The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on B&B

Bill and Steffy received annulment papers from their spouses. Word of Brooke and Ridge's engagement spread. Hope dropped in on Liam. Steffy confessed to her father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on B&B
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Liam hands Steffy papers Liam hands Steffy papers

Monday, January 15, 2018

At Forrester, Sally and Hope were in the CEO's office, discussing being there for Liam. Sally sensed that Hope had already known about the problems, and it was the reason she'd returned. Hope replied that she hadn't moved back to Los Angeles for Liam, and she hadn't known he had marriage issues. Hope said he and Steffy would work through it; they always did.

Hope remarked that Ridge and Brooke had said nothing about it. Sally got the feeling that it was something very private, and she said Liam hadn't wanted to talk about it. Hope replied that it was good that he'd sought out Sally. Sally stated that she'd actually followed him to his hotel after she'd seen him acting weird at Spencer, where he'd just quit his job.

Hope didn't think it made sense. She said Liam loved working with his father. Hope assumed that Bill had to be livid. Hope had been living in bliss in Italy, assuming everything had been fine with Liam. Hope decided she needed to talk to Liam and asked where he was staying. Sally blinked, and Hope said she'd assumed Sally was talking to Hope about it because she wanted Hope to support Liam.

"Yeah, umm...I just don't want him to get any more upset," Sally stammered. Sally didn't want Hope to take it the wrong way. Sally knew Hope had been married to Liam once and cared about him, but he wanted to be alone. Sally didn't feel right blurting out where he was staying. She offered to let him know Hope was there for him, and she said he could reach out to Hope.

Hope asked if Sally seriously would not tell Hope where Liam was staying. Sally replied that she wouldn't. Sally didn't want to be rude, but she was looking out for his needs. Hope didn't want to be rude, either, but she assumed that if Sally was the only one who knew where Liam was staying, Sally could ensure that she was one of those needs.

Hope wondered if Sally was downplaying the kiss with Liam and if Sally had actually had an affair with him. Sally asserted that it had only been a kiss; Steffy and Liam had gotten through it and had even renewed their vows. Sally believed that Hope knew Liam and knew he'd never be after another woman. Hope grunted and asked Sally to suppose he was. Sally admitted that if Liam were, then she'd like to be that woman.

Surprised, Hope said she'd thought Sally would deny it. Sally replied that life was too short, and if Liam became single, Hope could count Sally in. Hope asked if Liam knew Sally's feelings. Sally relayed that he knew she'd told him that she loved him. They'd been trapped, and she'd thought they were dying and needed him to know her appreciation for him. "Wow," Hope replied.

Hope stated that Sally really did have feelings for Liam. Sally responded that she wasn't hoping for his marriage to end, and she hated seeing him in pain; however, if it did end, she would be there for him. Sally needed Hope to know that if the worst happened, Sally would be the one to make sure he was all right.

At Spencer, Justin was talking business with the tuned-out Bill. "Dollar Bill? Hey, are you with me? Never mind. I'll see myself out," Justin decided, heading for the door. Bill, who'd seen too many people walk out the door, asked Justin not to join the procession.

Justin assumed Bill's statement had something to do with Liam. Agreeing, Bill also added Wyatt and Katie to the list. Bill had hurt many people, but he said he'd hurt Steffy most of all. Justin offered to try talking to Liam. Doubting it would do any good, Bill said Liam needed to rise above his hurt. Bill was okay with Liam throwing away his father, but Bill said Liam couldn't be foolish enough to toss out his wife.

Justin inquired about Wyatt, who Justin assumed had chewed Bill out. Confirming it, Bill said he was proud of Wyatt for standing up for his brother. Bill wanted his sons to stand up for each other; he just hadn't expected it would be to protect themselves from him.

Justin asked if Bill had convinced Wyatt not to leave. Bill said he'd asked Wyatt to stay and help keep the family together. Bill was determined to save the family for his sons and the next generation. Bill declared that it wasn't the end of the Spencers.

To Justin, it appeared as if Bill was motivated. Bill asserted that he wouldn't let the future of the family be raised without a father. Justin doubted Bill had to worry about that because Liam would be in the child's life regardless of what happened to his marriage. It wasn't good enough for Bill, who'd told Liam that leaving Steffy was the biggest mistake Liam could make.

Justin asked if Bill needed another drink, and Bill suspected that Justin was trying to get something out of Bill. Justin replied that Bill had been more than open, and Justin was just curious. Bill told Justin to get out of there with that because Bill knew when Justin was sniffing. Justin repeated that he was just curious, and Bill asked what he was curious about.

Justin was curious about Bill's determination to reunite Liam and Steffy when Bill had been prepared to run off with her himself. Justin recalled Bill asking Justin to prepare the yacht, and Justin had seen the intensity and look of love in Bill's eyes. Justin suspected that there had to be a part of Bill that was ready to step in and be there for Steffy if Liam couldn't.

At the cliff house, Liam said that Steffy didn't know what she was asking. Steffy replied that she was asking the impossible, but she had to do it for the baby. She'd always regret that night with Bill, but the baby belonged to Liam. She said it was theirs to raise -- if Liam could forgive. She believed they could give their child what they'd never had, access to both parents.

Steffy claimed that she and Liam had each had one parent, growing up, but they could give their child both parents. She didn't want to be a co-parenting stranger to Liam, communicating through lawyers. She asserted that it wouldn't be that way for their family. She was certain they could accomplish better for their child.

Liam claimed that all he'd ever wanted was a family with Steffy, and it would be his greatest accomplishment. Steffy replied that he could do it. Liam stated that he couldn't put it behind him. When he looked at her, all he saw was what she'd done and Bill's hands on her.

"If you can just forgive..." Steffy said. Liam conveyed that it wasn't about forgiveness; it was about his perception of her. It had changed permanently. What she'd done with his father had become a part of Liam, and he didn't see it changing.

Steffy asked Liam to try. Liam said he had tried, and he'd been trying. He'd told himself that he had to do it, and the child's happiness depended upon it. "It's not true, though," he stated. Though it wouldn't be as they'd pictured, they could still be compassionate and loving parents without it, and it was how it had to be.

Steffy said she'd thought Liam was there to talk and make decisions. "I've decided," Liam replied, removing his ring. Steffy sobbed, begging him not to do it. Pulling papers from his back pocket, he said he'd also had "these" drawn up. They were annulment papers. As he discussed what was in the papers, such as finances, Steffy cried that she didn't care about those things.

In a quiet voice, Liam continued to explain that they'd leave the marriage with the finances they'd entered with. He wanted her to know he wasn't taking advantage of her. She sobbed that she didn't think he was taking advantage. He wanted to devise a parenting plan and said they had to do what they had to do.

"No! No! No!" Steffy yelled, slapping the papers. Liam stated that it had to be that way. Steffy said he couldn't look at her at the moment, but she implored him not to take that step. She wanted him to rip the papers up, like he'd done in Aspen.

Liam replied that he'd thought a lot about that time, and he wondered how different it would be if he'd allowed himself to let go of Steffy back then instead of waiting "until now." He stated that if he had, then they wouldn't have the child. He felt lost, but it was clear to him that he'd look back and be glad that he'd done it for their child. Though it wouldn't be easy, he believed that they would make it work. Steffy said they could make it work.

Liam clarified that he and Steffy would make parenting work, not a marriage. Liam said he could forgive a lot, but the feeling about her with his father would never go away, and he couldn't do it. He claimed not to regret their relationship and said he cherished their time together. He was grateful that they'd tried as long as they had. He'd always remember the good times.

A montage of Steffy and Liam's relationship played on-screen. Steffy took the papers out of Liam's hands, and he walked out. Steffy sobbed.

Brooke and Ridge plan their future

Brooke and Ridge plan their future

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, Carter was in Maya's office and said he was on his way to Spencer to see Bill. Maya was distracted, and Carter wondered if she was all right. Carter worried that Maya had told Rick about their previous conversation about how Carter still had feelings for Maya.

Maya said she hadn't told Rick anything. She was surprised Carter had brought up his feelings after such a long time. Carter understood and said he realized how "inappropriate and selfish" he had been, but he'd thought it would have been a bigger mistake to never tell her what he felt. He added that losing her would always be his biggest regret. Maya told Carter she had been flattered, and he was a sweet guy. She assured him that he would find someone. He thanked her.

At Brooke's home, Ridge walked into Brooke's bedroom with a breakfast tray and called out to her. He said he needed her in bed. She entered from another room and laughed. Ridge put down the tray, and they kissed and canoodled in bed. Later, they shared breakfast. Brooke was thrilled that Ridge had surprised her with her favorites. Ridge said it was the first of many surprises in their lives. Ridge said he'd had Carter draw up annulment papers to deliver to Bill that morning. Brooke was surprised that Ridge had acted so quickly, but Ridge reminded her that they had discussed it.

Ridge wanted to quickly reunite R.J. with his father and mother. Ridge promised to be committed to Brooke. Ridge kissed Brooke and thanked her for giving him another chance. "You won't regret," Ridge promised. "I'm not worried," Brooke said.

At Spencer, Bill looked at photos of Liam, and Liam and Steffy, and held his head in his hands. Justin entered and said Bill had to have had a rough night, but it was understandable. Justin wondered if Bill or Steffy had heard from Liam. Bill poured coffee and said that he hadn't heard anything. Justin noted that Liam and Steffy might "not make it through this." Bill insisted they would preserve their marriage and raise their child together.

Justin wondered what would have happened if Bill's marriage to Brooke hadn't fallen apart. Bill refused to speculate. Bill called for "an end to the therapy session." Carter showed up and delivered annulment papers. Bill made fun of the visit and said that Carter was there to "drive a stake through my marriage."

Carter said that Brooke was clearly ready to move on with her life, and Carter wondered if Bill was ready to do the same. Carter said that Brooke wasn't asking for anything. Bill sneered that Ridge was in a rush to get him to sign. Bill said he'd never thought it would end "like this." Bill sighed and signed the papers. He returned them to Carter; he shook Carter's hand, and Carter left.

Justin was surprised that Bill had let Brooke go so easily when he had known that it was exactly what Ridge wanted. Bill frowned. Justin added that he knew Bill didn't give up easily.

Justin wondered if Bill saw himself with Steffy in the future. Bill said he didn't, but Justin said that Liam would never trust Steffy again. "Drop it," Bill ordered. Justin noted that if and when the Forresters found out what had happened with Liam and Steffy, Ridge would lose it.

At Brooke's, Brooke and Ridge discussed Brooke's relationship with Bill. Brooke said she'd never thought it would end. Ridge thanked her again for another chance. "You humble me," Ridge said. He said that he had not always honored her, because he'd always been chasing something else. He lamented that he hadn't realized he had already had everything he'd wanted in the "most incredible, breathtaking package." He thanked her for "allowing me back into your heart." They kissed, and a tear streamed down Brooke's cheek.

Ridge's phone rang, and Carter reported that Bill had signed the annulment papers. Ridge thanked Carter, and he told Brooke the good news. Brooke was shocked that Bill had let her go so quickly and easily. She assumed he had another woman, and Ridge said he didn't care "as long as it's not you."

Ridge pulled the engagement ring out of a nightstand, and he got down on one knee. "Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me," Ridge asked. Brooke excitedly agreed, and they kissed. Ridge slipped the ring on her finger, and they agreed it was there to stay forever. They kissed.

At Forrester, Rick, Thorne, and Eric met to discuss business. Rick noted that Thorne's replacement was doing well at International. Rick and Thorne started to pick on Ridge and said that his commitment was lacking in a lot of areas. Rick said that Ridge had been involved with Quinn, and he was going to break Brooke's heart again.

Eric looked surprised and said that the Ridge and Quinn situation had been dealt with. Eric wondered why Thorne and Rick were discussing it again. Rick insisted that Ridge had never respected marriage and always wanted someone new. He was angry that it had been Eric's wife and that Ridge was again going to marry his mother. Eric said that it was none of their business what Ridge and Brooke did, but Rick maintained that Ridge was untrustworthy. Thorne agreed.

Eric noted that his two sons were looking out for him, but it was unnecessary. "I'm a very happy man," Eric said. Rick objected to Ridge returning to Brooke because Rick felt he was the one who always had to pick Brooke up after Ridge left her again. Thorne agreed. Eric didn't like the conversation. Rick and Thorne pressured Eric to remember that they were his real sons, but Eric reminded them that they were all his sons.

Rick reminded Eric that Ridge wasn't at work and Steffy hadn't shown up to work in a while. Eric promised to deal with Steffy. Thorne urged Eric to give Rick another chance as CEO. Eric said it was premature to discuss. Rick said Thorne was the voice of reason. Rick and Thorne also agreed they both wanted the same thing for Brooke -- they wanted Ridge out of Brooke's life to make room for Thorne to get another chance with her.

Ridge and Brooke make an announcement

Ridge and Brooke make an announcement

> Ridge and Brooke make an announcement

Ridge and Brooke make an announcement

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke kissed, and Ridge gushed that Brooke's engagement ring looked much better on her finger than it had in the box. The couple discussed their plans to announce their engagement to the family, and Ridge suggested they take a jet to Las Vegas and get married right away. Brooke said that R.J. would never forgive them if they eloped.

Members of the family entered and said they had received a memo about a family meeting. Ivy, Rick, Maya, Nicole, Eric, Pam, R.J., and Hope were all gathered together and wondered what the mystery meeting was about. Eric noted that Thorne wasn't present, and Ridge said he wanted to gather the family together, but he only wanted people who would support the decision that he and Brooke had made.

Brooke and Ridge announced that they were officially engaged. Everyone congratulated the happy couple, but Rick looked unhappy. Everyone wondered what had happened to Steffy, as they had all noted that she hadn't been at work much recently. Ridge said they would talk to her later that day. Hope looked away when people wondered what was wrong with Steffy.

Rick looked disappointed with the news, but he put on a happy face when Brooke and Ridge hugged everyone in the room. Rick and Hope told their mother that they wanted her to be happy, and Brooke responded that that she was. Rick joked that Hope was looking for a role as maid of honor. Brooke gently explained that she had planned to ask Steffy to stand up with her because she wanted family unity, and Hope said it was a wonderful idea.

Ridge and Brooke explained that Bill had given Brooke an annulment, and Hope was surprised Bill had agreed so easily to end their marriage. Brooke and Ridge agreed. Brooke left to give Steffy the wedding news in person. Everyone wondered if Bill had a new woman in his life. Ridge said he didn't care as long as it wasn't Brooke.

At Liam's house, Steffy was wrapped in a blanket on the couch, and she had been crying. Bill entered and wondered if Liam had returned home. Steffy confirmed that Liam had returned "to say goodbye." Steffy sat up and told Bill that Liam had said their marriage couldn't be saved.

Bill said that Liam had also cleared out his office and quit the company "and me." Bill added that Liam had almost convinced Wyatt to also leave Spencer. Steffy told Bill to leave, but Bill said he cared.

Steffy said Bill cared too much. She regretted that she had gone to the guesthouse. Bill reminded her that everything had happened because Liam had kissed Sally and disrespected Steffy, but Steffy countered that Liam had been honest with her. "Now I'm pregnant, and Liam's gone. ... He doesn't want anything to do with me," she said. She wondered how she would raise a baby on her own, and Bill volunteered to help and promised she would never be alone.

Steffy lamented how everything had gone wrong, but Bill said that Liam had abandoned his family. Steffy didn't want to hear it. "My husband can't even look at me," she said.

Steffy tossed the annulment papers that Liam had given her at Bill. Bill countered that Steffy was pregnant, and that changed everything for her and Liam. Bill said he had told Liam it would be the biggest mistake of his life to walk away from Steffy. Bill was confident Liam would return. He also shared that he had received annulment papers from Brooke, and he had signed them. "It's officially over," he said.

Steffy said she had betrayed the man she loved and would spend the rest of her life at a conference table, working out a custody deal, "knowing we could have been a happy family."

Bill said he had felt that way about Brooke, but she'd never stood by him when there had been problems. Instead she had been judgmental. Bill said he would never turn his back on Steffy, and Steffy told him she didn't need to hear that because it wasn't helping her. Bill promised to be there for her and the baby, "no matter what." Steffy didn't want to hear it. Bill left, and Steffy cried.

Later, Steffy looked at pictures of Liam, and someone knocked on the door. Steffy hoped it was Liam, but it was Brooke at the door. Brooke looked surprised to see Steffy looking so distraught.

Brooke asked to talk to Steffy, and Steffy invited her in and tried to clean up the living room after Brooke entered. Steffy apologized that she had missed the family meeting. She said she had forgotten about it. Brooke promised to fill her in, but she noted that Steffy seemed distracted. Brooke shared the news that she and Ridge were engaged. Steffy congratulated her.

Brooke shared that Ridge had gotten Bill to sign annulment papers. Brooke told Steffy that she and Ridge loved Steffy and wanted her to be a part of the wedding as Brooke's matron of honor to unite the family. Steffy looked away and said she couldn't do it. Brooke was surprised and said that she and Ridge hadn't set a date. Brooke promised they could plan around Steffy's schedule, if needed.

Steffy repeated that she couldn't be a part of it, and Brooke wondered if it was because of Brooke's past with Steffy's mother. Steffy said it was because of Liam. He had walked out on her. Brooke was shocked. She knew that Steffy and Liam loved each other. Brooke encouraged Steffy to tell her what had happened. Brooke promised to help, and Steffy shook her head and looked distressed.

Brooke and Ridge try to console Steffy

Brooke and Ridge try to console Steffy

Thursday, January 18, 2018

At the cliff house, Brooke had never seen Steffy so upset before, and Steffy said she'd never lost a love like that before. Brooke stated that she had a lot of faith in Steffy and Liam, and all couples went through things. Steffy replied that she and Liam had had faith, too.

Steffy didn't really think she should discuss it with Brooke. Wanting to help, Brooke assumed it was the reason Steffy hadn't been at the office. Brooke asked if Ridge knew. Steffy was sure he'd find out, as would everyone. Brooke asked if Liam and Steffy were at least communicating. Steffy said she and Liam weren't, and Brooke wondered if Bill could help.

Brooke asked if she could talk to Bill about it, but Steffy asked Brooke not to do that. Brooke said she and Bill were okay to talk, and she noted that Bill hadn't opposed the annulment. Steffy replied that it wouldn't help, but Brooke said Bill could get through to Liam when others couldn't. Brooke added that Bill adored Steffy, probably more than Steffy knew.

Steffy stated that she hadn't always been kind to Brooke, who had a really good heart. The only thing Steffy thought Brooke could really do for Steffy was to keep loving Ridge.

In Bill's office, Ridge entered, and Bill quipped that Alison was horrible at screening guests. Ridge was there to thank Bill for signing the annulment papers. "Well, there's no point staying married to a woman who is sleeping with you," Bill quipped. Bill decided that the men were done, but Ridge said he wanted to try to respect Bill more because Bill was Steffy's father-in-law. "Guilty as charged," Bill responded.

Ridge listed the dates of big family holiday parties: the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. He figured that he and Bill could be civil those days. Bill wanted to subtract the days that dealt with fireworks. Ridge asked if Bill was okay and noted that Bill seemed strangely subdued. Bill claimed to be good, and Ridge remarked that Bill was usually louder.

Bill replied that the day was young. Ridge also thought it was unlike Bill to help Brooke and Ridge get married, and Ridge asked if Bill had another woman in his life. Bill replied that Ridge would be the last person Bill would share the information with. Ridge deduced that there was a trophy wife waiting in the wings. Bill replied that the trophy wife was Ridge's thing. Deciding Ridge had gotten what he wanted, Bill bade Ridge goodbye.

After Ridge had gone, Bill was making himself a drink when Justin entered, anxiously wondering what Ridge had been up to. Justin knew something had been up and said Bill should have called Justin. With a sardonic scowl, Bill said all Ridge had wanted was to be friends. Justin was perplexed, and Bill concluded that Ridge obviously didn't know and hopefully never would.

Hating to always be doling out reality checks, Justin wondered how long it would be until someone asked why Liam and Steffy weren't together and actually got an answer. Justin had thought he'd put Ridge on a no-entry list. Bill admitted he'd removed Ridge because Steffy had become Bill's daughter-in-law. Justin asked if Steffy still was.

Bill replied that he hadn't heard a fat lady singing. Justin began talking about the possibility of Bill and Steffy reuniting, but Bill said to not even think of it. "Oh, I'd love to hear Ridge call you son," Justin said, and laughing, he exited the office.

In the design office at Forrester, Nicole, Rick, and Maya were chatting about Brooke's upcoming wedding. Thorne walked in and remarked that the wedding wouldn't be anytime soon because it took months to get a divorce. Maya responded that an annulment was different.

Rick added that it had been Ridge's idea, and Thorne asked why he hadn't been told. Nicole replied that Ridge had convened a meeting about it. It was the first Thorne had heard about it, and Thorne believed it hadn't been an oversight.

Later, Maya ended a call from Pam and notified Rick and Thorne that Ridge wanted a year-end report on International. Rick and Thorne mentioned parts that weren't done yet. Maya said she had to take Ridge some model headshots, but Thorne stated that he'd talk to Ridge. Wary, Nicole advised Thorne to let Maya, who had to talk to Ridge, anyway, be the one to do it.

Thorne didn't know why and noted that he and Ridge hadn't strangled each other yet. Maya thought Thorne should let the dust settle. Assuming Maya was referring to Ridge's yo-yo routine with Brooke, Thorne concluded that the pair were adults. Rick quipped that it was a matter of opinion. Nicole said Thorne was sweet with Brooke. Thorne replied that Nicole would be, too, if she knew what was in store for Brooke and had seen it a dozen times.

Rick wondered why Bill had signed the annulment. Maya guessed Bill was trying to be nice. Rick replied that Bill didn't do nice. Rick had thought Bill would fight for Brooke. Nicole proffered that it could be a new girlfriend, like Maya had said.

Thorne asked how many report copies he needed, and Rick offered to make more. Nicole left with Rick. Once alone with Thorne, Maya remarked that Brooke really was the best, and it was no wonder everyone loved her. Maya and Brooke hadn't gotten along well at first, but Maya had seen Brooke's loving, loyal, and consistent sides.

Thorne felt that Brooke had always been loving and loyal, but he said the consistency had evolved with time. He remarked that virtues fluctuated when one had to fight for everything, and Brooke had had to do that -- especially with his mother. Maya knew that Thorne was disappointed; however, she said it was Brooke's choice, and Maya hoped Ridge could make Brooke happy that time.

Later, Nicole and Rick returned with the copies. Thorne was gone, and Rick said he'd thought Thorne had wanted the copies. Maya replied that Thorne seemed to be on autopilot. Nicole said they could have been more tactful about Brooke's engagement. Rick had been rooting for Thorne but had known how it would turn out. Rick concluded that Thorne had probably known, too.

In the Forrester CEO office later, Brooke arrived and greeted Ridge, who let her know he'd gone to thank Bill for signing the annulment papers. Ridge asked what Steffy had said about being in the wedding. Brooke replied that the visit to Steffy hadn't gone that way, and Brooke asked if Bill had mentioned anything about Steffy and Liam.

Ridge replied that Bill hadn't mentioned anything about anything. Brooke revealed that there was some trouble, and Steffy wasn't in a good place. Ridge asked what Steffy had said. Brooke replied that Liam wouldn't be home. Ridge didn't get what that meant and assumed Steffy was making excuses out of loyalty to her mother. Brooke replied that it wasn't the reason.

Brooke described Steffy as overly emotional and distraught. It didn't sound like Steffy to Ridge, who wondered if Hope being back could be the issue. Brooke didn't even think Steffy knew about it. Ridge guessed that Liam had been unfaithful, but Brooke remarked that Liam had been the one to walk out.

Trying to describe Steffy's demeanor, Brooke decided that Steffy had seemed heartbroken and afraid. Brooke again asked if Bill had said anything. Ridge repeated that Bill hadn't said anything about anything, and Brooke wondered if Bill knew why Liam had walked out.

Ridge noted that Brooke was making it seem as if Steffy had done something wrong. Brooke didn't mean to sound that way. She suggested that Steffy might need to talk to her father. Ridge agreed and quickly took off.

Later, Thorne arrived, and Brooke said Ridge had stepped out. Thorne quipped that it was what Ridge did best. She asked if Thorne had a message. Thorne wanted Ridge to cool his jets on the figures until more departments reported in.

Thorne remarked that he'd heard that congratulations were in order. Brooke stated that Ridge had intended to tell Thorne. Pointing at her ring, Thorne figured that was Ridge's way of telling Thorne, and he asked what the hurry was with the annulment. Surprised that Bill had agreed to it, Brooke said Ridge just didn't want to wait.

Thorne rationalized that Ridge was in a hurry to get Brooke to do it before she realized what she was doing and put a stop to it. Brooke wished Thorne could be happy for her. Thorne did, too. He asked when Ridge would return. Brooke revealed that Ridge was dealing with a family matter. She said Steffy and Liam were over.

The surprised Thorne had thought the couple had been solid. Expressing that she'd also been surprised, Brooke guessed that something or someone had gotten between them.

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived and asked if Liam was home. "You know he's not, Dad," Steffy murmured. The mirthless Steffy congratulated him on his engagement, and Ridge expressed his surprise that Bill had agreed to the annulment. She replied that Bill wasn't as bad as Ridge thought. Disagreeing, Ridge assumed Bill just had a new girlfriend.

Steffy didn't really want to talk. Ridge offered to find Liam and beat him up. She didn't want that, and she didn't even know where Liam was. Ridge figured Liam would be back because all of his stuff was there. Steffy said Liam didn't want any of it.

Ridge asked what had happened and noted that the couple had just renewed their vows. Steffy quipped that it didn't count if one had lied. Ridge assumed Liam was the liar, but she replied that she hadn't said that. Ridge pressed to find out what had happened, but Steffy didn't want to talk about it. He stated that he was her father and loved her.

"You say that now," Steffy uttered. Ridge asserted that he'd say it until he died. She was afraid and didn't want Ridge to hate her. Ridge said that he hated being unable to help her. Taking a breath, she decided that, as awful as it was, Ridge needed to know the truth.

Ridge learns what is really wrong with Steffy

Ridge learns what is really wrong with Steffy

Friday, January 19, 2018

In a hideout similar to Eric's former hotel room, Liam sat on the edge of the bed, hugging a pillow. His phone chimed with a text message. To his surprise, it was from Hope. She said she was in town and asked him to drop a ping. Liam flashed back over all he'd just gone through due to the paternity test discovery, and slowly, he sent Hope a location ping. She replied that she was on the way.

Liam tried to straighten up the takeout boxes on a table before Hope arrived, but she knocked on the door before he could finish. He answered the door and stared blankly at Hope. She hugged him, and he said it had been a long time.

Inviting Hope in, Liam stated that Europe agreed with her, and she looked good. Hope noticed the takeout boxes and asked if he was still a vegetarian. Liam didn't know what he was anymore. She offered to get some food from a bistro she'd seen nearby. Declining, he said he was okay, and he thanked her. "Only you're not," Hope replied. Hope explained that she'd met Sally Spectra, who'd told Hope that he was going through a hard time.

Later, Liam had straightened up a bit, and Hope took a seat. He asked how much she knew, and she said his zipline wedding had been all over social media. Hope apologized for bringing up the wedding, but he said Hope had nothing to be sorry for. Hope knew how much Steffy and Liam meant to each other. She encouraged him and told him not to give up.

Hope told Liam that a lot of people cared about him, including the not-so-subtle Sally Spectra. Liam said he knew. Hope noted that for Sally, it went beyond caring, and she asked if he knew that, too. Liam didn't respond. Hope didn't like seeing Liam that way and offered to listen if he wanted to talk. Hope said he had a friend if he needed it.

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to sex with Steffy. Entering Bill's office, Brooke noted that Bill looked distracted. She asked who the woman was and how long Bill had been seeing her. Bill snapped out of his musings and asked what he could do for Brooke.

Brooke was there to express gratefulness about him signing the annulment papers. He presumed that she was wondering why he hadn't put up a fight for her. Brooke said that Bill not doing so could only mean one thing -- he'd already replaced her. Bill said it was impossible, but Brooke could tell that there was a woman he was infatuated with. "Or shall I say love?" she clarified.

Bill figured that the annulment had been Ridge's idea, but Brooke replied that they'd both agreed upon it. Bill said she hadn't been able to exorcise him from her life fast enough. He noticed her engagement ring, and she stated that she hadn't wanted to wear it until she'd been sure. Chuckling, Bill quipped that certainty was a slippery slope with Ridge.

Bill took a brief call from Justin, and afterward, Bill noticed the look on Brooke's face. He told her she needed to let the other woman thing go. He figured that she'd want to be with her fiancé instead of there, worrying about him. Brooke admitted that something else was on her mind. She was worried about Steffy and Liam. Bill asked why.

Brooke explained that she'd gone to ask Steffy to be in the wedding, and Steffy hadn't acted like herself from the moment Brooke had arrived. Bill grunted curiously. He asked if Brooke had asked what was going on. Brooke revealed that Steffy had eventually admitted to problems in her marriage and that Liam had walked out. Brooke asked if Bill knew anything about it.

Bill responded that he knew something was going on; however, the couple had overcome tests before. Brooke said she'd told Ridge, who'd rushed right over to be with his daughter in case Steffy needed him. Bill thought the best thing they all could do was to stay out of it. Brooke disagreed. She believed that Steffy's father needed to be there for her.

Brooke asked if Bill thought it could be an affair. She knew it was ridiculous to even say about Steffy and Liam. Bill didn't think they should speculate. "Damaged relationships do heal. That wasn't the case with ours..." Bill quipped. Brooke's eyelashes fluttered. Brooke assumed Bill was going to root for the couple to overcome whatever or whomever had gotten between them.

Brooke asked if Bill knew where Liam was staying. Bill didn't know. Surprised, Brooke said she'd thought Liam would be staying with Bill. Bill replied that Liam wasn't. She asked Bill not to tell her that the men were having issues again. Bill said not to worry about Liam and him. The focus needed to be on Liam and Steffy, especially with a baby on the way.

Apparently not registering what Bill had said about a baby, Brooke claimed to know and agree. She asked how they'd support the couple without knowing the problem. Brooke hoped Steffy would confide in her father, who'd be there for her and support her. Bill wordlessly took a swig of scotch.

At the cliff house, Ridge impressed upon Steffy that she could tell him anything, and nothing she could do or say would make him love her less. Sobbing, Steffy replied that he might not look at her the same way again.

Steffy decided to give Ridge the good news first, and she announced that she was pregnant. Ridge swept her up in a tight hug and gleefully stated that it was wonderful news. He asked if everything was okay with the pregnancy, and she affirmed it. He figured that was why she hadn't been at the office. Ridge was excited and said it was good.

Steffy said Ridge didn't get it. Ridge claimed he did get it. In his view, couples fought, but the baby was the most important thing. He was sure Liam would be back. Steffy wished Ridge was right, but she believed she'd done something that Liam might not ever forgive.

Ridge didn't like asking, but he wanted to know if Liam was the father. Ridge was relieved when Steffy affirmed it. He offered to find Liam and talk to him. Steffy said Ridge didn't even know what it was about, and Ridge asked her to tell him. Ridge didn't get why Liam would just walk away at a time like that. Steffy said Liam hadn't just walked away.

Steffy explained that Liam had taken off his ring and had given her annulment papers. Liam didn't want to be married to her anymore, and she said it was her fault. Ridge disagreed and guessed that the problem was Liam and Sally's kiss. Steffy said it wasn't, and she hadn't handled that situation right. Ridge exclaimed that Liam had kissed another woman.

Steffy shouted that Liam had been honest with her. She said she shouldn't have gone to the guesthouse. She should have stayed home and worked things out. Ridge thought she was being hard on herself, but she said that if she hadn't been at the guesthouse, "he" wouldn't have shown up. Ridge asked to whom she was referring.

Steffy said "he" had listened to her and held her. Something had happened that shouldn't have. Ridge asked who the guy had been. Steffy revealed that it had been Bill.

Ridge stared at Steffy and slowly repeated, "Bill?" With a looked of realization, Ridge uttered, "Bill Spencer did this to you."

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