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Ridge assaulted Bill and urged Liam not to let what Bill had done to Steffy ruin Liam's marriage. Hope and Brooke were outraged upon learning what Bill had done to Liam. Bill pledged to be a good grandfather or stepfather, whichever Steffy wanted him to be.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 22, 2018 on B&B
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Ridge storms Spencer to confront Bill Ridge storms Spencer to confront Bill

Monday, January 22, 2018

At the hotel, Hope expressed concern for Liam, who seemed to be in a lot of pain. It broke her heart to see him that way. Though Liam appreciated the concern, he didn't feel as if he could discuss the matter at hand. She respected his choice and said he had a friend in her.

The topic turned to Hope's move back to town. She said she had a lot of free time on her hands to play cards, watch a movie, or sit in silence. Liam replied that he'd missed her, and she said that she'd missed him, too.

Liam wanted to hear about Hope and her time abroad. Hope said she'd worked in the Milan office, but she'd shifted away from fashion. She'd started working with a human rights organization to help relocate displaced families. It had given her a greater sense of purpose.

Liam asked why Hope had chosen to return at that time. Hope expressed that she'd missed family and friends -- even Liam -- and Ridge had convinced her to return to surprise Brooke. Hope wanted to get grounded and reboot her line with connections to her charity work.

Hope intended to go apartment hunting and to restock her kitchen. Liam was surprised that she'd mentioned a kitchen. Hope replied that she'd learned how to cook Italian food, and she'd even learned to grow her own tomatoes. She offered to make him truffle pasta someday. He said he'd like it, and she noticed that he'd finally smiled.

Liam said he was happy that Hope was happy, and he was proud of the work she'd done in Europe. Hope claimed not to have time for the social scene in Europe, but when Liam asked if she'd dated anyone, she joked that Italian men liked their blondes. Liam doubted that her hair color had had anything to do with it.

Hope said she'd left Los Angeles reluctantly because she'd needed to find herself after all that had happened. Liam could relate to the need to leave and see what might happen elsewhere. Hope stated that being alone wasn't always the best solution.

Hope's time away had helped her grow. She'd gained confidence and was no longer as hard on herself. She liked the person she saw in the mirror. Liam said he liked the person he saw, too. Hope said it was good she was sticking around for a while. Liam was glad she was back.

At the cliff house, Steffy tried to explain to Ridge what had happened between her and Bill, but Ridge refused to conclude anything other than that Bill had taken advantage of her. Ridge asserted that he'd kill Bill. Steffy insisted that Bill hadn't done anything wrong.

Whipping out his phone, Ridge stated that they had to call the police. Steffy told him that there hadn't been a crime, and Bill hadn't forced her. Ridge believed that Bill had taken advantage of a vulnerable Steffy, and Ridge would make sure Bill paid and rotted in jail.

Ridge insisted upon going to the police. Steffy shouted that she wasn't a little girl, and Ridge hadn't been there when it had happened. She said that she and Bill had fallen into each other's arms when she'd been at the guesthouse, upset about Sally and Liam. She stated that Bill hadn't attacked her, and she took full responsibility for what had happened.

Ridge insisted that Bill had victimized Steffy and asked her how she couldn't see it. Steffy tried to get Ridge to understand that there had been no crime, and it had been consensual. Ridge said that Steffy wouldn't do it to Liam or to her father, and she needed to see it for what it was.

Steffy regretted everything that had happened that night, but she said that Ridge couldn't accuse Bill of assaulting her because it hadn't happened. She also told Ridge that Bill had feelings for her, and it was why Brooke and Ridge hadn't heard from Bill much. She said Bill had told her that he loved her. Stunned, Ridge asked if she had feelings for Bill.

Steffy didn't and said she just wanted Liam to return. Ridge said Bill had vomon vengeance on him and on Liam, and that was why it had happened. Steffy replied that it had nothing to do with Ridge, but Ridge insisted that it had everything to do with him. She responded that Ridge was believing what he wanted to believe instead of listening.

Steffy didn't want Ridge to talk to anyone about what she'd told him in confidence. She insisted that Bill hadn't violated her. Ridge didn't think she could see it, but she persisted in taking responsibility for her actions. She said she'd done it, and Ridge needed to accept it.

Ridge surmised that Steffy had been helpless and alone, and Bill had used her. Steffy replied that it wasn't true and asked why Ridge was being stubborn. Ridge said that he was her father, and he hadn't been there to protect her. Ridge asserted that he was there for her, and he'd make it right. He planned to send Brooke back over there, and he instructed Steffy to tell Brooke what was going on. He felt that talking would relieve any stress on the baby.

When Ridge turned, Steffy asked where he was going. Ridge told her that she'd always be his little girl, and he left the house.

At Bill's office, Brooke was sure Steffy would confide in her father, but Bill didn't think that was necessarily true. To Brooke, it sounded as if Bill didn't want Steffy to confide in Ridge. Bill replied that he didn't think that way, and he didn't have control over what Steffy did.

Brooke believed things would be better once Steffy opened up. Bill disagreed with that also. He noted that it wasn't Ridge's business, anyway, and it was really between Liam and Steffy. Figuring that Liam had confided in his father, Brooke asked Bill if Liam had said what had gotten between him and Steffy.

In Bill's silence, Brooke wondered if something or someone had gotten between Liam and Steffy. Brooke asked if Bill thought it had been an affair. Bill replied that he was sure it was more complicated than that.

Justin entered and was pleasantly surprised that Brooke was there. He hadn't thought he'd ever see her again. Bill quipped that she hadn't died; she'd just gotten an annulment. Brooke thanked Bill for signing the papers, and Bill replied that he was probably a fool for letting her go. Justin scoffed. Brooke said she wasn't worried about Bill. She had a feeling he already had a special lady in his life. Justin scoffed again.

Brooke left, and Justin told Bill that they needed to put Ridge back on the banned list. Bill didn't think it was necessary, but Justin asserted that the furious father would be gunning for Bill.

Later, Bill was alone when Justin returned to the office. Justin said it wasn't the time for "I told you so," but Ridge had just blown by security. Justin asked if he should stop Ridge. Bill replied that he'd handle it. Justin didn't like that idea, but Bill insisted. "Call me. If you need me, call me," Justin told Bill and exited.

Moments later, a seething Ridge entered the office and asked what Bill had done to Ridge's daughter.

Ridge blasts Bill for bedding Steffy

Ridge blasts Bill for bedding Steffy

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

by Pam

At Spencer, Ridge verbally blasted Bill and wondered if Bill felt he could take whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Ridge called Bill a predator. "You violated my daughter," Ridge seethed.

Bill argued that things hadn't happened the way Ridge felt they had. Ridge angrily countered that Bill had seen a young woman in pain, and he had taken advantage of her weakness. Ridge accused Bill of stalking Steffy. Ridge rolled up his sleeves and emotionally grabbed Bill by the collar. "You forced yourself on my daughter, my little girl, Bill," Ridge said. Ridge backed Bill up against a wall with his arm at Bill's throat.

Ridge added that Bill had betrayed his own son and destroyed Liam's marriage. Ridge promised that Bill wouldn't get away with it. Ridge walked toward the door, but Bill insisted that Ridge had to listen to Bill's side. "She needed a friend," Bill said. Ridge furiously slammed the office door and threw a chair across the room.

Ridge shouted that Bill had a twisted idea of friendship. Bill insisted that he hadn't stalked Steffy. "She was there for me when I needed help," Bill said. Bill added there had been no crime. He added that he understood Ridge wanted to kill him. "I don't blame you," Bill said. Ridge countered that it was all about power and lust. Bill insisted Ridge was wrong.

Bill demanded that Ridge listen to him and let him explain. Ridge was quiet for a moment, and Bill explained that when he and Liam had been fighting, Steffy had calmed Bill and they had been close. "Nothing is more important than family," Bill said. Bill added that he'd wanted Steffy and Liam's marriage to remain strong.

Bill admitted that he had genuine feelings for Steffy, but he would never act on them. Ridge assured Bill that he would never be with Steffy "ever." Bill said he wanted to ask for forgiveness. Ridge scoffed, but Bill explained that he would do everything in his power to get Liam to return to Steffy and forgive her.

Bill said he needed Ridge's help to ensure that their grandchild grew up in a stable home. "My kids didn't have that, and neither did yours," Bill said. Ridge was still livid and wondered if Bill really expected that he would help Bill patch up what he had done.

Ridge poured a drink, and Bill reminded him that they could not allow Steffy and Liam's marriage to fail. Ridge nodded then punched Bill. Ridge threatened that he planned to go to the police and file charges against Bill, and he wanted to watch Bill suffer for what he had done to Ridge's family. Bill glared at Ridge.

At home, Steffy flashed back to the moment Liam had discovered the paternity papers, and she recalled begging him not to leave her. Brooke shomon up and said that Ridge had called her and told her to visit Steffy right away. Brooke asked what had happened.

Steffy announced that she was pregnant. Brooke wondered if that had changed Liam's decision to leave Steffy, but Steffy said it hadn't. Brooke wondered if Liam was happy about the baby, and Steffy said they were thrilled about the baby. Steffy stammered about what had happened and finally explained that Liam had discovered that Steffy had had a paternity test. Brooke looked shocked and asked about another man. "Oh, Steffy, who was it?" Brooke asked. "It was Bill," Steffy said.

"No, no, you wouldn't do that to me. Bill wouldn't do that to me," Brooke said. Steffy tried to explain what had happened. She said she had been devastated when she'd learned that Liam and Sally had kissed. She added that she'd gone to her grandfather's guesthouse to be alone, and Bill had been worried about her. He'd visited her at the guesthouse, and things had gotten out of control.

Steffy added that it had been mutual. "He didn't take advantage of me, Brooke," Steffy said. Steffy noted that it was the was the biggest mistake of her life, and it had only happened once. Brooke assumed that was the reason for the paternity test. Steffy agreed, but she added that the baby was Liam's.

Steffy also worried that she had told Ridge everything. Brooke took a deep breath and put her hands over her face. Steffy looked worried and asked Brooke to help her because she was worried that Ridge blamed Bill.

Steffy encouraged Brooke to talk to Ridge. "Are there any feelings between the two of you?" Brooke asked about Steffy and Bill. Steffy looked away but said she wanted only Liam and her marriage. She planned to fight for her family and wanted Brooke's help to persuade Ridge that Bill hadn't taken advantage of her. She worried that something terrible could happen. Brooke looked worried.

At Katie's, Wyatt and Katie were in bed, and Katie laughed while Wyatt tickled her. Wyatt loved Katie's laughter, and they kissed. Later, Wyatt and Katie discussed that soon Brooke and Ridge would find out about Steffy, and "all hell will break loose." Katie said she didn't see a good ending because Ridge would want to kill Bill. Wyatt suggested they had to be supportive of other family members and hope for the best.

Sally and Darlita dig for information on Hope

Sally and Darlita dig for information on Hope

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

by Pam

At Liam's hotel room, Wyatt met with Liam and begged his brother to rethink ending his marriage. Liam refused to discuss it. "I'm worried about you," Wyatt said. Wyatt realized why Liam didn't want to talk about his marriage, and he said it was understandable. However, he felt Liam needed to find a way to reunite with Steffy. Liam said he might have been able to forgive an indiscretion with any other man, but not with their father.

Wyatt understood, and he couldn't believe what had happened. Liam warned Wyatt not to trust Bill. Wyatt said that was a conversation for another day. Wyatt continued to pressure Liam to revisit his marriage because Steffy was pregnant with his child, and it should have been a blessing. "My marriage is over already; I gave her annulment papers," Liam said of his marriage to Steffy.

Wyatt encouraged Liam to take some time. Liam agreed, and he admitted that he still loved Steffy. He informed Wyatt that Hope had returned. Wyatt wondered what she had been doing and how long she was visiting. Liam said Hope had been doing some humanitarian things. They agreed that Hope "had a light about her."

Wyatt remembered it well. Liam said that Hope had made him laugh. Liam admitted that he thought about the fact that Hope would not have done what Steffy had done. Wyatt cautioned Liam to remember that Hope was not his wife. Liam said it was physically painful to remember what had happened with Steffy.

Wyatt encouraged Liam to find a way to forgive Steffy -- not overnight, but at some point. Wyatt encouraged Liam to open his heart. Wyatt reminded Liam that he loved Steffy, and their prayers had been answered when they'd found out Steffy was pregnant. "Maybe you can find a way," Wyatt said. He urged Liam to give his baby a chance to grow up with two parents. Liam looked sad.

At Sally's place, Darlita visited. Sally and Darlita agreed they missed seeing each other on a daily basis at work. "What's the plan?" Darlita asked. Sally said she was working on it. "Spectra will rise again," Sally promised. Darlita quizzed Sally about Liam, and Sally said that Liam and Steffy were at odds, but Hope Logan, Liam's ex-wife, had returned to Los Angeles.

Darlita was confident Sally would find a way to get Spectra back on its feet and find a way to stop denying that she was in love with Liam. Sally said she was interested in a future with Liam only if Liam's marriage didn't last. She and Darlita looked Hope up online and found out about her humanitarian efforts and the Hope for the Future line along with news of her marriage to Liam years earlier in Italy. They agreed it looked like a fairy tale. They joked that they were cyber stalking her. Sally promised to not obsess about Hope.

At home, Steffy moped on the couch and ate crackers. Hope visited, and Steffy invited her in. Hope apologized for not calling first. Hope said she had returned because she had missed everyone. Hope shared that she had visited Liam, and he looked as distraught as Steffy did.

Hope added that Liam had told her that Steffy and Liam were separated. "I'm concerned, Steffy, for both of you," Hope said. Steffy wondered how Hope had reached Liam, and Hope said she'd texted him and then visited him at his hotel room. Steffy tried to hide her disappointment that Liam had reached out to Hope.

Hope offered to help, and she asked Steffy to tell her what had happened. Steffy said Liam needed space. Hope felt it was more than that, and Steffy seemed irritated but then apologized. Hope said she had developed a thick skin and become more grounded.

Hope said it seemed like Liam and Steffy needed friends. Steffy announced that she was pregnant. Hope was happy for her, and Steffy was confident that she and Liam would work through their issues. Hope said Steffy and Liam were strong as a couple, but she wondered why Liam would have left.

Steffy tried to dismiss Hope's worries. Steffy asked what hotel Liam was staying in, and Hope told her the name of the hotel. Steffy thanked her and asked how long Hope was visiting. Hope answered that she planned to stay for "the foreseeable future." "Great," Steffy said unenthusiastically.

In Liam's hotel room, he heard a knock at the door and assumed that Wyatt had returned. Liam opened the door and found Steffy. She begged him to allow her inside. Liam invited her in. Steffy told Liam that she knew how devastated he was, and she knew he hated her. "I hate myself," she said.

Steffy begged for Liam's forgiveness and said it should be the happiest time of their lives. She promised to make everything up to him if he would return to her. "I made a horrible mistake," she said. She said she hadn't slept and couldn't eat, but she knew she had to take care of herself for the baby. She apologized repeatedly and begged him to forgive her. Liam looked sad but said nothing.

Liam thinks Steffy is meant to be with Bill

Liam thinks Steffy is meant to be with Bill

Thursday, January 25, 2018

At Forrester, Ridge was plagued with thoughts of what Steffy had told him. Hope arrived to talk about her concern for Steffy. Hope said she'd talked to Steffy, but it hadn't done much good. Hope figured Ridge might know what was going on. She wasn't trying to interfere in the relationship, but instead, she wanted to help Steffy and Liam through their problem.

In Ridge's silence, Hope conveyed that she knew Liam had walked out on Steffy, but Hope didn't know why. Ridge offered Hope a glass of water. He was glad she was home but didn't think the issue at hand had anything to do with her. Hope relayed that Liam and Steffy were heartbroken, and Hope didn't know what would make Liam leave Steffy.

Ridge understood that Hope wanted to support the couple, but he thought it would be difficult because of the past. Hope asserted that she respected the marriage. She wanted to believe that it would survive the problem. Though Ridge was glad Hope felt that way, he thought that Hope needed to sit it out because she and Steffy had been rivals.

Hope persisted in talking about how devastated Liam and Steffy were and suggested finding a way to get the couple talking again. Ridge agreed that the couple needed to confront and discuss the issue, but he didn't think Hope was the one to help. Hope insisted that she wanted the marriage to survive, especially because Steffy was pregnant.

Hope didn't get why Liam would leave when he'd wanted a family with Steffy. Ridge asked if Steffy had mentioned the pregnancy. Affirming it, Hope added that Liam hadn't. Hope explained that Liam was staying at the Dakota and not eating. In her view, Liam and Steffy were struggling, but Steffy should be eating well and getting rest.

Ridge stated that he'd take care of Steffy. Hope stated that Liam had said something horrible had happened, and though Hope didn't want to point fingers, she said Steffy had been feeling guilty about something. Ridge roared that Steffy had nothing to feel guilty about. Not wanting to make assumptions, Hope asked Ridge what Steffy had done.

Ridge didn't want Hope to worry about it. He stated that Steffy and Liam would be okay, and they had to be, because there was a baby involved. "Come on," Ridge said, opening the office door. Hope walked out, and he closed the door behind her.

At Bill's office, an angry Brooke entered. Bill said he'd already heard it from Forrester's fist. Brooke stated that Bill had slept with Ridge's daughter. Bill quipped that Steffy was a grown woman. Brooke asked if Bill had known what it would do to the Spencer family that Bill was supposedly trying to put back together.

Unable to believe that Bill had done it, Brooke stated that Steffy had said it had been consensual. Bill asked if Brooke didn't believe Steffy. Brooke didn't know what to believe and had never imagined he'd stoop so low to get revenge on Liam. Bill said it hadn't been about getting back at Liam, and though it shouldn't have happened, Bill refused to let anyone turn it into something sick and sordid. Gasping, Brooke concluded that he had feelings for Steffy.

Bill said Brooke had it all wrong, and Steffy had been there for him through the problems he'd had with Brooke and Liam. Brooke replied that Steffy had been working on putting the family back together, but Bill had twisted it into a romantic connection. Bill claimed that he hadn't twisted it, and there had been more to it.

Brooke claimed to understand because she'd been there before. She said he didn't want to live that kind of life. She warned that it would leave a scar on the family and possibly destroy it. She told Bill that he couldn't pursue it. Bill replied that he was trying not to, but it wasn't that simple. "Oh, my God. You think you love her?" Brooke asked.

Brooke didn't even know what to say anymore, and Bill hoped that meant the talk was over. Brooke needed Bill to explain it. Bill said he didn't need to explain anything to her, and he was a big boy. He didn't need a parade of people with their own baggage giving him "hell" about it.

Brooke asked if it had been an affair. Bill said it had only happened once, and it hadn't been a scam. He cared about Steffy and wouldn't use or manipulate her. Brooke asked if Bill really thought there were feelings there and if he expected her to believe he'd gotten carried away by them. She didn't believe that there was no agenda because Bill always had one.

Bill insisted there was no agenda. He didn't want to see Liam's marriage destroyed or Liam's family compromised. Brooke ordered Bill to leave Steffy and Liam alone and said he didn't want to live his life that way. "Trust me," Brooke stated. She said he'd better hope and pray that the marriage didn't disintegrate and that Liam would forgive his wife.

At the Dakota hotel, Steffy told Liam that if there was any hope at all, he'd forgive her. She was asking for their family and their child. She knew his heart and his goodness. She loved him and begged him to forgive her. Steffy seemed as if she was about to cry. Liam rocked stubbornly on his feet with an internal struggle. Steffy gasped when he hugged her.

Steffy tensed when Liam cut off the hug. Liam didn't like seeing Steffy that way and urged her to stay healthy and eat for the baby. Steffy said she was trying because it was about more than just her and Liam. Liam replied that there was nothing in the world he wanted more than to say that he forgave her.

Touching Liam's chest, Steffy said he wouldn't regret it; he just had to find a place of forgiveness within him. Liam touched her hand. Refusing to give up, she asked what the alternative was. "Maybe you can have a life with my father," he said and let go of her hand.

Liam stated that it might be the life Steffy wanted because she and Bill were more alike than she and Liam. Steffy said that was crazy talk. Liam reasoned that the pair thought alike and could have a life together. Steffy exclaimed that she didn't want a life with Bill; she wanted a life with Liam and their baby. She wanted Liam to tell her what to do and said it was torture.

Liam stated that it was torture for him, and he couldn't get the thought of Steffy and his father out of his mind. Liam said it might be different if Bill weren't the man that he was, but there they were. Liam couldn't forget or help his feelings. Forgiveness was a precious sentiment, but as much as he wanted to do it, he couldn't forgive. "I can never, ever forgive you," Liam said.

Bill offers to be a stepfather to the baby

Bill offers to be a stepfather to the baby

Friday, January 26, 2018

At the hotel, Liam flashed back on learning about Bill and Steffy. Ridge arrived, and Liam said it wasn't a good time. "I know what your father did," Ridge responded.

Ridge entered with a carton of bottled beer, but Liam claimed he didn't have time. Ridge said he didn't blame Liam for what had happened. In Ridge's view, Steffy's error in judgment didn't change what Bill had done. Ridge asked if Liam would let Bill get away with it.

Liam didn't want to have the conversation. Ridge advised Liam to look around and see that he was alone, Steffy was alone, and the child would grow up in a broken home. Ridge believed Liam needed the conversation more than Ridge did and that Liam was the only one who could make some good come of it. Liam, however, said he didn't see it the way Ridge did.

In Ridge's view, Steffy had gone to the guesthouse to be alone. Bill had tracked her down so that he could get revenge on Liam and Ridge. Ridge thought that if Liam left Steffy, Bill would win. Angry, Liam said Ridge's motive was just like Bill's, and both men wanted Liam to just man up, suck it up, and move on.

Ridge didn't want Liam to be a better man; he wanted Liam to be the man he knew Liam to be. Though it sounded sick to Ridge, Ridge believed Bill wanted to lead Liam's life and advised Liam not to let Bill take it from him. Ridge offered his loft to Liam until things were worked out, but Liam said to give it to Steffy because things were as worked out as they would get.

Ridge asked if Liam's plan was to destroy Liam and Steffy's lives, and Ridge said his own plan was to go to the police with what Bill had done. With a cynical facial expression, Liam asked what the charges would be. Ridge said Liam knew. Liam decided that Ridge was a biased, angry father with a grudge against the man who'd had an affair with Ridge's daughter.

Liam said Ridge could spin; however, the men both knew that Steffy knew what she'd done, and she'd told them so. Ridge asked why it was hard to see that Steffy was the victim of Bill's quest for power. Ridge asked how many times Bill had beaten Liam or put him in a headlock "or twenty." Ridge said Liam had thought the worst thing Bill would do was to drop a building on Liam's head. "Well, now you know better, don't you?" Ridge asked.

Ridge stated that Bill always managed to get Liam back where Bill wanted him, and Ridge asked why it was so hard to see that Bill had also done that to Steffy. Ridge claimed that Bill had done something unspeakable, and Steffy needed Liam. Ridge instructed Liam to crawl out of his hole and be the husband and father Ridge knew Liam could be.

Ridge asked if Liam would do nothing, like Bill wanted, or if Liam would stand up to Bill. Liam said that Ridge had won, and Liam would think about it. Ridge didn't think it was good enough, and Liam told Ridge that he couldn't bully Liam, too.

Ridge asked if Liam really thought it was bullying. He figured that Liam would make what Bill had done more incredible and more life-changing than what Steffy and Liam had. Ridge knew what Liam wanted and advised Liam to go to her. Ridge said she was exactly where Liam had left her. "Go. Fix it," Ridge urged.

At Brooke's house, Brooke arrived home, and she and Hope discussed how the day had gone. Hope relayed that Steffy was pregnant. Brooke wasn't surprised to hear it, and Hope guessed that one became an outsider when gone for a period of time. Brooke replied that it hadn't been her news to tell. Hope was unhappy that her loved ones wanted her to stay at bay.

Brooke didn't think that was it and said the situation was just sensitive. Hope suspected Brooke knew what had caused Liam to walk out on his pregnant wife. Brooke didn't feel right discussing it if Steffy and Liam weren't. Hope had come to terms with Liam and Steffy being together and happy, and Hope didn't understand why everyone was treating the pregnancy like a horrible secret. Hope deduced that Steffy had broken Liam's heart and her own heart in the process.

Brooke said that people had thought Taylor could do no wrong, but when Taylor had fallen, she'd fallen hard. "Like mother, like daughter," Brooke stated. Hope asked if Steffy had had an affair. Brooke didn't want to call it an affair and decided that it was an indiscretion.

Hope guessed that Sally had no idea of what she'd set in motion. Brooke was leery of what Sally might do with the information, but Hope noted that there wasn't much information except that Steffy had been with another man once. Brooke hoped that only once was the case.

Hope stated that the couple had renewed their wedding vows, which showed the couple's commitment. Hope believed that Liam would forgive Steffy with time, but Brooke didn't think it would ever happen. Disagreeing, Hope said he would, and there was a family at stake. Brooke replied that it was more than Hope knew, and Hope asked what Brooke meant.

Hope wondered if the man involved had been Wyatt. "No. Liam and Wyatt have more integrity than..." Brooke said. Hope asked whom, and Brooke asked to change the subject. "No. Was it Bill?" Hope asked.

Hope started to get upset, and Brooke said she hadn't wanted Hope to find out that way. Everything started to make sense to Hope, including Steffy and Liam's vagueness about the situation. "He does not deserve this! I never should have..." Hope said and then sighed.

At the cliff house, Bill arrived. He said he could go if Steffy wanted him to. Steffy saw his bruised face and apologized for having to tell her father what had happened. Bill said he would have done the same thing that Ridge had done. When Bill asked if she'd seen Liam, she pointed to the annulment papers.

Bill asked why everyone was so annulment happy. Steffy said that Liam was being kind, and with an annulment, the whole incident wouldn't come out in family court. Though Bill regretted what had happened, he wasn't willing to live his life in shame. He asked if Steffy wasn't, either.

Bill asked what had happened with Liam. Steffy felt like a fool because she'd just been begging and begging. Bill didn't think Spencers should beg, but he'd done a lot of it himself at that time. Steffy intended to keep on begging for her baby and her family. Bill asked what Liam had said, and she replied that Liam would never take her back.

Bill asked Steffy if she was eating and resting for the baby. Steffy said that Liam couldn't even look at her. Bill figured Liam would change and start to see her as the mother of his child. In the meantime, Steffy needed to make herself and the baby a priority. Bill suggested that signing the annulment papers might help her do just that.

Steffy took the papers Bill was holding away from him. Bill stated that before he'd known Liam had existed, there had been Steffy and Bill. Bill claimed he'd given Steffy up because he'd had to, not because he'd wanted to. He'd locked his feelings away, and he'd hated to see Steffy hurting. He'd hated it then, and he hated seeing it at that moment, too.

Bill vowed to help Steffy put her marriage back together; however, he said he could be a loving grandfather or stepfather, depending on what Steffy wanted.

In Steffy's silence, Bill guessed she was worried about what people would say. Steffy asked Bill to go. He guessed she wanted to be left alone in the house until Liam saw fit to bestow his forgiveness upon her. Bill noted that Liam had told her never, and she couldn't ask the child to wait for someone who wouldn't be there.

"Once upon a time, there was us, and there could be an us again," Bill uttered. "Sometimes the craziest things in life are the ones no one sees coming, are the rightest, the best." Stroking Steffy's hair, he said Steffy wasn't alone. He was there for her, and he was there to love her.

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