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Ridge and Brooke were married. Wyatt realized the depth of his feelings for Katie, but seeing Katie kiss Thorne might change everything. Liam did not go to the wedding, but the Forrester matriarch made a surprise appearance. Hope and Liam connected as she helped him through his pain.
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Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester are married
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Thorne and Katie bond as they plan Brooke and Ridge's wedding

Thorne and Katie bond as they plan Brooke and Ridge's wedding

Monday, February 5, 2018

At the mansion, Katie and Thorne worked on a seating chart for the wedding. They talked about their experiences of being in wedding parties, and he joked that he was the second-best man. Katie said she'd thought that he was okay with Brooke and Ridge's wedding.

Thorne indicated that he was, and nothing could get between Ridge and Brooke. Thorne decided that "NSA" thing would work for him. Katie asked what that was, and he elaborated that it was "no strings attached," like Katie and her mystery man. He wondered where she'd met her man, so he'd know where to look.

Katie thought Thorne could just walk down the street, or he could get on a dating app. Thorne said the women wouldn't be as beautiful or sophisticated as a maid of honor he knew.

As Katie and Thorne continued wedding planning, the topic turned to what he'd wear to the wedding. She joked that he shouldn't embarrass his date, and he asked if she was assuming he had a date. Katie assumed that he was flying an exotic woman in, but Thorne said the truth was that he didn't do well with first dates.

Thorne explained that when women asked if he was married, he'd tell them that he was a widower. Next, they'd ask if he had children, and he'd tell them that he'd had a daughter. The women would usually look at him as if he were damaged at that point. He was sure he'd be a good second or third date if he could get that far. Katie said she'd be flying solo to the wedding, too, and they could work on Thorne's small talk.

Later, Thorne and Katie were talking about a list of details they'd compiled, and Katie wondered why they were concerned about the minute details when the bride and groom could overrule them. Thorne asked why Katie's mystery man wasn't escorting her to the wedding, and she said the man wouldn't be that much of a mystery anymore if he did.

Thorne threw out questions, asking if the guy was on parole, lived in the city, or was in assisted living. Katie giggled as she answered each question honestly. Thorne asked if the guy would mind if Thorne hung out and danced with Katie in the guy's stead. "Not at all," Katie replied.

At Brooke's house, Brooke stated that Hope had had feelings for Liam when she'd left, and Brooke wondered if Hope still loved him. Hope stated that Liam had been a huge part of her life, and he always would be. "Now, will you please stop asking questions you already know the answer to?" Hope asked.

Brooke said she had been surprised that Hope hadn't kept in better touch with Liam. Hope responded that she and Liam had exchanged occasional cards and silly selfies, but she'd thought he and Steffy had been happy. Hope hadn't wanted to be the ex who couldn't let go, but Hope couldn't "not" feel something or not care upon knowing what Steffy had done with his father.

The topic turned to how Ridge felt about what had gone on with Steffy and Bill. Hope wondered if Ridge had told Liam to man up because what had happened hadn't had anything to do with Steffy. Brooke replied that Ridge was fighting for the couple, and she and Ridge had invited them to the wedding so that they could remember what marriage was about.

"Even if it's a question of sleeping with her husband's father," Hope stated. Brooke conveyed Ridge's sentiment that Bill had taken advantage of Steffy, who'd been vulnerable and alone. Hope asked if that was why Brooke thought Steffy had wound up in bed with Bill. Brooke didn't and added that Steffy didn't, either. Brooke said Steffy felt terrible and wasn't making excuses.

Hope asked if Ridge didn't believe Steffy, and Brooke stated that Bill had done some terrible things that past year. Hope remarked upon Bill almost killing Liam. "Not to mention the Spectra fire," Brooke added, "and what he did to Sally." Brooke decided that what Bill had done to Steffy and her marriage had been the worst. Hope said Steffy wasn't the victim; Liam was.

Brooke believed that Ridge knew her stance on it, but she understood that he needed to fill his fatherly role the way he knew best. Hope thought it was fine as long as Ridge wasn't forcing something that wasn't there. She said it was no secret that she thought the couple wasn't a match. Brooke stated that people had said the same about her and Ridge.

Hope reasoned that Brooke knew what she was walking into and had had years to figure it out. A child was on the way, and though Hope wanted to support the family, Steffy and Liam having a baby was troubling to Hope. Brooke asked if Hope wished she was having the baby with Liam. Hope said she hadn't meant that. Brooke clarified that she knew it, but she understood that Liam would always be the love of Hope's life.

At the hotel, Steffy bargained with Liam about going to the wedding, saying he didn't even have to make the reception. Liam thought it was too soon and said he was barely even leaving the hotel room. Steffy said they eventually had to be in public together. She asked "why not now."

Liam admired Ridge and Brooke's ability to feel the good and the bad, and to keep signing up for it, even knowing how bad it could get or would be. Steffy said Ridge and Brooke's love could get them through anything. Liam wished he could go to the wedding. He wished he could forget everything. Liam told Steffy to go to it and to wish Brooke and Ridge happiness for Liam.

Steffy said she knew Liam wanted her to leave. "Thank you," he replied. Sighing, she asked him to realize that Brooke and Ridge didn't expect Liam to forgive all just because of the wedding, but they'd invited Liam because Liam would always be family because of the baby.

Liam asked how Steffy was feeling. Steffy didn't know. He clarified that he meant as far as being pregnant. She huffed and asked if they were co-parenting. Liam said he hadn't meant to offend her. Steffy said she didn't know how they'd parent in a meaningful way if he couldn't be in the same room with her. She stated that it could change, and the wedding the next day could be the first step.

Co-parenting was a conversation Liam didn't think they were ready to have. He thought trying to coexist should be first. Steffy said she'd been clear about her desires. Liam claimed that he'd been clear, too; however, she hadn't signed the annulment. Steffy asked how she could sign the papers as if everything she'd ever wanted had happened but never happened. She asked how they could do it to the child.

Steffy said that Liam was her life. She could survive if one set her down anywhere on the planet, but she needed him. She needed someone to love and go home to, and she couldn't give up on all she'd dreamed of. Liam replied that he didn't have answers for her. He was making his way through something he'd never thought he'd have to.

Steffy got it. She disgusted Liam. Liam said her name, but she replied that she disgusted herself. She felt she deserved it, but she refused to say it was over. She said she still saw it when she saw him.

Later, Steffy arrived home to her empty house, and back at the hotel, Liam heard a knock at his door. He peered through the peephole before opening the door. On the other side was Hope, holding a plastic food container. She asked if he was hungry. She'd made him some sandwiches. "With your own hands?" he asked, letting her in.

Hope joked that she'd even washed them before making pesto tomato paninis. Liam was very grateful. She said she'd figured it was hard being a vegetarian while not at home. Liam agreed. Hope asked where home was for him, and Liam replied that he was between addresses.

Hope told Liam that she finally understood it. She mentioned Steffy and Bill. Liam cursed, and with an apologetic frown, Hope said she'd dragged it out of her mother. Hope started going off about how angry and shocked she was, but she stopped herself. She said the last thing Liam needed to hear was her feelings. She asked what he'd do.

Liam replied that it depended upon Steffy. Hope asked what Steffy was supposed to do, and he responded that Steffy was to sign annulment papers. Surprised, Hope asked if Steffy wouldn't sign. History suggested to Hope that Steffy wouldn't easily let Liam go. Liam said he hadn't wanted any of it. He just didn't see Steffy the same way anymore.

Liam still loved Steffy, but he just couldn't. Hope didn't think he deserved it. She said she'd hurt him, too, and she didn't want to point fingers. Liam stated that they'd been very young. Hope said she'd like to think they were still young.

Liam wanted Hope to know that he'd felt angered every time someone had knocked on his door -- until it had been Hope. "I have the magic knock?" Hope asked. Smiling, Liam said she had the magic something. He didn't know, but it was easier to talk to her. Hope said that he could always count on her if he needed to talk. It killed her that he wasn't happy, but she'd be a friend as long as he needed one. Liam and Hope hugged.

Brooke and Ridge reminisce about their love story

Brooke and Ridge reminisce about their love story

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

by Pam

At Liam's hotel room, Liam told Hope that he'd missed her -- her hugs, her presence, and her point of view. "Anytime," Hope offered. She told him he had to rise above what Bill and Steffy had done to him.

Hope added that she had found it hard to believe that Steffy had fought so hard for Liam and then made such a mistake. Hope noted that Steffy had said she didn't owe Hope any explanation. She added that Ridge felt that Bill had taken advantage of Steffy.

Liam said that Steffy had made it clear there was no excuse. Liam said he couldn't bear to look at Steffy, knowing that his father had been with her. Hope sympathized with him. Liam said the worst part was that he couldn't get past it, but he had wanted to for the baby.

Liam admitted he was thrilled to be a father and already loved the baby. He knew he was tied to Steffy for life. However, every time he had seen her, he'd thought of what Steffy had done.

Hope reminded Liam that he would always have a friend in her -- someone to talk to. Liam appreciated her and her ability to listen and not pressure him. Hope understood. She and Liam discussed that her mom and Ridge had tried to persuade Liam to attend the wedding with Steffy to show family unity. Hope added that Liam needed to do what was right for him.

Hope suggested that pretending everything was all right might help, but she recommended that he consider all his options before he made a decision. Liam thanked her.

At Steffy's, Ridge visited, and Steffy reminded him that he didn't have to check on her. Ridge said he would always worry about her. He wanted her at the wedding, and he hoped Liam would reconsider. Steffy agreed and hoped that Liam would see Ridge and Brooke as an example of forgiveness, but she felt it was too soon for Liam to forgive.

"He's not ready and might never be," Steffy said, but she added that she was not ready to give up. "I'm fighting for my baby," she said. Ridge said Steffy needed to get her family back. Steffy agreed and promised to find a way to make it happen. Steffy sent Liam a text message that she hoped he would attend the wedding with her. She flashed back to their wedding and looked sad.

At home, Brooke welcomed Thorne and thanked him for his agreement to be Ridge's best man. She had worried that he'd been interested in her. Thorne said he knew it had been time to bow out gracefully because no one would ever break up Ridge and Brooke.

Brooke played matchmaker and told Thorne that he and Katie made a cute couple and that Ridge had agreed with her. Thorne laughed. She added that they were "attractive and intelligent and available." Thorne smiled and thanked Brooke. He added that Katie had a mystery man in her life, but Brooke assumed it wasn't serious because Katie hadn't introduced him to anyone.

At Katie's, she and Wyatt discussed that Wyatt had seen Hope earlier and remarked that it was nice that she had returned for her mom's wedding. Wyatt wanted to make sure that Katie wasn't jealous of Hope because she didn't need to be. Wyatt wondered if Katie needed a date to the wedding, and Katie smiled.

Katie wondered if Wyatt really wanted to announce their relationship at the wedding, and she pointed out that Bill would find out. Wyatt looked concerned. He wondered if there was a reason why she didn't want him to attend.

Katie and Wyatt agreed they were happy with their secret relationship. They discussed that Steffy wanted Liam to attend the wedding with her. Wyatt doubted that would happen. He felt it was too soon. He added that they could find better things to do instead of talking about his brother. They made out and fell into bed.

Later, Katie and Wyatt discussed their relationship and agreed there was no reason to complicate their "no strings attached" relationship. "Exactly," Wyatt said. They kissed.

At home, Brooke and Ridge met and discussed that it might not be possible for Liam to forgive Steffy so soon. Ridge agreed it could take a long time. They also agreed that their wedding day was about them -- not Liam and Steffy or anyone else.

Brooke and Ridge kissed, and Ridge stopped because he said he had to find his notebook with ideas for his vows. Brooke agreed she had to do the same thing. They promised no more drama -- just peace and tranquility.

Brooke and Ridge marveled that the wedding would take place at the same location where it had all begun -- at Eric's home. Ridge said he'd found the most beautiful woman in the world, who really understood him and his faults. He wanted to be the man she deserved. They kissed.

Guests gather for Brooke and Ridge's wedding

Guests gather for Brooke and Ridge's wedding

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

by Pam

At Eric's house, Ridge and Brooke admired the flowers and decor for the wedding. They eyed the vacant spot on the wall that had been occupied by Quinn's portrait. Brooke suggested that she had an idea. She scurried over to a closet and found Stephanie's portrait and told Ridge that it would be an honor to have his mother's' portrait above the fireplace "where she belongs." Ridge agreed.

Brooke hoped Liam and Steffy would attend the wedding and learn from Ridge and Brooke that "love conquers all" and that love always won in the end. Brooke added that the wedding would give them an opportunity to remember the past and all the people who had gone before them and impacted their lives. "The one person who really impacted my life is your mother," Brooke said. She felt it was a great idea to have Stephanie's portrait above the fireplace while they exchanged vows.

In the front hall at the Forrester mansion, Pam and Charlie carried plates, and Pam encouraged Charlie to test an appetizer she had prepared. Charlie said it was scrumptious. Pam and Charlie entered the living room, and Pam noticed Stephanie's portrait. She asked Ridge why it had been placed there, and Ridge said it was for the wedding, and it had been Brooke's idea. Pam was thrilled and said that her sister would be touched.

Eric and Quinn entered the room, and Eric commented that he'd thought they were going to have a portrait of Ridge and Brooke above the fireplace. Brooke asked if Eric and Quinn would mind if Stephanie's portrait was there for the wedding. Eric said he thought it was a terrific idea, and Quinn agreed. Ridge said he was going to marry Brooke for the last time.

Later, guests started to arrive, and Coco, Ivy, and R.J. gathered. They wondered why Steffy hadn't arrived, and they remarked that Hope and Maya were upstairs with Brooke. R.J. wanted to check on his mother, and Coco encouraged him to go see her.

At Liam's, Steffy had done her makeup and hair. She caressed a photo of herself with Liam and flashed back to begging him to accompany her to Brooke and Ridge's wedding. She wanted Liam to see Ridge and Brooke as an example of a loving couple who had gotten past a lot of hurt and always managed to forgive. Steffy grabbed her keys and prepared to leave. She tried to call Liam, but it went to voicemail. She left him a message that she was leaving and hoped to see him at the wedding.

In his hotel room, Liam eyed the invitation to Brooke and Ridge's wedding, and his phone rang. He intentionally sent Steffy's call to voicemail. He was dressed in jeans and a sweater.

Later at the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Katie were upstairs with Maya and Hope. They all discussed their duties for the wedding, and Brooke thanked Hope for her suggestion of Katie as her maid of honor. Discussion turned to garters, and they all joked about special designs.

Donna entered carrying a specially designed garter. Donna told her sister that the Ridge and Brooke romance was legendary. "I'm so happy for you," Donna said. She, Brooke, and Katie had a group hug. They all gushed over Logan family earrings -- a family heirloom -- that Brooke would wear for her wedding. Katie mentioned that the next piece of jewelry Brooke would don would be a wedding ring.

Eric entered and asked for a moment alone with the bride. Hope kissed her mom and said Brooke was a vision. Hope, Maya, and Katie left. Eric said that Hope had been correct that Brooke was a vision. "I've never been happier in my life," Brooke said. They discussed Stephanie's portrait and that Brooke had always loved Ridge. They kissed and hugged.

Eric left, and R.J. entered and said he loved his mom. They chatted, and Brooke asked, "What have I done to deserve you?" They laughed and hugged. R.J. left.

Downstairs, Rick, Julius, and Vivienne thanked Carter for officiating another Forrester wedding. Vivienne remembered that Carter had officiated Nicole and Zende's wedding in that very room. Julius and Vivienne regretted that Nicole and Zende could not attend the wedding, but Vivienne planned to send a lot of pictures.

Maya joined Rick, and they privately agreed that they hoped everything went smoothly. They recalled their wedding that Julius had interrupted. They noted how emotional it had been at the time. Maya and Rick noted that Julius had softened, but Maya said that even if he hadn't, it wouldn't have mattered. "I have everything I ever wanted," Maya said.

In the guesthouse, R.J., Thorne, Eric, and Ridge gathered. Eric presented Ridge with a set of cufflinks that Quinn had made. R.J. asked if his father was ready for his wedding, and Ridge agreed he was. "No one's going to stop me," Ridge said. They embraced.

While Brooke was upstairs, Katie went downstairs to check on preparations for the wedding. She noted that everything was ready, and Thorne met with her to discuss that they had taken care of their checklists. Thorne reminded her that they had a made a deal to be dance partners at the reception. Katie agreed.

Katie reminded Thorne that it hadn't been that long since he had been unhappy that Ridge was marrying Brooke. Thorne said he wanted Brooke to be happy, and he said that he and Ridge were "in a better place ... for now." Katie noted that it was time to get the bride ready. Thorne said he would get the groom.

Steffy entered and greeted Ivy, who reported that Ridge was in the guesthouse, and she suggested Steffy might want to see him before the wedding. Hope intervened and said she needed to speak to Steffy privately. Steffy thanked Hope and said that the last place she wanted to be was in the guesthouse.

Steffy asked if everyone had arrived, and Hope noted that she had not seen Liam. Steffy nodded and hoped Liam would attend. Steffy asked Hope to sit next to her if Liam didn't show up. "I don't want to be by myself," she said. Hope nodded. Hope sat in the front row, and Steffy sat a few rows back.

Steffy's phone signaled a call, and it was Liam. She stepped out of the room to take his call and wondered where he was because the wedding was about to start. "Sorry, I can't do it. I can't be there. I wish your family all the best," Liam said sorrowfully. "I'm glad you called. I miss you," Steffy said. Liam hung up without saying anything else, and he looked sad. Steffy was tearful and returned to her seat. Hope noticed Steffy's sadness and walked over to sit with her.

Upstairs in the mansion, Brooke spoke to Bridget on the phone and said she missed Bridget. Katie entered and said it was time for Brooke to put her wedding dress on. They hugged. Brooke asked about Thorne, and Katie said he had been a big help in the wedding planning. Brooke asked about Steffy and Liam. Katie shook her head and said that Brooke had inspired her.

Downstairs, Thorne and Ridge entered, and Ridge caught a glimpse of Steffy without Liam. Katie walked down the stairs and stood with Carter, Thorne, and Ridge. The wedding march played, and Brooke slowly walked down the stairs in a stunning white gown. Ridge and everyone smiled. Brooke looked up at Stephanie's portrait and then at her groom. She beamed with happiness.

Ridge and Brooke exchange vows

Ridge and Brooke exchange vows

Thursday, February 8, 2018

At the Dakota, Liam answered his door for Wyatt, who said he'd just gotten the answer to his question. Liam let Wyatt in. Liam wished he had it in him to attend the wedding, and he was sure that the couple was counting upon it to inspire him.

Wyatt said Brooke and Ridge's tale was a story for the ages. Liam replied that not everyone got happy endings. Wyatt understood Liam not wanting to go to the event, but Wyatt didn't think Liam should be alone at that time.

Liam didn't know how to imagine life without Steffy. Wyatt hoped it didn't look like that hotel room. Liam said the hotel was only temporary for him. Things were strange to Liam because he was the one who usually forgave. He kept searching, but it wasn't there for him. He hadn't wanted to go to the wedding because it would have given Steffy hope, and he wasn't sure there was any hope.

Wyatt stated that Liam wasn't being the way he was to send Steffy a message. Liam was just doing what he felt he had to do for the time being. Wyatt understood it and didn't want Liam to feel alone. Liam said he shouldn't be at the wedding because he'd just be a distraction.

Wyatt and Liam discussed how Brooke and Ridge's love kept putting them back together. Wyatt added that it took a lot of work. He said trust didn't just rebuild itself. Liam quipped that it was as it should be between two passionate people. Liam recalled the adage that, together, a pair could overcome anything. He bitterly stated that nothing should be impossible to Brooke and Ridge.

At the mansion, Brooke and Ridge's wedding commenced beneath Stephanie's portrait, which hung over the fireplace. Brooke strode down the aisle, and Carter welcomed everyone to the reunion of Brooke and Ridge, the couple with a love strong enough to overcome any obstacle and pull a family together.

Carter didn't think he should have to ask if anyone objected because anyone who wanted to had already had plenty of time to do so. Carter introduced Katie for the first reading. It was a passage Brooke and Ridge had chosen from First Corinthians about love. Katie recited a short version of the Bible verse and complimented Ridge and Brooke's enduring love. She said the couple's belief in each other gave everyone hope for the future.

Next, Maya and Rick stood and alternated reading the words of the French poet, Anatole France, from "The Science of Love." Eric stood and thanked the couple for including Stephanie by means of the portrait. He read the words of Stephanie's favorite author, George Eliot. Eric had watched Ridge and Brooke's love grow over the years. He said they'd patched their cracks with gold, and he knew that their mothers were proud of them that day.

Carter said that everyone deserved happiness, but Brooke and Ridge had also earned it. Brooke and Ridge's love had reshaped Forrester. Brooke's unshakable love for Ridge had turned her biggest adversary into a cherished friend. Ridge's appreciation for Brooke's talents had shaped the fortunes of everyone in the room.

In Carter's view, the couple had shown the true power of love, value of forgiveness, and potential for joy beyond the storm. Carter called the couple an example and inspiration to their children, especially R.J., who'd always believed the wedding day would arrive. R.J. interjected that it was true.

Carter expressed his honor to preside of the union of his friends. He was proud to help the couple fulfill what he could only call "their destiny." Carter asked the bride and groom to hold hands, and he led them through the traditional statement of wedded intent. He instructed them to exchange vows.

Brooke went first, and she said Ridge had stolen her heart the first time she'd seen him in that very room. It had been love at first sight, and they'd been connected ever since, even in their separations. Brooke give Ridge all of her heart to protect and love for the rest of their lives. From that day forward, she vowed to cherish him and let him know daily how much she truly loved him.

When it was Ridge's turn, Ridge said the hardest thing about the vows was reining himself in because he could talk about Brooke all day. He stated that she'd said he'd stolen her heart, but in his view, she'd rescued his. Brooke was Ridge's light and star. When he was lost, he knew that she could guide him home to their family and destiny. He thanked Brooke for letting him steal her heart, and he promised to cherish it for the rest of his life.

Carter called for the rings. He began to instruct Ridge, but Ridge said he knew how it went. He gave "Logan" a ring as a symbol of his love and commitment to her and as a reminder of the faith that had put them together. Brooke give Ridge a ring with the same symbolism and a reminder of the faith that would keep them together.

Ridge and Brooke tried to kiss, but Carter, exclaimed, "Not yet!" Talking as fast as he could, Carter finished the ceremony and pronounced them husband and wife again. He hurriedly said Ridge could kiss the bride. The couple kissed, and everyone cheered. Carter presented Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester to the guests.

Into Brooke's ear, Ridge whispered, "As it is now, so shall it remain."

Thorne offers to fill Wyatt's shoes.

Thorne offers to fill Wyatt's shoes.

Friday, February 9, 2018

At the Dakota, Wyatt offered to put on a game. Liam asked what game, and stammering, Wyatt said he was sure there was a game on that day. Liam preferred to talk about Wyatt's private life and why Wyatt disappeared every day around two in the afternoon.

Wyatt denied disappearing like that...not every day, anyway. Liam thought it was obvious that Wyatt was seeing someone but wondered why Wyatt was being mysterious about it.

Wyatt admitted that there was someone, and Liam asked if he knew her. Wyatt affirmed it, and Liam asked who she was. Wyatt revealed that it was Katie. "Katie...Katie who?" Liam asked. Wyatt repeated Katie's first name, and Liam asked if it was Katie Logan. Wyatt affirmed it, and Liam grunted in disbelief.

Wyatt tried to explain why he and Katie had kept it a secret. Liam claimed to understand because of Wyatt's history and the fact that Katie was way out of Wyatt's league. Wyatt was already aware of the reasons people would say the two shouldn't be together, and he revealed that Katie had already tried to end it. "Because of Dad," Liam said.

Wyatt was determined not to let Bill tell Wyatt what to do, and Wyatt wouldn't give up Katie, especially not for Bill. Liam asked if Katie was on the same page. Dubiously, Wyatt said that she was for the most part. Liam asked what the issue was. Wyatt admitted that he'd said something regretful to Katie, which was that he didn't want any strings.

Liam didn't know why Wyatt would say that when he was obviously into Katie. Wyatt admitted to caring about Katie a lot, and Liam asked the reason for keeping it casual. "I'm stupid; I don't know!" Wyatt exclaimed, hopping out of his seat to pace. To Wyatt, Katie was smart, talented, witty, and successful. "And she likes you!" Liam empathized.

"Yeah, believe it or not, she kind of does," Wyatt agreed. Liam asked if Katie knew how his brother felt. Wyatt said she did, but Liam elaborated the question, asking if she knew the depths of Wyatt's feelings. Wyatt said he hadn't even realized it until recently. Liam told Wyatt to use his head because he'd left it open for Katie to date other people, and he could lose her.

Wyatt said it wouldn't happen because he'd do everything he could to make her happy. He decided that he was going over there right then to surprise her. Liam urged Wyatt to go, and as soon as the door closed behind Wyatt, Liam said, "Katie?"

At the mansion, Brooke had changed into a white halter jumpsuit. The wedding guests crowded the living room, where Brooke and Ridge said that they were married, and it was time to party.

Katie and Thorne complimented themselves on the job they'd done with the wedding. They went over to thank Othello for being the deejay, and Katie joked about Thorne wanting to hire a band.

Near the entrance, Julius told his family how much he'd enjoyed the vows. He joked that he'd almost cried, but Vivienne called him out about the handkerchief he'd put to his eye. Maya asked Rick how he felt. Rick couldn't help being happy that his mom was happy.

Elsewhere, Eric and Quinn thanked Coco for being there for R.J., who was excited about his parents' reunion.

Nearby, Hope was with Ivy, Pam, and Charlie, who wondered why Steffy was alone. Pam asked if Hope had talked to Liam, and Hope said she hadn't that day.

Near the fireplace, Ridge told R.J. that it was done, and he could get off his parents' backs. Ridge, Brooke, and R.J. were proud of each other for not giving up and said they were the perfect little family. The three hugged, and the room erupted in cheers.

Later, Katie and Thorne went to dance, leaving Rick with Othello, who noted that Rick hadn't been in the clubs much. Rick said that instead of ordering bottle service, he was warming up Lizzy's bottles. Othello expressed happiness for Rick.

Rick went to find Maya, who was on the dance floor, getting a view of moves her parents had that Julius swore she hadn't ever seen before. Rick joined them, but Maya slipped off to one of the nearby covered tables to get her glass of Champagne.

There, Maya greeted "Reverend" Walters. Carter said it would be nice to be a groom instead of an officiant. Maya said his day would come. Rick grabbed her hand to take her to dance, and Donna guided Carter to the dance floor.

By the stairs, Brooke cooed to her daughter about how happy she was to see everyone having fun. Hope spied Ridge asking Steffy how she was holding up, and Hope said she felt awful for Steffy, who'd asked Hope to sit in the seat Steffy had saved for Liam. Brooke thought Hope was being empathetic and mature. Hope didn't like what Steffy had done, but Hope didn't want things to fall apart on the baby.

Eric called everyone together to raise a glass to Ridge and Brooke. The couple kissed, and the guests cheered. The song "Destiny Appears," performed by Meredith LaMarche, played over a montage of wedding events. Ridge and Brooke had the first dance, and Ridge traded off with R.J. Brooke threw the bouquet, and Donna caught it. Ridge and Brooke cut their wedding cake.

The montage ended, and Thorne made a toast. He thanked Ridge for trusting him to be best man, and he hoped he'd made Ridge proud. Thorne called Brooke magnificent, and Katie appeared to give Brooke the side-eye. Thorne said Brooke meant a lot to the family and his mother, who'd be smiling that day. Thorne wished the newlyweds the best. Ridge hugged Thorne, and everyone cheered.

On the balcony later, Thorne found Katie alone. She said she'd needed to get some air. Thorne wondered if she'd been thinking about her mystery man and asked if the man was still good with the free-and-easy thing. Katie said it worked for them, and she enjoyed it. She believed her man was wonderful, but she kept hearing herself say out loud that there were no strings or commitments. Katie guessed she was more involved than she was willing to admit.

Maya was on her way down the outside stairs that led to the balcony. She stopped upon seeing Thorne and Katie. Thorne was telling Katie that her man didn't understand what a beautiful and sophisticated woman she was. He called her a "hell" of a dancer and kissed her.

On Katie's balcony, Wyatt opened the curtains and peered through the telescope. He backed away from it when he saw Thorne and Katie kissing.

Back inside the mansion, others gave wedding wishes to the newlyweds, and Maya called Ridge a grandpa. Arm in arm, Quinn and Ivy gave their wedding wish for the marriage to be as endless as the wedding rings. Quinn claimed that she'd designed the rings, but Ivy said the women had done it together.

Katie and Donna wondered if the wedding speeches should get embarrassing, and Donna guessed they'd known Ridge for thirty years, which had been packed with plenty to talk about. Steffy and Hope gave their sentiments together, and Steffy thanked the couple for leading them that magical day.

Brooke stood before the fireplace, and speaking to everyone, she recalled the first time she'd been to that house. It had changed her life forever, and she'd become a part of the wonderful family led by Eric and Stephanie. Talking to the portrait, Brooke said she'd thought it was fitting to have Stephanie presiding over the day.

Ridge stood with Brooke and told her that he was the luckiest man in the world, and their future started that day. He'd do all he could to keep Logan smiling. He loved her, and he stated that he always had loved her. The couple kissed.

Couples began to dance, and Brooke lingered by the fireplace. "Hello..." Brooke heard. She turned to the portrait and said, "Stephanie?" The screen blackened around Brooke and the portrait.

"You did good, Brooke," Stephanie said. Brooke said she didn't know if it was really Stephanie. "Well, of course it's me, my sweet little slut from the valley," Stephanie's voice said. Shedding tears, Brooke stated that she'd missed Stephanie, especially that day.

Stephanie expressed pride in Brooke. She told Brooke to stay on the straight and narrow, if it was possible, and to be a good wife to Stephanie's son. Brooke agreed to it. Stephanie didn't want any more tears, and she ordered Brooke not to let Eric take her off the wall again.

Ridge approached and hugged Brooke. Gazing at the portrait, he said it almost seemed as if Stephanie was in the room. Brooke replied that Stephanie was there.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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