge contended that it was the home of his once-and-future wife. Thorne quipped about Ridge attending to a legally married woman.

Brooke concluded that it was her home, and she was ready for Ridge to go. Ridge stated that Thorne had won the day without playing his trump card. Thorne hadn't realized he had one. Ridge replied that it was Thorne's Marone card. Thorne claimed that a fact was a fact, and it accounted for the thuggish behavior that kept Ridge as king of the sandbox.

Ridge reasoned that Thorne had the pedigree and the sympathy, but Ridge's trump card was his talent, of which Thorne had none. Ridge said he hadn't bullied his way to the top of the industry; he'd earned it. Thorne hadn't been in the basement because of Ridge but because of himself. Ridge said that Thorne's chromosomes had been the only things to keep him from being fired.

Brooke started to escort Ridge to the door. Thorne quipped that Ridge had been speaking that way ever since Thorne had started shaving. Ridge exclaimed surprise that Thorne shaved. Shoving Thorne, Ridge said no one ever told him anything. "Did that feel good?" Ridge asked regarding the shove. Brooke exclaimed. Ridge told her loved her. He kissed her and left.

Later, Brooke checked to see if Thorne was okay. She said she was disappointed in both men. Thorne remarked that Ridge had called her his once-and-future wife. "Yeah. He does that," Brooke replied. Thorne asked if Ridge was right. Brooke didn't answer.

Thorne said Brooke's past disappointments in his brother had nothing to do with him. The problem was that Ridge needed to win, and once Ridge won, he'd lose interest. Thorne believed that the moment Brooke agreed to be with Ridge, Ridge would renew his interest in Quinn. Brooke felt that Ridge honestly regretted what he'd done with Quinn.

In Thorne's view, Ridge's regret never lasted long, which was why Brooke had to forgive Ridge every six months. Thorne knew that she loved his brother. She reasoned that Thorne did, too. Thorne said people loved wildlife but also kept their distance.

Brooke didn't want to be alone, and she liked the idea of feeling that she belonged to somebody. Thorne said she didn't have to be with Ridge, and there were other ways not to be alone. She asked what Thorne meant, and he kissed her. Brooke smiled curiously.

Ridge makes a move; Thorne does too

Ridge makes a move; Thorne does too

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and R.J. reviewed design sketches that R.J. had done. Ridge said that he wanted to help R.J. the way his father had helped him. It was important to Ridge to be part of creating designs with R.J.

R.J. mentioned his Uncle Thorne's design, and Ridge groaned. R.J. assumed his dad was not impressed. Ridge said that Thorne was impressed with his own work, but he was also trying to cause trouble with Brooke. Ridge wanted Thorne to return to Paris. Ridge added that nothing would get between Ridge and Brooke.

In another office at Forrester, Quinn and Ivy reviewed diamond ring designs. Ivy said she liked them both -- a timeless emerald cut diamond and a classic round cut. An intern named Simon entered, and Quinn asked his opinion. Simon gushed that they were both stunning, and he put them on Ivy's hands to look at them more closely. He commented on how stunning Ivy was.

Simon then selected the emerald cut and called it "pure ice." Ivy laughed and encouraged him to continue pursuing women his own age. After Simon left, Quinn said that she was convinced her choice of the emerald cut was the winner. She and Ivy agreed they were both beautiful.

Later, Quinn presented the ring designs to Ridge, and she said they were exactly to his specifications. Ridge was pleased and chose the emerald cut as a ring for Brooke. Quinn mentioned the kisses she and Ridge had once shared. Ridge told her she had to stop thinking about them. He couldn't wait to marry Brooke. Quinn said they had journeyed a long way from enemies to friends. Ridge agreed.

In Maya and Rick's room at Brooke's house, Nicole looked at photos of Rick and Maya in South Africa. Maya said it hadn't felt like work. "It was life changing," Maya said. Nicole and Maya agreed they'd had a lot of changes in their lives in a short time. Nicole was living in Paris with Zende and loving it.

Maya told her sister that she seemed more sophisticated. Nicole agreed. She was surprised that Thorne had returned to Los Angeles without contacting her. She added that they could have flown together. Maya said she'd heard Thorne was back for good -- and he had moved into Brooke's house. Maya and Nicole wondered how Ridge felt about that.

In the living room at Brooke's house, Thorne had kissed Brooke, and Brooke said she had not been offended. Thorne considered that encouragement. He said he had loved their time together in the past. Brooke said that Thorne was a man that "any woman would want in a partner." She called him charming, sweet, and a catch.

Thorne said he wanted to give it another try with Brooke. Brooke smiled. Thorne made a case for himself by dissing Ridge and his treatment of Brooke. Thorne begged Brooke to reconsider another relationship with Ridge. Upstairs on the balcony, Nicole watched the exchange between Thorne and Brooke, but she was hidden from their view. Nicole quickly walked back to Maya's room.

Thorne lamented that Ridge was intent on keeping Thorne from advancing at the company. Brooke agreed that Ridge had often been immature. Thorne wished that he had spent more time fighting for Brooke when he'd been younger. He added that he was a better choice for Brooke than Ridge. He promised that he would never have hurt her. Thorne begged Brooke to consider her options.

"What could possibly have been going through his mind?" Thorne asked about when Ridge had kissed Quinn. Brooke didn't want to discuss it, but she relived the entire scenario and flashed back to what had happened. She added that Ridge and Quinn described the kiss as a goodbye kiss. Thorne went off on Ridge and said that Ridge had betrayed Brooke many times -- but the last time, he had betrayed Brooke and Eric. Brooke agreed.

Thorne insisted that Brooke deserved to be treated better. He promised he would treat her better. He begged Brooke not to marry Ridge. "If you have to marry anyone, marry me, Brooke. Marry me," Thorne said. Brooke was shocked.

In Maya's room, Nicole returned and said that she had seen Brooke and Thorne together. Maya was surprised, and Nicole dished that they appeared to have a close relationship. Maya remembered that Thorne and Brooke had been married at one time. Maya and Nicole wondered what was going on. Nicole said it looked like Brooke and Thorne were very close. Maya added that everyone assumed Ridge and Brooke were going to get back together, but she wondered if Thorne might have serious feelings for Brooke

Bill snaps at his staff

Bill snaps at his staff

> Bill snaps at his staff

Bill snaps at his staff

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

by Pam

At Liam and Steffy's, Steffy was home, and Liam was gone. Ridge entered with coffee. Steffy said she had decided to take the day off for herself. "You haven't been yourself lately," Ridge said. He figured it was because of Sally and Liam, and he realized it was "easier said than done" to get past it. "Sometimes people do bad things, but it doesn't mean they're bad people," Ridge said.

Steffy noted that it shouldn't have happened. Ridge was curious what she meant. She said it was Liam and Sally. They had thought they were going to die "and were in pure shock and desperation," she said. Steffy said that Ridge had always said marriages got challenged.

Ridge agreed. Steffy said she couldn't get stuck in the past with guilt and blame. She and Liam had agreed to love each other and move on. "Liam and I are together, and nothing can come between us ever again," she said. Pam called and was panicked that Steffy and Ridge were out of the office. Ridge calmed Pam down and told Steffy to focus on her marriage. "It's working. You look happy," Ridge said.

Steffy said she realized how much she needed Liam. Ridge announced that he'd made some decisions as well. He showed Steffy the engagement ring that Quinn had crafted for Ridge. Steffy admired the ring then checked a message on her phone. She said it was a notice of her annual appointment. She turned back to the ring. "Brooke will love it!" Steffy exclaimed.

Ridge said he couldn't believe he felt sorry for Bill, but he noted that Bill might be a sore loser when he learned that he'd "lost the woman he loved." Steffy defended Bill but agreed the news would be hard on Bill. Ridge called Bill a shark, but Steffy didn't want to discuss him. She knew what it was like to lose someone. She had almost lost Liam, and she really wanted to enjoy their life together.

At Spencer, Wyatt, Liam, Justin, and Bill argued about what to do with a division that was losing money. Wyatt wanted to cut their losses, but Liam said they needed to give the division some support. Bill was distracted and said he didn't care. Justin asked what was the matter, and Bill dismissed him. Liam said it was about Brooke.

Wyatt noted that Bill was "on another planet." Bill angrily called Wyatt, Liam, and Justin "the three stooges" and wanted them out of his office. Justin said he'd never seen Bill so upset. Liam said they all understood how Bill felt. He'd lost the woman he loved. They had all been there. Bill agreed and said he'd screwed up. Liam encouraged him. "You'll find love again," Liam said.

Bill announced that he and Wyatt, Liam, and Justin were not going to sit around and "talk about our feelings." He ordered Justin and Wyatt to run numbers on the division. Justin and Wyatt left the office and said they would return with a report. Liam said he understood what Bill was feeling because he had been there with Steffy. Bill hoped that Liam and Steffy were fine, and Liam said they were. Liam added that it had taken a lot for Steffy to get over his dalliance with Sally.

Bill told Liam to stop overthinking his relationship. Liam said he'd thought Steffy might have left him. However, they had quickly turned it around, renewed marriage vows, and exchanged apologies. Liam praised Steffy for her forgiveness. He said she had also lied to him about where she had been. Liam explained that Quinn had found Steffy's bracelet at the guesthouse at the Forrester mansion. Liam said that Steffy had been so depressed that she'd just crawled into bed. Bill was nervous but reminded Liam that Steffy had returned to him.

Liam said something had to have happened to Steffy because she'd been a different person when she'd returned to him. Liam said that Bill had always been concerned about his family. "I came to you out of nowhere. We were strangers," Liam said. He said he had more opportunities than he could have imagined because Bill had taken him in.

Bill said that anything that had gone wrong in his life was deserved. "I deserved it," Bill repeated. He lamented everything he had done to Spectra and his sons. Bill said he wanted to do better, but he couldn't undo the past. Liam and Bill acknowledged that they valued their relationship. Liam and Bill embraced.

Liam left, and Justin and Wyatt returned. They all argued over business. Wyatt wondered why Liam had taken the day off. Bill said Liam needed to put his marriage back together. Wyatt was teasing, but Bill grew angry. Justin tried to defend Wyatt, but Bill ordered them to stop "gossiping" about Liam and give a report on the division they had discussed. Justin and Wyatt left, and Bill flashed back to romantic times with Steffy. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

At home, Liam surprised Steffy and said he had the afternoon off. Steffy was dressed for the beach and asked Liam to accompany her. She said their fresh start felt good. They had made mistakes, but the most wonderful times of their lives had been together. She flashed back to romantic moments and all of their weddings. She told Liam that he kept her grounded and balanced. They expressed their love for each other, and they kissed.

Ridge asks Brooke to marry him

Ridge asks Brooke to marry him

Thursday, December 14, 2017

At the cliff house, Liam kissed the bikini-and-sarong-clad Steffy. His wife's renewed attitude excited him. She ordered him to get dressed for surfing, and he eagerly rushed off. When he returned ready to "do it," Steffy seemed turned on. As she closed in on him, Liam asked what they were doing.

Steffy told him that it was his choice. Liam replied that she knew what he'd choose every time. Steffy deeply kissed him, but once he got into the kiss, she rushed out the terrace door, headed for the beach.

Later, Steffy and Liam rushed into the house, wet and toweling off after surfing. They joked around, making out. He thanked her for getting him out there and said they should do more things with just him and her. "And life dancing around us," she added. Steffy said that their relationship was her priority. Nothing else was more important or could ever compete.

Steffy went into the bedroom and emerged fully dressed. Liam was disappointed that she had on more clothes. She told him that she had a checkup to go to. He offered to accompany her and said he was good at reading outdated magazines in the waiting room. Though she would love it and thought it was sweet, she was sure he'd be super bored.

Liam stated again that he loved her new attitude. Steffy said it had always been her, but things had been weird for a bit. Liam decided he'd go back to the office. He actually enjoyed going there, and he attributed it to Steffy, who'd worked her magic on his relationship with his father.

Steffy said Liam was the reason for all the good things that had happened. He'd taught her kindness and understanding, not by preaching, but by his actions. She was grateful to be his wife. "And one more thing -- Cha, cha cha!" she said with a little dance and exited.

At the doctor's office, a nurse showed Steffy to an exam room and offered her a magazine to read while she awaited the doctor. Steffy chuckled, remembering Liam's joke about the outdated magazines. The nurse gave Steffy a clueless look, and Steffy said she didn't need any magazines. The nurse left, and Steffy chuckled again.

At the mansion, Eric was sketching when Thorne entered from the balcony, fresh from a swim in Eric's salt-water pool. He thanked Eric for the use of it and remarked that Brooke's was being serviced. Eric again offered to let his son stay at the mansion. Thorne thanked him but insisted that Quinn and Eric hadn't finished their honeymoon phase.

Thorne changed the subject and asked what they'd do about Ridge. Thorne claimed he hadn't returned to cause trouble. He wanted to design with Eric. Eric replied that Thorne would do so. Thorne said Ridge and his disrespect for Eric's marriage had cast a shadow over everything. Eric didn't want to discuss it, but Thorne insisted that it was the elephant in the room.

Eric wanted Thorne to slow down and remarked that Thorne had just gotten home. Eric wanted peace in the family. Thorne asked if Eric was at peace with the way Ridge had treated Eric.

Whipping out a tablet, Thorne said he wanted to show Eric something. On the screen was a website for a collection of clothes. He asked if Eric had heard of it. Responding vaguely, Eric said he'd heard a little. Thorne noted that the line was doing well in Europe. Eric had heard so. Reading the title of the website, "Aly Designs," Eric rendered an expression of realization.

"Come on. Is this you?" Eric asked. Thorne affirmed it and said it was selling. Eric wondered why Thorne hadn't told Eric so he could help. Thorne had felt the need to do it on his own to prove to himself that he could do it without the family name. Eric asked if Ridge knew of it. Thorne's name wasn't attached to the line, and only Eric and Brooke knew of it.

Eric chuckled with pride that Thorne had become a designer. Thorne said he'd worked in the background at Forrester, and he hadn't had the chance to work directly with Eric. Thorne was proud that he could contribute. "I'm a designer," Thorne said in an accomplished tone. Eric agreed. Thorne said he loved the family and company, and he wouldn't disrespect Eric the way Ridge had.

Eric hoped Thorne wasn't undervaluing Ridge. Thorne claimed that he wasn't and asked Eric to think of what a true Forrester team of father and son designing together would be like. Thorne imagined the mutual respect in the relationship and said it was something Ridge was incapable of. Thorne believed that respect was missing between Ridge and Eric, and the lack of it had enabled Ridge to do what he'd done to Eric.

Eric looked away. Thorne stated that Eric wasn't the only one; Ridge didn't respect Thorne, Thorne's sisters, or Brooke. Thorne wanted the time with Eric, and Eric asked why Thorne had chosen that particular time. Thorne said he'd come into his own and knew his worth. He felt that he'd been hiding in Ridge's shadow his whole life, but he'd decided to speak out about it to Eric and to Brooke. "About Ridge and the mockery he's made of our lives," Thorne said.

Eric noted that Thorne had become very protective of Brooke and asked if Thorne thought she needed protecting. "No more than you do," Thorne responded. Thorne wouldn't stand by as Ridge treated the two people Thorne loved most in the world like doormats. It drove him crazy that Ridge thought Brooke would marry him again.

Eric reminded Thorne that the couple had been through things before, but Thorne thought it was even more reason to support Brooke. Thorne wouldn't interfere if it was any other woman; however, Brooke was special, and Thorne wouldn't let Ridge ruin her life again. Eric cautioned Thorne that it might not be his choice. Thorne asserted that he was making it his choice.

Thorne didn't want to talk badly about his brother, but he felt he had to protect Brooke. It sounded like more than protection to Eric, who wondered if Thorne was again hoping for a future with Brooke. Thorne admitted that he'd dug deep in the last months to figure out what he wanted, and his times with Brooke had been some of the best he'd ever had. Eric asked if Brooke knew about it, and Thorne replied that he'd told her he wanted a future with her. Eric sighed.

At Brooke's house, Brooke greeted Ridge and said Thorne wasn't there. When Ridge said he already knew it, Brooke asked if he'd been staking out the driveway. Ridge replied that it wasn't important. He had a surprise for her. He took her hand and led her outside through the terrace.

Outside, Ridge had set up a catered meal for two. Brooke said she'd been home all day, and she wondered when he'd done it. As he helped her into a seat, she asked when she'd learn to expect the unexpected with him. Ridge hoped it would take a lifetime. She giggled.

Brooke wondered how Ridge had known that she'd needed it. Because it was lunchtime, Ridge said he'd had a pretty good clue. Brooke remarked that when she'd been with Ridge, any possibility had always been covered. She hadn't had to do much of anything.

Ridge replied that Brooke made it sound boring. For Brooke, it had been anything but boring. It had freed her to do anything she'd pleased. She could work, create at Forrester, go to the beach, or do nothing at all. She said he'd really spoiled her, and she wanted to know what he'd gotten out of a life of indulging her.

Ridge claimed that he had been in it to for the pleasure. It had made him happy to indulge Brooke. It had given him life, and it still did so, to see her smiling and enjoying herself. He wanted to see her smiling face across his table for many more years.

As Brooke and Ridge enjoyed their salads, she wondered when they'd last had lunch out there. "Anniversary," Ridge responded. She asked if he'd ever get bored of doing things like that for her. He replied that he hadn't yet. He didn't know how he'd get bored when he was getting what he wanted, which was her smiling.

Brooke assumed that Ridge thought he had her all figured out, and he believed that all he had to do was surprise her to make her be all like, "Hee...hee.." Brooke exaggeratedly giggled. Ridge promised that the surprises were just beginning.

After the servers had cleared the dirty dishes, Brooke thanked Ridge. Ridge said there had been a lot of stress since Thorne's arrival, and Ridge didn't want that for her or them. He only wanted joy and happiness in that house. She replied that it hadn't always been that way for them. Ridge agreed, but he said it was why he was there to pour his heart out to her.

Ridge wanted Brooke to know that she was the love of his life. Brooke was impressed that his declaration was the result of their failures. She said she kind of liked it. Ridge shared that he'd seen a loving couple in a coffee shop the other day, and he wanted that with Brooke. He'd wanted what he and Brooke had had and what they'd been. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he really didn't want what he and Brooke had had.

In Ridge's view, what he and Brooke had shared had been great, but he believed that what they could have would be even better. He didn't want to wait. He knew the wait was usually due to what he'd done because he was an idiot. He said he'd learned, and he didn't want to be a child who just took. The only thing Ridge wanted was to spend the rest of his days with her.

Ridge wanted to do it at that moment because time was precious. He knew that he wanted to spend the time he had left with Brooke. Ridge knelt beside Brooke, and she gasped. He opened a ring box to reveal the emerald cut diamond ring, and he said he hoped she'd make him the happiest man in the world by marrying him.

Steffy and Liam learn that Steffy is pregnant

Steffy and Liam learn that Steffy is pregnant

Friday, December 15, 2017

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne and Eric discussed Thorne's feelings for Brooke. Thorne had intended to keep them to himself, but that had changed when he'd heard what Ridge had done with Eric's wife. Thorne said Ridge wasn't capable of committing to Brooke, but Thorne was.

Eric admitted that Thorne had gotten into Eric's head about Ridge and Brooke reuniting again. Eric had supported it, and he knew Brooke cared for Ridge. Eric just had to wonder if the reunion was wise. Thorne asserted that Ridge's latest thing with Quinn proved that Ridge wasn't good for Brooke, and Brooke need to be done with Ridge for good.

Eric believed that it wasn't up to them to decide what was best for Brooke, and if Brooke thought it was Ridge, Eric didn't think they could do anything about it. Thorne replied that they could set an example by showing Brooke that they wouldn't let Ridge walk all over them again. Eric stated that he stood up to Ridge all the time.

Thorne countered that Eric had made Ridge co-CEO. Eric stammered to explain it. Talking over Eric, Thorne said to fire Ridge. Eric saw firing as extreme, but Thorne said Eric could call it a leave of absence -- if calling it so would make Eric feel better. Thorne thought Ridge needed a time-out to think about his actions and how he treated people. Thorne felt that if Ridge couldn't change, Ridge needed to be gone from Brooke's life for good.

"Gone from Brooke's life?" Quinn asked as she entered the room. She doubted it would happen because Ridge was probably proposing to Brooke as they spoke. Thorne asked what Quinn was talking about. Quinn didn't know it for sure, but because of the way Ridge had been acting, she wouldn't be surprised if Ridge did propose soon.

Outside at a caterer's table on Brooke's estate, Brooke asked the kneeling Ridge if he was sure about it. Extending a ring box with a diamond ring nestled inside, Ridge affirmed it. He didn't have a big heart in the sand or on the Eiffel Tower, though, because he'd wanted to propose to her there, in the house where they'd dreamed of growing old together. "You want to do that? You want to grow old with me?" Ridge asked.

Brooke said she'd never needed grand gestures. Through the years, the gestures had been nice, but she'd really only needed Ridge, his love, and his commitment. Ridge guessed that she wondered if he'd screw it up again, and she said she'd be a fool not to. He claimed that he'd be a fool to make a promise he couldn't keep. He could clearly see their future together.

Smiling, Brooke said she could see the same future. Stroking Ridge's face, she stated, "So, yes. Yes, I will be your wife again. Forever." Ridge took Brooke into his arms and kissed her. They expressed their love for each other and kissed again.

Ridge wanted to place the ring on Brooke's finger, but Brooke didn't want to officially wear it until her divorce was final. "But there are certain things I do miss about our relationship," Brooke stated. With zest, Ridge said he did, too. Brooke said it was their long talks, but Ridge replied that he remembered other stuff. Whispering into his ears, Brooke asked him to show her what that "other stuff" was.

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke stared at her ring in its box. Ridge asked if she was sure she didn't want to put it on. She wanted to, but she also wanted to leave it there after she'd finally put it on. Ridge said once she did put it on, they'd have a lot of work to do, designing dresses and alerting the media. Looking around, he asked her why she'd taken him to the bedroom.

"I thought you brought me here," Brooke responded. Ridge said she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. The two began kissing. Music played as they underdressed each other and fell onto the bed together to consummate their engagement.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were in bed together, and she giggled. Ridge said there was the giggle he loved so much. To him, it was life-affirming. Whenever he heard it, he knew he'd be okay -- they'd be okay. Brooke said that they were. Ridge said he was where he belonged, and he and his one-of-a-kind Logan had a future together. They kissed.

At Spencer, Bill was surprised to see Liam back at work. Liam said Steffy had had an appointment, so he'd decided to get some work done. Bill thought work was important, but he advised Liam not to forget what was first. "Uh, money?" Liam guessed. Bill said it was Steffy.

Liam seemed as if he was about to say he'd guessed money because of whom he was talking to, but he cut himself off and instead said he knew. Liam planned to make sure Steffy knew it, too, but it might mean adjustments to his work schedule sometimes. Bill said he supported it.

Liam remarked upon Steffy helping the men mend their relationship. Admitting that he'd been pointing out Bill's faults and enjoying it somewhat, Liam said that Steffy was the one who'd gotten Liam to see that he'd overlooked Bill's best quality. Bill believed it was his hair, but Liam said it was Bill's loyalty to his sons. Liam didn't plan to take it for granted anymore.

Liam asked Bill about his evening plans, and Bill deterred Liam from inviting him over. Bill had no interest in being a third wheel. "Oh, give me a break. Just come over. Let us feed you," Liam replied. Bill said Steffy and Liam didn't need "daddy tagging along." Liam replied that his wife appreciated daddy as much as Liam did.

Bill took a stiff and silent sip of his drink in response. Liam decided that he was being insensitive to go on about how lucky he was to have someone. Liam knew it hurt Bill a lot, and Liam was sorry.

Bill expressed that, for a brief time, he'd had exactly who he'd wanted, but he'd never have her again. He'd had to come to terms with it. He didn't begrudge Liam's happiness, and he didn't want Liam to apologize for it. Bill advised Liam to go and be with Steffy.

Liam thanked "pop" for always being there, and he left. Thoughts of sex with Steffy crept into Bill's mind.

At the doctor's office, Steffy's doctor greeted her and asked how she was doing. Steffy mentioned mild stress, but she assured the doctor it was under control. Dr. Campbell decided to take some samples and run some tests. They chatted about Steffy's health habits, and Dr. Campbell asked whether Steffy's stress was work-related or personal.

Steffy claimed that it wasn't that serious. Dr. Campbell began to offer a way for Steffy to talk about it with someone, but Steffy insisted that she was fine. The doctor instructed Steffy to get dressed while the doctor checked on the tests. After the doctor had left the room, Steffy said to herself that she was not stressed anymore.

As Steffy waited, Liam entered her exam room. She expressed surprise and asked if he knew it was just a checkup. Though it might be weird, Liam just wanted her to know that he was there for her whenever.

Dr. Campbell returned with test results. Steffy introduced her to Liam, and Dr. Campbell asked if it was okay to discuss the results in front of him. It was, but Steffy asked what there was to discuss. Dr. Campbell said blood and urine tests had detected something. Liam asked if there was a problem. Dr. Campbell said it would only be a problem if they didn't want to be parents.

Liam and Steffy expressed shock, surprise, and joy. Steffy had never thought it would happen after her history. Dr. Campbell said they'd monitor Steffy, but there was no reason she couldn't carry it to term. Liam thanked the doctor, but Dr. Campbell said they'd done all the work.

Liam and Steffy hugged each other. Flashes of having sex with Bill flashed through her mind, and Steffy's smile faded.

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