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Liam and Steffy bonded over a doctor's appointment and chose to name the baby Kelly. Wyatt struggled with guilt all the way down Hope and Liam's wedding aisle, but at the altar, Wyatt could not forever hold his peace.
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Brooke, Donna, and Katie help Hope celebrate her wedding
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Wyatt rethinks his deal with the devil Wyatt rethinks his deal with the devil

Monday, May 21, 2018

Outside at Spencer, Justin spotted Wyatt and Liam. Justin called Bill to say that his sons were talking in the parking lot. Bill was getting into his car at the time and said he was on his way.

Across the parking lot, Liam and Wyatt discussed how high the stakes were because Liam was getting married to Hope and needed to be completely sure that what Wyatt had seen between Bill and Steffy couldn't have been misconstrued.

Liam said he was altering the course of his entire life and of his daughter's life, so he had to know if there was any other way to explain what Wyatt had seen between Bill and Steffy. Liam knew that it was hard for Wyatt, but Liam felt that Wyatt was a good brother for being able to tell the truth. Wyatt wondered if he really was and said Liam did deserve to know the truth.

Just then, the men heard tires squealing as Bill arrived and parked his SUV. He hopped out, excited to see his boys, and asked what was going on. Liam replied that he was talking to his best man. Bill gleefully congratulated Liam for finally marrying the woman he'd been meant to be with. "I'm out of here," Liam said and stalked off.

Bill shrugged, but Wyatt called out for Liam to wait because there was something Wyatt needed to tell Liam. Stomping back over, Liam said to make it quick because being near Bill made Liam nauseous. Wyatt said he was sorry. Liam didn't think there anything to be sorry for and noted that Wyatt had told Liam the truth about Bill. Wyatt repeated "the truth."

Bill remarked upon the beautiful day. He wished he'd had on sunscreen when he'd been at the house earlier, and he remarked upon how nice it had been at the beach. Liam assumed Bill was trying to hint that he'd been with Steffy. Bill stared knowingly, and Liam stated that he knew it was still going on. Bill replied that Liam was moving on with Hope, and Steffy was also moving on. "With you?" Liam asked.

Nodding, Bill asked why not with him. He noted that he and Steffy were free and single. Liam asserted that he didn't believe Bill had been over at the cliff house. Bill opened his trunk and pulled out the painting that had been hanging in the cliff house. He said he'd grabbed it on the way out. The upset Liam said he was done, and he marched off.

Wyatt called after Liam, and Bill asked what Wyatt was doing. Wyatt questioned whether Bill had been at the house. Bill affirmed it and said Steffy wanted him. Bill stated that Hope and Liam were meant to be, and Steffy and Bill were meant to be.

Wyatt stared around hopelessly but sharpened his stare on Bill when Bill said the painting would look good in Wyatt's office. Bill said the painting had appreciated in value. Wyatt stammered, asking if Bill was really giving it to him. Bill stated that he'd said that what was his was Wyatt's, and if Wyatt was loyal, he'd be rewarded in ways he couldn't imagine.

Later, Bill and a worker hung the painting in Wyatt's office as Justin and Wyatt watched. Wyatt flashed back on seeing Bill with Steffy in the corridor and hearing Bill say that everything would work out for everyone if Wyatt remained silent. Wyatt recalled getting the car and Bill saying he wanted Wyatt to have everything Bill had.

The worker and Justin left. Bill said it was hard to take one's eyes off the painting. Wyatt murmured that he couldn't stop thinking of what it represented. "Power, class, loyalty, and a whole lot of money," Bill replied. Wyatt stated that he couldn't do it. Bill asserted that Wyatt was a Spencer and Bill's favorite son, who'd have Bill's back when it was needed. Wyatt replied that he wasn't for sale. Bill said not be melodramatic in front of art like that. "Belittle the piece, you belittle yourself," Bill explained.

Wyatt yelled that his brother was getting married under false pretenses, and Wyatt hated himself for being Bill's soldier. "Look at how it captures the light. I don't even understand how artists do that," Bill remarked. Wyatt asked if Bill was even hearing Wyatt. Wyatt believed that Bill had been at the house, but Wyatt was sure Steffy had been trying to get Bill out the whole time. Wyatt said Steffy wanted to be with Liam and save her marriage, but Wyatt and Bill were interfering in the most disgusting way. Wyatt declared that it was wrong.

Bill stated that what had been wrong and disgusting had been the way he'd interfered in Hope and Liam's relationship in the past. Bill said he was repenting and setting it straight. "Oh, come on," Wyatt griped. Bill insisted that if it hadn't been for him, Liam and Hope would be celebrating an anniversary instead of a wedding. "And you know what? So would Steffy and I," Bill added.

Bill recalled that Steffy had wanted him to leave Katie, but he'd screwed up. Bill vowed to make it right and vowed that he and Steffy would be together. Wyatt said Steffy didn't want it, but Bill countered that she wasn't ready to admit it. Wyatt refused to help Bill anymore, but Bill said he didn't need Wyatt's help to woo a woman who already knew where her heart belonged.

Bill wanted Wyatt to realize that it was best for everyone, including Wyatt. He urged Wyatt to take the company to the next level and make it thrive in ways that were incomprehensible. Bill was trusting Wyatt to grab it and run with it, and he said Wyatt would be rewarded in unimaginable ways. Wyatt felt as if he were making a deal with the devil.

Bill called it the best deal of Wyatt's life, and he called Wyatt a Spencer with intelligence, a Spencer who'd one day own all of it.

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope discussed the wedding, and Brooke remarked that the caterers would be "here" in the morning. Hope wanted to help with the wedding, but Brooke said that her daughter didn't need to do anything but be a bride. Brooke was happy for Hope and said nothing would spoil Hope's beautiful day.

Katie entered after listening awhile at the door. The three women chatted about whether Brooke would let them help with the wedding. Hope remarked that she felt bad for the pregnant Steffy and knew what it was like to lose Liam. Brooke said that Steffy wasn't alone and had family. Brooke reminded Hope that Steffy's choices had landed her where she was, and in the meantime, Hope had been kind and patient.

Agreeing with Brooke, Katie felt that a good person like Hope deserved happiness and deserved Liam. Katie believed that Liam would be better off with Hope than with Steffy. Brooke wished that the wedding was that day. Hope expressed that she was willing to wait a little longer and said they at least knew that nothing would get in the way.

Katie's face darkened as she recalled what Wyatt had told her about Steffy and Bill. Hope asked if Katie was okay. Snapping out of her muse, Katie said she was happy that her niece was marrying the man she'd always been in love with. Hope liked being on Team Logan. Katie said she and Brooke had Hope's back, but Hope replied that she didn't know who'd be dumb enough to take on the Logan sisters. Brooke believed that the wedding would be drama free.

Hope remarked that drama might be in the future because of the baby on the way. Hope wasn't looking for problems, but she suspected that there could be if Steffy was really still seeing Bill. Hope was shocked that Steffy would do it again when it had been such a big betrayal for Liam the first time.

Later, Hope expressed excitement about the wedding. She knew that it was happening quickly, but she stated that, despite Steffy and Ridge's concerns, it wasn't a mistake. Hope believed that she and Liam would have the future they were always meant to have.

Liam and Steffy name their daughter Liam and Steffy name their daughter

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke admired the alterations that Hope had made to Brooke's wedding dress. Hope and Brooke discussed that Hope looked beautiful in the dress, and Brooke told Hope that the dress looked "prettier on you than it did on me." Brooke was happy for her daughter, and Hope said it felt like a dream. Brooke was convinced that Liam and Hope were "one of those couples just meant to be."

"You will be the most beautiful bride," Brooke said. Hope joked that her mother was "totally unbiased." Hope thanked her mother for the dress and said she loved it. Ridge entered, and Brooke asked him if he thought Hope looked lovely. "Hope always looks lovely," Ridge said. He paused and told Brooke and Hope that Liam had been manipulated, and he noted that Steffy and Bill were not having an affair. Ridge worried that Liam would find out about the manipulations before or after he married Hope. Hope look at Brooke, and Brooke shook her head.

Brooke, Ridge, and Hope disagreed on what had happened with Liam. Brooke and Hope believed that Ridge didn't want to see Steffy hurt, but Ridge countered that he didn't want to see anyone in pain.

"Liam and Hope are getting married," Brooke announced. She added that it didn't matter what the current situation was because Liam had no trust in Steffy, and the relationship was over. Ridge insisted Liam and Steffy could get past what had happened because Liam had previously proven he was ready to return to Steffy until something had convinced him otherwise.

"You don't want to start your marriage on a lie," Ridge said to Hope. Brooke asked Ridge to stop, and then she said they needed to talk alone. Hope left the room and said she had to change.

"What are you doing?" Brooke asked Ridge. She reminded him that Liam was no longer with Steffy and that their marriage was over. Liam clearly had wanted "to be with the one woman who makes him feel truly safe," Brooke said. She advised Ridge to accept it "for the family and for me. Accept it."

Ridge countered that his daughter was about to have a baby, and someone was trying to make Liam believe that she was having an affair with Bill. Brooke said Ridge wanted to protect Steffy, but Ridge said he wanted to protect Hope also.

Brooke insisted that Liam had felt betrayed. Ridge said Steffy had been with Bill only one time. "We all know it was mistake," Ridge said. Brooke maintained that Hope and Liam belonged together, and Ridge needed to accept it.

Ridge said it wasn't logical that Steffy and Bill were having an affair, and he worried that someone had been filling Liam's head with lies. Ridge knew it was Bill.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Katie met, and Katie asked about Liam. Wyatt confessed that he hadn't told his brother anything. "He still believes a lie," Wyatt said. Wyatt felt his dad had conned him and rewarded him for his silence with gifts. Katie asked about the painting in Wyatt's office. Wyatt noted it was from the cliff house, and Bill had given it to him. Katie said it was worth a fortune. "Another reward for my loyalty, my silence," Wyatt said. Katie shook her head.

Katie said more rewards were on the way. "Bill must be awfully worried," she said.

Wyatt wondered if he should have given it all back and told Liam the truth. Wyatt admitted it might seem silly, but he had always wanted to be accepted by his father.

Katie encouraged Wyatt to be quiet because he wasn't doing any harm or putting Liam in pain by "staying silent." She wanted Liam to have his "happily ever after with Hope." Wyatt felt his father's acceptance came at a great cost.

Steffy was at her doctor's office for a regular appointment. The nurse asked if Steffy wanted to wait for her husband, but Steffy said she doubted that he would attend the appointment. The nurse noted that she felt there was a good chance he would be there, and Liam walked in the door. Steffy was pleased. "Thanks for coming," she said. "I almost didn't," Liam answered.

Steffy said she knew it hadn't been easy for Liam, and Liam agreed. He said he'd known about her and his dad. Steffy scoffed and said there was no relationship between her and his father. Liam insisted that Bill had been at her house, and they had been together. Steffy shook her head and acknowledged that Bill had been there and taken a painting. She insisted that Bill had been pursuing her, and she had told him to get out.

Liam said there was no point in discussing it. He was angry every time he thought of Bill and Steffy hugging and whispering. "It drives me crazy," he said. He insisted it took two, and she always managed "to be in Bill's orbit." Then Liam corrected himself and said he was moving on. They started shouting at each other and arguing, and Steffy wondered if Liam had shown up for the appointment to argue with her. The doctor entered and wondered if they wanted her to return later. Steffy and Liam agreed everything was fine.

"I think I should remind you both baby and mama need to keep stress at a minimum," the doctor said. Steffy was tearful. "Let's see how your daughter is doing," the doctor said. Steffy was tearful and Liam was sad, but during the sonogram, their moods changed. "She's getting so big," Liam said. Steffy laughed and said their daughter was waving at them. "She's clearly advanced for her age," Liam said.

"With us as parents -- naturally," Steffy said. They both laughed. The doctor said she would get them photos, and everything was on schedule. The doctor said she knew they were joking, but they had every reason to be proud. "Your daughter is amazing and beautiful -- she's all yours," she said. She urged them that no matter what was happening between them, they had "made a life." She reminded them to enjoy the pregnancy and "all the moment to come."

Steffy and Liam thanked the doctor, and she left. They agreed that they had made their daughter, and they were grateful that they would forever be linked by her. Steffy said it was fun to think of who she looked like and whose nose she had. Liam guessed it could be a great-great relative. Steffy noted it could be her mother or Liam's.

Liam agreed. Steffy said she had been thinking about Liam's mother, Kelly Hopkins. "I wish I would have met her," Steffy said. Liam noted that his mother would have liked Steffy.

Steffy said she had great respect for Liam's mother and how she had protected Liam from Bill. Steffy suggested they name their daughter Kelly in her honor. "Kelly Spencer," Liam said. Steffy and Liam laughed, and they were emotional with tears in their eyes. "My mom would have loved it," he said. They agreed they were connected to each other and to their daughter, no matter what happened in their marriage.

Steffy asked Liam to teach their little girl about her grandmother, and Liam agreed. "Our little Kelly," Steffy said and placed her hand on her stomach. Liam clasped her hand, and they were both tearful.

Brooke and Ridge find themselves at an impasse Brooke and Ridge find themselves at an impasse

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

by Pam

At the cliff house, Steffy looked at the sonogram picture of the baby and thanked Liam for "driving us home." Liam smiled and said he'd had precious cargo. Steffy was convinced the baby liked her name, Kelly Spencer, and she and Liam smiled. She reminded Liam of the next appointment, and he said he had it on his calendar. Liam said he had to leave, but Steffy asked him to stay for a few minutes.

Liam responded that he couldn't be there because his dad had been there, and it was the same place where his father had proposed to Steffy. It bothered him. Steffy understood but said Bill kept showing up and had taken the painting off the wall. Liam said the memories were too painful. He said that they had fought in that room, and it was where Steffy had decided to leave Liam and go to the guesthouse where she had been with Bill.

Steffy wanted Liam to forget about Bill. She owned the house, and it was where she wanted to raise their baby and make a home for their family. "You're the only man in my life, Liam. I love you. Don't marry Hope," she said.

Liam didn't want to argue. Neither did Steffy. But she felt there was a lot she had to say. Liam wanted to focus on Kelly and her health. Steffy agreed and was happy they'd chosen his mother's first name "just like me -- I know that family connection," Steffy said. Liam was touched by the bond.

Steffy said she wanted a part of Liam's mother to live through their little girl. She encouraged Liam to remember that they would be a stronger family if they were together, and she was convinced his mother would want that, too. Liam didn't want to discuss it.

Liam was ready to leave, but Steffy said she had something to show him. She pulled out a portrait of Liam and Steffy together in happier times. She explained that no matter what happened, she wanted their daughter to see her "mother and daddy together and in love."

Later, Liam had hung the portrait, and Steffy said it was perfect. Steffy said she had never taken their time together for granted, and she would always be grateful. "Me, too," Liam said. He agreed they'd had a lot of good times. Steffy smiled. "Yeah, we did," she said. They both agreed they had a lot to look forward to.

Steffy said she would never forget the day when she found out she was pregnant. " I never thought it was possible," she said. They laughed and agreed Kelly was a gift.

"I want our daughter to see that," Steffy said of the portrait -- "smiling and enjoying each other's company." She added that Liam would be an amazing father. "Liam, even when you're not here in this house, she can look up at that photo and see her daddy. No matter where you're living, you'll always be with her," Steffy said. Liam sighed.

Steffy commented on Liam's upcoming wedding. She wished he wouldn't go through with it. "What does that say about us? About our relationship?" Steffy asked. She begged Liam to believe that nothing was going on with Bill. "What can I do? What can I say?" she asked. She wanted to have a strong, happy little family. "If the tiniest part of you is believing what I'm saying, then don't marry Hope tomorrow," Steffy said tearfully.

At Brooke's, Ridge embraced Brooke and said everything had been happening too fast. Brooke was unapologetic. "They're getting married," Brooke announced regarding Hope and Liam.

Ridge countered that Steffy was having a baby. Brooke said she knew that it wasn't what Ridge had wanted to hear, and as a parent, she wanted the best for Hope, Steffy, and Liam. "Sorry, it is time for Liam and Hope," Brooke said.

Ridge insisted that Hope and Liam were caught up in Bill's plot. Brooke seethed that it wasn't all a plot. "You're just not happy with Liam's decision," she said. She wanted everything to be settled before the baby arrived.

Ridge maintained that Steffy was not in a relationship with Bill, but Liam thought it was still in progress. "She's fighting for her man," Ridge countered. He felt that if anyone would understand that, it would be Brooke.

Brooke countered that she had fought for her relationship with Ridge, but Liam had made his decision. Ridge insisted that Hope and Liam should wait for the baby to be born. He wanted to allow them time to bond over the baby's birth.

Hope entered, overheard the conversation, and announced that she was not postponing her wedding. She didn't want Ridge and Brooke fighting. She reiterated that Steffy had betrayed Liam in the worst possible way. Hope reminded Ridge that she had believed Steffy and had helped her fight for her marriage at first.

Hope maintained that if Liam had wanted to be with Steffy, he would be. "Too much has happened," Hope said. Ridge maintained that Liam had wanted to forgive Steffy's one betrayal. Ridge encouraged Hope to wait. "Liam knows how he feels about me," Hope said. Brooke maintained that Hope was not a homewrecker. Liam had left Steffy because of decisions she'd made.

Brooke, Ridge, and Hope continued to argue, and Liam entered and interrupted. Ridge reminded him that Steffy had had an ultrasound appointment, and Liam said he'd been there. He and Steffy had named the baby Kelly Spencer.

Hope smiled and acknowledged that it was for Liam's mother, and Kelly would live on in Liam's daughter. Ridge added that it was just as his own mother lived on through her namesake -- Steffy.

Liam said that he had accompanied Steffy home to the cliff house, and they'd had a long discussion. He acknowledged that Steffy had asked him to wait, but the wedding would take place as scheduled. He looked forward to standing in that very room the next day and becoming husband and wife. Ridge was sad, and Liam and Hope hugged.

At Spencer, Katie and Wyatt discussed what to do about Wyatt's guilty conscience. Katie maintained that no one had forced Liam to propose to Hope. Wyatt countered that it wasn't right. Liam had been ready to return to Steffy and forgive her.

Katie reminded Wyatt that Liam and Hope had been cheated out of every chance they'd had to be together. "What about his daughter? Don't I have an obligation to tell the truth?" Wyatt asked.

Katie said she didn't want Wyatt to start a fight with his father. She worried that Wyatt had been quick to believe that Steffy could have been involved with Bill, and she wondered if it could happen again. "Why were you so ready to believe it?" she asked.

Katie reminded Wyatt that she had been through Bill and Steffy's relationship before. She was convinced it could happen again.

Wyatt understood, but he felt he was selling his soul and selling out Steffy and Liam. Katie felt for Wyatt and wished they could fix things, but she felt it was best to stay out of it because Liam had been miserable for a long time with Steffy. "He's not miserable anymore," she said. She added that Hope and Liam belonged together, and Bill had manipulated them. "Steffy betrayed Liam in the worst way imaginable," she said.

Wyatt said that Liam felt that Wyatt was someone he could depend on and trust. Katie said everything that had happened had nothing to do with Wyatt. It all had to do with Bill undermining Liam and Hope in Italy and Aspen. "Steffy and Bill were there to tear them apart. Steffy and Bill robbed them," Katie said.

Wyatt agreed, but he remembered that Liam had forgiven Steffy until Wyatt had interfered. Wyatt said that Liam had bought Steffy bouquets of white roses, "and I stopped them." He worried that he had to figure out if his loyalty was to Bill or to Steffy and Liam.

Guilt threatens to overtake the best man Guilt threatens to overtake the best man

Thursday, May 24, 2018

At the cliff house, Steffy sulked alone until, to her surprise, Taylor arrived. Steffy was glad that Taylor was there; she asked if Taylor was still in therapy. Taylor affirmed it and added that she was also still in physical therapy, but she no longer needed her cane.

Touching Steffy's stomach, Taylor asked how the baby was. Steffy said the baby was ready to be out. Taylor remarked that it would be a wonderful day when it happened. Steffy replied that it would be better than that day. Taylor asked what was wrong, and Steffy revealed that it was Hope and Liam's wedding day.

It didn't make any sense to Taylor because Liam had been ready to fix his marriage. Steffy explained that someone had gotten it into Liam's head that she was involved with Bill. It was driving Steffy crazy trying to figure out what had made Liam think that.

Steffy and Taylor huddled together on the sofa as Taylor comforted her daughter. Steffy hadn't considered the reality of the wedding until then. Steffy was frustrated that she hadn't been able to get through to Liam, and she didn't know how Liam had gotten it in his head that Steffy was with Bill. Taylor guessed that someone like Bill or Hope had gotten to Liam.

Steffy said Liam would eventually figure it out and return to her and their child. She vowed not to give up on Liam or their family.

At Brooke's house, Brooke attended to wedding details. Katie arrived with Wyatt, who said the best man was reporting for duty. Brooke greeted them and went upstairs. Wyatt expressed concerns about lying to Liam while purporting to stand up for him. Katie reasoned that Wyatt wasn't lying about Hope and Liam's love for each other or the fact that they would already be married if it hadn't been for Bill and Steffy.

Wyatt wondered if Liam deserved the truth. Wyatt said that while he tried to figure it out, Bill was trying to bribe him with gifts. Katie hated to say it, but she thought Bill might be right that time because Liam was guaranteed a lifetime of happiness with Hope if Wyatt just let it happen.

Just then, the gleeful Quinn entered with Eric and Ridge. Quinn greeted Wyatt and murmured an acknowledgement of Katie. Quinn beamed that it would be a happy day, but Ridge stated that he couldn't imagine what Steffy was going through at that moment.

Later, Thorne, Maya, and Rick arrived at the house and had Champagne with the others. Rick remarked upon how every wedding day reminded him of his with Maya. Quinn thought the day might be hard on Ridge, and Ridge asked if it was good that his daughter was at home, alone and miserable. Eric felt for Steffy but wondered if it was wrong to be happy for Hope.

Ridge replied that it wasn't; however, "this" could wait until the baby was born. Ridge walked out of the house through the terrace doors, and Eric wondered if Ridge had just walked out on Hope's wedding.

Carter arrived to officiate, and Rick wondered what a family wedding would be without Carter. Carter remarked that their family kept him busy. The group wondered if Ridge would be back and if he'd gone to the cabin to appeal to Liam. Eric thought it was a complicated day; while it was a happy one for Brooke's daughter, it was devastating to Ridge's.

Upstairs, Hope received a video call from Liam, who wanted to take a peek at her before the wedding. She answered the phone with her thumb over the camera but slowly removed it to give him a peek. Liam and Hope said they'd see each other soon.

Brooke arrived, and Hope and Brooke discussed receiving calls from R.J. and Bridget, who couldn't make the wedding. Brooke was excited about Liam and Hope's future and didn't even think Liam seeing Hope on the wedding day via the video call would cause bad luck. Hope said the wedding had been a long time in the making, but all the obstacles they'd overcome made it sweeter and more apparent that she and Liam were meant to be together.

Later, Katie and Donna had joined Brooke and Hope. Hope opened a gift from the three ladies. It was a keepsake box that had once belonged to Hope's grandmother. Hope thanked the ladies for the gift and everything they'd taught her over the years. Donna started crying, and Katie got gushy. Brooke playfully ordered them to stop before Hope cried and ruined her makeup.

Brooke thought it was time to get Hope into the dress, and Hope expressed what an honor it was to wear Brooke's gown. Donna got all misty again, and the ladies all thought Donna would say at any moment that it was time for a Logan group hug. The giggling, mushy women surrounded Hope and held her. Brooke decided that it was enough because they had to get Hope married.

At the cabin, Wyatt arrived as Liam was getting ready. Liam jokingly berated Wyatt for not being there at the crack of dawn with doughnuts and coffee. Wyatt didn't get the joke and thought that he'd slacked on his duties. Liam said he was kidding and didn't mean to make Wyatt nervous. Liam was glad Wyatt would be standing next to him and said Wyatt and Hope were the only people he could count on at that point.

Wyatt helped Liam with his tie, and Liam let Wyatt know how much it meant to him for Wyatt to be the best man. Wyatt was honored to be asked and jokingly asked, "Who else?" For Liam, it was a depressing but true sentiment; however, he still thought Wyatt had really had his back. Wyatt wanted Liam to know that he'd always want what was best for Liam.

Ridge arrived. He wanted to appeal to Liam once more on Steffy's behalf. Liam laughed nervously and started to say that he valued Ridge's opinions. Interrupting Liam, Ridge asserted that it was a fact that Steffy wouldn't jeopardize what she had with Liam, and Liam knew her well enough to know she wouldn't have an affair with Spencer.

Liam stated that it was his wedding day, and it had all been settled. Ridge didn't know how it could be settled if Liam didn't have all the information. Ridge believed Liam was about to do something based upon a lie. Ridge asserted that Bill wanted Liam to believe an affair that wasn't true, and Ridge wondered when Liam would figure it out for himself.

Ridge asked Liam to hold off on the wedding, and Liam asked if he was supposed to leave Hope at the altar. Ridge wanted Liam to take some time to figure out what was true. He felt that Liam owed it to Steffy to at least hold the baby in his arms first before deciding.

Liam replied that he didn't owe Steffy anything but being a good father to their child. Liam planned to love and protect the daughter, just as Ridge was doing for Steffy; however, in Liam's opinion, it had to stop there. Liam said the whole point was to move away from the betrayal, and he was marrying Hope because he loved her and trusted her.

Frustrated, Liam decided that he had to get ready. Ridge turned to leave, and Liam asked that Ridge not ruin the day for Hope. Ridge silently exited.

Liam said he couldn't be mad at Ridge for fighting for Steffy. It was admirable, but it didn't change that Steffy and Bill had been together. Liam stated that it had been a fact, and Wyatt had seen it with his own eyes. Wyatt shifted uncomfortably on his feet. Liam was grateful to know the truth and said his mom had been that way -- absolutely truthful.

Liam claimed he'd been trying to find truthfulness in his relationships after his mother's death, but he'd just ended up betrayed. Liam thought he might be able to forgive one time, but not something ongoing. He felt that Wyatt had saved him a lot of pain. Wyatt replied that it had been what he'd been trying to do. Liam stated that he was glad because, if Wyatt hadn't said what he'd said, the whole wedding day wouldn't be happening.

Back in Brooke's living room, everyone socialized, and Liam and Wyatt arrived. Maya expressed excitement to see the groom. Donna and Katie cooed to Liam about how beautiful Hope looked. Rick welcomed Liam to the family, but Carter said it wasn't so until he made it official. Katie noticed a look on Wyatt's face and followed him into in the foyer.

Brooke descended the stairs and strode to the fireplace, where Liam awaited Hope. Brooke said Hope would take his breath away, and Brooke was glad the couple had found their way back to each other. Liam was, too, and he and Brooke hugged.

Back by the door, Katie asked Wyatt what was wrong. In a rush of hushed words, Wyatt summed up what had happened at the cabin with Ridge. Wyatt felt guilty for letting Ridge go on and on without backing it up. Wyatt felt like a complete fraud. Katie said Wyatt was doing what was best for his brother. Wyatt questioned whether that was true. Katie was sorry that Wyatt was conflicted, but she urged him to let Liam and Hope remain happy.

Brooke called for everyone to take their places. When Wyatt took his spot with Liam, Liam said to relax because it was his wedding day, not Wyatt's. Wyatt agreed. The bridal march played, and Hope descended the stairs. She and Liam grinned at each other, and Wyatt nervously looked at the floor.

Wyatt plucks Liam from the wedding for a talk Wyatt plucks Liam from the wedding for a talk

Friday, May 25, 2018

At the cliff house, Taylor and Steffy were anxious about the wedding occurring that day for Liam and Hope. Steffy contemplated going to Brooke's house to talk Liam out of what he was doing. Taylor said that she and Ridge had talked over the phone, and they both believed that Bill was behind the lie. Steffy said Bill had denied it, and they had to be careful around him.

The exasperated Taylor yelled that she knew, and if she and Steffy weren't careful, Bill would tell the police that she'd shot him. Taylor was angry that she'd put Steffy's future in jeopardy. Steffy said that it was okay. Taylor ranted that it wasn't, and it all went back to Bill Spencer.

Steffy asked Taylor to calm down, but Taylor complained that Bill couldn't be trusted any more than Brooke Logan. Steffy reminded Taylor that Brooke had become a Forrester who was married to Ridge, and Taylor went off on how Brooke wasn't satisfied after destroying Taylor's marriage and taking Ridge. Taylor said that Brooke had to also make sure that Brooke's daughter was married to the father of Taylor's granddaughter. Taylor seethed that Brooke was still a shameless manipulator -- just like Bill.

Steffy began talking about how she'd asked Liam to wait until Kelly had been born. Taylor was surprised to hear the name for the baby. Steffy explained that she'd asked Liam if they could name the child after Liam's mother. Taylor was sure Liam was touched. In Taylor's view, it showed how much Steffy and Liam would always be connected through the baby. Taylor said that Steffy was a fighter, and Taylor knew that Steffy wouldn't give up on her family.

Steffy said she'd never give up on her family, but she did have to accept what was happening that day. Steffy knew that she'd made a terrible mistake. She'd find joy in her daughter, her life, and her work, but things would be different after that day.

In Bill's office, Bill and Justin discussed the wedding happening that day. Justin wondered if Bill regretted that he couldn't be in attendance. Bill said he was sorry that he and Liam were estranged, but Hope made Liam happy. Justin replied that Steffy did, too. Bill insisted that it was over for Steffy and Liam, and all was well that ended well. Justin asked about Steffy, and Bill concluded that Steffy would be with him.

Justin stated that Steffy was still committed to Liam, as she'd always been. Bill noted that Justin was forgetting the night in the guesthouse. Justin raised the possibility that Wyatt might crack before the wedding, and if it happened, Bill's chances with Steffy were "shot to hell." Justin asked if Bill thought Wyatt would stand silently by.

Bill believed that Wyatt knew how much he had to lose if he didn't keep his mouth shut. It wasn't just the cars and painting, but the company and all that went with it. Bill stated that Wyatt had been eyeing it since the first day and wouldn't risk losing it when keeping his mouth shut got him everything he ever needed.

Bill and Justin began sniping at each other about how Wyatt had heard about the scam in the first place. Bill was angry that Justin had been shooting his mouth off about it at the office, and Justin retorted that there would have been nothing to shoot his mouth off about if Bill hadn't put together the faulty plan. Bill believed the plan had been genius, and Justin guessed that handing out cars and paintings like candy to keep Wyatt quiet was supposed to be genius, too. Bill said it was indeed genius because it had accomplished what he'd needed it to.

Justin didn't think Bill could be sure of it and said Wyatt hated what he'd done to his brother. Bill said Wyatt had helped reunite Liam with Hope and asked what the harm was in it. Justin replied that they should ask Steffy.

At the wedding, Hope descended the stairs and strode down the aisle in the living room to meet Carter and Liam at the fireplace, where Carter commenced the ceremony. Carter spoke kind words about Hope and Liam and predicted many years of wedded bliss for them.

Maya and Rick conducted a reading about love. Rick said he couldn't think of another couple that were so meant to be together -- except for Rick and his own wife. Next, Brooke spoke about how happy Liam had made Hope, and Brooke welcomed him back to the family. She said that Liam was the love of Hope's life. Brooke believed that the couple had a destiny together, just as Ridge and Brooke did. Brooke wished them a stress-free, happy life.

Carter called upon Wyatt to speak next. Wyatt decided to keep things short and sweet. He said Liam had become his hero. Wyatt wished he could be more like Liam, who valued honesty. Wyatt said Liam always tended to do the right thing, but Wyatt didn't always do that. "And I should..." Wyatt thoughtfully said. He didn't feel worthy of being the best man, but he advised that, as unpredictable as life could be at times, Hope and Liam's love for each other would be a constant that they could count upon no matter what.

Carter started to move into the vows, but he realized that he'd forgotten the "speak now" part. Carter asked for anyone who objected to the wedding to speak at that time or to forever hold their peace. Wyatt rocked on his feet, and his mind flashed through all the things that had occurred since he'd seen Steffy and Bill hug in the corridor at Spencer.

Wyatt appeared to be about to burst. Carter began to move on, but Wyatt leaned toward Liam's backside and said that he was sorry but he had to talk to Liam at that instant.

Later, the guests milled around the living room, and everyone wondered what Wyatt was talking to Liam about. Brooke urged Hope not to worry and said a few more minutes of waiting to marry Liam wouldn't change anything.

Upstairs, Liam raged at Wyatt for interrupting the ceremony. Wyatt said it couldn't wait. Liam stared at Wyatt, and in the silence, Liam decided he was going back to his bride. Wyatt blurted out that it was about Steffy and Bill. Liam didn't know why Wyatt would talk about them at that moment. Liam thanked Wyatt again for telling him about those two, and Liam walked to the door. Wyatt stated that it had all been a lie.

Wyatt believed he should have told Liam sooner, but there had been no ongoing affair. Liam asked what Wyatt was talking about. Wyatt explained that Steffy had only been unfaithful once, and everything Wyatt had seen at the office hadn't been true. Wyatt blamed it all on Bill, who'd manipulated Wyatt to break up Liam and Steffy. Wyatt revealed that Bill had wanted Liam to believe there was something still going on, but there wasn't. Wyatt asserted that it had been a lie.

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Karla Mosley welcomes her second child


Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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