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Steffy shut down Bill's offer to be a family, and Liam shut down any ideas Sally had about being more than his friend. Brooke and Ridge decided to use their wedding to heal Steffy and Liam's marriage and the family. Wyatt had an awkward moment with Hope, and Thorne flirted with Katie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 29, 2018 on B&B
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Steffy sets Bill straight about her feelings

Steffy sets Bill straight about her feelings

Monday, January 29, 2018

At the cliff house, Bill told Steffy that she couldn't keep herself cooped up in the house, and she needed to make her health and the baby's health priorities. In Bill's view, Liam could fend for himself, but the baby couldn't. Bill wanted Steffy to know that she could count on him to be there for her and the baby. Steffy said that she couldn't give up on her marriage.

Bill stated that there were annulment papers, and Liam had said he'd never take Steffy back. Steffy refused to believe it. She vowed that she would repair her marriage somehow, and she refused to give up on the man she loved. She didn't need Bill to rescue her.

Bill replied that he'd be protecting Steffy. Bill said it wasn't easy for either of them, especially with Steffy's father throwing out accusations. Bill stated that he and Steffy had made love. Steffy started to get upset. He said they both knew it was the truth, and it was what made it so difficult. Bill wanted to do what was right and to also do what was right by Liam -- but not at the expense of Steffy and the baby. Bill loved them "both" too much to do it.

Steffy asked Bill to not do it. Bill asked if she wanted him not to say how he felt. She said he was creating a fantasy, but he replied that she knew he wasn't that kind of person. Bill thought he was more of a realist than anyone she knew, and he asked her to be honest with herself.

Steffy asserted that she had honesty for Bill. She said she was pregnant with Liam's baby and couldn't go running off with Liam's father. It was out of the question. That night had been the biggest mistake of her life, and she had no intention of making it worse. Bill apologized and said the last thing he wanted to do was to cause her pain.

Steffy insisted that Bill wasn't the man for her; Liam was. Bill asked about the possibility that Liam couldn't get beyond it. She said Liam had to, but she had to believe that things would change as they got closer to the baby's birth. She told Bill that he'd be a grandfather, and for all their sakes, she needed him to respect what she was trying to do.

Acquiescing, Bill said he'd do everything he could to help Liam come around, and if staying away would help put the smile back on Steffy's face, Bill was willing to do it. Steffy said that she just wanted her husband back.

At the hotel, Ridge urged Liam to be strong and not to let his father break him. Ridge told Liam to go to Steffy before it was too late. Ridge believed that, in time, Liam would be able to look at Steffy, who'd made a mistake. Ridge believed that Steffy wanted to be with Liam, not Bill, and Liam loved Steffy. Ridge said they could get beyond it if Liam wanted to.

Liam agreed that he did love Steffy, but as much as he wanted to forgive her, he couldn't. Opening the hotel room door, Liam said it wasn't what Ridge wanted to hear, but it was all Liam had. Nodding, Ridge said to try to reach out to Steffy if Liam could. Liam asked if Ridge thought Liam was lying to himself or didn't really want a life with Steffy.

Liam asked what Ridge thought it meant when Liam said he couldn't forgive Steffy. Liam stated that he couldn't fly, he couldn't walk through walls, and he couldn't forgive Steffy. Liam just wasn't there yet, and he might not ever be. Ridge said that Steffy loved Liam more than anyone, and even though she'd made a mistake, it was on Bill. Even though Liam said he couldn't forgive, Ridge wanted Liam to leave the door open just a crack because one never knew when the light would shine through.

After Ridge had gone, Liam thought about what Ridge had said. Liam flashed back to learning about the baby and seeing the paternity test. He recalled Steffy saying they'd be happy if he could find forgiveness for her within himself. Liam remained torn by his thoughts and feelings.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke discussed what Steffy and Bill had done. Hope could barely say the words and asked if it had happened only once. "Well, that is what they are saying," Brooke replied. Brooke didn't know how the marriage would survive, and she was furious with Bill about it. Hope was glad that Brooke was no longer with Bill and expressed outrage that he could do something like that to his own son.

Brooke couldn't stop thinking about what it was doing to Ridge. Hope was glad that Ridge had her mother. Brooke wished there was more she could do.

Ridge arrived. Brooke greeted him and expressed that she'd been worried about him. He said his phone had been off. She asked where he'd been. He replied that it was a long story, and next, he greeted Hope. Hope decided to let the couple have privacy, but before leaving, she told Ridge that she was sorry about everything.

After Hope had gone upstairs, Ridge rendered Brooke a quizzical look, and Brooke said that Hope had been concerned and had had a lot of questions. Ridge replied that it was okay. Brooke further informed him that she'd seen Bill and knew what Ridge had done. Ridge quipped that it hadn't been nearly enough. He knew she didn't like violence, but it was his daughter.

Brooke claimed to understand. Ridge asked if she really did, because he didn't. To Ridge, it was twisted that Bill had destroyed his own family and claimed to love Steffy. Ridge stated that his daughter was no one's conquest, and he wouldn't let Bill sniff around the vulnerable Steffy. Ridge feared that Bill wanted to pull her into his world, and Ridge couldn't let it happen.

Ridge revealed that he'd been to see Liam. He'd tried to convince Liam that what Bill had done was criminal, but Ridge didn't think Liam wanted to see it that way. Brooke asked what he'd think if Steffy didn't want to see it that way, and Ridge replied that Steffy couldn't see anything at the time. Ridge asserted that Bill had taken advantage of Steffy.

Brooke asked how things had been with Liam. Ridge conveyed that Liam was broken, but Ridge could tell that Liam still loved his wife. Liam just couldn't forgive Steffy. Ridge hoped Liam could get beyond the hurt to see the good within her. Brooke hugged the tearful Ridge.

Ridge was angry and wanted to punch something every time he heard "Billy's" name. Brooke was angry, too. Ridge said she'd gotten out in time because Bill would have done something awful to her, too. Brooke was glad to be with Ridge, and she thanked him for all the good he'd brought to her life in all their years together. In her view, his flaw was that he followed his heart, but she did the same thing. She said it was a good thing. "And Bill..." she stated.

Ridge growled. Brooke decided that they wouldn't talk about Bill. Instead, they'd focus on their future. She had an idea. She wanted to pull the family together. She believed that love conquered all, and she and Ridge could be an example for the others.

Brooke said she and Ridge had been through a lot over the years, and they loved each other more than they ever had. She believed that the family could learn from the couple, and it might help the family. She didn't know. She just knew that she loved Ridge and wanted to be married to him right then.

Ridge wondered if Brooke was asking him to marry her. Brooke guessed that she was. As the grinning Ridge took her into his arms, he said he accepted. He called Brooke incredible and said he wanted to marry her right then. Epic-themed music played, and the couple kissed.

Ridge and Brooke share merger news

Ridge and Brooke share merger news

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

In the design office, Ridge and Brooke made out before a meeting Ridge had called. R.J. arrived and cleared his throat. The couple stopped kissing, and he said they'd asked to see him. Brooke said they had a surprise for R.J. Ridge asked how R.J. would feel about his parents getting married right away.

R.J. beamed. He thought it was awesome. He'd always wanted his parents to find their senses and unite the family. The three of them hugged, and the chuckling Brooke said she loved her family. Ridge notified R.J. that he had to wear a suit.

In the Forrester CEO office, Quinn stepped in and noted that no one was there. Eric replied that they were late for the meeting Ridge had called. She realized that it was just she and her husband, but as she closed in on Eric to canoodle, Pam pushed open the door and entered with Charlie, who told Eric that Pam couldn't keep her hands off Charlie, either.

Right behind the couple, Katie, Ivy, Hope, and Thorne entered, all of them wondering what the meeting was about. Pam hadn't seen Steffy on the list of attendees, and Ivy and Katie wondered if it was about the co-CEO who wasn't at work lately. Eric doubted Ridge would fire his own daughter, but Thorne said he wouldn't put it past Ridge. Thorne hoped Ridge was announcing his retirement and becoming the monk they'd never see again.

The Forrester group wondered if they'd get another bonus, and Thorne asked when Ridge had ever given bonuses. Awkwardly, a few in the room remarked that they'd gotten them, and others looked around knowingly. Charlie, however, hadn't gotten a bonus, but instead, he'd gotten his own faraway parking space with his name on it.

Pam wondered if she should make more coffee, but Eric said not to bother. He was sure Ridge would be along soon. Thorne quipped that it was just like Ridge to make everyone wait.

After a while, Thorne began to get antsy about waiting. He claimed that he'd be late for a conference call with a potential new client. Quinn asked if it was the group from Rio. Thorne affirmed it, and Quinn relayed that Ridge had spoken to them the previous week. "It figures," Thorne quipped.

Ridge and Brooke finally arrived with R.J. Thorne asked to hear the news and not waste time with guessing games. Katie asked if the merger with their supplier was happening. Ridge liked the term "merger." He said it was about a merger and union that would be good for the family and the company. Looking at Thorne, Ridge admitted that Ridge would benefit the most.

Ridge and Brooke announced that they'd get married as soon as possible. Thorne rolled his eyes, and he peeled out of the congratulatory hugging group. From across the room, Thorne watched everyone coo about the event. Ivy suggested a wedding in Sydney, but Ridge and Brooke didn't want to try their luck with that again. Quinn and Eric offered the mansion, and Ridge said they'd consider it.

As the group chatted, Brooke approached Thorne to reassure him of her choice to be with Ridge. She believed in Ridge and trusted him. She wanted Thorne to be at the wedding. Thorne thought she'd wanted to take her time. She said she'd changed her mind, but Thorne wondered if Ridge had pressured her.

Brooke said she'd always loved Ridge, and she asked why she should wait. Thorne called Ridge lucky. Thorne said he'd always support Brooke, and she could count on him. Thorne just hoped she could count on his brother.

As the conversations continued, Quinn approached Brooke with congratulations and asked to see the ring. Quinn complimented it and expressed happiness about the impending wedding. Eric and Ridge joined the ladies, and Eric hoped the couple would get married at the mansion. Quinn bargained that she'd put up a portrait of Ridge and Brooke in place of Quinn's.

Brooke said she was speechless. Quinn really wanted Brooke to consider it and said Quinn, Pam, Charlie, Ivy, and Hope would handle all the details. Brooke and Ridge asked each other what they thought. It was tempting to Brooke, and Ridge said the house meant a lot to them.

Brooke and Ridge agreed to have the wedding at the house. Quinn promised to make it a special day for them. Ridge wondered if Thorne would show up. Eric admitted that he was a bit worried about Thorne. Ridge decided that he'd talk to his brother. Brooke said she needed to talk to her sister, and she pulled Eric along with her.

Alone with Ridge, Quinn said they'd finally come full circle. Ridge noted that they'd taken a detour, but they were exactly where they needed to be. Quinn wished Ridge all the best.

After the meeting, everyone exited into the hallway. Ivy and Hope mentioned getting some lunch. Eric and Quinn wondered about leaving Ridge and Thorne alone in the office. Eric wished the brothers would find a way to support each other.

In the design office later, Brooke and Katie discussed the wedding happening so quickly. Brooke said she and Ridge wanted to unite their family and asked why they should wait. Katie hoped she had time to get a dress. Brooke remarked that Katie was Brooke's sister and confidante, and they'd become stronger through their ups and downs.

Brooke loved her sister, who was witty and lit up a room. Brooke knew that she asked a lot of Katie, but Brooke really wanted Katie to make the wedding day special by being Brooke's maid of honor. Kate readily agreed. She exclaimed that Brooke hadn't even had to say all those things. Katie would love to do it.

Brooke mentioned that she'd asked Steffy first. Katie understood why Brooke had done so. "You wanted to make sure that --you know-- her and Liam -- trying to work things out between the two them, but -- " Brooke cut in, saying it hadn't worked out, so Steffy wouldn't take the position.

Katie agreed to do it and said it would be awesome and amazing. The two discussed Thorne, who'd lent his support even though he was leery of Ridge. Katie had picked up on Thorne's feelings about Ridge. Katie vowed to make sure it would be a magical day for Brooke. The two women hugged, and Katie said she loved "sissy."

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge wanted to know what Thorne's problem was and noted that Thorne had returned with a chip on his shoulder, complaining about Ridge's biological parentage and position at Forrester. He asked if Thorne was suddenly a tough guy.

Thorne said that Ridge didn't like it. Ridge said he didn't like it; he loved it. Ridge was happy about who Thorne had become. Ridge respected it and didn't shy away from a challenge, which was why he'd asked Thorne to talk. Thorne asked if Ridge was challenging him. Ridge replied that he'd challenge Thorne to do what he didn't want to do and to participate in what he wouldn't want to participate in.

Ridge wanted to get along with his brother. Words were cheap, so Ridge planned to show he meant what he said. Thorne asked how Ridge would do that. Ridge decided that he'd ask Thorne a question, and Ridge hoped Thorne would agree. Ridge noted that they were family and had been raised by the same man and woman. Ridge was a Forrester in every way that mattered, and it was why Ridge was asking Thorne to serve him.

"To serve you?" Thorne repeated. Ridge elaborated that it would be as his best man. Thorne repeated the statement, and Ridge recalled that he'd said it wouldn't be easy. Thorne recalled that Ridge had said Thorne wouldn't want to do it. Ridge asked if he was wrong about it then decided that he was never wrong. Ridge said they were family and had to work through things. He asked Thorne to agree.

Thorne began to go off about Ridge's treatment of Brooke. Ridge cut in, saying a simple agree or disagree would be good, and Ridge urged Thorne to agree. Thorne noted that Ridge was serious, and Thorne decided he'd do it. Ridge grabbed Thorne and hugged him. Ridge seemed emotionally affected as Thorne forced a smile.

The family celebrates Ridge and Brooke's plans

The family celebrates Ridge and Brooke's plans

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, R.J., Hope, Ivy, Eric, Quinn, Charlie, and Pam all wondered what was going on, with Ridge in one office with Thorne, and Brooke in another with Katie. Maya and Rick showed up and apologized that they had missed the family meeting. They wondered what had happened, and Eric encouraged him to meet with his mom. Rick and Maya said they had been late because they had taken Nicole to the airport.

In another office at Forrester, Katie agreed to be Brooke's maid of honor, and Katie noted that everything seemed different. Brooke agreed. She maintained that she and Ridge had "discovered something." She called it an awareness and added that they had both realized how much it meant to be together, and they didn't want to lose that. Katie said she had always known that Ridge and Brooke would end up together. Katie encouraged Brooke to make sure that Thorne was on board. Brooke agreed and said she and Ridge wanted to reunite the family.

Rick and Maya knocked on the office door, and Brooke invited them in. They explained that they had been at the airport, sending Nicole on her way to Paris.

In another office at Forrester, Ridge and Thorne discussed that Thorne would be Ridge's best man. Thorne agreed but insisted that Ridge had better not "screw this up." "She's a hell of a woman," Thorne said. Ridge was grateful and promised not to forget what Thorne had agreed to do for him. "You're the missing piece of the puzzle," Ridge said.

Thorne insisted that in exchange for being Ridge's best man, he wanted Ridge to never again call him "little brother." Ridge reminded his brother that it was a term of endearment and had never been meant to offend him. Thorne countered that it was disrespectful and condescending. Ridge promised to stop and to work on their relationship.

Ridge wanted to work on peace and harmony in the company and the family. Thorne said he had always wanted that and wanted to be close. Ridge agreed and invited his brother into a hug. "I'm a hugger," Ridge said. Ridge and Thorne hugged, and Eric entered. He looked suspicious.

Eric was surprised and glad that his two sons were putting their differences aside. Ridge and Thorne teased one another, and Eric hugged them both.

Rick and Maya met with Brooke and Katie, and Brooke announced that she and Ridge wanted to get married right away. She announced that Katie was her maid of honor. Rick said a lot had happened since her last announcement. He teased that she was in a hurry to wed, and he wondered if she was pregnant. Maya insisted that they were happy for Brooke and Ridge. Brooke begged Rick to be happy for her. Katie agreed and said that there was something different about this engagement to Ridge after all the others.

Rick said he would be happy if his mother was happy. Brooke thanked Rick and called him her fierce protector. Rick promised to always be there for her. "When you're happy, I'm happy," he said. Rick was emotional and hugged his mom.

Katie said that Ridge and Brooke wanted a life together "without drama." Rick agreed and promised not to fight her on it. Rick wanted to believe Brooke would get the commitment and devotion she deserved from Ridge.

Thorne entered and said, "Me too." He asked to speak to the bride, and Katie, Rick, and Maya left. Rick stopped to hug his mom on the way out the door. Brooke asked Thorne to be positive and joyful. He agreed and offered his congratulations. He announced that he had agreed to be Ridge's best man "for you, Brooke."

Thorne promised his support. Brooke thanked him, and they hugged. She promised that he would one day find a great woman for himself.

Later in the CEO office, everyone celebrated with Champagne. They all toasted Ridge and Brooke. Maya and Ivy said they were grateful to be part of the family and the history of Ridge and Brooke. Charlie joked that Ridge and Brooke were a lot like him and Pam. Pam laughed.

R.J. said he was proud to call Ridge and Brooke his parents, and they had shown a great example in forgiveness and true love. Hope agreed and said she was glad to be home to see them marry again.

Hope added that no matter how many challenges Brooke and Ridge faced, they always found their way back together. Ridge and Brooke promised it was forever this time. Rick wanted to mend some fences, and Ridge and Brooke agreed.

Thorne said it was a new beginning, and they all toasted again. Katie said she remembered the very first time Brooke had returned home from her first catering gig at the Forresters, where she had met Ridge. She said it had been the beginning of their destiny.

Katie hugged her sister. Eric said it was an "epic moment" for Ridge and Brooke, who had weathered many storms. He noted that they would marry in his home -- the very same house where "you first laid eyes on each other." Eric was thrilled for the next chapter of their book.

Katie and Thorne met in another office to discuss their responsibilities, since the bride and groom were in a hurry to marry. Thorne agreed they would have to throw the wedding of a lifetime -- something "they would never forget."

Katie complimented Thorne and thanked him for being agreeable. She knew he and Ridge were not the closest siblings. Thorne replied that he was protective of Brooke. He and Katie agreed that Brooke had "never really stopped loving Ridge."

Katie said that Thorne had impressed her, and she was sure he would find someone who recognized what a special man he was. Thorne laughed and said that Brooke had said the exact same thing.

Alone in Ridge's office, Brooke and Ridge agreed that everyone had been sweet and supportive. Ridge said it was because or Brooke's commitment. Brooke praised Ridge because he had persuaded Thorne to be his best man. She added that Rick had been joking around with Ridge.

Ridge and Brooke agreed it was nice to see the family working to get along. Ridge credited Brooke for the family unity. Brooke and Ridge reminisced about their first meeting. Brooke remember that it had been magical, but she noted that Ridge had seen Brooke from the back and had called her Caroline. Brooke had said she was sorry she wasn't Caroline. Ridge agreed he'd also said he was sorry.

Brooke said that after all the years they had known each other, Ridge always knew the right words to say. They both regretted that they had made mistakes.

Brooke and Ridge discussed that they'd had a long road to get back to each other. Brooke said she couldn't wait to be his wife and say vows to him one last time. Ridge kissed her, and they both smiled.

Hope confronts Steffy about Bill

Hope confronts Steffy about Bill

Thursday, February 1, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke tried to keep Ridge's hands and lips off of her long enough to talk about the wedding. She was glad that Thorne had agreed to be the best man. Ridge remarked that Thorne and Katie might make a cute couple, but Brooke reminded Ridge that Katie was seeing Wyatt, which Brooke had told Ridge in confidence. Ridge said he'd just thought if Katie and Thorne were sitting together at the wedding, one didn't know what could happen.

Steffy arrived at Ridge's behest. Ridge and Brooke announced that they were getting married right away and wanted Steffy and Liam to attend the ceremony together. Though Steffy wanted to support the couple, she couldn't be a part of the wedding. Ridge said she had to be, but Steffy was certain Liam would not agree to attend with her.

Ridge thought that Liam needed to see that forgiveness was possible. Brooke added that it could have an impact on Liam. Steffy didn't believe Liam would agree to it, but Ridge said they'd just have to change Liam's mind. Steffy didn't think Brooke and Ridge knew how bad it was. Steffy said Liam had lost faith and wouldn't get it back.

Brooke felt that there was always a way, but Steffy disagreed. Ridge hoped that the wedding would make Liam see the possibilities. Ridge felt that they merely had to get Liam on board, and anything was possible for two people in love. Steffy started to speak on what she'd done wrong, but Ridge said it had been what Bill had done.

Disagreeing, Steffy said she should have stayed home and worked things out. Ridge vowed not to give up on the marriage, and she replied that she wouldn't, either. She just didn't know if Liam had. Brooke understood that Liam was upset, but to her, there was no way Liam had fallen out of love with Steffy. Ridge added that Liam and Steffy were expecting a baby, too.

Ridge knew that forgiveness seemed far off; however, he said Liam just needed to make one choice to make it happen. Liam had to choose to let go of the past and look to a future without pain and betrayal. Ridge believed that they could work it out, and he'd do everything within his power to put Steffy's family back together. Ridge and Steffy hugged and expressed love for each other.

At Forrester, Wyatt entered the design office and was surprised to see Hope working there. He paused awkwardly, and she asked if he hadn't expected to see her. Wyatt had heard Hope was in town, and Forrester was her job. "So here you are...working," he said. Wyatt hadn't known that she and his mother were sharing an office, though.

Hope replied that she was there when Quinn was not. After a pause, Hope asked if it was awkward. Wyatt murmured that he had as many exes in the office as Ridge did, and Wyatt decided that it was sort of awkward.

Wyatt noted that Hope was back for good. Hope said it had been time. She'd left Los Angeles because she hadn't been able to breathe with the constant reminders of what had happened. She'd had to get away. She added that she didn't mean she'd had to get away from him.

Wyatt knew that, but it had taken him awhile to figure it out. He concluded that it had worked out, and Europe had to have suited Hope well because she looked great.

As Wyatt checked his phone, Hope asked if he had to go. He didn't, but he asked if she had to get back to work. Hope conveyed that she was working out logistics with Brooke's favorite florist. Hope said Ridge and Brooke had invited the entire family, but Hope still wasn't sure if Thomas and Caroline would make it -- or Steffy and Liam.

Wyatt wasn't sure how that would "shake out." He changed the subject to Thorne being back, and Hope remarked that Thorne would be the best man. Wyatt added that Katie would stand up for Brooke. Hope remarked that she'd suggested it. She noticed that Wyatt knew a lot about the wedding. He claimed he'd gotten information from Quinn, who lived at the wedding site.

Hope stated that mansion weddings were a tradition. Wyatt replied that he wasn't traditional, but not everyone was open to taking a "leap of faith." Even though Wyatt and Hope's marriage hadn't worked out, in Wyatt's view, the wedding had been great. Wyatt suggested that Brooke and Ridge do a version of it by jumping into the mansion fountain. For Hope, it would be a sight to see. She and Wyatt shared a smile.

At the cliff house, Steffy walked into her living room. Hope was behind Steffy, who said she had just gotten home and hadn't been expecting anyone. Hope asked if Liam was home yet. Steffy asked if Hope had seen him. Hope said she didn't want to make things worse for Steffy. "Then don't ask any questions about Liam," Steffy replied.

Hope said she hadn't been able to understand what could make Liam walk away from his pregnant wife. Liam had told Hope that something terrible had happened, but Steffy hadn't said anything at all. Steffy explained that it was because it didn't involve Hope. "So I mentioned it to my mother," Hope continued, and Steffy rolled her eyes.

Hope stated that once she'd found out what had happened, it had all made sense. "You and Bill, Liam's father. How could you, Steffy?" Hope asked. Steffy didn't need Hope pointing out what Steffy had done wrong to hurt Liam. Hope replied that she was just asking why. Steffy didn't feel she owed Hope any explanations.

Hope conveyed that she was trying to make sense of it. Steffy asked if Hope felt Steffy deserved to lose Liam. Hope claimed to be heartbroken over what it was doing to Liam, Steffy, and the marriage. "What I did to Liam. What I did," Steffy emphasized. Hope replied that she hadn't said that. Steffy said Hope just had to get to the bottom of it but wondered why Hope couldn't leave it alone.

Hope said a family was at stake. Steffy questioned if Hope thought Steffy didn't know that. Steffy asserted that he and Liam still loved each other, and she planned to do everything she could to put the family back together. Hope hoped it happened. Steffy said that, if it was true, then Hope wouldn't interfere.

Hope told Steffy that if the couple didn't work it out, it wouldn't have anything to do with Hope. Hope believed Steffy knew it already, and Hope wasn't saying it to be cruel; however, Hope felt that Steffy might have done the one thing Liam couldn't forgive.

At the Dakota, Sally arrived at Liam's room with a food container from Shirley, who'd wanted to do something nice for Liam after she'd heard that Sally might see him. Liam remarked that he'd been eating takeout from the place around the corner. Looking at all the Chinese food boxes around the room, Sally guessed he did it for every meal.

Sally hated seeing the gloomy Liam the way he was. Liam claimed to be all right. She said his name in a knowing tone, and he replied that she was the last person he wanted to complain to. He felt guilty about dropping the ball with Spectra. She said she'd take care of it and make sure Bill didn't forget his promise to the Spectras. She was touched that Liam hadn't forgotten, but she felt he'd done enough. Liam thanked her.

Sally assumed things hadn't gotten better with Steffy. Liam affirmed that they hadn't. She asked if he wanted to talk about it, but he firmly replied that he did not. Sally hoped things worked out with his marriage and said it would be nice to know that good things happened to good people.

Liam said it might not be in the cards. Claiming to be a realist, Sally said that if the couple couldn't fix it, she hoped he'd move on when the time was right. He replied that it would take awhile, but Sally reasoned that the good news was that he was worth the wait.

Liam said Sally's name, and Sally swore she wasn't make a sales pitch. She said her attributes spoke for themselves, and he already knew how she felt about him.

Sally chastised herself for blurting out her feelings when she'd visited to be supportive. Liam said that if there was one thing he'd learned from the experience, it was that one couldn't help one's feelings. She quipped that she couldn't help expressing them, either. Liam replied that Sally said what she felt and wanted, and it was a good thing.

Sally replied that it didn't mean she'd get it. Liam told her that she'd been a good friend to him. She said that he had been one to her, too, and she hoped whomever he ended up with knew how lucky she was to have his love. Sally kissed his cheek and exited the hotel room.

Later, Brooke and Ridge arrived, and Liam wondered if something was wrong with Steffy and the baby. They assured him that everything was okay, but Steffy missed him. They were sure Liam missed Steffy, too. Liam didn't want to be rude, but he expressed that he and Steffy needed to deal with it on their own. Ridge bit out that Liam wasn't dealing with it.

Ridge felt that he had a grandchild to protect and said it should be a great time in Liam's life. Brooke believed that Liam had a right to be heartbroken. Ridge blamed everything that had happened on Bill. Liam stated that he understood the instinct to defend Steffy. Ridge claimed not to be doing that.

Ridge said Liam couldn't forgive Steffy, but Liam had to restore the family and make a committed and loving home for the child. Liam understood what the couple was trying to do. Ridge remarked that he and Brooke had worked through things together. Liam admired that, but he asked if they understood that they were talking about Liam's wife and father.

Brooke said she and Ridge knew that it was devastating to lose the faith and trust in a person one loved very much. Gesturing to herself and Ridge, she asserted that it was possible to repair a commitment, and she and Ridge were there to show Liam that.

Ridge pointed out that Brooke was wearing his ring after everything he'd done to her. Ridge said it had taken awhile, but they were there. Liam was happy for the couple but asked what it had to do with him and Steffy. Ridge informed Liam that Ridge and Brooke would get married soon. The whole family would be there, including Steffy. Ridge wanted Liam to be beside her.

Liam didn't want to pretend things were okay. Ridge wasn't asking that. Ridge conveyed that Liam couldn't see his way back, but being at the union of two people who'd found their way back to each other after screwing up could be the first step. Ridge thought it might help Liam get beyond the pain and betrayal and see that there was hope.

Ridge asserted that Liam and Steffy loved each other, and Ridge challenged Liam to go to the wedding with his wife.

Katie inspires Thorne to be more of a free spirit

Katie inspires Thorne to be more of a free spirit

Friday, February 2, 2018

At the Forrester mansion, Katie met with Ivy, Charlie, Pam, Thorne, and Maya to plan Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Thorne tried to slip out, and when Katie caught him, he said he didn't know the first thing about wedding planning. Maya and Katie disagreed and believed he had experience from all of his previous weddings. Thorne proffered that less was more, but Maya and Katie disagreed, chuckling together and saying that more was more.

As the meeting continued, Katie asked about music. Thorne thought he had a great idea for a band and asked who didn't like Journey. "Right," Katie agreed, but she decided that piping a playlist through the house sound system was simpler.

When they got to the food for the event, Thorne suggested mini pizzas. The crowd turned that idea down, too, and Katie said he was no help at all.

Thorne claimed he'd already told everyone that, and he should just go. The group wouldn't let him off the hook, and he asked how Rick had gotten out of wedding planning. Maya said Rick only went as far as accepting it, so they had Maya instead of Rick. Some in the group had expected Steffy to be there, but Katie said Steffy had a lot going on.

The wedding planning continued, and Charlie and Thorne gave ideas for wedding flowers that the females didn't really like. Thorne selected Birds of Paradise, which was a plant, and Charlie selected lilies, which Pam said were for funerals. The topic moved to the wedding party, which was Katie and Thorne, and Pam asked if Steffy should have a part in the ceremony.

Later, the meeting concluded, and Katie ribbed Thorne for not having any job responsibilities. Thorne thought being best man was enough, especially if Rick didn't have any duties. Maya replied, "We all do our best, Thorne."

Katie cheered for them to get the wedding going, and Maya noted how chipper Katie was. Ivy, Thorne, and Maya wanted to know who the new man was. Katie asked why it had to be a man. Pam asked if it was someone they knew. Katie said she hadn't admitted to having a guy, and she shooed them all out of the house to get to work. Thorne, who was living there, remained, and he stared at Katie with sly enthusiasm.

Katie was proud of herself for putting together a wedding in three hours and joked that she could fall back on party-planning as a career if she had to. Thorne thought Maya was right about Katie's mystery man, who'd had a freeing effect on Katie. "It's very attractive," he concluded.

Thanking Thorne, Katie said she'd never had a noncommittal relationship before, and it was fun. Thorne said she made it seem like fun. He wondered if he should claim his own free spirit and give it a go. "Maybe we should make sure we have all our bases covered," Katie decided. She sat up and buried herself in her notebook. "Right..." Thorne quietly replied.

At the hotel, Brooke and Ridge worked to convince Liam to go to the wedding and let it help him heal his own marriage. Ridge said that Liam wasn't the only victim. In Ridge's view, Bill had taken advantage of Steffy, leaving a poor child to fight for its future. Liam said he didn't want to hurt his own child. Ridge advised Liam to get out of his head and reach out to his wife.

Brooke and Ridge believed that attending the wedding would help and urged Liam to do it, saying that they were proof that Liam and Steffy could overcome the obstacles. Liam thought the couple meant well, but he couldn't deal with it right then. Ridge began talking about what Bill had done, but Liam cut him off, insisting that Steffy hadn't been taken advantage of.

Liam said that, as sad as it was for anyone to believe, he'd rather think it was all Bill's fault, but Steffy had said herself that she hadn't been taken advantage of. Liam insisted that she'd been a willing participant. Ridge refused to believe it and didn't think Liam really did, either.

Ridge implored Liam to attend the wedding and said Liam might be able to find forgiveness and put his family back together, which Ridge believed Liam wanted to do.

At the cliff house, Hope didn't want Steffy to think that Hope was judging her but said Steffy had to have known how Liam would react if he found out. Steffy stated that the idea had been for Liam not to find out. Hope said he had found out, and there were consequences. Steffy replied that she agreed with Hope's prior statement that Steffy only had herself to blame.

Steffy didn't think Hope could pass judgment upon Steffy that Steffy hadn't already done herself. Hope said she wasn't trying to pile on, and she wanted things to work out for the marriage. Steffy believed it and said Hope was right about Steffy taking responsibility. Steffy wouldn't give up, and she intended to keep fighting for her family.

Steffy believed that Hope was thinking that Steffy was a horrible person. Hope replied that she'd never said that, and she wanted Steffy and Liam to work out. Steffy asked if it was really true. Hope reminded Steffy that, with their parents' wedding, she and Steffy were family above all else. Steffy agreed. She said everything would go back to normal soon, Liam would forgive her, and he just needed time.

After Hope had gone, Ridge arrived. Steffy remarked that she'd had a visit from Hope. Ridge asked if they'd fought. Steffy said Hope had been her honest self and had told Steffy that she had no one to blame but herself. Steffy agreed, but Ridge said she had to stop blaming herself for Bill's actions. Ridge said he'd told Liam as much.

Steffy asked if Ridge had seen Liam. Ridge relayed that he and Brooke had gone by the hotel, and Liam was just like Steffy, standing in the rubble of his life and wondering what had happened. Ridge said he wanted Liam to go to the wedding and said they might be able to find some forgiveness. Steffy said all she wanted was a chance to make things right.

Ridge went to the kitchen to make Steffy tea. Steffy asked if he even knew how to do it. "It's boiling water and stuff, right?" he dubiously said, looking around the kitchen. She assured him that she didn't need any, and he rejoined her in the living room.

Steffy was angry with herself. Ridge insisted that Bill had taken advantage of her and had made her do something she hadn't wanted to do. She believed that she should have stopped it. She couldn't explain why she hadn't, but she should have. Ridge said it was because she'd just found out that Liam had kissed someone else. Ridge understood it.

Steffy asked when Ridge would stop making excuses for her. Ridge claimed not to be doing it. He believed that her father-in-law should have protected and made sure she was okay. Ridge listed people Bill could have called for assistance with Steffy, but Bill hadn't. Ridge wanted to rip Bill's head off for it.

Ridge was sorry for going on about it. He just wanted Steffy and Liam to attend the wedding and work things out. Steffy wanted it, too, and asked if Liam had agreed to attend. Ridge replied that Liam hadn't said he wouldn't, and he'd been listening, at least. Steffy said she was holding onto Liam's capacity for forgiveness. Ridge and Steffy hugged each other.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke discussed the predicament with Steffy and Liam. Hope didn't think it was right that the spouses were alone. Brooke agreed but said Liam couldn't reach out yet. Hope didn't know what Steffy had been thinking to be with Bill, and Brooke replied that Steffy hadn't been thinking.

Hope said she wanted it to work out. Brooke asked if Hope had told Steffy that. Hope affirmed it but added that she'd also said Steffy had no one to blame but herself if she lost Liam. Brooke said she and Ridge thought that Steffy and Liam needed a reminder that love conquered all, so they'd invited Liam and Steffy to the wedding.

Brooke conveyed that Steffy was more willing to attend, and in Liam's dubious case, Brooke felt that Ridge, who always got what he wanted, might be able to edge Liam closer to agreement with each passing day. Hope replied that Liam might not be ready, and the whole thing could backfire. Brooke asked if Hope didn't think Liam should go to the wedding.

Hope responded that she was merely saying that Liam should decide on his own without any outside pressure. "Honey...Are you still interested in Liam?" Brooke asked. Hope stared back with a flummoxed expression.

Back at the hotel, Steffy arrived on Liam's doorstep and asked if he had a minute. Liam let her in, and she said Brooke and Ridge had been there. Affirming it, Liam said they wanted him to attend the wedding. Steffy said it was the last thing she wanted to do, and he replied that it wasn't high on his list, either.

Steffy thought it was wrong for her and Liam to be apart. She missed him. She was sorry for being so careless and robbing him of time with his child. She thought that maybe Ridge and Brooke were right about Liam and Steffy being at the wedding together for a few hours. Steffy stated that all Ridge and Brooke had been through was a testament to what they'd overcome, and Steffy and Liam might be able to learn from the couple.

Steffy suggested that seeing Brooke and Ridge's love triumph in real time might put Steffy and Liam on the right track. Liam didn't think it was possible. Steffy said the point was that anything was possible. Liam was happy for Ridge and Brooke but said it had nothing to do with Liam and Steffy.

Steffy thought it could help them through the rough time, help them heal, and motivate them to give their child the life it deserved. She felt the baby growing inside her, and her body was changing every day. He asked if she was taking care of herself and taking her vitamins. Steffy said it was hard to remember, and she had to set alarms.

Liam noted that it was good to hear because she wasn't the greatest at scheduling. He stopped himself from speaking. It was as if he'd realized he was falling into the caregiver mode. Steffy said it would be nice if he was there to remind her. She wanted to share the time together before it slipped away, and she said the baby would be there before they realized it.

Steffy asked Liam to go with her to the wedding or at least meet her there, so they could witness Ridge and Brooke standing there, strong and in love. Liam uttered that he didn't know. Steffy asked if they could use the bride and groom as an example, really listen to the vows, take in the meaning, and find a new place for the Spencers to begin. Steffy implored Liam to go to the wedding.

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