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January 1 to 5, 2018
Carter revealed to Maya that he missed what he and Maya had once had. Maya told Carter that there was a woman out there for him, but she wasn't the one. Steffy confessed to Liam that she'd slept with Bill. Liam walked out on Steffy, and Katie walked in and discovered the paternity test results on Steffy's table. Liam had a knock-down, drag-out fight with Bill that ended in Liam wiping blood on Bill's face and Bill crying alone on the floor.
January 8 to 12, 2018
Wyatt was shocked to learn that Lam was leaving Spencer because Bill had slept with Steffy. Liam advised Wyatt to walk away from Bill while Wyatt still had a chance. Katie and Wyatt figured out that they both knew about Bill and Steffy. Sally followed Liam to the hotel he'd checked into. He revealed that Steffy had done something, but he wouldn't say what. Sally advised him to forgive Steffy as she'd forgiven him. Liam went home to talk to Steffy, and Steffy begged him to stay. Upon meeting Hope, Sally revealed that Liam needed friends because he'd walked out on his job and Steffy.
January 15 to 19, 2018
Steffy pleaded with Liam to save their family, but Liam left her with annulment papers. Ridge sent Carter to Bill's office with annulment papers for Bill and Brooke, and when Bill didn't put up a fight about it, Brooke and Ridge suspected that Bill had another woman. Thorne wasn't surprised to be the last to know about Ridge and Brooke's official engagement. Sally refused to tell Hope where Liam was, but Liam gave Hope his hotel address upon request. Brooke sent Ridge to see about his morose daughter. Steffy told Ridge that she was pregnant by Liam, but her marriage was over because she'd slept with Bill.
January 22 to 26, 2018
Hope revealed Liam's whereabouts to Steffy and Ridge, but Hope was disappointed that no one was giving her the full story. Brooke lit into Bill after she learned what he'd done with Steffy, and from a conversation with Brooke, the shocked Hope deduced that Steffy had slept with Bill. Liam decided that he could never forgive Steffy, but Ridge urged Liam to be the father and husband Ridge knew Liam could be. Bill told Steffy that he was there for her, and he'd be a good grandfather to her child. He offered to be a good stepfather if Steffy would give him the chance.
January 29 to February 2, 2018
Bill offered to be there for Steffy and help her raise the baby, but Steffy told Bill that she couldn't just go off with her husband's father. Steffy intended to stand strong and save her marriage. Sally told Liam that he was worth waiting for, but Liam told her than she was a good "friend" to him. Ridge and Brooke decided that if Steffy and Liam attended the wedding, it would help them realize that love conquered all. Steffy agreed to go and urged Liam to attend with her. Ridge convinced Thorne to be the best man. Wyatt encountered Hope at Forrester and stammered through what he considered to be an awkward moment. Thorne told Katie that her mystery man had unleashed her free side. It was attractive to Thorne, who contemplated unleashing his.
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February 5 to 9, 2018
Hope admitted to Brooke that Hope still had feelings for Liam, but keeping his marriage together was important for the baby. Liam revealed to Hope that she was the only person he wasn't leery about seeing at his door. Liam was glad to have Hope back in town. Ridge and Brooke got married, and Stephanie spoke to Brooke from Stephanie's place of honor on the wall. Liam convinced Wyatt to tell Katie how Wyatt really felt, but when Wyatt went to her house to wait for her, he looked through the telescope and saw her kissing Thorne on the Forrester balcony.
February 12 to 16, 2018
Katie was unhappily surprised when Wyatt decided that they should end their no-strings fling. Thorne mistakenly took Katie's phone with him after a visit to her house. He deleted a message from Wyatt, who was having second thoughts about the breakup, and upon returning the phone, Thorne offered to help Katie get over Wyatt. Hope decided to support Steffy and Liam's marriage for the baby's sake, and Hope convinced Liam to attend Steffy's sonogram. At the sonogram appointment, Liam and Steffy were overjoyed to learn that they'd have a girl.
February 19 to 20, 2018
Steffy felt grateful to have Hope on her side, but Ridge was leery of Hope due to her past with Liam. Ridge approved the HFTF revamp and asked Thorne to be the head designer. Liam decided to join Hope's marketing team, and the emotional Hope ran out of his hotel room upon seeing his child's sonogram picture. Katie and Wyatt professed their love for each other. Wyatt presented Katie with a ring, and she agreed to marry him. Because Liam had quit Spectra, Bill felt no obligation to help Sally rebuild Spectra. Bill told Sally to get lost, and she drew his gun on him and fired.
February 26 to March 2, 2018
Sally shot "Sky" and warned that Bill would pay for the way he treated people. Katie and Wyatt announced their engagement to Bill, who threw Wyatt out of his life and had Justin draft custody papers to take Will from Katie. Eric and Quinn were livid with Bill for his treatment of Wyatt and his affair with Steffy. A confrontation erupted between Ridge and Bill when Ridge saw Bill staring at Steffy, and Ridge suggested to Sheila that she should kill Bill. Hope struggled with whether or not to support Steffy's marriage to Liam. Steffy invited Liam to dinner at home, but as Steffy prepared for the evening, Bill showed up and asked her to marry him.
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MARCH 2018
March 5 to 9, 2018
Steffy turned down Bill's marriage proposal. At Bill's mansion, a fight erupted between Bill and Ridge, and Bill shamelessly expressed his feelings for Steffy. Someone shot Bill during a blackout caused by a windstorm. After Katie found Bill bleeding on the floor, Bill immediately underwent surgery. Spouses and loved ones awkwardly questioned each other about whether they'd shot Bill. Ridge confronted Sheila about her role in the shooting. Thomas arrived in town and told Sally that Bill had lied about Caroline dying. The smug Justin informed Wyatt that Justin was next in line to run Spencer.
March 12 to 16, 2018
Justin and Wyatt accused each other of shooting Bill. Sheila told Ridge that if she had shot Bill, Ridge could blame himself because he'd told her to do it. Thomas arrived in town to convince Sally to return to New York with him. Chief Baker thought he and Detective Sanchez had a complete wall of suspects, but Sanchez added Thomas' picture to the flowchart. Caroline sneaked into Bill's hospital room and wrapped her gloved hands around his neck.
March 19 to 23, 2018
Wyatt demanded to see the papers giving Justin authority over Spencer. Detective Sanchez questioned Liam about the shooting, and Sanchez hoped Caroline wasn't leaving town soon. Ridge wondered if Thomas could be the shooter but was shocked when Sanchez arrested Ridge for the crime. Brooke confronted the newly awakened Bill about how he could identify Ridge as the shooter when the room had been dark and Bill's back had been turned during the shooting. Liam was upset to learn from Hope that Bill had proposed to Steffy. Bill told Liam that Bill loved Steffy but wanted her to be with Liam. A bizarre exchange between Maya and Pam caused Maya to become concerned about Pam.
March 26 to 30, 2018
Bill was adamant that Ridge had shot him, but Steffy and Brooke were just as certain that Bill hadn't been able to see behind himself at the time of the shooting. Sanchez questioned Quinn, who'd piqued his interest because of Liam's abduction. Liam accepted Steffy's dinner invitation, and outside the cliff house, he hit his head on a thick branch. Plagued by visions of the night of the shooting, Liam slowly began to realize that he was the one who'd shot his father. Hope refused to let Liam pay for what Bill and Steffy had done, and instead of letting him confess to the police, Hope took Liam to Bill's bedside. There, Liam confessed to shooting his father.
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APRIL 2018
April 2 to 6, 2018
Liam convinced Bill to tell the police that he'd been wrong about Ridge. Bill told Sanchez that Bill hadn't recognized the shooter, which left the other suspects to wonder where the investigation would lead next. Hope advised Liam to stay away from his wife and father. Hope kissed Liam, and Liam thought Hope might be right about him needing her. Steffy kissed Liam and tried to coax him to return home, but Liam told her to be with Bill. Steffy confronted Hope about whether she supported Steffy's marriage or was filling Liam's head with garbage, and Steffy warned Hope that Steffy was willing to fight for her marriage.
April 9 to 13, 2018
Bill insisted that he would not allow Wyatt to be a father to Will or a Spencer heir if Wyatt insisted upon marrying Katie. However, if Wyatt gave up on the marriage idea, after five years, Bill would retire and let Wyatt be in charge. Deciding to let Bill think he was getting his way, Katie and Wyatt called off their engagement but kept their romance going. As Liam confessed his part in the shooting to Steffy, Taylor arrived at Bill's house and let him know that she'd taken aim at him on that windy night. Picking up the golden gun that Sanchez had left at Bill's house, Taylor pointed it at Bill once again.
April 16 to 20, 2018
Steffy received an app alert that her mother was in town. Surprised, she followed the signal to Bill's house and found her mother there in the middle of a confrontation with Bill. Bill revealed that Taylor, not Liam, was the real shooter. Bill and Steffy convinced Liam that he'd imagined shooting Bill, and some unknown assailant had really done it. For Steffy's sake, Bill didn't turn Taylor in, but in return for his silence, Bill asked Steffy to sign her annulment papers. Steffy complied, and upon giving the papers to Liam, she hoped that he'd change his mind and reunite with her instead.
April 23 to 27, 2018
Steffy signed the annulment papers but told Liam that she wished he'd rip them up and return home. Undecided about filing the papers, Liam took Hope and Brooke up on the offer for him to move into the cabin on Brooke's estate until he made a final decision about his marriage. At an ultrasound appointment, Liam and Steffy bonded in fear over a possible problem with the baby. Bill led Wyatt to believe that there was more going on with Bill and Steffy than anyone knew, and Bill wanted Wyatt to prove his loyalty to his family by telling Liam the truth about Steffy and Bill, so that Liam could move on with Hope.
April 30 to May 4, 2018
Bill ordered Justin to stage a romantic scene in Bill's office, and Bill set Wyatt up to witness Bill and Steffy embracing. After Wyatt saw the embrace, he discovered the romantic setting in Bill's office. Wyatt told Liam that Bill and Steffy were still seeing each other behind Liam's back. Liam had decided to recommit to Steffy, but once he heard what Wyatt believed had gone on at the office, Liam confronted Steffy about it. Steffy denied that anything had happened. Liam ended their marriage and proposed to Hope. Bill asked Steffy to stop being second to Hope and instead choose a life of being first with Bill.
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MAY 2018
May 7 to 11, 2018
Hope and Liam were intimate in the cabin, and Hope put an old engagement ring back on her finger. Shocked that Liam had filed the annulment and proposed to Hope, Steffy implored him to wait until after the baby was born to decide if he still wanted to marry Hope. Certain that Steffy would hound Liam about stopping the wedding, Brooke convinced Hope to get married right away. In separate conversations with Bill, Justin and Wyatt expressed reservations about their parts in ending Steffy and Liam's marriage, but Bill insisted that it was for the good of the family.
May 14 to 18, 2018
Wyatt overheard Justin and Bill arguing about Bill using Wyatt to plant false information in Liam's mind about Steffy and Bill. To buy Wyatt's silence, Bill gave his son a vintage Ferrari. Katie urged Wyatt to remain silent because a cheater would always be a cheater. Ridge persisted until he got Liam to doubt the source of his information about Steffy and Bill. Steffy shut Bill down again when he asked her to be with him. Bill reminded Steffy that he just wanted to protect her and her mother, but he could be patient if he knew that Steffy knew what she had in him.
May 21 to 25, 2018
Liam met Steffy at the doctor's office for a pregnancy checkup. The two bonded over the baby and chose to name her Kelly after Liam's mother. Bill continued to ply Wyatt with gifts and visions of controlling Spencer, but Justin warned Bill that Wyatt might be unable to keep the truth from Liam. Katie tried to help Wyatt by convincing him that Liam was better off with Hope, but when the wedding officiant, Carter, asked for opinions on whether Hope and Liam should get married, Wyatt took Liam upstairs and told him the truth about Bill's fake ongoing affair with Steffy.
May 28 to June 1, 2018
Wyatt revealed his part in Bill's fake-affair scam, and Hope postponed her wedding to Liam. When Bill found out what Wyatt had done at the wedding, he disowned Wyatt and rushed to Steffy's house to beg for forgiveness. Bill tried to convince her that she'd always be second to Hope with Liam but a priority to Bill. Steffy threw Bill out of the house, and while slamming the door, she fell on the floor and went into labor. Brooke urged Hope to marry Liam before the baby was born, but the women soon learned that Liam was at the hospital with Steffy, who was in premature labor.
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JUNE 2018
June 4 to 8, 2018
Liam and Dr. Philips navigated Steffy through the precarious delivery of Kelly. When Liam met with Hope afterward, Hope took off her ring and said she couldn't get between Liam and his child. Liam spent the night at the cliff house, and Steffy tried to ascertain what it meant for the future. Brooke urged Hope to wait because Liam would be back; however, Liam reconciled with Steffy and forgave her for her tryst with Bill.
June 11 to 15, 2018
Will told Wyatt that Wyatt was his brother, not his father, and Katie broke up with Wyatt, citing that they were delusional to think Wyatt could be a father figure to Will. When Katie told Thorne about it, she asked him not to kiss her out of pity. He said he wouldn't and pressed his lips to hers. Wyatt took a jilted Sally to his house to sleep off her drunkenness, and Sally pulled a gun on Wyatt. Emma, Justin's niece, knocked Xander, Julius' nephew, out with a flailing hand during a dance move, leaving Xander seeing stars -- and hearts. Liam proposed to Steffy.
June 18 to 22, 2018
The interns impressed Hope with new choreography ideas for the HFTF preview, but Maya was not at all impressed upon catching Emma snapping photos of designs. Hope let the mistake go with a warning, but Maya no longer trusted Emma around Xander. Bill threatened to send Taylor to prison if Steffy went through with the next wedding to Liam or told anyone about the threat. Steffy witnessed Taylor having a nervous breakdown at the thought of going to prison and asked Liam for some time to figure things out. After Sally surrendered her gun to Wyatt, the pair wound up kissing.
June 25 to 29, 2018
Quinn was unhappy about Sally Spectra shacking up with her son. Eric took Wyatt's suggestion about hiring Sally, and word quickly spread to Katie about Sally and Wyatt's relationship. Steffy talked Liam into delaying the wedding and stood her ground when Bill continued blackmailing her to leave Liam. Liam finished the HFTF website, which immediately received a mysterious threat in its comments section. Hope, who'd been suffering through symptoms for a while, took a pregnancy test, and Brooke was anxious to know if Hope was pregnant with Liam's baby.
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JULY 2018
July 2 to 6, 2018
Hope and Brooke visited Dr. Phillips, who confirmed Hope's pregnancy. Hope shared the news with Liam and told him that she didn't want to share him with another family. Bill finally realized that he'd gone overboard in his desire to have Steffy, and he set her free to live her life. Steffy anxiously told Liam that they no longer had to wait to get married. Liam informed Steffy that Hope was pregnant with his child. The shocked Steffy decided that their family was growing, but they could get through anything together as a married couple.
July 9 to 13, 2018
Katie and Thorne hired Ken to track down the stalker who'd left creepy posts on the HFTF website. Ken revealed that the posts had originated from Sally's IP address, and despite her pleas of innocence, Thorne promptly fired Sally. Zoe, who was Wyatt's mural painter, Xander's ex-girlfriend, and the real web stalker, watched Emma and Xander at Bikini Bar and sneaked into Forrester, where she saw them kissing backstage. After Wyatt told Bill about Hope's pregnancy, Bill asked Steffy if she really wanted to be with a man who was having a baby with Hope.
July 16 to 20, 2018
Xander saw Zoe at Forrester and quickly deduced that she, not Sally was the website stalker. Xander convinced the Forrester crew that Zoe was stalking Emma, not Hope. Zoe confessed, and Xander ordered her to leave town. Zoe sneaked into the HFTF showing, and when the showstopper model got injured, Zoe replaced her on the runway. Bill urged Steffy not to choose a life like her mother's had been, sharing a man with another woman. Bill showed Steffy a picture of Liam and Hope in an embrace, and Bill urged Steffy to marry him instead.
July 23 to 27, 2018
Zoe had hoped her runway debut would be the start of her career at Forrester, but after Emma, Xander, and Thorne told Ridge the truth about Zoe, Ridge decided Zoe would be a one-hit wonder at Forrester. Steffy walked in on Liam and Hope making out in a dressing room, and tired of Liam's waffling, Steffy agreed to marry Bill in exchange for his stock in Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge clashed over their daughters, and Brooke asserted that Liam had made his choice between Steffy and Hope.
July 30 to August 3, 2018
Thorne had second thoughts about letting Zoe go because of the persistent buzz over her runway performance. Emma and Xander were caught off guard when Thorne offered Zoe a modeling job. Bill set up a baby room for Kelly and tried to coordinate a lightning-speed wedding to Steffy, but Steffy bailed on her agreement to marry him. Bill gave Steffy his Forrester stock anyway, and Steffy decided to make changes at Forrester. To Hope and Liam's surprise, Steffy took off her ring from Liam and used it to propose to Hope on Liam's behalf.
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August 6 to 10, 2018
Zoe test-modeled lingerie and went home to find the elderly Harry in dire straits. Xander met her at the pet clinic, and they returned to her place without the cat. As the two mourned Harry, they kissed. Emma lobbied to get Zoe fired, and Maya advised Xander to urge the two women to get along. Liam warned Bill not to go after Steffy, and Bill apologized for allowing himself to get obsessed with her. Hope took off Steffy's ring because she wanted Liam to make his own decision. Steffy watched through a cracked door as Liam proposed to Hope with Hope's old ring.
August 13 to 17, 2018
Wyatt and Sally saw Thorne and Katie at the Bikini Bar, and the encounter left each couple feeling right about their respective relationships. Bill told Thorne that Bill would always look out for Katie and Will, but the observant Thorne said Bill hadn't been around much and might need to be around even less if he couldn't be a decent father to Will. Bill attempted to keep Will overnight, but the petulant child insisted on going home to his mother. Hope invited Steffy to the wedding, and Brooke accused Taylor of wanting to attend in the hopes that Liam wouldn't be able to say vows to Hope in front of Steffy.
August 20 to 24, 2018
Liam and Hope exchanged vows, and during the reception, Steffy and Hope walked in on Brooke and Taylor flinging cake at each other in the kitchen. Thorne and Ridge talked to Carter about Katie's predicament with Will and Bill. Carter thought Katie had a good case to sue for sole custody of her son. When an important Spencer meeting stood in the way of Bill's promise to spend time with Will, Throne tried to convince Katie to proceed with the lawsuit. Bill rushed through his meeting and showed up on Katie's doorstep. Thorne announced that Katie was suing for sole custody, and Bill said Will would wind up hating Katie if she took away his father.
August 27 to 31, 2018
Dr. Phillips was surprised to see Liam at Hope's sonogram but decided not to discuss other patients with her patients. Kelly got a fever, and as Liam and Steffy tended to it, Steffy admitted that her feelings for Liam hadn't gone away. Hope doubled over in pain and feared that she was having a miscarriage. Bill arrived for a surprise visit with Will, but Will preferred to go on a playdate with a friend. Despite Bill's pleas, Katie served Bill with custody papers. Bill warned that Thorne would not replace him and that Katie would lose the war. Xander let Zoe kiss him again.
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September 3 to 7, 2018
Hope wound up having nothing to fear from pregnancy cramps, but Forrester budget cramps threatened to jeopardize either her line or Steffy's. Steffy tried to make Hope give up her line, and when that didn't work, she complained to her father that it wasn't fair that she'd have nothing while Hope had Steffy's life. Brooke lit into Steffy for her treatment of Brooke's daughter. Bill appealed to Brooke to help him reason with Katie about taking sole custody of Will, and Bill flashed back to the balloon ride that had started it all between Brooke and him.
September 10 to 14, 2018
Emma cut a date with Xander short when things got too intimate, but Zoe showed up, offering to fulfill his needs. Xander resisted, and Zoe decided to wait for him to lose patience with "little Miss Emma." After fuming over Ridge's decision to give the extra funds to Steffy's line and not Hope's, Brooke appealed to Katie on Bill's behalf, to no avail. Brooke promised to keep trying, and the grateful Bill kissed her. Thorne decided that getting married would make him and Katie look good at the custody hearing, and he proposed to Katie.
September 17 to 21, 2018
Katie accepted Thorne's marriage proposal, and Thorne and Katie decided to get married before the hearing to improve their chances in court. Unbeknownst to them, Ridge also decided to improve their chances in court by leveraging a loan he'd made to the judge to get a verdict favorable to Katie. Liam and Wyatt disagreed about what was best for Will. A half-naked Xander gave Steffy an idea. She hired him as an Intimates model, and Zoe became titillated by the idea of working with him. Hope was miffed about Steffy's decision but became outraged when Steffy also decided to make Sally an Intimates designer.
September 24 to 28, 2018
Katie and Thorne got married and maintained that, while it looked good for the judge, they'd married each other out of genuine love for each other. Bill appealed to his older sons to become a family again and to help him get a second chance with Will. Ridge and Brooke continued to butt heads about the custody battle, and Ridge continued to pressure judge McMullen to do "the right thing." The custody hearing became heated and emotional when Ridge accused Justin and Bill of attempted murder and Katie described her pregnancy with Will.
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October 1 to 5, 2018
Judge McMullen ruled that sole custody of Will should go to Katie Forrester. Puzzled by the verdict, Bill decided to be a better father for all his sons and revisit the ruling within six months. Brooke spied Ridge operating two cell phones. In one of the phones, she discovered cryptic messages and a phone number that belonged to Judge McMullen. She confronted McMullen and accused him of helping Ridge take Bill's son from him. A photoshoot with Zoe and Xander got too heated for Emma, and after she confronted the pair, her friend reminded her of what had happened the last time with Jonathan.
October 8 to 12, 2018
Brooke confronted the judge and Ridge about their underhanded actions in the custody hearing. Ridge insisted that she keep quiet about it, but instead, Brooke appealed to Katie to resolve the damage Ridge had done to Bill and Will's relationship while not turning Ridge in for judge tampering. Katie, however, believed she would have gotten sole custody, anyway, and she felt put upon to right Ridge's wrongs. Steffy caught Bill kissing Brooke but didn't stick around to see Brooke reject him. Steffy told Ridge, who confronted Brooke about what she'd done to them. Much to Sally and Quinn's delight, Steffy rehired Wyatt at Forrester.
October 15 to 19, 2018
Charlie slipped an engagement ring into a lemon bar to make a special marriage proposal to Pam. Pam accepted, and to Quinn's irritation, Pam asked Eric if she could get married at the mansion beneath Stephanie's portrait. Brooke promised Ridge that she'd stay away from Bill, but Bill tracked her down to tell her about his and Katie's new custody arrangement. Brooke told Ridge about the encounter, and Ridge tried to make Brooke see that Bill wanted her back. Ridge and Thorne went to Bill's house to warn him to treat Will right and to stay away from Brooke.
October 22 to 26, 2018
In the hospital, Ridge and Thorne waited with their wives and Bill's sons for Bill to wake up. Detective Sanchez questioned Ridge and Thorne about Bill's fall. They admitted to fighting with Bill but insisted the fall had been an accident. Everyone feared Bill wouldn't make it, but when Brooke visited Bill, he finally opened his eyes. Pam and Quinn got into a heated argument about their places in the Forrester family. During a scuffle over Stephanie's portrait, Quinn's foot ripped through the canvas. Eric told Pam that he couldn't choose between her and Quinn, but each woman felt as if he'd already chosen the other.
October 29 to November 2, 2018
Quinn said Pam could have her "damn" wedding at the house; however, after another heated argument with Quinn over Stephanie and Quinn's portraits, Pam told Charlie that she no longer wanted to get married at all. When Bill awakened, he renounced the man he'd been and removed his sword necklace. To prove he was a new man, Bill didn't press charges against Thorne and Ridge. Ridge believed it was a ploy of Bill's to get Brooke back. Brooke defended Bill, and Eric became worried that she'd get caught between Bill and Ridge. Justin figured out that Ridge had met in secret with Judge McMullen several times before the custody hearing.
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November 5 to 9, 2018
Wyatt advised his mother not to fear Eric's circle of friends, but when Quinn saw Donna shaking a honey bottle at Eric, Quinn promptly poured the "expired" honey down the drain. Sally and Xander's families made it to their fashion show debuts at Forrester. Zoe was crushed when Xander chose to celebrate their success alone with Emma. Xander, however, was shocked when Emma broke up with him instead. Brooke warned Ridge that the dogged Bill would never stop searching until he got the truth about Ridge and McMullen. Bill hired IT guru Ken to hack into Judge McMullen's cell phone.
November 12 to 16, 2018
Donna and Pam reminisced about old times at their desk. Pam proposed that Eric rehire Donna to her old position. Quinn confided in Eric about her belief that Pam would never respect her, but Eric insisted that Pam deserved to be treated like family. Bill and Justin lured Ridge and Craig into a secretly recorded meeting with each other. With proof of their misconduct, Bill blasted all the co-conspirators for their illegal plot to rob him of his son. Bill chose not to alert the authorities as long as he regained his parental rights. Brooke believed Bill was a changed man, but Ridge was certain Bill had shown mercy to endear himself to Brooke.
November 19 to 23, 2018
Katie personally handed Bill the new child custody agreement and made sure that they were on the same page about raising Will. Pam tried to convince Eric that Stephanie was sending graveside messages to guide him back to Donna, but Eric informed Pam that he was happily married to Quinn. Ridge continued to worry that Bill was after his wife, but Brooke reassured her husband that he was the one for her. The Forresters hosted the Logans and the Spencer sons for Thanksgiving dinner.
November 26 to 30, 2018
Bill remained cool and evasive when Detective Sanchez showed up with more questions about the shooting. The panicky Taylor believed Bill would turn her in, but he reaffirmed his promise to remain silent. When Liam saw Taylor berating Hope, he felt the need to tell Hope that Taylor had shot his father. Steffy was upset that Liam had told Hope the secret, but Liam believed Hope needed to know how dangerous Taylor was. Hope witnessed Taylor telling Brooke that Taylor hated Brooke more than anyone in the world, and Hope confided in Brooke that Taylor had shot Bill.
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December 3 to 7, 2018
Hope told Steffy that Brooke knew about Taylor's crime, and Steffy let Ridge in on the secret. Taylor begged Brooke not to go to the police. Brooke agreed not to but became worried about Taylor being around Kelly. Ridge insisted that Brooke's fear was unfounded. Liam took his concerns about Taylor to Bill, and Bill vowed to be there if Liam needed him. Taylor embarrassed Steffy in front of her coworkers by harping on Hope destroying Steffy's marriage. Reese, Zoe's father, offered to hear more of Taylor's problems, and she unloaded on him about Brooke. Quinn became perturbed when Pam set Donna up to model a gown for Eric.
December 10 to 14, 2018
Steffy tried to convince Liam that Taylor was no danger to anyone. Insisting that Taylor was, Hope and Brooke pressed him to ask Taylor to leave town. Taylor battled the urge to drink and visited her A.A. sponsor for support. Reese encountered Taylor in her sponsor's office and kissed her. Zoe warned Reese not to mess things up for her by getting involved with yet another rich woman, especially the mother of Zoe's boss. Taylor informed Steffy that Taylor should leave town, but Steffy wouldn't hear of it. Instead, Steffy invited Taylor to move into the cliff house. Brooke asked Taylor to leave on her own, but Taylor announced that she was there to stay.
December 17 to 21, 2018
Hope asked Liam if he wanted to be with her or Steffy. Liam claimed that disagreeing with Hope didn't mean he wanted to be with his other family. Hope decided that Taylor wouldn't go anywhere near Hope's daughter, even if it meant her daughter and Kelly couldn't be close. Desperate for Kelly to have a counterpart like Steffy had had in Phoebe, Steffy contemplated adoption. Brooke tried to enlist Bill to help her deal with Taylor. Reese defended Taylor against Brooke and promised to be there for whatever Taylor needed. Maya returned home and announced to Brooke and her parents that she and Rick had decided to get a divorce.
December 24 to 28, 2018
Taylor decided to refrain from going to Eric's house for Christmas, and the Forresters celebrated the holiday with their friends and loved ones. An enforcer tracked down Reese Buckingham to pressure him to repay the money he owed the enforcer's boss. Reese promised to pay, and the enforcer hoped Reese was serious -- for Zoe's sake. Hope and Liam decided to take a babymoon to Catalina Island, but Liam had to take a separate flight in order to make a doctor's appointment for Kelly. Santa Ana winds grounded Liam's flight, leaving Hope alone and in labor on the island.
December 31, 2018 to January 4, 2019
Liam turned to Bill for help in getting to Catalina in time for Beth's birth, and Bill's pilot braved the Santa Ana winds to fly Liam to the island. Hope admitted herself into the island clinic. Reese released his only other patient, telling her that "it" hadn't been her fault. Reese's debt collector sent Reese a picture of Zoe and threatened to take her if Reese didn't repay the debt. Hope passed out during labor, and when she awakened, Liam was there. He gave her the sad news that Beth hadn't made it.
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