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Liam and Hope solidified their commitment. Steffy implored Liam not to get married until the baby was born, but Brooke urged Hope to marry Liam as quickly as possible. Justin and Wyatt clashed with Bill over their roles in breaking up Steffy and Liam.
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Liam and Hope get engaged and share the news with Brooke
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Hope and Liam solidify their commitment

Hope and Liam solidify their commitment

Monday, May 7, 2018

In Brooke's cabin, Hope couldn't believe Liam had just proposed to her. She said she hadn't ever stopped loving him, no matter how hard she'd tried. Liam asked her to never stop. Hope couldn't believe they were getting married. Liam stated that they were taking their life back.

Hope had thought all she'd be was Liam's friend, but she'd never stopped loving him. Liam said he'd felt the connection when he'd seen her at the hotel after she'd returned. It had been as if she'd never left. Hope said she'd be his wife again, and that time, nothing would get between them.

Hope hadn't expected to be engaged that day. She said that when she'd been in Italy, she'd been open to all possibilities. She'd really wanted to fall in love with someone else. Liam chuckled. Hope said she hadn't been able to because none of them had been Liam. Hope and Liam agreed to make a new set of memories to last a lifetime, and they kissed.

Hope and Liam stared at each other, and Hope said she'd missed doing that. Looking into Liam's eyes was how she found her peace. Liam said it was the same for him. He knew she'd never let him down; she just wasn't built that way. He thought she was honest and loyal and didn't take love for granted. Hope said she knew they'd been meant to be the moment they'd met. It hadn't changed, and it never would.

Hope and Liam kissed. Seductive music played, and the two began removing each other's clothes. Later, the two were wrapped in a furry blanket in front of the fireplace. It blew Liam's mind to be with her again. Hope had wanted it for a long time, but she hadn't wanted to let herself believe. "And yet here we are," Liam replied.

Liam said he'd be proud to call Hope his wife, and Hope replied that she'd be lucky to have him as her husband. Being with Hope was like being home for Liam. He said she'd been with him through the darkest time in his life, and she'd never been judgmental. She'd never let him down. He promised to spend his life being what she needed him to be.

Hope said Liam just needed to be himself. Liam thought she had the perfect name, and it was what she inspired in him and others. He felt that she embodied everything good, and she was trustworthy. It was a gift to look into her eyes and see truth. He didn't think she knew how much he needed it. He called her a gift for all time, and they expressed love for each other.

At the cliff house, Bill tried to convince Steffy to give up on a life with Liam and be with Bill instead. To Bill, all the roses signified Liam's broken promises, but Bill was there to give Steffy everything she needed if she'd stop letting Liam play her against Hope. Steffy said she didn't understand why Liam thought something was happening between her and Bill.

Bill asked if Steffy planned to chase Liam down. Bill was sure she'd find Liam with Hope. Steffy insisted it wouldn't happen, but Bill said it already had. Bill told her that she was back in the same position she'd been in years back, and it was an unwinnable competition with Hope. Bill asserted that Liam left; it was what Liam did, but Bill never would. Bill urged her to start a life with him, just as Liam was undoubtedly doing with Hope.

Bill knew that it felt like pressure, but it was really passion. Steffy told him that he needed to stop. He didn't think Liam was the man for her. Liam was too soft, not to mention the mental instability. "Excuse me?" Steffy asked. Bill directed her to look at the whole situation Liam had created for himself about shooting Bill. She stated that Liam had had a concussion.

"He always has a concussion!" Bill asserted. Something was always going on with Liam, who always had issues, and Bill asked why Steffy should have to tiptoe around them. Steffy couldn't believe Bill would say such things after what they'd done to Liam. Bill emphasized that they hadn't done it "to" Liam, and she needed to stop punishing herself.

Bill felt that what they'd shared had been beautiful and honest. Steffy stated that it had been the worst mistake of her life. He didn't think she meant it. He said the drama with Liam would be behind them, and they'd have a smooth road ahead.

Unable to hear it anymore, Steffy roared that she didn't know what was going on, but Liam was wrong about there being anything between her and Bill. She insisted that it had been just one horrible night. She didn't know what had made Liam do what he'd done.

Showing a picture on his phone to Steffy, Bill said he'd renamed his yacht "The Stephanie." Steffy said, "Get that away from me." Bill claimed that he'd done it to show how much Steffy meant to him. He believed that Steffy needed that kind of security. She shouted at him to not tell her what she needed, but he persisted, saying she needed to be adored and cherished, not begging Liam for crumbs.

Steffy pointed out that Bill was the one begging, not her, and she'd told him that she was in love with his son. Bill was sure Liam was with Hope at that very moment. Steffy didn't want to hear it and insisted she'd have a life with Liam. Bill stated that it was why he kept going to her -- not begging -- but trying to get through to her.

Bill asserted that Steffy was wasting her life on a man unworthy of her. Steffy ordered Bill to leave, and he agreed to go. As he walked out, she told him that she didn't know what had made Liam change his mind, but she'd fight for her marriage. She only wanted a life with Liam.

After Bill had gone, Steffy touched the roses and flashed back on Liam saying they represented purity, but nothing there was pure. She recalled Liam saying he couldn't be her husband, and he'd file the annulment papers.

In Bill's office at Spencer, Justin talked about buying a magazine business that he sensed would soon be up for sale. Wyatt seemed distracted, and when Justin noted it, Wyatt assumed Justin knew. Justin asked Wyatt to be more specific, and Wyatt said Bill didn't make a move without Justin knowing. Justin guessed that Wyatt was talking about Bill and Steffy.

Wyatt couldn't believe it was still going on. Justin flashed back on setting up the romantic scene in the office. Wyatt wasn't surprised that Bill had done it, but Wyatt was shocked and angry that Steffy would betray Liam with his father again.

Later, Justin returned to the office. Bill was there alone. Justin assumed Bill had been with Steffy. Bill understood that Justin didn't like Bill's methods, but Bill announced that it had worked. Noting that Bill wasn't happy, Justin was sure Steffy had sent Bill packing because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Liam. Bill thought things would be different because before, Liam had kept Steffy dangling and hadn't made a choice.

Justin assumed Bill thought Liam would rebound with Hope. Bill thought of it as resetting things to the way they'd been before Bill had interfered. Bill thought he was giving Liam and Hope a second chance and righting a wrong.

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt was alone. Katie arrived. They kissed, but she wondered if they should be risking Bill seeing them together. Wyatt replied that Bill wasn't there, and if Wyatt had to guess, he'd say Bill was with Steffy.

Offscreen, Wyatt told Katie about what had gone on with Bill and Steffy. Katie was disgusted and shocked. Wyatt didn't want Katie to tell anyone or confront his father, but he wondered if he should have told Liam. Katie felt that it had been the right thing to do, and she asked how Liam had taken it. Wyatt explained that Liam had been devastated, and Wyatt had felt bad about being the one to tell Liam. Katie said the affair was unthinkable.

Wyatt was sure that Bill and Steffy weren't thinking of anyone but themselves. Wyatt wasn't surprised by his father's behavior, but he couldn't believe Steffy would do it to Liam again.

Wyatt offered to let Katie stay and watch him work, but Katie decided that her time would be better spent at home, getting ready for him to arrive. He flashed back to seeing Steffy and Bill embrace in the corridor at Spencer and decided that Liam was better off without Steffy.

Liam and Hope celebrate with a ring

Liam and Hope celebrate with a ring

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

by Pam

At the cabin, Hope and Liam cuddled after they'd made love, and Liam said, "Hope Spencer." Hope commented that she had liked Hope Spencer. "I'm glad I get to be her again," Hope said. "I'm glad you said yes," Liam said. They kissed again. Liam said it felt good to be together again.

Hope made Liam promise that they would have many more nights like that. Liam promised it would be for the rest of their lives. "Every day for the rest of your life. Every minute of every day," Liam said.

"I still can't believe it," Hope said. Hope and Liam agreed that it hadn't sunken in yet that they were going to get married. They joked that they needed several days alone in the cabin to let it sink in. "Alone with no contact with the outside world," Liam said. They joked that they could have food and supplies delivered, but they needed a good Wi-Fi connection.

Hope said they had to plan another wedding. They discussed that their wedding in Italy had been magical, but Hope pointed out that it had had hiccups. Hope reminded Liam that his father had done everything in his power to keep them apart, but they had an opportunity for a new beginning. "This is the last time. I'm never letting you go again," Liam said. They kissed and smiled.

Liam teased that they were missing something. He mentioned a ring. "We're engaged, and that's all that matters," Hope said. "I proposed to you, and I should have a ring," Liam said.

Liam said they would go to the store and buy one, or Liam would call Wyatt. Hope said she would be back. She got dressed and left. Liam dressed and waited for Hope, and she returned. "Where did you run off to?" Liam asked. Liam teased that he'd been counting on Hope to return with snacks.

Hope pulled out her old engagement ring from Liam. She and Liam discussed that she'd saved the original engagement ring as a symbol of what they'd been through over the years and a symbol of their love.

Liam wondered if Hope wanted to return to Italy, but she said she wanted something small. They discussed that Hope would be a great stepmom, and Hope promised to love Liam's daughter like her own. Liam hoped he and Hope would one day give his daughter a brother and sister. Hope said they'd gotten ahead of themselves. Liam proposed again, and he placed the ring on her finger.

At Steffy's, she welcomed Wyatt and told him she needed his help. She was desperate. "I need your help," she said. She added there was nothing going on with Bill, and she wanted help to hold her family together for her daughter. "I need you to get through to Liam for me. He respects you, and you're going to be my daughter's uncle," she said.

Steffy said she was confused and had no idea what had happened. She pointed to all the flowers that Liam had sent and said that he had wanted to get back together. She asked again for help. She wondered why Liam would think that she was involved with Bill.

Wyatt reminded Steffy that she had been with Bill. Steffy called it the biggest mistake of her life and said she regretted it. Wyatt looked doubtful. She insisted she had no idea what had happened.

Steffy wanted to know why Liam thought she'd been with Bill recently. Wyatt asked why Steffy had gone to Bill's office. Steffy said that she had bought the house and gone to Bill's office to sign the papers. Wyatt asked if Steffy had hugged his father, and Steffy noted that she had because she'd been grateful, nothing else. Wyatt shook his head.

Steffy assumed there was something she didn't know. Wyatt flashed back to what he'd seen -- the scene that Justin had set up that had made it look like Bill and Steffy had been together in Bill's office. Wyatt looked confused.

Wyatt said he had the feeling there was something going on. Steffy wondered if Bill had told Liam more lies. Wyatt assured her his father had not talked to Liam. Steffy shook her head.

"Talk to Liam for me," Steffy begged. Wyatt refused and said his entire family was a mess because of Steffy and Bill. "My brother deserved better," Wyatt said. Steffy apologized and said she didn't want to lose her family. Wyatt left, and Steffy cried.

At Spencer Publications, Justin and Bill argued that Bill had overstepped in order to have a future with Steffy. Bill argued that he would do "whatever it takes." Justin said that Bill was destroying Liam's marriage and his family. Bill insisted that Liam could be a good father without being married to Steffy.

Justin countered that Bill had made the decision instead of letting it happen on its own. Bill maintained that he was making up for lost time. "I interfered with Liam and Hope years ago," he said.

Bill said he owed Hope a debt of gratitude. He figured that Liam was with Hope that night. Justin said that Bill was wrong, and they had known each other a long time. Bill said he and Steffy had waited a long time to be together. Justin noted that it was one-sided. Not once had Steffy said she'd wanted Bill rather than Liam. Bill said it would take time.

Justin said that Bill had used Wyatt to break up Steffy and Liam. He admonished Bill for hurting both his sons and Steffy, who was pregnant with Liam's daughter.

Hope and Liam announce their engagement

Hope and Liam announce their engagement

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Liam looked over the annulment papers, and Hope entered. She told him it was normal to have second thoughts, but Liam said he was ready to move on. "I gotta put this behind me," he said. He had sent for a messenger to deliver the papers after he signed them.

"I'll leave you to it," Hope said and kissed him. Hope left the room. Liam held the papers in his hand and remembered good times with Steffy. He flashed back to kissing Steffy in the surf, their wedding in Australia, and the news that they would be parents. Liam looked sad. He heard Wyatt's voice in his head. "It's still going on behind your back," Wyatt had said of Steffy and Bill.

Liam sat down and prepared to sign the papers. He hesitated but put his signature on the papers and put them in an envelope. The doorbell rang, and it was the messenger to pick up the papers. Liam handed the envelope to the messenger.

Brooke entered the room and wondered if Liam had been looking for Ridge. "He told us what you decided," Brooke said. Liam tried to answer, but Hope entered.

Liam told Brooke that he wanted to talk to Brooke and to Deacon. Hope shared that she and Liam were engaged.

"Engaged?" Brooke said. They all laughed, and Brooke said she didn't know what to say. "Wow! Congratulations," Brooke said. Brooke said it was wonderful news, but she asked about his decision to stay with Steffy. Liam nodded.

Hope admitted she was surprised too. "Did Ridge misunderstand?" Brooke asked. Liam said he had tried to make the best plan for himself and his family. Liam explained that he didn't think that reuniting with Steffy was the answer.

Liam blamed Bill and said that his father had interfered in every relationship he'd ever had. Hope didn't want her mother to worry. Liam said he loved Hope. "Everything in my life had changed except how I feel about Hope," he said. He called her an inspiration and noted he wouldn't have made it through all that had happened to him without her. "I want to be there for her, too, as her husband, for the rest of our lives," Liam promised.

Liam added that it was not a rebound. He was emphatic that they would have a beautiful future, and Brooke agreed they'd loved each other a long time and deserved happiness.

Maya and Rick entered, and Hope and Liam shared the news that they were engaged. Hope held up her hand to show off her ring. Maya and Rick seemed surprised, but they congratulated Liam and Hope. Maya said they were happy for them.

"So, this is the same ring from when you were married before?" Maya asked. Rick commented that he'd expected it would happen, but "I didn't think it would happen this fast."

Liam and Hope looked nervously at one another. "You're a good bother, Rick," Liam said. He explained that If Hope hadn't returned to Los Angeles, he might still be hiding in the hotel room. "I didn't trust anyone, and then Hope showed up at my door and made me laugh," he recalled.

Liam predicted that Hope would say she hadn't done anything, and Hope chimed in that she hadn't done anything. "Does Steffy know?" Rick asked. Hope and Liam looked at each other. Rick also noted that it would create an uncomfortable situation for Brooke and Ridge. Brooke promised to make Ridge understand. Liam said he appreciated the concern, and he promised to tell Steffy, but first he needed to speak to Ridge. Liam left.

At the cliff house, Steffy left a message for Liam and begged him to return her calls. Ridge entered, and Steffy updated him on what had happened. She and Liam had been about to reunite, and he'd changed his mind. "He was ready to start his life with me, and now he's not taking my calls," she said.

Ridge wondered what had happened. Steffy said that Liam had told her there was too much for him to worry about with Steffy and Bill. Steffy was confused because Liam had said he was moving back into their home. She wondered what had happened to make him doubt her.

Ridge questioned what Bill had to do with it. She didn't want to discuss Bill. She told Ridge that Liam had sent her dozens of white roses -- significant of new beginnings -- along with cards. "He put a lot of thought into this. She explained that she had been at Bill's office and hugged him because she'd been grateful for the house purchase she'd made.

Ridge said she shouldn't have hugged Bill. Steffy insisted that Liam hadn't walked away because of a hug with Bill. Ridge disagreed. He told Steffy that the night Bill had been shot, Bill had told him that he would end up with Steffy. "It's Spencer all over it -- no matter what the cost to you, Liam, the kid. This is Bill trying to sabotage your marriage," Ridge said.

Steffy looked confused, but she admitted that Bill had visited her several nights earlier, and she had turned him away. "Bill is obsessed with you," Ridge said. He and Steffy agreed that someone had put doubt in Liam's head. Steffy maintained there was nothing going on between her and Bill. "I want my husband, and I don't want Hope to see this as an opportunity," Steffy said, insisting, "I'm not gonna let Hope interfere in my marriage."

At Forrester, Liam entered Ridge's office. Ridge asked what had happened. Liam said it wasn't possible for him to return to Steffy. "I thought I could forgive. But I found out that your daughter and my father are still involved," Liam said. Ridge disagreed. Liam said he understood that Ridge would defend Steffy.

"I can't keep living under this shadow," Liam said. Ridge argued that Steffy was committed to Liam and their marriage. Ridge insisted that Steffy had not lied to Liam, but Liam shook his head. "My marriage is over," Liam said. He announced that he'd filed the annulment papers.

Liam explained that he could no longer find a way to get past what Steffy and Bill had done. He insisted he had to move on, and he had. "I proposed to Hope," Liam said. Ridge was silent and glared at Liam.

At Brooke's, Hope wanted her mother to be happy for her. Brooke was happy but worried. She called it a complicated situation because Liam had planned to return to Steffy.

Hope reminded her mother that their feelings weren't new. Brooke understood and didn't question their feelings. Brooke assured Hope it would all work out. Steffy burst into the house, looking for Liam.

Brooke left, and Hope hid her hands behind her back. Steffy wondered if Liam was at the cabin because he had not responded to her messages and calls. She explained that Liam had sent her flowers and promised to return to her. "Why are you telling me this?" Hope asked. Steffy said they'd been getting back together, but he had changed his mind. "Hope, I am begging you -- talk to Liam for me and my little girl," Steffy said.

Steffy saw Hope's ring and asked what it was and why Hope was wearing it. Hope tried to explain that she and Liam had reunited. "After all these years of interference, we decided we're not putting up with it anymore. We loved each other for years, Steffy," Hope said.

Hope added that Liam had proposed to her the previous evening, and she had agreed to marry him. Steffy looked around the room and stared at Hope. "What?" Steffy asked.

Brooke's wedding advice clashes with Ridge's

Brooke's wedding advice clashes with Ridge's

Thursday, May 10, 2018

At Brooke's house, Rick, Maya, and Brooke were in an upstairs bedroom, discussing Steffy and Hope, who were together downstairs. Rick wondered if they should intervene, but Brooke didn't think so, saying that the talk between the ladies had been a long time in the making.

Rick listened by the cracked door, and Maya asked if it was what they should be doing. Rick conveyed that he couldn't hear a thing, so there couldn't be any bloodshed. Brooke stated that Hope rarely raised her voice, but she could stand up for herself. Rick agreed. Brooke said it had happened to Hope too much and had started at too young of an age.

Rick stated that Hope didn't blame Brooke. Brooke thought that Hope couldn't afford to because Brooke had been all Hope had had. In Brooke's mind, she hadn't done enough, but she planned to be there and fully support Hope and Liam. "If that's what she wants, that's what she'll get -- no matter what Steffy says," Brooke decided.

Maya asked if there was a wedding date yet. Brooke didn't think so. Rick suggested that they try to put the brakes on it, and Brooke asked why. In Rick's opinion, Liam had been known to change his mind a lot. Brooke asked if Hope and Liam had been kept apart by Liam's mind changing or if it had been a barrage of incidences.

Rick indicated that he couldn't remember all the ins and outs, and he wouldn't try. Maya stated that the proposal did seem like a rebound. "Well, not to me," Brooke said. Brooke claimed that it was two people who loved each other finally getting a chance to be together.

In the living room, Steffy pointed out that Hope was wearing an old engagement ring and that Hope couldn't marry Liam, who was already married to Steffy. Hope said that Liam probably wanted to tell Steffy himself, but the annulment papers had been filed. Steffy said the papers had just been sitting there, and she and Liam had been about to reunite.

"But you signed them," Hope replied. Steffy asked what Hope had done to make Liam sign them. Hope responded that she hadn't done anything. Steffy accused Hope of lying about not wanting to break up Steffy's family. Hope said it wasn't true, and Steffy asked what Hope called stealing Steffy's husband. Hope quipped that she called it what Steffy had done to Hope more than once. Steffy gleaned that Hope wanted revenge.

Hope was shocked that she had to remind Steffy, who was accusing Hope of stealing Liam, that Steffy had manipulated Liam and Hope for years. Steffy claimed that they'd been practically children, but Hope sniped that some memories never faded.

Steffy asked if it seemed normal that Hope would have a ring on her finger within less than a day's time of Liam filing the papers. Steffy asked if it was something a man in his right mind would do. "So, you're just going to say yes when someone is asking you a question out of pain and anger?" Steffy asked.

Hope claimed she didn't have to question anything because Liam shared what he thought and felt with her. She said he wanted to reclaim what they'd had. Steffy replied that Liam had wanted to do that with her just the other day. It didn't make sense to Steffy that Liam thought she'd crossed a line with Bill, and she asked if Liam had said anything or if anyone had told Liam something. Hope replied that Liam hadn't said anything, and she hadn't asked.

Steffy said she had never doubted Hope's integrity until that day. Hope swore she hadn't said any untruths. "You are so thirsty!" Steffy quipped and ordered Hope to take the ring off her finger. Steffy said Hope knew that Liam had only proposed because he was hurt, angry, and confused.

Hope asked if Steffy was saying that Hope couldn't be that much of a challenge if Liam was only with her due to displaced feelings. Steffy said some miscommunication had derailed her reunion with Liam, and Hope deserved a man who loved only her, not one escaping a betrayal. Steffy believed Liam would someday realize that it wasn't real, and Steffy asked what Hope would say to Liam, Steffy's daughter, or to herself in the mirror.

Later, Brooke entered the living room. She'd heard Steffy's car leave. Hope said that Steffy had sworn she wasn't seeing Bill. Brooke replied that, like her mother, Steffy would keep a secret until it was impossible to do so. To Brooke, all that mattered was the way Hope had chosen to answer Liam's question. Hope asked if it had been too soon for Liam to ask.

Brooke asked if it were too soon for whom. The sulking Hope said Liam had been having conflicting feelings. Brooke warned Hope not to let Steffy get in Hope's head or to let anyone else's opinions rule her -- even if the person lived under their roof. Brooke believed that the marriage proposal was a culmination of years of feelings, wishes, and disappointments that had been out of Liam and Hope's control.

Brooke believed that Liam and Hope should get married right away. Hope was surprised by the suggestion. Brooke stated that Hope would be hit over and over with disparaging remarks about how she could do it to the child when, in truth, the child would be better off there with all of them than with Bill and Steffy.

Expressing that she didn't want to lose Hope to Europe again, Brooke asked Hope to stay there and have the wedding there. Brooke said she'd talk to Ridge about it, and Hope shouldn't worry. Brooke felt that it was time for Hope and Liam to finally get married and be together.

At Forrester, Liam figured that Ridge wouldn't take the news well about Liam's engagement to Hope. Liam said he just wanted to be done with what his father had done to him and was still doing to him. "Poor Liam wants to be happy again," Ridge quipped. Liam agreed that it was true. Ridge asked if letting Bill take everything from Liam would make Liam happy again.

Liam didn't believe he could control what "they" did. He could only choose not to be a part of it. Ridge asked who "they" were and said that there was no "they." In Ridge's view, Steffy had only met with Bill to buy the house because Liam didn't want to live it in if it were Bill's. Shaking his head in defiance, Liam declared that he was not living in that house again.

Ridge suggested that Liam and Steffy sell the house. Liam roared that he'd rather live in a bus stop than know that Steffy had secretly gone to Bill, made plans with Bill, or been alone with Bill in any room for any reason. Ridge asked if Liam had told Steffy that, and Liam asked if he really had to spell something like that out.

Ridge thought it was one thing for Liam not to like the choices Steffy had made, but Ridge didn't know where Liam was getting it from that Steffy was having an affair when she wasn't. Liam replied that it was from a trusted source who would know, and Ridge rendered an expression of sarcasm and disbelief.

Liam asserted that Ridge had wanted him to make a decision. Ridge replied that he'd wanted Liam to make a good decision, not to throw his life away. Liam didn't know why he was trying to justify himself to Ridge, who thought his daughter could do no wrong. Liam decided that all he owed Ridge was to say that Liam was marrying a woman he'd known for years, a woman he could trust.

Liam tried to leave, but Ridge said Liam was running away again. Liam asked what else Ridge had to say, and Ridge asked why Liam thought Steffy was trying daily to work things out. Liam replied that it was because they'd had a good life together -- or Steffy might not want the hardship of being a single mother.

Liam mused that it was a hardship being with Bill, who couldn't offer Steffy respectability. Laughing, Ridge said Liam didn't know Steffy at all. In Ridge's view, Steffy had never cared about respectability and would just be with Bill if that was what she wanted. Ridge believed Liam knew that, and it was why he'd flooded the cliff house with roses.

Liam yelled that had been before he'd known. "Before you knew what?" Ridge yelled back. He asked if Liam thought Steffy was stupid enough to make the same mistake, and Ridge asked if Liam thought Steffy would let someone catch her slipping into Bill's car or bedroom. Liam said he couldn't read Steffy's mind; all he'd ever had to go on was where she went and what she did when she got there. Ridge believed that all Liam had was what Bill was feeding him.

Scoffing, Liam was amazed by the momentous things people had to say to him about how he should live his life. Liam said that he loved Steffy, and he couldn't help that; however, Steffy wanted what she wanted, and Liam couldn't live with what she wanted.

Ridge understood Liam's pain. The thought of Bill's hands on Steffy made Ridge's skin crawl. Ridge admitted that he hadn't been able to handle it when he'd returned from Europe to learn that Brooke had been with Bill. Ridge said he'd had to cut Brooke out, but he'd been wrong to do it because, like Steffy, Brooke had made a mistake.

Ridge said that the mistake didn't make the women strangers, and what the women needed was understanding and forgiveness. Ridge recalled that the last time the men had spoken, Liam had decided to do just that, but something had changed. Liam affirmed that something had changed. Ridge called whatever it was a lie orchestrated by Bill because Bill wanted to close every door open to Steffy but his.

Liam claimed he didn't speak to Bill anymore, and Ridge replied that Bill had to have gotten someone else to do the talking. Liam stated that he trusted very few people, but Ridge advised Liam to let whomever it was go because they were painting a picture that Liam had known to be false just a day prior.

Liam said he hadn't arrived there to argue or get advice. Ridge believed that Liam actually had, and Ridge believed that Liam wanted Ridge to tell Liam why the situation couldn't possibly be right. Ridge didn't have the answers, but Ridge advised Liam to slow down and not marry Hope as they awaited the answers.

Ridge said Liam couldn't sign the annulment with one hand and give a ring to his second choice with the other. Liam said not to call Hope that. Liam just wanted his life back, and being married felt right to him. It gave him safety and strength to have someone he could trust with every secret and flaw, and Liam needed it.

Ridge warned that it wouldn't be the same. It would be homey and sweet, but it wouldn't be the same passion and compassion Liam had had with Steffy. Ridge asked what Liam would do when they put the baby in his arms and then took her away because Liam lived elsewhere.

Ridge offered to give his blessing if Liam waited six months or a year to marry Hope. Ridge asked that Liam let time heal it first and said it would happen if Liam let it.

At the cliff house, Steffy had just arrived and was looking at one of the bouquet cards when Liam slipped in through the slightly open front door. He said he couldn't stay, and Steffy replied that it was okay. He said he thought he should tell her something. As he stammered, she said he'd proposed to Hope. Liam said he was sorry, and she told him to call it off.

Liam scoffed, saying Steffy's name, and Steffy asked if he expected her to congratulate him. Steffy said it wasn't fair to them or to Hope. Liam guessed he shouldn't have gone there. Steffy asked why it had to be then. Liam said he wanted to move on with his life. Steffy asked that he wait until the baby was born, but he asked what difference it would make.

Steffy said the baby would be there soon, and what Liam wanted at that moment, he might not want later. She sobbed, asking him to wait to marry Hope until after the baby was born.

Brooke unleashes on Steffy

Brooke unleashes on Steffy

Friday, May 11, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy asked how Liam could really know what he wanted so soon after signing the annulment papers. She felt that if he was meant to be with Hope, he would be; however, he could at least wait until after the baby arrived. Steffy said she'd only made one mistake, and it had happened months back. She insisted that nothing was happening between her and Bill. In his mind, Liam heard Wyatt's assertions about Bill and Steffy.

Liam believed that he could trust Steffy as the baby's mother, but not with his heart again. Steffy said he was wrong. She was sure he'd feel different once the baby was born. She asked him to take a breath and not marry Hope until he'd had a chance to hold their baby in his arms.

Liam fiddled with some of the roses, and Steffy said he'd sent them to celebrate new beginnings. Liam replied that it had been the plan before. Confused, Steffy asked what had changed his mind. None of it added up to her. He replied that he'd just made a choice. She suspected that he'd chosen safety over his true desires.

Liam disagreed, but Steffy insisted that Hope was the safe choice. Liam didn't want Steffy to disparage Hope and said Hope was his only shot at a future in which he was happy. Steffy asked if he was with Hope to keep himself from Steffy. Once again, Steffy declared that there was nothing between her and Bill, and she wanted nothing to do with him.

Deciding that he and Steffy had said all they'd needed to, Liam was ready to leave. Steffy wanted to talk more, but Liam walked out of the house.

Later, Steffy called Pam and asked to be put through to Ridge, who wasn't answering his cell phone. Pam said he wasn't at Forrester and suggested that Steffy call the home phone. Steffy thought about doing that, and on her phone, pulled up Brooke's numbers. Steffy decided to just go over there, and she left the house.

At Brooke's cabin later, Liam swiped through pictures of him and Steffy. He said it hadn't been easy to let her go. He thought of Wyatt asserting that it wasn't over between Bill and Steffy.

At Spencer, Justin tried to reason with Bill about the stunt they'd pulled. It hadn't felt right to Justin. Bill quipped that Justin was turning into a tissue in his old age. Behind Justin, Ridge bound into the room, demanding to know what Bill had done to make Liam leave his wife.

Justin exited, and Bill asked Ridge what the nonsense was about. Ridge again asked what Bill had done. Remarking that he was busy empire building, Bill asked why people answered his questions with questions. Ridge said Liam thought there was something between Bill and Steffy, which was gross and ridiculous. "Is it?" Bill asked.

Ridge believed that the lie had led Liam to file the annulment papers. Bill thought it was a shame, but the marriage should end if it had to end. Bill felt bad for Liam but said it could be a time to reflect. Ridge revealed that Liam had proposed to Hope instead. Bill thought it was about time, but Ridge asserted that Liam had been married to Steffy the day before.

Bill said that the marriage had become a formality, and it was good that Liam had moved on, because Steffy had. Ridge called Bill delusional. Ridge didn't believe that there had been -- or ever would be -- anything between Bill and Steffy. Again, Ridge asked what Bill had done. Bill began wondering if Ridge understood the "birds and the bees."

Ridge asked Bill to try to remember what it was like to be a decent father to Liam. Ridge wanted Bill to talk Liam out of marrying Hope before it was too late. Behind Ridge, the door opened. Ridge said it wasn't easy for Ridge to talk to Bill man to man when all Ridge really wanted to do was slam Bill's head in a filing drawer. He asked that Bill talk to Liam about marrying Hope.

After Ridge exited, Justin closed the door and asked if Liam was marrying Hope. Bill responded that it seemed so. Justin said that Steffy hadn't betrayed Liam and had always been true to him. Bill believed that the lipstick on the pillow said otherwise. Justin asked what had happened to putting family first and noted that Bill had put Steffy first instead.

Bill insisted that his whole family benefited. In Bill's mind, Liam would get to be with Hope, where he belonged, as evidenced by how quickly Liam had asked Hope to marry him. Bill believed Steffy would benefit the most by winning the biggest prize of all. "Me," Bill declared.

At Brooke's house, Hope was unsure about rushing into a wedding, but Brooke asked how long it had been since Liam had first given Hope the engagement ring. Brooke believed that Hope was a good person, and though Brooke didn't want to speak badly of Steffy, Brooke suspected that, as before, Steffy would use the trait against Hope. Steffy had gotten between Liam and Hope too many times for Brooke's taste, and Brooke wouldn't let Steffy do it again.

Brooke stated that Hope shouldn't wait because Steffy would be there every day to try to change Liam's mind. Brooke figured that if words didn't work, Steffy would take action, and Brooke asked if Hope remembered what Steffy had done the last time. Though Hope believed Brooke had a point, Hope didn't want to rush a wedding for fear of what Steffy might do.

Brooke hadn't meant to imply what Hope had said. Brooke felt that Liam was committed, and his values lined up better with Hope's than Steffy's. Brooke was confident about the couple's future. Marrying quickly appealed to Hope, who said Liam had told her how much he needed it. Brooke added that it was also because Hope wanted and needed it as much as Liam. Hope agreed, and Brooke announced that she was the wedding planner, reporting for duty.

Hope said she'd understand if Brooke wanted to keep a low profile because of Ridge, but Brooke replied that she wouldn't hide her happiness about Hope and Liam. Because Brooke was taking such an approach, Hope decided to ask Brooke to be the matron of honor. Brooke readily agreed, and Hope asked if Brooke would help find a gown.

Hope didn't want to ask Ridge to design the dress, but Brooke said Ridge would do it. Hope didn't want to put him in that position and reasoned that they couldn't wait for a gown to be designed, anyway. Brooke got an idea, and the women went upstairs.

Later, Brooke was back in the living room, looking up the staircase and asking if Hope was ready. Hope appeared on the overlook in Brooke's last wedding dress. Brooke hummed the wedding march, and Hope descended the stairs. Brooke was anxious to know if Hope liked the dress. Though it needed a few alterations, Hope decided that it was just what she wanted.

Brooke handed Hope a sprig of flowers from a vase and told Hope to imagine the wedding by the fireplace. A fantasy played of Liam and Hope before the fireplace as the groom and bride. Steffy burst into the house, and Hope snapped out it.

Steffy asked what the women were doing and if they had no shame. Hope's mouth gaped in embarrassment, and Brooke said that the engaged Hope needed to try on wedding dresses. Steffy believed that there would be no marriage, and Liam would change his mind after the baby was born. Brooke said Hope and Liam would already be married by then.

Steffy accused Brooke of trying to trap Liam with a quickie marriage and asked if Hope or Brooke cared that Steffy was still pregnant. Steffy called it a disgrace, but Brooke retorted that the only disgrace there was a wife who'd slept with her father-in-law. Brooke had had to listen to the kind of garbage Steffy was spewing from Taylor and had stupidly put up with it for years. Brooke swore that she wouldn't let Hope put up with it from Steffy. "I won't!" Brooke yelled.

Steffy was proud to be compared to her mother and hoped she had half Taylor's strength when fighting for what was right. Steffy asked for some decency and said Hope and Brooke didn't have to trap Liam with an instant wedding. Brooke believed that Steffy had interfered with Hope and Liam for too long, and Brooke recalled that Steffy had trapped Hope in a gondola while Steffy had manipulated Liam into marrying her.

Steffy assumed Brooke was helping Hope manipulate Liam, but Steffy didn't think Hope was a homewrecker. To Brooke, Steffy sounded more and more like Taylor, who'd blamed Brooke for hurting her children. Brooke said it hadn't been true then, and it wasn't true that very day. Brooke stated that Taylor had been the one to interfere, but Brooke and Ridge had found their way back to each other. Brooke declared that Hope and Liam had, too.

Brooke ordered Steffy to get it in her brain and accept that Hope and Liam would be married. Brooke said there was no way she'd let Steffy stop them.

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