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Brooke and Steffy urged Bill to admit that he didn't know who'd shot him. After a whack on the head, Liam experienced visions from the night of the shooting. Determined not to lose Liam, Hope convinced him to confess the shooting to Bill.
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Liam begins to remember things he forgot Liam begins to remember things he forgot

Monday, March 26, 2018

At Forrester, Brooke and Eric arrived after visiting Ridge at the jail. Thorne asked how things had gone. Eric was worried that Ridge's anger was ruining Ridge's credibility. Brooke said R.J. was concerned, but she'd advised him to stay put. Brooke felt that Ridge needed to know that the whole family was behind him. Eric wished Ridge's feud with Bill had been less public.

Thorne asked if Ridge had an alibi. Eric didn't know and said that Ridge kept insisting that Bill was lying. Eric asked if Bill didn't lie every day. Brooke replied that Bill believed what he was saying, but it hadn't happened. Thorne wondered if anyone hated Bill more than Ridge. Brooke and Eric glared knowingly. "I didn't think so," Thorne concluded.

Eric didn't think hatred translated into murder. Thorne also doubted that Ridge had done it, but he questioned whether they could say it wasn't in the realm of possibility. "Yes!" Brooke exclaimed. Thorne believed that, to be of any help to Ridge, they needed to zero in on why the police thought Ridge was a viable suspect.

Eric didn't know how to deal with it. When he'd heard about the arrest from Brooke, he'd thought it had been a mistake that would be corrected. Thorne did know what to do. He said Katie needed to draft a press release, and Forrester needed to look at restructuring. Eric disagreed with the idea, but Thorne said it would be temporary. Thorne explained that they'd let everyone know that Ridge and Steffy's duties were being handled.

Eric refused to have it that way and refused to sit there, planning for the worst. Eric asked what would happen to the company if he lost one of his sons. Thorne assured Eric that Thorne and Brooke would keep the company afloat while Eric and Carter cleared Ridge.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Carter presented Sanchez and Baker with a motion to release Ridge, which Carter had filed in court. Sanchez doubted it would be granted. Ridge started to ask the lieutenant something, but Baker corrected that he was deputy chief.

Ridge asked on what grounds his motion would be denied, and Baker said it was on the grounds that Ridge could make bail. Baker asked how it would look if they let Ridge go so that Ridge could finish the job. Ridge said Baker knew him, and Baker said it was why Baker was there. Ridge insisted that Baker didn't know Bill, and Bill's lies had landed Ridge there.

Carter disputed the evidence, saying that there had been no gunshot residue on Ridge, and they had no DNA, fibers, or fingerprints. Baker asked about the bruise on Ridge's eye. Ridge asked if it proved he'd shot someone. Carter and Ridge also posited that Ridge didn't own sheepskin gloves, and Carter said Bill had been shot in the back. Sanchez claimed it didn't mean Bill hadn't seen anything before he'd turned his back.

Carter began questioning Sanchez's methods of obtaining a statement from Bill. Carter asked how long Bill had been awake, and if he'd had a neuropsych exam before the questioning. It concerned Carter that Bill had been out for such a long time. Ridge asked if they'd tested whether Bill knew what day it had been or if anyone had held up fingers for Bill to count.

Sanchez said he had no way of knowing. Carter quipped that he had a way. Carter had spoken to Bill's doctor, who'd been waiting on a neurological consult and who'd asked Sanchez to stop because Bill had been struggling mentally. Dep. Chief Baker asked if it was true. Sanchez replied that Bill hadn't had trouble naming the shooter.

Carter asserted that Bill's doctor hadn't said that. Sanchez corrected that Bill had had trouble speaking, but Bill had been certain of what he'd said. Ridge insisted that Bill had seized the chance to put away a guy who knew what scum Bill was. Ridge slammed his hand on the table. Carter tried to hold Ridge back, but Ridge insisted that he'd had it.

Sanchez said they had a witness and had Ridge on the security footage. Ridge said he'd already admitted being there, and he asked what the maid had said. Baker stated that it had been the maid's day off. Ridge insisted that the police only had the statement of a man who published lies for a living, and a guy who'd tried to kill Ridge.

The police exchanged looks. Ridge said it had been outside their jurisdiction, so it wasn't their problem. Ridge believed that Bill had taken advantage of Ridge's daughter, a young woman who'd wanted nothing to do with Bill, but Bill had found a way to get rid of the two people who took care her -- her husband and father.

Carter touched Ridge again, but Ridge broke away. Ridge vowed to take down the entire station if something else happened to Steffy. Ridge said it meant no promotion for Baker, and Sanchez would be taking reports from old ladies who'd lost their cats.

Carter asked if they were done for the day, and Baker said Ridge had done enough grandstanding for the night. Carter didn't think the police had answered any of the questions he'd raised, but Ridge said the police had learned the right questions to ask. Ridge stated that he had the same motive as two dozen others, but the police had learned that Bill had one, too.

At the hospital, Steffy arrived to see Bill. The nurse on duty said Bill was with his doctor and doing better that morning. Steffy called Liam to let him know the news, but Liam had already talked to hospital staff earlier. Steffy conveyed that Eric had taken her to see Ridge. Liam guessed it had been hard. Steffy replied that it was hard because it was so wrong.

Steffy understood what Bill had claimed, but she also knew her father. Liam thought it was possible that Bill's mind hadn't been clear at the time, but to Liam, Bill had seemed certain. Steffy felt that if they didn't respond as a family, it would destroy them. She requested that Liam and she redo the dinner they'd planned the night of the shooting.

Liam wasn't sure he was ready to be in the room in which Bill had proposed to Steffy. Steffy wanted Liam to push it aside, and she asked if a bullet in Bill's back wasn't punishment enough.

Later, Steffy went in to see Bill. She said that his doctors thought he was doing better, but he wasn't remembering right. "It was him," Bill rasped. Steffy said that if Bill loved her, he'd tell her the truth. She stated that the shot had been from behind Bill, and she asked how he could know Ridge had done it. Bill questioned how she could know Ridge hadn't.

Steffy wanted Bill to make her believe what he was saying. Bill figured that Ridge had sent her, but she said it wasn't so. Bill said Ridge wanted him dead, but she reasoned that wanting Bill out of their lives wasn't the same as wanting Bill dead. She wondered what Bill would do to her father if he had the chance -- or if Bill was already doing it with the lies he'd told the police.

Steffy asked if Bill was punishing her for not accepting his proposal. Bill said she knew him better than that, and he claimed that he would have left his wife for her back then. Steffy noted that he hadn't, and she said that if she hadn't thanked him for not doing so, she was thanking him at that moment for saving them from that mistake. Bill believed the mistake had been missing their chance.

Steffy asked if Bill expected to use the arrest as leverage and if her father would walk if she agreed to be with Bill. Bill said he didn't deserve her statement. She told Bill to think about what he was doing by letting his shooter be free, and she asked what protection he had at the hospital.

Backstage at Forrester, Liam located Hope where Pam had said Hope would be. Hope was inventorying some gowns, and Liam asked if he could get some advice from her. Hope didn't promise to give advice, but she said she'd let him know what she thought.

Liam explained that Steffy had been calling him and wanted to see him that night. Hope thought it was natural that Steffy wanted that, especially because her father had been arrested. Hope asked what Liam thought of Ridge shooting Bill, but Liam didn't think it was safe to even have an opinion about it.

Getting back on topic, Liam explained that Steffy wanted to make dinner, and Hope said he could use a meal other than takeout. Liam was concerned that it was "date-ish" and thought he should decline. Hope noted that he'd semi-accepted the last time, but Liam pointed out that it hadn't happened that night. Hope thought it wasn't unreasonable of Steffy to ask again.

Liam was worried that Steffy would take the dinner as a sign that things were changing between them. "And I don't want to mislead her, right?" Liam asked. He felt that everything he did was being taken as a hidden message. Hope reasoned that going to the dinner would be a message that he'd help his family rally together in a crisis. Hope thought the most important thing a father could be was reliable, and he could be that for his daughter and daughter's mother.

Liam said the smartest thing he'd done all month was to go to Hope. Hope said she hadn't told him anything he hadn't already known. Liam relayed that he always worried about how things would be taken, but she'd simplified it for him. He stated that if he hadn't said so already, he was glad she was back.

Later, night had fallen, and Hope was in the CEO's office with Brooke, who was upset that she hadn't been able to talk to Ridge all day. Hope wondered if Carter could fill Brooke in on things. Brooke thought maybe she could keep Steffy company for Ridge's sake, but Hope said Steffy might already have company because she'd invited Liam to dinner.

Brooke dismissively said Liam would never agree to it. Hope conveyed that she'd advised Liam to go because, whether together or not, Steffy and Liam would have to deal with things as a family. Brooke agreed with the statement and said Hope surprised her in a good way. Hope had a feeling that the night would be really important for Liam.

At the cliff house, Steffy prepared the dinner table. She checked her phone and said to herself that Liam would call and tell her if he wouldn't be there. She picked up a photo of their wedding in Australia. A montage of memories of Steffy and Liam played, and Steffy smiled.

Somewhere outside, Liam was walking and hit his head on a thick tree branch. He struggled with the pain, and in his mind, he recalled Hope telling him about Bill proposing to Steffy at the cliff house. Staticky memories flashed in Liam's mind of Liam approaching the cliff house door and seeing Bill kneel down to propose to Steffy.

Liam feels he saw Bill's proposal Liam feels he saw Bill's proposal

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope told Brooke about her talk with Liam. Brooke assumed that Hope had encouraged Liam to have dinner with Steffy. Hope agreed and said she hoped that Liam could find it in his heart to forgive Steffy. Brooke was proud of Hope.

Hope said that it had been hard for Liam to hear that Bill had proposed to Steffy. Hope apologized that she'd been worried about Liam when Brooke had to be "worried sick" about Ridge.

Brooke said she wanted to get through "this ridiculous situation" and get Ridge out of jail. Brooke lamented that she'd tried her best to get through to Bill that Ridge could not have been the shooter, but she hoped someone else was more influential.

Brooke again congratulated her daughter for being selfless in trying to help Liam and Steffy patch up their marriage. Hope noted that she and Steffy had been raised in loving families. Brooke added that she had failed to give Hope a stable two-parent home. Hope reflected on how life had been complicated, but she understood that. Hope wanted to give Steffy and Liam's daughter a loving family. Hope added that she wanted to be supportive of Steffy. "It's not always easy," she said. She felt Steffy had been dishonest with Liam.

Brooke got a call about Ridge at the police station, and she had to meet him. She offered to drop Hope at home, but Hope said she had some work to finish. She promised to see her mom later. Hope told her mom that she believed Ridge was innocent and that they would soon find the real shooter.

Outside the cliff house, Liam hit his head on a branch and felt that he was reliving his dad's proposal to Steff. He looked in the window at the house and felt he had flashed back to Bill's proposal to Steffy. In his head, he heard Hope's voice telling him that his father had proposed to Steffy, and he heard Bill's voice: "Marry me, Steffy."

Liam entered the house, and Steffy had prepared dinner. Liam said he didn't know how long he could stay, but Steffy encouraged him to stay for dinner. She had wine her dad had delivered the last time they were supposed to have dinner.

Liam rubbed his head and looked confused. Steffy assumed he was still upset with her for not telling him about Bill's proposal. Liam was uncomfortable. Steffy reminded him she had been prepared to tell him about Bill, but they'd had a call from Katie about Bill being shot.

Liam glared at the spot where he was convinced that his father had proposed to his pregnant wife. Liam admitted that his last visit to Steffy had been a blur. Liam admitted that he felt he had seen Bill propose. He told Steffy that when he'd been outside, he'd felt like he had watched the entire process. He asked Steffy where exactly in the room Bill had gotten down on one knee.

Steffy begged Liam not to dwell on what had happened. However, Liam reiterated that he felt he could clearly see his father drop to one knee and propose. "I saw it so clearly," he said. Steffy looked shocked.

Steffy reminded Liam that she wanted a future with Liam and their baby, not BIll. Liam was obsessed with the proposal and kept hearing Bill's voice asking Steffy to marry him. He rubbed his head again during dinner, and Steffy asked him if he'd been hurt. Liam said he'd hit his head on a fallen tree branch outside, and Steffy said that had happened during the wind storm.

Steffy asked if Liam needed to see a doctor, but Liam said it was just a bump. Steffy said she felt awkward asking, but she wanted Liam to speak to Bill about how Ridge could not possibly have shot him. Liam seemed nervous and said he had to speak to his dad right away. Liam left in a hurry.

At the hospital, Bill was awake and alert. The doctor and nurse discussed his condition with him, and Bill maintained that he could "do a backflip." The doctor was impressed with his progress but maintained that he needed to make a little more progress. The nurse helped Bill get up and walk around, and Bill said he was clearly ready to be released. He added that it took "more than a bullet to take out Dollar Bill Spencer."

Bill teased the nurse and doctor but added that he was grateful to the staff for saving his life. He knew how hard they had worked to take care of him and his family. The doctor agreed and said that his sons and daughter-in-law had been most worried about him. Bill understood that Steffy didn't believe her father had shot him. "Neither does my ex-wife," he said of Brooke. He added that she seemed to be a loyal wife to Ridge, but she'd never been that loyal to him.

Later, Liam stopped by to visit Bill. He looked through the hospital room window and rubbed his head. After Liam entered the room, Bill said he felt much better. He told Liam that he'd been walking around, and his breathing had improved. He was glad that his son had visited him. He realized Liam was still upset after what Bill had done. Liam told his dad that he felt he had seen Bill "proposing to my pregnant wife in our living room."

Liam wondered if Bill was sure that Ridge was the shooter. Bill was shocked that Liam would think he would change his story. He said he remembered exactly what had happened.

Bill recalled Ridge's visit and their physical altercation followed by Ridge's threats before he'd left Bill's house. He remembered that he'd been "in a dark place" when he'd been ready to sign the document that would cut Wyatt and Liam out of his life.

Bill said he'd put on some music and turned it up loud, and the power had been flickering on and off. He had opened the French doors and walked out on the veranda on that windy night.

After Bill had returned to the inside of the house, he'd had his back to the front door and surmised that "Forrester" had returned to the house, but Bill couldn't have heard him because the music was so loud. As Bill talked, Liam felt he could see the scene from the shooter's viewpoint, and he grew nervous.

Liam insisted that his dad had been shot in the back and would not have seen the shooter. "Who else could it have been, Liam? Bill asked. Liam looked away and paced the room.

At Forrester, Steffy interrupted Hope's work and shared that she and Liam had started dinner, but Liam had eaten little because Steffy had asked him to intervene with Bill on Ridge's behalf. She added that Liam had gone straight to the hospital to see his dad. Steffy and Hope were hopeful that Liam could get through to Bill, but Steffy wondered if she should have asked Liam to intervene.

Could Quinn be the shooter? Could Quinn be the shooter?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

by Pam

In Bill's room at the hospital, Liam insisted that his dad had been shot in the back and would not have seen the shooter. Bill countered that it had been Ridge -- a coward -- who had broken into Bill's home, loaded the gun, and shot Bill in the back.

Liam maintained that Ridge was not guilty and not the only suspect because a lot of people wanted to repay Bill for what he had done to them. "I'm telling you, it's Forrester," Bill shouted.

Liam pressed Bill to say that he'd seen Ridge with the gun, but Bill did not respond. Bill continued to say it was Ridge, and he started shouting and breathing heavily. He gasped for air, and the doctor entered. Bill said he and Liam were having a misunderstanding. The doctor told Liam he had to leave the room because Bill was still healing and couldn't be upset.

Liam left. He grew dizzy in the hall and lost his balance outside Bill's room. A nurse asked Liam if he was all right, but Liam was clearly dizzy.

At Forrester, Hope and Steffy argued. Hope said she was glad that Steffy had accepted responsibility for everything that had gone wrong. Steffy was shocked, but Hope reminded her that Bill had been shot, Liam wasn't himself, and Ridge was in jail, all because Steffy had chosen to "sleep with your husband's father."

Steffy was silent for a moment then wondered why Hope was creating drama, but Hope said she'd returned home to drama. She had thought that Liam was happy, but then she'd found out everything that had happened. Steffy looked guilty.

Hope reminded Steffy that she had promised to be honest with Liam. Hope added that she had been supportive of Steffy's family. Steffy wondered what Hope was planning to get out of her interaction with Liam.

Hope said she wanted to see Liam back to his old self. She wanted what was best for Liam -- to heal, be himself, and be the best father he could be to Steffy's daughter. Steffy felt Hope wanted Liam with her because she felt he would be better off.

Hope said she would always care about Liam. "Don't do this," Steffy said. She warned that Hope would not have a life with Liam. "This is not about me," Hope said. She reiterated that Steffy had created a mess when she'd slept with Bill. Hope advised Steffy to start acting like she appreciated Liam because he deserved to feel appreciated.

At the police station, Sanchez was at work, but Baker entered and noted that Sanchez hadn't closed the case yet on who had shot Bill Spencer, even though he had suspects. Sanchez said he believed Bill was trying to frame Ridge Forrester, and the shooter was still out there. He added that there were a lot of people who wanted to get rid of Bill Spencer.

Sanchez said he'd been digging up information on Sally, Wyatt, and Justin Barber, but he'd found someone who had hated Bill longer than anyone else. Baker asked who it was, and Sanchez answered that it was Quinn.

Baker lamented that they had Eric's son locked up, and Sanchez wanted to lock up his wife next. Sanchez agreed but said he had to piece together what had happened. Baker said the family was complicated.

Sanchez reported to Baker that Bill had left Quinn Forrester when she'd been pregnant with Wyatt. He added that Quinn had a history of violence, too. Sanchez promised to track her down and interview her.

Liam drove home from the hospital and had trouble staying awake. In his head, he overhead Bill's voice and the shots fired. He narrowly missed an oncoming car and pulled over on the side of the road. Hope called, and he dropped his phone, but when he went to look for it, he found sheepskin gloves under his seat. He recalled that the police officer had told his family that Bill's shooter had worn sheepskin gloves, and he started to panic.

At Forrester, Quinn looked at jewelry, and Eric entered. He was worried, and Quinn hoped they would know more about Ridge soon. Eric anguished over the possibility that Ridge could have shot Bill. Quinn countered that it would only have been a matter of time before Bill had pushed someone too far.

Quinn and Eric agreed that Bill had a lot of enemies. Quinn insisted that Ridge was not the shooter. She added that she hated Bill. She realized that her venting about Bill was adding stress to Eric's days, and she apologized.

Sanchez showed up and asked Quinn about her relationship with Bill. Sanchez, Eric, and Quinn discussed that Bill's memory had to be foggy, and that his accusations of Ridge as the shooter were likely inaccurate.

Sanchez wondered where Quinn had been the night of the shooting, and Eric said she'd been with him but had gone out for short time. Quinn and Eric insisted that Quinn had not shot Bill, but Sanchez said she'd had a past arrest record for abducting Liam Spencer. Quinn said the charges had been dropped. "Tell me more about your relationship with Liam Spencer," Sanchez said.

Liam confesses to himself and to Hope Liam confesses to himself and to Hope

Thursday, March 29, 2018

In the Forrester design office, Sanchez couldn't tell Quinn and Eric whether or not Quinn was a suspect in the shooting but asked to know more about Quinn's relationships with the people involved, starting with Liam Spencer. Eric didn't appreciate anyone interrogating his wife, and Sanchez said it was just questions, not an interrogation.

Sanchez wondered how something like an abduction of Liam could even happen. Quinn didn't want to talk about it and said it had been a long time back. Sanchez wanted to keep it casual at Quinn's office, but he said they could go to his office.

Eric interjected that it would then be an interrogation, and his wife hadn't done anything to warrant it. Quinn decided that it was okay to talk about it and said it had all started with the concussion that had made Liam lose his memory and perspective on things.

Eric and Quinn began to protest again about Ridge being in jail, and Quinn didn't appreciate being treated like a suspect. Sanchez said he was trying to get to the truth, and he asked Quinn to continue talking about Liam.

Quinn described Liam's condition back during the abduction, saying he hadn't been just foggy. He'd had no memory at all and hadn't known what year it had been. It had been like his brain had been wiped clean, and he hadn't known what he'd been doing. Sanchez asked why she hadn't taken Liam home, and Quinn suggested that Sanchez read the case file for himself.

Sanchez wanted to hear it from the source. Quinn admitted that she wasn't proud of herself, but she'd wanted to give her son a chance with Steffy, who'd been with Liam at the time. Quinn hadn't thought Liam was worthy of Steffy after what the pair had been through over the years. Sanchez figured the abduction had hurt her relationship with Bill.

Quinn stated that no one had liked what she'd done, but it was in the past. Eric added that it had all been resolved and had nothing to do with Bill's shooting. Eric suggested that Sanchez concentrate on finding the real shooter.

In the CEO's office, Hope anxiously stared at the three unanswered messages she'd texted Liam. Brooke arrived, upset that the police were holding Ridge for something he hadn't done. Hope said that Liam had gone to talk to Bill about the shooter. Brooke hoped Liam could talk sense into Bill because the shooter was out there and still dangerous.

Brooke took a call from R.J., and afterward, she told Hope that, even though R.J. was as upset as the rest of them about the arrest, she'd asked him to stay put. Hope urged her mother to have faith, and the topic turned to Liam visiting Bill. Hope didn't really know if Liam was still with his father and said Liam hadn't returned her messages.

Brooke sensed worry in Hope, and Hope said that Liam hadn't been himself as of late. Hope decided that she would go to see Liam, and Brooke decided that she'd visit Bill and try to convince him to drop the ridiculous idea of Ridge being the shooter.

At the hospital, Bill uttered that he was "strong like bull" when the nurse said she was impressed by his progress. The nurse left, and Bill flashed back to Liam trying to make sure Bill was certain about who his shooter had been.

Brooke arrived later. Bill was sure she wasn't there for his charm and good looks. Brooke said she wasn't there to bully him. She understood what he'd gone through and said that if the bullet had gone in another way, they might not be having the conversation. Bill asked if she was trying to cheer him up. Brooke replied that having someone out there that truly hated him had to be terrifying, and she was sure he wanted that person behind bars.

Bill asserted that the person was behind bars. Brooke told him that it hadn't been Ridge. She felt that Bill's accusation was making the shooter feel as if he'd gotten away with it, and the shooter would return to finish the job.

Bill was insistent that it had to be Ridge because Ridge had been the last one there. Bill recalled that the men had fought, and Ridge had been eyeing the gun. Brooke didn't think it meant Ridge had done it, and she recalled that Bill had made plenty of enemies, including his own sons. Bill felt that it had been worse with Ridge, who'd said to Bill's face that he wanted to see Bill dead over what had transpired with Steffy.

Brooke asked if Bill could say he'd seen Ridge pull the trigger. In Bill's silence, Brooke suggested that Bill was upset because she'd left him and married a man he despised. She asked him not to let hatred cause him to put Ridge away for something that Ridge hadn't done, and she said that if Bill cared for her at all, he'd take an honest look at that night and realize that Ridge hadn't shot him.

In his car, Liam was frazzled and tearful as he drove, plagued by thoughts about the shooting. He made it back to the hotel and flung his gloves away from him. With a buzz, his staticky memories glitched onto the screen. In the memories, Liam witnessed Bill's proposal to Steffy, and then Liam saw Bill fall after being shot. Looking in the mirror, Liam asked what was happening to him.

Liam heard the mental sound of a door creaking open and a static buzz. A new memory flashed. In it, Liam saw the proposal, and as he backed away from the window by the front door to the cliff house, he tripped on a downed tree limb. He fell back and hit his head on a rock. With his gloved hand, he touched his head, and Bill strode out of the house without noticing Liam in the brush nearby. Liam rose and walked off.

Liam gasped. Next, he recalled the outside of Bill's house on the night of the shooting. He heard Bill's voice in his head, explaining that it had been windy when the shooter had gotten into the house. Liam saw the person entering. Bill said the shooter had taken the gun and loaded it. Liam saw someone loading the gun. Bill stated that the "bastard" had shot him in the back. Liam saw himself raise the gun and fire upon Bill.

In a cold sweat, Liam slumped on the floor by the bed. He recalled the day he'd found the paternity test and when Steffy had admitted that she'd been with Bill. Liam flashed back to saying it was something he couldn't forgive.

Hope knocked on the door. Liam yelled that he wanted her to go away, but she refused to leave until he opened the door. Liam banged his fist on the mattress, lunged himself off the floor, and flung open the door. Hope was shocked to see Liam stride across the room and cower. She asked what was going on, and he ordered her to stay back.

Liam wanted Hope to leave, but she insisted that she could help him. He said she wouldn't understand. Hope pressed, and he stated that he'd seen his father propose to his wife. Hope asked what he was talking about, and sitting on the floor by a dresser, Liam said he'd been there when Bill had proposed to Steffy.

Hope said it didn't make sense. Liam stated that he'd been right, and he'd seen it in Bill's eyes. Liam decided that Bill had only assumed Ridge had shot Bill because of the anger and threats from Ridge. Liam said the real shooter had walked up the driveway, seen the gun within easy reach, and had shot Bill with it. Hope replied that they'd find the real shooter and get Ridge out of jail.

Liam said that Ridge wasn't the shooter, and Hope responded that she didn't believe it, either. Liam stated that it was more than a belief, and she asked if he was saying he knew who the shooter was. In Liam's mind, Liam saw himself aim the gun. "It was me..." Liam uttered, claiming, "I shot my father."

Hope devises a plan to get Liam out of trouble Hope devises a plan to get Liam out of trouble

Friday, March 30, 2018

At the hospital, Bill asked Brooke who else would want him dead besides Ridge. Brooke said she could think of ten people off the top of her head. Bill responded that none were as cowardly as Ridge, who'd shot Bill in the back. She didn't know how Bill had seen such a thing while his back had been turned.

Bill stated that Brooke thought Ridge was only capable of using a sewing machine, but he could use a gun, too. Bill believed that Ridge was capable of murder, but Brooke insisted that Ridge was innocent. Bill figured that with a good defense attorney, Ridge would get out in a decade or two. Brooke demanded that Bill look her in the eye and say he'd seen Ridge pull the trigger.

Brooke asked if Bill understood that they were talking about Ridge's life, and Bill replied that Ridge should have considered that before trying to blow Bill's head off. She hoped Bill wouldn't frame an innocent person. Bill affirmed that he would not do such a thing, but Ridge was guilty. Bill said he'd almost died because of that loser, and Ridge would pay for it.

Brooke decided that Bill hadn't seen Ridge shoot him. Bill replied that he knew what he knew. Brooke countered that she knew what she knew, too, and what she knew was that the real shooter was out there, roaming free. She asked who'd say the shooter wouldn't try it again.

At the police station later, Brooke arrived to see Sanchez, and she readily confronted him about his desire to deal in facts. She asked if it was a fact that Bill had seen the shooter. Sanchez said it was Bill's statement that Ridge had been the shooter. Brooke emphasized that Bill had been shot in the back, and she asked how Bill had seen who had been behind him.

Sanchez added that they had footage of Ridge at the house, but Brooke clarified that Ridge had been leaving the house. She said the power surge had knocked out the cameras, and anybody could have arrived after that. She asked if anyone would really drive their own car to a murder. Sanchez considered it to be an act of rage.

Brooke insisted that it hadn't been Ridge. Sanchez understood that Brooke wanted to believe that. Brooke interjected that she'd just seen Bill, and she'd bet her life that he hadn't seen Ridge shoot him. She believed that Bill had accused the wrong person in error. Sanchez thought that anything was possible, and she asked if it meant he had doubts.

Sanchez said that the police were checking things out thoroughly, and he'd just gotten back from seeing Ridge's father. Brooke was certain Eric hadn't done it. Sanchez agreed but said Quinn was another matter. Brooke decided that if Sanchez was questioning others, it proved that the police weren't certain that it was Ridge.

Sanchez asked if Brooke knew it for a fact. Brooke didn't, but she said the men hated each other. Brooke yelled that she wouldn't allow her husband to spend another night in a cell.

In the interrogation area, Ridge, clad in a blue prison uniform, saw Thorne waiting for a visit. Ridge readily said he hadn't done it. Thorne replied that he knew it, and the brothers hugged. Thorne asked how Ridge was. Ridge claimed he was fine, but he was worried about the family.

Thorne tried to assure Ridge that everything was okay, but Ridge asked about his pregnant daughter and the stress on Eric. Thorne reminded Ridge that the Forresters had gone through worse. Thorne believed Spencer had the wrong guy, and everyone was eager to get Ridge home.

Steffy, Thorne, and Ridge sat at a table in the interrogation room and discussed whether Quinn was a suspect. Steffy stated that she wasn't trying to point fingers, but abducting a concussed Liam showed Quinn's history of criminal behavior. Steffy noted that the police weren't wholly convinced that Ridge had done it. Ridge wondered why he was there then.

Thorne started to consider Quinn as a suspect. Steffy said Quinn could have been after revenge for Bill's treatment of Wyatt. Ridge believed that Quinn had worked too hard to distance herself from who she'd been and that she hadn't shot Bill. Steffy asked who had.

Later, Thorne had gone, and Steffy told Ridge that she'd seen Liam, who was broken up about things but glad Bill had awakened. She'd asked Liam to talk to Bill about implicating Ridge in the shooting. Ridge said Bill couldn't have seen Ridge because Ridge hadn't done it. Steffy believed Liam would help them find the real shooter.

On the floor at the Dakota, Hope knelt before the distraught Liam, telling him that he was confused. Liam stated that he'd tried to kill his own father, and he mirthlessly chuckled that it was the only thing that made sense in all the confusion. Hope said that what had happened with Steffy and Bill had been devastating for Liam, but she insisted that he hadn't shot Bill.

Liam slipped into a memory daze, and the staticky memories of tripping and of shooting Bill buzzed through his mind. He jolted as if awakening from a dream, gasping that he'd seen it. Hope expressed worry and asked if he was taking anything.

Hopping off the floor, Liam denied taking anything. He insisted that he had done it. Hope replied that he'd never do something like that, but Liam asserted that he'd tried to kill his own father. Groaning, Liam's face twitched in pain, and he grasped his head.

Hope insisted that Liam hadn't done anything. Pacing around the room, Liam insisted that he'd been there. He showed her the lambskin gloves. He stated that he'd seen the proposal, and he had to have gotten a concussion when he'd tripped and fallen. He recalled that the same thing had happened when he'd been with Quinn, and he'd lost his memory for weeks.

To Hope, it didn't mean Liam had shot Bill. As if looking at a screen, Liam insisted that he could see it all. He could see the gun, and he could see his father's back to him. He saw himself load the gun and put a bullet in his father. Hope believed he was imagining it.

Sinking to the floor, Liam asked how he could see it, why he'd been late for dinner, and why he had the gloves. He didn't believe he was imagining it. He said he'd pulled the trigger. On the floor with Liam, Hope put his head on her lap and tried to calm him down.

Liam said that he couldn't run from it, and he was guilty. Liam reached for his phone to call the police to get Ridge out of jail. Hope said not to do it. Liam was resigned to spend his life in prison. Hope slapped the phone out of his hand. He asked why he'd done it. She replied, "If you did it." He affirmed that he'd done it.

Hope decided that if it was so, Bill had driven Liam to it. She refused to let him pay for what Bill had done. "I can't lose you, Liam, I love -- I love you, " Hope said. Liam didn't know how to expect anyone to love him when he hated himself. Hope asked if he was listening. She said she loved him, and she always would.

Liam said that Ridge didn't deserve to be in jail, and only Liam's confession would get Ridge out. Hope refused to let Liam go to prison or to live the rest of her life without him. Hope put the blame on Steffy and Bill and said none of it would have happened if they hadn't done what they'd done.

Grabbing Liam's arm, Hope said Liam wasn't going to prison, and they'd fix it. As they went to the door, Liam asked what they were doing. Hope stated that Liam wasn't turning himself in, and if anyone was to blame, it was Bill.

Later, Liam and Hope arrived at the hospital. Hope decided to wait outside Bill's room while Liam talked to Bill. Silently, Liam entered Bill's room. Bill stirred and looked at Liam. Liam said that Ridge hadn't done it. Bill replied that they'd been through it already. Liam murmured that Ridge hadn't shot Bill. Bill said that if Ridge hadn't done it, Liam should say "who the hell" did.

"It was me," Liam replied.

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