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Maya set Carter straight about her marriage to Rick and feelings for Carter. Liam walked out on Steffy and into an emotional and brutal showdown with Bill over Bill's betrayal with Steffy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 1, 2018 on B&B
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Monday, January 1, 2018

Due to the New Year's Day holiday, did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 2, and picked up where the Thursday, December 28, episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

by Pam

Outside on the patio at Liam and Steffy's cliff house, Liam angrily asked Steffy why she'd had paternity test results in her purse. He had discovered the document when her phone had rung, and he'd planned to give the phone to Steffy. "What is this?" Liam asked.

Liam asked why there was any reason to have a paternity test, and Steffy stuttered and stammered that the doctor ordered a lot of tests. She ran in the house and claimed she needed a drink of water. Liam followed her and demanded to know why she would order a paternity test. He knew that paternity tests were not standard, and she'd had to ask for it.

Steffy dodged answering Liam's question and said that Liam was the father. There was nothing to discuss. She begged him to let it go. Steffy cried that Liam was the father.

Liam softened and begged her to help him understand. Steffy cried. Liam realized that the night the she had left him was the night she'd been with someone else. "I want to take it all back," Steffy cried. Liam was angry and noted that she had lied to him about riding around, stopping at the guesthouse, and more. Steffy admitted that she had been riding around that night and had wanted to be alone, so she'd gone to the guesthouse at her grandfather's house. Liam assumed she'd called someone, but she said, "He just showed up."

Liam demanded to know who it was. Steffy said it didn't matter. She reminded Liam that she had wanted to tell him the truth that night, but when she had returned home to him, he'd wanted to renew their vows and put it all behind them. She had wanted that too.

Liam continued to angrily demand a name. She cried that it had been very innocent at first. She didn't know how it happened. "He has a name," Liam seethed. Liam assumed it was Wyatt. Steffy told Liam he was wrong. Liam shouted at Steffy again to tell him who it was.

Steffy promised to be the best wife and mother. She begged him to forget about it. Liam reminded her that he had shared one kiss with Sally. Steffy cried and begged Liam not to make her relive that night. She had been so happy that she was carrying his baby.

Liam insisted he would always wonder who it was she had been with. "Who is it?" Liam shouted. "I can't," Steffy cried. Liam continued to demand she tell him the truth. "It was Bill, your father," Steffy said. She was sobbing, and Liam was shaking.

At Spencer Publications, Bill and Justin discussed that Liam could never find out what had happened between Steffy and Bill. Justin promised he would remain silent. Justin wondered if Bill could hide his feelings for Steffy. Bill answered that he and Steffy had always had a powerful connection, but he had to set it aside for Liam.

Bill added that things would be different if Bill hadn't given up Steffy the first time when he'd found out that Katie's health was bad. Justin and Bill discussed that Bill had made a mistake with Steffy, but Justin called him a good dad. Bill promised to be loyal to his son -- just like Liam had always praised him for his loyalty and love.

Bill noted that he had to step aside in order to make his son happy. Justin said that Bill had to wonder about having a life with Steffy. Bill admitted he did, but he said he had Liam in his life because of Steffy, and Liam and Steffy were about to have a family. "I'm not gonna deprive him of that dream," Bill said. Bill toasted with Justin, and Bill downed an entire glass of booze in one gulp.

At Forrester, in Rick's office, Maya and Rick kissed, and they agreed they would not work too late. Maya congratulated Rick because she had known that Rick wanted to confront Ridge about his affair with Quinn.

Rick agreed that Ridge and Quinn were disgusting, but confronting Ridge on Christmas was the wrong time. Rick had to leave for an appointment. Maya said she would see him later. Rick left.

Carter entered the office and greeted Maya. He had forms for Maya to sign, and they engaged in small talk. Maya asked about the holidays, and Carter said they'd been quiet. He looked despondent. "Carter, what's up?" Maya asked.

Carter said he had thought about his time together with Maya. "We were good together," Carter said. He was glad that Maya was happy. He wanted to apologize for not handling things better when he'd first found out about Maya's past.

Maya said she'd had worse reactions. Carter said he missed her and that if anything ever happened with Rick, he would be there for her. Maya told Carter he was sweet, but she was a wife and mother and was happy. She had loved their time together, and she flashed back to happy memories, but she didn't think of him romantically.

Nicole and Rick were in an office and discussed that they and Maya all checked on Lizzy in daycare at Forrester almost hourly. They both laughed. Rick thanked Nicole for giving him a family.

Nicole was happy for Rick and Maya. Nicole added that she missed Zende. She said that Maya and Rick had to take a trip to Paris to see them. Nicole thought it would be a nice vacation for Rick and Maya to get away together. Rick agreed.

Steffy begs for Liam's forgiveness

Steffy begs for Liam's forgiveness

> Steffy begs for Liam's forgiveness

Steffy begs for Liam's forgiveness

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

by Pam

Inside at Liam and Steffy's cliff house, Liam felt sick after he received the news that Steffy had slept with his father. Steffy begged him to let it go. Steffy cried that Liam was the father. "It's our baby -- that's all that matters," she cried. She repeated it again and again.

Steffy said sleeping with Bill had been like an out-of-body experience she didn't remember. Liam was shocked. "Oh, my God. He vowed revenge," Liam said. He became concerned that Bill had taken advantage of Steffy. Liam held Steffy's face.

"Did he drug you? My poor baby. I'm so sorry. Don't protect him. He has to be held accountable," Liam said. Liam was convinced that Bill had used Steffy for revenge to "decimate me." Liam urged Steffy to tell him everything that had happened. Steffy was tearful. "I just regret everything. I just wished I had stayed here," she cried.

Steffy recounted the entire evening with Bill and said it had started out innocently, and she had been shattered that Liam had kissed Sally. She thought her relationship with Liam had ended. "I wasn't thinking clearly," she said. Liam insisted that Steffy had to remember if Bill had poured her a drink or drugged her.

Steffy admitted that Bill had not done anything. She agreed she had been in an altered state, but Bill hadn't forced himself on her. "It was awful and terrible, and I can only blame myself," she cried. Steffy added that she had betrayed Liam in the worst way, and she was "so sorry." Liam glared at her.

Liam was livid. "My father. My father!" Liam shouted. He accused Steffy of visiting his dad and defending him for months, but he was convinced the visits to his father had "involved more than conversation." Steffy countered that it had been the first time, and she and Bill had been "caught up in the moment, just like you and Sally." Liam was furious that Steffy would compare sex to a kiss.

Liam grew calm, frighteningly calm, for a moment. "I thought I knew who you were," he said. He accused Steffy of doing something so evil that nothing could possibly have hurt him more. Steffy tried to reason with Liam and tell him that they had to take a moment and calm down. She apologized and begged Liam to forgive her.

Liam demanded that Steffy look at him and tell him what she saw. Steffy was confused and said, "I see the man that I love." Liam argued that she had to see a sap and a sucker. His father had always made fun of him because he felt that Liam's values made him weak. Liam felt that Steffy was like his father.

Steffy sobbed and begged for forgiveness. She reminded Liam that she was carrying his baby, and they were a family. "We have everything we ever wanted. We have it all," Steffy cried.

"Had," Liam said. He accused Steffy of throwing it all away. He had been very happy, but he was convinced his father was laughing at him. Steffy broke down. She promised to do anything to make up for her actions. Liam glared at her.

Steffy vowed that they would get through everything. Liam sneered at Steffy and said there was no way he could ever go back into the office "like everything is great. I'm afraid I might kill him. I hate him, and I hate you," Liam said. "I hate myself," Steffy said. She promised to move out while Liam had time to think. Liam said he would leave because he didn't want to be in his father's house. "We renewed our vows right after you slept with him. This is a lie. All of this is lie," Liam said.

Liam walked to the door, and Steffy begged him not to leave her. She sobbed that it couldn't be over. Liam told her that he had loved her more than anything or anyone, and he had wanted a family and wanted to be a parent with her.

Liam had wanted his child to grow up in a stable environment -- something that he had never had. Steffy interrupted and grabbed Liam. She dropped to her knees and begged Liam to stay, but Liam told her to "shut up." He added, "You took that away from me. You took that away from our child. How could you do that?" Steffy shook and sobbed uncontrollably.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Bill discussed that Bill had planned to gift the cliff house to Liam and Steffy. Wyatt said he was surprised. Wyatt reminded Bill of all the stunts that Liam had pulled, but Bill maintained that he was a generous guy. "I love all you boys. I hope you know that," Bill said. He added that it was a great place for Liam and Steffy to raise a family.

Wyatt wondered if Bill knew something, and they bantered about who knew what. They both agreed they knew that Steffy was pregnant and that it was wonderful news. Wyatt said it would be fun to be an uncle. He was happy for Liam and Steffy because they had lost their first child and had fertility issues. Bill and Wyatt agreed it would be fun to welcome another Spencer into the family.

Justin entered and discussed the paperwork for the transfer of ownership of the deed from Bill to Liam. Wyatt asked for a similar gift, and Bill told him to do something to earn it. Wyatt prepared to exit, but Bill told him that "nothing gets by your dad." Bill assumed Wyatt had a girlfriend. Bill said he would find out who it was, but Wyatt told him not to waste his time because it was a casual relationship. He called Bill "Colombo," a detective made famous in a TV series that had started in the late 1960s. Wyatt and Bill laughed, but after Wyatt closed the door, he looked concerned.

Inside the office, Justin told Bill he felt it was very generous of Bill to give the house to Liam. Bill and Justin agreed guilt played a role in Bill's generosity. Bill said he had never intended to betray his son. Bill wanted to support Steffy and Liam. Justin said that Liam was lucky to have Bill as his father.

Katie finds the paternity test results

Katie finds the paternity test results

Thursday, January 4, 2018

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie were in bed. He wanted to talk security, so that no one would just walk into the house again. Katie joked about having a moat of alligators. Wyatt advised her to get on it because Bill was onto the fact that Wyatt had a woman in his life.

Katie thought Bill was just grieving his own relationship status, but Wyatt replied that it wasn't the way he'd describe Bill's multi-million-dollar gifting spree. Katie decided that Bill felt guilty about something and asked who'd gotten the gift. Wyatt informed her about the cliff house, and she was surprised because Bill had always wanted to keep the properties in his name only.

Wyatt believed the ownership was Bill's way of keeping those dear to Bill near to Bill. Katie asked if Bill would do the same for Wyatt. "I'm still owned," Wyatt indicated. She asked how Wyatt felt about it. Wyatt replied that he was fine. He'd had his mother in his youth, but Liam hadn't had anyone. Wyatt claimed that Liam's mother had died when Liam had been a kid taking care of her.

Thoughtfully, Wyatt added that Liam needed their dad more than Wyatt did, and Liam was giving Bill something that Wyatt couldn't -- yet. Katie asked what that could be. Wyatt claimed it was nothing and said he was just babbling. "Oh, no. That's not babble," Katie responded. Her eyes widened, and she asked if "Liam and Steffy" were pregnant.

Wyatt wanted the record to show that he'd said nothing. Katie quipped that he hadn't had to because it was written on his face. She wanted to know all about the baby, but Wyatt asked what baby. She asked if Bill was excited about it, and Wyatt told her to ask herself why Bill had signed the Malibu house over to Liam.

Katie wondered how Bill had found out about it if Liam and Steffy were keeping it a secret. She guessed Wyatt, but Wyatt said he didn't say things to anybody -- but her. He said to leave it to him to go tell the whole world after Liam had sworn him to secrecy. The cooing Katie wanted to know if Liam was happy and excited. Wyatt said Liam was, and after all the catastrophe, it was a good time to be a Spencer.

Later, Katie and Wyatt had gotten dressed, and Wyatt helped Katie with a neck button. Katie said she had to go to Steffy's house for a meeting because Pam had said Steffy was working from home. Wyatt believed that the highway would be a nightmare at that time of day. Katie wondered if she could get Steffy to spill the beans about her pregnancy.

Wyatt said Katie hadn't heard it from him. Katie asked how she could have when she and Wyatt didn't even hang out together. Wyatt asked if she even liked Steffy that much. Katie admitted that there was a lot of water under that bridge, but she said that "Steffy is family" and might need a girlfriend to talk pregnancy stuff with.

Katie remarked that Steffy's friends all seemed to be male. Wyatt said he wouldn't be surprised if Steffy thought Bill was her BFF. Katie asked if Wyatt thought Bill and Steffy got together to do each other's hair. As they joked, Katie and Wyatt began kissing.

At the cliff house, Steffy sat on her heels, sobbing on the wooden walkway. Liam told her to go back in the house because she had a child to think about. She cried that it was their child. With a mirthlessly peaceful demeanor of acceptance, Liam said, "No. That's over now." He stated that he'd loved the house and their life there. He'd loved her.

Liam turned to leave. Steffy grabbed his hands and begged him not to go. He pulled himself away and left Steffy sobbing on the walkway alone.

After a while, Steffy sat up. It appeared as if she'd been lying down, maybe even waking up, on the wooden sidewalk. She looked around, started to sob, and rubbed her stomach. She strode aimlessly through the bushy garden, recalling what had just happened with Liam. In her recollection, they'd been happy, and then he'd asked how he'd forgive her for destroying their lives.

While Steffy was sitting in the sand on the beach, Katie arrived at the house. She knocked as she entered, and she called for Steffy. Hoping she hadn't driven there for nothing, Katie pulled out her phone and called Steffy. Steffy's phone rang on an end table, and Katie went over to pick it up. She saw a white paper beside the phone and picked it up instead.

Steffy entered through the kitchen deck door and saw Katie reading the paper. "What are you doing?" Steffy asked. Katie stammered about having a meeting, and Steffy snatched away the paper. Katie explained that the door had been open, and worried, Katie had called Steffy. Katie stated that Steffy was pregnant, and Steffy said it wasn't Katie's business.

Katie said it might not be, but there it was. She asked if Steffy was in trouble. Disillusioned, Steffy said to just leave whatever Katie had, and they'd reschedule. Katie asked if Liam knew about it. Steffy started sobbing and said she didn't know what to do. Katie hugged her.

At Spencer, Bill grinned, thinking of the father award Liam had given him. Liam arrived, and Bill said he'd been looking for Liam. Liam quietly replied that he'd left for a while to check on his wife. Bill asked if something was wrong with her. Liam stated that she could take care of herself, and she always did. Bill asked Liam to stop standing in the doorway and invited him inside.

Liam entered and closed the door. Reaching for a contract, Bill said he had something for Liam. Liam asked why and said everything was Bill's. Bill replied that everything wasn't. He presented the papers and said the cliff house was Liam's -- along with all the property taxes. "Does that seem like a fair trade to you?" Liam asked.

Liam didn't even look at the contract, so Bill folded it and asked if something had gone on at home. Liam replied that he'd been thinking about his mother. Bill asked if the day was some sort of sad anniversary. "No, that's next year," Liam replied and asked Bill to tell him about his mother. Liam asked if she'd been beautiful.

Bill affirmed it, saying she'd had flowing hair and a smile that lit up rooms. "Kind of like Steffy," Liam remarked. Bill reflected and said, "In a way." Liam stated that the men had the same type. Bill asked if something was bothering Liam.

Liam walked around Bill and stood behind him. Liam had always wondered why his mother had wanted to keep him from Bill and protect him, and he asked what Bill had done that had been so horrible. Liam recalled that he'd found Bill to be a flawed but good man, and he'd believed his mother had been wrong about Bill, who'd shown himself to be loving and fiercely loyal to family.

Liam stated that the men hadn't seen eye to eye a lot. Bill had hit Liam, manipulated Liam's relationships, and blown up the Spectra building. Liam said Bill had almost killed Liam in the process, but Liam had forgiven Bill. "I forgave and forgave and forgave because I...." Liam started saying. He cocked his head, contemplating the reason he'd forgiven. "I believe in goodness, maybe?" he pondered. He said he'd believed that everyone had goodness in them, but he'd been wrong.

Figuring that Liam was upset, Bill asked if Liam wanted some kombucha. "What?" Liam asked. Bill said he'd had it stocked in the lounge because Liam liked it. Sighing, Liam said he'd loved Bill and hated Bill, but he'd never wanted to be like Bill. Liam thought it was a sad irony that he was about to become just like Bill.

Liam had wanted his child to have what he hadn't had, which had been two parents under the same roof. He'd wanted it more than anything. Bill replied that Steffy was pregnant. With madness in his eyes, Liam uttered, "You're wondering, aren't you? 'Does Liam know...Has he heard something?'" Bill asked if Liam's attitude had something to do with the Spencer tower.

Liam scoffed, wondering if that was what Bill thought it was about -- money and power. With money and power, there was nothing Bill couldn't take, Liam assumed. Liam slapped Bill's shoulder and asked why Bill wasn't walking around with his chest puffed out. Liam said he'd been thinking about Bill, the man Kelly had never wanted Liam to meet, but there Liam was, working with Bill and living in that house. Liam uttered that there were "so many blessings."

Liam thought it was funny because he'd wanted a simple life and would have been fine as an IT guy. He said he'd found Bill and had fallen into a life of privilege. It had felt good, but Liam still hadn't wanted to be like Bill. Liam remarked that the child was unlucky. Liam said he wouldn't be a completely absentee father, but he wouldn't raise the child with him and Steffy under one roof, either.

"Yes, Dad. My wife is pregnant, and she says the baby's not yours," Liam stated.

Bill wanted to explain. Liam asked if there was nothing Bill didn't think was his, that Bill couldn't put his hands on and take. Bill yelled that Steffy didn't love him and hadn't been able to run him off fast enough. Bill didn't want Liam to blame Steffy and tearfully said it had been all Bill.

Liam stated that Bill had no idea what he'd done to Liam. He stated that Bill thought he owned the world; however, he didn't own Liam and would never see Liam again. Liam tried to push Bill, but Bill stopped Liam, saying there was a child on the way who had to be first. Making a fist, Liam dared Bill to give the Spencer blood speech.

Choked up, Bill said the baby was Liam's, and Liam couldn't walk out on his son or daughter. Liam sniped that Bill had. Liam vowed to provide for his child, and the first way was to keep it "the hell away" from Bill. Liam tried to leave again, but Bill blocked the pathway. Bill conveyed that it had been the greatest regret of his life, but it couldn't end like that.

Liam roared for Bill to get out of his way. The two tussled, and Liam pushed Bill over by the desk. Bill said that Liam was the best of them and had the most spectacular wife on the planet. Liam ordered Bill not to talk about her. Bill refused to let Liam walk out on him, but Liam roared that Bill didn't deserve him.

Liam went for the door, but Bill tackled Liam from behind, locking his arms, one over and one under, Liam's shoulders. Liam tried to elbow his way out of it, but Bill had a good hold. The men fell to the floor, and Bill sustained his grip, yelling that the stakes were too high. Bill said Liam had a baby on the way and wasn't going anywhere. Liam growled. Bill exclaimed that he was sorry; he was "so sorry."

Reduced to tears, Bill begs Liam for forgiveness

Reduced to tears, Bill begs Liam for forgiveness

Friday, January 5, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy removed herself from the embrace with Katie and asked her to leave. Katie didn't want to leave Steffy alone, but Steffy didn't want to be around people. Katie offered to call someone but Steffy declined it. Katie offered to call Liam, but Steffy urged Katie not to. Katie decided to wait until Liam got home, but Steffy sobbed that he wouldn't be back.

Steffy pulled herself together and asked to see Katie's storyboards. Katie decided that they weren't important, but Steffy replied that they either were important or never had been important. Steffy didn't know what else would make Katie leave.

Katie knew that sometimes doctors took paternity tests to look for chromosome disorders. It was important to Katie that Steffy know Katie wasn't jumping to conclusions about the test. Steffy asked Katie how Steffy thought she knew Liam wouldn't be back.

Katie asked what she could do for Steffy, but Steffy insisted that she was fine. Visibly, Steffy was not fine, but Katie decided she'd go. Before she did, she started to ask leading questions about the paternity test. She ascertained from Steffy that the baby was Liam's, but Steffy had been with another man only once. Steffy stated that Katie didn't understand.

Responding that she did, Katie said Steffy had made a bad mistake and had hurt Liam; however, everyone made mistakes. She asked how many times they'd watched Liam go between Steffy and Hope, breaking their hearts again and again.

Steffy started shaking her head. Katie replied that she was just saying Steffy had forgiven Liam a lot. Katie thought it was time for Liam to forgive Steffy. Steffy kept shaking her head, but Katie felt that, with a baby on the way, Liam owed it to Steffy to at least try. Though Katie knew it seemed impossible, she didn't believe Steffy could do anything to change Liam's love for her.

Katie started talking about how Liam was stubborn like Bill, so it would take time. She drifted into a discussion about how much the men fought with each other, and she said Steffy had kept the men's relationship together. As Katie talked about how Steffy had arbitrated between the men, realization settled on Katie's face.

Katie uttered that Steffy had a long history with the men, especially Bill, and Katie knew just how long. "Oh, my God. Is the other man, Bill?" Katie asked. Katie asked if it had been at the cliff house, and Steffy repeated that it had only been once. Katie couldn't believe Bill had done it. Steffy was disconcerted as she tried to explain that she and Liam had been in a fight.

It wasn't any excuse to Katie because Steffy was Bill's daughter-in-law. Steffy explained that Liam and Sally had kissed during the demolition, and Steffy hadn't known what it had meant for their marriage. Katie replied that it meant Liam was human. Steffy exclaimed that she didn't know how she'd let herself wake up next to Bill.

Katie didn't think Steffy should be alone. Steffy murmured that she'd be alone a lot, but Katie reminded Steffy that she had to take care of the baby. Steffy said it was strange -- her and Katie. Steffy thanked Katie for not judging Steffy as harshly as Steffy did herself. Katie asked who she was to judge and said the family was messed up at the top.

Steffy started to say what Bill had just wanted, but Katie interrupted, complaining that Bill "wants and he wants, and he wants." Steffy said she should have just left. Katie stated that Bill's life was ruled by abandonment, and he tried to control everyone so much that "we" all end up leaving.

Katie thought Steffy ought to leave the house because Bill would probably be over there. Steffy said she couldn't, and Katie suspected Steffy thought Liam would return to the house. Steffy cried that she was so ashamed. Katie said not to say it because she'd been taken advantage of.

Steffy said she couldn't say that. Katie asserted that she'd say it for Steffy, and Katie repeated that Steffy had been taken advantage of. Steffy asked Katie not to say anything. Katie said it was Bill's shame, but Steffy insisted that Katie promise. Katie complied and hugged Steffy.

At Spencer, Liam and Bill struggled on the floor. Liam ordered Bill to get off of him, and Bill slid himself over to sit in front of the door. He asked Liam to promise to hear him out, but Liam yelled that he'd heard it all before about how sorry Bill was and that he deserved a fortieth chance.

Bill admitted to saying it before. Bill had thought he'd meant the things, but he'd apparently learned nothing. Bill stated that if Liam walked out, then Bill never would learn. Liam replied that he wasn't responsible for Bill, not after Bill had slept with Liam's wife. Bill regretted what had happened, but he urged Liam to let it destroy Liam's family.

Liam propped himself up against the desk. Bill crawled over to kneel by Liam and recalled that Liam had asked Bill to remind Liam of the goodness in his life. Bill said it was still there, and only two things had changed. There was Bill's betrayal and a child on the way. Bill tried to convince Liam that he had to forgive Steffy for the baby's sake. Bill pleaded with Liam not to walk out on Steffy and the baby.

Hopping to his feet, Liam screamed at Bill to stop saying Steffy's name. Liam started knocking things off the desk. Bill believed Liam needed to let his anger out and told Liam to hit Bill as many times as Liam wanted to. Liam didn't want to hit Bill or even look at Bill, who'd crushed the most precious thing to Liam. Bill stated that real mean didn't walk out on their families.

Liam quipped that Bill had done it repeatedly. Bill replied that Liam saw Bill's point, and Bill had looked to Liam to turn the Spencer curse around. Liam replied that he couldn't be Bill's savior. Bill agreed, but he believed Liam could save himself and his own family. Bill asked Liam what of the promises Liam had made. Liam asked if Bill was referring to the vows Liam and Steffy had renewed after she'd left the bed with Bill.

Bill roared that Steffy hadn't been able to get away from him fast enough. "I can't, either!" Liam retorted. Bill implored Liam to forgive Steffy and said no one was more capable of the forgiveness than Liam. Bill had never believed in a grand plan in life; however, he said there might be because the child had turned out to be Liam's.

Bill recalled what a wreck Steffy had been about the possibility that the baby could be his, but she'd been overjoyed upon learning it was Liam's. Bill said it had showed him how much she loved Liam. Bill thought Liam's baby and family were meant to be, as was Liam's obligation to make the family function. Bill said his father hadn't wanted to do it, Bill hadn't known how to do it, and so it was up to Liam.

Liam replied that Bill had the gall to talk about Liam's obligation to the family. Liam vowed to share custody of the child and keep it away from Bill.

Liam didn't believe he'd ever see Steffy the same way again. He'd never hold her or look her in the eyes. It was all gone, and Bill had taken it. As far as Liam was concerned, Bill had destroyed it, and there was a kid left. Liam congratulated Bill on passing the absentee Spencer family legacy to Liam. Liam said Spencer men were not there to raise their children.

Liam believed that Bill was obsessed with leaving his mark, and Bill had even left his mark on Wyatt and Liam. Ripping off his necklace, Liam said they were ridiculous swords hanging from their necks. Balling it up in his fist, Liam said Bill had made his mark on Liam's wife and child. Liam gasped, and blood flowed between his clenched fingers. He opened his hand and revealed the bloody charm.

Bill said he'd thought he'd had the worse father in the world, and he'd sworn not to be anything like him. "I'm worse," Bill uttered. Bill had never been able to forgive his father, but he couldn't go on without Liam's forgiveness. Bill pleaded with Liam, saying they all needed Liam, who would break the Spencer curse by staying with his wife and family.

Sinking to his knees before Liam, Bill said Liam could hate Bill, but Bill begged Liam to love his wife and baby. Crying, Bill said it was his fault, just his. Liam swiped his bloodied hand across Bill's face and walked out of the office. On his knees, Bill crying, asking himself what he'd done.

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