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Wyatt learned that Bill had scammed him, and Bill attempted to buy Wyatt's silence. Katie urged Wyatt to keep quiet about what he knew in exchange for Bill's good favor. Bill tacitly used Taylor as leverage to weaken Steffy's resolve about him and her life with Liam.
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Wyatt wrestles with telling Liam the truth about Bill and Steffy
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Wyatt fumes over what he hears in Bill's office Wyatt fumes over what he hears in Bill's office

Monday, May 14, 2018

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke had coffee. She thanked him for understanding about Hope and Liam, but Ridge said he didn't understand, not really. Brooke empathized with Ridge; however, she felt that Liam had made his choice, and Hope deserved to be happy.

Ridge wondered if it was what Liam really wanted. Brooke insisted that it was. Brooke believed that the couple wanted to get married as soon as possible, and she wanted to see it happen. "Liam has made his choice," Brooke told the dubious Ridge.

Brooke picked up her tablet to contemplate dates. Taking the tablet and putting it down, Ridge asked if she was being realistic. She asked if he really thought Bill had played Liam. Ridge insisted that Steffy wanted nothing to do with Bill, but Bill would do anything to get her.

Brooke reminded Ridge that Steffy had been with Bill. Ridge asserted that it had been one horrible night, and Steffy didn't want that manipulator. Brooke said Bill was no longer manipulating Steffy. Ridge replied that Bill had moved on to manipulating Steffy's husband, but Brooke stated that Liam was not Steffy's husband.

Ridge concluded that it meant Bill's manipulations had worked, and Bill was the reason Liam and Steffy weren't together. Brooke corrected that the reason the couple was apart was due to that one night, which apparently hadn't been so horrible to Steffy, who kept saying that Bill hadn't forced himself upon her. Brooke said Liam had every reason to believe the two were still carrying on, but Ridge insisted that Steffy's family was entangled in Bill's web of lies.

Ridge didn't understand how Liam had been headed toward the reunion only to drop it. Brooke said Liam had learned the truth. Ridge stated that Liam had learned "something," and whatever it had been, Bill had to be behind it. Brooke hoped Ridge was wrong because it would be devastating for everyone. Ridge was adamant that he wasn't wrong.

At Forrester, Hope showed off her ring to Thorne, Maya, Rick, and Emma. Rick joked that it was nice for a retread. Hope conveyed that it was an old engagement ring from Liam that she'd thought might become useful again. Rick said Liam had better know how lucky he was.

Thorne asked when the wedding would be. Hope told everyone that Brooke was planning the wedding and had loaned Hope a dress. Rick asked if it would be at the house. Hope affirmed it and added that Brooke wanted it to happen right away.

Emma asked to hear about the proposal, which Hope described as sweet and unexpected. She said she'd been there just to support Liam, but after one thing had led to another, it had just happened. Thorne asked if the couple would elope, but Hope said her mother would never allow it, even though some people weren't supportive. Thorne assumed she meant his brother.

Hope got that Ridge was looking out for Steffy, but Hope said that Liam had chosen to be with her. Maya believed that it would be a good party if Brooke was planning it. Hope and Emma danced next to each other, hyped about the party.

Everyone thought Hope deserved happiness. Hope thanked them and wished everyone felt that way. Rick assumed Hope meant Steffy. Hope began to say something about the baby but then cut herself off, deciding that she'd shower the baby with love. Thorne asked how his brother, Ridge, was handling things. Thorne imagined it was tense with Brooke and Ridge.

In Brooke's cabin, Wyatt arrived. Over coffee, the men discussed how Liam was doing. Liam was much better for knowing the truth about Bill and Steffy. Wyatt wasn't surprised that Bill had done it, but Wyatt hadn't expected Steffy to betray Liam the way she had.

Wyatt asked if Liam was really ready to marry Hope. Liam acted as if it was long overdue, but he gasped as it occurred to him that he hadn't considered Wyatt's history with Hope. Wyatt, who'd barely even seen Hope, said it wasn't an issue. He wished Liam would catch his breath before marrying again, but otherwise, he supported Liam's choices.

Because of Wyatt's support, Liam asked if Wyatt would be the best man at the wedding. Wyatt was surprised and said he'd be honored. Liam felt that Wyatt and Hope were the only two people that Liam trusted to give him the truth.

Wyatt asked for wedding details, but Liam said he was leaving it up to Hope and Brooke. Wyatt asked what his duties would be, and Liam told his brother to just get him there on time.

Liam became reticent, and Wyatt asked what was going on. Liam stated that it was overwhelming. Liam asked if Wyatt knew that Liam didn't hate Steffy. Wyatt knew it, but he wouldn't blame Liam if Liam did. Liam began saying it was a different case about his father, but abruptly, Liam changed course, stating that he'd put it behind him. "Did you?" Wyatt asked.

"Yeah...I mean...yeah...yeah..." Liam meekly said. Though Liam did still love Steffy, he wanted to move on with Hope and restore honesty to his life. Wyatt believed that Liam would get honesty from Hope and him. Liam thought it couldn't have been easy for Wyatt tell Liam about Bill and Steffy. Wyatt said it had needed to be done, and Wyatt would never lie to Liam over something as important as his marriage.

Liam thought of how much things had changed and said it was mostly due to Wyatt. Wyatt wasn't happy about what he'd had to do. Liam said he kept imagining Steffy showing up in Bill's office. Wyatt said Liam didn't have to torture himself like that. Liam stated that he wouldn't have trusted the information from anyone else. Wyatt replied that, for the record, he hadn't seen anything going on in the office.

Liam was satisfied that Wyatt had seen the aftermath. Wyatt readily agreed as Liam recounted Wyatt's description about the whispering in the hall and the lipstick pillow in the office. To Liam, it didn't get more "damning," and he was angered by the thought of Steffy liking Bill's hand on her.

Wyatt got Liam to turn his thoughts from that to the new life ahead with a person who wouldn't let him down. Hugging Wyatt, Liam said Hope wasn't the only one. Wyatt said Liam was free from the past. Liam felt free. Though Liam didn't think it was the ideal way to raise a kid, the bright side was that the child would have two mothers. Liam said he'd spend his life being what Hope needed him to be, and Liam and Hope would build a future together and never look back.

In Bill's office, Bill and Justin hotly debated Bill's betrayal of Liam. Bill didn't recall doing a thing. "You, on the other hand..." Bill said. Justin felt bad for his role in things, but Bill said to stop whining and look at the upside. Bill noted that Liam had Hope, and Bill had Steffy. Justin corrected that Bill didn't, but Bill replied that it was written in the stars.

Justin warned that lie-filled stars burned out, and he wondered if Bill understood what he'd set in motion. Bill replied that he'd orchestrated it. Justin said Steffy was alone and pregnant because of one night. Bill called it an incredible night that had changed everything. Bill was sure Liam would thank Bill someday.

Justin was amazed that Bill thought it would all just work out for him. Bill stated that everything would fall into place. Justin assumed it would do so because of Bill's sleight of hand. Bill called himself "the Great Spencerini," who was righting a wrong. After keeping Hope and Liam apart, Bill would be the one to put them back together.

Later, Bill entered his office and was surprised that Justin was still there. Justin wanted to continue the talk about Steffy, but Bill said they would talk about something more important, like what Bill had rolled up in that day. Justin assumed it was the 1971 Ferrari and remarked that Wyatt would lose his mind. What Justin didn't want Bill to lose was his perspective.

Bill got upset when Justin got back on the Steffy topic. Justin was concerned because he'd never seen Bill lose it over a woman like that before. Bill insisted that he was not losing it and was fully in control. Justin didn't think it was like Bill to make one rash decision after another and asked how important family was to Bill.

In the corridor, Wyatt slinked up to the door, which was slightly ajar, and listened to Bill and Justin's argument. Bill said family was still important. Justin retorted that Bill had a "damn" stupid way of showing it, and Bill could lose both his sons. Justin stated that Bill couldn't play God with his children. Bill said they needed to agree to disagree before Bill told Justin to "shut the hell up."

Justin asserted that what Bill had wanted him to do was wrong. Justin yelled that he'd set up the fake intimacy scene in the office, and it had been wrong. Justin exclaimed that Steffy was totally committed to Liam and had no interest in Bill, but Bill had used one son to break up the other son's marriage. It was wrong in Justin's eyes and was really bad. Justin believed that there would be a price to pay for playing Wyatt for a fool.

Behind the cracked door, Wyatt flared his nostrils in anger.

Brooke and Taylor face off Brooke and Taylor face off

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill and Justin argued about what Bill had done to Wyatt, Liam, and Steffy. Justin shouted that Bill had set up Wyatt and duped him. Wyatt was outside the door and overheard the conversation. "Are you freaking kidding me? Is this true? Is it?" Wyatt shouted at his father.

"Leave us, Justin," Bill ordered. Justin left, and Bill sat down and covered his eyes with his hand. "What is going on here?" Wyatt demanded. He was furious that his father had set him up. "Nothing is beneath you, is it?" Wyatt asked. He lamented that he had bought everything his father had fed him, and he had personally destroyed Liam's marriage to Steffy. "How could you do that to me? To them?" Wyatt asked.

Bill started to claim he was meant to be with Steffy, and Hope was meant to be with Liam, but Wyatt shook his head. "There is no Steffy and you. Liam was going back to his wife and his family," Wyatt reminded his father.

Wyatt added that Steffy continued to tell everyone that sleeping with Bill would be the greatest regret of her life. Wyatt insisted that Bill's spiel about "Spencer blood above all else" was a lie. "You conned me to steal my brother's pregnant wife. You are sick!" Wyatt screamed.

"Are you finished," Bill asked. He advised Wyatt that Liam was happy. He added that Liam had moved into the cabin on the Forrester property to be closer to Hope. All that had happened before Liam had made a decision to forgive Steffy. Bill maintained that Hope and Liam loved each other and wanted to be together.

Wyatt warned his father to back off because he'd treated everyone like they belonged on a spreadsheet. Wyatt railed at Bill that he was hurting his granddaughter. Bill scoffed and said the family would raise her together. Bill insisted that Steffy would realize her feelings for him once Liam and Hope were together. Wyatt disagreed and said that Liam, Hope, and Steffy would hate Bill and want nothing to do with him once they found out what Bill had done.

Bill warned Wyatt not to tell anyone what had happened. "You will not interfere, and shut up," Bill demanded. He warned Wyatt to remain loyal to him or lose everything. Wyatt scoffed. "Why would I believe anything coming out of your mouth?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt chastised his dad for hurting Steffy's unborn daughter

Bill started to advise Wyatt about being his heir apparent, and Wyatt refused to listen. He refused to be loyal and headed for the door, but Bill grabbed his arm and warned that Wyatt would not tell Steffy or Liam.

At Forrester, Rick, Maya, Thorne, and the new intern celebrated Hope's engagement. The intern asked if Hope had fallen head over heels and been in love at first sight with Liam. Rick laughed and said that "everybody falls in love with my kid sister at first sight." Liam entered and said he was happy to share in the celebration. Rick poured Champagne for everyone, and they toasted to Hope's happiness. Rick called his future brother-in-law "a very lucky man." They all toasted.

"I don't know what on earth I did to deserve you, but I am so grateful," Liam said. He added that Hope had saved him after all that had happened. He was glad they could put the past behind them.

Later, Hope and Liam were alone and discussed wedding plans. Liam said he'd asked Wyatt to be his best man, and Hope said her mother had offered the house for the wedding and was already planning the ceremony for right away.

Liam and Hope embraced and agreed that they couldn't believe how their lives had changed and that they were finally creating a lasting future together. Hope promised to always support Liam. Liam said Hope was the most trustworthy woman in the world. They kissed. Hope was sorry that Liam had been hurt, but Liam was thankful that Hope was back in his life and brought love, peace, and stability to his life.

At Steffy's, Taylor was shocked that Liam had filed the annulment papers and was engaged to Hope. "I saw the ring," Steffy said.

"Oh, honey, I am so sorry," Taylor said. She wondered how Liam could do such a thing to Steffy and the baby. "I just don't understand," Taylor said. She remembered seeing all the flowers that Liam had sent. Steffy explained that somehow someone was working against her to make Liam believe that Steffy was still involved with Bill.

Taylor asked what had happened that would give Liam that idea. Steffy explained that she had been at Spencer to sign papers for the house, and Bill had initiated a brief hug, which had meant nothing. She was frantic that Liam had decided to marry Hope right away.

Steffy explained that she had seen Hope wearing Brooke's wedding gown. "Brooke is the one pushing this wedding," Taylor said. She said that Brooke knew that Liam would change his mind again and was trying to rush the wedding. Taylor claimed the wedding wouldn't happen. "It's not going to happen if I have anything to say about it," she said.

At Brooke's house, she met with the wedding planner, who said there would be no problems, but getting the flowers Brooke wanted would take a few weeks. Brooke said that was unacceptable because they wanted the wedding to happen in days. Brooke explained that Hope was marrying Liam Spencer, and it would be happening soon. The wedding planner noted that Liam was already married to Steffy Forrester, and she wondered what had happened.

The planner stopped and said it was none of her business, and it would all be confidential. Brooke thanked her and said the wedding would take place at the house and would be just family and friends. The planner promised to take care of everything and left.

Later, Taylor entered. "I assume you know why I'm here," Taylor said. She and Brooke sparred about their daughters denying one another happiness. Brooke warned Taylor not to interfere and reminded her that Steffy had destroyed her own marriage by sleeping with Bill. Brooke insisted that Steffy couldn't blame Hope for that.

Taylor explained that she'd seen all the cards and flowers that Liam had sent when he'd wanted to get back together with Steffy. She wondered why Liam had changed his mind.

Brooke didn't know what had changed Liam's mind, but she knew that Liam had filed annulment papers. "Is this really what you want?" Taylor asked. She wondered how Brooke could want Hope to marry Liam on the rebound. Brooke agreed "it's messy," but she reminded Taylor that Hope and Liam had been in love for a long time. "Steffy brought this on herself," Brooke said.

Bill influences Wyatt's decision Bill influences Wyatt's decision

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill and Wyatt argued, and Bill maintained that Liam belonged with Hope. Wyatt countered that even if that was true, Bill didn't have the right to tear Liam and Steffy apart with a lie. "I believed it so much," Wyatt said. He insisted that Steffy wanted nothing to do with Bill. "She is in love with Liam," Wyatt shouted.

Bill countered that Wyatt needed to trust him. "It's the best outcome for everyone concerned," Bill said. Wyatt questioned if it was best for Bill's granddaughter or for Steffy.

"My goal is always the best interest of my family -- even in this circumstance," Bill said. He reminded Wyatt that Hope and Liam would have been married years earlier if Bill hadn't interfered at the time. He added that he, Steffy, Liam, and Hope had all wound up with the wrong partners. "Let them have the life they've always wanted," Bill said of Hope and Liam.

Wyatt said that Bill should have let things happen on their own. Bill disagreed. He said that Steffy and Liam were "a disaster waiting to happen." "I saw Steffy first, and when things get tough, who does she turn to?" Bill asked. He said Hope was the calm Liam needed, and Steffy was the storm. Wyatt insisted that it was wrong to lie to Liam and not give him all the facts.

Bill made a case for logic. He reminded Wyatt that, on some level, Wyatt knew Bill was right about Hope and Liam. Bill added that Wyatt was reasonable like Bill. He understood business and was more like Bill than Liam could ever be. He called Wyatt a true Spencer man. "He doesn't cut it; he's not you," Bill said of Liam.

Bill told Wyatt that he felt it was time to tell Wyatt that Wyatt was his favorite son. "I didn't want you to get cocky," Bill explained. Bill added that he and Wyatt were similar in deal-making, mindset, and hustle. He called Wyatt a "a true Spencer." "I am proud to call you my son," Bill said. Wyatt looked disillusioned.

Bill said he and Wyatt were ruthless to succeed while Liam was a "sweet, wonderful guy," but Bill said Liam was soft. "And that's why he needs a woman like Hope -- sweet and innocent and trustworthy," Bill said.

Wyatt shook his head, but Bill continued to make his case. He insisted that Steffy would hurt Liam again. "Steffy and I will not be able to stay away from each other," he said.

Wyatt acknowledged that Liam was happy, and Wyatt was flattered. "But don't make that contingent on me keeping that secret." Wyatt backed toward the door, and Bill went after him. "Don't make me chase you," Bill begged.

In the parking lot, Bill chased Wyatt and was breathing heavy. He begged Wyatt to slow down because Bill's lungs were far from healed after the gunshot. "Steffy and I are inevitable," Bill said.

Wyatt walked away and said he didn't want to discuss it. He stopped when he saw Bill's Ferrari in the parking lot. "You brought the Ferrari? You never drive the Ferrari. You love her. I remember the day you got her. You wouldn't take no for an answer from the collector," Wyatt said.

"It's yours," Bill said. Wyatt was in shock. Bill reminded Wyatt that every time Wyatt had seen the vehicle, he'd drooled. "I want you to have everything that I have," Bill said.

Wyatt figured that Bill was trying to buy his silence. Bill reminded Wyatt that he'd have access to the company jet, yacht, and more.

Bill encouraged Wyatt to remember that his brother had been happy with Hope. Wyatt wanted an end to the lies and manipulation. Bill wanted to run the company side by side. Wyatt understood that Bill would give him "the keys to the kingdom" as long as Wyatt lied to his brother. "Just let him be. Leave him alone," Bill said.

Bill opened the car door and said it was a new beginning for Wyatt. Wyatt got into the Ferrari, and Bill gave him the keys. "Don't go to Liam or Steffy," Bill ordered. Wyatt sped out of the parking lot.

At Forrester, Hope, Liam, and Katie discussed Hope and Liam's engagement. Hope said she couldn't believe she was engaged. She showed Katie her ring, and Katie noted it was the same one from Liam. Hope noted it had "so much significance."

Katie said that Hope was glowing, and Liam wondered if he would be welcomed back into the Logan clan. Katie said he would and hugged Liam.

Katie wished Liam and Hope a lot of happiness. Katie said that Brooke was probably elated, and Liam and Hope agreed. Hope said Brooke had planned the wedding as an ASAP event. Liam agreed that no time was too soon. Hope added that "yesterday would have been even better."

Hope added that not everyone was happy. Katie said she had never believed Hope and Liam should have been apart. They all agreed they'd waited long enough. "Well, then, let's get this party started," Katie said.

At Brooke's house, she and Taylor argued about Liam and Hope's engagement. Taylor couldn't believe that Brooke would encourage Hope to marry Liam so quickly because it was clearly a rebound for Liam. Taylor believed Liam could change his mind again. "Stop fast-tracking this wedding," Taylor suggested.

Brooke warned Taylor not to blame Hope for what had happened. "My daughter is not the home wrecker here," Brooke said. She added that Steffy had slept with her father-in-law, and Brooke called it disgusting.

Taylor looked doubtful. "This has nothing to do with me or my past," Brooke said. She claimed that Liam and Hope had been robbed of happiness and that Steffy had tricked Liam into marrying her the first time. Taylor said Brooke was being melodramatic. Taylor wanted Brooke to acknowledge that she wasn't confident that Liam would go through with the wedding.

Brooke said she was confident, but she didn't trust Steffy -- who would use the baby to get Liam back. Taylor said she'd wanted to have a rational and reasonable conversation. Brooke opened the door for Taylor to exit.

Brooke advised Taylor to remember that the baby would have a loving extended family. She encouraged Taylor to be a supportive mother and to help Steffy to accept the inevitable. "Nothing or no one is going to stop that wedding," she said. Taylor left and shook her head. Brooke slammed the door behind her.

At the cliff house, Steffy recalled happy times with Liam. Taylor entered and said that Brooke wouldn't consider waiting until the baby was born to plan Hope's wedding. Steffy lamented that she felt like she was losing her mind.

Steffy said that one horrible night had cost her everything. "I'm living in this house, carrying a child alone," Steffy said. Taylor said she understood, but she heard strength in her daughter. She encouraged Steffy not to give up on her marriage.

Katie gives Wyatt unexpected advice Katie gives Wyatt unexpected advice

Thursday, May 17, 2018

In the Forrester CEO's office, Liam was about to leave, but Ridge arrived, wanting to talk to Liam about Steffy. Ridge wanted to know what the rush was for the wedding. He believed that Liam was making a mistake, and it would affect the unborn child. Liam didn't believe it would.

Ridge insisted that Liam didn't have all the information and that Steffy and Bill were not involved. Ridge was sure his daughter never lied to him, and she wanted her husband back. Ridge asserted that Steffy didn't want Bill, and Ridge asked what had changed Liam's mind. Liam flashed back to Wyatt telling him about Steffy and Bill, and Ridge said Bill was playing Liam.

Liam believed Steffy couldn't stay away from Bill, but Ridge said she'd merely been buying Liam a house. Liam thought Steffy had downplayed things with Bill to spare Ridge's feelings. Ridge wanted to shake Liam and asked what was wrong with him. Claiming to know when his daughter was telling the truth, Ridge urged Liam not to give Bill a way in.

Ridge believed that Bill was conning Liam. Liam didn't know how it could happen when he hadn't communicated with his father for weeks. Ridge believed Bill had arranged for someone else to communicate to Liam, and Ridge wished there was a way to make Liam see the truth.

At Spencer, an angry Bill poured himself a drink and blamed Justin for Wyatt overhearing everything about the romance scam. Justin asked what Wyatt was going to do, but Bill had no idea where Wyatt was or where he was headed. Justin believed that they were caught, and there was no way Wyatt wouldn't tell his brother.

Bill thanked God that he'd sweetened the deal and had given Wyatt something he'd wanted for a long time -- a new ride. Justin was amazed that Bill had given Wyatt the vintage beauty that Bill had spent years finding and restoring. Bill said he'd had to make Wyatt an offer he couldn't refuse. Justin concluded that Bill had bribed Wyatt.

Bill said he'd done what he'd had to do. Justin was surprised that Wyatt had been easily swayed. Bill murmured that he'd also said that Wyatt was his favorite son. Justin asked what Bill was doing and wondered what would happen if Wyatt told Steffy or Liam. Justin doubted Steffy would speak to him again. Headed out of the office, Bill said he wouldn't let that happen.

At the cliff house, Steffy looked at the sonogram and flashed back on times with Liam at her doctor's appointments. Bill showed up, and Steffy said she'd bought the house to prevent him from stopping by there whenever he felt like it. Bill assumed she didn't want Liam to catch them there together, but he said Liam was never going to be back there.

Steffy asked if it was what Bill had arrived there to say. Bill wanted her to move on with her life the way Liam had. Bill implored her to give them a chance. Steffy told Bill to leave, but he asked her to give it a shot. He believed she knew deep down that they'd be good together.

Steffy stated that Liam thought something was going on between her and Bill. She asked why Liam would think that. She suspected that Bill had gotten Liam to believe that there was a thing going on, and she demanded that Bill tell her the truth.

Bill wouldn't deny his love for Steffy and didn't want her to deny hers for him. "I don't want you!" Steffy yelled. She said she wanted Liam and her family. Bill said Liam would never be hers, and she'd always be second to Hope. Bill felt that he and Steffy never should have stood in Hope and Liam's way or maneuvered them from their happiness. Bill stated that they should have instead given each other a real chance.

Upset, Steffy began yelling at Bill to stop talking about that and to answer her questions. Bill didn't know why she was putting herself and the baby through the grief. He wanted to protect her from it. Bill reached for her, but she ordered him not to touch her. Bill asked her to remember their night together, but she told him to stop talking about it. Bill believed they could have that closeness every day for the rest of their lives. He asked why they were denying themselves.

Outside Forrester, Wyatt pulled up and messaged Katie that they needed to talk. Katie emerged from the building and wondered what Wyatt was doing with the car that Bill loved more than life itself. Wyatt stated that Bill had given it to him. Katie was confused. Wyatt said Bill was plotting again, and Wyatt needed Katie's help. Katie asked what was going on.

Later, Katie and Wyatt arrived at her house. Wyatt was sorry he'd taken Katie out of work, but he'd needed someone to talk to. Katie asked what Bill had done that time. Wyatt began going on and on about Bill and the lengths he'd go to in pursuit of what he wanted. Katie asked what that was, and Wyatt replied that it was Steffy.

Wyatt began rambling about what Bill would do to get Steffy. Katie said they'd been over it already, and Steffy and Bill were together again. Wyatt revealed that he'd been conned into thinking that was true. Katie reminded Wyatt about the intimate scene in the office and the embrace in the corridor. Wyatt said he'd seen those things, and Katie replied that those things meant that Bill and Steffy were still together.

Wyatt revealed that Bill had gotten Justin to set up the office scene to convince Wyatt that Bill and Steffy were still together. Shocked, Katie asked how Wyatt knew it, and Wyatt explained that he'd overheard Justin and Bill talking about it. Wyatt felt that he'd gotten totally played, and he'd convinced Liam that Bill and Steffy were still together.

Katie stated that Liam had signed the annulment partly based upon what Wyatt had said, and Liam and Hope were getting married. Wyatt replied that it was based on a lie, and Bill was trying to convince him that it was best for everyone. Wyatt said he had to tell Liam the truth. "Don't I?" he asked. Katie said she didn't know if Wyatt really did.

Wyatt felt that it was his fault and that he should have believed Steffy when she'd begged him to. He hadn't, and as a result, Liam had left her and the baby over what Wyatt had said, which hadn't been the truth. Katie didn't want Wyatt to blame himself and reminded him that Steffy had betrayed Liam. Wyatt replied that it had been one night months back.

Katie didn't care if it had been one night or every night, and it didn't matter if it had been months back or years back. In Katie's eyes, Steffy had made a choice to leave her marriage the moment she'd chosen to sleep with her father-in-law. Katie couldn't think of anything that Steffy could do to hurt Liam more than that, and it didn't matter if Steffy regretted it because "it's done." Katie believed the marriage had been over before Bill had created an office scene for Wyatt to find.

Wyatt felt confused about what Katie was saying. Katie stated that Wyatt wanted to do what was best for Liam, but she wasn't sure that returning to Steffy was what was best. Wyatt scoffed. Katie asked Wyatt to suppose that he did tell his brother, who'd then return to Steffy out of love or obligation. She said Liam would look at Steffy every day and wonder if she was thinking of Bill, and Katie believed that the doubt and mistrust would infect everything.

Katie said the doubt would ultimately win. She believed that Hope and Liam were happy and deserved to be married. Wyatt asked if that was the case if it were based on a lie. Katie asked what lie. She said Liam had always loved Hope, and Hope couldn't be a rebound after all the couple had been through. Katie said they were meant to be together. She figured it might be hard for Wyatt to hear because he'd been with Hope, but Katie believed Liam was the love of Hope's life.

Wyatt thought about the baby on the way. Katie said Liam would be a wonderful father, Hope would be a great stepmom, and Liam and Steffy would co-parent with love. In Katie's view, raising a child in a toxic environment was worse than having parents under different roofs. Katie asked Wyatt to think of himself and said he had a right to claim his place in the Spencer family.

Wyatt revealed that Bill had just had to tell Wyatt that he was Bill's favorite and wanted to share all he had with Wyatt, starting with the car. Wyatt said he just had to prove his loyalty and keep quiet. Katie replied that it wasn't about loyalty or a car. Though she didn't like condoning Bill's scam, she said it was about Wyatt protecting his brother and taking what was Wyatt's.

Katie believed that Liam deserved a woman who would be honest with him, love him, and protect him -- and that woman was not Steffy. Katie asserted that the woman was Katie's niece. Katie said Wyatt didn't have to say anything, and he could let Hope and Liam have the life they'd always wanted.

Liam questions Wyatt about Bill and Steffy Liam questions Wyatt about Bill and Steffy

Friday, May 18, 2018

At Forrester, Ridge urged Liam not to sleepwalk into a marriage to Hope. Ridge was convinced that Liam was in a situation of Bill's making, and Liam's feelings for Hope didn't matter because Bill had positioned Liam out of Bill's path to Steffy. Ridge asked if Liam would just let Bill have her without questioning it. Liam said he loved Steffy, but there were some questions to which he didn't want to know the answer. Liam felt that he'd had enough.

Ridge exclaimed that the misinformation had originated from Bill, who was counting on Liam being too hurt to question it. Ridge said Liam needed to ask himself who lied to him consistently -- Steffy or his father. Ridge asked where Liam had gotten his misinformation, but Liam said he didn't have to reveal how he knew what he knew.

Ridge insisted that Bill had found someone that Liam trusted and had given them the bad information, knowing they'd take it back to Liam. Ridge didn't think the person was a liar; the person was just wrong. Ridge believed they knew who the liar was.

At Katie's house, Katie figured that her advice about Liam sounded awful, and she asked Wyatt if she was a terrible person. Wyatt felt that the title belonged to his father. She said that what Bill had done with the stunt at the office had been despicable, but Wyatt had to question why he and Liam had been so ready to believe that Steffy would be with Bill again.

Katie questioned why Liam wouldn't believe Steffy when she'd said nothing was going on. Wyatt believed it was because he'd told Liam something different. Katie said it was because Liam knew Steffy and had realized something that Katie had had to learn the hard way -- someone who cheated once would cheat again.

At the cliff house, Bill didn't believe that he was nothing to Steffy. Steffy responded that he was her father-in-law. He replied that it was a situation of their own making when they'd decided to follow the rules. Bill had decided to stay married, and Steffy had sought a more appropriate boyfriend. Bill had done all he could to keep her at arm's length but still in proximity due to his sons; however, it hadn't worked out well for them.

Bill explained that Steffy's marriage was over, and Liam was marrying his true love. Bill felt that they were surrounded by hypocrites, and he wondered why they should be alone when, together, they could have it all. Steffy said she hadn't conveyed that she was alone, but Bill concluded that she was by herself in the house. She replied that it was her home.

Insisting that it was a house, Bill said she hadn't had to go into debt to keep it. He offered to give her back her money and said they could make it their home. Steffy insisted that it was hers and Liam's. "Maybe once upon a time," Bill quipped and asked if she wanted to show him the nursery. Steffy didn't. She wanted him to take his anger and pain and leave.

Bill believed Steffy kept telling him to go because she was overdosed on desperation and concerned that he wasn't good enough for her reputation. Steffy asserted that Bill didn't know her because, if he did, he'd know that she was in love with Liam, and it wouldn't change even if Liam decided to never return.

Later, Bill, who was alone in Steffy's living room, called Wyatt and asked how the Ferrari was driving. When Wyatt said it wasn't bad, Bill figured that Wyatt had to be doing something wrong because the car handled like a dream. Wyatt agreed that he was doing something wrong. Bill told Wyatt not to be cute. Bill didn't want Wyatt to go running to his brother, either. Bill said Liam would marry his true love in a few days, and everything would work out wonderfully for them all.

"Steffy!" Bill called through the house. Scoffing, Wyatt said he'd fallen for that trick already. Through the phone, Wyatt heard an annoyed Steffy reply that she'd be right there. Bill told Wyatt that the car was only the beginning.

Bill ended the call, and Steffy returned to the room with a bunch of gifts that Alison had sent on Bill's behalf for the baby. Though Steffy appreciated the thought, she couldn't accept them. He asked why, and she said she wouldn't lie to Liam about who'd given them. Bill doubted Liam and Hope would care about it.

Steffy asked Bill to tell Liam that she'd given them back, but Bill said he didn't talk to Liam. "Then where did he get the idea that you and I are together?" Steffy asked. She decided that she'd ask Bill one more time if he'd said or done something to change Liam's mind.

Bill insisted that he and Liam didn't talk. Steffy knew that Bill had done something. Bill said he could throw around accusations, too, but he really just wanted to protect her and her mother. Steffy's face darkened. Picking up the bags, Bill said he'd take them to the car, thereby giving her a chance to remember herself.

When Bill returned to the house, Steffy said she didn't want him to think she wasn't grateful. Bill replied that she had a funny way of showing it. Bill asked what she'd ever promised him and expressed that he wasn't big on one-way relationships. Steffy asked if she shouldn't try with her marriage if there was a chance. Bill replied that there was nothing to save.

In Bill's view, the marriage didn't exist legally or practically, and he said Hope and Liam would marry soon. Bill believed he could be patient if he knew that Steffy knew what she had in him. "I do, Bill," Steffy replied. Bill liked the sound of those words from her mouth.

Steffy asked Bill to go. Bill took a painting off the wall. He said he was taking the De Kooning with him. "That's not what it is," she replied. He stated that it was worth more than the house, and he'd return it when she was more amenable to accepting gifts. Before going, Bill said there weren't many people who hurt him, and few got to do it twice.

Back at Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie discussed the call he'd had with his father. He didn't know where his father had been, but Steffy had been there, too. Katie asked what it told Wyatt, but Wyatt didn't think it told him anything because that type of thing was what Bill did. Wyatt said Bill was always pestering Steffy to go back to him. Katie didn't think it looked as if Steffy was sending Bill away.

Katie stated that Steffy and Bill had a history, and Katie had been a part of it. Katie firmly believed that Hope and Liam would be together if it hadn't been for Bill and Steffy's conspiring against the couple, and Katie asked Wyatt not to help Bill and Steffy do it again. Katie reminded Wyatt that Bill was also giving Wyatt the acknowledgement Wyatt longed for.

Wyatt thought it was more of a bribe than acknowledgement. Katie said that Wyatt couldn't save Liam's marriage, which had already ended in an annulment. She stated that it wasn't Wyatt's problem to solve; it was "theirs."

Wyatt's phone rang, and he mirthlessly laughed upon seeing that it was Liam calling. Liam wanted to see Wyatt. Wyatt said he was on his way to the office. Not wanting to set foot in the office, Liam decided to meet in the parking lot. Wyatt asked if Liam was a spy. "No, are you?" Liam quipped. Wyatt stated that he'd see Liam soon.

After the call, Katie asked what Liam wanted. Wyatt responded that the real question was what Wyatt wanted. She asked what he'd say to Liam. Wyatt didn't know. Katie claimed to care about Liam and be his friend. She said she wouldn't wish the pain she'd been through on anyone. She didn't believe Liam would be able to look at Steffy and not remember that night. It would always be between the couple. It would tear them apart, and Wyatt wouldn't be able to spare Liam pain.

On the other hand, Katie reasoned that Wyatt had a future to consider. Katie believed Bill would disown Wyatt and ruin him in business. She said Bill would go after her to hurt Wyatt, and Bill would use Will as a pawn. She didn't want Wyatt to see it as a loyalty pledge because Wyatt deserved everything Bill was dangling at him.

Katie believed that Wyatt wanted to do right by Liam and that Hope was right for him. Katie also warned Wyatt to do what was right for himself and for him and Katie.

In the Spencer parking lot, Liam waited for Wyatt. When Liam heard an engine roaring as it neared, he murmured, "Oh, crap!" Liam tried to walk off, but Wyatt pulled up in the Ferrari and called to his brother. Liam was surprised to see Wyatt in the car, and not their father, but Liam was even more surprised when Wyatt said Bill had given it to him.

Liam asked if Wyatt had landed a gigantic account or something. Wyatt asked who knew why Bill did the things he did. "We do," Liam answered, adding, "We know why." Wyatt replied that it was merely a car. Liam didn't want to begrudge Wyatt, who Liam thought deserved things for his hard work. Liam felt that Bill was lucky to have Wyatt.

Wyatt replied that it felt more like their father owned him. Liam thought Wyatt was the only person who could be loyal to Bill and Liam at the same time. Wyatt changed the subject to Hope being excited about the wedding. Liam affirmed it and said he and Hope both were, "but..."

Wyatt assumed it was hard because of Steffy. Liam said that Steffy kept insisting that he and Wyatt were wrong. Liam added that he hadn't told her about Wyatt's part in it specifically. Liam was confused because Steffy seemed sincere, but Liam kept thinking about what Wyatt had seen. Wyatt started stammering. Liam said he wasn't calling Wyatt a liar, but Liam needed to ask Wyatt again because Liam was getting married.

"Steffy and Dad -- you're positive they're still involved?" Liam asked.

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