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Thomas asked Sally to move to New York with him. Detective Sanchez and Chief Baker compiled a wall of suspects in the attempted murder of Bill Spencer, but it was missing two possible leads: Thomas and Caroline.
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Quinn contemplates finishing Bill off

Quinn contemplates finishing Bill off

Monday, March 12, 2018

At Il Giardino, Ridge confronted Sheila about shooting Bill. Sheila guessed Ridge really didn't think she was all that crazy. "Yes, I do," he replied. With a chuckle, she considered that she might be. She wanted nothing more than to be with Eric. "'Kill Spencer.' Those were your words, and they were very convincing," Sheila said. Ridge replied that she'd done it. She decided that if she'd done it, Ridge had no one to thank for it but himself.

Sheila asserted that Ridge had given her a directive -- "Kill Bill before I do." She wondered what would make Ridge angry enough to say it. Ridge asked if Sheila's defense would be that he'd told her to do it. Sheila didn't think she needed a defense. She'd done her time, and as much as she loved Eric, she wasn't violent anymore. Ridge told her to look at the person she was talking to.

Sheila recalled that Ridge had been wearing gloves that night. She said it had been cold, but Ridge was too tough to wear gloves. He asked what her fixation was with gloves. In a whisper, Sheila exclaimed that the gloves were to avoid fingerprints. She accused Ridge of pointing at her to take the suspicion off himself.

Ridge asked if Sheila was serious. Sheila quipped that she was dead serious, because they both knew that was how Ridge had wanted Bill -- dead. Sheila figured that she and Ridge knew who had shot Bill. Walking off, she said she had to get back to work.

At Forrester, Brooke revealed to Katie that Ridge thought he knew who had shot Bill, but Brooke didn't know who that person was. The sisters discussed Ridge possibly being the prime suspect in the eyes of the police. Katie didn't think Ridge could be the only suspect. Brooke replied that many people had problems with Bill.

Brooke believed it should be a happy time for Katie and Wyatt. Katie replied that Bill had been furious about the engagement. Brooke asked when Bill had learned about it. Katie replied that it had been a few days prior. Brooke pondered about it being right before the shooting.

The Logan sisters discussed Bill filing for full custody of Will upon learning of the engagement. Katie said they'd been able to work out issues before, but Bill had decided to hurt her that time. Brooke replied that Bill wasn't stupid, and he had to know how unreasonable it had been. Katie doubted reason had anything to do with things when Bill got upset.

Katie believed that Bill had felt abandoned. "His old nemesis," Brooke said. Katie knew that Bill didn't want her, but she also knew that he didn't want her with his son, either. Brooke could only imagine Wyatt's feelings about it. Katie revealed that Wyatt had been livid about losing his job and mad enough to kill when he'd learned about Bill going after Will. "Mad enough to kill?'" Brooke repeated in a questioning tone.

Later, Brooke was alone in the CEO's office when Ridge arrived. Relieved that he was back, she asked where he'd gone and who he thought the shooter was. Ridge explained that he'd gone to see Sheila, who he believed had shot Bill for Ridge. Brooke became confused, and Ridge said Sheila had taken to heart something he'd said.

Brooke asked what Ridge had said. Groaning, Ridge revealed that he'd advised Sheila to get rid of Bill if she wanted to do something for the family and Eric. Brooke asked if Sheila had done it, and Ridge explained that Sheila had flipped it around on him, saying he'd done it.

Brooke became worried that Sheila would go to the police and that the police would find out about Ridge's reaction to Bill and Steffy. Brooke believed that the police, who'd already been questioning him, might be back to arrest him.

Ridge didn't think so because the suspect list was a mile long. Brooke glared at him, and he mentioned Sally and Liam as possibilities. Brooke added Wyatt to the list because of the fallout with his engagement to Katie. Ridge added Katie to the list. Brooke agreed that there were a lot of suspects, but she didn't want Ridge to be one of them. She asked how he could have suggested such a thing to Sheila. He replied that Bill had been staring at Steffy as if she were a piece of meat.

Moving down the list, Brooke remarked that Quinn would be very protective of Wyatt, and Quinn could be dangerous. Ridge replied that it was like he'd said, there was a whole list of people who'd want to put a bullet in that guy.

At the police station, Chief Baker discussed the Spencer case with Sanchez. Ridge was one of their suspects, but they were weak on motive. Sanchez said Ridge had hated Bill for a long time and wondered what would make Ridge decide to shoot Bill at that time. Baker asked about the other suspects, and Sanchez said he wanted to question Justin again.

Sanchez showed Baker the contract Justin had been interested in picking up at the crime scene. Sanchez thought Justin might be the key to unlocking the case.

At Spencer, Justin asked if Wyatt thought Justin had shot Bill. Wyatt concluded that Justin would be the one to benefit. Justin agreed that it was true because Bill had cut his sons out of the estate. "I suppose Katie gets to keep the kid," Justin added. To Wyatt, it sounded like a confession, and he suggested they call the police.

Justin reasoned that Wyatt should think of something before calling the cops. Justin recalled that Bill had disowned Wyatt, kicked him out of the company, and decided to sue Katie for custody. Justin thought Wyatt was the one with the motive. He asked if Wyatt still wanted to call the cops. In Wyatt's silence, Justin told Wyatt to get out because Justin had a company to run.

Later, Justin called the hospital to try to get information on Bill. Justin told the staff that he wasn't family, but he ran Bill's company. The staff member gave Justin information, and Justin replied that it meant there was still hope.

Sanchez arrived as Justin concluded the call, and Sanchez asked how Justin's boss was. Justin said there was no improvement. Sanchez wondered if it was good or bad news, and Justin asked what Sanchez was talking about. Dismissing the comment, Sanchez held up the contract and asked if Justin still wanted it.

Justin reached out and said he did. Lowering the clear, sealed envelope, Sanchez revealed that he'd looked the papers over, and Bill had sought to cut his sons out of the business. Justin replied that it made the sons prime suspects, as Justin had said before. Justin said he'd get on it if he were Sanchez, and Justin asked for the signed documents.

Sanchez replied that he still needed them for evidence, and they weren't signed. Surprised, Justin uttered that Bill had had them all night. Sanchez supposed Bill had had a change of heart, and Sanchez noted that the documents would have put Justin in charge if something should happen to Mr. Spencer.

"And something did," Sanchez concluded. He wondered if he should be questioning the sons who'd be cut out or the man who'd benefit the most from Spencer's demise.

Sanchez wanted to know Justin's whereabouts the night of the shooting and if anyone would corroborate them. Justin replied that he'd been working at the company, and Emmy and Jarrett could substantiate it. Unable to believe Sanchez suspected him, Justin said he had no history of violence, and there were plenty of other suspects. "Tell me more," Sanchez responded.

Referring back to the sons, Justin revealed that Bill had wanted to fire Wyatt over getting engaged to Bill's ex-wife, and Bill had decided to sue the ex-wife for full custody of their son. Sanchez asked about Liam, and Justin decided to tell the entire story.

Justin explained that Bill had slept with Steffy Forrester, Liam's wife, and Ridge had been unhappy. Justin thought Ridge, who hated Bill, was a man with a motive. Sanchez stated that he'd talked to Ridge. Surprised Ridge wasn't in custody, Justin advised Sanchez to question Ridge again and to take a warrant the next time.

At the hospital, Wyatt was in Bill's room. Wyatt said he'd just seen Justin, who was running Spencer. "And you went ahead, and you cut me out of the company?" Wyatt angrily asked.

Bill's orderly entered to check his vitals and remarked that Wyatt's mother was in the corridor. Wyatt left the room and greeted Quinn and Eric, who stood in the waiting area. Quinn asked how Bill was doing and how Wyatt was. Wyatt said he was better than Bill, but not by much. Eric stated that Bill was strong, and Eric couldn't believe Bill wouldn't pull through it.

Wyatt said he'd just been at the company, and Justin was running things. Quinn stated that Justin was another person not shedding tears over the incident. Wyatt felt that Justin was as much of a suspect as anyone else. The shooting didn't surprise Quinn, who believed that there was a long line of people who hated Bill Spencer. Eric stared at Quinn.

The doctor arrived and apprised Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt that Bill's vitals were remaining stable. Eric asked how long Bill could stay that way. It was hard for the doctor to say, but she did know that the prognosis got worse the longer he stayed unconscious.

The doctor exited, and Quinn asked if Wyatt was about to leave. Wyatt didn't have anywhere to go because he didn't have a job. Quinn couldn't believe Bill had ousted Wyatt and put Justin in charge. Quinn charged into Bill's room, and Eric said he was worried about her.

Eric confided in Wyatt about what had gone on with Quinn the night of the shooting. Eric said she'd been upset about what Bill had intended to do to Wyatt. Wyatt asked how long she'd been gone that night. "Long enough," Eric responded and described Quinn's fitful night of sleep. He said Quinn hadn't been surprised when they'd learned about the shooting in the morning.

In Bill's room, Quinn observed the breathing machine and monitors connected to Bill. Unbeknownst to her, Wyatt had cracked open the door and was observing her. Quinn told Bill to look at himself. He was weak and defenseless. She hated him for the way he'd treated her over the years. She asked if he knew what kindness and compassion were.

Quinn didn't know how Bill could do what he'd done to his son, who looked up to him. She asked how Bill could kick out a loyal and devoted son. She believed that Bill had earned all the terrible things that had happened to him. She hoped the bullet had been painful, but it was nothing compared to the pain Bill had caused Wyatt.

Wyatt exited, closing the door behind him. Quinn stared at the monitors and the wall plug. She said it was tempting, and God knew that Bill deserved it.

Quinn exited the room and approached Wyatt, who readily told her that he'd heard what she'd said in there. He asked if she'd been the one to shoot Bill. She asked if Wyatt thought she could really kill the father of her child.

Wyatt's phone chimed. He checked it and said there was something he had to do. Quinn stopped Wyatt as he tried to leave. She was sorry for what his father had done to him. She loved Wyatt beyond words and told him to never doubt it. They hugged, and he left.

Quinn returned to Bill's room and stared at him.

Liam's feelings soften toward Bill

Liam's feelings soften toward Bill

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

At Spencer, Justin asked if Sanchez's drop-ins would be a regular thing. Justin had work to do, but Sanchez said his worked trumped Justin's. Justin believed he'd told Sanchez all he knew. Sanchez wanted to discuss the possible plethora of enemies a rich man like Bill Spencer had.

Justin thought it might be easier to list him as Bill's only friend, and Sanchez asked how many friends Justin had. Justin replied that Dollar Bill was about it, but Justin was sure that didn't take him off the suspect list. Justin couldn't say that he and Bill were that fond of each other, anyway. "It's just not that type of friendship," Justin concluded.

Sanchez asked what type of friendship it was, and Justin said that it was the kind in which one knew so much about the other that one never turned his back on the other. Sanchez turned the topic back to Justin's picks for the shooter. Justin remarked that Bill's sons were good guys, but good guys usually had bad aim. "And we haven't even begun to talk about Sally Spectra," Justin added in a titillating tone.

Later, Sanchez said he'd thought it had been a fire that had taken Spectra down. Justin said the building had been like a movie monster that wouldn't die. Justin said that Bill had finally gotten the building he'd wanted, but not without strong-arm tactics or Sally roaring back at him. Justin said he knew for a fact that Sanchez would find Sally's prints on the gun.

Sanchez called the station to have someone check Justin's hunch that the police had Sally's fingerprints from her designs theft arrest. After the call, Sanchez doubted it could be Sally and wondered why someone like Bill would tussle with a twenty-something nobody.

Justin said Bill had wanted the Spectra building, and it had been worth more than money to Sally and Bill. Sanchez assumed that Bill had gotten the land lot in a fire sale after the electrical fire. "Not exactly, but same effect," Justin said. Justin described Sally as being unhappy about losing the building, and it had gotten worse when Bill had demoed the building with Liam and Sally in it. Justin called it an honest mistake.

Justin stated that Bill hadn't wanted to relocate Spectra and had only agreed to do it to shut Liam up. Sanchez assumed the agreement had been made "before." Agreeing, Justin said it had been before Bill had slept with Liam's wife. Bill had decided to drop the Spectra promise at that point. "Words were exchanged. Threats were made. Shots were fired," Justin revealed.

Sanchez perked at the plural word "shots." Justin said it had just been one shot. Sanchez was amazed that Justin was just then revealing it all. Justin replied that a lot had been going on.

Sanchez received a call back about Sally's prints. His team had located them in the database, and her prints were on the gun. After the call, Sanchez asked Justin why the shooting hadn't been reported. Justin explained that only "Sky" had been injured. Sanchez questioned who that was, and Justin looked at the bullet hole in the skyscraper model near the desk. Justin said "Sky" and Bill had seen better days. Justin advised Sanchez to chat with Sally, who could be the shooter.

At Sally's place, Thomas arrived. She told him that she'd been unable to sleep all night because of thoughts of what Bill had done. Scoffing, Thomas said he felt like an idiot, and he should have been there with Caroline at "these doctors' appointments." He said the only thing that mattered at that point was that he'd traveled there to tell Sally the truth about it.

Switching topics, Thomas said Sally hadn't answered his question the other day about whether she'd shot Bill Spencer. Sally reasoned that wishing ill will on Bill and shooting him weren't the same. Thomas replied that he wouldn't blame her if she'd done it, and she said she wouldn't blame him, either.

Thomas admitted that he'd taken Bill's bait and played the hero in the family terminal disease drama. She replied that Thomas hadn't known. Thomas said he'd known that it had meant giving up the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Sally joked that Thomas meant his Spectra design job. Thomas said she was wrong, but there was no point in saying it because she probably hated him. Sally stated that she only had the capacity to hate one person at a time, and someone else had that slot at the time. The two smiled at each other and hugged.

Thomas had missed Sally a lot. Sally was sure that he'd had Caroline to keep him warm. He replied that it hadn't been warm, and Caroline had struggled to keep up with Bill's lie. Sally replied that Caroline had accomplished it, and Thomas stated that it was why they were done.

Sally wondered if Thomas were remaining in Los Angeles. Thomas didn't want to be that far from his son, but he wanted Sally to be with him. He asked her to go to New York, where they could start a new Spectra if she wanted. Thomas urged her to leave Bill and the rest of it behind her for her new life with Thomas.

Taken aback, Sally said she couldn't. She thought of Saul and Grams. Thomas suggested that they hire them, and she asked if he was serious. Thomas was serious, and he wanted to leave that day. Sally said she needed time. He asked what for, and she exclaimed that it was for packing. Sally accepted his offer and beamed at the thought of getting away from there for good.

Someone knocked on the door, and assuming it was Grams, Sally said Grams would flip out. Sally swung open the door and exclaimed that she had news. "Sounds like good news," Sanchez said as he stood on the threshold. He introduced himself and asked to enter.

Sally let the detective in, and Thomas asked what it was about. Sally introduced Thomas Forrester, and Sanchez noted that he'd spoken to Thomas' father. Sanchez wanted to speak to Sally alone. Assuming it was about Bill, Thomas asked if Sanchez had met anyone who hadn't wanted Bill dead. Sanchez told Sally that he just had some informal questions for her.

Sanchez asked for Sally's whereabouts the night of the shooting, and Sally explained that she'd been to dinner with former employees. He asked until when. "Until I left..." she replied. Thomas asked if Sanchez usually timed his dinners. Sanchez asked where she'd gone after that, and Thomas said that someone had obviously told Sanchez something about Sally.

Sanchez thought it was public knowledge that Sally wasn't a fan of Bill Spencer's. Thomas quipped that Bill's only fan was Bill. Sanchez said it wasn't as widely known what effect Bill had had on Sally's career, and he remarked that Bill had demolished her building. "With me inside it," Sally added. Sanchez said things like that tended to generate ill will.

Sally admitted that there was no love lost. Sanchez stated that she'd threatened Bill, and Sally gleaned that Sanchez had spoken to Justin. Thomas called Justin a snake. Sanchez told Sally that she'd fired a gun at Bill. "Not at him," Sally said. Sanchez stated that it was the same gun that had put a bullet through Bill, and it had her prints on it.

Thomas reasoned that anyone careless enough to leave prints on the gun probably wasn't the shooter at large. Sanchez was fixated on Sally, and she asked why he was looking at her. Sanchez said it was kind of the reason he was there.

At the hospital, Bill's doctor briefed Liam, Steffy, and Hope. Liam asked why Bill hadn't awakened. The doctor said they'd sedated Bill to drain blood in the hemothorax, which had been blocking his breathing. Hope asked if Bill had stopped breathing completely at any point. No staff had observed it, but it wasn't possible for the doctor to say what had happened between the time of the injury and when Bill had been found.

The doctor exited, and the worried Liam sat down and stared across the waiting area at Bill's viewing window. Liam figured he should probably be in the room with Bill. Steffy didn't think Bill expected it of Liam, and Hope said Bill might not be conscious. Liam figured that if Bill was aware, he was probably in pain while listening to monitors, and the last memory in his mind was of someone shooting him. Liam didn't think anyone should have to go that way, and he didn't want to leave Bill like that.

Liam went into Bill's room and let Bill know that he was there. Steffy and Hope watched Liam and Bill from the viewing window. Steffy hadn't expected Liam's reaction and said Liam always surprised her. Hope remarked that Liam surprised her, too, and even though he still hadn't forgiven his father, he still let his love show.

Steffy wondered if it was too much to hope that something good would result from it. Hope joked that she was a big believer in hope, and Steffy said Hope had made a lot of them believers. Steffy noted that Liam still didn't look at her, and Hope said he might be looking when Steffy wasn't. Steffy wondered if Liam seemed different. Steffy had suddenly felt that, someday, she and Liam would have their marriage again. Hope linked her arm with Steffy's.

The women got drinks. Steffy said that Hope didn't have to stay there, and Hope asked if Steffy minded. Steffy didn't and figured that Liam wouldn't be able to stand it if it were just Steffy and him alone. Steffy figured he'd ask her to leave, or he'd stay away himself.

Hope asked if Steffy had always known how Bill had felt about her. Steffy said she had years before, and it felt like it had been a lifetime back. Steffy asserted that the only feelings she had for Bill were those attributed to him being Liam's father. Hope said she was just wondering what would happen once Bill recovered because he wasn't one to give up on what he wanted.

In Bill's room, Liam told his father that he'd never wanted "that," not even in his darkest moments. He thought of the years he'd dreamed about his father. Bill wasn't the father Liam had wanted, but Bill was the father that Liam had been born of. Liam believed that wishing Bill was someone else would be like wishing that Liam had never been born. Despite what Bill had taken from Liam, Liam didn't want the days without his father back. Liam sobbed that it was because that would be not knowing Bill and not having Bill.

Later, Liam exited the hospital room, and Steffy asked him to chat for a second. Hope went to get coffee. She stood a few feet away from the couple, stirring her drink and eavesdropping.

Steffy asked Liam how Bill was. Liam said Bill was the same as before. He didn't think Bill had known Liam was there, but Steffy tried to assure Liam that Bill was aware, just not present as they were used to. She said it was like when she was asleep at night; she knew when Liam was there and when he wasn't.

Liam abruptly changed the subject to whether the police were there or not. Hope moved over by Bill's door, where she continued to tune in to Liam and Steffy's conversation. Liam said the police hadn't talked to him at all. Steffy assumed they were working the case and questioning people. Liam said they were probably writing Bill off as a rich guy who'd made everyone hate him. "He'd made people love him, too, so..." Liam murmured.

Steffy thought it was beautiful that Liam didn't hide his feelings, even when someone had badly hurt him. She admired him for praying for and worrying about his father. She said Liam hadn't had to be there. Instead, he could have remained home and continued to hate Bill. Steffy stated that Liam had chosen to be there and to find a way to love, no matter what. She said that maybe some of the love could find its way back to her. She touched her stomach, and Liam sighed.

Suspect list grows for who killed Bill

Suspect list grows for who killed Bill

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

by Pam

At Sally's place, Thomas and Sally had agreed they would leave Los Angeles and move to New York to start their own company before Sanchez showed up to quiz them about Bill's shooting.

Sanchez asked Thomas and Sally about their whereabouts and other questions. Sally admitted that she hated Bill but insisted she hadn't killed him. She also stated that she hadn't fired shots at Bill but rather at the model of his skyscraper.

Sanchez insisted that "Bill had it coming." Sally ordered him not to put words in her mouth. He countered that her prints were on the gun. Sally reminded him they'd gotten there when she'd shot at Bill's skyscraper.

Sanchez turned his attention to Thomas, who explained everything that Bill had done to keep him and Sally apart. Sanchez asked where Sally had been the night Bill had been shot. She said she'd sat at the hole where her burned-out, blown-up company that her family had owned for generations had been before Bill had destroyed it.

Sanchez asked if anyone could corroborate her story, and she sadly said no one had seen her. Thomas explained that Bill had mistreated many people. He had destroyed Spectra, lied to Sally, and lied to Thomas to keep him away from Sally. Sanchez remarked that Thomas' father was a suspect, and he asked where Thomas had been the night Bill had been shot. Before Thomas could answer, Sanchez's phone suddenly rang, and he answered it.

Sanchez abruptly said he had to leave, but he advised Thomas and Sally not to leave town. "We're done for now. Stay in town. I may be back," he said.

After Sanchez left, Sally apologized to Thomas that "I dragged you into this." Thomas responded that they were in it together, and he should have been defending her all along because of "Bill's psychotic lies." They agreed they would get through the disaster together.

Thomas worried that he'd received news from Caroline's mother that Caroline had dropped off his son, and they hadn't heard from Caroline since. Thomas said that Caroline had "gone to a dark place when she confessed" about all the lies she had told him about her dying.

Thomas was concerned but promised that he would always be there for his son. However, he insisted he would never trust Caroline again. "Caroline and I are finished. As for you and me ..." He smiled and flashed back to all their good times together. He caressed her hair, and they admitted they had missed each other. The kissed passionately and started to strip off their clothes.

At the police station, Baker and Sanchez met to discuss possible suspects. Sanchez wanted to include Thomas on the list, because he'd also had a reason to hate Bill.

Baker wondered how Sanchez had gotten the information about Thomas, and Sanchez said that Thomas had volunteered the information about how Bill had been responsible for tearing Sally and Thomas apart to get Thomas out of town so that Bill could get rid of Spectra and build his skyscraper. "The lengths some people will go," Baker said.

The cops agreed that the list of people who would shoot Bill had grown. Baker noted that evidence had shown that Sally's prints were on the gun used to shoot Bill, but more prints were on the gun, and they were on top of her prints. The new prints had been made by gloves.

Baker and Sanchez agreed that meant someone wearing gloves had shot Bill, but Sanchez pointed out that Sally could have returned wearing gloves. Baker nodded, and Sanchez put a photo of Thomas on the white board that included their other suspects.

At the hospital, the doctor told Liam that they would be running more tests on Bill. Liam wondered what kind of tests, and the doctor said not to worry. Later, Liam entered Bill's hospital room and sat with him. A nurse said she was sure Bill was aware Liam was there. She smiled and left.

Liam told his dad to wake up. Tears streamed down Liam's cheek. "I don't want you to die," he said. He begged his dad to wake up and grabbed his hand, but Bill did not react.

Outside the hospital room, Steffy and Hope discussed that even though Bill had been so awful to Liam, Liam was still there for his dad. Hope said she had to discuss something with Steffy. "I know what Bill was doing the night he got shot," she said. Hope added that Bill had proposed marriage to Steffy. Steffy looked away. She realized that Brooke had told Hope about it.

"Oh, my God," Steffy said. She explained that she had expected Liam for dinner, but Bill had appeared instead. "I swear, I did not know Bill was going to propose to me," Steffy said. She promised that she had planned to tell Liam about it, but they'd received the call from Katie about the shooting and left for the hospital.

Liam interrupted Steffy and Hope's conversation. Hope and Steffy asked if there had been any change, but Liam shook his head. Liam, Steffy, and Hope discussed that Bill would improve. Steffy and Hope discussed that Liam was vulnerable and dealing with a lot, and they observed that things were hitting him from all sides.

Hope asked how Liam felt. He admitted he was consumed with anger and hatred but also had to face the real possibility that Bill could die. Liam didn't want Bill to die, but he wasn't ready to forgive Bill, either.

While Liam, Steffy, and Hope were engaged in conversation, someone entered Bill's room, wearing a raincoat and gloves. Inside Bill's room, the gloved hands closed the blinds so that no one could see inside. The person stood near Bill's bed, and a gloved hand slid along the hose that helped Bill to breathe.

A nurse entered and reminded the visitor that only family members were permitted in the room. "I'm his niece Caroline Spencer," Caroline, wearing a raincoat and gloves, answered. The nurse apologized and left. Caroline seethed as she looked at Bill.

Caroline coldly said that it was all his fault that she had lost her happy little family. She lamented that the father of her son wouldn't speak to her ever again because of the lie Bill had forced her to tell "just so you could get your damned building." Caroline angrily said, "You destroyed my life ... you ruined everything ... it's all because of you!" She moved her gloved hands to his neck and had a look of sheer hatred in her eyes.

Preempted for March Madness

Preempted for March Madness

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness" Tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption

Regular programming resumed Monday, March 19, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 14, episode concluded.

Preempted for March Madness

Preempted for March Madness

Friday, March 16, 2018

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness" Tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption

Regular programming resumed Monday, March 19, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 14, episode concluded.

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