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Bill tricked Wyatt into telling Liam that Steffy and Bill had had a secret rendezvous. Liam ended things with Steffy, and Bill asked her to be with him. Deciding that he had to move on with his life, Liam asked Hope to marry him.
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Bill tricked Wyatt into torpedoing Liam and Steffy
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A romantic scene in Bill's office upsets Wyatt

A romantic scene in Bill's office upsets Wyatt

Monday, April 30, 2018

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke sat at a table for four with Hope and Liam in the dining area of the living room. Liam thanked everyone for dinner and remarked that he hadn't even stocked his refrigerator yet. Ridge was sorry everyone else hadn't been able to join them, and Brooke elaborated that Rick, Maya, and Lizzy were with the Avants that night.

Hope said they were all excited that Liam was there. He was someone they really cared about, and they wanted him to feel at home. Although Hope had said she'd cook for Liam, she'd gotten to thinking of all the vegan restaurants he'd been missing out on, and she'd gone overboard with ordering takeout. Ridge said they'd have tofu for weeks, and he'd begun to see why Steffy kept having it as leftovers for her lunch at work.

Verbally stomping on the comment, Hope said, "I know you moved out of there to get away from takeout, but..." Hope then glared at Ridge. Liam replied that it was better to have takeout there with good company and plates than alone in a hotel room.

Ridge changed the subject to the idea he'd heard about a giveaway, and Brooke said it had to do with scarves. Hope explained the "buy one, give one" idea for Thorne Forrester Originals scarves. Together, she and Liam said the buyer would be giving style with a smile. Liam thought it was a nice way to let the buyer experience the joy of giving.

Brooke found the idea interesting. Ridge said he did, too. Brooke thought HFTF was lucky to have Liam, and "obviously," Liam and Hope made a fabulous team.

During dessert, Liam thanked everyone again and said it had been great. Picking at the item on his plate, Ridge agreed and wondered who would have known vegan dessert would "taste...taste like this..." Liam felt that they'd made him feel welcome. Ridge said they'd give Liam whatever he needed, including temporary housing until he figured things out.

Liam let Ridge know that Liam understood that it was temporary. Brooke said no one was trying to pressure Liam. "Or influence your decision," Hope added, her eyes darting at Ridge. Liam stated that he knew he had to make a decision soon because he couldn't live in limbo.

Later, Hope and Liam sat by the lit fireplace in the cabin, and she noted that he'd settled in. Liam replied that his brother had helped him. He felt that Wyatt and Hope had been amazing, and he trusted them. She said she and Wyatt cared about Liam.

It was amazing to Liam to look back and think of all he and Hope had been through. He said that when he looked into her eyes, he felt calm, but he hated to put Hope through "this." He wished he could promise her that it would be worth it in the end. Hope replied that he was happier, so it was already worth it.

Liam said Hope knew how he felt about her, but he didn't know what he was going to do. He wondered if he should return to a life at the cliff house with Steffy and said he did believe in forgiveness and putting the past in the past. What Steffy had done with Bill still haunted Liam. Liam was waiting for the pain to fade, but it wouldn't.

Hope stroked Liam's chin and kissed him. She said he didn't have to apologize for his feelings. Liam wondered how she could be so patient and understanding. He was overwhelmed with many thoughts. She said she understood that he was wondering how it had all happened.

Hope claimed to remember how it had happened. She said Bill had manipulated them. She imagined that if Bill hadn't, she and Liam might be married with their own children. She knew it was hard for him and promised to support him no matter what he decided to do.

At the cliff house, Steffy moped around in her dimly lit house. She picked up her sonogram photo and smiled. She grew sad again and hugged a stuffed bear. Getting her bag, she recalled telling Liam about trying to buy the cliff house, and she left the house.

In the evening at Spencer, Bill was alone in his office, flashing back on the night he'd been with Steffy. Justin arrived with papers that would give the cliff house to Steffy for a heck of a deal. Justin turned, ready to go home for the day; however, Bill said there was something else he wanted Justin to do, and it was very important that Justin do exactly what Bill said.

Later, Justin was suspicious that what Bill had instructed Justin to do was not under Justin's job description. Bill believed it was and asked that it be done quickly. Justin asked if Bill was sure, and Bill asked if he looked unsure. He ordered Justin to make it happen.

Wyatt arrived, and Bill said that Justin was just leaving. Justin left, and Wyatt expressed confusion about Bill's phone call with Steffy earlier. Wyatt had been thinking about it in his office, and he couldn't wrap his head around it. Bill didn't know what else to say, but it wasn't over between him and Steffy and never would be.

Wyatt clarified that he was confused about what he'd heard. Bill said the information was confidential, and Steffy would be upset if she knew Bill had put her on speakerphone. Bill asked why Wyatt thought Steffy had signed the annulment papers. Wyatt guessed that it was to get a reaction out of Liam, but Bill replied that he could say for certain that it hadn't been the reason for the signing.

"Liam has to know what's really going on here," Wyatt stated. Bill replied that he couldn't get involved with that. Bill felt he needed to be there for Steffy, and if Wyatt was concerned about his brother, then Wyatt had to be the one to tell Liam.

In Wyatt's office later, Katie and Wyatt kissed, and Wyatt thanked her for visiting. Katie didn't want Bill to catch them, but Wyatt said Bill had other things on his mind. Wyatt informed Katie that Steffy was in Bill's office alone with him. "Okay..." Katie slowly said. She asked what Wyatt thought they were doing in there, and he asked what Katie thought they were doing in there.

Katie didn't think Steffy wanted anything to do with Bill, but Wyatt said it had been what he'd thought, too. It didn't make sense to Katie, who said Steffy wanted Liam back. Wyatt replied that Bill had been up-front about it. "Yeah, well, Bill lies. He always has an agenda," Katie replied. Wyatt said he'd heard it with his own ears, and something was definitely going on.

Wyatt explained that he'd overheard the call himself, and on it, Steffy had thanked Bill for keeping their secret quiet. Katie received a message on her phone and told Wyatt that she had to pick up Will. Before she left, she said she couldn't believe it about Steffy and Bill. Wyatt replied that it was happening as they spoke.

Back in Bill's office, Steffy was ready to get "this" over with. Bill wanted her to slow down because he was selling her one of his favorite personal properties at a great price. Steffy didn't want to seem ungrateful, but she thought Bill understood that she was doing it for her family. Bill assumed she thought the sale would get Liam back home.

Steffy stated that it was more likely that Liam would return if she owned the house than if Bill did. She asked for the papers, and when he presented them, she asked that they get to it. "How's your mother?" Bill asked. Steffy replied that she wasn't there to talk about her mother.

Bill stated that he'd merely asked how Steffy's mother was. Steffy bit out that her mother was getting the help she needed. Hearing it was a relief to Bill. Steffy said she'd done what Bill had asked, but because Liam hadn't filed the papers, she felt there was still a chance he could forgive her. She just felt like time was running out.

"I feel better, by the way. There's still some pain, shortness of breath," Bill interjected. He noted that his doctors thought he was making an incredible recovery for a guy who'd been shot in the back. Steffy was glad to hear it. Bill thought she would be, "but you didn't ask."

Steffy said she didn't like to think about it because what her mom had done had been horrible. Steffy believed that Taylor wouldn't have been able to handle jail. Bill said he'd let Taylor go because he loved Steffy. Steffy asked him not to say it, but he insisted that it was the truth.

Bill thought he and Steffy had always understood each other. Steffy didn't think so, because she was there to buy a house and nothing else. Bill asked why Steffy couldn't see that she should be all the incentive Liam needed to return home, but Liam didn't appreciate her the way Bill did. Steffy asked Bill to please give her the paperwork. Bill asked her to think about a life with him and said he could fill her every desire.

Steffy ordered Bill to stop. She wanted the papers because Liam was with Hope that night. Steffy wanted to tell Liam that the house was hers. Silently, Bill presented the papers. Steffy readily signed them. Bill signed, too, and giving them to her, he asked if she was happy. She replied that she'd be happy once Liam returned to restart their life together.

Bill decided to walk Steffy out. Once they'd left the office, Justin slipped in with a short vase of flowers and a duffel bag. Justin lit candles around the room and placed a pillow and blanket on Bill's office sofa. Scooping up his bag, Justin left out the side door.

Down the hall, Wyatt's office door was open. He heard Bill tell Steffy that she didn't have to rush off, and Steffy said Bill knew she could not stay. Wyatt ducked his head out of his door. When he saw Steffy and Bill stop in a corner down the hallway, Wyatt slipped behind his slightly open door.

In a low voice, Bill told Steffy to give him a moment. He appreciated her commitment to his son, but he wanted her to respect the fact that he'd taken a bullet in the back from her mother. He said he'd kept it a secret, and he'd sold her a house that he loved. It was all to show her how much she meant to him. All he wanted was a little gratitude. Steffy thanked him.

Wyatt looked around his door in time to see Steffy hug Bill. Wyatt apparently hadn't heard the conversation at the end of the hall because, when he closed his door, he began remembering what Bill had said earlier about it being true that Bill and Steffy weren't over and never would be.

Wyatt went to Bill's office and was surprised to see a romantic scene set up inside. He picked up an accent pillow from the sofa. "Oh, my God..." Wyatt uttered to himself.

Wyatt tells Liam about the incident at Spencer

Wyatt tells Liam about the incident at Spencer

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope talked about the dinner the night before. Brooke hoped that Ridge hadn't come across as rude. Hope understood that Ridge was protective of his daughter. Brooke wanted it to turn out the best way for everyone, and if that meant Hope and Liam being together, Brooke supported it. Hope expressed optimism about it.

Hope gushed about walking Liam to the cabin after dinner. He hadn't wanted her to leave, and she hadn't wanted to go. She revealed that they'd kissed, and it had been breathtaking. Hope didn't have any doubt that she and Liam were great together, but the problem was that Liam was married to Steffy and expecting a child.

Brooke and Hope talked about Liam saying he'd make a decision that day. Hope said he might have already made it. Brooke thought they just had to wait for it. Hope wanted Liam to be happy and in control of his own life. Hope thought Bill had manipulated Liam for far too long.

At Spencer, Justin arrived in Bill's office and asked if there was any word from Wyatt. Bill said he hadn't heard from his son that morning and didn't know if Wyatt had taken the bait. Justin didn't know how he felt about the deception, but he said he'd followed through, even putting lipstick on a pillow. Bill thought it was good and said Wyatt needed to be convinced.

Wyatt arrived, and Bill hailed the presence of his favorite offspring -- neck and neck with Will. Justin exited, and Bill asked if Wyatt was still worried about the phone call. Wyatt replied that it hadn't been just the phone call. Bill believed everything would work out. Wyatt said Bill would be with Steffy, and Bill added that Liam would be where he belonged -- with Hope.

Wyatt recalled that Bill and Steffy had been set to have a meeting the previous night, and Wyatt asked what it had been about. Bill claimed it had been to discuss the cliff house sale, and Wyatt remarked that he hadn't known that the place had been on the market. Citing that Liam wanted nothing to do with it, Bill asked if there was a reason not to sell it.

Wyatt asked what the blanket, candles, and pillows had been doing in there. Bill guessed that Wyatt had caught Bill red-handed and asked if he was grounded. Wyatt raged that Steffy was pregnant with the child of Bill's son and asked what Bill was doing. Bill claimed he and Steffy were unable to fight it, and their relationship was there to stay.

Upset, Wyatt felt that it was horrible, and he didn't even know what to think about Steffy for participating in it. Wyatt refused to keep quiet about it. At first, Bill got upset, but then he said Wyatt was right. Bill thought it was time Liam faced reality.

Bill said that Liam wouldn't listen to Bill, and Steffy was too upset and ashamed to address it. Bill thought Liam would listen to Wyatt, but Bill recommended that Wyatt not mention the romantic setup from the other night. In Bill's opinion, mentioning the details would just hurt Liam more. Bill said Liam needed to know that it would never be over between Bill and Steffy, and maybe knowing would help Liam to stop waffling and to move on with Hope.

Later, Bill was alone when Justin returned. Bill congratulated Justin on doing a good job and said Wyatt had bought it. Justin was upset. It didn't feel right to Justin for Bill to make people believe that he and Steffy had been intimate again. Justin thought there was still a chance for Liam's marriage and declared that it was wrong to use one son to ruin the other son's marriage.

Bill didn't want Justin going all soft on Bill. Bill said it was best for the big picture, and Bill was a big picture type of guy. Justin assumed that the big picture was supposed to be Bill and Steffy. Bill added that it was also Liam and Hope. Justin asked where the child fit in, and Bill stated that she fit in just fine with four parents spoiling her instead of two.

Justin doubted that it was what Liam and Steffy wanted for their child. Justin believed that Bill needed to back off and let Liam and Steffy decide.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam thought of kissing Hope the previous night. Next, he thought of Steffy and the baby. To Liam's surprise, Ridge arrived to talk before Ridge headed to work. Ridge understood the decision Liam grappled with and that Liam thought he had a connection with Hope. Ridge figured that Liam hadn't signed the annulment papers for a reason.

Ridge said Steffy was Liam's wife, and the couple would be parents before they knew it. In Ridge's view, the incident with Bill had only been a one-time thing, but parenthood would bond Liam and Steffy for life. Liam thanked Ridge for his wisdom and guidance. They were things Liam wasn't getting from his own father.

Admitting that Ridge was right, Liam stated that he was in love with two incredible women, but he could only have a life with one of them. Liam had decided which one it would be. Liam knew that he was going to hurt someone. Hope had helped Liam through an unbearable time, and he knew for a fact that he'd be happy with Hope; however, it would mean walking away from Steffy, his marriage, and his daughter.

Liam said he didn't want to rob the child of a complete family. He wanted to be with Steffy and his daughter. Liam thought Hope would be hurt, but he had to give his marriage a shot. Ridge was glad to hear that Liam was going home. Ridge hugged Liam. Liam thanked Ridge and said he was planning a surprise for Steffy.

Later, Liam received a call from Wyatt. Liam said that he was headed to see Steffy, but Wyatt asked Liam to stay at the cabin because Wyatt needed to see Liam.

When Wyatt arrived, Liam was anxious to hear what Wyatt had to say so that Liam could leave. Wyatt asked why Liam was acting as if things were all fine. Liam replied that things were about to be just that, and Liam had made a decision. Liam thanked Wyatt for being supportive and said he might not have been able to do it if it hadn't been for Wyatt. Wyatt asked what the decision was, and Liam revealed that he was going back to Steffy.

Wyatt was surprised to hear it. Liam claimed to know what Wyatt was probably worried about. Wyatt didn't think so. Insisting that he did, Liam said he probably would never get over the nightmare with Steffy and Bill, but Liam had realized that the baby was all that mattered.

Liam said the idea of Steffy and Bill together that night would haunt him; however, for Liam, the key was that it had just been one night, and Steffy kept saying it wouldn't happen again. Steffy wasn't at all interested in their father, and Liam thought that he had to start believing her at some point. Liam planned to tell it to Steffy, and as difficult as the choice had been, he wanted to have a happy reunion. "Well, it's not gonna be that," Wyatt said.

Wyatt stated that there was something Liam needed to know. Wyatt explained that while he had been at work, Steffy had called Bill, who had put the call on speaker. Liam asked why, and Wyatt guessed that it had been Bill's twisted way of proving a point. Wyatt went on to explain that Steffy had wanted to see Bill and was grateful that Bill had kept some secret.

Liam began to get upset. Wyatt continued to explain that Steffy had met Bill behind closed doors at the office, and when they'd emerged, they'd been in each other's arms. Liam didn't want to believe it. He asked if Wyatt was saying that Bill had touched Steffy and that Steffy had allowed it. Affirming it, Wyatt said he'd seen it with his own eyes.

It was killing Wyatt, but he had to tell Liam that it was still happening between Steffy and Bill. "And it's going on behind your back," Wyatt concluded.

At the cliff house, Steffy was surprised when her mother arrived on her doorstep. Steffy had thought Taylor was away, getting treatment. Taylor claimed that the best spot she'd found happened to be in Malibu, and she was getting all the help she needed. Taylor worried about Steffy all the time and didn't want to be far away from her.

Taylor asked how things were with Liam. Steffy told her mother about the incident with the ultrasound and how supportive Liam had been. Steffy just wanted to have a healthy baby, and she had faith that Liam would return home. Steffy stated that if he did, it would be thanks to Bill.

Steffy remarked that she'd seen Bill the previous night. Taylor assumed she wasn't in jail because Bill was still keeping his mouth shut. Steffy said that Bill was honoring the deal, and even though she wanted nothing to do with him, he'd signed the property deed. Steffy felt that taking ownership of the house was akin to taking her power back and regaining control of her daughter's future. It showed Liam that she wanted him and no one else.

A deliveryman arrived with two vases of roses. Steffy gasped when she read one of the cards. It said, "Here's to forgiveness." Steffy said the flowers were from Liam. The other card said, "Here's to love." Steffy believed that Liam had forgiven her and would return to her. The tearful women hugged each other.

Liam and Steffy discuss their future

Liam and Steffy discuss their future

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

by Pam

At the cabin, Wyatt told Liam what he had seen at Spencer. He had seen his dad embrace Steffy. "That's not all. There's more," Wyatt said. Liam shook his head, and Wyatt said he felt terrible telling his brother about their father.

Liam wondered what it all meant, but Wyatt said that it was obvious "what's happening between those two." Liam shared that Steffy had been pleading with him to return to her. Liam warned that Wyatt had to be absolutely sure and not misinterpreting what he'd seen.

"I wish there was a chance that I was wrong," Wyatt said. Liam shook his head and winced. "I need to know everything," Liam said. Wyatt recalled that he'd overheard a phone message in which Steffy had told Bill that she'd needed to see him, and she was grateful to him "for keeping our secret."

Wyatt had also seen Steffy leave the office. He'd seen Bill and Steffy in each other's arms, and Bill had whispered in her ear. Wyatt added that he'd seen "the aftermath" of what he'd thought had been a union between Bill and Steffy, with pillows, blankets, and lipstick. "Something is going on. I don't know how she could do this to you," Wyatt said. Wyatt apologized, and Liam looked furious.

"I know it's crazy and sick, and I had to tell you," Wyatt said. "This can't be happening." Liam said. He said that Steffy had told him she loved him, not their dad. "Over and over again," he said. Wyatt said it was a lot to process. Wyatt suggested a drink, but Liam walked out the door, and Wyatt called after him.

At the cliff house, Taylor smiled, and Steffy cried happy tears as dozens of white roses arrived. Each dozen had a love note that Liam had sent. Taylor shared in Steffy's joy. "He found a way to forgive me and put everything behind us that happened with Bill," Steffy said. She read the notes aloud. "Here's to parenting. Here's to our future. Here's to our family."

Steffy said she'd never wanted to give up on her relationship with Liam, and she had known that Liam couldn't either. Taylor suddenly noted that she found it strange that Bill had willingly sold the house to her. Steffy said she didn't care why. She would change the locks.

Taylor smiled and said she was thrilled for her daughter. Steffy said it had been the best day since she'd learned they were having a baby. Taylor said she had to leave. She wanted Steffy and Liam to be happy. Steffy thanked her mother, and Taylor said she was proud of Steffy for "not giving up on your marriage."

Steffy was grateful that Liam had forgiven her. "It's obvious I will never do anything like that again," Steffy said. They embraced. "Have a great evening," Taylor said, and she left.

Liam entered, and Steffy cried. "Oh, Liam, they're beautiful -- so beautiful," she said. She read the cards: "To our love. Here's to our family. Here's to our future." She told Liam that it meant a lot to her to be surrounded by love. Liam was choked up. He said that white roses signified new beginnings, and he'd sent them to celebrate a second chance. Steffy was happy that Liam had given them a second chance. Liam winced.

Steffy said, "You can buy me flowers whenever you want." However, she added that Liam hadn't needed to send so many.

Liam looked sad, and Steffy asked what was wrong. He answered that he'd found out something. "Did you see my dad last night?" Liam asked. Steffy answered that she had seen Bill in order to sign the papers to purchase the house, and she promised they would immediately change the locks. Steffy couldn't wait to start their new chapter, and she was glad he could leave the cabin and move back into the house to become "the family we always wanted."

Liam asked again about Steffy's contact with his father. He wanted her to clarify that it had been a business transaction and that they hadn't even touched each other. Steffy said there had been no contact. Liam pressed for more information. He wanted assurance that Bill had not touched Steffy. She offered assurance. Liam asked if she had found herself in his arms.

Steffy suddenly remembered that she'd been grateful and had briefly hugged Bill. She said it had meant nothing. She wanted Liam to start their life together. Liam said he'd been ready, but he wondered why she'd been with Bill the previous night. Steffy looked shocked.

At Spencer, Justin warned that Bill had tricked his own son. Bill maintained that Steffy belonged with him and would end up with him. "I don't feel good about this one," Justin shouted. Bill insisted that a life with Steffy was worth everything. "She's your son's wife," Justin seethed.

Bill countered that he'd been righting a wrong because Liam and Hope would have been together and had "a gaggle of kids" if he hadn't kept them apart. Bill insisted it was all happening "exactly as it should." Justin reminded Bill what he was doing to Liam. Bill replied that Steffy should be with him, and not Liam, because they were "two forces of nature that belong together."

Justin argued that Steffy hadn't seen it that way, but Bill said she was in denial because she was pregnant. Justin reminded him that she was pregnant with Liam's baby.

"What if you're wrong?" Justin asked. Bill insisted he was never wrong. Justin warned Bill, "As a friend, you are risking too much." Justin advised that Bill would end up with the same life he'd had in the past, with no family, and he would someday realize what he'd done to his son. Bill insisted that Liam would be better off with Hope. Justin said Bill could have stayed away and let things happen between Hope and Liam.

Bill said he was in love with Steffy. Justin argued that Bill was adding stress to Steffy's life, and it wasn't good for her. Bill claimed that Liam would one day thank him.

Later, Wyatt entered Bill's office and informed Bill that he'd told Liam all about what Bill had done. Bill maintained the he loved Steffy, and he wanted respect from Wyatt.

Wyatt was angry and said that Bill had probably ended Liam's marriage for good.

Liam learns Steffy's secret

Liam learns Steffy's secret

Thursday, May 3, 2018

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke was working when Ridge arrived in a good mood. He claimed it was because he loved her, but Brooke figured that there had to be more to it. Ridge admitted that there was. He said he'd just seen Liam, who'd decided to return to Steffy. Ridge was happy for his daughter and proud of Liam for working through what Bill had done.

Part of Brooke was happy for Steffy, Liam, and Ridge, but the other part was devastated for Hope. Ridge believed that Liam would be sensitive in telling Hope. Just then, Hope entered, wondering what Liam would tell her. Brooke asked how Hope's meeting had been. Hope said Liam had to have made a decision, and she asked what it was.

Hope assumed that Liam had decided to go back to Steffy. Brooke stated that Liam had been deliberating for a long time. Hope knew it; she'd just been hoping for something different. She asked if Steffy knew. Ridge figured Liam was telling Steffy at that moment and would find Hope later to talk. Hope turned away and sobbed. Brooke comforted her daughter.

Wiping away tears, Hope turned to Ridge and said she knew that Steffy was his daughter; however, Hope was leery about what Steffy had done with Liam's father and believed Steffy would do it again if Bill had a say in it. Ridge claimed that Bill wouldn't, and Bill had no hold over Steffy, who didn't have feelings for Bill. Hope wasn't so sure about it.

Hope said Steffy probably had feelings for Bill that she hadn't even acknowledged to herself. Ridge asked Hope to mind her words, but Hope continued, saying Bill still wanted Steffy and was still pursuing Steffy. Ridge decided he'd heard enough. Hope said she was sorry, but she believed Steffy would break Liam's heart again with Bill.

At Spencer, Wyatt was upset that he'd had to tell Liam what had gone on with Bill and Steffy. Bill said not to be dramatic because it wasn't the end of the world. Wyatt thought Bill should tell that to Liam, who wouldn't have expected it from Steffy after all her pleading. Wyatt asked how Steffy could do it to Liam. Wyatt still couldn't believe what he'd seen.

Certain that it was best that Wyatt had told Liam, Bill said Liam wouldn't have believed Bill, and Steffy hadn't been able to tell it. Wyatt was upset that Bill wasn't even sorry about it. Bill claimed to be sorry that he'd hurt his son again, but he felt that the end justified the means sometimes.

Making a drink, Wyatt said Liam might forgive a hug, but not the couch and lipstick on the pillow thing. Bill wished Wyatt hadn't gone into such detail. Wyatt wished he hadn't had to. He thought he'd known Steffy, but he didn't know how she could say nothing was going on with Bill while she was climbing under the sheets with him.

Justin arrived and apologized for interrupting. Wyatt said Justin wasn't. Stating that he hoped Bill was happy, Wyatt left. After the door closed, Justin assumed the plan had worked. Bill said Liam had found out that Bill and Steffy were still involved. "Only thing -- you're not involved," Justin replied. Bill knew that Justin wasn't thrilled with what they'd done.

Justin interjected that it hadn't been what "we" had done; the deception was all Bill's. Bill said it was the best for all concerned, and Liam would end up back in the loving arms of Hope, where he belonged. Steffy would be free to be with Bill, where she belonged. Justin said Bill had used one son to sabotage another son's marriage. Justin didn't think it was right.

Bill insisted that he was doing what was best. "Especially for yourself," Justin interjected. Bill stated that he and Steffy were a force of nature and couldn't be stopped. Bill assumed Liam was with Steffy at that moment, and if Bill knew his son, that marriage was over.

At the cliff house, Steffy showed Liam the property deed and said it was why she'd gone to see Bill. Citing that Steffy could have sent a messenger, Liam concluded that Steffy couldn't stay away from Bill. Steffy claimed it wasn't the case.

Liam said the white roses were symbols of new beginnings and purity, but there was nothing pure about the situation. He asked how Steffy could do it. She said she wasn't interested in Bill, but Liam stated that she'd let Bill touch her. She replied that it was because she'd been grateful.

Steffy decided that she needed to tell Liam something about the night of the shooting and said it was the reason the embrace they were discussing had even happened. She stated that the person who'd shot Bill in the back had something to do with it. Liam asked if she knew who'd shot his father and what that person had to do with her being in Bill's arms.

Steffy said Bill had been protecting someone she loved, and she wouldn't have believed the person had done it until "she" had said so herself. Liam asked who the "she" was, and Steffy said it had been her mom.

"What? What!" Liam exclaimed. Steffy explained that Ridge had told Taylor what had gone on at the guesthouse, and Taylor had flown in to confront Bill. Steffy didn't believe Taylor had intended to shoot him, but she'd seen the gun and snapped. Steffy claimed Taylor had regretted it and run.

Steffy explained that Taylor had returned to town to apologize to Bill and ask him for forgiveness. Steffy had found her mother at Bill's house and had begged him not to call the police. Steffy claimed to be telling Liam because she loved him and wanted him to know everything.

It was starting to make sense to Liam. Steffy and Bill had a secret, and it was the reason Bill had confidently stated that Liam hadn't been the shooter. Steffy conveyed that only the four of them knew about it, and Bill had put the police on another path. Liam responded that he and Steffy knew why Bill wasn't pressing charges against Taylor. Bill was doing it for Steffy.

Steffy claimed she'd gone straight to Liam with the truth, so he wouldn't believe he'd shot Bill. Liam noted that she just hadn't told him the entire truth, and he asked if it was because his father had asked her not to. Liam stated that Bill had power and control over Steffy, and Bill would use her gratitude to get what he wanted. Steffy exclaimed that she didn't want Bill.

Liam said Steffy kept saying she didn't. He wondered if it were true or just what she needed him to believe for things to work. Steffy asked how he could say it. Liam noted that Steffy had said Bill hadn't touched her, but then she'd said he had touched her. "It keeps changing," Liam noted. Steffy replied that she'd forgotten, and Liam asked what else she'd forgotten.

Steffy didn't want Liam making more out of it than it was. She admitted that there had only been an embrace to thank Bill for what he'd done for her mother. Liam wondered what else she hadn't told him. As Steffy tried to reason with Liam, all he could hear in his mind was Wyatt's description of Bill's office after Steffy had left Spencer the previous night.

Liam decided that it was the moment of truth. He asked if there was anything at all Steffy hadn't told him. Steffy replied that there wasn't. She asked where his suspicions were coming from and what had happened to him wanting to reunite. Liam replied that she'd kept too much from him.

Liam stated that Steffy had the secret about Taylor and the one about what had gone on the previous night. "What?" Steffy asked. Liam insisted that he knew more had gone on -- and had been going on. He'd given Steffy the chance, but she had too many secrets. It was just who she was. He couldn't live that way. Liam said he was sorry, but he couldn't do it.

Steffy asked what Liam was even talking about. As she asked if he could even hear her, Liam's mind replayed Wyatt's words about Steffy and Bill hooking up at the office. Liam asked if Steffy had heard him. He said he'd asked her to say anything else he didn't know. Steffy replied that she'd told Liam the truth. Straining to withhold his anger, Liam said he was giving her the chance to say if there was anything more.

Steffy insisted that there wasn't. She said she'd never keep anything from Liam or let what had happened with Bill happen again. Liam wanted to believe it, but he said it was only true until it happened again. Steffy asked Liam to stop being that way.

Liam couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't keep picturing his father's hands on Steffy. Liam didn't like Steffy allowing Bill to keep secrets for her and vice versa. Liam couldn't do it anymore. He turned to leave, but she grabbed his hand to stop him.

Steffy asked Liam not to do it again. Liam said they'd raise the baby, and they'd be good parents. He just couldn't be her husband. Liam decided that he'd file the annulment papers. Steffy begged him not to, but he stated that it was too much. He couldn't live that way, and he needed to find a way to move on with his life. He claimed he'd think of her whenever he saw their daughter, and he said they should just think of the good times.

As Liam left, Steffy called after him, asking what was going on. Standing in the room filled with white flowers, Steffy sobbed, asking why.

Hope and Steffy receive proposals

Hope and Steffy receive proposals

Friday, May 4, 2018

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived and saw a room full of white rose bouquets. He asked why Liam wasn't there, celebrating with Steffy. Steffy murmured that there was nothing to celebrate. Ridge was confused because Liam had said he was ready to return home. Steffy stated that she'd thought so, too; however, Liam didn't want her anymore, and the marriage was over.

Steffy elaborated that Liam thought she was keeping secrets and still seeing Bill. Ridge asked why Liam would think that. She didn't know what would make Liam believe something so horrible. She admitted to hugging Bill at Spencer and said Liam had found out about it. Understanding Liam's problem, Ridge asked her what she'd been hugging Liam's father for.

Steffy claimed it had been innocent, but Liam wouldn't listen to her. Ridge offered to talk to Liam, but Steffy said Liam wouldn't listen to Ridge, either. Ridge asked to whom Liam would listen. Picking up her phone, she named Liam's brother.

At Spencer, Justin was sure Steffy would find out what Bill had done. Bill said that Justin had been the one who'd staged the romantic scene to make it look as if Bill and Steffy had had something going on in there. Bill joked that Justin had even kissed the pillow while wearing lipstick because Justin was truly committed.

Justin stared at Bill, who then said he didn't like hurting his son. Bill just believed that the sooner Liam realized Steffy belonged with Bill, the better. Bill insisted that it was better for everyone involved, and he'd commit to Steffy in a way that Liam never could.

Wyatt walked in, saying that Bill didn't get to criticize Liam's sense of commitment because Liam had been fully committed to his marriage until Bill had interfered.

Later, Justin had exited, and Wyatt's phone was ringing while he harangued Bill about Steffy. When Wyatt saw that it was Steffy calling, he didn't want to answer it. Bill insisted that Wyatt do so, but Wyatt replied that he didn't have anything to say. Bill said Steffy might have news.

Wyatt answered the call, and a desperate Steffy asked him to talk to Liam on her behalf. She explained that Liam had ended things with her. Wyatt didn't know what he could say to Liam. Steffy wanted Wyatt to help convince Liam that she had no secrets. She said Liam thought she still had a connection with Bill, but it was ridiculous.

Wyatt said that Liam had made his decision, and Steffy would get through it. He believed that she had plenty of people to lean on. Wyatt decided that he had to go, and after he clicked off the call, Bill assumed the marriage was over. "No more Steffy and Liam," Wyatt replied, but he didn't get why Steffy was lying.

Bill asked what Wyatt meant. Wyatt said Steffy had wanted him to convince Liam that she wasn't carrying on with Bill, and Wyatt didn't understand why Steffy wanted to keep lying and stringing Liam along. Bill figured that she wasn't ready to admit what she wanted, but he didn't think it mattered because Wyatt had seen her in Bill's arms.

Wyatt wished he could un-see it. Bill thought Wyatt should be happy he'd done his brother a favor. It didn't feel that way to Wyatt, but Bill responded that it would change when Wyatt saw Liam happy with Hope. Bill also thought Steffy would look back someday and wonder why she'd been desperate to save the hopeless marriage.

Back at the cliff house with Ridge, Steffy was sobbing. She didn't know why Liam wouldn't help. She claimed that she'd never betray Liam again, and it killed her that he thought she would.

Ridge stated that Steffy couldn't give up. She didn't want to. She recalled that she'd given up that night. She asked why she hadn't just remained at home instead of going to the guesthouse. In her view, it all went back to that horrible night with Bill.

Later, Steffy was alone, thinking of her last wedding to Liam. Bill quietly entered the house. Noting that he'd talked to Wyatt, Bill asked if it was true about Liam. Steffy said Liam had wanted to return to her, but he thought something was still going on between her and Bill. Bill seemed surprised, but in a narrow tone, Steffy asked why Liam would think that.

Bill replied that it was probably because there should be something going on, and he and Steffy had a connection that couldn't be ignored. Bill asked her to be with him. Steffy fixed her lips to decline, but Bill interrupted, asking her to go away with him for something better. He felt it was time she stopped being second. She asked what he was talking about.

Bill knowingly said it had always been that way with Hope. Bill thought that Liam loved Hope, and Bill told Steffy to think of how different things would be that day if they hadn't trapped Hope in the gondola. Steffy began getting upset. Bill said he and Steffy hadn't been ready back then, but they were "ready now." Steffy said she was in love with Bill's son.

Bill corrected that Steffy was in love with an idea. He told her that Liam wasn't in love with her anymore. Bill said, "Your marriage is over, so why not -- " Steffy assumed he'd asked why not be with him. Agreeing, Bill said to let Hope and Liam have their boring life, because Bill and Steffy had their own adventures in store.

Bill saw him and Steffy running their companies, raising her daughter, and having more children. He imagined weekends on the yacht and summers in Aspen. Bill said Liam couldn't give her everything she wanted, but Bill could take away the pain. Bill believed that he could love her the way she deserved to be loved and for who she was. He again asked her to be with him.

At Brooke's cabin, Liam arrived and flashed back on his conversations that day with Wyatt and Steffy. As Liam wiped away tears, Hope arrived. She was surprised that he was there and said she was just dropping off a gift for Liam and Steffy. Hope conveyed that Ridge had told her the news, and she wanted to show that she was happy for Liam and Steffy.

The sullen Liam said it wasn't happening. He couldn't be with Steffy because it was still going on between her and Bill. Hope asked if Liam was sure, and he relayed that Steffy and Bill had been seen in each other's arms, whispering together. Even though Steffy had tried to make it seem as if it hadn't been a big deal, Liam felt that it was. He said Steffy and Bill had a connection and a history that Steffy couldn't fight.

Liam felt that Steffy and Bill hooking up was inevitable. He believed it would happen, but in the meantime, there were just secrets and lies. Liam didn't want to be a spectator in it anymore. Hope asked if he'd really thought through ending it and what it meant. Liam said he wasn't thinking at all, but he couldn't live with the betrayal and the wondering.

Hope decided that Liam was right, and he and his daughter deserved better. Hope was sick of how Steffy was treating him and trying to have it both ways. Hope was proud of Liam for making the decision. She urged him to take his life back. She believed that he'd be glad he'd done it.

Liam wondered if he'd thanked Hope for returning to his life. Hope replied that she'd never really left, and he asked if he'd thanked her for moving back to town. He thought she'd somehow known he hadn't been okay and had needed her. She asked if he meant she'd seen his distress signal all the way in Italy. Liam said she could joke about it, but there had to be some truth in it.

Liam wasn't sure he believed in fate, but there were signs he couldn't ignore. Hope had shown up when he'd been at his lowest point. He hadn't known how much he'd missed her until then. He said it was the way she lived her life, and it was her light. The way she lived her life was different, and he didn't know why he'd ever let her go. Hope replied that it hadn't always been their decision.

Liam agreed and said Steffy and Bill had interfered. Liam quipped about what a team the two had made. Hope didn't want Liam to start focusing on Steffy and Bill. Agreeing, Liam said he had to move on and do what was best for himself and his daughter. For him, it meant filing the annulment papers. He felt that with Hope's help, he could get back to where he'd been and to where he belonged.

Hope asked what Liam was saying. Liam felt that he needed to get away from Steffy and Bill, and even if forgiveness could be possible, Liam thought he'd always be waiting and wondering, knowing he couldn't count on them. With Hope, it was different. She'd always been there for Liam. She always had a smile, and she was always leading and inspiring. He knew that Hope wouldn't do what Steffy had done.

Liam figured it was sudden, but then he reckoned that it had been years in the making. "Liam..." Hope uttered. He said he admired and respected her. She'd always given him peace and stability. He needed it forever. He asked if they could go back to the way things had been before it had all been taken away from them. "Would you let me cherish you? Love you?"

Hope asked if Liam was saying what she thought he was. "Marry me," Liam stated. He asked if Hope could do it -- if Hope could stand by him, help him raise his daughter, and show the child what love and commitment were. Liam felt that he really needed Hope, and it would be nice if she'd accept. Hope agreed to do it, and the two kissed.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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